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  2. Greetings all! Since there is interest in such things, I thought I'd post my own natal chart here -- along with my essence and personality dynamics. So here it is for the astrology minded folk to examine and enjoy. Make of it what you will! John Essence Dynamics Role - Scholar Casting - Server Soul Age - 4th Old Cadre - 1 Entity - 3 Male/Focused Energy - 75 Female/Creative Energy - 25 Frequency - 55 Personality Dynamics Goal - Flow (sliding to Discrimination / Acceptance) Mode - Observation (sliding to Reserve / Passion) Attitude - Pragmatist (sliding to Stoic / Realist) Center/Part - Intellectual / Emotional Primary Body Type - Saturnian Secondary Body Type - Martial Tertiary Body Type - Jovial Outer Planet Body Type - Neptunian Primary Chief Feature - Arrogance Secondary Chief Feature - Self-Deprecation Lifetime - 218 Grand Cycle - 10 Natal Chart
  3. NickG's Natal Chart

    This is what's known as a stellium. As you might expect, it implies a strong emphasis on that House in your life overall, for better or for worse. The 12th House is the House of the unconscious mind, of limitation and constraint, and of endings. Much like the Death and Tower cards in Tarot, it is commonly feared based on a superficial understanding of its meaning. Properly approached, it is truly the House of mastering the unconscious mind, of overcoming limitation and constraint, and of endings which lead to new beginnings. Michael's naming of it as the House of Healing is apt.
  4. NickG's Natal Chart

    I do not have much knowledge of astrology. I just read some things out of curiosity. And I also noticed that when it comes to this house. I already read about being the of the cure. but I have also read about being the house of hospitials, of isolation, about living. All associated with this house. Now as I said I have no deep knowledge of astrology to tell whether these views are correct or not. What I am sure is that my moon and neptune are in this house
  5. I can't remember what a lot of this means but I always thought it strange that most of my planets are in one house. The 12th house at that, I think Michael called it the House of Healing. I don't know a lot about astrology but I remember people being very wary of this house on forums I've read before for whatever reason. Any thoughts?
  6. So exciting! I have a question after having read everything. What interests me most in my own chart is my own 5th House - CREATION, which is related to the Goal. I have my Natal Chart and Michael's information on the house and I see that I have Venus in my fifth house. I also, of course, have planets in other houses, but for this question, I want to focus on just one house for clarity (this is a very difficult subject for me to understand). I am thinking that you, @Maureen, have worked closely with the information you have from these sessions and might have the answer to this question: What do you do after you have found that you have a certain planet in a certain house? How to proceed into the exploration? Is it simply just googling the planet's meaning - Venus, for example? And then combining the meaning of the planet (for example Venus) with Michael's information on the 5th House? Or what have you done? Thank you in advance!
  7. Natal Chart for Nik (i.e., "ComeOnLetsGo")

    Me Christina or other Christina? THIS Christina could really use some help in looking at her chart .. I read and read but my mind isn't for these things and it annoys me greatly :/
  8. Wendy's Natal Chart

    We have quite similar Natal Charts, I see! I just posted mine, and would be very interested in hearing any thought you might have had on your chart? :D
  9. Christina's Natal Chart

    I got so fascinated when I read the comments to the other Natal Charts - I have been interested in exploring this subject for a long time! So here is mine! I am an absolutely beginner, so I would love to hear your thoughts! Role: Artisan Casting: Scholar Soul Age: Old, 4th Level Goal: Flow sliding to Acceptance and Growth Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Male/Female Energy: 35/65 Frequency: 85 Venus/Mercury/Saturn Primary CF: Arrogance Secondary CF: Self-Deprecation Teritiary CF: Impatience
  10. Role: Scholar Casting: Warrior Soul Age: Old, 4th Level Goal: Acceptance Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Male/Female Energy: 45/55 Frequency: 50 Primary CF: Martyrdom Secondary CF: Impatience
  11. Joining the party =) 4th Level Old Artisan-cast Warrior Cadre 2, Entity 1 Acceptance Observation > Passion Spiritualist Intellectual Center, Emotional Part 75F/25M, 80 Freq Venus/Mercury/Solar Arrogance, Self-deprecation
  12. Wendy's Natal Chart

    Wow ... how many planets in house 4!!
  13. ESSENCE AND PERSONALITY PROFILE STUDENT: Wendy Mae Rosner ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Warrior Casting: Priest Cadre/Entity: 3/1 E-Ratio: 35M/65F Frequency: 68 Soul Age/Level: Old/4 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 327 Grand Cycle#: 9 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Artisan Cadre/Entity: 3/3 Status: Guide TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Scholar/female Role/Gender: King/female PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Moving Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Martial Chief Feature 1: Arrogance Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation
  14. Luciana's natal chart

    MEntity: This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe context that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts Every time I look at my map, I remember that quote when Michel talked about subpersonalities. Because there is no planet below the horizon on my map. none. I think it's a bit strange that it's as if my essence had not planned at all. And the interesting thing is that this happens on the maps of my brother and sister. My sister has only two planets below the horizon and my brother only has one.
  15. Uma's Overleaves: 4th Level Old Priest-cast Warrior from Cadre 2, Entity 6, with a Goal of Dominance, Aggression Mode, Spiritualist Attitude, Emotional Part of Intellectual Center, with a Primary Chief Feature of Arrogance and a Secondary of Stubbornness.
  16. @Wendy RosnerYou should enter your chart here so TLErs can comment and maybe give some helpful insights!
  17. @Wendy RosnerWhat's happening in your 6th House?
  18. I have 2 planets in house 12. Moon and Neptune. I do not know exactly what it means, but what I read about the moon in box 12 says something about seclusion.
  19. very relevant to me and my chart! Thanks, @Maureen. A million thank yous for every word you have posted. It all helps me heal. YOU help me heal.
  20. Role: Scholar Casting: Warrior Cadre/Entity: 2/6 E-Ratio: 55M/45F Frequency: 58 Soul Age/Level: Old/4 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 228 Grand Cycle#: 10 Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Observation > Passion/Reserve Attitude: Idealist Center/Part: Intellectual/Moving Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Martial Chief Feature 1: Mild Arrogance Chief Feature 2: Mild Self-deprecation EDIT: Fixed, screwed up the date.
  21. Luciana's natal chart

    @catkhv I looked at his profile. It really has several similarities. I think that just the fact that we have the same role, cast and cadre is very similar. Nice to meet you.
  22. Luciana's natal chart

    Nice - thanks for sharing. It's interesting to see the natal chart compared to your profile. I'd like to do that too! Also, very cool to meet another Artisan-cast Warrior from Cadre 2 - it seems we have lots of similarities beyond that as well =) Interesting tidbit which should be taken with a grain of salt -- sometimes I collect profiles of people whose roles have been accounted for and have noticed some patterns. These are just casual observations, not definitive by any means: quite a few Warriors are Scorpio suns while Kings seem to have a significant amount of Virgo influence (lots of Moons). Whoa, just noticed that our moons are on the same exact degree! And, my Sun is on your Mercury.
  23. Luciana's natal chart

    STUDENT: Luciana Flora De Freitas ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Warrior Casting: Artisan Cadre/Entity: 2/5 E-Ratio: 60M/40F Frequency: 65 Soul Age/Level: Old/2 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 319 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: King Cadre/Entity: 2/1 Status: male TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Sage/guide Role/Gender: Sage/female PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Idealist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Body Types: Venus/Mercury/Saturnine Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation Now My map
  24. Nik's/ComeOnLetsGo's (tentative) Overleaves {role} Scholar {casting} King {soul age} 3rd-Level Old .:. manifesting 4th Level Mature {goal} Discrimination {chief obstacle} Arrogance {attitude} Skeptic {mode} Passion {body type} Saturnian / Solar {center} Moving Center, Intellectual Part {male:female energy} 93:7 {frequency} 42 {needs} Freedom - Power - Acceptance
  25. 4th and 10th Natal Houses 4th House could be called: The House of ~ IMPRINTING (or Belonging) Astrological counterparts: Water (Personal), Cancer, Cardinal, Moon, #4 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, –The Resources, Roots of Self-Karma 10th House could be called: The House of ~ CONTRIBUTION (or Contributing) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Universal), Capricorn, Cardinal, Saturn, #10 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, +The Resources, Symbolism of Self-Karma, the House where the Body Type is influenced at the point of conception Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 4th House and the Natal 10th House. And…as you have been doing them as a pair please note: There is dispute over which parent rules which house – the 4th or the 10th. There is a convincing argument that the “shaping parent” is found in the 10th – the one who had the greatest influence on our societal development. While the more “hidden parent” – the one whose influence may have been less outwardly visible, but possibly stronger at an unconscious level – is found in the 4th. The 4th House traditionally rules everything that relates to the foundation and roots of our existence: home, family, ancestors and homeland. It is thought to be a deeply private house – the place where we can go to rest or recharge ourselves. It is said to indicate the beginning and end of all things, representing childhood experiences that give rise to an unconscious emotional experience of life, the vulnerability of old age, the process of death, and funerals. The beginning of the 4th house is the Nadir or the lowest point of the Natal chart. The Moon has been given natural rulership of this house. The 10th House traditionally rules your career, your public reputation, your worldly status. It suggests your optimum contribution to society, the qualities for which you'd like to be admired and respected. What you “make of yourself” is a 10th house matter. Claiming your authority is THE 10th house passage. Planets in the 10th and/or ruling the Midheaven suggest how authority figures are perceived and conditions the way their seen. It is thought to be an “inescapably” public house. The beginning of the 10th house is the Midheaven – the highest point of the Natal chart. Saturn has been given natural rulership of this house. Maureen: Please comment on the significance of my Moon being conjunct my Midheaven in the 10th House (opposed my Nadir, 4th House) – as a way to illuminate the function of the Houses. MEntity: The 4th House is an Intellectual House that can help describe those influences of imprinting that come from within the intimate or immediate circle. It can also describe the basic roots of Self-Karma that will then be played out in the world through the symbolism of the 10th House. It also helps describe how one thinks of himself beneath the surface of how he presents himself. The 10th House can describe the imprinting influences that come from outside of the immediate or intimate circle, such as those in institutions and communities. It can also help describe how one goes about presenting himself to the world (10th House) in comparison to how he feels about himself (4th House). The 10th House is Higher Intellectual, and is the process of extracting truth from the insights gained by the Intellect. It could be said that the 10th describes the path that may be created in pursuit of the truths that are important because of the ideas collected from the 4th. MEntity: Your Moon in the Tenth House might suggest that your pursuit of the truth is through the resonance and empathy gained by your own emotional experiences and wounding. In other words, you navigate to those who share in similar struggles, which is then met with a mix of repulsion and attraction, of course. This is because the navigation comes from the intention of using your own inner stories and insights to help bring truth to others, but you may find that they also have truths for you. The latter can sometimes be met with resistance/repulsion (hence, the opposition to the 4th). Understanding that the 10th House qualities not only lead you to those with whom you can share new truths, but also to those who can share them with you. MEntity: The 10th House is also where the Body Type is influenced at the point of conception, as the 10th House could be said to describe one's own ideas given form, be they in terms of career, or creating a life. 5th and 11th Natal Houses 5th House could be called: The House of CREATION (or Creating) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Social), Leo, Fixed, Sun, #5 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Moving Center ‘Energy’- in terms how it is used to secure the Life Force, –The Goal, The True and/or False Personality and how it is being manifested, and also – the challenges or strengths one has in allowing one’s Support Circle or the Development of Support 11th House could be called: The House of CONSTELLATION (or Uniting) Astrological counterparts: Air (Universal), Aquarius, Fixed, Uranus, #11 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Moving ‘Energy’ – the Utilization of Support developed in the 5th House, +The Goal, House where the Goal is held Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 5th House. The 5th House traditionally rules risk-taking, gambling, creativity, children and love affairs. It’s the House of joy, fun, giving love and spontaneous self-expression. Planets placed here would likely describe how we act out our child-like innocence and fantasies of our specialness. Please give your perspective on the Astrological 11th House. The 11th House traditionally rules “hopes & wishes”, groups, organizations, community, friendships and allies. In the 11th House we discover we are not alone in the world, we can experience the strength of a collective stand and the society of others. Planets placed here would likely show how well we “fit in to the group” or what type of group we would choose to “immerse” ourselves in. MEntity: We may respond to both questions as one answer to cover both. The 5th Natal House could be said to symbolize the Moving Center in terms how it is used to secure the Life Force. The 2nd House could be said to symbolize how the Moving Center is used to secure the Body's survival, but the 5th is what is then done with that Body. Maureen: As a follow-up question -- Would the 5th House then relate to the 3rd CF ? MEntity: In response to the follow-up question: As Chief Negative Features are developed as habits after the life begins, they are not natively described in Houses. However, a retrograde or opposing angle may give hints as to where and how the Chief Negative Features are developed. MEntity: Though correlations can be drawn between Houses and certain Overleaves, it might be said that the 5th House describes the whole that is greater than the sum of the parts, in terms of Overleaves. The True and/or False Personality and how that is being manifested. This is the House that also describes the challenges or strengths one may have in terms of allowing one's Support Circle. While the 2nd House might describe how or what one does to survive, the 5th House might describe how or what one does to feel alive. We remind you that our responses are abbreviated, and that no response on this subject should be considered complete while exploring it in this format. The 11th House, then, might be best understood in terms of being related to the Higher Moving Center. It is the House that represents how one is utilizing the Support gathered in the 5th House. The 5th House is the development of Support, while the 11th is the utilization of that Support. This House is also where information about the Goal is held. Maureen: in what way? MEntity: The Goal is the entire motivation for a lifetime and a Personality. It is action-based, and requires interaction with the world for fulfillment, therefore, it is the part of the Personality that ends up moving that Personality into the path of people. It could also be said that this is the House of Agreements and Configurations. In terms of "in what way" the House holds information about the Goal, that information would be revealed by what Sign rules the House, what Planets may be present, their Angles, and any other considerations relative to that House. The combination of factors would have to be interpreted as a whole, just as any other aspect of Astrological insight. Maureen: If there is time - for illumination - what is the effect of having my South Node in the 5th House / North Node in my 11th? MEntity: We cannot interpret your Nodes in any meaningful way in this allotted time , but we can say that this combination you describe suggests a process for the Personality to learn to remove or rise above the demands and expectations imposed upon your relationships, and returning them to states of pleasure, innocence, and playfulness. 6th and 12th Natal Houses 6th House could be called: The House of WHOLENESS (or Perfecting/Self Improvement) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Social), Virgo, Mutable/Cadent, Mercury, #6 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: Emotional Center ‘Love’, –The Plan, Ordinal/Inspiration: How one is Inspired 12th House could be called: The House of MERGENCE (or Merging/Healing) Astrological counterparts: Water (Universal), Pisces, Mutable/Cadent, Neptune, #12 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: Higher Emotional Center ‘Love’, +The Plan, Cardinal/Inspiration: How one Inspires Note: This was the first question – on the 12th House – that started me off asking Michael about all the Astrological Natal Houses. Maureen: I have 3 planets (Sun, Venus, Mercury) in my 12th house. It is often described as being the house of isolation, hospitals, i.e., retreats of any kind, BUT I find this incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. What is Michael’s take on this? What is the “true” meaning of the 12th house in Astrology? MEntity: We would not qualify our response as clarifying the "true" meaning of the 12th House of a Zodiac, but we can say that it is A truth. As Astrology is a system of symbols, the flexibility of meaning and "truth" can accommodate a great many perspectives, maturities, and contexts. Our perspective of the 12th House, in terms of the Natal Zodiac, tends to be that this is where issues of collective inheritance comes in, with the planets emphasizing how these would be brought through the Personality. By "collective inheritance" we mean that which is a collection of imbalances, ideals, woundings, and/or patterns that are relative to a group of past Personalities of your Essence (past lives) or relative to those who your Essence intends to include as part of the current life. For those who lean toward an emphasis of Healing within the lifetime, either of the self or others, there can be a tendency for planets to populate this House. It could be called "The House of Healing," for that matter. When the Sun is present, we would think this is relative to SELF; with Venus present, it would indicate realms of Intimacy; and with Mercury present, it might indicate the realms of Communication. Each of those areas may come with built-in challenges that prompt a development of techniques and methods for Healing. This is a highly simplistic response, but a good start for consideration. As a follow-up, at a later session, I asked the next question: Maureen: The 12th House: I find it incongruent with the overall description of what it means to be “above the horizon”, usually pointing to “exposure” of sorts, for any planet placement. Is it that planets that are placed in the 12th House could actually or potentially face such great “exposure” (being “above” the horizon) that the only recourse in “this life” is to seek retreat of some kind… so that healing can take place? MEntity: One of the only ways for healing to occur is through the exposure of wounding. Most are walking around exposing their wounds far more so than is realized. The 12th House helps to clarify that. The 12th House then is the exposed wounding, even if well-hidden. Healing is unnecessary without wounding, so there is a polarity, or dynamic here. Maureen: Thanks -- I've been wondering about that for years! MEntity: It can be a description of the patterns that have emerged in the life as a result of navigating with those wounds, but also the potential paths for healing. At another Session, to complete the pairing, I asked about the 6th House: Maureen: I started (last time) with the 12th House – this time I would like to hear your perspective on the opposite house – the 6th House. Traditionally it has been called the house of service/bondage, health and work with the more modern twist leaning towards personal crisis or transformation -- where you either suffer or grow. The 6th House can also refer to daily time and how we spend it. What is Michael’s take on this? What is your perspective on the 6th House? MEntity: In response to your question: it might be said that the 6th House is one where issues of Self-Improvement are of emphasis, which can show up all matters of the Self, such as health, career, work, how one experiences Time, and uses Time, and as such, refer to the use of Emotion. It might be said, then, in simplistic terms, that the 6th House is relative to one's Emotional Center and how that manifests in one's personal world, whereas the 12th House might reflect how one's Higher Emotional Center manifests beyond one's personal world. To expand upon that, it could be said that the 6th House describes how one is inspired, and the 12th House is how one inspires. Both are explorations of Inspirational qualities, relative to ordinal and cardinal contexts. MEntity: We have more to say, of course, but this is a start.
  26. A Note from Maureen: I am really excited to have gotten all this great new material on how the Michael Teachings can be applied to Astrology. One of the reasons is that it proves there is so much more to be learned from the Michael Teachings. The Michael Teachings are not an Active/Static Teaching – they are Alive! As I was editing the material I did think of removing all my questions so that we could just hear Michael’s voice. Then I quickly realized that they needed to be left in as the questions were needed – questions are needed – not only for context but because they are the other half of a fully-formed answer. You can’t have an answer without a question – just like you can’t have a conversation without talking and listening! That’s what makes The Michael Teachings, through Troy, so fresh and “alive” – it’s the questions! The Q&A process I went through – that we all go through with Michael – is a great example of The Michael Teachings being “Passive and Alive”. As Troy has said… "it is through our participation, our application, and our questions that the teaching stays alive and evolving." Maureen’s Questions were on: The Natal Houses and how they relate to the Michael Teachings, some examples through personal questions, and a little extra on Chiron, Uranus and North/South Nodes The Truth, Love and Energy of Astrology shows how The Michael Teachings can be applied to the House System (1 to 12) in Astrology. The Q&As were channeled over a one year period. The finished material is so long I decided to break it down into parts. Part One will focus on Houses 1 & 7, 2 & 8 and 3 & 9. Part Two will focus on Houses 4 & 10, 5 & 11 and 6 & 12. Part Three will focus on Keywords for how Truth, Love and Energy is expressed through each House, Negative/Positive Poles as applied to House Pairings and North/South Nodes, Chiron and Uranus. PART ONE ~ The Truth, Love and Energy of Astrology 1st and 7th Natal Houses 1st House could be called: The House of ~ EMERGENCE (or Emerging) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Personal), Aries, Cardinal, Mars, # 1 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Emotional Center ‘Love’, –Mode (as it relates to the Emotional Center), Casting, Self-Karma, sheds light on one’s Life Task 7th House could be called: The House of ~ REFLECTIONS (or Relating) Astrological counterparts: Air (Social), Libra, Cardinal, Venus, #7 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Emotional Center ‘Love’, +Mode (as it relates to the Higher Emotional Center), Karma with Others Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 1st House. The First House traditionally rules your overall vitality, your persona (how you look), how you interact with others, your overall approach to life. Some say it is the house most descriptive of your personality. The 1st House holds first Impressions – the ones you make on the world, and the ones the world makes on you. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 7th House. The 7th House traditionally rules partnerships of all kinds to include spouses, business partners, clients, and even open enemies. My take on the 7th House includes all the references to relationships but it also includes seeing this house as a place where we “willingly” give away traits, qualities, etc. to others – until we mature and are able to claim them for ourselves. Our external search for partnering mirrors our own true search for self. Maureen: Also, time permitting, any comment on the placement of Neptune (Ruler of my Pisces Ascendant) in Libra, intercepted in my 7th House, with Virgo on the Descendant, would be appreciated. MEntity: We will combine our responses to both questions as they are so relevant to each other: We would say that the First and Seventh Houses in Astrology could be understood as contexts that relate to SELF and OTHER. Those terms listed respectively. To elaborate upon the First House, this might be a story of one's INTENTIONS as Identity. In that story, there may be insights into Imprinting that was chosen by Essence, but there may also be insights into how the Self sees the Self, or experiences itself. In terms relative to our teaching, it can also shed light on how one's Casting might show up. This House can also shed light on one's Life Task, as any Natal Planet here can give an indication as to the general theme and its challenges or support, as described by angles, etc. As for the Seventh House, this might be a story of one's REFLECTIONS as Identity, as how one interacts with, and relates to, others in terms self-awareness. If the First House is seen as one's imprinting and intentions, then the 7th House might be seen as how that plays out in the world, and how it is amplified or transformed. By "the world" here, we mean "relationships." In terms relative to our teaching, this House can also shed light on one's Mode. The First House can also be understood as lending insight into one's Self-Karma, while the 7th House might give some insight into Karma (with others). MEntity: In response to your question about the planets, if we understand your description and placements correctly, would tell the story of how you may have had to work through the fantastical ideals of perfection and beauty that you bring to the expectations of relationships, and your subsequent refinement of control issues regarding those expectations. With Pisces as the Ascendant, it would indicate a profound sensitivity and self-consciousness within, which is then expected to be regarded and reflected in your relationships. This would have set up several relationships as doomed to failure or turbulence for not living up to those expectations of considerate sensitivities that you can so easily access within. Over the years, this would have been part of the Self-Karmic processes of this life, and a balance between expectations and capabilities would eventually be gained, probably showing up as a clear awareness of boundaries, limits, and pointless efforts to control, giving you much more freedom because now you would have learned not to take others' choices too personally, while also not pushing your expectations when they cannot be met. MEntity: Of course, all of this is an abbreviation of the information and interpretation we may offer, but this is a start. 2nd and 8th Houses 2nd House could be called: The House of ~ PRESENCE (or Establishing) Astrological counterparts: Earth (Personal), Taurus, Fixed, Taurus, # 2 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Moving Center ‘Energy’, –The Path, Ordinal/Action 8th House could be called: The House of ~ EVOLUTION (or Sharing) Astrological counterparts: Water (Social), Scorpio, Fixed, Pluto, #8 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Moving Center ‘Energy’, +The Path, Cardinal (exalted)/Action Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 2nd House. The 2nd House traditionally rules your “personal” money, possessions and material resources and also rules the more intangible ownership of talents, self esteem and values. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 8th House. The 8th House traditionally rules “shared” money, possessions and material resources including any joint financial ventures. Specific areas of focus may be Taxes, Inheritances, Death and Sex. Also, any comments on the placement of Mars and Saturn in the Natal House 8th House would be appreciated. MEntity: We will respond to both questions simultaneously, as they are two sides of the same coin, so to speak. Maureen: lol (”two sides of the same coin” - Michael is so funny sometimes -- the 2nd & 8th Houses are about money!) MEntity: Using our terminology for helping to understand these Houses is more effective in our conveying an "interpretation" than if we were to use a different teaching to describe these, even terms of Astrology, as that is not our teaching. With that in mind, we will say that these Houses might be the Moving and Higher Moving energies/Centers as they play out in terms of Natal insight and being activated in Transits. In simplistic terms, it might be said that the 2nd House describes the context in which resources support and protect the body/Personality, whereas the 8th House describes the context in which resources support the soul/Essence. Put another way, the 2nd House describes how the body/Personality secures its survival, and the 8th House describes how the soul/Essence secures its evolution. All of Astrology is Personality-based, so it is important to understand that, even when the soul/Essence is referenced, it is in terms of how this serves the Personality, or how the Personality is serving the soul. Some of the traditional terms for both Houses are interchangeable, but are in different contexts: for instance, Sex is involved in both Houses, but in the 2nd House it is in the context of procreation/survival/need, and in the 8th it is for union and pleasure, desire. Death is a part of both Houses, but in the 2nd House this is in terms how the body/Personality deals with conditions that can lead to death, or threats to the body, and in the 8th House this can refer to how the death of others affects the life or soul. The 2nd House is one of NEEDS, and the 8th is one of DESIRES. In terms that may seem more intangible, such things as Self-esteem, Talent, Values, are actually quite tangible, and are extensions of that Personality's concepts of RESOURCE and sense of survival, or security of the self. Self-esteem, for instance, is directly linked to the immune system. Going back to shared terms across the Houses: such things as Money are a part of both Houses, but the 2nd House is in terms of survival, or immediate need, while the other is in terms of transformation, or greater desires, which is why inheritances and taxes might be associated with that 8th House, as they reflect larger arcs. These might be said to be the Action Axis of the Natal Wheel. The 2nd House is Ordinal/Action, while the 8th is Cardinal (exalted)/Action. More can be said in further exchanges with you. 3rd and 9th Natal Houses 3rd House could be called: The House of ~ LESSONS (or Learning) Astrological counterparts: Air (Personal), Gemini, Mutable/Cadent, Mercury, # 3 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, –The Attitude(Ordinal Expression), The 9 Pillars 9th House could be called: The House of ~ CONTEXT (or Seeking) Astrological counterparts: Fire (Universal), Sagittarius, Mutable/Cadent, Jupiter, #9 Relationship to the Michael Teachings: The Higher Intellectual Center ‘Truth’, +The Attitude (Exalted Expression) Maureen: Michael – Please give your perspective on the Astrological, Natal 3rd House. The 3rd House traditionally rules short trips, errands, your immediate neighbourhood, neighbours, siblings, grammar school, the acquisition and use of language. It seems to relate to how well we “adapt” to our immediate world. I associate the 3rd House with the lower mind, how we think, how we learn, etc. Symbolically I see the 3rd House as Magazines, articles or short stories. Also – Please give your perspective on the Astrological 9th House. The 9th House traditionally rules long journeys, world travel, adventure, the study of all religions, philosophies, mysticism, publishing, higher education/learning, mind/life expansion in general. It seems to relate to how well we adapt to the larger world, bigger ideas, all people, places or things that are “different” than we are. I associate the 9thHouse with our higher mind, complex ideas, how well we can extrapolate our ideas or expand ourselves. Symbolically I see the 9th House as lengthy stories, epics or sagas. Maureen: Also to elucidate the meaning of the 3rd House – any comments on the placement of Jupiter (in Gemini) in my 3rd House. MEntity: The 3rd House is another component of the Intellect and tends to govern how one develops the capacity to use immediate interaction, or feedback, as a means for navigating the life. It is how the Attitude functions in the life in ordinal ways, or in immediate ways. Looking at influences in this House can lend insight into how one interprets his or her day-to-day existence and world. In terms of the 9th House , it could be said that this is a Higher Intellectual component, and tends to govern how one develops the capacity for use of long-term arcs of experiences, meaning, and value as a means for navigating the life. It is how the Attitude functions in the life in cardinal ways, or in larger arcs to create personal philosophies. Looking at influences in this House can lend insight into how one tends to interpret his entire existence in the universe. Additional Material – Patterns within Patterns – given in this session: To help in seeing the pattern of Houses, we will clarify here that those Houses below the horizon resonate to Ordinal Centers of Emotional, Moving, Intellectual, Intellectual, Moving, and Emotional, respectively. In those Houses above the Horizon, continuing in order, the pattern is Higher Emotional, Higher Moving, Higher Intellectual, Higher Intellectual, Higher Moving, Higher Emotional. Maureen: patterns within patterns... Houses 3, 4, 9, and 10 will explore all of the components of the Attitude and how this shapes ones sense of meaning and presence in the world, internally and externally. This is a crude simplification, but fair for now. They are the explorations of Truths. We elaborate here for the point of sharing that those 4 components are Elemental, in terms of Astrology. MEntity: This may lend more insight in both directions of interpretation, as applying the corresponding Overleaf to those Houses can add dimension to your Astrological explorations, while applying the Elements to an Overleaf can also help to grasp dimensions of an Overleaf. Maureen: You said "those" 4 components -- what are those? MEntity: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water Elements. Maureen: Of course! So for instance -- the 4 houses mentioned are Air (3rd, Gemini), Water (4th, Cancer), Fire (9th Sagittarius), Earth (10th, Capricorn) -- and each of those respective houses relate to Attitude... I see MEntity: We will also clarify here, that while the 3rd and 9th explore the Attitude, it is the 9th House where the Attitude is more "technically" emphasized, while its counterpart, in Astrological terms, would be The 9 Pillars in the 3rd House. We are revealing patterns here that will make complete sense upon our work around the wheel of Houses. This is also new to Troy, so there may be some necessity for resolving discrepancies that may accumulate over our exchanges, if any. MEntity: As far as your Jupiter in your 9th House, this would indicate that your Philosophies, Truths, and Attitude are in a perpetual state of expansion and exploration in this lifetime, most of the time to your excitement, but sometimes to your detriment, in that it can be difficult to find footing, if you will. Correction: As far as your Jupiter in your 3rd House, this would indicate what we described above, but in terms much "closer to home," in that you feed into your philosophies and truths through interactions, personal stories, with a tendency to depend upon feedback. However, as Jupiter is in the 3rd House, then, it would mean that your circle of feedback continues to expand. Your resources for building your philosophies are constantly growing, or expected, or intending to grow. This would still affect the 9th House, as we described above, but more accumulatively, rather than so directly, if Jupiter were in the 9th. We are not Astrologers, but we have Astrologers in our archive of Personalities, of course. We are not generating a personal report here, as much as we are simply "plugging in" the parts of the equations to generate an example interpretation. In general, a person with Jupiter in the 3rd House, might grow quite restless if his or her input and resources for expanding truths and philosophy grow stagnant or restricted. MEntity: These are loose correspondences for the sake of creating bridges of understanding between systems, and should not be thought of as static, but they are fair correspondences.