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A club for those who want to explore the compatibilities and crossovers between Astrology and The Michael Teachings

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  2. Sam K's Natal Chart

    You have your first Saturn return. Enjoy. 😉
  3. Sam K's Natal Chart

    Well I'll be the first to say you definitely seem like an Aquarius to me! Btw just a question- what is your Capricorn Moon like to you? My mom has it and I'm interested on your take.
  4. Role: Server Casting: Warrior Soul Age: Old, 3rd Level Goal: Acceptance Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Male/Female Energy: 44/56 Frequency: 60 Primary CF: Self-deprecation Secondary CF: Arrogance Body Types: Solar/Mercury/Saturn
  5. My Chiron is also in the 11th House, in Scorpio. It has a loose Square to Uranus(2nd House+Aquarius), a fair Trine to Jupiter(3rd House+Pisces), a loose Quincunx to Sun(4th House+Aries) and an exact Semi-Square to Moon(9th/10th House Cusp+Libra). My interpretation: My Chiron urges me to pay attention to all opportunities for transforming my feelings about how I get along with others, and how I believe they view my behaviors. The Moon semi-square in particular, means this dynamic affects the emotional well-being I unconsciously express in the world. The way I express myself will be perpetually based upon how crippled I feel for how the world sees me. But once I dive into this wound and the power I feel it has over me, I can discover means of actually expressing these feelings in understandable ways. What do you gather from this placement, Maureen?
  6. Greetings all! Since there is interest in such things, I thought I'd post my own natal chart here -- along with my essence and personality dynamics. So here it is for the astrology minded folk to examine and enjoy. Make of it what you will! John Essence Dynamics Role - Scholar Casting - Server Soul Age - 4th Old Cadre - 1 Entity - 3 Male/Focused Energy - 75 Female/Creative Energy - 25 Frequency - 55 Personality Dynamics Goal - Flow (sliding to Discrimination / Acceptance) Mode - Observation (sliding to Reserve / Passion) Attitude - Pragmatist (sliding to Stoic / Realist) Center/Part - Intellectual / Emotional Primary Body Type - Saturnian Secondary Body Type - Martial Tertiary Body Type - Jovial Outer Planet Body Type - Neptunian Primary Chief Feature - Arrogance Secondary Chief Feature - Self-Deprecation Lifetime - 218 Grand Cycle - 10 Natal Chart
  7. NickG's Natal Chart

    This is what's known as a stellium. As you might expect, it implies a strong emphasis on that House in your life overall, for better or for worse. The 12th House is the House of the unconscious mind, of limitation and constraint, and of endings. Much like the Death and Tower cards in Tarot, it is commonly feared based on a superficial understanding of its meaning. Properly approached, it is truly the House of mastering the unconscious mind, of overcoming limitation and constraint, and of endings which lead to new beginnings. Michael's naming of it as the House of Healing is apt.
  8. NickG's Natal Chart

    I do not have much knowledge of astrology. I just read some things out of curiosity. And I also noticed that when it comes to this house. I already read about being the of the cure. but I have also read about being the house of hospitials, of isolation, about living. All associated with this house. Now as I said I have no deep knowledge of astrology to tell whether these views are correct or not. What I am sure is that my moon and neptune are in this house
  9. I can't remember what a lot of this means but I always thought it strange that most of my planets are in one house. The 12th house at that, I think Michael called it the House of Healing. I don't know a lot about astrology but I remember people being very wary of this house on forums I've read before for whatever reason. Any thoughts?
  10. So exciting! I have a question after having read everything. What interests me most in my own chart is my own 5th House - CREATION, which is related to the Goal. I have my Natal Chart and Michael's information on the house and I see that I have Venus in my fifth house. I also, of course, have planets in other houses, but for this question, I want to focus on just one house for clarity (this is a very difficult subject for me to understand). I am thinking that you, @Maureen, have worked closely with the information you have from these sessions and might have the answer to this question: What do you do after you have found that you have a certain planet in a certain house? How to proceed into the exploration? Is it simply just googling the planet's meaning - Venus, for example? And then combining the meaning of the planet (for example Venus) with Michael's information on the 5th House? Or what have you done? Thank you in advance!
  11. Natal Chart for Nik (i.e., "ComeOnLetsGo")

    Me Christina or other Christina? THIS Christina could really use some help in looking at her chart .. I read and read but my mind isn't for these things and it annoys me greatly :/
  12. Wendy's Natal Chart

    We have quite similar Natal Charts, I see! I just posted mine, and would be very interested in hearing any thought you might have had on your chart? :D
  13. Christina's Natal Chart

    I got so fascinated when I read the comments to the other Natal Charts - I have been interested in exploring this subject for a long time! So here is mine! I am an absolutely beginner, so I would love to hear your thoughts! Role: Artisan Casting: Scholar Soul Age: Old, 4th Level Goal: Flow sliding to Acceptance and Growth Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Male/Female Energy: 35/65 Frequency: 85 Venus/Mercury/Saturn Primary CF: Arrogance Secondary CF: Self-Deprecation Teritiary CF: Impatience
  14. Role: Scholar Casting: Warrior Soul Age: Old, 4th Level Goal: Acceptance Mode: Observation sliding to Passion/Reserve Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Male/Female Energy: 45/55 Frequency: 50 Primary CF: Martyrdom Secondary CF: Impatience
  15. Joining the party =) 4th Level Old Artisan-cast Warrior Cadre 2, Entity 1 Acceptance Observation > Passion Spiritualist Intellectual Center, Emotional Part 75F/25M, 80 Freq Venus/Mercury/Solar Arrogance, Self-deprecation
  16. Wendy's Natal Chart

    Wow ... how many planets in house 4!!
  17. ESSENCE AND PERSONALITY PROFILE STUDENT: Wendy Mae Rosner ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Warrior Casting: Priest Cadre/Entity: 3/1 E-Ratio: 35M/65F Frequency: 68 Soul Age/Level: Old/4 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 327 Grand Cycle#: 9 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Artisan Cadre/Entity: 3/3 Status: Guide TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Scholar/female Role/Gender: King/female PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Moving Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Martial Chief Feature 1: Arrogance Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation
  18. Luciana's natal chart

    MEntity: This might become obvious when looking at the symbolism, as those Houses below the horizon describe context that are usually already in momentum before consciousness has a chance to build, and therefore must build up from within those contexts Every time I look at my map, I remember that quote when Michel talked about subpersonalities. Because there is no planet below the horizon on my map. none. I think it's a bit strange that it's as if my essence had not planned at all. And the interesting thing is that this happens on the maps of my brother and sister. My sister has only two planets below the horizon and my brother only has one.
  19. Uma's Overleaves: 4th Level Old Priest-cast Warrior from Cadre 2, Entity 6, with a Goal of Dominance, Aggression Mode, Spiritualist Attitude, Emotional Part of Intellectual Center, with a Primary Chief Feature of Arrogance and a Secondary of Stubbornness.
  20. @Wendy RosnerYou should enter your chart here so TLErs can comment and maybe give some helpful insights!
  21. @Wendy RosnerWhat's happening in your 6th House?
  22. I have 2 planets in house 12. Moon and Neptune. I do not know exactly what it means, but what I read about the moon in box 12 says something about seclusion.
  23. very relevant to me and my chart! Thanks, @Maureen. A million thank yous for every word you have posted. It all helps me heal. YOU help me heal.
  24. Role: Scholar Casting: Warrior Cadre/Entity: 2/6 E-Ratio: 55M/45F Frequency: 58 Soul Age/Level: Old/4 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 228 Grand Cycle#: 10 Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Observation > Passion/Reserve Attitude: Idealist Center/Part: Intellectual/Moving Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Martial Chief Feature 1: Mild Arrogance Chief Feature 2: Mild Self-deprecation EDIT: Fixed, screwed up the date.
  25. Luciana's natal chart

    @catkhv I looked at his profile. It really has several similarities. I think that just the fact that we have the same role, cast and cadre is very similar. Nice to meet you.
  26. Luciana's natal chart

    Nice - thanks for sharing. It's interesting to see the natal chart compared to your profile. I'd like to do that too! Also, very cool to meet another Artisan-cast Warrior from Cadre 2 - it seems we have lots of similarities beyond that as well =) Interesting tidbit which should be taken with a grain of salt -- sometimes I collect profiles of people whose roles have been accounted for and have noticed some patterns. These are just casual observations, not definitive by any means: quite a few Warriors are Scorpio suns while Kings seem to have a significant amount of Virgo influence (lots of Moons). Whoa, just noticed that our moons are on the same exact degree! And, my Sun is on your Mercury.