• 2016: Overleaves for Obama, Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich


    Channeled by Troy Tolley


    Current United States' President

    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA = 5th Level Mature Scholar-Cast Priest Manifesting 3rd to 5th Level Mature Priest from Cadre 2, Entity 7 in Growth with Caution and Idealism, Intellectually-Centered, Emotional Part, with Arrogance and Self-deprecation and an Artisan Essence Twin. Completed 4th Internal Monad in Positive Pole.



    BERNIE SANDERS = 1st Level Old manifesting between 5th and 7th Level Mature Server-Cast Sage from Cadre 2, Entity 1 with a Warrior Essence Twin, an Idealist in Passion with a Goal of Submission with balanced Centering that leans toward Moving Part of Emotional Center and Chief Features of Arrogance and Impatience. 5th Internal Monad completed in Positive Pole.


    HILLARY CLINTON = 3rd Level Mature manifesting between 5th and 7th Level Young Scholar-Cast Warrior from Cadre 2, Entity 1 with a Sage Essence Twin (Bill), a Pragmatist sliding to Realist/Cynic in Observation Mode sliding to Passion/Reserve with a Goal of Growth and Intellectual Centering, Emotional Part, with Chief Features of Arrogance and Stubbornness. Currently in 5th Internal Monad.



    DONALD TRUMP = 7th Level manifesting 5th Level Young Sage-Cast King from Cadre 11/Entity 1 with a Warrior Essence Twin, a Pragmatist sliding to Stoic/Cynic with a Goal of Dominance in Observation sliding to Aggression and Power, with Intellectual Part of Moving Center and Chief Features of Arrogance and Stubbornness that slides to Greed and Martyrdom. Incomplete 3rd Internal Monad.


    TED CRUZ = 4th Level Young manifesting Baby Priest-cast Sage from Cadre 11/Entity 1 with a Warrior Essence Twin, a Pragmatist sliding to Stoic/Cynic with a Goal of Dominance in Passion Mode and Intellectual Part of Moving Center, with Chief Features of Greed and Martyrdom. Incomplete 2nd Internal Monad.


    MARCO RUBIO = 1st Level Mature manifesting Baby to Young Priest-cast Scholar from Cadre 11/Entity 5 with a Server Essence Twin, an Idealist in Observation that slides to Passion and Power with a Goal of Growth, in the Moving Part of the Intellectual Center, with Chief Features of Self-deprecation and Self-destruction. Incomplete 3rd Internal Monad.

    JOHN KASICH = 2nd Level Mature manifesting Young to Mature Server-Cast Scholar from Cadre 11/Entity 3 with a Scholar Essence Twin, a Spiritualist in Observation that slides to Caution with a Goal of Acceptance in the Emotional Part of the Intellectual Center, with Chief Features of Self-deprecation and Impatience. Completed 4th Internal Monad in Positive Pole. Currently in 5th Internal Monad.


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    • Seve
      By Seve
      I don't know if anyone here, is into this sort of stuff. But I'm open to discussing both Anarchism and Socialism with people if they'd find that interesting or helpful. I know these are not beginners subjects as far s politics goes, but I think given the times we are living in discussion of them might prove useful. I'm open to any questions no matter how basic. I know that as an old soul I find Anarchism a natural fit for me politically. I also am pretty well versed in Socialism. If people aren't interested that's fine. I just thought I'd put it out there. 
    • DianeHB
      By DianeHB
      I came across this great article today from The Nation listing various Trump resistance groups with summaries of their strategies/actions. There were a lot I didn't know about.
    • DianeHB
      By DianeHB
      One of my political groups shared this site: 5calls.org. Type in your zip code, select the issue you want to call about, and it gives you a description of the issue, your representative, their phone number, and a script to use. Super simple.
    • Sam K
      By Sam K
      So I've joined up with a new movement within the Democratic Party that is looking to make a coordinated push to elect representatives who will not be beholden to corporations or special interests, and to oust the dominant, "corporate" wing of the party.  Their primary goal once in power is to reform election and campaign finance so that the people have real control of their elected officials again.  I think this is an important initiative, and one worth supporting.

    • DianeHB
      By DianeHB
      I went to a local community meeting sponsored by MoveOn.org yesterday on resisting Trump and the Republican administration (attended by about 100 people from around my neighborhood), and I came away with some ideas that gave me inspiration and optimism. I asked Troy to create this forum so these ideas can be shared, and so that others can share theirs. Here are my main takeaways from that meeting (other than our specific action items).
      Study the Process
      They had two speakers who emphasized the importance of understanding how to effect change in the government -- what are the processes, chain of command, deadlines, what to focus on, who to contact, etc. I think this is really important for those of us new to activism to understand, so that we know how to be most effective with our time and energy.
      Choose Your Focus
      Another point of emphasis was that most of us only have so much time between working and taking care of family, so we should focus on one or two issues depending on the time we have. Then devoting even just one hour a week to that issue can be powerful. During the meeting, we split the room of 100 people into 4 groups of different issues (by each person's preference), and each group tackled their own action items. I find that focus actually gives me a great deal of relief and empowerment. I had gone to another event soon after the election and joined a neighborhood action group as well as signed up for a bunch of non-profit organizations, but I quickly felt overwhelmed by the number of activities and concerns. The more focused approach works better for me, as we are leveraging our numbers anyway.
      Be Informed
      Once I felt the relief, I actually came home and started doing more reading on politics. I need to become more informed in order to participate more effectively, and I'd always avoided reading or watching politics because it was painful. But after this meeting I felt empowered enough to see the political news as information and not just react with fear and overwhelm.
      Reach Out to Red States
      Part of the reason why I wanted to post this on TLE is because I know some of you are in red or purple states. You actually have more power to influence Congress than those of us in blue states. Republicans are not a totally cohesive unit, and if your congressman or senator is on the fence about an issue, you can make a big impact by getting together with others to contact your representatives. One or two votes can make a difference on whether a bill passes. There were also good ideas for reaching out to Republican friends and relatives, but that's not entirely necessary if we can mobilize liberals in red states.
      So here are a couple of resources to read that I picked up from this meeting.  
      Becoming a Citizen Activist by Nick Licata -- He was one of the speakers at the meeting, and I felt inspired by his passion for the process. The book is about the process of how to go about influencing the government. I ordered the book but have not read it yet, so there may be a better book out there on the topic.
      Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda -- Written by former congressional staffers who saw the rise of the Tea Party and compiled a guide for how to influence Congress based on Tea Party tactics. It's free to download. I recall seeing this surface on FB, saved it, and promptly forgot about it. There are groups that have sprung up around this document and can be found through the same website.
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