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A club for anyone interested in exploring possibilities and sharing of ideas on establishing a shared network in our dreams where our Essences and Michael can meetup, hang out, and have fun together.

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  2. Bobby's Dream Thread

    Boy, this seems rather random although it probably isn't. Last night I dreamed I was on a plane that was about to take off. The flight attendant was speaking the usual routine but she was making an appearance where we could all see her for some reason and I was sitting right up front where she'd normally be standing. She finished and a sign of disappointment went out from those on the plane imploring her to come out and show herself. I think people had an idea of who she was. She did finally come and and when she did, there she stood as Jennifer Aniston. 😱 Ok, before I posted this I was telling Marty about this dream and he reminded me it was probably something in my subconscious from a TV commercial last night. He was describing the commercial but I had absolutely no recall of it for some reason but it does exist! Even after watching this, I can't remember seeing this on TV from last night.
  3. Kurtle's Dream Thread

    Flamboyant would be me. Red would not. Are you sure it wasn't purple? 😁
  4. Kurtle's Dream Thread

    Finally I'm starting to remember some dreams again! Last night's dreams seemed to be reflecting my state of over-eager anxiety irl. There was some camping with family members in exotic sub tropical places going on (which has been happening a lot in the last half a year). I also dreamt for the first time about one of my sister's friends who was camping with us. New people showed up that I can't quite remember now, like a little boy who was camping with us too. I dreamt up some completely new buildings- ones that as far as I can tell have not taken pieces and parts from irl buildings i've been in. This time one of those buildings was a Sushi Restauraunt. We apparently stopped here to grab a bite on our long ass camping trip, as we were low on food. Actually it seemed we were at this place twice in different dreams, but both entered the restauraunt from different angles & made the room look different in size. The 2nd time we entered I was apparently pretty hyperactive & even ended up talking at lengths with my camping members & other sitting customers, sharing one-sided ideas in fun ways that gave them the impression I was obnoxious and had a disorder of sorts. I continued orating despite this even though a part of me literally said "people probably think you're being Sage-cast when you're truly Scholar-cast and are more objective than this". --- When it came to when I ordered food, I kept spilling and chopping my words trying to say them in a perfect order. I wanted a Mango Roll chocked full of veggies, but every time I tried to look at the possible ingredients I couldn't gain any clarity about my options or put anything together in a way that made sense. I also kept looking back behind me to see what everyone else sitting down thought about me. I was so frustrated and embarassed I couldn't get my words out, that I started sweating profusely & shoved the responsibility onto my dad nearby as I trudged off to the corner of the room near the entrance to get away & cool down in a fetal position. Then that's when @Janet showed up in my stupor. It seemed she must've been a sitting customer that walked over to me & crouched down to comfort me. Though when I looked at her I recognized who she was, but she looked far too rubbery and fairy-like compared to her pics on tle. She was also wearing a kind of ridiculous plastic, flamboyant red and ill fitted dress. Very interesting astral attire. We locked eyes for a second and she tried to cheer me up by making funny faces or trying to convey a message through funny faces. This confused me but it did seem to calm me down. It also made me wonder if @Bobby was here too which I sensed he was but he never showed up. Then she disappeared and the scene changed again. Lol. At least someone visited me!
  5. Jeroen's dream thread

    That's a really interesting dream, @Jeroen. After reading about the "pegs rising out of holes in sequence" I kept on getting two images in my head. One was of Ireland's Giant's Causeway and the other was when Dave in 2001 a Space Odyssey was de-installing computer components from HAL9000. My mind kind of works that way. Here they are:
  6. Jeroen's dream thread

    02-12-18 I was in a large Castle perhaps in older times. I remember being there for an extended period and having a variety of experiences. In one part of the dream, I appeared to be part of a rescue operation in this castle and there was at least one other person present. In another part, I was having a sword fight outside with another sword except no one held the sword. It floated around on its own and was missing the handle too. There were a few moments where the sword bent in two and then unbent itself back to normal form. Then I remember standing back in the castle on a large stone floor. @Maureen was present. There were many holes scattered across the floor below and in each hole I saw what looked like these cylindrical grey "pegs" which may have been made of stone too. Maureen then spoke of another member of the community by the name of Martha. Then I observed a peg lift out of one of the holes and Maureen spoke of how it was connected to one of Martha's lifetimes. Approximately 6-7 additional pegs were raised in a sequence and these each appeared to be interconnected. From what I can recall, nearly every one which was raised referred to a lifetime or life experience of Martha. Maureen gave a summary of each one but sadly I cannot recall the details of what she said. The final one which I observed being raised out of a hole in the floor appeared to be connected to a specific channeling. It was either a channeling that occurred in ancient times or that what came through the channeling referred to an ancient experience. If this was valid contact between us in the Astral, maybe there is a past life link between the three of us? I wish I could remember more.
  7. I had a dream about @PPLD last night. In the dream you and I were getting intimate. Which was great, but also, are we breaking boundaries doing this? whoops. lol George Clooney was there again and was amused by my dream, but not being too active or interactive. He was just there. Wierd. @PPLD you were also taking over driving a train through amazing scenery. We were both in the train driver's cabin and I didn't quite expect you to take over the controls but you were quite capable. You were demonstrating to me that confidence goes a long way and winging it is a good way to live life sometimes, which, would have been a deviation from my usual course. I remember thinking in the dream PPLD is like Wonder Woman except for these times. And this was a revelation! I also knew that this was a dream. You were a lot of fun by the way and you got me out of my seriousness which is a skill, so thanks for that. Look I know this is wierd, but the astral happens. Don't shoot the messenger (ducks)
  8. Luciana's Dreams.

    In the dream that night @PPLD recommended me to see a story that seemed to have something to do with a garden. This story reminds me of Michael's worshop talking about spiritual garden. And it also reminded me of my relationship with Danny .. I posted a topic recently on this on my blog. But I do not wonder what the text was exactly about. Then I was at my place of work and my supervisor fme handed me a new badge because of the fact that I'm doing bone densitometry every now and then in the hospital patients. A test used to see if the person has osteoporosis.
  9. Jeroen's dream thread

    Drag a watery Scorpio into your dream and you're bound to have problems with water! 😝
  10. Jeroen's dream thread

    I had a dream where I was working for a County government. I work for a County government in my life but in this dream the workplace had a different layout with different people and my work was different too. I worked with these water pipes at my place of work and was searching for a shut-off valve so I could shutdown water flow for maintenance. This was challenging. I had trouble finding the correct valve. Then I found out that @Bobby was working for the City government and he was in the same town. I walked into his place of work and saw him behind a counter. I greeted him. He did not notice me at first but then he saw me and asked me how I was doing. I became excited about him working in the same town so I went on a job search to see if I could find a job at his place of work. I became aware of two other people who I worked with on a group project. We first travelled together through town and then arrived at work again. One of the people in my group, she showed me a visual representation of three people merging together into one. First I saw two people merge together then the third with those two. I think this merging could have represented the people of our little group. During one of my trails walks the other day, I was thinking about what it might be like to merge with another Essence so perhaps this part of the dream was a reflection of my thoughts.
  11. Jeroen's dream thread

    Yikes. Such an intense dream. The heavy weight of responsibility, or should I say obligation.
  12. Jeroen's dream thread

    I had a dream last night where I appeared to be another man who was a leader of a group of people who depended on him. I had been in this position for a long time. The weight of being in this position for so long took its toll. Then a day came where I decided to take my own life. Then my perspective changed and I observed this man as he started to put a knife into his chest. Some blood started to poor out. On the other side of a nearby fence was a large group of people who begged him not to do it. They referred to him as “Malcolm”. I think this man had some self-doubt during these final moments due to reactions of the people who depended on him. I woke up before I could see if he pushed the knife further into his chest and if he died. Perhaps a past life link?
  13. Heidi's dream thread

    Cool. I liked that dream
  14. Heidi's dream thread

    Dream today: I was walking down the street in my old stomping ground where my mom still lives. @DianeHB lived two houses down from me on the same side of the street. @Bobby lived two houses down from Diane, and another unknown woman lived at the end of the street. I walked past Bobby's house and saw him raking outside. The woman who lived at the end of the block was playing some high energy music. I pointed to him and said, "I KNOW you want to dance!" We both laughed. The following day, I was walking past Diane's house while she was also outside doing yard work. The lady at the end of the block was again blasting music. This time, I recognized the song as"Sax" by the artist Fleur East. At first Diane seemed annoyed, but then she smiled and started dancing to it. She saw me and we exchanged hellos. I told her the story of how I had seen Bobby the day before in a similar scenario. We both laughed. I woke up to go to the bathroom thinking about what the dream meant. I felt it had something to do with this year's Warrior influence ("getting shit done"). I fell back asleep and had this dream: All of us from TLE were at another type of gathering, except the focus was on recording our dreams into a database. We were all situated in an office-type setting with separate cubicles and old Apple computers (think late 80's/early 90's). Every dream about another TLE member was recorded and categorized similar to what @PPLD is currently doing with our club. I typed in the dream about Diane and Bobby. When we were all finished we would be able to compare notes. Afterwards, we were to have a workshop with Michael where they would discuss our progress.
  15. Bobby's Dream Thread

    I had a busy night of dreams last night it seems. One of them I consider so bizarre that I'm including a drawing of what I experienced in it. Dream #1: In this dream, it initially seemed to take place in an area like Dallas Texas, somewhere in the mid-southwest anyway. It involved a plane that was to be flying to the northwest of the US. For some reason, it was proposed that the plane would be brought to the top of a large hill or mountain and then plunge off of it before heading on to the northwest. Supposedly by using gravity like this it was to help save fuel and time in flight? WTH??? I've included the drawing as I remember it. Remember, I'm no artist! On the left side of the scene/drawing was a great rocky cliff that lead down to a roadway. The roadway itself was slightly elevated and was surfaced in rock or stone but mostly smooth. To the right of the roadway was another much smaller cliff drop off but atop the cliff were structures like houses or something... some type of dwellings. The plane was suppose to make its way up this roadway to the top of the hill/mountain and then with great force thrust itself off into the valley below. As it plunged it was suppose to pickup the speed and power that it needed to proceed with its trip first up toward Kansas and then heading northwest to say Washington. I was having a hard time imagining the passengers experience being aboard a plane doing such a thing. So much so that I couldn't imagine that not just flying straight from Dallas to Washington the "regular" way would make that much difference in speed/costs. I think I'll be avoiding Astral Airlines flights from now on thank you very much! Dream #2: Umph.... I don't know how many of you have sexual dreams but I do have them occassionally and they can be, um, delightful. I had one of those last night. It involved a younger very handsome guy. He reminded me of someone of Italian descent. I remember him being shirtless with a close cropped very lightly hairy chest and great smile. I don't remember "doing" anything with him other than being there together and enjoying each others company. I did wakeup from that one with a smile on my face though so I must have enjoyed the experience. I did not recognized him as anyone that I know now, so.... who dat??? Dream #3: Involved me being in and around my neighborhood but just a little futher away from where I immediately live. I was wanting to get back to my house through a trail or path in the woods but I was having trouble locating it. It appeared that a large swath of the area had been clear cut to the point that there was nothing left but white sand on the ground. There was nothing recognizable left that I could use to take that means back to where I wanted to go. Part of the enjoyment of doing so was just being in the wooded area and enjoying the scenery but now it was gone! I almost forgot. When I went to bed last night, I went with the request and intention of having a "good dream." Sounds like my request was heard and honored :)
  16. Heidi's dream thread

    This is cool. I always like it when I appear in my dreams.
  17. Heidi's dream thread

    It's been a while, but I have a few short dreams to share with TLE members that occurred over the last month: 12/23/17: This dream involved @Maureen. She did some kind of personal astrology report for me. I believe @Moonfeather was there and had either received one before from her or was telling me that Maureen offered them if asked. My report was mailed to me in a manilla-type envelope that Maureen had hand-crafted. Instead of writing my name and address in ink, she had used cut-out letters and numbers from magazines and newspapers. In fact, the whole report was done in a similar way. It reminded me of my dad's unconventional way of wrapping gifts (duct tape, scraps of paper). It made me appreciate how much time, effort, and creativity she put into it. It was like she was putting her personal stamp on it. 12/25/27: I had scheduled an online Michael session with @Troy and apparently forgot to attend. I remembered when it was too late, then panicked. However, I received a completed transcript via email to show that it was completed. Much to my chagrin, I saw that Michael had been going off of an old Word doc I made with a bunch of random, half-formulated questions to ask Michael some day. Examples would would be "Dream about alien from Sirius???" and "What about that Anthony Block guy?" It looked as if Michael had gone down the list, answering as best they could until time ran out. I was embarrassed but the humor wasn't lost on me. Later, Troy caught up with me online to make sure I received the session and...this is where it gets interesting. He told me he was trying out a next wave technology with Michael that was somewhat similar to that Alexa thing (Amazon's digital assistant) where you can ask Michael questions and they actually speak to you through a device. Troy asked me what I thought about it and I was excited. (Upon waking, it reminded me of the TLEGG workshop where Michael talked about a new, holographic way they could be accessed in the future). 1/2/18: A) I was with @James D and a couple other (faceless) female TLE'ers. We were standing around, talking about ways to relieve stress. I had some sort of technique to share that involved putting fingers on pressure points around the temples, then breathing in and out for a count of three. Everyone was ooing and aahing. Ha! B) I saw @Luciana Flora's face. That's it, really! She was just there, but it was a crystal-clear image of her face in front of mine. C) @Uma shared an apartment with a couple other (faceless) female TLE'ers. I saw her having a conversation with @Juni about her pet dog with an "H" name. Details lost here, but Juni was expressing her interest and saying how adorable she thought Uma's dog was.
  18. Evelin's Dream Thread

    January 22, 2018 Also dreamed of a white kitten! Was in my childhood yard, again. The kitten was really young, maybe two months old. It was eating ants from an ant nest -- just put its paw into the nest, licked the ants off and then meowed in a complaining way because some of the ants were biting. It seemed unhappy with this, but continued eating ants this way. The nest was just forming under a bush, I was standing next to a part of myself or a guide (someone whose thoughts I could hear but whom I couldn't see) and we were both surprised and were thinking: "So, this is where the new nest will be." It was strange because there never were any ants in my childhood yard, although plenty in the nearby park-forest, and this spot under the bush seemed odd for a nest because the route of the ants crossed a footpath and I was worried the ants would all be trampled to death before they could even build a proper nest. Hani's white kitten dream
  19. Dreams from the past week. 1. I was near my childhood home, outside the graveyard wall. (Which is sort of a green place, not a field, but very country-like. This graveyard is across from my mom's house and a familiar childhood playground for me, not a sad place, just a familiar green place with lots of trees, but I never viewed it as an actual graveyard until my dad was buried there.) I walked by and saw @Maureen -- wearing a silvery white wig with absurdly straight shoulder-length hair and some shiny blue and pink stripes -- talking to Janine Turner who looked like her wonderful role in Northern Exposure; and as I walked by Maureen looked at me, as if to make sure I saw her, but didn't say anything, I didn't, either. The entire point of this was me to witness each other there. 2. I was waiting for some class, I think yoga, to begin, and @luluaussi was supposed to teach it. I was sitting on the floor (which I often do a lot in real life as well, I'm starting to think my dream object is not an object but I'm recognizable by my unusual placement -- sitting on the floor, on the table, standing on my head). The room was sunlit, had high ceilings and big windows, curved corners, an old building. I wasn't much interested in the yoga class but I really liked being in that room, I was relaxed and observing the others around me, but didn't feel any pressure to fit in or do anything, I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be and was glad someone else was in charge of this event. I was looking forward to meeting Toni as I really like her and I thought I'd enjoy being around her energy.
  20. Bobby's Dream Thread

    You are shitting me!?!?!?! WOW 😱
  21. This was really funny 😂 And I totally agree, the astral is a strange but really fun place And I wonder what that book is all about, Michael told me that's what I will eventually do, though I still have no idea what the book is about and they also told me that my task companions and me will be working on some sort of book/teaching project So you probably had a look into the future 😉
  22. Bobby's Dream Thread

    That was funny to read. I agree that the astral is a strange place. I've done so much of a strange thing during and my dreams and in my case, so mixed with personal issues that I often wondered if I was even going to the astral or if it was not all the image my unconscious was doing in my brain.
  23. Bobby's Dream Thread

    Had kind of a wierd dream last night. I was in this auditorium where there was a speaker that seemed to have something to do with movies or something along those lines. I was seated near the back but as time went on, I moved closer to the front, maybe because people gradually left? Maybe people were being interviewed or auditioned possibly. As I neared the front, I noticed that @Karoliina and her husband Teemu were there. Karoliina is an author in real life and she was giving high remarks about a book that she had read that was written by @Hani. I have no idea what the book was about or its title but I gathered by the fact that if Karoliina was speaking about it the way she was that it must really have been a great book. In this scene Teemu was something of a well known person himself. It seemed like he was something like a director because of the conversation taking place between him and the person leading the event. I remember him dressed in a nice dark red jacket, clothes that spoke to his status and accomplishments. People continued moving out of the auditorium and now I found myself almost in the front row. The person who had been speaking or interviewing was now calling my name. I was tired and disinterested at this point and tried to act invisible even. Even when he called my name, I delayed acknowledging it in hopes that he would just move on and call on someone else. He insisted though. So I went up on stage with him and sat in a seat next to his seat. And this is where it got hilariously weird. Whethere it was for what his purpose was at this event or not I do not know but he started coming on to me while sitting there. It reminded me of what it might be like for a pretty woman alone in an elevator with Trump LOL. It "just so happened" (love how dream world works that way) that there was a kitchen sink to my right. He was to my left. So I reached over and grabbed the sink hose and sprayer and sprayed him down to "cool him off." It worked and then I left. I swear. The Astral is a strange place! :)
  24. Luciana's Dreams.

    Tonight I had a very interesting dream related to TLE. In that dream I was with @Troy and @Bobby in a room and @Bobby told me that there would be an indicial session at that time. I tested it because it was the weekend and there were no individual sessions at the weekend. I was then told that this was an exception. And then a woman came in and for some reason I remained in the room. And then the session began. But when it was said. We're here now, we can beguin. The woman in question said nothing. It even showed some nervousness. And then instead of asking Michael something she went to me and asked what she should ask because she wanted to ask a relevenate question. I told her that if she was insecure it might be a good idea to talk about it and ask Michael some tips. And then I woke up. I do not know who that milher was.She was no one at TLE.
  25. (Previous compilation here) JANUARY 14 - 20 IN THE SHARED MEETING GROUND Dawn - together with Heidi, saw Jeroen, Cong, NickG and Uma just before leaving the meeting ground. (Heidi's comment here.) TALKING WITH MICHAEL Bobby - Asking Michael about a channelling from waking life, and getting percentage of how often he obtains information from them in his channellings. NEXT UPDATE: Saturday, January 27
  26. (Previous compilation here) JANUARY 7 - 13 Juni With Pat, trying to figure out how to drink from honeysuckle vines, on a beautiful sunny day with big fluffy clouds and a breeze. NEXT UPDATE: Saturday, January 20