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  2. Yes, mine also shows as EXPIRED, but that's something new. It was renewed for this year on August 31 and looked ok until recently. When I was booking my October POFs on September 25th the code worked perfectly. Could it have changed in connection to the website being down a couple of weeks ago??
  3. Energy Report: OCTOBER 2017

    @WolfAmethyst amazing dream! The singing makes also so much sense. Very mathematical, very beautiful. Thank you sharing this fantastic dream-vision.
  4. Nikola Tesla

    Ha! In September I dreamt that I asked Michael about how their Entity looked if I were to draw it (meaning If you look at it two-dimensionally) and they showed me a honeycomb. I never went further with that, e.g. as to fold it, but the above @Mike Cleverly really makes sense to me. Very cool!
  5. Nikola Tesla

    i wonder if the C60 shape is correct but it just has more layers, with 20 cadences or 140 fragments being a min size from this view, where each additional 20 cadences add another layer and then the remaining create a bump that helps connect with others. the 7*7*7*3 "perfect" entity would have 7 layers with a 7 cadence bump. the outer layer of cadences would be the ones bonding with other entities from this view. with the 12 pentagon faces i wonder if that aspect of this view has some tie into some other aspect like ring or sphere. i wonder if the GP(2,0) is less accurate than the GP(1,1) arrangement, or if they have different characteristics. looks like this model shows an additional set of connections between cadences with each cadence having three sets of two members partnered with two members of three another cadences. with the 3/4, 2/5, and 1/6 positions in various combinations.
  6. Nikola Tesla

    Okay, this is going to look a bit mad because I scribbled it at 1am and I have to get up for an early shift, but here is another way to visualise some of the connections within an Entity. I started looking at the Fullerene Tube Michael mentioned above, and I wondered if the blocks, rows and columns of an Entity would fit on there. Picture a Fullerene tube, as below: Unroll it: Doodle madly on it.... So you can see the first block of 49 Essences. It is arranged (according to previous channellings) in a 7x7 grid. 7 rows and 7 columns, numbered 1 to 7 but also referred to by the role names - 1: Server 2: Artisan: 3: Warrior 4: Scholar 5: Sage 6: Priest 7: King This fits very neatly in such a way that if you rolled this sheet back up again, both the column and row 7s at the end of Block 1 nestle neatly into the 1s at the start of Block 2. How lovely and tidy! It also means you can follow various rows and columns- all the 1s (server row or columns), all the 2s, count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, The end of the column in one block meets the start of the same column in the next block... Its all rather nice. The way the columns and rows spiral around the fullerene tube is pleasantly reminiscent of a DNA helix, isn't it? One big caveat - it doesn't address the fact that Michael specifically pointed out that each hexagon should represent a cadence, not an essence - but I think with a bit of thought and doodling this idea can be adapted to accommodate that too. I'll leave that for tomorrow! Oh and here's my template in case anybody else would like to print out a copy and play around with it:
  7. Nikola Tesla

    After all this I may have made a breakthrough in visualising one aspect of the layout of an Entity.... Pictures to follow... :D
  8. Nikola Tesla

    faces makes more sense and does add up for C60, with the additional info on the parings the center for king position does fit also. none of the larger shapes seem to fit either the type 1 GP(4,0) seems to have the closest number of faces and would have positions for some of the larger entities and perhaps for entity to entity connections (although i seem to recall the kings played a role in that set of connections), but would not fit with the pairing of the positions at the vertices. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldberg_polyhedron
  9. Nikola Tesla

    that is a really clear articulation @Mike CleverlyThank you.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Nikola Tesla

    I think the problem with all these examples are that many of them are correct in certain very narrow contexts, but I don't think there is a 3 dimensional arrangement that can be constructed that elegantly describes the multitude of connections in an "ideal" Entity. Here is a short and non exhaustive list of the types of 'connections' or relationships within an Entity that immediately come to mind: Lets imagine the Essence in position 1 in an Entity. It has connection relationships with: Cadence, ie the other positions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in the first row Tribonds- The other Essences in position 1 on the other 'sides of the Entity', IE Truth, Love, Energy sides Connections with all other 1st positions (and therefore all Server cast) in all other cadences Connections with the Essence immediately preceding and immediately following their position Connections with 2 position in 2nd row, 3rd position in 3rd row [...] to 7th position in 7th row (Michael has mentioned this kind of diagonal cadence briefly before) Connections with all other position 1 Essences in other Entities in the cadre. Connection with Essence Twin in another Entity. This doesn't even include the thousands of connections that essences build with other essences as they live their lives, play out karma, monads, etc which I believe becomes as important or even more important than these original mathematical connections. There is no single model that can elegantly represent this. This is because 3 dimensional physics gets in the way. Matter gets in the way. Yes you can add a 4th dimension but that only frees up one more layer of connections. The Entity is not a 3 dimensional, 4 dimensional or N dimensional arrangement floating in space, it is a zero dimensional unit that has no use for up, down, left and right. Its connections are not by virtue of where they sit in a sphere - these ideas are just crude approximations to help us get our clumsy 3 dimensional brains around. I think the best we can do is to come up with maps that make sense in a narrow context, that satisfy one or two of those connections listed at a time. The geodesic sphere is useful mostly as a way to help us imagine an array of intricate connections without actually accurately describing the nitty gritty details.
  12. Nikola Tesla

    I suspect Troy has never looked at graph theory. Where Michael is talking about a "position" that's shared between two hexagons, I think they mean the side that's shared between the two. It can't be a vertex, because that's where three hexagons would join. If you look at it in two dimensions, a structure that consists only of identical regular hexagons is a honeycomb. If one of the hexagons is a cadence, then Michael seems to be saying that adjacent cadences are joined by a 4-3 or a 5-2 or a 6-1, which actually sort of makes sense. I think. I have no idea what Michael meant by an axis, unless it was "axle" meaning a vertex, but that makes no sense either. One of the problems with visualizing it in 3D is that the usual visualizations assume that the faces are flat and all the sides are equal lengths. You can't make a structure composed only of identical regular hexagons work in 3D. That's why I think of graph theory, where there are only lines and vertices. You can completely ignore the issue of physical representation.
  13. Energy Report: OCTOBER 2017

    @WolfAmethyst, I love that, the unity of all Sentience of Earth. Thanks for sharing your dream.
  14. Nikola Tesla

    I believe Michael said that the C60 fullerene was not correct, but was simply the closest that could be gotten through the channel at that time. It's a very pretty problem.
  15. Energy Report: OCTOBER 2017

    @WolfAmethyst Oh my, it's wonderful! The story I'm writing has a theme of interdimensional music and toning as a way to unify humanity ... and Earth. The descriptions are uncannily similar to yours! ☄️ 🤗 I love how we all can resonate with the Truth of it ... for the times they are a'changin' :) Now that I think about it...you seem to me like a Priest or Priest-cast. Thank you for being here on TLE 😊
  16. Energy Report: OCTOBER 2017

    @WolfAmethyst, that is beautiful beyond words!!! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful image. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  17. Nikola Tesla

    The sessions were TeamTLE sessions. I have no idea if they are in the Library or not. Yes, they named "fullerene" after him. As Troy was struggling to make sense of things, it wouldn't surprise me if they meant "faces" instead of "Positions". The real size is probably much bigger than C60. I think the middle position is the King Position, as they specifically called it 7. Michael also said
  18. Nikola Tesla

    the 32 positions does not make sense to me, as C60 has 12 pentagonal faces, 20 hexagonal faces, 60 vertices and 90 edges. having 60 positions one at each vertices would be the obvious and apparently wrong conclusion, but if each hexagon is a cadence then C60 should have 20*7 (140) positions, still a ways off from the 7*7*7*3 positions of a "perfect" entity. the tube form does expand a bit better adding a new hexagonal face for each new cadence. even taking into account that in 4d space that not all positions may be visible in a single 3d model, seems like that would only account for probably 1/2 the missing spaces looking at a 4d cube "tesseract" all the unique positions would be visible with two 3d models, the other models would link the two.
  19. Nikola Tesla

    Well, I came across this image: It looks something like this then, but with all the 3 Sides at the same distance from one another? The capsule look reminds me of a spaceship- as cadences are added on beyond the normal count, it probably looks more like that elipsoid/tube than a sphere. Then a Cadre would look like what Erick made. And those 6 triangles in the middle could build into pyramids that connect the 12 Cadres into an Energy Ring?
  20. on the topic of having a priority of sex, Bettina Arndt may be an example, after watching a couple of you-tube videos of hers, i came away with the term fascinated by sex, i don't recall if she used that exact phrase or not. but that seemed to fit in well with this session and having a priority of sex. seems like the term "fascinated by <priority>" may apply to more generally, death is the next one that i thought of using that phrasing with. this then lead me to the idea that if you were to imagine a situation of having time to read one session before needing to do something else, and 9 sessions, one related to each one of the priority's, were posted what one would you read (or what one would bother you the most if you didn't) and which would you delay till you had more time. this seemed like one of the subtle ways a priority could be expressed in choices made.
  21. *steps up to podium* Umm....Hi....my name is Christian.....and my priority is most likely sex. All joking aside, this was something rather validating for me. It has always been there. Sometimes to distraction. Looking back, it seems that it was for me always about exploring the boundaries of societal appropriateness. Trying to understand how it can be a very base thing with little to no emotional or intimate connection to using it as part of a gateway to greater intimacy with another person. Expanding my definitions of what is "sexy". Learning that the ideals that pushed on us are not what everyone wants. Breaking through my own repression and encouraging others to explore more. Granted most of this has been in my head more than actual action in the real world. Because the real world is scary and has consequences. Even the question about priorities running in families hit home. My parents were extremely repressed about sex. When my dad had at least one known affair, his only comment was it just happened. Sex doesn't just happen. It is a choice that you make usually in the moment. It "just happened" because he was alone in another city and his family was growing closer together without him. So he sought the intimacy he felt was being lost somewhere else. My mother only ever complained once about lack of sex in their marriage. It was because I asked. At the end, they hadn't has sex for something like 3-4 years. Mom was so repressed about it because of her religious and turns out abusive upbringing that she wouldn't talk about it with dad. Gahhh!! Communication people! Anyway, (climbs off soap box) This channeling was very helpful. Hopefully, we can explore this topic more.
  22. Nikola Tesla

    depending on the symmetry involved it is probably going to take at least 4 3d models to understand a 4d structure
  23. Nikola Tesla

    @Oscar -- I don't remember seeing this session so thank you for posting the snippets. Maybe it explains why Amina built that very large structure to show shadows to help us understand 4-dimensional space. I loved that model and got a kit to build one of my own when I returned from the ECG. The snippet of content about the fullerene made me think that perhaps this other pic I have of Amina's shadows is closer to the structure being described. You can see the hexagons in these shadows.
  24. Nikola Tesla

    so if we added the 7th in the center (scholar position ???) and missing positions at the intersections so they are not shared something like this i then tried expanding out, the cluster of three positions (tri bond ???) around the center cadence and that gave
  25. Nikola Tesla

    Wow @Oscar. Thanks for sharing those quotes about the structure of Entities. Very interesting. Are those from private sessions you have had? or are they available in the Library or here on TLE? Does Fullerene come from Bucky Fuller?
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