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      Dreams - A Casual Discussion


      Was I dreaming or just half awake?

      Posted by Nicholas G on August 19, 2014 at 12:51am

      So a couple of nights ago I went to sleep rather quickly which is odd for me. I think may have relaxed me was a 15 minute session of binaural beats for my heart chakra. They help clear old issues and also activate and stimulate to some degree but that's not where it gets weird

      So the few parts I remember are as follows. I remember feeling like I had woken up but still in that dream state of mind sometime in the early morning. I felt this energy in my body growing by the second in what felt like was my core. Then it exploded out to about 6 inches in front of me and was held there for a time. It felt like something was being released. I don't know if anyone here has ever seen the anime dragonball z but it basically shows their aura when they power up for a fight. That's what it felt like. I couldn't see the energy but I felt it very acutely. It surrounded my entire body and was just there.

      The second part is as follows. While thinking that I woke up... again... I was still in that dream state of mind again... I exited my bed and went to go look at my face in the mirror. It was still me but the white part of my eye had this electric blue color where it looked like energy was circling around and in them. Then I felt my eyes pop which was odd because it kinda hurt and I never feel physical pain in my dreams. It was like the material that my eyes are made of sort of snapped in a couple places like again something was releasing.

      I know many emotional experiences that have not yet been processed or denied are stored in different body parts, muscles, and bones but what sort of emotions or feeling are held in your eyes? 

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      Reply by Bobby on August 19, 2014 at 10:11am

       "...but what sort of emotions or feeling are held in your eyes? "

      Are you refusing to see something or face something at this time?  Just a possibility.

      Reply by Nicholas G on August 19, 2014 at 2:09pm

      I could see it but what could it be haha Trying to discover something that you're also trying to hide from yourself is maddening


      Unsettling slightly grisly dream-beware

      Posted by Juni on August 18, 2014 at 10:58pm

      This is a dream I had a few months ago, and I'd have posted it sooner, but I needed to get a bit of emotional distance from it.

      I was on a first date (meetup? hangout?) with some girl who seemed heavy and kind of nervous, but perfectly fine, nice and all. We were talking and hanging out in her bedroom, she lived with her family and this was one of the few places that was private, I guess?

      Suddenly she started talking about how horny she was and rapidly undressed. I was taken aback but felt unable to leave for some reason, but I wasn't really up for this sort of thing as I didn't feel like I knew her well enough at all. Something shocked sense of needing to be polite somehow kept me there.

      Then she took out this huge syringe, said something about l-dopa and emptied it into her head via the crown, withdrew it and it had traces of her blood. She undressed at this point and was thin under all her bulky clothing, which was also confusing.

      At this point, I wasn't trying to leave was because I was worried if I did she'd use the syringe on me.

      She "got busy" and I was rather afraid not to try to help her at that point. I could sort of feel her feelings too, in a way, or at least had a very strong impression of them without her verbalizing them at all.

      We got interrupted by her mom and after her mom left, my "date's" mood got ugly and she turned on me, accused me of not wanting to help her (in general), gave me back only my shirt and underwear and told me to leave. I didn't remember getting undressed, so that was odd, too.

      I ended up walking along the side of the road after leaving the house not sure if I was going the way back from where i came, or the right direction at all. It was dusty and hot and I walked for some time.

      At some point, I came upon a car that had been abandoned-it had bags of personal effects, some spoiled food, lip balms, etc., as though someone had just wandered off away from it.

      Car was small and older, maybe early eighties? I got the impression that it belonged to very poor people from its condition and the contents of the bags which had grocery salami and cheese, old bread, the cheapest sort.

      For some reason, I was supposed to sort it all out, but all of it was too old to be usable for anyone else.

      The people from the abandoned car were missing and I was trying to find clues to help find them again, but the trail was very cold, even the lip balms were expired.

      So I tossed it all and then woke up creeped out by the syringe and her unpredictability. I felt hung over, nauseated and very disturbed, from this dream for most of the day.

      I usually have less trouble shaking off the effects of dreams. This one really lingered, though.

      Any ideas?

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      Reply by Mike C on August 19, 2014 at 2:06am

      I'm not sure what the first part was about. Obligations perhaps. But it seems fairly clear that the abandoned 80 car full of a family's personal effects, bags, perishable goods which you felt you had to sort out was a symbolic representation of issues relating to either childhood family experiences or just general past issues that have been left unresolved, left to rot and fester. Things that are past the date when they should have been dealt with, used or thrown out. The good news is it looks like you are starting to sift through it and sort it out.

      Spoiled food- things that should have nourished you and helped you grow

      Lip balms- defences, shields.


      I hope that helps or makes sense of it!

      Reply by Bobby on August 19, 2014 at 10:32am

      Instead of being fearful about what was present in the dream, just treat it as information.  What if "she" were trying to introduce something (truth?) through the crown chakra that was related to the sacral chakra (sex/reproduction?).  Is there something there that may apply in your case?  Are you feeling fulfilled in that area?  Are you denying yourself something relating to this?


      Reply by Juni on August 19, 2014 at 10:42am

      What was creeping me out more specifically was how recklessly she was treating herself and her apparent disregard about the self-harm, more than the odd sexual behavior. I dreamed this about two months after my ET and I broke up, so I'm not sure. I do know I'd never felt less aroused in my life about that time, though.

      I can't think of any way


      Extraterrestrial dream 8/12/14

      Posted by Vivi on August 14, 2014 at 3:07pm

       Hi friends,


      I'm not really sure what this was.  I think it was legitimate contact with ETs; it felt so real!






      Very amazing dream/experience - I dreamed of standing in the top floor of my house near the stairs that go down towards the front door.  My front door has two long vertical glass panels at each side, which gives you a view of the outside and anyone who is at the door.  I stood there on the top floor, with the stairs and front door to my right.  I heard a knock at the door and felt an ET presence, and knew they were waiting for me.  I looked to my right towards the door and there they were, peering at me through the glass panel.  They were very close to the ground, as if they were sitting or kneeling, and looked at me with curiosity but a little apprehension too.  There were two beings (no surprise there!) one was tall and the other very short. The tall one was an elephant grey color, and was bald and naked.  The short one was an olive brown color, and was also bald and naked.  Their faces were somewhat different and I thought they might be from different races.  The tall one seemed protective of the short one, and the short one had the most apprehension.  I thought the short one might be a child, but I wasn't sure.  I somehow remember thinking that this was the third time they "knocked" and it was my opportunity to answer the door.  I chose to be brave and headed down the stairs towards the door.


      The closer I got to the door the lighter my body felt.  I was a little scared but mostly excited.  I felt a lot of love for these beings that were waiting for me.  I sat down with my legs crossed, on the other side of the door, feeling their energy.  I didn't want to overwhelm myself with the experience so I figured I would sit there for a while, but then I realized that we could not fully communicate through the door, and it had to be my decision to open it, not theirs.  I decided to open it, and a LOT of light came in, and my memory sort of washed away for a second. 


      The next thing I remember is being with them in my driveway, which is not far from the front door, so we must have moved from the door to the driveway.  The two beings were sitting (sort of) across from me, and we were sort of just looking at each other; taking it in.  In past dreams, the two beings are in their territory, and are very comfortable while I'm the one overwhelmed and confused.  This is the first time that the two beings were in MY environment.  My house, tree, and street were identical to the ones in my waking life, and felt exactly the same, as if I was awake.  I was very comfortable, and it was the beings who had come out of their comfort zone.  I thought this was a brave act for them, because they obviously looked like they wouldn't be there if it wasn't to communicate with me. Their bodies were solid and physical, the most physical I remember them being, and they seemed to be sort of weighed down by gravity a bit.  Maybe that's why they were sitting/kneeling; I'm not sure.  Despite this, they were very pleased to be in my presence.


      The little brown ET pointed at my five o'clock, which he was facing, and his finger pointed towards the sky.  He asked me to look.  I chose not to look in fear of overwhelming my experience and exiting it prematurely.  I could tell, however, that what he was pointing at was important and was very bright.  Maybe it was their spaceship, but I'm not sure.

      I remember the little brown one squinting at the sun, and just being very sensitive to the broad daylight.  I could tell he is normally not exposed to the sun in this way.  We had some further communication but I don't remember much, and then I woke up.

      As I lied in bed, I thought this was VERY good progress for them as well as for me.  The fact that ETs peering at my through a glass didn't frighten me, and the fact that I could lie in bed smiling about the experience with no fear whatsoever, was a good sign.  I woke up the next morning feeling not at all scared of the possibility of running into one of them in my waking life, which is something that would have really terrified me before.  I really look forward to future experiences!

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      Reply by Mike C on August 14, 2014 at 3:22pm

      I'm about to read the above post, but first, Vivi, have you read the latest posts / Michael channeling from Janet and I in Fringe on ET contact? I think you'll like it!


      Reply by Vivi on August 14, 2014 at 4:08pm

      Mike Clev - Thanks for telling me about it! I totally missed Fringe and I'm so thankful you brought it up. Awesome!


      Reply by Mike C on August 14, 2014 at 5:36pm

      This is really interesting and exciting!


      I can see a lot of things that line up with the things Michael has said, and things I saw in the dream I asked about in Fringe-


      -ETs appearing and you immediately know somehow who they are and that they are here to visit you/me

      -An invitation for you/me to make a step towards them, or let them in. No intrusion or abduction

      -Knowing their intentions or thoughts without understanding their words

      -No fear of them, there is a feeling that this is all normal

      -Several metaphors or symbols for establishing communication (Can't communicate through the door, so open the door etc.)

      Really great stuff. I keep trying to have another one of these dreams by stating an intention before sleep, but they don't seem to happen on request.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Reply by Vivi on August 14, 2014 at 6:04pm

      Yes, I totally agree with you.  I would be thrilled if they happened on request, but they always seem to creep up when we least expect it....

      The only thing I've gotten good at is writing them down.  I find myself having an awesome ET experience and thinking "I will never forget this!" and then I do.  They all seem to be connected in the strangest, yet most obvious ways.


      Smoking Dreams

      Posted by Colleen on March 16, 2014 at 4:50am

      I was a smoker for 24 years. And for 15 years ever since I have had smoking dreams. The usual pattern is I would be routinely smoking then become aware of it "Oh no, I'm smoking again." Then I would wake up in relief that it was only a dream. Smoking - regret - relief. The dreams have tapered off these days but it was a common theme for many years. Quitting smoking was difficult for me to do but when I finally stopped for good, the improvement to my health was surprisingly rapid.  As rapid as the time when I planted an entire package of pumpkin seeds. The plants took over the back yard, grew into the neighbor's yard, and grew down the alley and up a cherry tree. I would go to work and find that the vines grew another 6 inches by the time I got home. My health improved as fast as those vines grew.

      If you are an ex-smoker, have you had smoking dreams too?

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      Reply by Geraldine B on March 16, 2014 at 5:13am

      It's funny, Colleen. I've been battling quitting smoking for about 4 years now -- went several rounds of Chantix and while I diminished the amount I smoked, I wasn't able to quit until about a month ago. And, in all my years of smoking I never had a single dream where I was smoking -- until I stopped smoking. So far, it's only been one. But, I know this pattern well. :)



      Reply by Claire C on March 16, 2014 at 1:01pm

      I like your pumpkin seed story, Colleen.  :)


      Reply by Alycia on July 22, 2014 at 11:37pm

      LOL I have the black thumb of death, so I will plant pumpkin seeds asap...perhaps they will survive me.

      I quit smoking after 20 yrs...Dec 18 will be 2 yrs.  I have dreams where I smoke, and they are better than porn.  I actually wake up and my lungs hurt!!  All the enjoyment, none of the physical ramifications LOL Smoking is something I will always miss...and at times, I get lucky and someone is smoking near me... I will follow them or stand next to them shamelessly to get my 2nd hand.  Not often, but at times.  In lieu of stalking smokers, I do enjoy my dreams.



      Representation of past life drowning in dreams

      Posted by ViP on June 6, 2014 at 9:39pm

      Sorry if this reads like a huge downer, but I thought the way a past life resonance might show up in dreams might be interesting for other people.

      <ViP2>Hi Michael

      <ViP2>I often have nightmares, shortly before waking, in which I see immediate family members whom I do see in real life, but in a distorted environment that resembles familiar places, and with a grossly distorted sense of emotion that feels like a poor caricature or mockery of the closeness that I used to feel with those family members in real life.

      <ViP2>I usually wake after these nightmares with an aching sense of loss, distance and isolation from those people, and sometimes grief.

      <ViP2>The locations and people may change but the feelings are consistent, although not the same as what I feel about those people when I am fully awake.

      <ViP2>I wondered whether these were reflections of the real life circumstances in which we were somewhat emotionally separated for a time, are no longer quite as physically near to each other, nor as involved in each others' lives as I remembered being.

      <ViP2>Yet I seem to have had dreams like these well before being a teenager, or like nearly 30 years ago (although much less often - they started being really frequent around the beginning of 2010.)

      <ViP2>Can you tell what is causing these nightmares, and what I might be trying to process or represent with them?

      <ViP2>(end of question)

      <MEntity>We see this as the processing of two things, both related in quite a creative way. This processing is of drowning, both literally and metaphorically. Your Instinctive Center seems to have as part of its active state a resonance to a life when you were quite close to many of the same fragments, and "you" drowned, but none of them could save you. "You" could only watch them through the

      <MEntity>water as you sank.

      <MEntity>There is some metaphorical relevance to this in this life, too, with some indication that you may feel that, however close you are to these fragments, you are also drowning, suffocating, distanced, and slipping away.

      <MEntity>Or, at least, fearing so.

      <MEntity>Do you see the relevance here?

      <ViP2>yes, I do

      <MEntity>When you dream this, you are most likely considering how you can find your way "back to shore," in metaphorical terms, and you always do.

      Not at all what I was expecting, but the description fit well. Quite a surprise!

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      Reply by Maureen on June 6, 2014 at 10:58pm

      What an insightful dream ViP. The creativity of our consciousness never ceases to amaze me.


      Reply by Bobby on June 7, 2014 at 2:15am

      V. since these dreams often involve nightmares, I was curious, do you swim at all currently or has this helped lead to some sort of water phobia?


      Reply by Mike C on June 7, 2014 at 3:11am

      This is very interesting. It's made me think about rare occasions when I have woken from dreams crying with grief and sadness. It makes me wonder if those were similar past life resonances. Another situation I am sure was a past life dream was a recurring one where I was fighting somebody wearing armour, and had to stab and hack at him with a sword. In other variations I get stabbed and killed in a vivid, visceral fashion. There was an overwhelming sense that only one of us could survive the fight. It was kill or be killed. The intensity of emotion is the key clue here I think. Most of my dreams don't have any notable emotions attached. Is this normal for others too?


      I have just realised the possible past life dream resonance. My first serious girlfriend "C", from C1E3, broke up with me when we were 18. I took it badly, and had lots of dreams over the next few years (even when I thought I was past being emotional about it) where I would wake up crying with grief at a separation from "C" in the dream, but it didn't feel like a relationship breakup.

      Later, Michael said this about our past lives together:

      [MEntity] ...a father/daughter monad that left each of you separated when the daughter was only 12, due to war, with a subsequent search across hundreds of miles to eventually find one another again during the early 1400's wars of Bohemia.

      I wonder if this is what I was resonating with?

      I like this subject!

      Reply by Maureen on June 7, 2014 at 11:59am

      Mike -- you asked: "I wonder if this is what I was resonating with?  I would say -- yes.

      The older I get the more I see all these connections that can't remain "unseen". I had very clear recall, in a dream, about the moments just before my death in a past life and an empathetic resonance to an older woman who had gone through similar abuse (raping) that I had gone through. Michael said:

      [MEntity]: Depending on the dynamic of a person, he or she is easily hooked into the processes of others, and the older the soul, the more readily the information comes.

      [MEntity]: Whether consciously, or not.

      I would say that we are also "easily hooked into our own processes" as a way to heal unresolved wounding that crosses over, or beckons from, multiple past lives.

      If you are interested, you can read more from Michael on this subject in my blog Empathic Resonance ~ Healing ~ Dreams.


      Reply by ViP on June 7, 2014 at 10:32pm

      @Maureen - so true. I realized something else after posting this: after waking from these dreams, I feel as if my brain has been "starving" for, or deprived of something - and I always thought it was oxygen. But I'd already taken one of those tests where you sleep with a bunch of sensors and what not on (for an unrelated reason) a couple years ago, and it indicated no trouble with oxygen levels. So I was puzzled why I should feel like that after waking from these - but a resonance with a drowning experience would explain it, I think!


      @Bobby - I don't swim, but I've not been particularly afraid of water, or going into it - but not deep water. Interestingly though, my mom has always said for as long as I can remember, that she "respects water", and gets really nervous any time any of us look like we're going too far out at the beach, for example. Michael's explanation made it sound like the fragments "I" had that experience with might well have included "her", or a version of her.

      @Mike - intensity of emotion is definitely the key commonality in mine, too. The scenery and people vary in all sorts of ways, but the feeling of it is the identifying factor. From what you described - it sounds likely to be such a resonance, I'd think.

      Reply by Alycia on July 22, 2014 at 11:25pm

      ViP,  Your response to Bobby resonates with me...I never put two and two together.  I have had the progressive drowning dreams to exhaustion...and my Mother has always been terrified of water to the extent that she won't take a shower...can't have the water around her face.  We grew up with a pool and she can barely doggie paddle.  Never swam in it.  Wow. 



      Dream led me to M

      Posted by Alycia on July 17, 2014 at 2:03pm

      I have had  recurring dreams for many years (15+each), and as the years progress, so do the dreams, but the strange thing was when one dropped off, the other started. I assumed that was just due to an issue in my life working itself out, then another appearing.


      The latter is how I came to find TLE.  I was having dreams about torrential rains, then flooding, flash floods, roads being flooded, a road I was on being flooded, I round a corner on that road and almost drive into the flood, and so on progressively until while trapped in the car/flood, I can actually taste the dirt on a leaf in my mouth as I am drowning.  I would wake up sweating and short of breath at first, but as the dream "finished", I would finish my sleep.  It would no longer wake me.  I would however be extremely sore the next day, as if I had been in the batting cages for hours.  My husband said I move around in my sleep quite a bit, but that is normal...I wasn't flailing on those nights.


      One night at work..the zombie shift...he and I were listening to Coast to Coast and Georgina Cannon was on speaking of her book on past lives and impacts they have on us now (don't quote me...that was a while back)...somehow, her book and researching past life regression therapy led me to the Michael Teachings.  I nor my husband can retrace that.  But it did, and I am elated.


      I also am trying to learn as much as I can about all of this.  One of the few things I know with certainty is I HAVE to find out about the past so that I may get as much as possible out of the present, and in turn the future.  I am so thankful for this site, M, and everything finally beginning to make sense to me.


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      Reply by TROY on July 17, 2014 at 3:03pm

      Welcome, Alycia!! That was fascinating!


      One thing you will find from Michael that is different from most perspectives on the past is that the past doesn't influence our present as much as our present draws from the past. They say that past lives really have no influence over our current lives. Michael says that this would be a terribly inefficient scenario, considering that the choices of a past Personality are the choices of that Personality, not yours. But because it is still our own past as Essence, those past lives can come up as they are relevant to the present. Not as influences on the present, but as resonant to the present. Something from the current life, current Personality, and current choices must first trigger that connection. For example, a fear of drowning brings up past lives where one drowned, but drowning in a past life doesn't cause fear of drowning. It's true that the instinctive "memory" of drowning will be carried forward, but it would still have to be triggered for it to be relevant to the present. Michael says that the past works the same way even within a single life. The past is only as influential as the present use of it as a reference either by choice or by being triggered. So the past is still very important, and healing it can be really powerful, but seeing it from this different perspective is so much more empowering and honoring of our capacity for choice. It all goes back to how it is not so much about what happens TO us, as much as it is about what we do with happens to us.


      Glad you found your way here!! Big hug!


      Reply by Alycia on July 17, 2014 at 3:33pm

      This is so true... "For example, a fear of drowning brings up past lives where one drowned, but drowning in a past life doesn't cause fear of drowning. It's true that the instinctive "memory" of drowning will be carried forward, but it would still have to be triggered for it to be relevant to the present ...".   My husband is astonished I not only have no fear of drowning, but am entirely drawn to water and need to be near it to feel ‘complete’.  I have always seen it as a type of fondness or connectivity, familiarity.  I am miserable when not close to water...just sad.  I told him long ago that the two have to be related.  He just calls me a Viking and drives me to the beach.  I take it as a compliment LOL 



      TROY DREAMS: Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes

      Posted by TROY on July 9, 2014 at 2:59pm




      Dream: early morning July 9th, 2014


      I had a beautiful and unusual dream last night. I always tend to have lucid and vivid dreams, but it's been a while since I've had one I remembered that was so striking.


      I'm kind of obsessed with the whole Planet of The Apes franchise. I have been since I was a child. I've always had a bizarre fascination with post-apocalyptic worlds (no, I do not want to live in one, but I am fascinated by the depictions of them), and often have extremely elaborate dreams that speak to that fascination. What Planet of The Apes brought to the table for that genre was a poignant and startling reflection of our own rise to dominance and authority on the planet. Is slavery and cruelty and disgust a part of every sentient species? Are they growing pains that, eventually, go away? What would it be like to have the tables turned so that we no longer treated each other that way, but had to experience this oppression and cruelty as a species under the rule of a more dominant species? It's easy for humans to dismiss the cruelty that they bring to other species, or to others within our own species, as long as they are different enough from yourself, or distanced enough from your choices. So Planet of The Apes brings that entire reality front and center to explore it from the side of the equation that most Humans never consider until the very end of their string of incarnations. And from the looks of the population of older souls, it's not really considered until the very, very end of lives, if then. I'm not sure why, but I think most of the reasons for it are the permissions inculcated into society through religions, spiritualties, philosophies that include excuses from the responsibility of sharing a planet with other species. Regardless of how compassionate a person is, or how much he or she cares for non-human animals, or even other Human Beings, we are taught from an early age that we make very little difference, so what difference could we possibly make for the better? Especially if it directly inconveniences us? We are taught as a civilization to nurture apathy and indifference long before we ever consider compassion and effectiveness.


      Another reason I feel I (and so many others) might resonate to this displacement of our species to another species is because of our supposed galactic history. If there is any validity to our originating in another star system where the dominant species moved us to Earth because of our growing signs of sentience, then there are great parallels between Planet of The Apes and our galactic history. One of the main reasons for our displacement was, supposedly, because we were a growing nuisance that started interfering with civilizations at the time. We started fighting back against any oppression, cruelty, disregard, and slavery. And so it would seem that Planet of The Apes is our way, as a collective consciousness, to work out both sides of this Karma for our species.


      But, I digress.


      I dreamt last night that I was in the future. Apes had evolved to begin speech, but not enough to be "civilized." To help protect the evolving species, groups of us had begun protective sanctuaries that allowed for as much freedom as possible while protecting both Humans and Apes from each other. Part of the program was to help Apes develop the capacity to function in society. It was a bittersweet program because those of us implementing it hated that we were in any way interfering with the natural development of a sentient species, but we also knew that if this was not brought to the Apes, there would be devastating backlash from Humans calling for the Apes to be killed or imprisoned.


      At this point in the future, prison systems had fallen out of necessity on such a scale as we have now. So prison systems were used for housing the Apes. I got the impression that the Apes completely understood the necessity for their confinement, and that there was an understanding that this was only temporary, and primarily for their own protection, with the hopes of integration sooner than later.


      I dreamt that it was playtime where I was working with the Apes. The holding cells opened (they were not locked) and the Apes lumbered excitedly down the walkways to the designated areas where they would play rowdy rounds of handball, bouncing a fist-sized ball against the wall. For some reason, it was an important note that we noticed that several of the Apes had brought their own ball, meaning they had found a way to keep a ball and hide it away to claim as their own. The Apes were supposed to return the balls to a bin when done, but some were keeping them. This was somehow important. It implied a sense of ownership that we had been looking for.


      Eventually, the rowdy handball playtime ended, and it was time to just mingle and talk.


      One of the Apes was, apparently, particularly fond of me. He, immediately, came to me when the social time started. The Apes all stood upright for most of the time, so he was towering about a foot taller than I, and he smiled and caressed my face. Though it was awkward and bizarre, it was not frowned upon if an Ape found a Human attractive. This was something we had anticipated might become an important consideration in the integration of species. He took my hand and led me to a section of the landing with pillows and we sat down. He lay down and pulled me down with him. Nothing about this was sexual, and in my dream I was entirely self-conscious and uncomfortable while also fascinated and a bit flattered. He started grooming my hair and talking to me. Even in my dream, the talking Ape was startling. I don't even remember what he said, but it was mostly playful and flirty in nature, making me blush. I responded to him exactly as I would in waking state to someone being so forward. I didn't mind it, but I was super uncomfortable, too, because I wasn't attracted back. I had that awkward feeling of not wanting to be rude (especially in this precarious circumstance of cross-species!) and thinking I should give the person/Ape a chance. I remember it racing through my mind, wondering how any Human/Ape relationship would ever be fulfilling or even work. I'm laughing as I write this because it was so bizarre and real!


      But then something shifted in my awareness. I caught a glimpse in the eye of the Ape that made me, suddenly, realize he was totally playing me, or at least his expression seemed to indicate that. When social time ended, we hugged goodbye and he lumbered along with all of the others to go back to their designated sleeping quarters (which were never locked). I watched him very closely as he moved into his group of friends, and I could swear that I saw him make indications of mockery that I was falling for his affections. I was both excited and insulted, mixed with weird feelings of being played, but also excited for what this meant for the Apes in terms of their evolving nuances in communicating cross-species. I kind of smiled with a satisfied "well, shit..." and then woke up.


      I plan on seeing Dawn of The Planet of The Apes this weekend. I cannot wait! I loved the reboot of the first one! And for your entertainment, below are some moving short films that were made as promos to fill in the 10 years between the first movie and this current installment. This is a playlist, so the next film should start after the finish of each.


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      Reply by ViP on July 9, 2014 at 3:07pm

      Cool dream, Troy. Your empathy is showing  ;-) 


      Reply by Mike on July 9, 2014 at 3:28pm

      What a great dream, Troy. Aside from anything else the TV series of POTA was a mega part of my growing up. Roddy McDowell will always be Galen. (Even though he also played Cornelius and Caesar in various movies, too.) Happy days.


      Reply by Mike on July 9, 2014 at 3:30pm

      PS The TV series was genuinely scary at the time! I doubt kids today would be able to stop laughing at the low budget production values.:)


      Reply by Maxim on July 9, 2014 at 7:31pm

      Troy, you have a nice flow to your writing.   Sounds like the beginning of a movie.


      Reply by Nick F on July 9, 2014 at 8:15pm

      Good thoughtful digression there Troy. We need to consider such things. Human behavior impacts other species on this planet, often cruelly. I hope for a better future.


      Thanks for sharing your dream. I hadn't planned on seeing this movie until I read this. Now I'm looking forward to it.


      Reply by Diane HB on July 10, 2014 at 12:10pm

      Reminds me of what our caretakers might've thought about us in the beginning. Fascinating dream. You make me want to see this movie now.


      Troy, over the years you've taught me a lot about compassion and working toward your ideals even when it doesn't seem like you can do anything. You do have an effect. Lots of it.


      Reply by Nicholas on July 10, 2014 at 12:35pm

      What a provocative dream, Troy.  Thanks for sharing it and your thoughts about the resonance between "Planet of the Apes" and our own histories.  I wonder where our two species will be with each other in about 500 years.  Are they committed to sentience, yet?  Will we have recognized there are other sentient beings on this planet besides us, including the whales and dolphins?  How will we respond when the apes begin to display far more intelligence an individuality?  Allot to think about...



      The Dive under the Arch

      Posted by Janet Elam on June 21, 2014 at 11:59am

      Is anyone else getting a surge in dream activity over the last week? Usually these surges appear connected with a nexus. Perhaps my surge is connected with the Energy Shift that is supposed to occur today (June 21). Unusually, I have been sleeping well and deeply for the last month, remembering and recording no dreams since mid-May. I have now recorded three vivid dreams over the last four nights, with last night's dreaming being especially active.


      After a 6 month hiatus, extraterrestrials are back in my dreams. The one I had last night was the first I remembered, but I have the impression of multiple dreams over the last couple of weeks that involved searching for something among worlds, as though we were space travelers (or extraterrestrials).


      This dream was intense and vivid enough to cause me to turn on a light and write it down when I woke up at 12:45 am.


      I'm interested in opinions on the large city described in the dream. Was it Atlantis? In retrospect the deep 'dive' made by the plane could have been to go under water although I had no impression of water in the dream.


      The Dive under the Arch


      We got on a very large plane (or other flying object?). I had the impression that others had gone before us and this was the second flight. We had fabulous views out the very large windows. As we watched, the plane dived deep through a very large structure of some sort and we could see buildings below. The plane aimed and dived through an enormous arch before leveling out and flying relatively low. It should have been scary because the plane was very large, diving a long distance in the midst of buildings, but it was merely exhilarating. The city below was enormous but as we passed through the arch we could see that it was empty. Atlantis came to mind in the dream but this city was not under water (or didn’t seem to be). The buildings were made out of a material that looked like brick and wood but wasn’t those materials. There were lights twinkling in some of them, but no people or creatures of any sort were seen, and the impression was there were none. The buildings were varied in architecture and spread over a large area, with lots of grassy areas surrounding some. The whole city was awesome. Someone with me was excited. I said sadly -- “You think they mean for us to live there?” I didn’t think this was the case. I felt this was a city built by extraterrestrials to house another species -- or a transformed version of humans -- not “us”. We would not be ourselves as we are now in any event.


      There was a sequence involving plane connections. I was with someone who assumed we would be flying together, but we were being routed to San Francisco and I knew that if I went there I would not get back in time. I urgently needed to be somewhere far east of San Francisco by the next day. I found tickets that routed us through Minneapolis, but there was only one seat to San Francisco, so I had my friend take that ticket. I would be ‘stuck’ in Minneapolis very late or overnight, but that was fine because I thought that would allow me the chance to get back in time. (I don’t know where I needed to be or for what, but it seemed associated with the first segment of this dream.)


      Then I was speaking to a dear friend, someone who seemed to want to ‘serve’ me. He was wiping glasses and preparing a new box of silverware. He thought we would be going to live in the fantastic city. I was sad and tried to convince him this wasn’t true. He was upset that I wouldn’t believe him. I don’t know who this was. His form was such that he could have been either human or an extraterrestrial. Very slender with long arms and a head that was very thin.



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      Reply by ViP on June 23, 2014 at 11:33pm

      I had a lot of unusually active dreaming over the past weekend, it seemed like it was continuous, all night, although I'm sure it actually wasn't. Not heavy on symbolism though, just seemed to be rehashing things that had happened the preceding day. But in terms of the amount, it certainly was higher than normal.


      I'm no expert on interpreting dreams by any measure  :-)   But yours above sounds like some agreements/vectors being worked out between you and someone else...


      Reply by Bobby on June 23, 2014 at 11:52pm

      Yep, first notable dream in a while occurred last night for me as well and Mr You Know Who showed up in it :-)


      Reply by Janet Elam on June 25, 2014 at 9:28pm

      Hot off the POF presses. I asked Michael about this dream. They said the city was probably real, and built by off-planet species. I expect symbolic interpretations when I ask for Michael's input on dreams. I'm going to have to stop being surprised when I get something quite different. Full session content to come later, quite possibly in the whackadoodle category. :-)



      Posted by ViP on June 9, 2014 at 1:28am

       I had a couple of dreams the past couple of nights, both involving stairs fairly prominently. In the first one, I was with someone from my family and we were in a house where we lived; however, the thing about this "house" was that it was broken out room by room over a large area, so that the "house" was made up of several smaller buildings, connected by pathways, but functionally (to us) it was a single house, somehow. We needed to walk to one of the rooms, which was like a living room, and it was at the top of a small mountain-like peak, with stairs leading to it. Getting up to it wasn't a problem or anything, but the stairs were kind of obvious (the person with me was saying they didn't like going to that room because there were so many stairs.)


      The second one (the next night) involved me descending a great deal of stairs down the side of a hill, where the hill was a residential area covered with one-level apartment buildings. I was going to visit a friend at his apartment on the side of that hill, who I hadn't seen in quite some time. It turned out that he wasn't at home (apparently, out gambling, which I don't know whether it's something he does in real life or not), and his girlfriend was there and told me that he was out, at which point I knew I would have to climb all those stairs back up to the streets at the top if I wanted to find him. And I had the impression that I'd previously descended and re-ascended those stairs many times before in the course of moving my own stuff in from somewhere else (no idea what that was about though.)


      Anywho, I found that the stairs were a common, kind of standout feature in both of those dreams. Any thoughts as to what they might represent? Thanks much  :-)


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      Reply by Colleen on June 10, 2014 at 12:29am

      When I think of stairs I think of steps. Faced with having to go up a long staircase tells me that these are 'hard steps' to take. No one in the dreams actually went up the staircases. It was more of a contemplation of the challenge ahead of taking the hard steps.  The rooms of your house are strung out like separate compartments. It's the living room that's the hardest to reach which represents how you live your life. In the second dream you tried to find a friend but were turned away.


      So my take on this - these dreams are a way to relieve stress and sort out a problem you must confront in your waking life. A decision has been made and you are thinking about the necessary steps you have to make to get there. And you know you are on your own.


      Dream interpretation fee is 5 cents.


      Insults are still free.


      Reply by ViP on June 10, 2014 at 10:19pm

      @Colleen - sorry, I should have mentioned that the stairs were subsequently climbed by both me and the other person in the dream, and both entered the living room - there was more after that too. But, I think I get what you mean - except that it might instead be that I've already taken some hard steps (which, I think, I have!) But, there are more. 5 cents, duly noted  :-D  Definitely agree that it's to do with decision making and the steps involved. Thank you!


      @Ingun - That's really interesting, the possibility that going up might mean an increase in energy, vs going down. That does match the feeling I had in each dream, at least, I think I felt generally "better" in the one that involved going up, whereas in the one where I was descending, I felt like I was under a lot of pressure in some way. Haha, just love the idea that the missing gambling friend might be a missing part of me - that just feels like it fits! Thanks  :-)


      In the meantime, I just now, "coincidentally" came across this picture elsewhere on the internet. I'm not making this up  :-)




      Seeing Michael in dreams?

      Posted by ViP on June 6, 2014 at 9:32pm

       So, I've come across a few ways that Michael has showed up in peoples' dreams - MikeC had some great info here (and the comments there as well), and here too. Also, Michael mentioned that people tend to see them as blue, or sphere-like, and possibly in the form of objects (like here, in the form of a medallion.)


      I think I've seen them as a huge burst of blue flame (more here).


      Also, I've noticed that lately, in moments when I think I have an Essence "connection" (not sure what else to call it - there are moments where suddenly I feel I've hit a key insight, and I get a momentary feeling of being in a timeless space, and I literally "see" a huge wave in my mind, like one in the ocean, surging upward and forward. And with that comes a feeling of massiveness, awesomeness, like the limitless scope and power of the ocean. This just happens automatically, it seems.) I had another dream where I was driving along the coast somewhere with people in my family, and there was land on one side of the road, and the ocean on the other side. But, the odd thing was, where the sky should have been above the regular ocean, there was another, incredibly massive ocean instead, very blue, with countless motionless wave crests all over it. It was completely still, as if frozen in time. It didn't occur to me then, but I realized after that if I could visualize my own essence as a wave, then a motionless ocean with a lot of cresting waves on it might be a collection of essences outside of regular time (appearing "frozen"). I haven't asked Michael about that one.


      What about anyone else? Any recent suspected sightings of Michael in dreams?

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      Reply by Vivi on June 7, 2014 at 12:44am

      I haven't "seen" Michael, but I have heard them in my dreams. sort of like a knowing of knowledge given to me by them, and a telepathic message. Who I know to be "Michael" in the dream has given me advice and knowledge that carries through my waking reality. Please keep sharing, this is so cool!! :)


      Reply by Maureen on June 7, 2014 at 12:29pm

      ViP --

      I wrote this down as I was recording a dream I had just had the night before:


      I guess Michael sensed my “question” <in the dream> because they said to me – “That’s as far back as they can go. That’s all they can access. That’s all they have on record. There is more but they can’t access it”.


      In a session, I asked Michael if they had more to say on a dream I had on June 19, 2012, related to memories, the imagination and healing. I also asked if it was Michael who had spoken to me in that dream.


      [MEntity]: First, your theory is sound, though missing some considerations. Second, we work with you even when you are not dreaming. We will elaborate:


      @ViP - As you usually ask, this is from an update (2nd part) in a blog of mine on Old Soul Memories ~ with a side of Imprinting. I have cleaned it up so it's easier to read.



      ET Dream excerpt, 5th/6th June 2014

      Posted by Mike C on June 6, 2014 at 8:14pm

      I had a dream last night that involved interaction with Extra Terrestrials, so I thought I would type it up for Vivi to read, as I know we share an interest in these dreams!


      I hadn't watched any films or read any books or articles about space, ETs or even any fringe material in the last few days, so I don't think this dream was prompted by any of that.


      The dream (last dream segment before waking):


      I was in the garden behind my house at night with a couple of other people. One of them noticed a formation of about 5 lights in the sky. I think they said, "look at those planes!". I immediately thought to myself "Those aren't planes. They'll see what they really are in a minute!"


      This happens quite often in my dreams when UFOs or ETs show up. I often spot lights in the sky which get closer and turn out to be alien craft.


      I know I said before that I can't remember having many ET encounters in dreams; well, each time I have a new one it jolts a piece of old memory of ET dreams back into my brain. I've had more of these than I first thought!


      So the lights swoop closer, and one breaks off the formation and hovers above us, and we all see that it is a spacecraft, very sleek and dark, a glossy black or dark blue colour. It lands softly and silently. I'm not sure what happened next but soon my companions are walking aboard the ship, and the door closes behind them. I feel like I had been daydreaming, because I suddenly realise I should be on that ship! I move forward and climb onto the rear of the ship's hull, as the ship rises into the sky. I somehow find a way inside the ship.


      I found the insides of the ship had walls, rooms and corridors and didn't seem too 'alien'. It was coloured white and grey. I remember thinking that I must find my companions- are they in trouble? Are they being held against their will? I hear some of them on the other side of a wall, and so I walk round to find them. I find a fairly large room filled with lots of people, not just the 4 or 5 that I expected. I feel the number was about 30 people. I get the feeling we are here to listen to somebody telling us something.


      A small figure emerges from a side doorway and I realise this is an ET, in fact it feels like he/she is an assistant for the main ETs we are here to see, and may even be an artificial life form or perhaps a robot. I didn't get a good look at them. He/she brings something to each person in the room. When he/she brings one to me, I see it looks like a 2 inch piece of cord used for closing blinds, like the lower one in this picture:


      It has about 5 beads on it. One end has nothing on it, the other end has very fine, short, hair-like tentacles on it. Somebody nearby tells me this is a device that will help us understand what the ET is saying. The guy tilts his head to one side and dangles the device into his ear, and the device wriggles and finds its way inside like a worm. I do the same, and then the main ET begins to talk at the front of the room. I feel that he/she is a representative for a larger body of ETs. I feel like we are all here to learn something from them. It was a bit like a seminar.


      I don't remember anything after that before I woke up, and I don't remember what the ET told us, which is frustrating!


      If I was asked to interpret this dream, I would say it was either: Contact with ETs in the same fashion as described by Janet Elam and Vivi - it did seem to be a kind of "checking in". The other interpretation: The number 5 which turned up a couple of times in the dream might be significant. I associate it with the description of Entity 5 in Michael's Cadre, as described in this thread:


      Teachings from the 11th Cadre


      Where the 5th entity was described as follows:


      MEntity: ENTITY FIVE: teaching in themes of off-planet relationships and preparation for contact with off-planet species;




      MEntity: As for FIVE, examples of "channels" for the teachings of this Entity, we can see Erich von Daniken; Giorgio Tsoukalos; Michael Talbot; Neil deGrasse Tyson; Fred Alan Wolf, along with other notable personalities in Physics. Others have included Carl Sagan, Gene Roddenberry, and Ray Bradbury.


      Janet: What mechanisms are used though? Do these people receive information in dreams? Or are any of them actually in contact wih off-planet species?


      MEntity: Their methods of channeling are no different than most who employ altered states of consciousness as a means to access creativity, problem-solving, philosophical perspectives. Any non-physical teacher, any Causal Entity, can teach through a channel if that fragment is both in Agreement as Essence to act as a channel, and regularly accessing an altered state of some sort.


      MEntity: Those fragments in Agreement must also have their own Agreements with students as a part of their lifetime so that the Causal Entity can actually teach.


      Janet: There is a noticeable upswing in media presentations of extraterrestrials. I presume that is the influence of Entity FIVE as well.


      MEntity: We think so.

      I presume that this Entity, like Michael's Entity, conduct teachings sessions on the Astral which we attend during our sleep. Michael has said that our dreams often contain interpretations of those Astral encounters, "stepped down", sometimes a little inaccurately, into terms that the waking, physical brain can understand. Michael has said that these Astral sessions also require the use of Channels.


      I hope you find this interesting! It was a fascinating one for me!


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      Reply by Bobby on June 6, 2014 at 8:41pm

      It WAS fascinating, Mike! :-)


      Reply by Maureen on June 6, 2014 at 9:16pm

      Yes, fascinating it is Mike. Our dream states are a form of an altered state.


      MEntity: Their methods of channeling are no different than most who employ altered states of consciousness as a means to access creativity, problem-solving, philosophical perspectives. Any non-physical teacher, any Causal Entity, can teach through a channel if that fragment is both in Agreement as Essence to act as a channel, and regularly accessing an altered state of some sort.


      Reply by ViP on June 6, 2014 at 9:47pm

      Agreed, Mike - one dream I had (here - the third one) was explained by Michael as an allusion to such work on the astral, translated into images. (I'd be lost as to how to attempt to 'translate' these images on my own, without asking for their input!)


      I presume that this Entity, like Michael's Entity, conduct teachings sessions on the Astral which we attend during our sleep. Michael has said that our dreams often contain interpretations of those Astral encounters, "stepped down", sometimes a little inaccurately, into terms that the waking, physical brain can understand. Michael has said that these Astral sessions also require the use of Channels.


      Reply by Vivi on June 7, 2014 at 1:00am

      Mike - That is beyond amazing. Thank you for the great gift of sharing this information with us. One time I dreamed about a thread too but the ETs were using it for reproductive testing on me, but I've had many dreams where ETS show me and a group of others different ways of interpreting communication much like in your dream.


      Recently I was thinking why the ETs we're prepping me so much before "real" contact. And then a Bashar video inspired me to believe that I have ALREADY had contact and my dreams are simply snippets of past memory. After thinking this I immediately began to cry, which I took as a sign of hitting a truth. Maybe your dreams are contact memory too!




      Posted by Juni on May 21, 2014 at 11:49am

      I dreamed of a pink rosebush in a neighbor's yard. It was being attacked and consumed by these huge caterpillars, about four or five inches long and as big around as cigars. Dream neighbor wasn't around.


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       Reply by ViP on May 21, 2014 at 6:22pm

      Sounds pretty gross! Was the neighbor someone you know in real life?


      Reply by Bobby on May 21, 2014 at 6:42pm

      Have you seen this?




       Permalink Reply by Juni on May 21, 2014 at 7:12pm


      No, no one I know, and not actually a real neighbor-just a dream one. They had a peach coloured house and there aren't any like that around here. It *was* gross.

      ViP said:


      Sounds pretty gross! Was the neighbor someone you know in real life?



       Permalink Reply by Juni on May 21, 2014 at 7:13pm


      Blargh! *shudder*

      Bobby said:


      Have you seen this?


      Reply by Colleen on May 21, 2014 at 8:41pm

      The caterpillars represent a transition from one state to another. Hordes of them being so destructive means the change is rough and painful.  Pink roses usually signify admiration or sweetness, something gentle - it does not have the passion of a red rose. That the destruction is happening in your neighbor's yard means it does not pertain to you but someone close to you, near you, maybe even a parallel self.


      So, this dream means you are working on an issue of someone else undergoing a difficult change.  Maybe someone needs to grow up, move on, or lose their innocence. When the caterpillars come to your yard, you will have to deal with your own change.       


      Reply by Bobby on May 21, 2014 at 9:05pm

      Nice, Colleen!  Knowing some of Juni's background that fits pretty well I'd say :-)


      Reply by Juni on May 23, 2014 at 1:19am

      This could be a few people, actually. Thanks for this!



      Look before you leap

      Posted by Juni on May 11, 2014 at 2:09pm

      I dreamed I was on the top floor and balcony of a four story building that also had a suite of apartments that belonged to a family whom my family has known for decades. There was another balcony that belonged to some friends of theirs, and A (who is a son of the family friends) was trying to persuade me to jump across to it, where other people were standing. I was reluctant, and he was casual about it, saying he'd grown up doing it and it was no big deal. To encourage me and show me how easy it was, he jumped across, and the instant he landed, half of the wooden railing on that balcony detached and fell off, leaving the people standing with nothing to hang onto. A had almost fallen along with it when the railing went down. I stayed where I was, shocked and relieved no one was hurt.


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      Reply by Bobby on May 11, 2014 at 3:17pm

      Surprised you didn't wake up mumbling profanities :-)


      Reply by Colleen on May 11, 2014 at 7:43pm

      This dream is about being proved to be right about taking unnecessary risks. You knew better than to do something so dangerous and you were able to resist persuasion. Is there something nagging you in your current life where you have to make a decision between trying something bold or standing your ground? Maybe the bold choice would put others in harm's way (the people on the other balcony). If you do take the bold choice, maybe the dream is a caution to be extra prepared for what could go wrong. 


      Reply by Juni on May 13, 2014 at 10:28pm

      I was expecting him to make it with no trouble and was surprised when it went wrong. In the dream it was like I was just being unnecessarily cautious for no reason, but then had my fears validated. I haven't had any major decisions to make that I can think of, so far.


      My tapestry is unraveled

      Posted by Juni on May 8, 2014 at 10:50am

      I dreamed I was trying to persuade various people to come on some sort of quest with me. We were seeking parts of a tapestry that needed sewing back together. I didn't manage to get anyone to come with me, I think in part because it involved a lot of travel and the method was inefficient. I've no idea how it had all come apart in the first place or why it was important to reunite the pieces, but I was enthused in the dream about it, and really trying to get others to be, too.


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      Reply by Bobby on May 8, 2014 at 12:25pm

      Interesting choice of imagery as far as the "tapestry."  Those eternal bits of information are often visualized as a sort of tapestry and if you were seeing it torn or damaged (karma, self-karma?) perhaps that is what you were drawing your attention to.  And if so, the attempt to get others to participate with you may be the ones you need to help mend it with.  Just some food for thought anyway :-)


      Reply by Juni on May 8, 2014 at 8:37pm

      Hmm. Some of the colours were really bright, I remember a rather shocking pink. Not your typical European tapestry, I don't think. :) I remember I had a scrap of it in my hand about the size of a hardback trade book, which was supposed to lead me to the rest of the pieces.


      Reply by Colleen on May 10, 2014 at 4:13am

      Sewing up the tapestry reminds me of the fragments of an entity being reunited. But it is not the right time yet, many of the fragments are not done with their travels on the physical plane. I would sure like to see what the completed tapestry looks like - it would be scenes from the lives of the fragments involved. The shocking pink scrap can act as a beacon as you start the round up.


      Reply by Jana on May 10, 2014 at 12:01pm

      Or it could represent internal fragmentation. The people could be sub-personalities or personalities from Essence's other lifetimes.


      Reply by Juni on May 10, 2014 at 1:08pm

      Hmm, maybe? I don't know much of anything about either of those phenomena. Bleed through of a sort?


      Reply by Juni on May 10, 2014 at 1:09pm

      I'd be really jumping the gun on that if so, being only second level Old, yes? :)


      Reply by Maureen on May 10, 2014 at 2:18pm

      You said:  I've no idea how it had all come apart in the first place or why it was important to reunite the pieces, but I was enthused in the dream about it, and really trying to get others to be, too.


      There is a rend or rends in the fabric that is "you". I picture you sitting at a sewing machine diligently sewing all the pieces back together again strengthening the fabric for stability so it is more flexible, viable, more durable.


      I feel you need to do this to prepare for what will be coming at the 3rd Level. The 2nd Level is great place to "collect yourself" and get your bearings. Once you have found balance (-) under your feet you can move towards a greater stability (+).


      Michael has said this about the 2nd Level of the Old Soul Age:


      The SECOND LEVEL is always about the spectrum between STABILITY and BALANCE. …The 2nd Level of the Old Soul Age would be about the Truth of Stability or the Stability of Truth vs the Balance of Truth/Truth of Balance.


      You are Artisan cast – so much of you will be about pattern and structure and how "it all" fits together.


      Reply by Juni on May 10, 2014 at 11:47pm

      I taught myself to sew in order to teach myself patience in my 20s. Even odder still, I used to work repairing Oriental rugs and various tapestries by hand back then too. :) This was like no tapestry I'd ever seen before, though.


      I have been working on flexibility and resilience for years now, it seems. It's been troublesome for me to validate as 2nd Level, though. Maybe if I'm almost done with it, that’s why? Artisan cast is absolutely spot on, however. I have a mania for organization that pervades every part of my life.



      Diet Police

      Posted by Colleen on April 27, 2014 at 11:58pm

      I just finished a 5 day colon detox which I hated but it cost $70 for the special formula psyllium capsules and I did not want to lose my investment. I did feel more energy but I did not lose the "up to 40 pounds" cited in the advertisement. I wonder sometimes if gullibility is an overleaf. I am too influenced by my junk mail and Internet ads.


      Anyway I dreamed that I stepped out on the small back porch in the dark. There was something there on the concrete that I wanted but I stepped on something with my bare foot that startled me so I went back into the house. I turned on the porch light and saw a big piece of lemon cake on a saucer sitting on the porch. Then I remembered that is what I wanted. But all around the cake were six giant and ugly toads all facing west. I knew that if I used a flashlight I would find more toads in the yard approaching the porch to guard the cake. So I closed the door and stayed inside.


      I don't have much experience with toads so symbol-wise I take them to mean something ugly and undesirable. My interpretation of the dream is to stay away from the cake or face ugly consequences. I have always struggled with my weight and I always intend to go on a diet. Maybe the next time I see cake I will think of the toads and stay away.


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      Reply by Maxim on April 28, 2014 at 11:12am

      Yes, I have the gulibility overleaf for sure.  That along with save-me-from-myself.  I'm all for various ways to enhance your life and health.  Though I'm finding that following that "boring" middle road of moderation seems to work pretty well and coming back to center and loving yourself.


      Reply by Maureen on April 28, 2014 at 3:09pm

      Colleen – I found your symbolism interesting and quite literal for what you had just gone through.


      I think your dream symbolism was quite literal for you having just had a colon cleanse: "the back porch in the dark",  "I stepped on something with my bare foot that startled me", and if you replace "six giant and ugly toads with turds" should get the picture.  :)


      Reply by Diane HB on April 28, 2014 at 9:02pm

      LOL Maureen!


      Reply by Colleen on April 29, 2014 at 12:16am

      OMG, Maureen. And to think I kept out the detail that they were brown. Let's just say I will never see lemon cake again without thinking of you and your interpretation. LOL!


      Bumpy Ride

      osted by Colleen on April 22, 2014 at 2:27am

      I was in one of those tedious dreams where I was cleaning up something on the floor and every time I thought I was done, I saw some other item that had to be put away, followed by yet another item ... It was frustrating like all of my dreams of endless activity, such as organizing the contents of my car's back seat, or cleaning a window. Sometimes I can tell myself to STOP and the dream will unstuck itself and go on to something much more interesting.


      Well I was caught up in one of those tedious dreams Friday morning at 6:15 when I told myself to stop. Next I was launched out of bed and hit the end table with my cheekbone and landed on the floor. I keep my room so dark, I could not figure out where I was for a good minute. All I was aware of was the sharp pain in my face and eye and soon two cat eyes peering down at me from atop the bed in the gloom. It was my cat Ethan up there (who I now like to think of as my cat entity).


      Due to my smashed in face, I called in sick. I hate missing work on the Friday before Easter since I can't tell anyone there my once a year joke, "Are you having a Good Friday?"   Well the joke was on me. No I did not have a Good Friday - just FYI.


      So does anyone else have dreams of this nature - where you are stuck in some repetitive action that seemingly never stops?


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      Reply by Bobby on April 22, 2014 at 10:24am

      Colleen, oh yeah!  For me, it will be some military scene that I was once part of.  Either I can't get to something on time (rigid schedule) or there will be something about my uniform that is unacceptable and I can't get it right or what not.


      And on that point, I hope you don't mind me throwing this out there for you to ponder.  When you mentioned all of the "organizing" in your dream, it immediately brought to mind your great interest in photography and it was like I thought in my mind, oh yeah, it's because she's an Artisan.  I double checked your profile and you're not listed as an Artisan at all!  Have you ever by chance considered that role in Essence as being your own instead of Priest?


      Reply by Colleen on April 23, 2014 at 2:37am

      Well, yes. Getting a standard profile from Michael has been on Troy's to do  list for a few months. Shepherd did my first profile and said I am a Priest and I internally fought it since I felt I was more of a scholar but what do I know?  I am still a babe in the woods trying to learn the best I can. My strongest talent is my sense of direction, deconstructing complex ideas and explaining them to others that makes sense to them, and a flair for organizing things. Maybe that's some overleaves thrown into the mix.  Oh, and thank you very kindly for noticing my photos. That makes me feel a nice warmth in my heart for you.


      Reply by Bobby on April 23, 2014 at 8:35am

      I could definitely see some sort of Scholar/Artisan combo with you but just from what little I've gleaned from here, I can't yet "see" the Priest in you.  That doesn't mean it's not there of course, I just can't see it with my limited view.


      I don't really care for putting the ability of other channels down.  They do what they're able to do.  But, I am very biased when it comes to getting a purer connection to Michael through Troy, even with all of his limitations of scheduling issues.... cough cough :-)   So, if you have the funds to order a profile through Troy and the interest is there in exploring it further, I do highly recommend him.


      It would be hard to miss your photos since I have a similar interest in photographing beautiful scenery, mainly sunsets though.  If you knew me on Facebook, you'd see my fascination with those :-)



      T.V. Portal

      Posted by Vivi on April 15, 2014 at 10:32pm

      I dream of having a hybrid child name Suxi! In the dream I know it's spelled Suxi but pronounced "Suzie". I also dream of being in a room with someone else and a type of T.V. The television is showing a static screen. Me/we are communicating with off-planet contacts using the TV as a portal. At this point, I slip out of "dream" mode and go into some sort of astral plane, where part of me is still in that room engaged with the TV, and the other part is aware of my body on the bed. I call out to the ETs and the respond by sending a powerful buzzing to my head. The pressure inside my head from the static and buzzing is huge, but it does not really hurt. I am amazed at how I could be having such a shocking experience while my husband is next to me sound asleep! I continue to interact with the off-planet folks and I know I am actually making contact.


      I somehow leave the experience and wake up fully. I go use the bathroom and ponder on my experience while sitting in the toilet. I think of how awesome life is and go back to bed.


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      Posted by Juni on April 10, 2014 at 10:49am

      I dreamed my ET was visiting and describing something funny to me that happened on Twitter. This was weird because he's not on Twitter and while I have an account, it's been deactivated for ages and he'd have no way of knowing about it in the first place. But he was amused and saying I should see it. I was feeling passive aggressive and said he'd likely blocked me from there as from everywhere else. I said this knowing in the dream that he'd unblocked me on FB, so I was being guilt trippy there for some reason and pretending it was still the case and that I didn't know differently. A tacit lie. Not something I'd do at this point in my life.  He looked sad/awkward when I said that and didn't answer me.


      Later he was picking up the mess in my house and expressing disdain/disgust at the state of the place. I told him he didn't need to do any cleaning.  I reminded him I'd been ill for almost a month and hadn't had the energy to keep things spotless. He kept on anyway, in spite of my repeatedly saying he didn't have to. (Typical Priest, knowing what's best for me?) He took a shower when he was done and then after he got out, I almost ran into him in this doorway. We stopped short.  Past memories of when we'd showered together were thick between us but unspoken. We averted our gazes and passed one another.


      He didn't want to talk about the past when I kept trying to get things straightened out between us and I said his inability to face things would keep us stuck or something similar. He just wanted to pretend everything was fine like he had all through the relationship when he was lying to me and refusing to deal with the fallout of that.


      All of his judgmental cowardly ways were on display- his insensitivity talking about Twitter and lack of compassion/understanding about why a house might be messy after an illness. I felt defensive and annoyed by him in this dream. It woke me up an hour before my alarm.


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      Reply by Vivi on April 10, 2014 at 1:33pm

      Interesting dream; very psychological! Although, the behaviors you say were bad of him, I actually think are character strenghts:  Describing something funny to you and speaking to you about it is a good thing.  Cleaning up a messy house is a good thing.  Avoiding negative feelings and patterns and wanting to move past them can be a good thing.


      Also, you are calling him judgmental, but in the dream, it appears that it is you who is making most of the judgement... do you also see it that way?


      I think I have an ET in dreamland, and whenever I meet him it is intense, to say the least.  I am instantly uncomfortable in his presence, and I always feel like he is "doing things" to me.  But, he is a mirror to my own self.  Everything that scares me about him are those things I fear in my own life.  Everything I want to protect and bury deep down he brings right into the open.  I've learned that no one can make me feel anything if I don't give them permission to.  It's all a reflection of ourselves.  Your dream reminded me of this.


      Reply by Juni on April 10, 2014 at 1:46pm

      Once I woke up a bit more, yes, I did recognize the irony of my calling him judgmental. The problem I had with it wasn't with the behaviors themselves, though. It was the context. Near the end of that relationship in retrospect seemed to consist of him just wanting me to shut up and accept whatever he was doing, no matter what agreements he was violating, or how badly I was hurt by his actions. Denial more than relating, for the Twitter story. Condemning me for a situation I hadn't been able avoid for being ill, and intolerance from him about it. This all just felt like more of the same-his avoidance and refusal to listen because he knows he won't like what he hears.


      Reply by Juni on April 10, 2014 at 1:53pm

      I'm still angry at him, is all. And mad at myself for not walking away the first time he lied.


      Reply by Claire C on April 10, 2014 at 7:26pm

      Vivi, it's most likely that it is your Essence "speaking" to you in your dreams, rather than an ET.  It is said that whenever there is another person in your dreams, it's really yourself.


      The same might apply to you, Juni.  Although he appears as your ET, it may be your psyche processing the still unresolved issues in your relationship with him/yourself.


      Reply by Jana on April 10, 2014 at 8:20pm

      The one thing that jumps out at me from the dream description is a demonstration of how two people might be experiencing something together, but their take on what is happening might be totally different.


      Reply by Juni on April 10, 2014 at 11:32pm

      Claire, I asked Michael about that, actually-for the record, in this dream he was recognizably him, not faceless.


      Juni] How is it possible to tell the difference between (and validate) when one has had actual contact/conversation with others while sleeping versus it being "just a dream" and is there cording happening when it's the former?


      [MEntity] If you dream about a person, you are most likely in some form of contact with that person. Even your sex dreams about a celebrity are "real," in that regard. The Astral Plane is not restricted to known or appropriate relationships, and this is why you might even have sexual dreams about a family member. In the Astral Plane, sexual exchanges are not exploitative or ugly. They are forms of nurturing, support, and resonance. This is often carried back into the waking state as disturbing or distracting, because of the rules of relationships in the Physical Plane, but one can simply let them be what they were, and not impose temporal concerns on them. The Physical Plane is not burdened by those Astral relationships/contact, beyond the memory of the person dreaming, and what he or she chooses to do with that. In most cases, it is quite specfic to the need of the dreamer, and not the one dreamed about.


      [MEntity] We emphasized sexual exchanges here, but we speak of any exchanges.


      [MEntity] And, yes, Cording does get involved. In most cases, the Cord would have had to have been in place already.


      [MEntity] If you dream of communication with someone you know you know in the dream, but do not know in waking state, it is often the case that you simply do not have a current incarnation that can reference that fragment very easily to you. If you dream of an exchange with someone who is faceless, or is vague, it is often an exchange with some facet or extension of yourself.


      Reply by Juni on April 11, 2014 at 12:41am

      In my dream, a lot of the cleaning he (and I, some) were doing was picking up these awful dustbunnies on the floor.


      Oh, the irony.


      Dream dictionary definition/interpretation of dust:  Dreaming of dust or anything dirty in general is not a positive sign. Rather, it predicts some resistance. Dust also represents problems with your friends, loved ones, and relatives. Dusting in the dream is a better omen for you, but only if you do not quit. Dreaming of dust can be a sign of excellent business ventures and opportunities.


      If you dream that you are dusting objects, it generally indicates that you are trying to find a solution. Dusting your home suggests that you are looking for ways to bring your family members closer. To dream of a duster represents the fact that you want to clean up your life and deal with situations that have been difficult in recent months.


      Reply by Jana on April 11, 2014 at 3:43am

      That seems to speak quite clearly, including the being ill for a month (recovering from the difficult breakup).


      Reply by Claire C on April 11, 2014 at 9:09am

      Thanks for this, Juni.  I'm not sure if you've posted it somewhere else, but it seems familiar to me, although I misinterpreted the part about "someone who is faceless, or vague" versus dreaming about the actual person.  That is really helpful to be able to differentiate.


      Dream symbolism varies greatly among people, and I've found that when Michael interprets a dream for me, it's totally different from the literal meanings I ascribe to them. :)  The superficial stories that are taking place are often comical in their absurdity, complete with "my" own running (rational) thoughts as the scenes play out.


      If you go by the Dream Dictionary, the dusting and cleaning up in your dream seem quite literal and sensible given the dynamic and recent events between you and your ET, but there's probably "more" still to discover.  :)


      Reply by Vivi on April 15, 2014 at 10:16pm

      Juni what you said "I am still angry at him, is all. And mad at myself for not walking away the first time he lied.", are my thoughts exactly!! Lol! Maybe if you forgive yourself you can forgive him too.


      Reply by Juni on April 15, 2014 at 10:25pm

      Oh, I actually have been ill, above and beyond breakup grieving, after thinking I'd escaped the cold everyone had earlier this year.


      Reply by Juni on April 15, 2014 at 10:25pm

      Eh, it's complicated. :)  Karmically and Monadally so. Is that a word? It is now, I guess.



      Parade of the Jackals

      Posted by Colleen on March 18, 2014 at 2:14am

      This time I was in space, weightless, and inside a metallic tunnel. The tunnel had swooshing rocks and boulders rushing through it like we were inside a gigantic vacuum hose. The sides of the tunnel had recesses every so often for me to escape into to avoid the lethal rock traffic. My goal was to go against the flow to get to the beginning of the tunnel. It was thrilling dodging the rocks and really nerve racking when rounding a curve since I could not tell what was coming around the bend.


      Once I got to the opening, I saw a vast parade ground below me.  The tunnel connected to a viewing stand. A formation of jackal headed men marched past the viewing stand and line by line these creatures swiveled their heads toward me in unison as they went by. They had bright ruby eyes. I knew they were all made to resemble Anibus but they were robots I think. Their most striking features were their precision and the clanging of their feet hitting the hard surface. I was a little afraid when they looked my way but thoroughly in awe of them.   


      All this happened inside a huge spacecraft. The color of gold was everywhere. I was no longer weightless when I got out of the tunnel.


      Here is my take ... I have worked 31 years at the local welfare office. Most of the time I was a caseworker, then a trainer, and later a supervisor. I was ill suited as a supervisor and languished in the position until I was on the brink of being fired. I was scared to death since so many people had turned against me. Management finally gave me a break and let me demote and become a fraud specialist and I started to thrive again. The tunnel represents an escape passage that is hard to navigate. The lethal rocks and bounders were my problems. I was going against the flow by choosing to demote. Seeing an out, the process became exciting. Would I reach my goal before getting clobbered by my boss, an iron fisted ugly boulder?  After getting the demotion, the parade represents my new role in which I determine if food stamp overpayments are cause by innocent mistakes or willful and illegal violations of the rules. I investigate fraud, do the paperwork, and take people to court. The Anibus troops represent my own worthiness as a state employee being judged.  I was found worthy in the end. I was no longer weightless since I had refound my footing in my career.    


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      Reply by Vivi on March 19, 2014 at 2:07pm

      Colleen - Very interesting symbolism here.  I know that some of my "guides" use gold for different things, so it's usually present when I'm with them.  Interesting about the jackals; they seem fascinating!


      Reply by Claire C on March 20, 2014 at 7:47pm

      Colleen, your interpretation rocks!  (is there a pun in here somewhere?)  :-)


      Reply by ViP on March 30, 2014 at 9:22pm

      Sounds like the dreams I have sometimes after playing video games too late  ;-)  But your interpretation sounds pretty good!



      Waking up in dreams....

      Posted by Christian on March 16, 2014 at 4:50pm

      Since today is supposed to be day 2 of the waking up according to the energy report, has anyone else noticed a marked increase in the number of dreams you are awake in during the night?


      The last 2 or 3 nights my dreams seem to be starting almost he minute I fall asleep and then I run through something like 5-6 dreams a night that I have parts of that I remember. Some are like 30 seconds to a minute long. 


      Others seem to be longer but I am only awake for snippets.


      I can't remember specifics just that they are there and I am waking up in them.


      But then I tend to be a slow riser in the mornings.  Alarm usually has to go off 3-4 times before I get out of bed and then sometimes I don't feel "awake" till about noon.


      Anyway just thought, I asked.   My wife has stated she is having similar dreams right now too. 


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      Reply by Claire C on March 19, 2014 at 7:42am

      Well, Christian, on Sunday towards late morning, I dreamt that I was sleeping.  Does that count?  :-)


      Reply by Vivi on March 19, 2014 at 2:01pm

      Just so that I understand correctly, do you mean that you are remembering more dreams? Or that you are having more dreams where you "wake up", but are still sleeping, as in a dream within a dream?



      Channelling session and burning plane

      Posted by Anna D on March 18, 2014 at 2:18pm

      I have been following the progress if you can call it progress of the missing Malaysian aeroplane, and it has disturbed me.


      Last night I had a dream that was fairly non-descript then what I remember was I was talking to Emily B (a Michael channel) and in the dream for her to channel she had to put her feet in the ground like she was planting her feet on the accelerator and brake of a car simultaneously. She did this and I was watching as she did this and I knew to look where she was looking at and like a "crystal ball" emerged a plane in loose spirals burning, with people inside, and no clues as to where in the world this was.


      My family was inside that plane. Next I was somewhere where the plane had landed and most of family except my sister, her husband, their kids and our Nana had been found alive and mainly intact. I remember being so disturbed by this dream that I woke up and I hope this is just my imagination going through its motions.


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      Reply by ViP on March 18, 2014 at 7:25pm

      I've really been wondering what Michael would have to say about this... (The actual event) - but I wonder whether your dream is using the imagery of the event as a metaphor for something else...



      Where can I find these buildings?

      Posted by Colleen on March 4, 2014 at 2:39am

      I had my big buildings dream again. This time I noticed a little side street and decided to go down that road. I came across some magnificent massive buildings. One was a temple the color of salmon with Hebrew lettering on all sides of the upper stories. I was not able to translate it. Then across the road was a beautiful tall office building with huge stained glass windows. The sun was hitting it just right and intensified the colors. I got out my purse camera (which I carry all the time in my waking life) but the battery was drained.


      Every time I see these amazing buildings, I either don't have my camera or it doesn't work. So I have to be content with my mind taking a picture of it. Throughout this dream theme, the buildings are stunningly beautiful and it takes my breath away. All of them are big like palaces. One dream I was in India on a very long train riding on an elevated track. One side was water and the other side was a very long building which paralleled the track and had lots of open windows to see inside. All the sights within the passing windows were exotic and I so wanted to photograph it but I did not bring my camera.


      So that's the theme - impossibly beautiful large architecture and no camera. Maybe it means I should be more prepared for the opportunities that life brings unexpectedly.


      Then another dream ... I was walking with my family down a steep hill looking over a vast plain. Beyond that was a really big mountain that dominated the view. We were on our way to a picnic and everyone was relaxed and carefree. We were all about 40 years younger. I was the slow poke of the group and was tagging behind. Suddenly, the mountain exploded and a thick cloud of smoke came up. I knew we were doomed. There was no way to outrun the lava that would soon be coming. At first I started back up the hill to escape but realized it would be no use. So I turned around and ran down the hill to join my family. They for some reason did not realize the danger. I decided that if they were to die, I would die with them, and not forfeit my final moments with them by futilely trying to save myself.  I woke up before the screams started. I felt very sad after I woke up. I hate being burned.          


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      Twin theme dreams

      Posted by Juni on February 28, 2014 at 11:14pm

      A while ago when I was still dating my ET, I had a dream I was climbing on a precarious set of bleachers on which were stacked rows of wooden chairs on a diagonal. I was trying to get down off of them but was a fair distance off the ground still, when one of the chairs I was hanging on to started to slip. I felt myself start to fall, realized I was high up enough that I was going to die or be badly injured when I landed, when he caught me and pushed the chair back so it was stable again. It was much like that time when I tripped on the sidewalk and went flying forward with my bags and he arrested my fall in midflight.


      Then last night, I had another dream of precarious heights-I was on a cliff above a brilliant turquoise ocean roiling below with someone-not sure who exactly. We were climbing across these rather sandy rocklike sides of the cliff and having to move slowly and carefully. This went on for some time and took a lot of strength and planning where to put the next hand or foot, as it was very high up and slipping meant a long fall and likely death. After a long stint of this, I finally managed to get to a sort of meadow like area and off the cliffside.


      I've never had a recurring dream, per se, but I do occasionally have theme dreams where similar scenarios come up.




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      Dreams within dreams

      Posted by Vivi on February 25, 2014 at 1:06am

      I've had several dreams in the past where I "wake up" but I haven't really.


      The last 4 or 5 days, however, I've been having these dreams every single night. Usually I will dream something, then "wake up" and tell someone I am close to about the very interesting dream I had, and what I think it meant. I only realize it was a dream within a dream when I really wake up.


      The person on the first dream feels like a dream self, but the personality that "wakes up" is totally me as I am in waking life. I look and think the same, I process thought the same, time-speed feels the same as waking life, etc.


      I think I may be glimpsing into some sort of parallel reality all of the sudden? No clue, but it's been super interesting!


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      Instant Reincarnation Dream

      Posted by TROY on February 20, 2014 at 12:20pm

      I haven't shared my dreams much around here, mostly because I have so many, so lucid, and I just can't keep up with them. My dream life is also wrought with the apocalyptic and bizarre, so I don't want to scare anyone by sharing them, lol, but last night I had an extraordinary dream. Something like I've never had before. Ever.




      I dreamt I and Geraldine were visiting TLE Bobby. His house was built from logs and straddled a huge ravine. It was as if the house was built like a bridge across and connecting these cliffs. Very orange-ish, rough, pine logs.


      I know something was happening "in the world" or nearby in some way that had us very concerned, but I don't remember what that was. It was along my usual lines of something apocalyptic, of course. But Geraldine and I were having a conversation in this large room that spanned the width of house. We were far apart so we could sit at these open windows at either end that faced forward in the direction of the cliffs, and we seemed to be watching for something. Though the room was large, we had no problems communicating. Bobby was somewhere in between, I think, in a kitchen area.


      Suddenly, there was a large explosion. No fire, but more like a shockwave. The floor undulated and threw us into the air, but both of us held fast to the logs that framed the window and we plopped back down very quickly. We sat in shock, frozen, not sure what had just happened, and then this ominous wave washed over me and I felt this total surrender come.


      I often dream in third-person, so my view suddenly shifted from being inside the cabin to being outside, and in a split-screen effect, I watched both Geraldine and me as the floor rumbled, snapped, gave way, and the entire section of the cabin we were in just fell away, dropping us to our deaths. This whole thing replayed again, but from below, watching the logs roll out from under as supports for the cabin, and the horrific view of our falling among the debris to our deaths.


      Bobby got out in time and was devastated with helplessness at watching us go.


      Whatever that shockwave was, it had torn apart the supports of this cabin built across this ravine, and we were goners.


      Cut to...


      My waking up, gasping for breath, and panicking. As often happens in my dreams, I "wake up" in them and think I'm actually awake... until I wake up. But this time, I wasn't in my own body.


      In my dream, I had immediately "walked-in" to a body who was on the brink of dying. I was fully cognizant and still "me," but now I was a large, Black fat lady in a Sunday dress. No one seemed to be phased by my startled and gasping return to consciousness, and in retrospect, I'm not even sure I was visible to anyone.


      Because I had "walked in" to this body, it was still completely full of its own memories and behaviors, and there came an immediate struggle to hold on to my own. I kept trying to get someone to tell me where Geraldine was, and to find out if she was okay, but I don't remember a single person responding to me. I remember I was among others sitting at tables, eating food, and being served, and I was just this big, fat crazy Black woman wandering around trying to make sense of it all. I saw a pad of paper on the table with boxes, numbers, and lettering (maybe a bingo pad?) and grabbed a pen to try to write down everything I was quickly forgetting that was "me."


      I don't know what I was writing, but at one point, I realized I had been ignoring this circling, invisible force, like a rapidly moving ghost, that would whoosh about the room, around me, and right up to my face, even though I couldn't see it, and when I couldn't ignore it anymore, I put my hands over my ears and wailed in grief and panic and terror: "WHO IS MICHAEL!!!??? WHO IS MICHAEL???!!!" And as I screamed this out (to which the others around me only barely seemed to notice), I felt myself get a bit of a grip back on who *I* was, and who this woman was. I remembered Michael was my friend, though I couldn't remember much more. I just knew he/they were important, and I had to remember them. I *had* to. And then I asked who I was, as in, whose body am I in, and I wrote:




      Or something like that. Because there were these embedded memories in this body, I knew that most people called me Joyce, and I asked "myself" about this, as I wrote "Florence," and I replied that I went by my middle name. The last name wasn't clear, because in "my" head, it was pronounced "Torn," but then I realized I had an accent, that made Thorn sound like Torn.


      People started getting up and milling about and leaving this large room where everyone had been eating, and so I, as calmly as I could, began to walk out with them, and try to figure out what to do next.


      As I passed through the door, I woke up... for real.


      So... WHAT THE FUCK?? LOL


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      Reply by Bobby on February 20, 2014 at 12:50pm

      LMAO!!!!   Dangerous in the kitchen, I am :-)


      Reply by Claire C on February 20, 2014 at 1:07pm

      The apocalyptic chef?  ;-)


      Reply by Claire C on February 20, 2014 at 1:16pm

      Troy, this poses questions about the exact nature of Walk-ins.  My father was one, although it happened before I was born.  I wish his siblings were still around so I could ask them if "he" was very different when he came back from WWII.  At the time, any changes in his personality would probably have been attributed to his experiences at the Front.


      I'm intrigued by the fact that "you" had to fight so hard to remember/retain who "you" really were after entering Joyce's body.  My understanding is that the Walk-in retains the memories of the person's former life, but I had assumed that they also retained their own.  Do you have any further information on this, Troy?


      Reply by Geraldine B on February 20, 2014 at 2:27pm

      One thing that fascinates me is the wide variety of dreams that others have. Also, it surprises me at how many others dream about TLE members. I've never once dreamt of a single TLE person. I dream constantly, but not about TLE, the teachings, let alone the fantastic "apocalyptic" dreams that Troy gets.


      Claire -- about walk-ins. Walk-ins are the beginnings of a new personality -- they have no memories, per se, that they bring with them, other than instinctive memories that comes through Essence. They just start with a more matured body than normal birth and infancy. They do have their existing memories, from the body's immediate past life, which fade over time.


      Troy's panic makes sense. This is the first case where I've heard of a walk-in coming immediately following death so as to hang onto "that Personality." This may be more common than we realize.


      Reply by Claire C on February 20, 2014 at 3:39pm

      Thanks for that clarification, Geraldine.  I thought that the Walk-in was a fragment who died prematurely and, needing/wanting to experience "more" on this plane, took over the body a fragment who was exiting and no longer needed his/her otherwise healthy body.  This is why I believed the walk-in would still have the memories and experience of his previous life, plus those of the fragment whose body he was now inhabiting.  I guess it's not as complex or exciting as I'd first thought.  :)  It must be really something for a "baby" to be born into a more mature or even adult body and have to go through all the Internal Monads to catch up to the chronological age of its body.


      Reply by Mike on February 20, 2014 at 3:45pm

      Wow!!!  That is a proper Plutonian dream. :)

      Reply by Eric on February 20, 2014 at 5:00pm

      Dude, that's a pretty intriguing dream (scholarly understatement).  It'd be interesting to see if there is a Florence Joyce Thorne of some kind out there in history.


      Reminded me some of how some children recall memories of past lives or something similar when young and growing up.  Theories exist that many children who have this are those whose previous life ended abruptly or violently.  In this dream, it's like combining that with the concept of the Walk-in.


      I'm with Geraldine in that I rarely dream of TLE or the teachings, or members.  The only one I can recall was, coincidentally, the one where I met with Geraldine at a kind of MT conference/class/session thing led by some person, where she greeted me by sitting on me.  We later left the session going "yep, this is a load of crap." :P


      Reply by Anna D on February 20, 2014 at 7:28pm

      This dream of yours is scary to me, as I hate to be aware of losing my memories, and then having to "be" someone else, convincingly. That seems like entrapment and nightmare combined, to me.


      Reply by ViP on February 20, 2014 at 7:30pm

      Whoa - intense!!   I'm curious about this -   this circling, invisible force, like a rapidly moving ghost, that would whoosh about the room, around me, and right up to my face


      Reply by Anna D on February 20, 2014 at 7:31pm

      I hope that this kind of wrenching disorientation ie from a sudden death, to a sudden reincarnation, and the consequent disorientation and "acceptance" of the situation that all of a sudden you are in a new body with an unknown and unknowable agenda, and having to improvise some continuity and consistency from there, (which may be easier for expressive roles, or not) scares the shit out of me. I hope it happens to no one in as terrifying and disorientating a manner as it did in your dream Troy.


      Reply by Claire C on February 20, 2014 at 8:44pm


      Here is the information I received from Michael on my father's Walk-in status:


      <ClaireC> My father, Tom's, Profile shows him as a "Walk-In". Could you tell me when this occurred in his life and why?

      <MEntity> If we are correct, there would have been a serious illness or accident when this occurred. It is rare that it happens "seamlessly," and is usually accompanied by trauma. We see this Walk-in happening rather early in the life.

      <MEntity> Whether accompanied by accident or illness, or done seamlessly, it would appear this was between the ages of 14 and 28.

      <ClaireC> Maybe during World War II? Although he wasn't physically injured, it was probably very traumatic for him as he never spoke of that time.

      <MEntity> This Walk-in appears to have been the case because the fragment who would walk in had died recently in a war and wanted to incarnate rather quickly to experience "the other side" as a means of study.

      <MEntity> We say "study" not as a clinical experiment, but as a means of gaining experiences.

      <MEntity> The fragment who walked out did so in anticipation of dying, and the body would have died if not for the walk-in.

      <MEntity> The trauma of war very well may have prompted the walk-in exchange. That is quite common in wars.

      <MEntity> Many die who did not intend to die, and many resign who would probably have survived, and the exchanges can happen in waves during wars.


      Reply by Maureen on February 20, 2014 at 9:56pm

      That is/was a very fine dream Troy. It is so clear it needs no interpretation. I think our Essences "enjoy" these quick returns a lot more than we do -- as Personalities. When I think of the movement of consciousness I often imagine it as a "magic carpet ride" -- complete with the "whooshing" sound.  :)


      I got this the other day from Michael. I'll cross-post it to Martha's blog on our Septant's Renaissance lives.


      [Maureen]: At the time during the Renaissance when “I” was Diotifeci Ficino or Diotifeci d'Agnolo di Giusto (b. 1401), were there other Concurrents? What Soul Level and lifetime number was I, during that lifetime, or perhaps more accurately, during those lifetimes?


      [MEntity]: In this line of lifetimes, this would appear to be about 7 lifetimes ago, at the end 5th Level Old.


      [MEntity]: We think that would have been the 3rd lifetime at that Level.


      [MEntity]: or 2nd.


      [Maureen]: Was it my last lifetime - at 5th Level Old? (Did I finish all my IMs)


      [MEntity]: Yes.


      [Maureen]: Thanks.


      [MEntity]: For that lifetime, we do not think there was a Concurrent, but there was a quick return to incarnation in Brazil that was from what might be understood as another line of lives. A large contingent of our students decided to explore the ideals of a kind of communal life by being born rapidly into various families participating in a large plantation at the time.


      [Maureen]: That would be a good way to start off level 6.


      [MEntity]: "You" were a Walk-in to the owner at the time.


      [Maureen]: Oh – that sounds interesting. I'll have to follow that up.



      Cryptic Message?

      Posted by Claire C on January 10, 2014 at 9:57am

      I had a very vivid dream this morning about Iman, the fashion model who's married to David Bowie.  I was with a friend, possibly Maureen or my sister, at a posh resort hotel.  We came across a nameplate with "Iman" on it.  After following a long hallway we came to her massage therapy room.  I remarked to my companion how smart she was to have gone back to school to get a skill she could fall back on (assuming when her modelling career ended, and of course ignoring her fabulous wealth and that of her husband).


      When I looked into her room, I noticed that instead of a massage table she was using a mattress placed on a casket.  When I commented to her that this was rather creepy, she replied, "When a girl has her dress, she's ready to go".




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      My Dreams

      Posted by Colleen on February 8, 2014 at 8:30pm

      I have all sorts of dreams. Last night, I had a dream of John F Kennedy giving a speech in a conference room. Then abruptly, he stepped away from the podium and laughed so hard he was bending over. That's when I saw someone had brought a baby cheetah and baby zebra in the crowd and JFK went over to pet them, still delighted. I went about the room trying to figure out where I was, looking at greeting cards pinned up on a cork board. I concluded I was in Puerto Rico.   


      Many times I go to places I have not been to in my waking life. I always recognize it's "that place" again and I always see it from a different part of town. There are several mysterious places. I'm either walking or riding a bicycle (which I have not ridden in 40 years). These places have huge and magnificent buildings and some have vivid murals. I looked for street signs and saw one was Violet Drive and one was United Way. Concrete steps leading up to the buildings are painted with intricate flowers designs and it seems a shame to have to walk on these artworks.  Being inside a building seems to be endless, when I think I cannot go any further, I find another door to go through or a ladder to climb to another level.


      In one dream, I was standing on top of a big industrial building. Below me was an immense railway yard and many tracks went over a bridge next to a wide river. While standing there, a big passenger jet, a stealth bomber, and the space shuttle flew by in a tight formation about even with my vantage point. They collided and all crashed into the bridge and everything fell in the river. Then, a very long train came streaking by. It flew over the missing bridge, rejoined the track and would have made it except the last cars fell into the gap and one by one all the cars were pulled backwards and crashed in the river. Next came impossibly huge locomotives painted black. One had a large swinging arm that slapped the track in front of it and then flung over and slapped the track behind it.


      Many times I dream of finding "my" paintings in a storage area I had forgotten about. All ot them are dramatic with energetic colors and evoke strong emotions in me. When I wake up, I wonder where these painting came from and wish I could paint like that myself. I know in the dreams that I was the artist.


      I dream of my family a lot but as they were in the '60s or '70s. Dad is always wearing a white tee-shirt. One of my favorites is my flying dreams. I don't go that high but it is fun to hover about and I teach others that they can hover too. Another common dream is me searching for a clean bathroom and all I can find are disgusting ones.


      I read somewhere that dreams are like postcards brought back from a vacation largely forgotten.  I wish I could remember more of them. I frequently wake up with the emotion experienced in the dream but not the actual events in the dream that created the emotion.           


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       Reply by Eric on February 8, 2014 at 9:09pm

      Interesting.  Some of those sound like past-life recall, mainly the ones in places you haven't been that you revisit from different angles, and possible the ones with the paintings as well.


      The one with the industrial building and train yard sounds quite symbolic.  The triad of the jet, the bomber, and the shuttle are really intriguing, sounding like representations of "commerce" "military" and "science (or even religion in a way)" respectively.  Although their meaning would actually come from what they represent to you.  The train getting pulled backward and the slapping arm are also interesting.  The random idea that comes to mind is something having to do with your 'future' and 'past' and the interaction of the two.


      I am familiar with the experience of waking up from an emotionally strong dream, but not remembering the events.  I find those particularly annoying because I can usually remember dreams, and when one gets away from me that was strong, I'm like "Dangit!" :P



      The Sisters of Atonement and related thoughts

      Posted by Eric on November 5, 2013 at 5:46pm

      So I had an interesting dream the other night.  I can't remember enough to feel like it warrants a Dreamland post, but I remember enough to be intrigued.  The part of the dream I remember is the last part.  I'm with a group walking through an old stone city in a semi-arid environment (somewhat like ancient Egypt or similar).  I think it's a tour discussing the old culture of the city, but that part is fuzzy in my memory. 


      At some point, I end up in mid- and light-green robes with red trim.  They are long, elegant, almost trailing robes with long, flared sleeves.  I become aware that this is the dress of one of the city's prestigious orders (though at first I'm not sure whether I'm in disguise or genuinely part of an order).  I end up in the balcony seats of a large auditorium.  Some kind of ceremony or presentation is about to begin, with advanced members of the order present.  Ranks among the order are shown by robe color (some had dark blue robes with light trim) and with masks (some had the same robe as me, but also had white face masks).


      As the presentation begins, I realize that there are no others with the exact dress as I, and I decide I must have left my mask or some other important artifact elsewhere.  I apologize to the person organizing the order members in the balcony and excuse myself to figure this out.


      In the end, I end up finding others with the same garment as mine.  I'm at a rank known as the Sisters of Atonement (the rank above initiate), and I'm ushered to a different auditorium.  I've noted by now that this order seems to be female-heavy or female-exclusive, which makes me worry there is a mistake.  When I reach the auditorium I find myself sitting next to some real-life friends of mine, and then notice one or two other males in the audience.  This allays my fears, and I somehow come to learn that while this is considered a 'female' order, that simply means it focuses on 'female-type' goals (healing, arts, mediation, spirituality, things supposedly considered feminine).  There is also a 'male' order focused on more 'masculine' goals (like fighting/defense, physical prowess, tactics, etc), and both orders are open to either gender. 


      I learn that we are in the auditorium to go through the rite to transition to the next rank.  We are given temporary masks to wear during the rite (before we get the official white face masks), and the program consists of sections of the audience performing various tasks or forms.  The group with me and my friends gets called, and we have to 'dance' down the aisle and back with a specific form (repetitive rhythmic steps and arms level in front and behind and bouncing).  Its simple enough that I can just watch the people in front and imitate their movements.  As the section performances continue though, they get more complicated, and I realize I don't know how to do anything. I ask my friend to show me what we have to do next, and as she circles different sections of the program, I know I can't remember or do any of them.  I get a bit panicked and actually tell myself to 'wake up,' which I do.


      I've had one or two other dreams where I'm wearing robes and/or are part of some order of people, though I don't think that they are connected necessarily.  I just find them interesting.  The robes always feel very familiar.


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      Reply by Vivi on November 22, 2013 at 6:49pm

      This reminded me of my recurring high school dreams, where I'm part of the whole environment and then it becomes clear that I'm not prepared, and I can't remember things, and I feel really inadequate.


      I wonder if this was a past life memory for you, especially since the robes feel so familiar.


      Reply by Eric on November 23, 2013 at 1:26am

      I dunno.  There might be something past life about it...or maybe something symbolic.  I've had a number of dreams where order/monk-like robes were involved, and it's not so much the robes themselves but the feeling of wearing them that's most familiar.


      I've had the school dreams quite a bit.  It's a similar feeling to that unpreparedness I had here.


      Reply by Geraldine B on November 23, 2013 at 3:08am

      LOL -- I have regularly reoccurring dreams of having registered for college classes and forgotten to attend any before the end of the term. So, either haven't done any of the assignments, fail the final exam, etc. Oddly enough these dreams didn't start until I was out of college -- so after 1991. I still get them.


      Reply by Eric on November 23, 2013 at 9:24am

      Dang, was hoping they'd fade over time.  I still have a lot of school dreams of various sorts, though oddly enough almost none of them have been about college.  Most have been about or taken place in my high school or middle school (and a few taking place in elementary school).  Some are about the usual missing assignments, missed classes, unprepared for exams, can't find my class/my schedule, etc.  Sometimes it’s about being in orchestra class and unable to play, or not having my instrument.  But sometimes there are other various events that have nothing to do with school.


      Interestingly, the roads to and from high school and middle school also sometimes provide the setting for dreams.  Maybe the school represents something or some time that is significant to the subconscious, like "College" for you and "high school/middle school" for me.


      Reply by Vivi on November 25, 2013 at 7:10pm

      Geraldine - LOL! Like Eric I was definitely hoping they'd fade...


      I never went to college and have them about middle/high school.  I really thought it was guilt of not going to college.  Feeling unworthy and not "good enough" to be in school; something like that.


      Eric - I wonder if the symbolism of being robed is the other side of naked dreams.  It could be your symbolism of being robed for status, ritual, comfort, or whatever else you'd make it, or maybe there's something about layering one self.  I have dreams where I'm almost naked (my bikini is a thong bottom that I never knew was a thong bottom, wanting to get out of a pool and suddenly realizing I can't because I'm naked... etc.).  Vulnerability dreams in general are interesting.



      Scientists Explore Lucid Dreaming

      Posted by Eric on November 25, 2013 at 5:52pm

      So John Roth sent me this very interesting article.  Research blossoms as scientists start to take an interest in studying lucid dreaming and potential application:



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      Anger Dreams and a Musical

      Posted by Eric on October 6, 2013 at 12:47pm

      So I posted a comment on my own blog about how I've seen an increase in dreams where I behave more violently/sadistically/harmfully than I ever would in waking life.  These dreams seem to be an extension of a type of dream I tend to call 'anger dreams.' 


      Those dreams are pretty self-explanatory...anger dreams are those where I react with bouts of anger and indignation, generally uncharacteristic of myself in waking life.  Anger dreams are not new...they've peppered my dreaming through my life.  Most anger dreams, however, have never gone beyond tirades or outbursts of shouting in the dream.  Actual violence or harmful reactions are extremely rare with these dreams, but recently more and more of these anger dreams have included that (for example, in one dream I smashed the instruments of musicians who made me angry, then set fire to the theater they were in).


      At first I thought it was just the violence popping up for the first time, but I've noticed that anger dreams in general have been unusually numerous...almost one a night for the past week.  I had another last night (though I can barely remember it, except that I woke up and thought "ANOTHER anger dream?!").  There's no other solid pattern to them except for the anger outbursts. It makes me wonder what could be contributing to that.  It could be some kind of recent anxiety that's getting played out in my dreams.  It could be something to do with this month's upcoming Energy Report (having entered the season of Chief Features and all).  Maybe there's parallels or past life resonances involved.  Whatever it is, it begs the questions "Why have many of my dreams become angry.  And why have these anger dreams suddenly become unusually violent?"




      At any rate, after the anger dream last night I had another interesting dream.  It was weirdly themed after the Jungle Book.  The wolf pack was holding a kind of fighting tournament for all the wolves of the region.  My POV jumped around a lot, but the basic idea was that a young Mowgli, still with his human family, but familiar with the wolves, had opted to join the fight, along with two other human boys.  Their families were in attendance in a box seat of a tall, round colosseum-type building.


      The fighting was between two wolves.  It was a two-go-in, one-comes-out type of tournament.  The first match was between a wolf from Texas and another from somewhere with "mercury pools."  Both strutted around beforehand to woo the audience.  My POV at this point was as a sibling in one of the boxes, and was plucking on a rubber band in my hand.  At one point, I notice my mother has disappeared.  She and the other mothers suddenly show up down in the entrance to the ring and form a protest to take their sons out of the fight.


      At this point, the dream turns into a musical, starting from the sound of the rubber band in the sibling's hand.  The mother's plea, and obstruct the boys' attempt to fight.  The boys are disqualified and forced to forfeit.  Disqualification, however, is punished also with a ban, so that the boys will never be allowed to even enter the wolf colosseum ever again.  The mothers drag their sons and families back to their homes in the towns, but the sons protest.  When they reach their homes, the sons outright rebel, running away from their families and joining up outside the town.  They call themselves the "Wolves (or mustangs...this title tends to fluctuate) Who Run Together."  All three head out into the wild, where they live and survive for a year or so.


      A year or so later they return to the colosseum.  The wolves recognize them and remind them of the ban.  The boys tell them that those boys no longer exist...that they died back then in the colosseum.  They reintroduce themselves as the Wolves Who Run Together, and are eventually admitted again into the colosseum.  About that time is when I wake up.


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       Reply by Vivi on October 8, 2013 at 4:34pm



      Funny how that musical has some to do with violence, even though it wasn't that violent.


      I can relate to what you are saying about anger dreams, with one difference being that I've always had dreams where I'm violent, but they do get more frequent sometimes, apparently out of nowhere.


      Here's my experience with mine, I don't know if it might be similar for you:


      1. My anger dreams are powerful and full of energy.  They are a place where my soul gets to unleash, without the consequences of waking life.  It's not that I WANT to do those things in waking life, but simply that the energy is there inside of me, and it has an easier time manifesting in the elasticity and freedom of Dreamworld.


      2. My violent dreams are quite graphic and violent but they are not really about violence; they are more about AGGRESSION. Aggression is the force that brings forth life; that gets things done.  Without aggression, we do not have expression, because aggression is needed whenever something needs a push in order to become something else.  Aggression can be very good, and does not have to be violent.  However, in our society this distinction is not always made.


      Because violence has been part of my past lives and it is currently part of collective consciousness and daily environment, aggression shows itself easily through violence.  What I'm trying to say is that my violent dreams are about my growth, force, spirit, will, determination, etc.  They signify, to me, that my personality is growing and becoming more aware of itself.


      3. Many anger dreams are recurring for me.  I feel like these might be snippets of past lives.


      Please keep sharing! :)



      A Near Lucid Dream and Thinking about Dream Specifics

      Posted by Eric on September 23, 2013 at 2:40pm

      So I think I had an almost lucid dream last night.  I haven't been working on making that happen (though you can, I there's a video here with some instruction ideas:  I think it worked because I did wake up for a few seconds then went right back to sleep, so I became aware enough that I was sleeping.


      I remember it taking place in a parking lot and thinking "I think this is a dream.  If so, I should be able to control things."  I was able to make a few things happen, such as swapping some objects around and changing the weather from rain to sun, but it was very difficult.  I had to try hard, and while it worked, I eventually gave up and rode out the rest of the dream.  I may look into trying to replicate this again.




      Another thought came up from a comment elsewhere.  These are two somewhat related things.  The first is when there is some message, line of text, or other phrase or image that seems fairly clear in the dream, but becomes hard to remember or less sensical upon waking.  For example, reading a book and remembering a line of text, or phrase spoken often, etc.


      The second is what I might call "artistic" dreams, where you or someone else in the dream makes some sort of artistic piece (music, writing, performance, etc), completely new.  I've had this happen a few times where I write a piece of music and try to remember it after waking.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  There was one where I wrote an entire opera/musical play, with sets, costumes, music, etc all very clear in the dream, but I was really upset that I could barely remember any of it when I woke up.  All I can remember is that the libretto had something to do with each act portraying and satirizing different class distinctions in society (for example, act 3 would be "The Bourgeoisie" or such).


      Just curious to see what/if other people have had similar dreams/experiences.


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      Reply by Mike C on September 24, 2013 at 1:24pm

      I certainly have had dreams where there I create entire complex orchestral pieces, or modern music, where I can hear every single instrument. I wish I could record them somehow, they fade very quickly.


      I had a short lucid dream a few months ago where I 'woke up' in the room I was sleeping in and everything seemed to glow, and I knew I was about to wake up, so time was running out. I wanted to try out my 'powers' so I quickly moved to the TV and put my hands through it... then woke up.


      I quite often remember a single spoken phrase or a name, or a line from a book.


      I quite often realise I am dreaming (or rather that I am in an unusual reality or state) and that I have powerful abilities, and I use them. Things like flying, moving through objects, lifting and moving heavy objects etc., but I usually don't become completely conscious within the dream. In the dream I don't remember all the things I planned to do and test when I was awake, before falling asleep. It’s like I am one level below being fully awake and aware.


      I have also had dreams that, when I wake up, I could swear lasted years. It’s like the dream was an entire lifetime. I can't remember any of them now. I often wonder if they were past lives...


      Reply by Eric on September 24, 2013 at 5:33pm

      Mike - The one with being in the room your sleeping in and everything glowing sounds kind of like an OOBE (out of body experience).  There's a piece of channeling on dreaming that touches on that, and I think part of it was, if you're able to be lucid in dreams fairly commonly, the "next step" so to speak, would be testing OOBEs.  I'd have to go find it.


      Heh, the dreams lasting years or an entire lifetime reminds me of the Star Trek: TNG episode "Inner Light."  I don't know that I've had any that felt like they lasted for years, at least not without big jumps in time.  Maybe they are indeed past-life related.


      Reply by Vivi on September 27, 2013 at 3:41pm

      Eric - I don't recall any lucid dreams.  In the dream I am myself, but I always think it's reality, not a dream.  I feel like my dreams really ARE reality, so I can't ever get myself to believe I'm "dreaming", since it just seems like a different reality, but no less valid than waking state.


      I have plenty of OOBE's, and those seem to overlap with the topic.  I can't really say for sure what goes on with me at night, but it's quite interesting....


      I once composed a song in my dream. I woke up and quickly tried writing it, going by the logic in my dream.  The more I tried putting it together, the less sense it made! Finally, I decided it didn't make any sense at all, but in the dream it did! I concluded, that creativity is so VAST, that the versions we get here on earth are tiny, tiny, compared to all that is.  There is music that cannot be measured or replicated in waking life, because we are limited here, but it exists elsewhere.


      Reply by Eric on September 27, 2013 at 4:58pm

      Lol, yeah, I've had those where I create something or I have a story and when I wake up it makes absolutely no sense anymore.  Can be quite annoying, especially when you're like "but it made perfect sense when I was asleep!"



      Dream about a book of past lives

      Posted by Vivi on September 14, 2013 at 8:05pm

      Part 1 - I was reading a very decorative, large piece of paper, handwritten.  I was told it was important.  The script talked about a middle aged man a couple of centuries ago in Europe, who was in the working class and was carrying a delicate explosive, to use for some sort of plot.  It was nighttime, and he entered an old barn-type structure full of hay.  Two other men were waiting for him.  Something went wrong and the explosive activated, caught the barn on fire, burning to death the 3 men.  At this point I feel intense emotion, as I realize that I just read one of my deaths from a previous life.  The wave of truth is so deep that I start bawling and have difficulty breathing and standing.  My mother is there comforting me while this wave of truth hits me.  I realize that the man carrying the explosive was me, and that the 2 men in the barn were people whom I trusted.  They had put my life at risk by making me carry the explosive, and that made me feel sad.  None of us were counting on dying that night, but we did.  I was choked with emotion at learning about my past death.


      Part 2 - My mother (I think) brings to my attention that the page I just read is part of a larger book.  We find out that this was a book written by me, as a 9 year old girl, in the 1920's.  We realize that I had been alive in the late 1920's/early 1930's, and had been born female, and was very smart.  This girl somehow knew about her past lives and many more things about herself.  She had written an entire book about it, but had died at the age of 9.  The story about the 3 men was only one of the past-life recalls she had written down; it was page 18 out of at least 200.  The present-day me was astonished by this discovery, and wondered if that unique book was still somewhere out there (my mom said it was a very special book and was likely cared for by someone during all these years).


      I woke up and felt very "connected", but then I went to use the bathroom and when I came back to bed the connection was now fuzzy.  Although I know that dreams are filled with symbolism and are not to be taken to literally, I lay in bed wondering about that book, wondering if I had really written something, and wishing I could read it now.


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      Reply by Eric on September 14, 2013 at 8:28pm



      Reply by Mike C on September 14, 2013 at 8:58pm

      Very interesting indeed! The first one sounds very much like a past life experience. I suspect the second one is more about the current you finding out about your past lives. I think the character of your Mother in the dream is one of your guides helping you through the experience of viewing these past lives. (Just my hunch!)


      Just a few days ago on the night of Sep 10th, I had a dream. I have been meaning to type it up.It was as follows:


      I was in a gathering of people. I am asked to complete a form with details of a woman on it by asking her questions about herself. Her name was Avalia or maybe Arelia? Surname might be Cane, Cain or Kane. She wasn't interested in helping me. She had long brown hair.


      Another part: My mum was showing me drawings or photos that I knew were related to past lives. I said to Mum that one painting looked like a Gauguin. (at that point I wouldn't actually know what one looked like, I looked him up since and I LOVE his paintings. He was a contemporary and friend of Van Gogh.) The she showed me paintings made by a medium who looks at past lives, and paints what they see. There were about 6 or 7 pictures of Cyclopic masonry walls, made with large stones that were perfectly cut and fit together neatly.


      Mum and I went to speak to a lady at a desk alone in a big run down warehouse building about the pictures. Was she the medium? She was short and a bit plump and had bright orange curly hair. Mum pulled out of the meeting at the last second.


      Next, I got to meet some past life selves. I was in a narrow street in a town. Cars were parked at the side of the road. First person was a man. I can't remember much about him. Second was a lady. She demonstrated what she did (I assume it’s what she did in her life) I think it was acrobatic tricks. There was a bus as part of my past life 'tour'. It had lights on the side, a row of about 10 spotlight LEDs that pointed from above the door on the right side (Clue: not in the UK, the door would be on the left) down onto the pavement. The girl was now on a runway with the man from earlier. They did high speed daredevil stunts, with a ladder and vehicles.


      A bit strange in places, but relevant with the past life bits!


      As a postscript, Van Gogh is from my entity (C1E3) and Paul Gauguin is from my girlfriend's (C1E2), and a couple of people on TLE have been informed that they had contact with Van Gogh in previous lives. I wonder if I have any connections there?


      Reply by Vivi on September 17, 2013 at 1:16am

      Wow Mike! Amazing dream and yes, the themes mirror each other very much! As MT students we want to understand that there is no time, but as human beings we put all our "past" lives in linear thinking. When I remember this linear distortion, I crumple my dream notes into a little ball and throw it right in the garbage bin. When it comes to past lives, I seen to learn and unlearn simultaneously.



      "Talking" to a Gorilla

      Posted by Nadine on September 15, 2013 at 9:28am

      A couple of days ago I dreamed I was at an art exposition and one of the other attendees had brought his pet gorilla on a leash. I felt sorry for this gorilla having to be a "pet" and being kept on a leash. I was standing in a group with that man and some other people, all talking, when I noticed the gorilla being very interested in my feet. I looked down on my shoes and realized I had some fresh mint stuck to the sole of my shoe. I picked it up and handed it to the gorilla, who was very delighted by it and immediately sat down to eat it. So I sat down too and we both started to telepathically talk to each other. I wish I remembered what the conversation was about! Unfortunately, I don't have any remembrance at all about the content.


      Now, this dream might of course be merely symbolic but it got me thinking: Do we exchange with the other ensouled species on our planet on the astral? It would make sense to me, especially in the case of gorillas, as we share the same territory and eventually might become their caretakers before cycling off as a species.


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      Reply by Martha on September 15, 2013 at 11:10am

      Go search on gorilla, there are several things posted, like mine here where Michael discusses telepathy with gorillas!


      Reply by Bobby on September 15, 2013 at 11:17am

      Why limit it to just our planet?  At times, I'd bet it goes beyond that even when there is a purpose for it :-)   Nadine said:  Do we exchange with the other ensouled species on our planet on the astral?


      Reply by Nadine on September 15, 2013 at 11:36am

      Yes, sure, Bobby, you're right of course, I'm quite sure there is exchange with species from other place. And then, why wouldn't we have it with the ones we share our planet with? I'm curious as to the purposes, especially with gorillas. I guess I'll just add it to my list of questions to ask...


      Why limit it to just our planet?  At times, I'd bet it goes beyond that even when there is a purpose for it :-

      Martha, thank you for bringing this up again. I've read it some time ago. Have you ever gone back to that zoo?


      Reply by Martha on September 15, 2013 at 1:25pm

      No, it's pretty far away from here.  Every now and then I go to South Padre, which is about a 7 hour drive, and it's kind of near Brownsville.  It's not a very exciting place to visit, as I recall.  :)



      My scary dream; any ideas what it meant, if it meant anything at all?

      Posted by Mike on June 25, 2013 at 3:23pm

      I had this dream a couple of months ago but it was scary and it's stuck with me. I don't usually remember my dreams but this one was different. I've always been scared of something; unopened letters addressed to me, emails, voicemails, even a knock at the door could make me jump, sometimes! :) It's a bit sad really but there you have it, I've always lived with an unspecified fear & unease about something. Nothing really bad has ever happened to me yet 'fear' has been a constant companion. I put it down to my neurosis and an ability to catastrophize most anything. In recent years (since I became more spiritually open) the fear has receded. Until I had this dream that is! Although I was very frightened at the time & I was unable to breathe at one point, fear just doesn't haunt me in the same way that it used to. I would lie awake in in bed during my younger years, unable to let go of consciousness & sleep. Those were difficult times but as I said things are much better these days. Anyway, here's the dream.


      I was in some sort of medical facility and relaxing in a common room. A female nurse stood up to leave the room & I was instantly filled with a sense of dread & foreboding. I don't know why. I think the nurse may have been me? I followed her to the door (which interestingly was a modern door with a checked saftey glass panel, like I said this dream was most vivid) and I watched her disappear along a short corridor and into a small room to the right. At this point my fear was so great I literally couldn't breathe. I felt my body shutting down. The nurse disappeared and after a moment I felt a heavy thud. I was paralyzed at this moment & gasping for air. After what seemed like an eternity a large well-built man stumbled out of the room. He was wearing a medical gown and white surgical stockings-which gave him an oddly comical appearance. It was like he wasn't used to walking? He had something horrible & metallic in his hand. I woke up at this point and all the clichés applied. I was soaked in sweat, cold shivering & frightened out of my wits.


      It was like a John Carpenter film. :) Maybe that's where it came from, some half remembered horror film? Anyway, I'd be interested to hear what you folks think about it, if you have a minute. Cheers.


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      Reply by Vivi on June 25, 2013 at 4:58pm

      Mike - Thank you for sharing your dream, it must have been tough reliving it while you typed! You know, I have always been a very confident person, but I have this irrational fear surrounding the alien phenomenon.  I will have all sorts of violent, scary, dreams and be totally OK, but you get an alien in there that's even slightly malevolent and I freak out.  Cold sweats, screaming, shaking after waking, you name it.  You would laugh if I told you some of the exercises I have to do when I'm home alone at night to not let fear take over sometimes!!


      But I am also very curious about things, so I always find myself trying to get past my fears so that I can curiously explore.


      Did this hospital dream mean anything to you? Outside of being scary?


      Reply by Mike on June 25, 2013 at 5:07pm

      I have a theory, which kind of comes out of a conversation I had with Geraldine about another significant scary dream. It happened about 10 years ago & it led to a rethink & eventually it led to my Spiritual awakening. I could describe that dream too if you wish?


      Anyway, I think this dream was my Essence poking fun at my unspecified 'fearing'. I think my Essence has a wicked sense of humour! :) Just a theory.


      Reply by Vivi on June 25, 2013 at 5:38pm

      Mike - I am so intrigued!!! I think that you are right, also.  It seems that Essence knows and understands what joy is, and is never afraid.  It finds fear to be totally comical, and I could see higher versions of ourselves poking fun at our silly fears.


      I have an exercise I do to get rid of my alien fear when I'm alone at night, but ironically the exercise is really scary.  But it totally works.  It's quite interesting how it all connects!!


      Is there a place I can read about your dream from 10 years ago?  I'd love to!


      Reply by Mike on June 26, 2013 at 4:10pm

      Hi Vivi, my conversation with Geraldine about the other 'scary dream' was in the chatroom so the text will have disappeared into the virtual ether. I can't remember writing it down anywhere else, so I'll write it again. It was in 2005, in the springtime. I was in London attending an educational conference & I was staying in a hotel in Oxford Street as I recall. I had a busy day, I ate an evening meal, I had a couple of pints of lager and I retired to bed pretty tired & I fell asleep. At some point, I remember being aware of a door next to my bed being open and hearing the noise of a city street. I could feel a cold draught on my face. I became aware of a tall, well-built man in a long dark grey frock coat. It was undone and he had a waistcoat underneath, black breeches and boots that came up over his knees. He wore a tricorn hat and he had an air that I can only describe as a confident malice. He was a menacing presence, he looked like a stereotypical 17th Century Highwayman. He very slowly/menacingly walked in through the door and he walked over me, then he paused on my chest! I could feel his weight on my chest and it made breathing really difficult. I was panicking by this point. Then he walked on and I awoke or at least I opened my eyes. It felt like I had been awake during the whole episode. It didn't feel like a dream, though a dream was the only available explanation that I could find at the time. I was pretty shook up. The room was completely empty of course and there was no open door. Just a wall. I was in a suite on the fifth floor as I recall. I hit the mini bar. :) I was shaken. I watched a bit of telly and I went off to sleep wondering if he'd come back? It was 2:30 am, I remember that. But of course he didn't reappear, that was the end of it.


      When I got home, I told my wife, who has always been 'open' and that's that's when I started to have a place in my mind for the existence of an afterlife. Up until then I had been an unreconstructed Atheist. I thought that when we die, it's like a light going out. The End. I was with Marx and his 'opium of the people'. :) I began to read, NDE books at first, then Michael Newton and books about Reincarnation. Then I read Doreen Virtue type books and went through the 'Behold the golden unicorn' phase. That's G's description of New age shit. :) I started to play with a pendulum with some very dramatic effects and in January of this year I found this place. Like all of us on this site, it just fitted me like a glove. G suggested it was my Essence Twin giving me a Big Wake Up call. WAKE UP! :)


      Reply by Vivi on June 27, 2013 at 7:25pm

      Wow!! What an incredible and terrifying dream!! Do you consider that this was a sleep paralysis hallucination? It sounds like it to me to a "T".  Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis hallucinations? When I had one of my first paralysis episodes I became afraid, and as soon as fear hits, it's a really bad trip.  On mine, I had two demons on top of my back, with an air of confident malice like you described, and their claws were on top of me and they were so heavy and evil.  I was not sleeping, but awake.  After it happened I researched a ton and realized I had hallucinated through sleep paralysis.  I've had it dozens of times since, but the demons only visited once (when I feared the paralysis the most).


      This is kind of spooky stuff, but it's real and it really happens!!!


      Reply by Mike C on June 28, 2013 at 2:57am

      It does sound like sleep paralysis. I had that happen to me about a week ago, coincidentally (only the second time ever for me). I was in bed when I suddenly woke up and knew there was a big black cat in the room, near the foot of the bed. (The room was dark so I had no way of seeing it). As soon as I knew it was there, it jumped onto me, and I tried to shout to wake Vic up, but all that came out was a whisper. I couldn't move any part of my body, and I couldn't even control my breathing, the whisper as I tried to shout was the sound and rhythm of normal sleeping breathing. After shouting in my mind for a few seconds I realised what was going on and my movement came back. I lay quietly for a bit and went back to sleep.


      I think the theory is that your mind wakes up before your body does in these cases.


      It does sound like there is an extra component in your case of someone trying to send you a message, a 'wake up call' in many senses!


      Reply by Mike on June 28, 2013 at 12:22pm

      I read about Sleep Paralysis at the time & it did sound a likely cause. The second 'hospital dream' was just a bad dream & it had none of the characteristics of SP. As soon as I awoke I knew it was only a dream and the fear (for all that it was intense & all-consuming at the time) quickly subsided. It felt quite exciting to be honest, almost exhilarating! The first 'dream in the hotel' was completely different because it felt as though I was awake the whole time. That dream could have been sleep paralysis. That's the only sleep paralysis dream I've experienced. Sleep paralysis or a wakeup call, who can say? If I believe it was SP, it undermines the evidence upon which I re-evaluated my beliefs about a life after death and I suppose it also suggests I'm delusional, even a little psychotic!  If so, that also makes my interest in Spirituality and the MT somewhat fraudulent. I'm looking for some validation (aren't we all!) and the first step in that process will be Troy's SP channeling of my Essence, next month.


      Reply by Vivi on June 28, 2013 at 2:08pm

      Mike Clev that's a pretty big coincidence that you've only had it happen twice and the 2nd time was recently, and here we are talking about it!!


      Mike - I have found a LOT of spirituality through sleep paralysis; I would not say that it takes away from anything.  I feel like SP experiences give me even MORE.  I've had so many that I can now deliberately go into SP and out of body, and can even play with the hallucinations (by the way, I think the hallucinations are somehow also real).  I think that having an SP hallucination means that you are reaching new levels of perception and understanding; that you are opening up to some really amazing things.  Your Essence channeling w/ Troy should be great insight for you. :)


       Reply by Mike on June 29, 2013 at 1:15pm

      That's an interesting take Vivi, it's probably the Cynic (I think) in me that leads me to chuck out the baby with the bath water. I hadn't thought of SP as an expression of spiritual perception, but why not! Is there anything you've read online about SP as an expression of spiritual awareness/perception?


      Reply by Vivi on July 2, 2013 at 11:57pm

      I've read as to how SP is used as a tool to achieve different levels such as detachment from the physical, communication with other beings, astral travel, etc. Today I listened to some brain wave music from YouTube and it helped me go to a slight SP; it wasn't anything crazy, just relaxing. It's an interesting subject! :)


      Reply by Daniel Peterson on September 9, 2013 at 2:17pm

      Hi Mike,   Have you learned anything more about your SP experiences?   


      Reply by Mike on September 9, 2013 at 3:59pm

      In a word, no. It's only ever happened once, a year or so before I turned 50. I'm 57 & waiting. :)



      Tales from Dreamland Link

      Posted by Eric on May 15, 2013 at 8:17pm

      Hey!  So I actually keep an online dream journal already (many are probably somewhat familiar with), so I figure I'll make a linking post here for anyone interested in perusing it.  There's the blog itself and then there's a post in my personal TLE blog that gets updated with the blog.




      TLE Blog post:


      There was a rather lengthy update today (5/15/13), and you can check occasionally on either the TLE post or blog for updates as well.  If anyone's interested in a dream or interpretation, they can discuss it either at the TLE blog or here in the comments. :)


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      Reply by Vivi on May 19, 2013 at 8:56pm

      The 5/15 dream is way cool. It seems like a dream dealing with your morality? In the dream, did you feel like you were more true to your ethical beliefs than your waking self?


      Reply by Eric on May 19, 2013 at 9:25pm

      Lol, yeah, Dancing Tribal Juice was a rather interesting dream, considering how much of it I could remember (and the fact that it came with its own title).  I don't know if I was more true to my ethics in the dream than was probably more getting the chance to play them out.  It really did start to feel like a movie or drama series as it went on, and eventually ended with a credit-like screen that gave the title.  I still laugh when I think of the end, where I wink at the guy and say smoothly "hail the conquering hero comes," then boom, credits.  :P


      I'm not even going to hazard a guess at what all the symbolism might mean.  Many times I already have an idea about what a dream "means" when I wake up, but this one just seemed to be a simple astral-plane adventure.


      Reply by Eric on May 22, 2013 at 3:49pm

      Here's an update dream:


      Okay, so there wasn't much of a narrative to this dream, but I was in a college-like setting.  Also present was a guy I knew from college that I'd had something of a fling with.  The most memorable part of that dream was that I learned that I could perform telekinesis.  Basically, I had the force. :P  I learned that I could draw objects to my hand (provided they were near enough), and lift objects into the air using my mind (provided they were near enough and light enough).  It was interesting, because when I used telekinesis, I could "feel" it in the palm of my hand, as if energy was coming from the palm of my hand and either attracting the object or lifting it.  When I woke up this morning, for a brief moment I thought I could still do it.


      There was also a part where I was in high school and ran into an old high school friend.  ALl I remember about that part was that I ran into her in a wing of the school I didn't frequent, but she did (her wing was largely english and math classes, while the wing I frequented was mainly science classes).


      Reply by Eric on June 8, 2013 at 7:26pm

      New dream: Unfinished Business!



      Reply by Geraldine B on June 8, 2013 at 11:44pm

      Holy Crap, Eric. Reading your dreams is like reading a synopsis of short story or even novella. in a sense the message of "unfinished business" is the message of incarnating. We cannot die. We can lose our bodies.


      Both of these dreams had elements of things that show up in my dreams; although, yours keep a semblance of continuity and purpose. I understand the frustration of not being able to manipulate things, the morphing into odd place, the near accidents, etc. It's almost like you’re writing a novel, one chapter at a time.




      Reply by Vivi on June 11, 2013 at 4:05pm

      LOVED Unfinished Business!! Awesome dream.  I also got the "we cannot die" theme.  Very cool!


      Reply by Eric on June 11, 2013 at 5:43pm

      Lol, well, the "we cannot die" theme was more frustrating than it appeared, especially because I didn't know what the unfinished business was that I was supposed to do.  So basically I'm bumbling around, and weird shit and near-deaths keep happening, so that I'm almost like "you know, just let me die" by the end of the dream. :P


      Reply by Eric on June 20, 2013 at 11:27pm

      New dream bump: Are You Afraid of the Dream?



      A tale of witches as told in the format of the real life TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark? 


      Reply by Bobby on June 20, 2013 at 11:41pm

      What?  No refrigerators???  Pfffft!!!




      A tale of witches as told in the format of the real life TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark? 


      Reply by Eric on June 21, 2013 at 12:19am



      Reply by Eric on June 21, 2013 at 2:54am

      For reference, here's the episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark: Tale of the Quicksilver


      Reply by Eric on June 26, 2013 at 2:14am

      This is a very poignant dream for me.  New dream bump: Sins of the Teacher



      Interestingly, this dream deals with a teacher that I'm pretty sure is a task companion mentioned in one of my channeling sessions.  It was so emotional I was still having trouble coming down from it when I woke up.


      Reply by Eric on August 11, 2013 at 9:49pm

      New dream!  Some of my dreams seem to draw from movies, so this is a prime example of such heavy movie themes.



      Looking back on it, it seems like some kinda weird drug trip, but I guess a number of my dreams to that anyway. 


      Reply by Eric on August 22, 2013 at 10:27am

      Ugh, I had another one of those dreams where my computer gets some sorta virus or is hacked and ends up getting bombarded by pop-up screens and such.  Usually the pop-ups are manageable enough for me to deal with it, but this last dream was a doozy.  The virus would create a couple of sticky note files per second, covering my desktop so fast I could barely react.  Then, after it was filled, it would begin changing the icons and backgrounds and programs...turning my computer into some unfamiliar mess with background animations running wild.


      Hitting control-Q to close the sticky-note program just delayed it, as it would pop right back up a moment later (I hit it a lot in desperation).  Emergency shutting down the computer had the same effect. It seemed like there was no way to stop it.


      I hate dreams like that. :/


      Reply by Eric on September 1, 2013 at 3:44pm

      New dream!  So, apparently I had my 'apocalyptic' images dream mentioned as being associated with the recent nexus.  Twas quite bizarre, but surprisingly not too upsetting or disturbing emotionally:



      If that's tied to a divergent parallel, though, I'm glad it's not my current one.


      Reply by Vivi on September 4, 2013 at 4:26pm

      Hi Eric! I just finished reading "You Can Try To Take It With You".  I think this dream is very special, and it was a gift that a part of you (or a friend) gave you.


      The things I got from it:


      1. You, as an experienced personality, understand that all is well in the end.  Moreover, your larger self, KNOWS all is well, it always is.  Regardless of how frantic things may appear, it is not necessary to worry about these things.  All is truly well, in all aspects of life.


      2. You are opening even more ways of communication between your objective reality and your alternate realities, where there is no "death".  You are playing around (through your dreams), with the understanding that everything in your world is materialized by you, and that your focus + energy creates all reality.  This is easy to experience in a dream, but more difficult to grasp in waking state.  However, I have been doing some subjective reality exercises lately and the results are showing up in my dreams.  Pretty cool.



      "Remember when Michael was an Urn?"

      Posted by Mike C on August 31, 2013 at 8:54pm

      Recently my recall of dreams hasn't been very good. I've been remembering just small snippets and often in a confused jumbled up order.


      Here are a few snippets:


      29th August:


      Snippet 1:


      I heard the phrase "Do you remember when Michael was an urn?" (I got impression urn meant like an ancient Greek urn)


      This phrase was asked as though I should be trying to recall a past life where the Michael Entity taught in the form of an urn. Whether I or anybody else could remember or not was apparently a test of whether they were a "True Student" or not. (I know that is a pointless concept. In the dream it seemed important to the person who was asking.)


      -I have been told I was in Greece when Michael was teaching there in the form of the Oracle at Delphi.




      Jack White, formerly of the White Stripes, is announced to be hosting a new TV gameshow. I was entering a big glass sided auditorium near the stage, the place had steep seating. Jack White was there introducing the game show. My point of view was like the TV camera view.




      A big open space with a kind of disused-industrial area feel to it. There was a warehouse at the opposite end of the space. There was a crowd of people, it felt like a group of school students (I think this signifies a Michael student’s astral meet-up!)


      We move to the opposite end by the warehouse. I jokingly move there by 'back stroke', swimming through the air.


      We are told or it is suggested that we get ready for a race or to go on a journey. I have a pager like the one I use at work (hospital) and it goes off with a beeping noise. I sort through my pocket contents and sort out some clothes, for the journey, and pack my bag.


      There we go!




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       Reply by Vivi on August 31, 2013 at 10:20pm

      #3 totally sounds like one of my dreams, the style of it.



      Gift given in a dream - Black/shiny powder

      Posted by Vivi on August 29, 2013 at 4:04pm

      My dream from last night 8/28/13:


      I was in a foreign city visiting a childhood friend.  I hadn't seen her in a while and since she was meeting me with her friends and I was by myself, I wasn't sure how our interaction was going to play out.


      They were outside in a field sitting in a circle cross-legged.  They were all women and were wearing colorful head scarves and little make-up.


       I said hello to everyone but soon realized that I was interrupting some sort of energy circle session they were having.  They were not upset at my disruption, but quickly asked me to sit down and join in.  I did as I was told.  The women transferred energy, chants, and powers; everything was done with purpose.


      My friend then got out a little satin bag which contained black and shiny powder.  She poured it into my hand and I then passed it on to the rest of the group.  The powder created a vibrational feel in me (as felt during an OOBE), and my senses became sharper.  My friend asked me if I was feeling the effects and I nodded.  I don't think my dream ended there but that's all I remember.




      I didn't remember the dream when I woke up, but while washing my dishes from breakfast, my memory of it suddenly caught my attention.  I remembered the effects of the black powder, and as I thought of it, my body began to vibrate and I felt like more life was opening itself to me.  I felt limitations created by me in the past crumbling, and I could see "more" of everything.  Sort of like taking off a blindfold, and seeing all the colors, not knowing you had the blindfold and were missing out on those colors.  I had to set my plate down in fear of breaking it, since my body was vibrating slightly.


      The experience got me to thinking that maybe a gift was given to me in my dream stage.  A gift that I would not have allowed myself to receive in waking life due to my waking limitations, but that could be given to me while my guard was down, in dreamland.  I feel thankful for this magical dust, whatever it is!



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      Reply by Bobby on August 29, 2013 at 4:30pm

      Vivi, to me, this seems like some sort of classic past life recall dream.  I could be totally wrong of course, but the powder here was just the symbolism needed to help you remember another time that you lived and what you might have been or done in that lifetime.  Perhaps you were some sort of medicine woman or shawoman (shaman) in that lifetime?  :-)  If this is true, for whatever reason, you needed to remember this now.  Can you think of anything going on in your current life that might point to a lifetime recall such as this?


      Reply by Vivi on August 30, 2013 at 12:36am

      Bobby - I used to be artistic as a child, but I formed the belief that being artsy was frowned upon, so my teens were all about being productive, on my way to wealth and a "successful" life. I acquired a depression and feeling of disconnect a couple of years ago, and after much, much reflection and self-therapy, I began to realize that I denied myself of, well, myself. This year has been one of many internal changes and I am finding lots of joy in learning new ways to express myself, and I am becoming more interested in bringing my creative side out.


      If this was a past life recall, it's certainly good timing. Thanks for the insight. :)


      Reply by Eric on August 30, 2013 at 1:01am

      To me it sounds more like a meeting with guides/astral friends.  Perhaps this was a supportive gathering, and the powder, as Bobby said, was the symbolism given because it was one you needed at the time.  It may have some past life symbolism, though the astral-meeting idea jumped out most to me.  I know we've discussed the difference in sensation between regular dream players and external "contact" dream players...did you get that sense that they had the "contact" dream feel?


      Reply by Vivi on August 30, 2013 at 12:12pm

      @Eric - I thought about that as well.  Actually, it reminded me of a contact dream I had with some taller purple skin humanoids, that were practicing contact with me, and she was a female too.  The dream above felt more like typical dream players vs. contact, but it could have been both, maybe.  In my humanoid contact experience we were also sitting cross legged and there was emphasis in touching our hands together (transferring our energy through one another through our hands, and also touching).  In my powder dream, the magical energy powder was poured into my hand... hmmm.


      Reply by Eric on August 30, 2013 at 10:16pm

      Could be a theme in there worth exploring.  Keep noting the dreams and see if the pattern emerges.  Or you can do dream programming to get something specific (you'll have to ask Bobby more about that, I've not done much with it).


      Reply by Vivi on August 31, 2013 at 10:16pm

      Thanks guys!! I look forward to similar themed dreams/experiences for sure!



      A Dream with a Channeled Being

      Posted by Eric on July 29, 2013 at 11:20am

      I had a pretty remarkable dream last night, at least by my standards.  There was a lot to it, and I tried to retain as much as possible when writing it down, though of course, waking up tends to automatically erase a number of parts.  What I can recall is in the link below:



      This is one of a few dreams I felt super-compelled to write about immediately when I woke up.  The presence of channeling is a new feature for a dream of mine (although the term channeling is a bit of a loose description, as partway through, the being no long uses a channel).  This is a dream I would classify was a "contact" dream (i.e. a dream where I seem to communicate appreciably with an external, "non-me" source).  These are somewhat rare dreams for me, but they have some telltale patterns that clue me in.  While it could be that I was simply communicating with essence or some sub-personality, the entity felt "different" enough that I'd wager it was an astral friend or guide.


      At any rate, I keep nodding off, as I woke up too "early" from this, so I'm going to go finish my sleep.


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      Reply by Vivi on July 29, 2013 at 2:19pm

      Wow! Just wow!! What an incredible dream.  I do believe you had communication with someone other than you, how amazing.  My contact dreams are uncommon too, but when they happen they stay with me forever, and are so special to me.  I have also had similar dreams (but alien themed vs. Egyptian themed), and the information in them is remarkable.  You feel like you DID see that boy, and you DID go by those plums, and DID laugh with the fish.  Those events were as real as you typing your dream.  And these dreams feel different too, right??   Please keep sharing! :)


      Reply by Eric on July 29, 2013 at 4:53pm

      They do feel different, but for me it's less about the surroundings feeling real than the person I'm talking to, the 'contact' if you will.  The contact can come in any form (though usually a form associated with some kind of authority or guidance), but no matter what the form, I wake up innately feeling like I actually talked to another person.  Whereas the rest of the characters and settings in a dream are less defined and more like remembering a movie, a contact stands out as someone real that I actually interacted with who feels noticeably different from all the "me"s in the dream.


      They do tend to stay with you quite a bit, at any rate.


      Reply by Bobby on July 29, 2013 at 5:45pm

      Kinda-new-agey red headed woman?  Clearly Geraldine


      Bratty, chuffing "kid"?  Me


      Your tip off was when the red headed woman offered you some "herbs" for $60 :D


      Just teasing you of course but that was an interesting dream.  I'd love to see Michael analyze that one!


      Reply by Geraldine B on July 29, 2013 at 6:03pm

      LOL, Bobby. I do NOT have red-hair. But, the price is about right for certain "herbs." :)


      Reply by Eric on July 29, 2013 at 10:49pm

      Hahahahaha, somehow that actually seems to work.  Bobby is the ADHD chuffing kid who channels, and Geraldine is his new-agey keeper with "herbs" for sale!


      Reply by Vivi on July 30, 2013 at 3:14pm

      I have the same feeling on the contact.  My contact IS contact, I just can't prove it to myself that it was, but I just know that it was.  I have had contact dreams with 5 or 6 entities that I can remember at the top of my head, and I think they might be the same "person", or "group".  Totally strange, but awesome.


      Mike on July 31, 2013 at 7:30am

      That is a proper dream! There seems to be a strong green/ecological theme? Dolphins, tuna & the overuse of pesticides. Thanks for sharing.


      Reply by Eric on July 31, 2013 at 5:48pm

      I think the green/ecology part of the dream is probably an extension of myself, as ecological responsibility is often an issue floating around in my mind.  What's interesting about it is that it was "unprompted," in other words I didn't think about it before it happened ("prompting" sometimes in my dreams...I worry about getting stopped by cops and they immediately appear...or I start thinking about something and it immediately becomes the topic of conversation).  It truly felt like it was coming from someone else, but on a topic I resonated with.


      Reply by Vivi on August 9, 2013 at 4:13pm

      My dream with a male reptilian was totally unprompted, like you said.  He taught me about his race, his people, their agenda on earth, the striking similarities between both civilizations, etc.  He even taught me about reptilian traits.  I was so moved by my communication with this being that I went online and looked up reptilian traits, something I had never in my life done before.  The traits were the same as what he'd explained to me.


      Some things are not understood, but that doesn't mean they are not real, and currently happening.



      Fountain collapse Dream...

      Posted by Mike C on July 31, 2013 at 7:47am

      I had a dream this morning that started in a kind of 'News report from a helicopter' style. I was looking down on the scene of a disaster that was unfolding. The disaster was the collapse of a fountain column. (I know, why is that a major disaster?) I saw a circular pool of water with a tall (stone?) column rising up out of it- imagine Nelson's Column in London. On the top of the column there was enough room for some houses. I guess the disaster was that people's houses were being destroyed.


      The perspective moved down to the ground where there was a reporter describing the scene. He was wading around in the knee high water. He pointed to clouds of murky gas in the water, telling us that this wasn't thought to be what caused it. Incidentally the reporter was Matt Damon (I watched a trailer for 'Elysium' before going to sleep).


      So that was an unusual dream. I wrote it down and began my day. I checked the news to see if there had been any disasters, always wondering whether dreams like that are prophetic. Nothing too interesting. I thought nothing of it.


      Then a few hours later I did a search on google for 'Fountain Collapse'. Check out the very first hit result for yourself!


      Pyroclastic flow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎


      Fountain collapse of an eruption column from a Plinian eruption (e.g., Mount Vesuvius's destruction of Pompeii, see Pliny the Younger). In such an eruption, the ...

      Wow! If you have read my thread A Family in Flight - My family through 3 lifetimes you will know why this is significant. My family were at Pompeii, and left just before the eruption that would have otherwise killed us.


      Fountain collapse of an eruption column from a Plinian eruption (e.g., Mount Vesuvius's destruction of Pompeii, see Pliny the Younger). In such an eruption, the material ejected from the vent heats the surrounding air and the turbulent mixture rises, through convection, for many kilometres. If the erupted jet is unable to heat the surrounding air sufficiently, convection currents will not be strong enough to carry the plume upwards and it falls, flowing down the flanks of the volcano.

      I honestly can't remember ever hearing or reading the phrase "Fountain Collapse" before. Maybe it was somewhere in my subconscious.  Pretty cool eh?




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      Reply by Eric on July 31, 2013 at 5:51pm

      Interesting that you're having so much resonance with a specific lifetime.  I guess there must be parallels or other connections between your family's lives in Pompeii and today.



      My cocaine dream

      Posted by Vivi on July 24, 2013 at 1:26pm

      I am Colombian and was recently talking to my husband about the problems my family experienced in the 90's with the drug carter and guerrilla groups.  I told him a few stories that he found to be pretty amazing!


      Anyway, I was thinking about the suffering, pain, and deaths, caused by the issues and I was feeling really sad about those realities that people have experienced and are experiencing.  Last night, I had a dream......


      I had decided to visit my home city along with another group; we were tourists.  A big drug lord was torturing and killing my group and I was next.  I decided to offer myself as a sexual possession to him, so that he could enjoy me after he celebrated the killings.  This was my tactic to survive, as I preferred to offer myself in this way vs. being killed.  He accepted.  I was a slave now.  We didn't "do" anything, but I knew that I was his property.  My mother was part of the group and she too had survived by pure luck.  The drug lord (I hate calling them "lords", but he was the big boss) wanted to kill her as he found her to be baggage, and I was trying to convince him not to.  I was so sad and scared about having her killed this way, and I was crying deeply and felt so much pain in the dream (I'm sure I was also crying in real life).  The pain was so deep that I felt that a portion of myself was/had actually been in a similar situation.


      The drug lord stepped out of the mansion for a while and my mom and I were trying to figure out a way to escape.  We kept going over possibilities of getting a taxi and flying home, we wondered if I escaped, could he come to find me here in the states, etc.  It was a very stressful and terrifying situation.


      Later that night in the dream, a party took place at the mansion, with each guest carrying a baby bottle full of cocaine with them.  There was usage and sexual acts everywhere, and I just wanted to get out of there and go home without being tortured or killed.


      My alarm woke me up and it took me several seconds to realize I was not actually in danger.  A wave of overwhelming relief came to me and I was so so so thankful that it had been just a dream!  It was a very interesting dream and I am glad I had it, as with all dreams, but I am still a little shaken from remembering how awful everything in it felt.


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      Reply by Mike on July 25, 2013 at 9:13pm

      Another seriously scary dream, Vivi. It seems like this one was very lucid, especially the loaded baby bottles! Perhaps you ought to go to sleep with a 9mm under your pillow? :) Do you think your dream is about the freedom to choose?


      Reply by Vivi on July 26, 2013 at 11:50am

      LOL, Mike. Thanks for your post.  Hmm... maybe! It does have a theme of choosing, huh? I don't really know what it was about.  I think I just feel really bad that so many bad things happened around me, and I feel like I don't deserve to be free of it.  Why do they get to suffer while I get a free pass? Maybe I feel guilty and undeserving.


      I can see why my old soul would enjoy choosing an easier life, versus more a more painful life that I'm sure my essence has experienced many, many times.  I think I struggle with injustice, I dunno.



      The Projection Dream

      Posted by Mike C on July 22, 2013 at 5:25pm

      Hello all!


      I've been going through a bit of a dream drought. This is either because of the unusually hot weather we are having, or as a byproduct of the spiritual slump I am in. I feel like the pendulum has swung back from the previous few months spiritual push forward, where I have felt very connected to essence.


      I haven't written anything in my dream diary for 4 nights. a couple of weeks ago, I would write down a page or more per night in my diary, then it slowed to just a few lines, then I completely dried up. I knew I was having dreams, they were just on the tip of my tongue, so to speak.


      I have been fascinated by the idea of Astral Travelling, or Etheric Projection, where people report having an Out of Body Experience (OOBE) since I was very young. I have tried many times to consciously do it, without success.


      I was asleep last night in the lounge on the sofa, having a dream (which I can't remember). The dream suddenly changed, I remember noticing that sudden shift. I was aware I was standing in the middle of the lounge. There was a slight 'glow' to everything. I immediately thought "Is this an OOBE? I think it is!" Lots of thoughts flashed through my mind. "Can I project outside the house? Where can I go? What shall I do?" Everything started moving very fast, the next few lines happened in perhaps 2 seconds. I felt my body start to wake up, because of my sudden excitement. I felt that time was running out, so I moved to the Television and tried to touch it. My hands passed through it, and then the glow in the room intensified, and I woke up on the sofa, excited, happy, and wishing I hadn't woken up!


      I wish I had had the sense to turn around and look at the sofa, because if I had seen my body lying there I could be sure it was an OOBE.


      Oh well- maybe next time!


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      Reply by Vivi on July 23, 2013 at 3:24pm

      Awesome! Congratulations on your first OOBE. :) I will be glad to give you advice and help you have more of them.  I have them often and had one last night, actually! They are amazing experiences that will change you!


      I do not feel spiritually mature/ready to be a spiritual teacher or a "guide" for someone, and do not know the technicalities of doing any sort of official training on the topic.  All I know is that I experienced sleep paralysis when I was 13 and was so fascinated that I have studied it ever since.  Since then I've had dozens and dozens of experiences in that genre.


      Reply by Mike C on July 23, 2013 at 4:50pm

      Hello Vivi, thanks!


      I don't think it’s my first one, it’s just the first time its happened and I've realised what was going on. It was very exciting - and that’s probably why I couldn't stay in it very long! When I was young I used to have dreams where I would walk around and walk through walls, I could feel the matter pass through me. I could rise up through floors and things.


      Any little bits of advice you could pass on would be great.


      Are you able to make them more likely to happen? Are there any things you do before going to bed that help them to come on?  Thankyou :)




      Reply by Vivi on July 24, 2013 at 12:43pm

      Nice :)   Yes, there a few things one can do.  First off, do you know how to achieve sleep paralysis, at least partially? I know this was key for me.  The reason why SP was key, was because I unknowingly had some fears related to the subject matter, and the fears always surfaced during the first SP stage.  I needed to learn to feel comfortable in SP and once I did, suddenly the rest became available to me.


      Reply by Mike C on July 24, 2013 at 8:09pm

      I have had sleep paralysis twice, both happened in the middle of the night, I just woke up and couldn't move. It was very interesting.


      I have read about techniques for deliberately astrally projecting, involving focusing on breathing, then relaxing your body. I've done that many times, and got vibrations a few times. I'd never heard of it as trying to bring on sleep paralysis, but now you mention it, it makes perfect sense. Maybe that realisation will help me.




      Reply by Vivi on July 25, 2013 at 12:03pm

      Yes, it really helps me.  Sometimes I do it on my own and sometimes I use a Youtube video to talk me through it.  Good luck and keep us posted!! :)



      Random dream segments in waking life. What the hell are they??

      Posted by Vivi on July 19, 2013 at 12:49pm

      Here's me: Going about my day, then suddenly, I'm overcome with the memory of a dream I had weeks, months, or even years ago.  These are snippets, but I remember the dream, even if I have not consciously thought about the dream for a very long time.  This happens to me pretty much every day.


      The snippets appear in my waking life seemingly without reason or order.  They appear to be triggered by trivial things, such as taking out the trash, or opening my fridge.  You could say that perhaps I initially thought about the dream while opening my fridge, so the act of opening the fridge triggered the memory in my mind.  But I've opened my fridge hundreds of times and the dream happened 3 years ago, so why now? Why is THIS opening of the fridge triggering my memory???


      I have heard of other people experiencing the same thing.  Sometimes they'll get multiple dream segments in one day; I do too.


      I feel like these have got to be more than just random brain activity.  I feel like I'm channeling something. It is bizarre!


      Even if it was just brain activity, with my brain memorizing my own dreams and giving them to me years later, how amazing right?!!  It makes me think: WHAT ELSE ARE WE STORING....??


      Anyone else out there experiencing anything remotely similar? What do you make of it?


      ** On a note: I feel like the more I try to connect to Source, to love myself, to eat well, cleanse my body, etc., the more I experience these.


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      Reply by Mike on July 23, 2013 at 1:35pm

      With a few exceptions, which I wrote about here, I have little memory of my dreams, even seconds after waking up they're gone. I have no time to write them down as when I awake I'm off on another busy working day. I habitually dismiss dreams I think. It's like life is too pressing or something. So the idea of remembering dreams is strange and wonderful to me, Vivi. It sounds like fun. :)


      Reply by Vivi on July 23, 2013 at 3:14pm

      Haha, Mike.  It is an amazing experience. I had an out of body experience last night, and it was combined with a dream.  Being able to ponder on it in bed before I woke up this morning was totally cool. I bet that if you consciously try to remember you will; they're all there.  But like you said, life gets in the way and dreams are confusing, so it keeps you sane!


      Ingun - What you say about the EMOTIONAL aspect is very interesting.  Also, I too experience a dream memory suddenly taking me over when I'm NOT thinking about it.  When I am physically active and have my mind on a more or less blank slate, they come! It's like I need to get out of the way to make room for them.  I feel like most MT students think too much (guilty!!), and sometimes miss moments of "knowing", by being too focused on guessing the answer or the outcome.


      Reply by Mike on July 23, 2013 at 4:33pm

      Yeah, I really need to develop the habit of remembering my dreams & maybe start a dream journal or something? The alarm goes, I look at the clock & it's a dash to the shower, food & off to work etc. It's a habit that I need to change. Plus, for most of my life I assigned no significance whatsoever to dreaming. I think in some way I switched off from the experience, maybe even denigrated dreaming, as a worthless by-product of sleep. The demands of work seem to flood into my consciousness & my dreams are unceremoniously pushed out of the way. Maybe that's why dreams have a habit of disappearing from my memory so quickly. Maybe at some level I'm frightened by my dreams & that's why I don't dwell on them? Unless they are ultra-spooky dreams, such as the two I wrote about? Those dreams were literally unforgettable for me. Either that or I have a poor short term memory but I really would like to explore them more thoroughly.


      Reply by Mike on July 24, 2013 at 6:52pm

      Thanks Ingun. I have neglected that little voice.



      My interesting dream last night

      Posted by Christian on July 8, 2013 at 12:10pm

      First a bit of setup.  I was up till about 1am last night.   Alarm was set to go off at 5:15am.  Woke up about two times during the night for various reasons.  Daughter giggling in her sleep.  Cat puking on the bed.  You know the usual.


      I knew when I was dreaming and when I wasn't.  I was aware that I was dreaming when I was in it.  However, i was fascinated by the story so I was trying to "stay out of the way" and "watch the movie" if you will.


      As is usual in my dreams, I started in medias res.


      I was walking through a city.  It was a weird atmosphere.  The building looked like they were made of soot stained white marble.  Streetlights were on, but I gathered in was actually daytime.  The sky was black.  I was small with black hair and I think I was supposed to be a woman.  I was also armed.


      I walked into a building and worked a 'day'. 


      When I left, I walked down to the square and down some steps.  I entered what appeared to be a sewer.  I got the impression that this was for atmosphere.  There were beings there.   I can't describe the one "in charge" because the image I remember is unclear a kept shifting. The others appeared as standard human.  We appeared to be members of a group that meets to discuss and try to implement a "better society". 


      They kept referring to me as "facilitator".


      The next 'day', as I was leaving my apartment I made sure I had three different knives of varying materials, shapes and lengths.


      Next scene I was standing outside the building I worked at the day before.  I had lead a guy here for a job.  He was a friend.  I told him that the job was a manager for a union of some kind.  He was reluctant.  I told him look I know this is outside your political beliefs. However, it a job with options and you'd be good at.  he said okay and went in. 


      That was what a facilitator did.   They worked in the shadows and helped connect people with jobs, food, or whatever.   Some of what we did was simple like the job for a friend.  Others were apparently highly illegal or dealt with criminals.


      I headed next to the sewer.  For some reason, this time I put the weapons in a locker.  I became aware that this place was the place where the creation of this world happened.  To prove it, the shifting being created a four legged scaled winged monster.  Two blue cubes appeared in the room.  I was told to defend myself.   I pressed one of the cubes and a monster of my creation appeared and defeated the other.  Then three copies of the enemy monster appeared. 


      I remember chuckling in my dream as I thought "It's turtles all the way down".   As I thought that, I did a zoom out the out of the sewer, through the buildings, above the city into space and the city is on a giant sea turtle swimming along.


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      Reply by Vivi on July 8, 2013 at 8:59pm

      Christian this dream is amazing! I wish I had experienced it; way cool!! I wanna be a facilitator! :)


      Reply by Eric on July 9, 2013 at 2:56am

      That is an interesting dream.  In fact, that sounds like an interesting premise for a story even.  I wonder what the other roles other than facilitator might be.


      Interesting too about the little turtle bit, considering the common World Turtle mythology ( and its relation to the actual phrase ( 


      Coincidentally, I had a dream with large turtles today.  I was in my backyard with family at night, and a large, Galapagos-sized turtle fell out of a tree across the yard.  Supposedly it was part of the "wildlife" that often passed through at night, but that we usually didn't see (you know, like opossums or raccoons...because giant tree-climbing turtles are exactly like that :P ).  At any rate, the turtle scrambles across the yard and is initially nervous and shy to us, but we eventually are able to get close and pet it and assure it we don't mean it harm.  Around that time, another smaller turtle falls out of a nearby tree into my garden bed.  We are nice to it too, and bring it together with the big turtle, discovering that they are actually mother and child.  They eventually scramble off over the fence into the night, while I frustratingly survey how the falling turtle destroyed my garden with its landing.  Turtles falling all the way down! :P


      Reply by Christian on July 9, 2013 at 2:32pm

      That was exactly what I thought too, Eric.    This would be a great story setting.   Granted with some changes, to, ya know, have an actual narrative. 


      I actually liked this one



      Which led me to this one.



      Then back to this one



      I chuckled.


      The more I think about this dream the more subtleties I see.  I knew that I was dreaming the whole time.  My avatar did not.  It or I was just going about it's daily routine.  I wasn't scared of the monsters because I knew they weren't real.  So I created something to fight it. 


      It wasn't until I said "it's turtles all the way down"  that I exited from the dream.   I created that world and I was enjoying watching my creations do its thing. Then when it went somewhere unexpected. I broke the only reality that existed by speaking.


      However, I couldn't escape because I was still asleep at the time. 


      So I broke the reality that created because I recognized that the reality was a dream that only existed because I created it to play in.


      Yet, I was still asleep. So I could simply repeat the process again.


      Reply by Eric on July 9, 2013 at 11:03pm

      Lol, very matrix-y.  The trope thing makes sense.  The turtle island made me think of the movie Aladdin and the King of Thieves, which features a turtle island.


      But yeah, definitely some tweaking into a coherent narrative and you could have a very intriguing story.  I've found that happens sometimes.



      Hidden shallows

      Posted by Anna D on June 28, 2013 at 11:57pm

       My dreams are real, in that, they are kind of straight forward in a plodding Solid role Scholar cast Scholar way - the symbolism is not baffling, the themes are normally very obvious and simple, and the people I met are people I know either from this life or others.. or there are scary creatures/people in them that are after me.


      I don't seem to have symbols in my dreams that are mysterious. Or maybe if they are mysterious they don't attract my attention, and then they have to find another way to get my attention. If that was the point.


      The thing I like to decipher is: how much of the dream is a ratio of memory: imagination?


      A lot of my dreams feel real enough to be memories. Then I have the dreams where I’m talking to someone I know on the "astral" who is someone I’ve known in a previous or current life, and that's real and it’s an event being created now as opposed to being "history".


      I’m trying to discern what is real that is being created in dream events with people I know. How does anyone figure if their dream is a parallel version of themselves, their actual selves to be?





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      Reply by Vivi on July 1, 2013 at 6:33pm

      Hi Anna - Have you ever received information in dreams that you KNOW you did not know all by yourself? And when you wake up you learn that you actually learned something in the dream? Sometimes I use this technique as a way to find out if something was "new" to my personality or not.


      I'm sharing this just for fun:


      I once had a very long dream where a male from a Reptilian species came to my house.  I had heard about the reptilian name before (in conspiracy theory stuff, mostly), but I didn't not know any specifics.  In the dream, the male taught me about me about how their race and "agenda" with Earth. He said their eye color changes, that the malevolent reptilians have an offensive odour, and other "facts".


      I woke up and was so curious about my dream that I looked up reptilian characteristics online.  The sites I found described reptilians exactly as my reptilian friend described his own race in my dream.  I know that I had no possession of the different "facts" prior to the dream, because it was the dream that made me look them up.  I would have dismissed a dream like this as 100% imagination, but I need to give it some validity too, ya know?? I'm not saying that I think reptilians are real, but it's kind of weird!!


      June 2013: a month of the most disturbing dreams

      Posted by TROY on June 25, 2013 at 2:54pm

      I've been wondering if any of you have been having disturbing dreams. My BF and I are having such disturbing dreams, they sometimes can't even be articulated. I find myself not wanting to relive it at all, even in a synopsis.


      So far, I've dreamt:


      A home invasion by 4 people who came in as if they should have been expected because we left our front door open, scrambling to dial 911, with sirens wailing and approaching in the background one of the guys who had been staying close to me the whole time (not stopping me from dialing 911), said "I really wish you would remember who we are." And I woke up.


      Within the week before this dream, Moonfeather stayed the night at my place and had a similar dream of rude house guests who would not let her sleep.


      I was also in a plane on a flight somewhere and heard clicking, clinking, clanking sounds as if a machine gun were shooting at the plane, and then the plane just plummeted. It plummeted so fast that I was left in the air, but outside of my body. I knew I left my body because I would be dead soon from the crash. As I was floating in the air, I remembered my BF Bobby had been next to me and he was nowhere near, and this made me so sad. Suddenly, I was back on the flight just before the plummeting, and I turned to my BF just in time to grab him. The plane dropped, and we were in the air together, clawing at the air between us to hold on to one another. I wasn't out of my body, but in my body, and we were falling together. It took so long to fall, and all I could think was that it was taking so long, maybe, just maybe we would survive it. But I woke up. I hugged him in his sleep and couldn't get back to sleep.


      These are just a couple of examples. Some were worse, and some were just subtly haunting and upsetting.


      BF dreamt we were in a zombie apocalypse and that he had to use a violent side of him that just doesn't exist in waking life just to survive.


      Anyone else having a string of upsetting dreams throughout June?

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      Reply by Eric on June 25, 2013 at 4:53pm

      I don't think I've had any particularly upsetting or frightening dreams (at least nothing out of the ordinary, which, considering my ordinary, may or may not mean anything).  That said, my Mom did have a dream recently where there was a crash in the garage, and she went to see what happened and she saw a stranger staring in through the garage door window.  She also mentioned recently having a frightening/disturbing dream that she couldn't bring herself to recount to me.


      The dream you had where the people say "I wish you would remember who we are" sounds rather interesting.


      Reply by Diane HB on June 25, 2013 at 11:05pm

      I had a night of disturbing dreams the first night I spent back in our own bed after returning from Hartford (the 22nd). I don't remember any of it (didn't really want to), but I don't think they were horrific/dying situations. But they were disturbing enough to keep waking me up that night.


      Reply by Anna D on June 26, 2013 at 4:08am

      I had an awful dream the other night where a woman was wanting more from me than I was prepared to give, and she kept trying to manipulate me. In the end she began stalking me and literally was wanting to drink my blood - god knows why. So I had this continual escaping from her only to find her wherever I was. I couldn't escape from her and I didn't want to back down, so I woke up and was worried if I went back to sleep she'd find me again. I have many dreams where I have to wake up to escape and then if I get back to sleep the pursuer will be waiting for me when I am relaxed and vulnerable. Horrible.


      Reply by Christian on June 26, 2013 at 3:41pm

      They have only be weird in the number that I remember....well remember that I had a dream even if I couldn't give details later.


      I did remember one that was a pleasant conversation with a friend over a pint out in the desert watching the sunset.   Then my frakking alarm went off.


      Reply by Bobby on June 26, 2013 at 4:29pm

      Do you by chance remember if I was piloting this plane?  :D


      Reply by Mike C on June 26, 2013 at 6:40pm

      I had a dream on the 21st-22nd of June:


      I had been shot in the left side of my forehead. I was awake and alert, and walking around. I had a large gaping entrance wound, but no exit wound. I knew something had to be done about it. There were people around me, medical people. I knew I had to prepare myself for the procedure to remove the bullet, but I knew that the procedure meant drilling through where the exit wound would have been to push the bullet out through the entrance wound. I spent quite a while dreading the procedure.


      That was quite a disturbing one!


      Reply by Terry on June 29, 2013 at 2:02am

      It's hard to say if mine have been disturbing lately, because from what I gather when I tell someone my dreams, they are always peculiar. I'm almost never "myself". I seem to have learned to take it in stride.


      What is unusual lately is that I've been getting three perspectives (the dream character, somehow overlapping my "awake" self, plus thought commentary from an unknown narrator).


      For example: I was an Arab woman, outwardly conforming but completely confident in my equality with men, which angered my husband. One day I was at the subway station, and I noticed a pipe leaking gas. I broke my usual quiet role to try to warn subway officials, but before I could convince them, a fiery explosion swept through the room. I was engulfed, but the pain of death never touched "awake" me. Pretty scary waiting for it, though.


      I then had the exultation of standing up as a tall black man (dream self- "I knew it!"). The narrator chided me for not being more vocal. Dream self-scoffed, thinking that I had no way of knowing it would be that bad of a leak, and I thought it was nitrogen, not oxygen. Awake self was a little put off by the cockiness of dream self.


      Then I found myself in a group with other dead people, with other groups around, and I was in the "Dare or Die" group. For some reason dream self was put in front, and was über stoked, like I'd won somehow. Awake self was a little perplexed, since I'm still not sure it wasn't a booby prize.



      Being an incorrigible criminal in my dreams

      Posted by Anna D on June 25, 2013 at 5:26am

      I've had many dreams as a younger person where I’ve intentionally committed some crimes, sometimes against people who have pissed me off; sometimes to people I am close with.


      I realise now that my propensity to commit a crime against a close family or friend in my dream had a lot to do with how angry I felt towards said persons, and I would take my sense of "powerlessness" out against them in my dreams. Revenge dreams or get even dreams. I don't do this now but I am sure its ribbons I’ve got to burn. My dreams are very intense in terms of how I perceive things, and what happens in my dream life stays in my dream life... although its not easily understood sometimes or reconciled with how things are in "real life". I also have dreams where if I get away from an evildoer this time, I am afraid the next time I go to sleep they'll catch up with me. I’m not sure if that's a persecution complex, a guilty conscience or just a shitty dream.


      I have since talked through most frustrations I have with the involved people and I seldom let issues fester to such a degree of toxicity now.  Anyone else created bad karma in their dream life?


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       Reply by Vivi on June 25, 2013 at 1:18pm

      I have to relate with this, because I have many violent dreams.  The sort of crimes I'm talking about are gruesome acts of violence, done towards me, or me at someone else, or being in the same room the acts are being performed in.  I think they could be persecutions/vulnerability complex, or something unrelated to that also.


      This is going to sound crazy, but I sort of like my crime or violence dreams.  In the dreams I have this knowing that everything is really OK, no one is a victim, so they end up being dreams about unleashing, and unleashing is always beautiful I think.


      I think my crime dreams are about unleashing that animal inside me, the chaos, the power.  I feel like my waking life is always very logical and thought out, so my creative and chaotic side use dreamworld to play in.


      Reply by Anna D on June 26, 2013 at 4:13am

      Hi Vivi,


      I’d like to claim the violence was consensual and it was all fun and games, but for some instances here I was bad to the bone. Intentional nastiness and deliberate sabotage/hurt. Only two dreams but as far as I’m concerned I’ve created some bad karma - my intent was mean, and deliberate, and there were charged feelings on both sides.


      The only I can question is - the people in our dreams, are they figments of our imaginations or are the social interactions, in this situation of mine, downright mean-spiritedness, are they real events on the astral. I’m not proud of this - shit. Mental torture I’m sure has been a 'talent' of mine.


      Reply by Vivi on June 27, 2013 at 2:29pm

      Anna - What you say is very interesting.  I have difficulty with the idea of karma.  I think karma makes sense, but I always find myself not really believing that I would be made to experience things without my actual wanting to do it.  I know this isn't exactly the definition, but you know what I mean.  I also have a theory that negative dreams are memories.  My recurring dreams about a bad episodes sometimes feel like a memory of a past life.  Do yours feel that way sometimes? Why we are remembering the past life experience may be for karmic purposes?


      I do think that dreams are actual events.  They do happen, but not really in the way that we perceive them.  I think the scary stuff is perceived as scary due to our fears and restrictions.  The event that actually takes place might not be so scary after all.



      A Full House

      Posted by Bobby on June 20, 2013 at 11:13am

      I posted this in my dream blog but I'm also cross posting it here as well....

      Wow.  Last night’s dream seemed to run all night long.  It started by us moving.  The house next door to us was on the market and cheap and we jumped on it.  I remember being inside the new house at first looking out the window toward our old house.  It was higher up so either it was multi-storied or was up on an incline of sorts.  I could still see all the stuff piled up in storage behind this house waiting for something to be done with it.  A clean break from it all would have been nice.  I even remember thinking that I hadn’t filled the heating oil tank yet and the new people that would move in wouldn’t be aware of that.

      This new house was huge and we were not accustomed to having this much space.  The house seemed to be divided into 3 sections or wings, all parallel to each other.  In each one I remember an enormous TV room/area and weirdly enough there was a kitchen area as well.  I know this because of seeing a refrigerator in each of the sections.

      This new house seemed to be a gathering place of sorts for people.  Shortly after we had moved in the gatherings started.  People, people, everywhere, there were!  Because of all of these people, I remember there being each of the following:

      1) A rock and crystal shop

      2) A mini pastry factory. I was trying to figure out how to make this production a full time thing so their goods could be sold on the outside.

      3) A movie theater.  I even sat in on one of these movies but it wasn’t as satisfying as being back in front of my own private large screen TV on the other side of the house.

      4) A small church where services happened and offering plates were even passed and collected

      At some point, I remember coming back to our side(the left wing) of the house and jokingly telling one of my family members standing there in the kitchen preparing some food “I don’t even know how to live in a house like this” due to its size and complexity.

      While preparing breakfast this morning, I thought about this dream so that it solidified in my mind and I would be able to recall it later to write it down. Suddenly, it dawned on me, yeah, there were 3 refrigerators in this house.  The number 3 seemed significant.  We have 3 guides, at least, with each one guiding concerning the Goal, Mode, and Attitude.  Also the following came back to me that Michael shared before:

      [MEntity] It does not matter in the end. Your kitchen can have something you interpret as a magic box, or you call it a refrigerator, and they will be the same thing.

      Clearly, this dream was astral based so I’m wondering if the 3 different wings of the house with their refrigerators represented my guides in some way?


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      Reply by Vivi on June 20, 2013 at 1:13pm

      Powerful dream!! Maybe they are your guides, I actually think your dream is full of guides.  This dream reminded me of abundance, and the fact that sometimes we feel guilty about having "too much", and always creating all sorts of rules for ourselves about what should be satisfying and what shouldn't be.


      It might be your guides telling you that it is OK to enjoy a new environment, new things, new versions of yourself. ?


      Reply by Bobby on June 20, 2013 at 2:11pm

      Vivi, your reply made me laugh because it's probably filled with truth :-)  Go have a look at my 2013 Quick Preview in light of what you wrote, scroll down past the 2012 Quick Review for the 2013 part :-)


      Reply by Vivi on June 21, 2013 at 6:40pm

      Oh nice!!!! This speaks truth to my own life as well :).  My dreams are constantly challenging what I believe in and how much of that I actually believe in.



      Pissed off at my dream life

      Posted by Vivi on June 18, 2013 at 10:21pm

      Today I'm kind of pissed at my dream life.  It's really rich and vivid and amazing, and it makes me really confused!!


      Like a couple of days ago, I was feeling kind of out of it; lethargic, "I dunno" mood.  I decided that it was my inner self telling me I was too disconnected from myself, and that I needed to take a break from work, bills, routine, etc.  I decided to come home after work and let my mind wander while I rested on my bed.


      I quickly went into a sleep phase and had an out of body experience.  It was one of those where I sort of roam about the house and crawl on the walls (hard to explain), but I didn't actually leave the house. Then I got sort of done with that and came back into my body and I then had a very complex dream that was very emotional, vivid, and exciting, and felt I got a lot from it even though I don't remember much because I didn't think about it a whole lot upon waking.  I feel like I met people in the dream that I "know" and it was important that I had the dream at that moment.


      I woke up and was kind of pissed.  I felt like my waking life was really getting in the way of my dream life, and my dream life gets in the way of my waking life.  Part of me feels it would be cool to just sleep all day and see where the dreams take me.  The other part of me is totally disturbed by the idea.


      My annoyance towards this whole dilemma comes and goes!!!

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      Reply by Eric on June 18, 2013 at 10:29pm

      Hehe, I've sometimes thought of waking as being the space between dream times.  With as vivid and active a dream life as I have, it's tempting to just want to go to sleep and see what kinda new and interesting things pop up in my dreams.  Usually that happens when life has hit a slow or tiring phase. It's most annoying when you wake up before you're done with an interesting dream.


      Not really pissed at either dream or waking life, though.  It happens...comes and goes.


      Reply by Vivi on June 18, 2013 at 10:39pm

      Eric - I OFTEN feel that waking life is just what happens in between dreams.  My dream life is also really powerful, and feels truer to me than waking life. 


      I have a question for you, since you seem to be pretty tuned in to your dreams.  Do you sometimes get snippets of dreams that are triggered by totally random things in waking life? Like you are looking at a microwave, and all of the sudden you get a memory of a dream you had 3 years ago, not at all related to a microwave? But you know that looking at the microwave triggered it? Like a spider web of connections between both worlds? If that makes sense?


      Reply by Eric on June 19, 2013 at 12:59am

      The weirdest thing is when you do that sorta half-sleep thing, where you nod off and are just barely asleep, but still awake enough to get stimuli.  Sorta like getting stuck on the elevator halfway between dream life and waking life. You start dreaming without realizing it since you're still working on waking life stimuli, but then you wake up and think "oh, was I dreaming?" and forget whatever it was you dreamt.


      I don't think I've had a completely random triggering like the microwave scenario.  Most often its triggered because something in real life matches something I dreamt, or something I'm thinking about happens to relate back to what I dreamt.  This happens plenty with locations, since I have a few common dream settings based on real-life places (the intersection near my house that's by my elementary school, for example).  Other than that, I generally don't get much triggering or even think a whole lot about dreams while awake (even if I remember them).


      Reply by Mike C on June 19, 2013 at 5:55am

      Michael would call it 'Resonance'... :)


      Reply by Bobby on June 19, 2013 at 10:25am

      Vivi said: Like a couple of days ago, I was feeling kind of out of it; lethargic, "I dunno" mood.


      Vivi, that would have been right on the dates that Michael gave for the Convergence Nexus.  You could keep track of these I bet and see a pattern with these events.  If you're like a few here on TLE, you sense them coming before and even if Troy hasn't gotten an Energy Report completed.  I think we're all tuned in more than we realize :-)  This particular Nexus was a Convergence.  You may experience the times around a Divergence Nexus differently.  For me, I experience Divergence Nexus like you described.  But, for Convergence Nexus, it seems like there is always some sort of argument that ensues here at home.  It's enough to make me want to go away for about a week.  LOL


      Reply by Vivi on June 19, 2013 at 12:34pm

      Eric - I also get the dreams triggered by waking life due to similarities in both for sure, like with places like you said.  There's definitely something interesting about my apparently random dream bleed-throughs; I don't think they're random though.  I will let you know if I get some light on that. :)


      Bobby - You have used about 4 terms that I don't know the meaning of, lol! I searched on TLE for "Convergence Nexus" but I didn't really know what I should be looking at.  I will look into it more; this might definitely hold some answers for me! You are so right about us being connected more than we think; I definitely feel it.



      The 'Mike Spacewalks' Dream takes a strange turn....

      Posted by Mike C on June 12, 2013 at 8:28pm

      I haven't posted a dream for a while as my dream recall has gone a bit fuzzy. I am finding it hard to remember dreams whole or at all lately. They aren't so close to the surface. I suspect this is cyclical.

      I have written down lots of snippets. I'll share the best bits below:


      10th-11th June:


      The scene is SPACE. I am looking at a space vessel which is made up of 4 glass tubes, arranged in a row, like church organ pipes. Each tube contained a person, but there is only one left in his tube now. An astronaut? He has a white spacesuit and helmet on. Maybe I emerged from one? Anyway, I am outside it now, and I am looking at the person in the tube at the outside edge. The person doesn't want to come out. Or perhaps he does, but can't.


      I watch a hatch at the lower end of the tube open, and I coax them out, gently. A big cheer goes up from the watching crowd (god knows why there is a crowd watching!)


      But then, a problem. Mr astronaut has left his wallet right at the top of the tube. He has to go back into the tube to retrieve it.


      END DREAM segment.




      I found myself trying to get somewhere. Maybe it was home? The journey has been going on for a while in the dream. Part of it was on a motorbike. (I ride to work on a motorbike in real life). A bit before it I was in a car.


      For some reason I decide to get off the bike and take the train. I go to a nearby station, right on the street. There are a couple of platforms, but each one is tiny! Its more like a petrol/gas station. There are little platforms like the little islands that petrol/gas pumps sit on. And the platform I was standing at was literally within arm’s reach of another mini platform! Now I realise I am trying to get home before the motorbike.


      AH!  OHH... EMM... EFFING... GEEE!


      I just realised, this dream is just like something I watched on TV today! (the 12th June)


      An episode of 'Top Gear' was on TV about a race between a steam train, a motorbike and a classic car! There were several bits where they were filling up with fuel at stations. They were all trying to get somewhere before the others!


      And another part of the TV show- they have a car test driver called 'The Stig'. His identity is kept secret by always wearing a white racing driver suit and white helmet with a blacked out visor. Until he outed himself a couple of years ago by cashing in by writing and selling his memoirs.


      So in the show, the Stig appears, and he walks to the interview couch. The presenter says 'Why not reveal yourself now." The Stig shakes his head. The presenter says "go on, why not?" So they 'coax him out' of his helmet disguise. He is revealed to be a famous racing driver. The crowd cheers.


      So I'm dreaming what I'll watch on TV now? Surely there are better uses for this? Most useless premonition ever! Haha!


      The 'Top Gear' episode:



      Oh and the 'four tubes' thing is significant because there are effectively 4 presenters on the TV programme. The 3 normal presenters and 'The Stig' makes 4.


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      Reply by Vivi on June 18, 2013 at 10:27pm

      Cool!! I love Top Gear.  It somehow makes me want to visit England even more (weird, huh?).  BTW I am sort of obsessed with England.  I am Colombian and live in Utah so I'm totally confused as to why that is, but I am always watching all the shows and just love everything I see or hear about it.  Maybe a past life???


      Anyway, thanks for sharing!



      Do you dream like you see?

      Posted by Christian on June 11, 2013 at 1:34pm



      This is something I have been curious about.


      Technically, I was classified in 3rd grade as being legally blind without corrective lenses.   I take off my glasses and everything is blurry beyond about 6in from the tip of my nose.


      When I remember my dreams, things are always blurry.  Objects are "solid" by indistinct.  Faces are generally face shaped and located above the body.  Colors tend to bleed and merge.


      I also am aware that I am dreaming.


      Finally, while visually not striking.  The emotions are incredibly powerful.


      So how do you see in dreams?


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      Reply by Bobby on June 11, 2013 at 2:26pm

      Similarly, I have to have glasses to function well but in dreams I seem to see perfectly fine.  From what I recall, I don't wear glasses in dreams, either.


      Reply by Geraldine B on June 11, 2013 at 3:57pm

      I seem to see fine, which is not surprising as I don't have major eyesight issues. But, I've only been in a wheelchair in one dream; otherwise, I seem to perambulate well. In fact I seem to walk endless miles at times, row boats, drive constantly, navigate very huge and hazardous road/bridge construction sites, etc.


      I've never smoked in a dream. To me, this is probably the oddest thing as it is a well-engrained habit for me. But, I also don't remember eating or drinking in a dream either. I do remember being in restaurants rather frequently, ordering food, etc., but not the actual act of putting fork to mouth.


      Reply by Vivi on June 11, 2013 at 4:15pm

      Christian - I see fine in my dreams, even though I have eyesight trouble in waking life.  I have had a couple of dreams that things are blurry, but I know that I had the dreams because I had been previously felt inadequate with my poor eyesight. (I still do feel uncomfortable, but my blurry dreams happen when my feelings of eyesight inadequacy are fresh on my mind).


      Have you considered that your blurry dreams might be versatility/flexibility? When instead of imagining fixed objects, you are actually able to go deeper into the dream and go a level beyond what "is", and see it as what it could be? Does that makes sense lol?


      Reply by Christian on June 11, 2013 at 11:17pm

      I'm not sure. I do know that emotions are very strong so there could be something to that.


      I remember a Michael post that I believe Diane posted about her eyesight changing as she got older.  It seemed applicable to a few on here. Michael said specifically that poor eye sight from birth was a separate issue and then, as usual, left it at that.


      Since Michael has also stated that the body is very literal when it tells us things, I am wondering if perhaps this isn't something about needing assistance to see clearly, (ie asking for help, which is not a strong suit of mine), and or emphasis on other and extra senses.   For example, actually hearing what someone is saying.




      As an aside, my HS band director stated that long ago that he usually dreams in black and white and paid attention when it was in color because those meant something.  He thought it was because TV was in black and white when he was a kid and didn't turn to color till his teens.   :shrug:




      Third-Person or First-Person Dreams and Memories

      Posted by TROY on May 29, 2013 at 12:42pm

      I have a quick question for all of you:  Do you dream in Third-Person or in First-Person? Do you remember things in Third- or in First-Person?


      Third-Person is where you see yourself in the dream/memory, and First-Person is when you see as if through your own eyes.


      I was having this discussion with my BF, and with others over the years, and I did not realize that most people dream and remember in First-Person, and my Third-Person perspective is of the minority. I often switch between the two in my memory and in dreams, but First-Person is probably the rarest for me.


      What about you?


      [EDIT: update - I just discovered this is considered "autobiographical memory."]


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      Reply by Giedre on May 29, 2013 at 12:44pm

      I dream in first person, but I often see my body from the side as well. ;)


      Reply by Martha on May 29, 2013 at 12:52pm

      First person, almost exclusively.  I'm trying to remember a third person dream and so far, nada.


      Reply by Bobby on May 29, 2013 at 1:20pm

      Hmmm, mine always feels as if I'm an observer.


      Reply by Nadine on May 29, 2013 at 2:46pm

      I was going to respond "always first person" but then I realized I switch perspectives in my dreams. The main perspective always is first person but I regularly switch to other angles, observing myself from the outside. Trying to remember now I am wondering if I usually dream in both first and third person - I'll pay attention to it from now on.


      Reply by Vivi on May 29, 2013 at 4:10pm

      I've also had this discussion with people before, and it seems that most people dream in both, sort of.


      Here's a related question - Are first-person dreams ones that you control, and third-person ones that you are not in control, like watching a movie?


      My dreams that I mostly see myself in third-person sort of play out without my involvement.  My first-person dreams are totally involved, where I am changing the outcome of the dream at every move. Do others find this same parallel?


      Reply by Eric on May 29, 2013 at 7:06pm

      In general I dream in first person as a default I think, and I generally write down my dreams that way.  But, I do often switch perspectives within a dream.  Usually it's between first and third person (and sometimes both at the same time, as weird as that sounds), but occasionally I've even jumped into a kind of second person view, where the perspective jumps from one "character" in the dream to another, but still remains part of the dream.


      Heh, and yet, for all this perspective jumping, I've almost never had a completely lucid dream. :P


      Reply by Eric on May 29, 2013 at 7:14pm

      Vivi - I would say "first person" are dreams where you are a definite involved player in the dream.  You are the "protagonist" as it were, and yes you would be "in control" of at least your own actions.


      "Third Person" I would say are dreams where you, as a perspective, are not a definite character involved in the dream, but instead sort of watching it from a distance.  You may or may not have a certain amount of "control" over what's happening (it could be more like a movie, like you said, with limited control...or it could be more like a video game where you have some control, if indirectly, while still watching yourself from afar).


      As mentioned in my earlier response, I'd even pose a "second person" perspective, where you are either  not the dream's focus or protagonist, or you jump from a first person character (often "you") to a different character, while still seeing and interacting with the first.  I've had this happen sometimes, but it is rare.


      Reply by Maxim on May 29, 2013 at 8:33pm

      Mostly first person but get various views... especially really close up.


      Reply by Brian_W on May 29, 2013 at 9:26pm

      I dream in both, with sometimes the perspective switching between first and third person within the same dream


      Reply by ViP on May 30, 2013 at 10:26pm

      Mostly in first person but if things are tense or agitated in the dream, sometimes it can go to 3rd person.


      Reply by Janet Elam on May 31, 2013 at 10:11am

      I 'always' dream in first person. Until last night. I'm fairly certain this thread is responsible for my first experience seeing myself in third person. In my dream last night I saw myself sitting on a swing in a remote area. I was alone, it was misty and I appeared to be contemplating something off in the distance.


      Reply by Eric on May 31, 2013 at 3:50pm

      Dream Janet's contemplation:  "Hmmmm, so this is how third person dreams work..."  :p


      Reply by K M on June 8, 2013 at 2:38pm

      Hm. As far as I remember, I dream in 3'rd person. From a perspective outside of me. I wonder why though...


      Reply by Anna D on June 11, 2013 at 1:56am

      I dream in first person and I can't remember anything notable happening in 3rd person, I am normally regularly aware that if the dream gets scary, that I can wake up and exit it. I used to think that I had to stay. I quit now when scary shit happens that I don't want to face.


      Reply by Christian on June 11, 2013 at 1:26pm

      For me I always am in first person. 



      The second hand shop of great art and my past life historical artefacts dream

      Posted by Anna D on June 10, 2013 at 10:55pm

      Hi Everyone :)   I hardly ever get excited about too much in real life - the life with the five senses and my one input-output.


      Anyway, my dream life is a lot more exciting real and meaningful. I am normally happiest when I’m dreaming as I get to meet up with cool people, and dreams always tend to connect me with other people  and loving energy better than I am capable of showing/creating awake. I am also a more honest emotional person in my dreams and a lot more caring/vulnerable - somehow I tolerate bullshit less and care more and hurt more. My dreams are real in that the emotions arising from whatever I’m sharing with another or involved in doing are real: real love, real desire, real terror, real humour, real sadness, real excitement, real stupidity, real relationships real acquaintance. I should be studying right now but this dreams impact has coloured my day big time so far.


      Last night’s dream was incredible. I dreamed I was in a second hand antique shop (old things are most interesting to me as I wonder about the people who used the second hand item, their life and story and context) and I could afford to buy anything I wanted (however nothing was expensive just rare and interesting to me) so I kept on choosing stuff/souvenirs of my past life good times like a folk art dragon made of raffia with Mexican like colours pinks oranges yellows which transformed into I forget but it made me laugh, and then there were old art prints - stuff like Sara Moon and David Hamilton, the less explicit stuff, and incredible tapestries, rugs, fabrics with prints like Marimekko. There seemed to be a theme related to my childhood of this life 1970s. There was some incredible easy chairs, Usonian Frank Lloyd Wright type wooden chairs, great tables, and beautiful objects. Everywhere I looked I was fascinated and excited, and that was the incredible thing I take with me through to real life today. It refreshed my appetite for discovery. I was enabled and encouraged to discover and was enchanted by the beauty of what was there.


      I remember looking at a copper chair and wanting it, (copper being my favourite metal/colour) (I have a cauldron in real life) and getting distracted by something else, then going back to get it but someone else had chosen it, I wasn't bummed though. It was kind of like the episode of Family Guy with James Woods character seeing a sweet in his path every metre and exclaiming with renewed excitement and glee "Piece of candy!"  There was a lot to see and to choose, and I didn't want to leave. It gave me some hope that there are some very exciting experiences to be had and if I don't get in quick enough to get that particular experience, then there is something equally unexpected to discover and learn. It didn't feel as though if I chose one thing over another as though Id ever miss out on that option, I was certain that in time I’d get to explore and choose what I wanted to choose. It seemed as though there was time and there was no pressure. Really excellent dream would like to get back to it!!


      I’m hardly ever this forthcoming so I hope I haven't shared too much!!!


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      Reply by Maxim on June 11, 2013 at 12:16am

      Nice to hear you have such vivid dreams of self-actualization.  I often feel less than whole in my dreams... worrying about something or other.


      Reply by Anna D on June 11, 2013 at 12:42am

      Hi Maxim,

      With this dream it stood out from my normal dreams... I have dreams that are far less certain and celebratory than this. This is like 0.01% of my dream catalogue.



      Animals in Dreams

      Posted by Giedre on May 29, 2013 at 11:14am

      I wanted to write this around the time that Bobby wrote about the convergence, but I will do so now.

      A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was in a lush green tropical rainforest, standing on the wooden boards of a spacious tree house. The installation was high above the ground but it remained very open, not at all enclosed from the jungle. I was there with one or two other girls that I recognized from years back. As I was standing on the boards with my legs securely grounded, a white Siberian tiger ("Amur") landed on the platform. It came out of a sense of curiosity, exploring the tree house with an innate entitlement which led it to claim the territory. It was not a full grown tiger nor was it a cub- it felt like a young adult both in its intermediate size as well as its lack of fully established comprehension. It attacked me, and I fought back already prepared. The girl behind me was horrified, shouting that she doesn't know what to do and doesn't want to hurt the tiger, as she was standing paralyzed. I continued to wrestle with the tiger, feeling its claws tearing into my flesh where as I kept tackling it to the ground and hearing that forceful "thump" as its heavy body hit the wooden floor boards. What was most beautiful was that the tiger and I were fighting in complete neutrality- without any personal emotions involved. It was fighting out of its animalistic instincts, where as I was fighting out of defense. I was in pain and so was the animal, but I did not feel any anger or resentment towards the animal because that is its' nature. "Es muss Sein"- It must be. I felt the two of us were fulfilling our natural roles, and that I deserved to have my flesh ripped not because I felt I had invaded its rightful territory, but because I chose to ignore the truth about the nature of wild animals and enter anyways. I felt peaceful with the animal because although I could feel warm blood running, I could no longer tell whose blood it was. No, what I was frustrated with was the girl behind my back who kept crying in desperation, unable to act in the midst of chaos. I kept shouting to go on higher grounds while I hold of the tiger, because it would have ripped her to shreds - she was merciful and her biggest fear of all was to hurt others. I was not mad that my body was being shredded as if to protect her- that was my choice to confront and engage the animal- I was mad that she was so lost in her panic that she was incapacitated to take any action. The last frame I saw was the contrast of the white fur and clear black stripes of the tiger, stained with deep red blood. It was breath-taking.


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      Reply by Bobby on May 29, 2013 at 11:48am

      Nice dream Giedre!  I imagine this is filled with symbolism for you.  Knowing something of your struggles, do you think the tiger might possibly be a "Part" of you as well as the girl standing behind you?


      Reply by Giedre on May 29, 2013 at 12:11pm

      Haha...I would have considered the girl behind me to potentially be a sub-personality, except that I ruled that out automatically because she is a person I know very well. We went to boarding school together, and she was a typical gentle Cancer'ian that I loved very much. We stood as opposite twins because we both were 6 ft tall, but one was with black hair and the most sensitive heart, whereas the other was a dirty blonde with a fiery temper. She wanted to be friends with everyone, and that often came at a high cost to her---where as I was reckless. She was bullied and degraded by her roommates, and I ended up confronting them- which made me alienated from an influential girl clique. I became highly resented and feared amongst my age females, in the end isolated, yet although she knew that I could not control my need to protect her, she resented that I interfered. She was the polar opposite of confrontation- she avoided it at all costs, even if it meant having to be used and humiliated by others. Maybe what I am unable to do above all is not only watch other people hurt others without being able to interfere, but to see weak people willingly present themselves to be hurt.


      Otherwise, yes, I know the tiger must be some part of me.


      Reply by Vivi on May 29, 2013 at 4:02pm

      Giedre - Your dream is wonderful.  I haven't experienced dreams with animals recently, but I've had dreams about wild nature in general, that go along the same message (nature is powerful, we are the fools for not respecting it and seeing its beauty, etc.).  My dreams go along with feelings of guilt (for being ignorant and negligent towards nature) and also of awakening (becoming one with all-that-is).   I'm not sure if your dream might have some of these things attached to it as well.


      Thanks for sharing!



      Dreams as memories from other lifetimes??

      Posted by Vivi on May 24, 2013 at 1:40pm



      Hello!  A few of you have talked about experiencing dreams that seem to have connection with parts of you from other lifetimes.  Mike Cleverly's amazing story of dreams that he relates to a past life in Pompeii really got to me.


      This got me thinking about my own dreams, especially recurring ones.  I've had a few dreams with the same theme that I always took as either fear or repressed childhood memories.  They are really uncomfortable dreams dealing with me being sexually molested by strangers and also by family members.  I always took these as simply fear of this ever happening.  I also thought of the possibility of something happening in my childhood, but after really thinking back on my home and the people around me, I find that to be unlikely.


      Anyway, I have a feeling that this might actually be a memory, or many memories of things that I've experienced in the past, and for some reason they are surfacing into this life experience.


      I often have "negative" dreams, or what someone might call a nightmare, but I LOVE them, because they are so therapeutic and I always learn something new from them; I feel like I grow after going through one of my "nightmares".  However, these negative sexual dreams don't feel therapeutic at all; I don't get anything out of them, and in fact, they make me feel quite bad.  They just feel counter-productive, and more like a memory that's just there and I can't do anything about.


      I was wondering if any of you have any dreams that you feel might actually be a memory of a past lifetime, or perceived that way.  I'd like to explore the topic a little further and wanted to see if you guys had any input!


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      Reply by Mike C on May 24, 2013 at 5:40pm

      This is a strange and compelling subject isn't it. I never thought of my 'apocalypse' recurring dream as a past life memory until I was told about the Pompeii life, and then it all clicked. As I said, it was the Pompeii events interpreted through this life's superficial details, like my house, family, neighbourhood. I'm looking at all my dreams for possible past life events now.


      Part of a dream I had last night was a possible one. I dreamed I was in a courtyard enclosed by 4 walls and a single storey house on one of the sides. The skies were overcast and grey. Everything was white or light grey. I felt something looming over the house. I was calling out for my girlfriend, Vic as though she had gone off without me, I was distressed. "Vic? VIC!" I really wanted to find her. The feeling was that she had left me forever.


      On waking up and interpreting it, I think this was a Roman villa with a square, colonnaded garden courtyard. Everything was grey because of volcanic ash. The sky was overcast with ash clouds. The looming presence was the volcano. I was calling to Vic (or whoever she represented) because I was afraid for her safety.


      If it wasn't for Michael telling me about Pompeii I wouldn't have thought it was a past life dream!


      I had another dream a couple of weeks ago that was an intensely violent dream. I had been trying to remember any other recurring dreams I had, and couldn't remember any. That very night, I had the violent dream, and I instantly knew it was one I had had many times before. I want to ask Michael about it, so I won't divulge any more here, yet. It was a dream that I know has been played out many times before. It’s kind of like you try out slightly different variations each time, but there are certain things in the dream that are the same each time. That's the type that makes me think 'past life dream'.


      Like you said, they feel negative, they aren't fun. You know something has to play out til the end.


      Reply by Vivi on May 24, 2013 at 6:20pm

      Thank you, Mike! Your comments have been a great gift and I am thankful for them.


      You are right about the "playing out" thing.  Some dreams just feel like brain activity, some feel like a playground where you can explore, play, and interact.  These feel like a movie that you have to sit through, and you don't want to, but there it is.  There is a feeling of great anxiety and helplessness, and I think they are memories that are part of us, and I wonder what triggers us to have them appear in dreams.


      I've also had dreams of dying in many different ways (most are me being killed by another person) (**as I'm typing this I just remembered 2 dreams where I've died of starvation**), and these also feel like memories.  Compelling indeed!!


      Reply by Bobby on May 24, 2013 at 10:52pm

      Vivi, so far, I can recall 4 different times I've experienced something like this:


      1st Instance


      2nd Instance


      3rd Instance


      4th Instance


      Reply by Vivi on May 25, 2013 at 1:06am

      All 4 instances are quite amazing, Bobby. As I read about the titanic I feel fear of deep water and remembered a drowning dream. The dream about rye bread, where Michael says you dreamed someone else's memory, made me think that my disturbing sexual dreams could be collective memory of many women who have suffered in this way. I feel a deep love and compassion for women who have gone through violence. Maybe my dreams know something that I don't!!



      The "Carousel of Words" Dream

      Posted by Mike C on May 24, 2013 at 9:00am

       I don't remember much about this dream that I had just before I woke up this morning. I am posting it here because it seems to tie in with my recent CHAT with Michael about how they show up in dreams, and my post about a previous dream, the "Dance of Life" dream.


      All I remember is some kind of teaching environment and the topic seemed to have been about educating children with a Michael teachings lean. I don't mean forcing Michael's teaching on them, I mean just bringing what we know to improve the current systems. I only remember a feeling of 'wrapping up' the session, and I heard the phrase "Carousel of Words" spoken, then I woke up.


      It didn't make sense immediately, but as I think about it, it begins to make some sense. In fact, I think this was in response to a question I asked last night! I just remembered I posed the question in my mind before I went to sleep, something like this: "Can you offer advice on how best to bring up my son, (and for others to bring up their children?)"


      Carousel obviously brings to mind Michael's words about my dreams:


      [MEntity]: In your case, we seem to be interpreted more as a "feeling," or as parallel stream of thinking.

      [MEntity]: The "feeling" has been interpreted in a range from "ominous" to "dizzy" or spinning. The stream of thinking is similar to being on the brink of a lucid dream, almost aware that you are dreaming.


      Definition for Carousel:


      1: A merry-go-round, as one at an amusement park.

      2: A circular conveyor on which objects are displayed or rotated:


      Definition for 'Merry go Round":


      1: A revolving circular platform fitted with seats, often in the form of animals, ridden for amusement.


      It makes me think of fun, repetition and cycles (circling round to where you came from), riding all together, laughter, lights, music, motion, shared experience.....


      Good stuff eh?




      This might be unrelated but after I woke up and was still groggy I heard the phrase - "I saw a Veil. That amounts to life"


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      Reply by Bobby on May 24, 2013 at 11:00am

      Mike, have you seen this session yet?



      Also, your post got this playing in my head.  We do live on a ginormous carousel.  It's called Earth :-)



      The 'Dance of Life' Dream

      Posted by Mike C on May 6, 2013 at 6:02am

       Well I had a really interesting one last night / this morning.  This isn't the whole dream, just the interesting bit.


      I dreamed that I was in a wide and long room, fairly dimly lit with a central area enclosed by glass panels and an area that let you move around the central part and observe its contents. The room has a fairly low ceiling in proportion to its size, but not claustrophobically so.


      I dreamed I was being shown a dance that was being performed by someone. I saw a cloud of bright sparks (each one looked like the spot of light from a laser pointer aimed at a wall) flying and wheeling around like a flock of birds, constantly in motion, never pausing for a minute. They were always in rotational symmetry around a central pivot about 5 feet off the floor. If a lobe pushed out to the upper left, a lobe would push out on the lower right. It was never a neat uniform sphere, it was always pushing out 6 to 10 feet in multiple directions, orbiting like a cloud of electrons around an atom.


      As I was watching this, I heard a voice say it was the "Dance Of Life" (I remember thinking it was a corny name!)


      I didn't see or read anything that would seem to inspire this dream. I think I was being shown something by Essence or a dream (emotional/relationships) guide. I won't describe the other parts of the dream, they were very mundane.


      It was beautiful, and I am very grateful for being shown it!


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      Reply by Vivi on May 6, 2013 at 12:33pm

      That indeed sounds very beautiful! I find the glass panel area intriguing.


      This "dance of life" sort of reminded me of a moment I had yesterday.  It was a beautiful day and I was lying on the grass looking up at the sky.  I felt the warmth of the sun against my skin, with the wind carrying the scent of some nearby flowers.  There were also birds chirping and some tree leaves rustling in the breeze.  I thought that beyond the illusion of these random events, there was something very balanced about it.  It felt as if the nature around me was intelligent and deliberate in its every action.  


      Your dream sort of reminded me of that.  It reminded me of the conscious spirit of Mother Earth.  I wonder what other things the voice would have whispered!!


      Reply by Mike C on May 22, 2013 at 8:59pm

      I asked Michael about this dream tonight- You can see the answers HERE


      Reply by Vivi on May 23, 2013 at 1:14pm

      What a nice way that all fits in!



      Possible converging parallels?

      Posted by Bobby on May 22, 2013 at 10:29am

      The dreams have really picked up lately and when that happens, usually there is a parallel of some type going on.  I confirmed that with Troy this morning although I still don't know which type for sure.  I suspect a Convergence based upon the following dream from last night.


      This was one of those dreams that seemed like it went on all night long.  I was actually tired after sleeping all night and waking from this dream.  I was back in the military undergoing a military move (change of bases) and things were just chaotic as they are when you move.  There's not much that I can specifically report from this one except that there was just a lot of angst over things being chaotic.  I remember the first time I showed up at my next job, I didn't have the right uniforms and showed up in just regular clothes which didn't look good on my part.  There was even one part of this dream where I guess I was married, to a woman.  I remember "she" insisted that I come back inside when I think someone from a church was there speaking with her.  This is why I think it was a Convergence nexus.  Me?   Married?  To a woman?  Only from a parallel me that was converging :-)


      I want to keep my own dream blog still but I'll post these here.

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      Reply by Vivi on May 22, 2013 at 7:50pm

      Great read :)  I also have those on-going dreams quite a bit; the kind you really doubt you could ever wake up from, was it not for the alarm or an outside noise waking us up.  Sometimes I wonder if that's what dying might be like, and life is just a really long dream we had until something else forced us out of it.


      Reply by Nadine on May 23, 2013 at 2:03am

      Reading this I have a question about the use of the English language: Why do Americans often use the German word "Angst" instead of "fear"? Does it have a different connotation for you than fear? I've read that in several places already and it made me wonder...


      Maybe this woman was another "part" of you, just as Kyle. I'm sure you have a feminine side too, even being a warrior ;)


      Reply by Geraldine B on May 23, 2013 at 4:24am

      I'll start with the basic definition from Wikipedia --   Angst means fear or anxiety (anguish is its Latinate equivalent, and anxious, anxiety are of similar origin). The word angst was introduced into English from Danish angst (first known use: circa 1942) via existentialist Søren Kierkegaard. It is used in English to describe an intense feeling of apprehension, anxiety, or inner turmoil. In other Germanic languages (such as German, Dutch and Danish) the word angst is not a loanword as it is in English, but has been in existence long, and is used regularly to express fear.


      I've always known it as a word that is a psychological state that includes fear or anxiousness, but has a solid neurotic twinge to it. It's a pack of formless fears, worrying, fretting, in need of sedatives. Fear itself is always within a context of a specific event or a reason for the feeling. It can be a range from mild to extreme terror, but it has a cause, even if the cause is unknown.


      Angst tends to indicate a constant state of anxiousness. A self-esteem type of issue, rather than a specific fear.


      Reply by Nadine on May 23, 2013 at 4:44am

      Oh, thanks, Geraldine, I can see the difference!



      I am God

      Posted by Nadine on May 22, 2013 at 2:02am

      Hey guys, I really enjoy reading about your dreams here!  So, I decided to share at least one with you that I had about 5 years ago:


      I was driving down a road in a van (didn't have a drivers license at that time in real life), when suddenly I see another version of me walking down the road on the sidewalk. And I realized in that moment that I had to kill this other version of me to be able to turn myself into god. So I turned the wheel and just run over my other version and killed it. And then golden light started to radiate from inside of me and I turned into god and it felt great. End of story.


      I can tell you, I've never woken up so completely freaked out by a dream. This was long before knowing the Michael Teachings and I was in a phase where I shoved away almost all of my spirituality because it's not something very accepted in this society. So me dreaming about turning myself into god by killing myself just made me wonder what the fuck is wrong with me. It kind of scared me.


      Today I think this was a pretty clear dream about me having to get over False Personality to manifest Essence. But by that time - total freak out...


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      Reply by Bobby on May 22, 2013 at 10:20am

      Whoa, that's intense!  I guess we differ in that I don't kill my parts, I make out with them (Kyle)  LOL  ;-)


      Reply by Nadine on May 22, 2013 at 10:51am

      Well, I would have preferred a make out session! Much more fun! ;)


      Reply by Maxim on May 22, 2013 at 5:28pm

      Powerful. You are sounding very priest-like, Nadine:  two imputs... the higher vision to be transformed to and the lower, to be transformed from.  And don't priests ground themselves with sex when they get too far out there?


      Reply by Nadine on May 23, 2013 at 2:10am

      Maxim, I've read that somewhere, too. Unfortunately, I didn't make out with myself but killed my other self. But I'll try to have sex with me next time around – LOL



      Dream: May 21, 2013

      Posted by TROY on May 21, 2013 at 3:23pm

      Okay, I'll share one I had just last night. I love dreams, but sometimes mine are just beyond bonkers.


      I was settling into a hotel room with BF Bobby, BFF Cyprus, and one other person I don't recall. As we stood looking around the room, I realized there were ants on me. Little tiny ants. (in waking state, we have a minor ant problem in my bedroom). I was gently dusting them off of me and commenting, "oh my god, ants here, too!?" Then Cyprus leaned over the foot of one of the beds to hoist her luggage up on it. I reached to help her when a big, giant bird shit dropped on her shoulder and mine. It was huge. My first thought was that it was actually more like snake poop (if you've never known the poop of a 6 foot boa constrictor, consider yourself lucky). Everyone stood still and stared straight ahead as I sat down and said, "this can mean only one thing." And suddenly I knew there must be a Macaw Parrot on the ceiling. We slowly lifted our heads to the ceiling to find a suitcase stuck to it, unzipped, clothes dangling out of it, and a Macaw Parrot coyly murmuring and looking down at us. I said, "I knew it!"


      And then BF Bobby woke me up.


      I am clearly insane.

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      Reply by Bobby on May 21, 2013 at 5:26pm

      LOL... thanks for sharing your whacka-doo-doo world :-)


      Reply by Vivi on May 21, 2013 at 11:28pm

      Welcome to the group, and thank you for sharing! This made me laugh.  I wish my dreams were like this.  Mine are either incredibly violent and disturbing, or they deal with aliens that want to communicate with me, and frustrate me more than anything.  Really loved this shitty dream :)


      Reply by Bobby on May 22, 2013 at 12:13am

      Vivi, do you/have you ever tried to "program" your dreams prior to sleeping?  By this I mean you set an intention along a certain subject line and ask that it be included in your dream and that you will remember it upon waking?


      Reply by Vivi on May 22, 2013 at 6:36pm

      Hi Bobby - I have before, but not recently.  I should.  I had a dream a couple of times about 2 male ETs trying to connect with me, and I became afraid and left the dream.  When I woke up, I felt silly and deliberately thought of them in the hopes they'd be in my dream again, and I then fell asleep and had further communication in dreamland.  Do you find dream programming helpful for you?


      Reply by Bobby on May 22, 2013 at 7:05pm

      I do actually.  I mean, it may not always work as planned but I usually get "something" in return :-)



      Recurring dreams

      Posted by Vivi on April 30, 2013 at 8:18pm

       For the last couple of years, I've had a recurring dream that I am in High School, and I am very confused and barely able to figure out my subjects in class and I also struggle remembering homework and quizzes, etc.


      I never went to college and I seem to have some guilt attached to that.  I didn't go for a few reasons, but I think the biggest reason was that I didn't have a close group of friends who went to college.  In High School, I was already working (part-time) at a Title company so most of my friends were older than I was (I've always kept older friendships).  Early on I saw that other people did just fine without college, and could instead get state certifications as their careers progressed, depending on their career.  Since I didn't have a close circle of people to follow into college and was also afraid of paying for college, I just never went.


      My school dreams always occur in a different setting, but I'm always in school, and I'm always incompetent and confused, trying to figure things out.  I've had about 30 of these dreams (that I remember).


      My first instinct would tell me that my dreams are trying to tell me that I need to go to college to both fulfill the guilt I apparently seem to have for not going, and to face my fear of doing badly in school and not being "good enough" to be in college.  However, I logically cannot seem to fit college into my life right now, as it would mean I can't dedicate myself to my current career, which pays well enough and I enjoy, and I would need to sacrifice my leisure time after work, which a value A LOT.  I also have no idea what I'd go to college for, so it seems like a better idea to wait until I feel 100% sure that college is right for me.


      It feels wrong to ignore this recurring dream, but I just can't seem to get myself to do anything about it.


      I would love to hear about your recurring dream experiences, what you make of them, and what you've done to try to solve the reasons behind them.


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      Reply by Mike C on May 3, 2013 at 4:22pm

      I don't think this dream should be taken as your essence or guides trying to push you into doing something you really don't want to, I don't think they work like that. I always think of them as working more by making things easier to 'fall into' by working with you and for you behind the scenes.


      Like mine helped me fall into an ideal job easily days after impulsively quitting my old job; find a flat easily (my mum rented a place for 6 months and I took it over after. It was the wrong flat for her but perfect for me!) find a series of cheap or free cars; find a partner (now mother of my child) when I impulsively went to a nightclub; move into a cheap but ideal house after my great uncle died just as our old place was getting too small for the baby....... (I love goal of Flow!)


      According to that "Michael Speaks 2010-06-13 – How Guides Work" transcript, Dreams and astral meetings are the realm of your emotional/relationships guide, so the dream is probably best interpreted through that filter. What is it saying about your relationships with others?


      Reply by Vivi on May 3, 2013 at 7:39pm

      Thanks Michael! I appreciate the insight.  I think what you are saying about FLOW and also relationships is very true.  This recurring dream feels forced, guilty, confusing.  It sort of feels like me against the world; it's a very lonely dream.  I think I need to stop worrying about the degree and start focusing in TRUST.  Trust that all things that should come into my life will present themselves at the perfect moment, and trust that I can rely on myself to always make a good decision that I'll be satisfied with.


      Reply by Eric on May 4, 2013 at 10:37pm

      I agree with Michael in that usually essence and guides won't push you to do something you don't want to, through dreams or otherwise.


      There is actually an OMW transcript on dream interpretation:


      I bring that one up, since in there I asked about what overarching themes for a dream might be.  The response was, basically, that a dream theme often has to do with something just under the surface of your Waking state, something you wish to work on or deal with.  This is not necessarily the same as a truly recurring dream, but I think it might be applicable.


      The dream could mean a multitude of things depending on what symbols you saw in it and what those symbols specifically represent to you.  From what you've written, though, one hypothesis could be that the dream is basically making you confront that feeling of inadequacy about not going to college.  It's basically allowing that guilt and fear that's just under the surface arise for review and working with.  This does necessarily mean that you have to go to college, but more likely that it's about coming to terms with the past and recognizing, in order to alleviate, that guilt.


      But it could mean something else.  Another possibility is that perhaps this dream comes up any time you are facing an upcoming challenge or an unknown possibility/outcome, basically acting as a stage for anxieties to play themselves out using the symbology of school from earlier in your life.


      I've actually had an innumerable amount of dreams that take place in school...often high school and middle school, rarely elementary school, and almost never in college for some reason.  I've had the dreams where you show up unawares on a test day, or you start the first day of class, but don't know your schedule.  Or you go into a class only to find that you've missed most of the year and have no clue where everyone is.  I even had one dream where I was forced to go back to high school, after completing college, because I'd missed some credit or something.  They can be some crazy odd dreams, but it helps to see what possible Waking life contexts might be playing into it.


      Reply by Vivi on May 5, 2013 at 3:29pm

      Thanks, Eric! I appreciate the feedback.  You know, until now I only thought that my high school dreams (they always take place in middle school and high school and mirror the way you described yours) were about college, because of not going, and the guilt that follows me under the surface.  You mention that it's possible that I might be using this school setting to work out any areas where I might feel guilty, deficient, or not "good enough".  School would be a perfect environment for that.


      I'm going to pay closer attention to other areas of my life that I might not be addressing in waking state, and I might be able to resolve a little better in dream state, through these recurring dreams.


      Reply by AndrewC on May 11, 2013 at 3:20am

      I believe that having a role of scholar means that we are happiest when we're being scholarly and are recognize for that characteristic by others.  Maybe that has something to do with your school dream.


      As a warrior cast scholar, I go through life with the appearance of a warrior but am happiest when being scholarly and actively seek out opportunities to be so, such as reading scientific articles etc.  My day dreams tend to run along the lines of goodwill hunting.


      I have no idea what it means to be a scholar cast scholar though!  good luck with that  ;)


      Reply by Vivi on May 11, 2013 at 10:26pm

      AndrewC - I agree with you.  I think that I hold knowledge and intellect in such high regard, that I feel totally ridiculous for not completing time in the organization that is generally known to be THE place to obtain knowledge.  I feel very guilty about that.  BUT, I am what you might call an independent scholar, and kind of like you I also constantly seek to improve my knowledge in different areas, on my own and at my own pace (which I love).


      Interestingly, I care little about knowledge when compared to wisdom.  I ultimately just want to be wise, and really "understand".  I use knowledge as a vehicle to get me to wisdom, and it does often help me get there.


      I feel like right now, my only reason for going to college will be to get rid of my fear of NOT going, and think that maybe I should have a better reason than that..? By the way, my profile isn't channeled yet, so I'm probably something other than a scholar cast scholar.  I look forward to my appointment with Troy and Michael to get their take on things!



      ET prep dream with female (Sometime in late March 2010)

      Posted by Vivi on May 6, 2013 at 10:50pm

      Like I've said before, most of my dreams are about ETs....


      I had a dream about being in contact with some ET folks; the main being was a female, very nice and friendly.  She looked to be in her late 30's, with short black hair, and pretty human looking.


      In my dream she was helping me through various experiences, helping me to utilize my mental strength, consciousness, focus, etc., and helping me step-by-step to achieve clearer contact.  She was with a bigger group but it seemed as if she was in charge of me, as I don't recall being close to any of the others.  I felt like she was smart, funny, and cared about me.  There was a part where we were in a kitchen and she got something out of the fridge.  I don't know what it was but she told me that the color of the item was the color of her real skin, as if she was dressed up in the human look outfit just for my benefit, perhaps to make me more comfortable since she appeared to be aware of my anxiety with a non-terran look.  The color of the item she showed me was like a light peach/yellow/whitish.  I took this as a hint to me that she might be part of the same group of tall yellowish/whiteish male ETs that have visited me several times in my dreams.  I have anxiety with the male ETs, so maybe they showed themselves as female in this dream to decrease my fear and therefore make more progress(?).  My training with her went on for a looong time, but the details are fuzzy.


      I can't help but think of the slight possibility that I am actually in contact with someone during these experiences.  To an extent, I do believe contact happened this night.  I'm also happy to take this as just another dream!


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      Reply by AndrewC on May 11, 2013 at 3:08am

      Interesting dream!  I've often wondered if maybe the astral plane is how species communicate across the gulf of stars.  I mean, astral travel is essentially a faster than light method of communication.  How else are you going to chat with folks on the other side of the galaxy.  Maybe that's what you're doing, but making calls to unlisted intergalactic numbers...


      Reply by Vivi on May 11, 2013 at 10:12pm

      Thanks for the note, AndrewC! Interesting thought.... I have read a lot of material on the subject of beings residing in other planes of existence making contact with earthlings through the astral plane due to the fact that our minds are not so restricted there and we have less filters in between ourselves. 


      I never really know whether to put my scholar hat on and dig deeper and deeper into these dreams, or simply enjoy them and not worry too much about them. 



      Ok, so I had an ET dream!

      Posted by Mike C on May 10, 2013 at 6:15am

      Well I think my guides were listening when I said I had never had a dream with actual ET / Aliens in it.


      I had a dream with very definite ETs in it.


      The dream also reminded me (when I was in the dream) that I HAVE seen UFOs in dreams. They just usually pop up without having any effect on the 'plot' of my dreams.


      Here is the part of the dream involving Mr E.T.


      I was standing in my spare bedroom in my Dad's house with my girlfriend. I glanced out of the window and saw a flying saucer in the sky. Then I saw another, and another. Each one looked different. I pointed them out to Victoria very excitedly. We both looked for a short time, then an ET appeared in the room by the window. It was about 3 feet tall, coloured pale blue and had no ears but had two things on its head, bumps like stubs of horns. It tried to communicate something to use but all I could hear was babbling nonsense. Blubbalubbalobbablubba. I found it quite amusing and told it that we couldn't understand a word.


      Its response was an odd one: It produced a couple of opaque white bubbles from either its mouth or chest that floated to me and I either absorbed them though my chest or breathed them in. It did the same to Victoria. I knew the bubble was changing our bodies somehow. The thought that was in my mind was that it was changing our bodies to be closer to the Etheric 'Template' that exists that our Essence created to shape our body. Like an 'ideal' version.


      The outward visible effect of this was...... (wait for it)...... a sun tan?!


      I found this very amusing in the dream!


      The other effect of the changed was that we could understand what Mr ET was saying to us... but I don't remember any of it. I think it explained what it had done to us....?


      I think my dream guide was having a bit of fun with me, after I said to Vivi that I never see actual ETs in dreams.


      In another part of the dream, I was walking though some kind of military area (It was large and ringed with barbed wire in the distance) towards some single storey buildings with my Mother and somebody else, someone from my family I think.


      As we walked along I suddenly realized we were not alone. We were surrounded by tens or hundreds of 3 feet tall beings, similar to the ones described above. They were walking with us in a very loose crowd. I pointed this out to the others with surprise. We weren't alarmed by them, we felt they weren't a threat.


      They walked us to the building, where there was some kind of mechanical machine. A couple of them talked their nonsense at me and the others and pointed to the machine, and I understood that they wanted us to use it. I could see it was like a big food mixing machine consisting of a big 2 foot wide and 3 foot deep bowl and a big paddle shaped mixer stuck inside it that apparently turned inside and mixed up the contents.


      I told them I didn't know how to use it and wasn't happy to try it. They chattered to each other then one of them stepped forward and showed us how to use it.


      I don't remember where the dream went after that!


      Anyway... there it is, an ET dream!


      I might ask Michael what it could mean...


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      Reply by Vivi on May 10, 2013 at 2:47pm

      LOVED THIS!! This really made me smile :)


      I think having ET dreams is extremely helpful in growth.  Even if it's just imagination, or symbolism, or guides having some fun with us, the simple action of holding dreamworld interaction with an alien species seems to open up a lot of feelings we have deep down both good and bad (and bad really being good).  I'd like to say that of course, there are ETs, and we are also ETs, and we really need to stop obsessing about the "us" vs. "them", and just realize that there are no ETs outside of ourselves (they are within us, around us, and ARE us).  


      The thing about ET dreams, is that once you've had one, you realize you've kind of always had them, as you mentioned.  Even as I read your dream, I recalled ET dreams that I've had in the past that I hadn't even thought of since the night I had them, which is truly amazing.  It's almost like waking up to see what has been there all along.


      I would love to hear what Michael has to say about it!



      Reproductive testing dream (08/31/2010)

      Posted by Vivi on May 6, 2013 at 10:23pm

      This is from a dream I had a while back, but it impacted me so I wrote it down:


      Last night I had a dream about contact.  It was one of my first dreams, so the details are blurry.  I was in a room, on a bed, and there was a big picture window to my left.  Some sort of reproductive testing was being done, and I had to write down my results on a piece of paper.  No one else was in the room with me, but I knew testing had been done to me, completely voluntarily.  I was in no way a victim; I was happy to participate.  The piece of paper contained names of more people and their results, as if the paper had been passed along to the participants to make their notes.


      I knew the ET would be coming to collect the paper from me, and I felt their energy coming through the picture window.  I became afraid and refused their presence.  I knew they would come back as they needed to collect the results, so I was braver the second time and waited.  From the picture window I saw a glowing white circle, with a lot of light getting bigger as it got closer.  I knew it was the ET and I wanted to stay focused really badly so that I could see what would happen; I no longer wanted to run away. 


      Unfortunately either they put me to sleep or their presence made me fall asleep, but the next thing I remember was their spaceships leaving on a purple starry sky.  I was frustrated that I didn't meet with them.  They left in sort of a hurry so I'm guessing they didn't want to interact with me while I was awake.


      If I were to describe the ET appearance, this dream gives me the energy of a short, white skinned ET.  Maybe a Zeta hybrid.  A benevolent energy, but uncomfortable due to my fear.


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      ET contact in dreams

      Posted by Vivi on May 1, 2013 at 7:35pm

      Michael states:


      "Imagination does not equate Delusion.  Imagination is a tool that can be used for Delusion or for Direction, and includes the spectrum between.


      To truly comprehend and sense the validity of exchange between the physical and non-physical one must first embrace Imagination as the very language that will be used for that. As in the learning of any language, practice is important, and differentiation of “voices” becomes easier with that practice."

      Like some of you, I've had many dreams dealing with non-terran beings.  My dreams often involve more "evolved" beings communicating with me and encouraging me to meditate, research, let go of fear, etc.


      Of course, I would love to have ETs visit my dreams and make these kinds of connections with me, which is the reason why I sometimes doubt how much of these experiences is "valid" and how much is in my imagination.  The excerpt from Michael above really touches on that subject for me.


      Do you experience ET-related dreams, and have you found ways to explore them on a deeper level?


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      Reply by Mike C on May 3, 2013 at 3:50pm

      Hello Vivi!


      I find this subject very interesting. The only 'ETs' I have ever seen in dreams have been in my old recurring dream that I used to have up to the age of about 12 which involved a huge invasion, explosions, wrecked streets of houses and picking our way as a family through the town to look for safety. I saw space craft roaming around looking for people but never saw the occupants. In some variations of this dream it was traditional jet fighters instead.


      So I have never, as far as I remember, seen actual ETs in my dreams. This is curious to me because I am very very interested in the subject of ETs and have read all sorts of material on them so you would think they are ripe material for my subconscious to build a dream from. But no! Maybe my subconscious steers clear of such obvious things and chooses more subtle constructs instead.


      I realize now that sound like I write with the presumption that your dreams are not cases of actual contact with ETs. But perhaps they are? I am reading a couple of books by Dolores Cannon that recount cases that do seem to be contact with actual ETs, so I am not against the idea. I think it is more likely that they are your guides contacting you while you surf the astral at night, and your physical brain is interpreting the 'alien' astral concepts through the fluid and malleable filter of the astral, where emotions become thought forms.


      The other night I was reading (Dolores Cannon: The Convoluted Universe Part 2) before I went to sleep. The chapter was about a person getting information about potential modification/'upgrade' of the human body to include 12 strands of DNA in a ring formation. (I don't really get how that helps us!) that supposedly will cause us to become 'light bodied'.


      The resulting dream involved a bit where I was looking down at night on a city, with all its roads and streets lit up by street lights. Cars and people going about their business.


      My attention was drawn to one area in particular, a big circular road interrupted by perhaps a dozen roads leading off it. A bit like 'The Circus' in my native city of Bath, UK. A voice in my head told me "Look, there's The Strand"


      The Strand is a straight road in London, and in the dream I assumed that’s what they meant. When I woke up I realized that was wrong, and what I was being shown!


      I was being shown the 12 STRANDs of DNA arranged in a loop. on a LIVING ROADMAP - as DNA has been described by some scientists. The map was lit up by LIGHT from within itself!


      Isn't it amazing how the mind works?


      Reply by Vivi on May 3, 2013 at 8:00pm

      Michael - I LOVED your post!! Very awesome! I think I'll be referring to it again in the future. :)


      I would think you would have tons of ET dreams due to your fascination with them.  I often think that's why I have mine.  But then my consciousness corrects me by telling me that I am fascinated by them because I've had experiences involving ETs.


      I sort of think of ETs and guides as the same beings.  Not one feels more or less real than the other, and the sensation of familiarity and alienness that I get from them fits in with both my "ET" and "guide" definitions.  If I'm what some would call a "Starseed", then I guess it all sort of makes sense.  I'll be writing more about my ET dreams in the future.  They involve different ET races and some dialogue; kind of interesting!


      Your DNA dream gave me goosebumps!! That is amazing! Hold on to that dream and don't let it go.  I took for granted an incredible dream I had with ET consciousness and DNA a few years ago, and I've now forgotten most of it. I've had a few vivid dreams involving the DNA, awakening, and hybrid reproduction themes that I'll write about later.  I think you'll enjoy those.


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  23. Dream Caravan (from eTLE)

    1. Dream Caravan on eTLE

      Dream Caravan from eTLE


      Crossing a Bridge

      Shazam, posted May 10, 2016

      So I have had many dreams that include water and my avoidance of it. Most of the dreams, I will be before a bridge and know I am there to cross it, but I am always afraid of it breaking and falling in the water. In every case, I do end up in the water. Sometimes I will be inching my way across the bridge and then it starts to collapse and submerges. Sometimes the bridge will already be broken and I have to makeshift a way across, usually ending up me in the water trying to swim ashore.

      Both times in my life when these dreams have shown up, I am undergoing a lot of stress in my emotional life. At first, I wondered if I had died by drowning in a past life or something, but now I think they have something to do with challenges and when they present themselves to me, and whether or not I'm feeling ready to take a "leap of faith."

      Any ideas? Any similar dreams? Any similar connections to the physical?

      Thanks guys :)

      Rosario, posted May 12, 2016

      I have dreamed about water when I needed to strip some insecurities away. Or "cleaning" myself from unwanted energies i.e. negative people and thoughts.

      The bridges may represent external aid, and transition between states. Maybe you have someone in your life that you feel is not giving you enough support. Still, you can build new "bridges" from your own resources...from compassion towards yourself and the place where you are right now. And cross them without fear.


      Bobby, posted May 12, 2016

      Do you typically avoid your emotions?  Water can represent the emotions.



      Hanging with James Franco

      Moonfeather, posted March 21, 2016

      I have never dreamt of James Franco but he featured prominently in my dreams last night. Most of the details are fuzzy but I remember Maureen, Tex and Martha were there too. We were hanging around in a pool, just us and James and then suddenly we were overwhelmed with lots of people. Once that happened, I remember Maureen wondering about airports and going there to get away.


      Prior to getting to the pool part of the dream, I remember one on one time with James and being surprised that he was choosing to hang out with me. After we had hung out, he was walking down the street in a black suit and he looked really handsome and I yelled out to him how good he looked and he got upset by that. It was after that he stopped hanging with me alone and the pool part of the dream occurred.



      Corporal Punishment Free Zone

      Bobby posted July 6, 2015

      No Energy Report just yet for July but I had a pretty strong dream last night where I was making an argument against corporal punishment with my parents and destroying their argument in favor of it.  The main gist of the argument was that it is an assault and how no one has any right to assault another individual absent self-defense of course.


      ADDENDUM:  I came across the following article on 2/17/2016.  I had no idea that Erasmus was so against corporal punishment!  :)



      Connor, posted July 6, 2015

      Corporal punishment was definitely one of the largest blocks standing in the way of my opening up to greater levels of intimacy with my parents. It taught me to fear them rather than analyze the consequences of my actions in of themselves. It made me so incredibly angry and afraid.

      I remember one February when I was 7 years old, my dad and I were returning to the car from a Cub Scouts event. When we got into the car my dad looked at me and he apologized for all the times he hit me. He told me he would stop. Our relationship has always been a bit shaky, but he kept his word - he never lay a hand on me after that.  I am grateful he stopped when he did. If he continued, a day may well have come when I hit him back.


      I agree. People may throw various contexts in my face to justify corporal punishment, but I shrug them all off. There is always a better way to teach children than hitting them.


      Maxim, posted July 7, 2015

      Bobby, just have to report in the odd synchronicity department that I recently dreamed you had rejoined the Army as a corporal and the TLE community was congratulating you. 


      Bobby, posted July 7, 2015

      Now that would be an "OH SHIT" moment!  And, a demotion at that :-)


      Bobby, posted February 17, 2016

      I added a note to this entry based upon an article that I came across today which exemplifies Erasmus' strong stance against corporal punishment.


      Erasmus most systematically expressed his thoughts on children and their rights in his treatise on education, A Declamation on the Subject of Early Liberal Education for Children, otherwise known as On Education for Children. He composed this treatise during his travels through Italy from 1506-9. Erika Rummel, editor of The Erasmus Reader, describes On Education for Children as “a Christian-humanist reformulation of the classical ideal of education.” Rummel says that, “It reflects Erasmus’ own priorities in its firm depreciation of mechanical rote-learning, its lively insistence on the educative power of play in the instruction of the young, and in the emphatic rejection of corporal punishment.”



      An Encounter with a Dead Man

      Bobby, posted February 11, 2016

      Last night's dream:

      This dream clearly involved a man by the name of Jason.  I have never met Jason.  I've only "known" him through a very few stories and photographs that I've seen of him on Facebook.  Jason was the father of my nephew-in-law Nick and Jason died in a tragic accident on Nov 7th of last year.


      My dream started with me trying to watch a movie on something like a large screen TV and Jason was there somewhere in the background.  I know this because it seemed as if he were constantly trying to interact with me by talking and it was rather distracting since I was trying to watch the movie.  At one point, he even put an album on a record player to listen to music at the same time I was trying to watch this movie.  I remember the album oddly being from The Sound of Music soundtrack.


      The scene eventually changed but still Jason was there.  In fact, we were the only two people in the dream.  The only other living thing in the dream was my cat, Quincy.  In this scene, we were in a house.  It seemed as if it were a time where decisions, by others, were having to be made due to a death of someone we knew.  In this scene, Jason was busy involved in cooking.  It seemed as if that was something he really enjoyed doing and did it often.  The only thing is that he cooked what I would judge as very odd sorts of meats.  It wasn't the usual beef and chicken fare.  It could be possum, deer, and other strange things that one might eat that came to mind.  I sensed that he wanted me to try some of it but I managed to delay. I remember him at one point going through a list of different things he had cooked before wanting to know if I had had them or maybe curious if I would eat them.  Finally, he said "pig dick."  I think fearing that he may actually have some of that and attempt to get me to try it I gave an emphatic "NO!!!"


      At one point, he took a piece of meat out of the pot he was cooking in and tossed it to my cat, Quincy.  I had told Jason to make sure that it was cut into small pieces and make sure it had cooled down some but he paid me no mind.  It landed on a plate in front of Quincy.  It was a sinewy piece of meat with an edge of it made up of fat.  Quincy grabbed the piece of meat with his paws which at this point resembled those of a raccoon and began voraciously chewing on it.  The juices from it poured as if you were wringing out a cloth rag.


      Jason died at only 39 years of age.  I'm curious, since he died just over 3 months ago now, if he might have finished up his Review and has begun to play?


      Something else I found interesting after the fact of this dream is that the next day was Carson's birthday.  Jason was Carson's granddad.  I can tell by photos that I've seen that Jason really loved him.  In fact, I think Jason was probably trying to make up for lost time with Nick, his son, since Jason relinquished custody of Nick to his grandmother who ended up raising him. 


      Before Jason's death though, I don't think Nick was ready for that or wanted it.  Since Jason's death, I have heard that Nick feels guilty about that.  I think Michael briefly made reference to this issue in my "About that rather significant wave of Agreements" blog where Michael stated about a Discipline Agreement:


      [MEntity]:  This [Discipline Agreement] appears to be in negotiations to expand in two directions so that it includes Troy and a male relative in his youth.


      [Bobby]:  What would likely shift away from doubt and into full release of potential be about?


      [MEntity]:  In the case with Troy, this would be fairly obvious in terms of time management and idealistic vision for publishing. As for the young relative, we think this would have to do with insecurities and shame that are hidden or private that can be shared and released through conversations.


      [MEntity]:  There are foundations of common ground in philosophy and perspective that are inherent in the youth, but not known to be shared by others.



      A Spy in Canada

      Colleen, posted January 30, 2016

      If I wake up to go to the bathroom during the night, the final part of any dream involves looking for a clean bathroom. Usually, it is an endless search and I just wake up. Last night was different. In the dream, I was a spy in Canada on a secret mission. After several spy activities, I came to a big shopping mall where my contact sold me a cheese cake. Inside was a secret object to decipher so that I could report back to the Kansas government. This was now the point the “full bladder” warning came on so in the dream I took my cheese cake to look for a clean bathroom.


      To my amazement I found one immediately and it was very clean. I went in and a sliding wooden door closed for privacy. Instructions on how to operate the toilet came over a speaker in English and then in French. I was not paying attention since I was busy with the cheese cake. The door slid open and a costumed big bird mascot of the mall started in but left when he saw me, saying, “Oh, excuse me.” He came back soon afterward, saw I was still in there and said, “Excusez-moi” while leaving. Finally, I retrieved the secret object and threw out the cheese cake. As I was leaving, a sweet elderly woman came in from a different door saying she was the bathroom counselor and had a concern. She said I probably had an old butterscotch stuck in my throat that I do not know about and that I should do something about it.  That’s when I woke up. 


      Caricai, posted January 30, 2016

      What an interesting dream. Maybe the butterscotch represents communication issues. Like maybe subconsciously you have some things to say that you haven't yet said because they are starting to backup in your throat. Butterscotch seems like a basic flavor to me tho so maybe the things you need to say are easier to communicate than you think.


      Whenever I dream I'm using the bathroom I wake up panicked that I wet the bed but that never happens. LOL



      A Mysterious Dream Text

      Bobby, posted January 22, 2016

      Last night's dream:

      I had the sensation that I had just received a text during the time that I would be sleeping even though I heard no sound from my phone indicating any such thing had just happened.  I remember knowing the "message" of the text coming in very slowly and it was something along the lines of "I'm sorry to hear about your friend Geraldine."  Somehow, I replied with "Yes and thank you.  Even though we will miss her, we are looking forward to what she experiences next."


      At first when the thought of a text message was coming my way, I chalked it up to possibly nephew Nick since his birthday is the same as Troy’s and I had called him and left a voicemail message wishing him a happy birthday.  Possibly, he had seen some Facebook posts regarding Geraldine and was combining his thank you with a response about those.  I checked my phone this morning when I awoke and there were no text incoming at any time last night.  So, "who" sent the dream message?  :)


      NOTE:  Geraldine actually died the next day.



      A Very Catty Snake

      Bobby, posted January 20, 2016

      Last night's dream:

      I was walking through the house and a snake jumped onto me, probably from walking by the bed or some piece of furniture like that. It wasn't threatening. In fact, I specifically remembered in the dream that the snake was about as playful as a cat would be in doing what it just did. I wasn't threatened by it at all. When it jumped onto me, it must have lodged itself in my clothing somehow because it was just "there" as I continued walking. It finally fell out of my clothing and down to my feet where I must have accidentally stepped on it. It ended up biting me and left 3 indentations from the bite on the bottom of my right foot just behind my middle toe. I turned my foot over to see what damage may be there and noticed the 3 puncture wounds. To see if any venom had gotten into the skin, I squeezed the bite area and out oozed this thick blue liquid which I then realized there was a problem. I grabbed an antiseptic and swabbed the area knowing that this would make everything alright.



      Cause and Effect Dream?

      Bobby, posted December 22, 2015

      Last night I had a short dream that really makes you think about cause and effect.


      Marty and I had stopped to grab a bite to eat at this little Mexican food dive.  The guy behind the counter where I was ordering had such a thick accent, more like Indian, that I was only able to understand about every other word or two.  I had pulled out a 20 dollar bill to pay as he was getting things ready for me but he had to go back and get one other item and I had decided to put the $20 back in my wallet and just pay with credit card instead.  When he came back he was ready for me to pay.  I was still standing there with my wallet opened up.  He reached in and pulled out what he wanted me to pay with.  That would normally be a definite no-no with me.  He gave me my change and when I looked at it, it was way more than $20.  It seemed as if he had given me back around $60.  I had just assumed he reached in and took the $20 that I originally had out on the counter to pay with.  When he showed me what he took for payment, it was this blue strip of paper that was a "Save $200 at" coupon.  I had paid nothing for that and he took it for payment and gave me change!  Since he wanted it for payment, I explained to him how to get his money's worth at and he was still satisfied with that.


      Now for the cause and effect part.  Marty always gets up before me. While he was up this morning, he had sent me a Facebook messenger message about an item that he wanted me to look at and potentially order at some point today.  Even though the notification does come to my iPhone and it sits on the bed beside me, I don't hear any notifications when I'm in bed because those are shut off for that time period.  I had not even looked at the phone to see his message until I decided to go ahead and wakeup before my alarm went off.


      This makes me think about the potential blending of consciousness in that dreamy state while asleep.  Which caused which?  Did my dream cause him to go looking or did his looking cause my dream?


      This place was a little crowded while we were there so seating was a little short.  We were sitting at a table with 4 seats.  When I came back to our table with the food, a guy from the kitchen, on his break apparently, had also sat down at our table beside Marty.  This guy must have been very tired because he kept placing his head on the table as if to take a nap.  Marty's Goal is Discrimination so this was so not OK!   LOL.  Eventually, very annoyed, Marty came and sat on the same side of the table beside me instead of across from me.


      I will offer one other piece of info.  Before going to bed last night, I was reading different posts in the library and the last one I read before going to bed was on guides.  The relationship guide was mentioned to work with you through your dreams.


      Maureen, posted December 22, 2015

      I love it! One of the things (it's multi-layered, I'm sure) your guide(s) might be communicating with you is just how connected you are with Marty. I think so often when we live with people we forget this because we are so close to them, at times, it's like not seeing the forest for the trees or vice-versa.  ;) 


      Interestingly, I had a shared dream, once, with a person I was living with (Old 6 Warrior-cast Server). As we woke up, and we started to talk about our dreams, we realized that they were exactly the same with only minor differences. Without going into any elaborate detail (the storyline, with life/dream intertwining, is complex), this dream was the "fuel" that got us looking for another place to live and ultimately to our first break-up (and headed to our last) which was sorely needed.



      Parallel Dream and other weirdness

      Caricai posted January 1, 2016

      I've been having a lot of crazy dreams lately. Last night's dream:


      There was a new piece of furniture in my room suddenly. It was a new platform with drawers and a different mattress than the one I have now. I open the drawers and there were clothes I always wanted but never bought and they were several sizes too big. I knew immediately that I was in a different parallel. I kept staring at the bed trying to figure out how it got there and how long it had been there. I figured the other version of me must have done a better job managing her money because it looked expensive with its dark wood stain and ornate filigrees. The drawers contained bras, ponchos, sweaters, and as I was about to try on a poncho that was much too big a skunk popped out and landed on the mattress. I freaked out unsure what to do. Then the dream switched and I was in bed with and old friend and her husband. We seemed to be just draped across each other relaxing. I don’t know if we had had sex together but figured we must have and that parallel me did a better job of keeping in touch with them. I wondered if she was truly attracted to me or just doing it for her husband but it didn't really matter because the moment was so pleasant. Either way I figured it was nice to have him draped across my legs because he was so handsome. This version of me was doing okay. Then the dream switched again and I was back in my room with this new bedset. My sister seemed to be playing a role playing game with a friend and I was kind of annoyed that they didn’t ask me to play. One of the garments had listening ear pieces sewn in. I pulled them out and put one in my ear so I could hear their phone conversation. I asked them if I could play and my sister’s friend said I didn’t know how to play and I explained I’ve played role playing games before actually. Then she said it was too late for me to enter the game. I knew she was just being lazy. I could have acted out a DM part. I was upset but said okay but still mad they didn’t ask me. Then some other woman showed up on my bed and she was trouble. I think she may have been the skunk transformed into a woman. She spread paint all over the new clothes and all over my walls and everywhere. I was so mad that I ran after her and knew I had to kill her, so I caught her and strangled her. She was laughing as I did it. I found her vein and pressed on it. She laughed till the end. There were armed guards in the room and one on either side of me to make sure no one interfered. She died and I was just relieved. I woke up appalled that I would dream killing someone all the way thru. The woman had short dirty blonde hair and an evil grin. In the dream I thought I was doing the world a favor by getting rid of her. I just knew I couldn't let her cause other people any more trouble. She was just bad news and she HAD to die for the good of humanity.

      I know I'm going to be spending all day trying to figure this one out.


      I had this other dream weeks ago, but it seems to have become relevant. I was walking towards the entrance of a cultural center and I was excited about seeing the exhibits. A man with a wheelchair walks up to me and offers to roll me thru the exhibit. I’m horrified. I tell him I know I’ve been complaining about my aches and turning 40 soon and whatnot, but I’m not that old yet. I tell him I can still walk and I don’t need the wheelchair. He just smiles at me stupidly. I walk towards the entrance and the dream is over. I mention it cause then shortly after that dream I literally hurt my knee and I'm not even sure how I did it. I just woke up one day and couldn't walk. I think I tore a tendon or ligament or something and had to use a cane and do RICE therapy for a couple weeks. It's still not healed all the way. Then last week I ended up in the ER for a blood transfusion and spent the night in the hospital too weak to go anywhere. Turns out there's all kinds of things wrong with my uterus and it might have to go. I've just been in too much pain and too weak to do much since Christmas Eve. So maybe that dream was preparation from my higher self. More than once this past week I've thought a wheelchair would come in handy, and I wish I had accepted that guy's help in my dream. It's only now that I'm able to go a few hours without some kind of pain down there.


      This is all forcing me to think about this in metaphysical terms. I'm wondering if the Michaels have had anything in general to say about metaphysical causes of diseases in certain parts of the body or with certain organs or whatnot. In any case going thru this is helping me understand how arrogance as a chief feature has been at work in my life. All my feelings about attractiveness, and self-worth, and pregnancy have all been tied up with arrogance. Wish I had understood this earlier. Ironically, I'd been saying ever since I was a teen that I didn't want children, but I raised one anyway. And yes, I only just now realized that. Ha! Well, uterine fibroids run in my family, but not adenomyosis. I'm guessing this is a combination of genetics and metaphysical self-worth stuff. Ugh. Also, I had a moment when I was nearly passed out the day before I went to the ER where I thought I was gonna die from blood loss. I thought that I wasn't ready to die because Star Wars VIII hadn't been made yet, and wondering which IM this would be if I did die. It's funny to me that my thoughts upon thinking I might be dying were about Star Wars and not my family or friends. LOL Am I a geek or what?


      Then I had a dream a few nights ago where I was a spaceship captain and I was pissed because I discovered there was a stowaway on board. There wasn’t enough air, water, food for him and my crew. I really didn’t want to throw him out the airlock but he shouldn't have been on board and I didn't want us all to die because of him, but then the dream trails off and believe it or not, it picks up the next night, but it's a different version. This time the stowaway brought his own supplies and a space suit with an oxygen tank. I was still mad tho because this bozo hadn't thought it thru. There wasn't enough oxygen to last the whole voyage. I'd still have to consider throwing him out the airlock....


      So I guess I gotta figure out now why I'm having dreams about having to kill people and whether or not my uterus is really the stowaway or the skunk brain is just so weird sometimes.


       Bobby posted January 1, 2016

       Wow, Cari... just wow, on both the dreams and the physical issues. 


      Maureen posted January 1, 2016

      Cary, yes, you are sure doing a LOT of work at night. In answer to your wondering, "This is all forcing me to think about this in metaphysical terms. I'm wondering if the Michaels have had anything in general to say about metaphysical causes of diseases in certain parts of the body or with certain organs or whatnot.", yes, Michael does have a lot to say but you have to ask them. I'm kind of relentless myself about asking them what is going on metaphysically whenever I ask them about any physical condition, illness, wounding, etc. I've gotten a lot of information over the years, for myself and for others, but in many cases it's been too private to blog about. I have noticed that Michael does correlate illnesses, woundings, etc., metaphysically, to the parts of the body exactly the way Louise Hay does in her book "Heal Your Body". Also, from what I have seen, you yourself are an excellent "judge" of what is going on in your own body and how it relates to metaphysical "causes". You are already doing "Good Work".


      I'm thinking that perhaps some of the people you've been dreaming about are subpersonalities of yours. That jumped right out at me ...especially the woman you "killed off". You may want to explore that and see if it strikes a chord with you. Also, if you study Astrology, Michael did a fantastic session (my favourite OMW) correlating subpersonalities to planets within one's Natal Chart. If you're interested, here is the LINK.


      As I said earlier, you are doing a great deal of work while you sleep. You wouldn't be doing this if you weren't up to it and weren't willing to do your own transformative work. Often (pretty well always, actually) the only way to get to the beauty of yourself is through the more "ugly" layers. A lot of people give up and sit down in their own stink. You are rolling up your sleeves up and saying - "OK, what's next?" When you say that you are bringing even more of Essence on board with you. I sense that you are ready for some big changes and are (finally) really "getting it" -- that it starts with you. You've known this on an intellectual level but you are getting it, big time, on an emotional level. This IS how we (all) move towards wholeness. I can see that's where you're headed.


      Caricai posted January 2, 2016

      Thanks Maureen. As always you give me lots to think about. I,m going to look up that book too. I forget about subpersonalities, but I think I get what skunk lady and stowaway represent. Out with the old in with the new.



      TLE Gathering in the River

      JanetE posted October 26, 2015

      My puppy Minx woke me about 4:45 this morning. I could hear her walking around, but then she went back to sleep. I turned over and remembered the following dream.

      P.S. She is a fairly small dog so perhaps that's why tiny puppies came up.


      I was with Troy and a large group of other people. A TLE gathering! Although the only other person I remember seeing and recognizing was myBobby.

      Troy told us he had found a new place for us to get together. I saw an image of a domed hill -- and island in the middle of a river. It wasn’t round; by domed I mean the shape suggested that there was more to it on the inside than just an island.

      We were excited be going there, so we gathered our things into backpacks, and we all walked into the closest river. We floated down the river and merged into another river. I remember thinking OMG I’m floating in the East River. This is probably not the best idea.

      But the river delivered us straight to the island, and we crawled inside.

      The inside was very low and cramped. I crawled away from others and tried to find a place where I could have my head upright while seated. I found a place that barely fit. (It wasn’t until later that I realized that most people are taller than me so their situation must have been worse.) There were ceiling lights here and there, but it was quite dim. Overall, quite disappointing and I couldn’t imagine how we were going to spend days together in this place.

      I went back to Troy and he said don’t worry. He went off and did something, and the ceiling started to rise and rise, and then we were standing in the middle of a grand cathedral. Everyone perked up considerably.

      Later we were going for an outing. I think there were multiple things to do, but many of us decided to do this outing. When we left our shelter in a large group, we had to find the river -- which for some reason was now a few blocks away.

      As soon as we started forward, a large number of pedestrians appeared and crossed our path, preventing us from moving forward easily. We tried another direction and another large number of pedestrians appeared. Where had all these people come from? We seemed to be in a rather deserted area, possibly under a bridge or overpass, so there was no easy explanation.

      We persisted and tried another direction and made it through all the pedestrians. I wanted to go in the direction I thought was the river, but Troy pointed to the right down a side street, and there was the river.

      We all let ourselves back out into the river and floated; I remember that Troy and myBobby had their arms linked and floated together. We saw a small village on the shore. This was no longer New York, but had a setting like a Caribbean island.

      We walked around to sightsee. There were numerous tiny tiny puppies everywhere. They were adorable. Dogs were having litters all over the place, and you could pick up a tiny puppy and put it in your pocket.

      One man picked up one puppy and then couldn’t resist a second. It was not legal to bring these back through customs, but the man thought perhaps no one would notice. Of course one puppy whimpered as he went through customs. The stern customs woman made him take the puppies out of his pocket and he had to pay a fine.




      How to kill what you love

      PPLD posted September 20, 2015


      I am very sensitive to flying eastbound, so I am still jet-lagged. Weekend as it is, I can allow myself to fall asleep a little now and then. This afternoon I had a nap and dreamt this deeply disturbing and sadly true dream about myself.


      My little Cat is to give birth.

      We are not in our home. Somewhere else that could serve as a home. It would be absolutely perfect to stay there and let her proceed with the labour.

      But no. I have decided that I want to be home with her. I don’t recollect the reason for it, but I do remember the feeling of manipulating my surroundings, having a hidden agenda.

      I tell her that being home, in her own little cat bed will be the safest and best for her. She is so little, so fragile. She loves and trusts me fully so she believes that what I do, I do for her.

      But I don’t. Already when talking about taking her home, I know that short after I will be taking her back to where we just now are.

      So selfish, so ruthless I am. So concentrated on my goal, that nothing and no one that comes in my way matters.

      I take her up and she lets out a moan of pain. I apologise and she gives me a frail, loving smile. “Everything is good, she says. Don’t worry about me.”

      And I feel how much I do worry about her! I love her dearly, my nearest friend, my companion, my lieutenant. I don’t want to be without her!

      But in my determination to get what I want the way I want it, I am merciless and cold-blooded. I do prefer to get it without casualties, but if that’s what it takes – so be it.



      The Possessive Goddess and the Shaman

      PPLD posted August 31, 2015

      Yesterday evening I suddenly got an urge to contemplate on my academic discipline: the Sociology of Deviance. In short – it deals with everything that is opposed to what Sociology calls mores and folkways, i.e. right/wrong and proper/rude, as well as violation of the enacted rules and laws in the societal context of where you are

      I love my discipline. My research has been about the importance of deviance for the evolution of society. In 2007 however I realised that my pursuing this path, is not what I should do; there’re far greater ways to contribute to the foundation of tolerance and place for all, in the organism of earth-born existence. Short after, I found MT.

      Yesterday however, I had a walk down the memory lane, I was reading, theorising and after that, I had not less than SEVEN separate dreams, all somehow connected to learning, knowledge and deviance. This one started the dream-marathon;

      -------- The Possessive Goddess, the Shaman, his markings and the Megabat --------

      The scene: The high, rocky mountain rising above the endless grasslands.

      This is at the time when The People still live on the mountain. They go down to the grasslands only to pick herbs, to search for food plants. They always stay at the foot of the mountain, never going too far, always ready to run up the rocks and hide in the caves where their dwellings are.

      I can’t see any signs of life when I look down over the grasslands. No big animals, no other human presence. I get the feeling that the fear of the grasslands is more of a superstition than a fact-based precaution. The mountain is their safety because that’s where their guiding Spirit dwells.

      I am that Spirit. They think of me as female and I am their Goddess. For the Shaman, I am the Mistress.

      On this day, I know that I’m about to choose a new Shaman. Candidates will be approaching me. I think that I killed the previous one. But that’s of no significance. I’m very curious about whom they will send up to me now?

      The candidate has to climb the mountain and enter my cave. It’s a hazardous climb. The cave opening is very high up and the mountain wall under it is nearly vertical. The candidate who succeeds to climb up, enters my cave and that’s when I seize him up (it’s always a he) and decide whether I accept him and the offering he brought me, or not.

      I see two human silhouettes in the cave opening; a male and a female. I glide towards them to get a better look.

      The man is very young, almost a boy. I like that! The others were so old and boring and ugly to look at. His clothing is made of hides, not a very advanced design yet processed and cut to deliberate shapes. His skin is dark olive and he has the most beautiful shoulder long, dead straight raven hair. It looks so healthy, so ALIVE. I want to touch it, to pull it, to see how much pain he can endure through his hair (!).

      The offering – the girl – is different again; she’s nude and I see her very fair, almost transparent skin. Her hair is long, thick and frizzy and has the colour of burned grass. She is an anomaly. But there’s more to her; she is blind. That means that she can actually see me! No one else can. The Shaman has to trust my being there through his instincts, his gut, but this blind girl – she can literally SEE me. It makes her a worthy offering but also a risk... But I like that! I decide to accept her.

      And the boy, my new Shaman – Oh! He is SO beautiful! I want to keep him here with me in my cave. I want to EAT him, so lovely he is!

      I hear his thoughts; he’s begging me to accept him, to own him, to take him in my service and be his Mistress. He begs for his life, he’s scared and I understand that I’ve killed all the previous candidates. If the climb doesn't kill the candidate I do that through The People; if I let him return without any sign confirming that he’s been chosen, they will kill him.

      The People are nervous and scared. I've already killed many candidates and that's why they sent these two. They believe that they can spare them!

      ‘He can die.’ they say ‘He means nothing. Let’s send him.’ ‘Let her go with him’ they say about the pale, blind girl ‘She’s a curse, the reason for why the Goddess doesn’t accept anyone. She needs to die!’

      It enrages me!

      I sense the boy's fear but I also sense that he already loves me. And I too love him. I will possess him totally. He won’t have any other soul than mine. I will make him my greatest Shaman. I will give him tokens no Shaman before him had;

      I let him keep the pale blind girl, the anomaly The People thought they’re sending to certain death. She will be my Shaman’s Eyes. If they can’t learn to accept her, they will have to fear her.

      When my Shaman speaks my messages, I will carve dark, thin lines to his face and his body. The more he speaks – the more lines. Like imprinted pictures of the messages, like snakes or ivy branches seizing his body. I can see it hurts him badly. He’s writhing in pain. I can sense his agony and it gives me a nearly orgasmic bliss; now I possess both his soul and his body.

      And I’ll give him an ally that will serve as a sign of his service and will make The People too scared to cross him. I’ll give him the big, black leather bird. I wave my hand and there it is, the Big Bat, raven black and shiny like the boy's hair. It will follow my Shaman when he safely climbs down back to the ones who didn’t care for him or his Eyes.



      Juni posted August 31, 2015

      These read like a folk tale. Fascinating. :)


      PPLD posted August 31, 2015

      :-) It felt very, very intense in the dream I can say...


      Patty posted August 31, 2015

      What a dark dream, Pat! But I loved it, and want to know more - what do the shaman boy and the blind girl do with their new power? Where does the story go from here? It sounds like the prologue to some historical fiction/fantasy novel. If this were the start of a book, I'd already be hooked!


      Colleen posted August 31, 2015

      Yes, a very interesting dream and it would be a potent prologue to a novel like Patty said. The main story would be from the point of view of the people as they encounter the shaman, girl, and bat. Interludes from the goddess would be scattered throughout the story as she describes the action from her vantage point. After a while, a tribe of nomadic grassland people arrive way down in the valley. The girl is aware of them and asks the shaman to send the bat for reconnaissance. The bat returns with a spear in his chest and falls at the foot of the shaman.  The shaman shrieks in pain as more thin lines are etched in his body. The girl says the goddess has been humiliated and seeks retribution. The mountain people conclude that they are expected to confront these strangers but they hesitate to leave their sanctuary. The shaman, once a handsome youth, cries as the same jagged symbol pierces the skin of his back. But this time, the wound heals rapidly only to be etched in his skin over and over again, healing, re-wounding, healing, and re-wounding. Loose rock and boulders come bounding off the mountain. The girl says the goddess is furious. The shaman says for all to pick up the rocks and confront the strangers. As they travel closer to the grassland people a remarkable and unexpected shift in mood settles down upon them. Some drop their rocks in confusion. Others slow down and look at the shaman for a sign. But he has nothing to offer. The girl says she can no longer see the goddess for they have escaped her reach. Then the mountain in the distance shakes violently and collapses into a heap. The girl says the goddess was so mad of our leaving that she destroyed our home and herself. The mountain people beseech her with you told us she wanted us to go forth and attack the intruders. "The goddess etched her sign, the shaman cried. I knew what she said, but I lied. We are free."                    


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015

      You know Patty, so interesting that you see it as a dark dream. I never thought of it this way. To me it's a rather happy dream! (OK, who wants to be in my head? Volunteers..? ;) Well, at least a dream about empowerment and authorisation. The ability to see worth and value in something that is deemed useless and inadequate, to dare the fear of difference, to give strength to the weak.

      The death and the pain... Well I know, it's like a rather high price to pay. On the other hand - it somehow makes sense in the context of the times, the dawn of The People haha.

      My lifelong preoccupation with all sorts of deviances is something I really need to check with Michael. It is such a strong theme in this lifetime. I also wonder if it is some kind of a reoccurring theme in this Grand Cycle? Wouldn't be surprised...

      Until then however – hm… Maybe not a novel (no patience… would just kill all characters at the latest on page 53…) but a short story??

      OR – which would be even better – a continuation of the dream in a dream! What DID happen to them?!?


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015



      No killing bats in my novels thank you very much! 


      Caricai posted September 1, 2015

      I enjoyed reading this and also think it would make for a good novel, Ursula Leguin meets E.L. James. :)


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015

      That was a wicked combo C hahaha 

      Or I should maybe just publish a book of all my dreams?? I usually only post the more 'normal' ones here on TLE :-)


      Caricai posted September 1, 2015

      Wow if this is an example of normal I'm totally curious as to what counts as crazy. LOL I haven't been remembering my dreams lately. I hate it when that happens.


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015

      Hahaha! That's what I say: Who wants to live in my head, eh??

      I had a not-remembering-dreams phase for almost 3 years! It was absolute torture, because dreaming is kind of my thing. Has always been. So I avoided sleeping, and I don’t do much sleeping to start with so everything got just crazy strange in my already crazy strange head…

      But in my case, the not-remembering was connected to a generally tough situation, too much stress and chosen isolation on all levels. I just locked life out and froze time (-ish).

      The dreams started to ‘come back’ rather recently in connection to my validation process, probably because I started to reach out to Essence once more.


      Caricai posted September 1, 2015

      Stress makes sense. The past year and a half has been a doozie. My dream recall used to be so good. I could remember max four dreams a night and I even mapped out my dream version of NYC on paper because it was my go to dreamscape and I had even started lucid dreaming. The past couple years tho have been sort of blah as far as dream recall is concerned. Lately I wake up knowing I had several dreams but just can't recall them.


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015

      Know what you mean C. I too used to wake up knowing that I've been dreaming intensely, but couldn't even get this special "tip of the tongue but for dreams" feeling of what the dreams have been about.

      For me this was about a stress level that was far beyond anything I've been through earlier. Very severe levels, a nearly unsolvable life situation and it sort of disconnected me from the dream-reality. Otherwise, actually my best dreams used to be in connection to stress or issues or problems I had to solve etc. Like guidance dreams you know.

      Soooo cool with the NYC Dreamscape!

      I have one for Stockholm, my home city in Sweden. It's like the real Stockholm but still not exactly. Very nice to come back to and to do things there :-)


      Patty posted September 1, 2015

      Colleen! What a lovely surprise, to wake up and see that you finished the story - made my day!


      Haha Pat, you crack me up! I can see your perspective too . Maybe that's what makes it such a powerful story - themes of empowerment coming only at a cost. It would be very interesting to see what Michael has to say about your interests in 'deviances' and how that ties into other lifetimes - I'll look forward to reading about that someday too. Meanwhile, feel free to dream an alternative ending (it'll be like a Choose Your Own Adventure book ; )


      PPLD posted September 1, 2015

      Patty, the Choose Your Own Adventure book is just a top notch idea!

      So; I am most definitely NOT killing off myself to start with! (Colleen… How COULD you?! You are in my Entity after all…)

      Briefly? I think we’re talking about something like total empowerment to The People, who come to be known as the Painted Ones.

      Yes, the Shaman Boy shares the most powerful skin carvings with the tribe and the BENEVOLENT Goddess (Possessive?–Yes. Capricious?–Most definitely. But hell – she a Goddess, right?!) so the Benevolent Goddess gives potent magic powers to the skin carvings and The Painted Ones become a tribe of badass warriors, who take over the grasslands, forests grounds and more or less anything that comes in their way.

      Very soon they find oil.

      The Goddess, strikes a 40/60 deal with them, invests wisely for the future and also has an Extreme Makeover of her cave.

      The Shaman proposes to the Pale girl, who with eyesight restored after a Laser Eye Surgery decides that he’s not her type and leaves him for an Irish Celt with a big red beard. After that downfall, he becomes a motivation speaker and travels the Globe with programmes for troubled, neglected, orphaned youth. (He also starts a line of hair products.)

      The Bat, who prefers a slower pace of life, moves to Gotham and builds a career as a highly respected mentor and counsellor to Bruce Wayne.


      …A bit less dark, I thought…


      Kasia posted September 1, 2015

      I think I know who'll be leading story time at the TLE Gathering!!


      Patty posted September 2, 2015

      Lucky us! Two separate storylines in one day - awesome!! Great 'twist' at the end, Pat - so creative ; )


      Meta dream

      Juni posted September 9, 2015

      You know your dreams are getting a bit too recursive when you find part of yourself analyzing a dream character while you are interacting with that dream figure still. I'm so tired now.


      PPLD posted September 9, 2015

      Isn't that a part of lucid dreaming for you Juni? The analysing I mean.


      Juni posted September 10, 2015

      It wasn't lucid, sadly. I woke up and realized it after the fact.



      North Korean Leader

      Bobby posted September 2, 2015

      No Energy Report yet but I'm starting to wonder if we're close to a Nexus.  Last night I had another one of those "political" dreams.  In the dream, US Senator Diane Feinstein (and I) were visiting North Korea to visit their leader.  He was in poor health but nothing prepared me for the condition in which we found him.  We were Ok’d to go into the North Korean side of the complex where the leader was.  I trailed behind Feinstein and when we got into the room, there he was lying on the floor under a table in a state that I can only describe as a shell of a body.  He was terribly dis-configured and barely alive.  She motioned for me to stay further back so that his stability wouldn't be further threatened.


      Somehow, Feinstein and the leader were going to a different part of the building, again, with me trailing.  Suddenly, the leader turns around back towards me, still dis-configured but less so than before (functional at least) and waves for me to stop.  This was not done in a threatening manner but in a manner that suggested that their meeting was to be a private meeting and almost intimate and that my presence would serve to be unnecessary.


      Today while perusing news articles, I happened across this:

      North Korea Admits That Supreme Leader Is In Poor Health


      PPLD posted September 2, 2015



      Maureen posted September 2, 2015

      Sounds like you may be onto something, Bobby. This is turning into quite an interesting year.


      Caricai posted September 3, 2015

      Bobby, I think you may be right about being near a nexus point because I had the same thought after the dream I had last night. In the dream I spent a lot of time walking thru busy corridors of a school type building, that turned into a movie theater somehow and I watched a less annoying version of Christian Bale and Michael Caine star in a remake of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies. This time there were more shots of the batcave and I remembered thinking in the dream how ridiculous it was to be watching an actor star in the same roll in a remake of a remake and just wondering what's the point. I had some other thoughts while still in the dream about why Christopher Nolan would want to make so many versions of this movie when the three he made were pretty good and wondering that he should be tired of the material by now. LOL


      It wasn't until later in the day after I had woken up that I realized the dream I had was a bit "meta" and maybe the different versions of the same thing means a nexus is coming.


      JanetE posted September 3, 2015

      I'm wondering about a nexus also since my dreams have been very busy the last 4-5 nights. Strangely, a lot of dreams about battles and confrontations with people with guns. What does that mean?


      I've dreamed about the North Korean leader also, Bobby. Not recently, but also in a way that I had close interactions with him. I can't seem to find a transcript of that dream, and I can't remember the exact timing. I remember being very surprised because the dream was out of the blue and not at all related to current events at the time -- no reason for me to be even aware of him while awake. It makes me wonder what the Essence connection is if you're also dreaming about him.  


      Martha posted September 3, 2015

      I actually signed on to see if there was an energy report yet as I too was wondering about a nexus, if "someone" had converged and damaged my calm. Or maybe it's just my little old self working on some of her shit. I've had a super fearful time since yesterday where I've been making an emotional mountain over something that's more of a molehill at work. It's felt like I was sucking on an adrenaline hose while the "objective" part of me knows the fear is blown out of proportion.  I've been talking myself off the ledge for 24 hours even while I remind myself that "feelings are not the truth". It's over a bill I'm still paying off on the corp credit card from my international trip where I had some pricy disasters and all my managers got an email yesterday about it from AmEx. Yay. They all saw and approved my expense reports, but I guess my main manager didn't process the part where I told him it would take me a while to pay off bc he was surprised. And maybe too because I'm feeling so sad that I can't attend the Gathering, also because of money. I told my mom yesterday that someone poked me in my shame hole, and I think that sums it up. And the dream I remember from when I woke for the day at 1 AM was about me having a wound on my arm that I didn't notice was festering and bizarre looking.


      Bobby posted September 3, 2015

      Martha, things do feel a little bit "spicy" right now for sure.  I hope things improve for you soon.  You will be missed next weekend!


      Juni posted September 3, 2015

      I awakened today feeling incredibly anxious too.


      Juni posted September 3, 2015

      Energy report is up now:

      September 03 - 06 -- ENERGY SHIFT - WAKING UP - For many of our students, this energy shift may show up as a shaking off of sleep, of exhaustion, of vague weight and heavy energy, and a freeing up of the Higher Moving Energy that has more potential for Resonance. Dissonance is clarified as utterly unappealing, and efforts to nurture resonance and beauty may become the emphasis, and may be easier to do so.



      Shock and AWE My God

      Bobby posted September 30, 2015

      Since I've been visiting family, I haven't remembered too many dreams but last night seemed like a doozy!


      There was to be some sort of implosion or demolition and it was going to be me who pushed the button to initiate it and it was a really big deal to be doing this.  The demolition was to occur in 3 successive stages with each next stage even larger than the previous one.  The first one went off without a hitch.  When I started the second one, those watching were like "shock and AWE my God!"  (I actually woke up laughing at that phrase) Claire you were there and were a little uncomfortable at the power demonstrated by this second one.  When I finally initiated the last one, it was so powerful, people were running away, frightened about what might happen if they stayed.

      Once every stage was done, Barrack Obama appears on the scene.  There was typically a souvenir from an event like this that resembles a badminton birdie.  I don't know how it survives but it does.  You have to go to the weather station to get it or request it and since I was a nobody, it wasn't likely that I would be able to get it.  This is where President Obama comes into play.  He thought it would be pretty cool as a souvenir for me to have this so offered assistance in getting me to the weather station to obtain this item.

      I was telling my folks about the dream this morning and my dad could only focus on the question "now why do you have to dream about Obama?"  He all but hates Obama.  I briefly explained how often he use to show up in my dream not to mention other dignitaries and how I never invite them to be there but that they just show up  :-)


      PPLD posted September 30, 2015

      Fabulous! (I love your dad's comment)


      Bobby posted October 1, 2015

      Holy Shit.... I think I just got what this dream symbolized!

      In my Platform for this year the key phrase was as follows:

      KEY PHRASE: MY LIFE IS DYNAMIC, NOT DYNAMITE (no one will be hurt by getting close)


      ClaireC posted October 1, 2015

      Hey, Bobby, you're getting good at interpreting your dreams.  But, just to be safe, I won't stand too close to you the next time you decide to blow something up.  ;)


      Maureen posted October 2, 2015

      Bobby, your dream, recent circumstances and your Platform reminded me of this quote:

      "When truth is buried, it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force, that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything with it."  ~Neil Zola.



      It's A Boy!

      Bobby posted September 20, 2015

      I flew to the east coast to be with family shortly before I drove up to NY to the TLEGG.  And even after that was over with, I drove back to SC to continue staying with family until Oct 1st.  Since I left Seattle, I haven't remembered a single dream that I've had, if I've had any at all.  The night before last, I think the visit had started catching up with me.  I am such a fish out of water here.  Thursday night about 7:30, I wanted to lay down and take a short 1 hour nap so I didn't sleep too late and would be able to go to bed.  I continued sleeping past my 1 hour alarm all the way until 8am the next morning.  Even then, it was my sister knocking on the bedroom door that actually got me to wake up.  I have no idea what that was about unless I was simply decompressing.

      Anyway, Saturday night while still staying with my sister, I had a dream that I finally remembered upon waking.  In this dream there was a pregnant female that seemed unfamiliar to me and I announced to her that she was having a baby boy.  On Dec 31st of last year, I actually posted a blog where I had asked Michael about when I actually do this in real life because I had been doing this frequently.  This is sure a first for that sort of dream.  I finding it interesting though.


      ViP posted September 20, 2015


      Oh man. I think I would love to sleep from 7:30 to 8am straight any time. How did you feel when you woke up?


      Bobby posted September 20, 2015

      For me, sleeping like that in this situation was a matter of preservation, not as a matter of convenience. It let me know how truly "off" I was.  Luckily though, I didn't get the typical headache that I get when I sometimes sleep that long.  I felt ok, when I woke up.  What Michael said to me in the Center of Gravity NWM session was especially spot on I thought especially since that took place only a day or two later:


      MEntity: If you were to move into Self-observation and awareness, you would bring the Center of Gravity home to you, and realize that how you feel, react, act, and your sense of effectiveness is less about how others understand you, how they express themselves, their ideas and thoughts, but about yours.



      Lake Monmouth

      Bobby posted November 12, 2015

      I had a very memorable dream last night in which another proper noun that I was not familiar with came up again.  In real life in my own subconscious, I'm dealing with some continuing family issues that I'm trying to process so that set the stage for this dream. 


      My parents had taken a bus into town, where ever this was.  We were meeting up briefly with my niece, Nikki.  She was in a restaurant eating but when we got there, she wasn't with her partner, Nick, but with someone else, a male, I didn't know.  Overall, we were on our way to some event.  As my parents left the restaurant, my mom asked me if I was staying and going with Nikki.  I responded with a very terse "No!" because of something that had happened recently that I wasn't too happy about.


      Instead, I went back to the bus that they came in on to check to make sure their belongings were safe.  They had left everything they brought with them on the bus.... pocketbook with checkbook and other sensitive belongings.  The thing about this bus though was that it wasn't a chartered bus where you could do that sort of thing.  It was a city bus and had a definite route where people would be getting on and off and I wasn't very comfortable about their stuff just sitting there like that without being bothered or stolen.  So, I had tried to stuff their stuff under one of the seats as much as I could and about that time the bus started taking off.  I pulled the "next stop" cord but that next stop apparently wasn't to be at the traffic light that I could see ahead.  This bus kept driving and driving.... to the point that I knew that I couldn't possibly walk back to where I got on the bus when it did finally come to a stop.  I got up to ask the driver where the bus was headed and he said "Lake Monmouth."  When I asked about how long the route would take to make its circuit he said about an hour. 


      While still in bed, I woke from this dream curious about where Lake Monmouth was or if it even existed.  I wanted to google it there on my phone but I also didn't want to become fully awake from the bright light of the phone so I decided to wait until I woke up for good.  I had already woke up once and looked at the phone to see what time it was and it was 2am.


      When I did the search, Lake Monmouth and Lake Mammoth were prominent results.  I knew that Mammoth was not the name I got in the dream so I continued with Monmouth instead.   Turns out that Lake Monmouth does exist and is in the countryside of Ontario Canada.  Maureen, do you know anything about this area?  Your "cottage country" references come to mind that you've spoken about before when traveling to where your mom lives.  I have no idea why I would have dreamt of that name.


      ClaireC posted November 12, 2015

      It's funny, Bobby, but I've heard of this lake before.  It's pretty far north of Toronto, probably in the Kawarthas from what I can gather from the map.  I notice that there's one in Maine, too.

      It's not particularly famous for anything, maybe you can ask Michael for the significance in your dream.  It's still very sparsely populated up there, maybe one of your past lives as a First Nations member.....


      Maureen posted November 12, 2015

      Bobby, I went to a cottage for 12 years in that area (many years ago) owned by an old boyfriend (Scholar-cast Artisan, mid-Mature C3E3). If you google it you'll see an area north and slightly west of Monmouth Lake that says Fort Irwin. Fort Irwin isn't a fort it's a little teeny town that is closest to the lake we went to called Ross Lake. It's such a small lake it's hard to find it on a map. One of the nicest things the owners on the lake decided on, right from the beginning, is that they wouldn't allow motor boats -- so it's a very quiet, peaceful lake. It's a 2+ hour trek (from the cottage) to the bottom of Algonquin Park (huge, beautiful Provincial Park) that we could access from an old logging road. I ran into a Moose one day (scared the shit out of me), and yes, warm bear-shit, with blueberries intact, on the road, as well. Nature at its best. Good memories.  :)



      Dad in a Rocker

      Colleen posted December 4, 2015

      It's the '80s and I am back in our family house. Dad is nicely dressed in a dark suit and tie. He is rocking in a wooden rocking chair perched at the top of the stairs. He is holding the old lap dog, Boodles. Dad is crying as he rocks. I know why: his marriage is falling apart. Already Mom is shutting him out and ridiculing him. I feel very torn. I try to comfort him but must do it very guardedly as to not make Mom suspicious. I had to join "her side" for the sake of survival in the house. For all my life I never saw Dad cry. 


      Maureen posted December 4, 2015

      Colleen that is a beautiful dream. Your Dad may be reaching out to you by way of this Higher Moving Centered year. If you are feeling like you want to do something "more" to comfort him, because it feels a bit unfinished or unreplenished, you can use your imagination (you do have a super great imagination!) to help heal him and perhaps it will help you too. You just need to re-imagine the dream, as it is/was, and go up to him and ask him what he needs from you "right now". He will tell you. Often it is just listening and allowing the "other" to say whatever they need to say and sometimes they will need you to hold them, tell them you love them, "forgive" them, etc., or whatever else they ask for or feels "right" to you. If you choose to do this you will have no doubt what to do when you are "there" with him. Lots of love to you.  <3






      The Cat Central, the Ivory Key, the Eskimo Kiss and … TROY!

      PPLD posted August 10, 2015

      I hardly remember what was happening in the dreams because meeting Troy there, kind of took all my working memory  but for the fun of it –  this weekend's 3 separate dreams with my 3 Feline friends.

      1st dream: The Cat Central

      Dramatis personae:

      * Duchessa Lucrezia Borgia – also known as Kicia

      (Overwhelmingly beautiful and clever Balinese cat girl, deceased in 1996 at the age of 13)

      * Troy – the one and only

      * The ghost of MOI – totally ignored by the others….

      I’m in this yard again. One of the dream landscapes I used to visit so often. Haven’t been here since my late teens I think… It’s a nice place, a low block of flats, lovely leafy trees and a low stone wall one can balance on.

      And there, on the wall is Kicia!!! She balances there without haste, detached and superior with this perfect poise as always.

      I am so happy to see her! I’ve missed her a lot. We were inseparable! I open my mouth to call to her and this is when I hear her talking. She seems to be finishing a sentence;

      - …updating each other. I see their minds. That’s how we do it.

      It appears I turned up in the middle of a conversation she’s having with someone. But with whom? Not me. She can’t see me, I’m sure of that. I look around, and there, to my right I see... Troy!

      TROY?!? WTF?! I say to myself. What is Troy doing in my dream?! (And he has no shirt… which is kind of a funny detail hahaha!)

      I can’t hear Troy speak but I can clearly see that he’s listening attentively to Kicia and from her expression I do understand that she can hear him. They are engaged in a conversation.

      None of them notices me, I’m not even sure I’m there. It’s more as if I was shown this scene through a magic mirror.

      When I understand that, I also suddenly see that this is not really Kicia. She looks like Kicia but she is all of the cats that used to live with me. Maybe all cats I’ve ever met? OMG! She is ALL cats! She is the Cat Central, the Hive Soul and she and Troy have a talk about how the Cat Hive Consciousness works!!!

      I wake up. And when I wake up I actually remember more of the conversation but I’m so concentrated on Troy (and his tan) … (just kidding) that it fades away. That was kind of a weird dream but also funny. I didn’t think much more about it but then, the next night:



      2nd dream: The Ivory Key

      The cast:

      * King Cyrus the Great, or simply Cyrus

      (My lovely, wise, Siamese friend, deceased 6th November 2013 at the age of 17)

      * Pat

      * Troy

      Cyrus, as always, choses his own paths when investigating the surroundings. There he is; tall, perfectly muscular, the legs so long and strong, this loooong tail, the eyes intensely blue. He is truly magnificent!

      But where are we really? I look around. It looks like some kind of track, almost like a motorway but in a mini format. It’s empty except for Cyrus, who just stopped and is smelling something on the ground.

      I see no cars, no movement, nothing. Nonetheless, I get this notion that something is coming. If I don’t take Cyrus now, he will get hurt. I need to hurry! It is urgent!

      I look at him and think ‘Cyrus, you need to come now. Come!’ He’s still smelling the ground but I see his ear turning towards me. OK, he got it. Just needs to do it on his own terms. Meantime I will prepare his hiding place. I know that I need to hide him for protection. There it is: something like a combination of a carrier box and a tiny house (?). When I open the door, I see there’s a special room (like a room in a flat) prepared for Cyrus. It looks nice.

      He’s here and I show him the little door. Cyrus enters without hesitation but in this moment I understand that unless I lock the door he won’t be protected! I realise that I have no key! The lock is very specific. I have nothing that will work. ‘OK’ I’m thinking ‘there will be a fight. A bloody and messy fight but there’s no other alternative. It will turn ugly. If I need to kill – I will.’

      And then to my right is… Troy! (No idea if he has a shirt this time. Didn’t notice) He hands me a key and says:

      - This will work. Just put it in, turn around once and then swallow it.

      It doesn’t look like a key at all; it’s a sharp, narrow, ivory cone, the length of a pen. It is beautifully carved. I can’t see the details of the symbols but they seem ancient.

      I quickly turn it in the lock and tell Cyrus that I’ll let him out as soon as everything is over, but I break the key in half! How the fuck will I open the door now??? But Troy says not to worry. Everything is safe now.

      I wake up and I am kind of hm… thinking? OK… Once was weird, but twice? Like really-really weird??? The Cat and Troy combo? I don’t know… It’s no coincidence. But OK, we’ll see what happens next. Aaaaaand there it comes (today in the morning):


      3rd dream: The Eskimo Kiss

      The players:

      * King Midas a.k.a. the Furry Maggot

      (The little spoiled and impossible House Terrorist, Cyrus’ twin brother, soon turning 19)

      * The Invisible Visitor

      * Sleeping Pat

      I wake up. It’s still early in the morning, I can see that on the light. Midas as usually, lays on my chest like a mini Sphinx, purring softly, his blue eyes squinting. He is a handful this one but he is insanely charming (and he knows it…).

      I‘m just about to say good morning when I hear him talking to someone. Someone I can’t see but who I know is in the room:

      - Well, I really enjoy watching her sleep you know. I often lay in the night and just watch her and her dreams. When she opens her eyes I like to rub my nose to hers. Like a kiss. And also when I want to wake her up.

      And I wake up for real this time and realise that that was a dream. (Midas is of course on my chest. We’re rubbing noses like in an Eskimo Kiss...) No idea who the Invisible Visitor was, but Midas was having a conversation with someone and like Kicia, it was about what he’s up to as a Cat.

      As I said – I don’t remember much but it is a little special, considering that these were separate dreams on separate nights!

      Unfortunately I have only old-time paper photos of Kicia, but here come the Boyz...


      Bobby posted August 10, 2015

      Dreams... gotta love 'em!  :-)


      Susanna posted August 11, 2015

      Great dreams, Pat. You seem to have a lot of fun at night. And maybe you will be fortunate to see Troy without shirt at the Gathering to validate your dreams ;-)


      Colleen posted August 11, 2015

      I have thought about your dreams. To me, all of your cats are Michael. In the first dream you catch Troy in an unguarded moment (no shirt) talking with Michael. In the end you are able to perceive some of Michael's vast consciousness.


      The next dream shows your concern about preserving the teachings. This represents a fear that you will lose the way and all you once learned will vanish. What better place to stash Michael than in a special room in the Akashic Records but even there you feel a vulnerability. Troy, Michael's voice, gives you a solution (use key and swallow it) but that doesn't work since you broke the key in the lock. Then Michael reassures you, through Troy, that no matter what you do, you are always safe, they are always safe, and their teachings are always safe.  The key you broke was just a prop to help you accept that the teachings are truly safe. There is much more to the story than you know or are ready to hear.


      The last dream is a reunion with some of the fragments of the Michael Entity completely at peace with you and your past associations. You are utterly content and safe in this cozy setting. 


      PPLD posted August 11, 2015

      Hahaha! Oh Sus, I'm telling you this was so funny to notice in the dream. "What's Troy doing here? And no shirt? Really?!? Hm... Nice tan though..." 


      ClaireC posted August 11, 2015

      Pat, that is truly a wonderfully recounted trilogy! You are a delightful storyteller!

      Colleen, your analogy and interpretation are spot on. I think Pat could take that to the bank (Akashic) !


      PPLD posted August 11, 2015

      @ Colleen.

      Wow Colleen! That’s very high-level-spiritually-amazing (and that’s also how I knew that I couldn’t be a Priest… ;-).

      Nonetheless – it could be!

      Then again, I too have a thought where these dreams and the theme came from.

      There’s an area that has been worrying me for many, many years now: the global transition from Young to Mature with the Caretaker Energies leaving the responsibility for the care of all Kingdoms of Lifeforms to the dominant Sentient Species. (I’m not a fan of Humans, I’m very suspicious about Mature in terms of clarity of mind and I have a strong connection to Animal Kingdoms.)

      I was absolutely thrilled when I saw last week this subject in the suggestions for TLEGG: Sentience and Nature -- Earth and Your Levels of Existence.

      Naturally I voted on it and since, my mind is very preoccupied with the theme. I’m reading through transcripts with this angle, having my talk-to-myself sessions and in the background, my brain is already sorting info and formulating questions.

      Last week I also spent a few days with my Nephew who has a strong connection to the Vegetation Kingdom. When we meet we do all the usual mischief a favourite Auntie will do with her favourite Nephew, but we also have a very intense energetic exchange, almost bliss-like, when we together approach Nature.

      So I think that these dreams are a combo of my hopes that we’ll look into this topic on the TLEGG, all the data my brain is processing, Ciecie’s and my days together and my inner monologues, in which I think I automatically am reaching out to Essence, Guides and Michael.

      The symbolism is though slightly lost on me (practical mind you know…) so I do not dismiss the interpretation of the symbols you suggest!

      Cool! Thanks Colleen!


      PPLD posted August 11, 2015

      Merci Claire! C'est très gentil à vous.

      I do hope that whatever my regular updates are about, all the craziness in my mind is filtered… Otherwise C1E7, will be one wild crowd with loads of mad ideas 


      Troy posted August 11, 2015

      No one will be seeing me shirtless. LOL I am certain your dreams were kinder to my shirtlessness than my reality. In reality, I am a cross between a potato and a barrel. Very cool dreams!


      PPLD posted August 13, 2015

      You were a potato-barrel with perfect tan 



      Have you ever dreamt about the Great Library?

      PPLD posted August 16, 2015

      Guys, I have a question to you; does it ring a bell if I say “The Great Library”???

      Anything you’ve ever dreamt about or have heard from someone else visiting in their dreams?

      This place seems so real, so specific in all details that I think if you too have been there – you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

      I won’t elaborate on it just yet, because I don’t want to bias your picture but I’m very curious whether anyone else recognises it and if so – how it shows in your dreams?


      Bobby posted August 16, 2015

      Pat, I haven't experienced what you've described in a dream but I did have a hypnosis client regress to that "place" once in a session.  I posted about it on the old TLE site HERE  :-)


      I'm assuming that it is an Astral based place for accessing something similar to the Akashic Records even if it is for our own personal stuff.


      PPLD posted August 16, 2015

      Wow Bobby! This is amazing!


      Yep, I got as much as Astral based place etc.

      What I though always found interesting that it is so specific, as if it really IS the way it looks in my dreams/visions. As if e.g. the architecture of it - however symbolic it might be - always is shown through the same symbolism.


      And I was wondering: if it in fact IS a place and not only my own symbolic construction that I use to understand things - does it look the same for others?


      Let me put it this way: HELL YEAH!!! Some of your client’s descriptions are just so spot on to what I have seen, that it is truly wonderful!