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  2. absolutely, @Kerrin. Who are they to "advise" us? I don't think so.
  3. Selin Erzin

    Validation Themes for Entity 4 and 5

    Hi everyone. I am from C10 E5 and would love to get more information about the “themes” of these groups. Thank you.
  4. @Kerrin Oh yes! Also, I am trying to figure out how to not create more karma and to stay out of other people’s dramas.
  5. I really resonate with the "Free yourself from the responsibility of what has happened TO YOU, and focus on what you can now bring to life FROM YOU" phrase. I have been told by the Ms that my Essence decided just to "wing it" this lifetime- not set much direction other than a few key events. Sometimes this makes me feel like Essence sees Personality as an avatar in an interactive computer game- let's see what he can throw at me- or where I can be tossed. Can I figure a way out? And a lot of the time I am pretty unhappy with the choices I made in this life, feeling so much was wasted and unproductive. And then I get the faint message from Essence- who I am sure is laughing- "oh pleeeeze- stop the effing whining. You totally got this" There is the sense of wanting to "win the game." Seriously- what is the worst that can happen that I haven't already endured? Pretty sure this is true for all of us. Actually, I probably shouldn't ask that. Essence might start to get more creative on me. And another side note: "It has been asked of us what the "Council of Elders" are as reported by Michael Newton and we have always said that these are merely guides, but they are often these particular Personalities who have opted never to be Physical." OK- No. I wouldn't see a doctor that didn't go to medical school. I don't do guides that didn't tough it out on the physical plane with the rest of us.
  6. It's been a standing policy of mine to refuse to acknowledge any real separation between my personality and my Essence (or myself vs. my "higher self," or what have you). In the same vein, I also prefer not to think of my other personalities as different from "me." Makes things simple, keeps me aware of my agency in all this. If I have other personalities acting as guides, I wonder how this approach affects this personality's relationship to them...
  7. Yesterday
  8. That's putting it mildly! Yeesh. Talk about 'good intentions' gone horribly awry.
  9. Pre-birth Personalities and Guides *We Want To Believe You Will Succeed* * *Build It, And He Will Come* You have a team of millions on your side. Millions of Drunks LOL shows myself the door
  10. I am their never ending riot, I'm quite sure!
  11. A not--so-cryptic message from Juni's Guides: Go ahead... laugh at yourself. We do!
  12. Ok, if they weren't already drunk, I've probably driven them to, then. Them: "No, she's totally going to get it together...at some point...maybe right before she dies....*looks over at what I'm doing* Them: "Ohhh, no." *pounds tequila* ( I know I'm being jokingly self-deprecating, I'm doing it for humours sake, don't @ me, pls :D )
  13. "You were, quite literally, created from you because you are your next best idea built upon eons of life and living." This gave me me chills-my platform key phrase for this year was I AM MY OWN IDEA. My next thought was, "Really, everyone? Were you drunk? Does this mean I'm the bodily manifestation of that cartoon showing a tire swing formed by committee, but on a soul level?" They often think they can handle anything that comes their way because they "have seen it all," but that is never how it is experienced by the Personality waking up in that mess. Variations on "What the fuck!" are common responses by the Personality waking up. WTF, indeed. Do these pre-birth Personalities have Arrogance, too?
  14. Michèle

    What Do We All Actually Do and Make?

    I can feel the care and love that has gone into planting and growing the trees and vegetables and other plants that you uploaded pictures of.
  15. Michèle

    What Do We All Actually Do and Make?

    @Colleen Wow- they are beautiful portraits. Thank you for sharing
  16. Michèle

    What Do We All Actually Do and Make?

    Unterzakhn is on my list of books to read I think I will enjoy it a lot - I am fascinated by the early 20th century N.Y. and the setting of the stories of the twins. Looking forward to reading it A LOT !
  17. Michèle

    What Do We All Actually Do and Make?

    @Jeroen I love succulents, and I wish I could grow them, but in winter, our house is too damp and there's not enough light for them to grow. They stretch out and go pale and then fall over. I lost so many succulents, among them two really beautiful species: Buddha's temple and Crassula plegmatoides, and this particular winter in the UK was long and dark. I think I will have to take cuttings of most of the succulents because they are so stretched out, they are no longer able to grow straight up.
  18. BTW, despite the low energy and need to sleep and cry, I have felt extraordinarily Present the past weeks. Everything feels very here-and-now, deeply real somehow, and I’m enjoying that. Even if it brings out old sadnesses or angers occasionally, yet I never lose my footing in the Now. Powerful, this Presence thingy!
  19. Yes, excellent reminders. Thanks @Ingun!
  20. Well, look on the bright side... at least one version(parallel) of "you" was going to so why not you? "Look what 'I' did, please, and thank you!"
  21. @Maureen Thank you so much for this response, it was very enlightening to me. Actually creating common ground is all about relationships. After all nobody creates a common ground alone. I think I've already rejected my life task during my life. But not because it ceased to be important to me. but because for a while I did not believe I could do it any more. I've always had a hard time finding people with the same interests. I think that's why I started looking on the internet. And yet I had some difficulties. So I stopped believing for a while. And it really seemed like an important piece of my life was missing. But I realized that if I study more about self or how relationships work, it gives me new tools. And with that I can get new tools. So that's why I'm writing to my true study at the moment.
  22. I agree with you @Ingun, this is a valuable thing to read now. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront
  23. Despite the rockiness at the start of the year, the last month or so hasn't really been too bad. I've had upwellings of anxiety and malaise, and those always suck, but nothing really out of the ordinary that I can think of. Things did feel a bit stalled for a while, but then again this may be why I threw myself into garden projects over the past week and a half. Given the focus, I'd say I've probably been tapping into the True Spirits of Plants and Labor with all the backyard garden projects. The closest True Health I can think of would be socializing. I've not done a whole lot of that, but it's probably been more than the others (even sleeping, surprisingly). Then probably wilderness for the True Home. I will say I think working out in the garden has had an overall positive effect. I find that I'm waking up a little earlier than I use to, and it's a nice source of inspiration. Scholar likes his projects. It's been a little haphazard planning-wise, and I think I've reached the point where I overshot a bit and wore myself out, but in general things are good.
  24. @Luciana Flora, let me put this another way... ALL Trues are important and relative to ALL Personalities but if the True that is related to your Role's Axis is neglected it will feel as if something is missing in your life. Imagine... a Sage who needs to play but can't get out of their work cycle rut or a Priest who requires appropriate rest in order to access their "visions" through the Higher Good/Ideal or a King who's stuck trying to reach their Goal/goals (check many of DianeHB's blog entries) or a Scholar who isn't able to immerse themselves in their chosen projects.... how they would feel. I would suggest that even though you are diligently working through your True Study as you ask about and are learning about how to navigate Self; Relationships; Psychological and Philosophical Theories you are also working towards fulfilling your Life Task / Goal which is the Action True. Your True Study or studies feeds and/or supports your Life Task /Goal. Ask yourself -- how would you feel if you didn't reach your Goal? Luciana's Life Task: We have described your Task as "To Create Common Ground," which is fairly self-explanatory, but as with all Life Tasks, it can show up in obvious ways or in symbolic and unusual ways. The key challenge here is defining what is “common ground.” Will you choose to build upon what is already present for another individual? Will you choose to create your own and work on how to invite others to share in that? Will you look for commonalities and resonance and build connections between that which is already present? Will you create something utterly new that grows from your interactions and communication with others? You will probably experiment with all of the above. If the Task is pursued, it would mean that you likely have a strong desire to create and sustain some stability in common ground with others. This is not an uncommon desire for many, but it is different when it is a Life Task because it means it is not just about having it, but about learning from it, getting value from it and creating meaning from within that common ground. It is not just about the comfort of the common ground. There must be meaning. If the Task is fulfilled, it would likely show up as a satisfying sense of confidence in relating to others as you see appropriate to do so. If the Task is rejected, it may show up as push/pull, love/hate relationship with the desire for more commonality and intimacy while also trying to ignore this desire and shut that desire down. If you find that you are rejecting the Task, you can help return to the pursuit by remembering that it is all worth the risk. It is always worth the risk.
  25. Has anyone here watched "A Young Doctor's Notebook" on Netflix? I am almost finished with this series and am curious about what you guys think.
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