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  2. Hello and welcome, Krissi! Nice sandals :) Sages don't necessarily talk a lot, they just talk/write well.
  3. This was such a lovely thing to log in to see today!! I miss you! It will be so nice to see you around here. Now, if only you would break down and get that damn xbox! lol
  4. This is so COOL! I am so happy that Michael Provided info about my WG, in my session. We "just" stumbled upon it :)
  5. Hello, all, I'm Krissi -- and just about the only thing I remember from my long-ago session, is that I'm a Sage. I still need to figure out what that means, and how to apply it to my life! Backstory -- I've known @Troy since 2008. Troy and I became internet-friends through the (now retired) social video conversation site, "Seesmic." Even from a distance, through an often pixelated Seesmic video cam, on a social site not many ever knew about (but a site to those who knew it, loved deeply,) I felt an instant draw to Troy, a fascination with his talents, discovered many shared ideas/ideals, & was pretty much his "biggest fan," (as many of you are, too!) from the very beginning... even before I knew about Michael, TLE, "Troy the Channeler," or the greater MT community. @Troy & I met in-person in early 2009, and I had the delight of being introduced to @Cyprus at my surprise birthday party in Aug of the same year, (...if you've ever watched Troy's fun birthday video called "Pauxtograohy/Fauxtography" you've actually met me, too!) I saw Troy whenever I was traveling to NYC, or whenever our schedules allowed, and eventually met @Bobby Keating in December 2011. In April 2012 I moved from Florida (where I'd lived for 12 years,) to Manhattan, and eventually met @Nick at Troy's bday party in Jan/Feb 2013 -- along with many of the group's real-life friends throughout the 4 years I lived in NYC. Words cannot express how much acceptance, love, and safety I felt during a 4-year span of my life that was difficult, albeit living in the best city in Earth. ...I guess what I'm trying to convey is that I've been on the fringe of TLE/The Michael Teachings, for a very long time, but have never really taken the opportunity to PARTICIPATE in the COMMUNITY. I know bits and pieces, but I'm not learned. I've been on all of the versions of the website/community, but I've never participated until now... here I am. Where I Am Now -- As I've gone through another disruptive cycle of change over the last year, after ending a physically and psychologically abusive long-term relationship, in being "forced" to move away from NYC, to Albuquerque, NM where I presently reside, & after recognizing that I'm honestly scared sh*tless, feeling rutterless, & adrift, I've arrived at your proverbial doorstep; here I am, with a completely open mind, to receive help for myself, to learn how to help myself more effectively, for companionship, social connectibility, & a space to share my journey with you. On that note, I have many interests, strong beliefs, and a drive to learn everything about everything in life. Perhaps I will share details about myself in another post, but... ...I hear Sages talk a lot (I like discussions in groups AND with individuals,) & I think I've just proven that point 😂 Cheers - I hope to connect with all of you sooner rather than later ❤️ °• Krissi
  6. Love you to the ends of the earth, @Troy 🌈 We we are both so familiar with how our health (and how the perception of how 'healthy' we are - regardless of reality -) shapes our days. I can only imagine how scary all of these things must be, but I am confident that you will not only persist in your "new life," but THRIVE. You can!
  7. @Sam K I'm with you there. Extremism and suffering are things we will have to contend with indefinitely. But I'm feeling a sense of moving away, in the larger picture, from the worst, at least for now. I'm also getting a sense of solidarity, lately, when talking to friends from other countries for examples; we're facing similar issues in terms of economics, politics, and social issues, and it's causing me to feel a kind of binding together that I could see being a positive thing.
  8. I was an early-adopter to the Discord platform (oroginally for gaming,) and I think it's a wonderful space for the TLE community 🌈
  9. Quick story about an orphaned Gorilla being comforted by a Human park ranger in Virunga National Park, within the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is confirmed by Michael to be populated with sentient Gorillas. No definitive proof this particular Gorilla is Sentient, but...well I wonder.
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  11. With regards to the divergence, despite the horror of this event, I don't think my assessment that we're on the preferable path has really changed. Based on Michael's phrasing, this divergence seemed to deal primarily with international relations. Either things would head toward more compromise and negotiation between nations, or toward the drawing of hardline positions and more dangerous brinksmanship like we saw in April with North Korea. Unfortunately, I don't think terrorism is going to be going anywhere until after we've resolved some of the other problems facing the world. Barbarians like Daesh thrive in environments of suffering and injustice.
  12. I just heard about some community organizers who started something called Solidarity Sundays. Basically, people start a group in their community to get together to organize around a specific issue. It can be an issue that is relevant only to the community or an issue that affects a larger area. Seems like a great resource to work on a cause. I learned about it from the podcast Politically Re-active and the episode about the authors who wrote the book Rad American Women. Men are welcome to the events.
  13. Thank you @Christopher LeBlanc It's going to take me some time to read what you have so graciously posted here, so I just wanted to say it before I disappear into it.
  14. I positively Love. You. 😂 (What prompts intimacy between Scholars...)
  15. Well this Scholar cast Scholar feels like less of an F grade Intimacy subject student. I can say with certainty that I have experienced almost all of these variations. Knowing that even resistance to someone or something will be a cause for developing intimacy shows that resistance is futile lol. These buggers are everywhere. Everyone is an opportunity for intimacy, when viewed through the positive pole. Thanks Kurtis for posting this.
  16. Why have I missed this, gives me bit to think relating to my platform.😂 The birth and cause of addiction is just pure gold. Ms so smart.😊
  17. Let's not shit too profusely on Humanity for the actions of one man. I don't think Humanity as a whole deserves that. I'm part of Humanity and so are you. Remembering the vastness of how many millions upon millions of people out there are equally as shocked and horrified as us, suddenly I feel less alone.
  18. The attacker wants to drag us down, to drag humanity down to the gutter, where they can win. Don't hand them a victory. Humanity is stronger than it thinks it is.
  19. This is a typical reaction to what is called Shaktipat, transmission of energy from the Guru to the disciple, or Initiation into Kundalini Yoga. That is what happened to me. Energy explosion at the base of the spine, with energy traveling up the spine and exploding out the top of the head, with great understanding and experience of Oneness. Of course, such experiences subside and you're back in your body and still have to deal with it all. The difference now, in this environment, is that these experiences can be integrated with understanding and knowledge and an immediate experience of joy, without all the religious bullshit and kaka about 'purification' and 'earning' and 'deserving' that the Hindu practices are saturated with. The 'cleanness' of these teachings is really appealing after all the religious crap.
  20. I refuse to judge humanity as a monolith. Not that I don't understand the sentiment at times like this, of course. Regardless, let us help humanity be better.
  21. yes. Sometimes I think we are wonderful. Like the people here.
  22. ...Sometimes?
  23. Sometimes I think Humans are the most hideous species on the planet.
  24. The band The Pretty Reckless opened for Chris the night he died, and they did a tribute to him on friday night, and it was a pretty emotional tribute song she did for him.You could tell, she could barely keep it together, I though it was pretty cool to watch.
  25. I love Chris Cornell, one of my favorites besides Queen. Terrible, the way he went. My favorite of his will always be the theme from Casino Royale, followed closely by Burden in My Hand. I'm also a sucker for his cover of Billie Jean.
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