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  4. Question about life

    I don't know if this is relevant or helpful, but this what Michael said at the recent NYC Michael Speaks. EXCERPT FROM NYC MICHAEL SPEAKS JUNE 2017 - thanks to Daniela Vocally channeled in a live session Question: I have been wondering how people who endure extremes of crappy stuff, like slaves in the United States—their lives were not great—and I have wondered why didn’t they just commit mass suicide? What made them keep going? And so to extrapolate from that, what can people do to get inspiration when their lives suck that bad, or if they feel their lives suck that bad? What keeps people from suiciding when their lives suck? MEntity: There are two responses that we have to that question to cover two types of scenarios for most who are in situations that you describe: One may seem rather cliché, but it is cliché because it is true... that many continue for Love. There are families, there are bonding processes in place, there are scenarios of hope, and this is stronger than it may seem to be when faced with such dire and torturous circumstances. But it can get you to the next day. A simple, very simple direct line to Love. Not only for another individual sharing the space of the person who is suffering but an effort to develop this Love for the self as well. MEntity: In many cases like what you describe the conclusive end to their life is not something that is focused on. There is an intention to make it better for reasons of Love. And so that will, in many cases, and in most cases, help one to get from one day to the next and these simply add up. MEntity: The coordination for a mass suicide is also something that would not be easy to accomplish. It would seem like a simple answer or a simple solution to halt such atrocities on a large scale but that type of coordination is not possible. MEntity: The other answer that we can give is: simple biological survival. It is very difficult unless a person is broken to a level of no return, for the body to give in to suicidal tendencies. The body's entire point of existence is to exist. Its entire point is to get to the next day. MEntity: So, whether for love or for survival, many get to the next day. And these days simply accumulate into being a life, even if the life was never outside of the confines of oppression or torture or suffering. MEntity: What counts at the end of that life is the effort to love even more than the effort to rebel. MEntity: And whether done consciously or subconsciously it is programmed into every fragment to either allow the body to do its work to survive or for the consciousness to do its work to love. And that is how you survive many situations.
  5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone

    @Sukkha Pan I remember seeing "Dogs In Space" when I was 14 and utterly clueless about the Melbourne scene (I grew up in NYC). I recently tried to watch it again, but the sight of people shooting heroin makes me ill, it turns out. I remember the movie being really cool, though, and quite true to life in a punk house, though no one was shooting up around me when I was hanging out in those in Boston/Cambridge in the 90's. That film's director, Richard Lowenstein, more recently made a documentary about Rowland, filmed late in his life and completed after his death. It's a loving portrait of a complex man. I interpret Rowland as late Mature, probably Artisan, with Self-Destruction & Discrimination, and I have a suspicion that he's an entity mate (C1E2), though that may be wishful thinking, as not every postpunk aesthete is my entity mate, sadly. There's a lovely, sad moment where a clearly mourning Nick Cave says "I should have let Rowland sing 'Shivers'." I would also like to point out that while nearly everyone who loves RSH covers "Shivers", I have sung two of his songs and neither are that one! As far as I can recall, the hot rod craze was a thing in the US, too. It was mostly before my time, but Big Daddy Roth is pretty highly respected by cartoonists so I saw his stuff, and work like it, around. An aside: I freaking LOVE Melbourne. We went there in 2015 and it instantly felt like home. I have almost never felt so welcomed and right in a place. What a beautiful, cultured city! And, because I was the one responsible for booking our accommodations, I booked us a place in St. Kilda, mainly because it was the only part of town I'd heard of and that's because of being a total Birthday Party/RSH fangirl. We managed to be in a part of St. Kilda that was really laid-back and unfancy, near Carlisle Street, which I totally fell in love with.
  6. I love charts! What a cool program! The Roles/Casting chart is mis-categorizing some of the data. My SCHOLAR/Artisan and Michael's SCHOLAR/Priest are coming up as "other". I 'll have to look into the program and use it for work!
  7. The Eyes of the Roles

    My understanding is that priests can be seen by their eyes, especially. And that warriors pick very sturdy bodies. I do note this in my identification process and have found it to be true.
  8. Question about life

    So true, @Troy. Getting over shitty parents is difficult and sometimes impossible, but there's so much more to life than that once you can see past it. While my mother was not physically brutal (often), she was emotionally and psychologically unfit to be a mother and we often were the victims of her shortcomings. Michael has helped me in this regard, especially when they said: MEntity: The truth is that as each of you take responsibility for the healing of your internal rifts, the more likely you could see the innocence in one another. MEntity: Seeing the innocence in another does not equate ignoring your pain. Who one is now is never only who one is now, but is often a multitude of experiences, confusion, pain, and defenses stacked on top of a child. MEntity: Choices and actions that come from this wounding and defense still have repercussions that are valid and feel painful to those who receive the impact from those choices, but for the older soul, it can be deeply healing to connect to the truth of another's innocence, the child who is at the center of all of that protection. MEntity: It is possible to feel and acknowledge the pain and hurt and irresponsibility, and even the harmful intent of another individual all while connecting to that inner innocence. These are two separate things to experience and cannot be conflated. This means you can take a moment to reflect on that innocence as its own thing, and then return to your need to address the wounds caused by that person. MEntity: What you will find is that the reflecting on the innocence not only helps you to move toward Essence Recognition, but also helps you to keep your own innocence from being buried to the point of behaving only from defense and wounding.
  9. These graphics will update as the data comes in. Hover over pie charts for details. Colors are NOT correlated to Roles, etc.
  10. Role Prejudices and Stereotypes

    Oh Kerrin, I just love you!!! You're too awesome. i think for me to discuss the roles, I have to do it in terms of my subjective relationships and feelings in communication and relation to them, as I am a sage cast artisan role. Server roles- I appreciate fhis role a great deal and have much compassion for the energy of exhaustion and strength I feel emanating from them. However, when it gets too into my "aura" it makes me too sad to stay in their presence for long. artisan roles- I have high female energy and a high frequency but I have spent a lifetime (or maybe more?) trying to ground myself, and surrounding myself with warriors and solid / earthy feeling people. And of the roles, I get the most annoyed by artisans. I feel our fluidity and almost spaced outness and self destruction. Watching the most artistic and creative and profound roles take a slide towards not creating and instead self destructing, is heartbreaking and frustrating. I feel so many of us do not live to our potential . It's helped me understand my own tendency to do this and is very difficult to break within myself, much less help anyone else with. I usually help myself and other artisans by just saying "create". Create your art, your life, your surroundings. But don't stop. To stop is to whither and die. I've noticed some are put off by me. Maybe because I'm very solid feeling. Idk. Priest - for me, priests often hard to relate with. I engage in sarcasm and all kinds of humor that help me navigate through life without self injury. Priests often are very serious and defensive about what "love is" which I appreciate, but sometimes I just want to bitch/ and or laugh about it sarcastically, and THEN move on to the love and healing. In other words. They don't relate to my brand of humor. And with a sage casting, I can't seem to scale it back. What it does for me outweighs the fact that they are annoyed by it. Kings- some kings seem very rigid and dry. Which is sort of like a steak with no seasoning. However, I've known some delightful ones! Kerrin is very special to me! Every time I'm around her I get the itch to entertain her, or ask her advice, or want her company, in general. Her no means no and she gives an energy of deserving respect and consideration. I find these qualities intoxicating! I have an problem demonstrating these qualities in my own life, so it's nice to have kings around to help guide in that way. Warriors- sigh. Warriors. My relationship with them has been ongoing a lifetime. My relationship with them has been mixed. Mostly on the not so productive side. However, the older they get in soul age, the more I get along with them and see the intended use of the structure and discipline and order they have innately in them. The younger souls can be brutal, bullying, threatening, extremely uncompassionate, and very do it my way. I have lived with those throughout my life. The gathering was the first time I saw warrior role as defined by it disciplining itself rather than others. It was much more enticing to me to observe and learn from a warrior ordering itself than preaching how I should do it (while NOT doing it themselves). Sage- I have mixed relationships with sages. Some are obnoxious in the sense that you can't get a word in edgewise, or they spout their "wisdoms" in a overly forward and confrontational way without really thinking about how it will be received. There is a kind way to say things and privately is preferred. Sage energy is very big to me. Very outward turned. Relatively easy to talk to and fun to watch. When I'm in the mood for entertainment or discussion, they're the go to. Scholars: okay dudes. A great scholar to me, will offer information when I need clarity , will get to the point, and will discuss their EXPERIENCES, rather than textbook knowledge. Many scholars I've known give advice about that which they have never experienced and do not understand the complexity emotionally / physically/ mentally of enduring or navigating through such an experience, and often sound very matter of fact/ cold in their delivery of this advice. If they had a true understanding and experience with that which they are counseling about, there would be much more compassion in the advice / wisdom. Scholars can ramble like crazy. And often don't pick of social cues. If someone keeps walking away from you, or obviously trying to close up the conversation, the conversation is OVER! Please stop the encyclopedia britanica! what I love about so many scholars is that they usually know their details on events well! Pretty amazing stuff when I can't remember where something is, my genealogy timeline, dates for events, or information I need, scholars come to the rescue! Sometimes one DOES need just the facts, and when that time comes, scholars are my saving grace. my 2 cents
  11. Question about life

    @Matt As someone who was raised in a home where the biggest monster and threat to my life was my own mother, I can say that it really does make a difference where you choose to focus. Parents are your entire world as a child, and my father was never home and my mother beat me and tortured me on a regular basis. She almost killed my brother who was hospitalized in a coma after she knocked him unconscious. She never touched him again, but doubled up on the attacks on me. I lived in terror and suffering on a daily basis, but I learned very quickly that what was going to save my life, my heart, and my mind was to enjoy the fuck out of everything else in my life that wasn't terrifying and painful. I didn't wait for permission or for the best things to come along or for things to get better before I allowed myself to love or live. I couldn't escape my life, but I could add to it. Not everyone has that option, but when we do, we have to focus on the best in life, even the little moments. I never used that as an escape, but as a way to just make my life bigger than the pain. I also learned that everything has context and that when we lose context, we lose perspective. I had to understand as best I could that my mother must be mentally ill. I had to make sense of that and remember that her attacks were not about me. I had to remember that I couldn't do anything about it. I was just a child. I *shouldn't* have had to suffer the beatings and torture, but with no way to change that, I had to just be as precise in context as possible. So I tried to remember as often as I could that none of this was about me, but about her private pain that I would never understand. It didn't make any changes in my circumstances, but it changed how I responded and how I felt about all of it. This came in handy when I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, too. And when I lost everything and was homeless. And even recently when diagnosed with yet another life-threatening disease. Those things are a PART of my life, but don't define my life. I think the same has to be true on a larger scale, too. We have to focus on the 99% of life that is fucking amazing and good and beautiful! And we have to bring context to everything shitty that happens so we don't just let is spill all over the place. Cary asked a similar question at our NYC Michael Speaks event this month. I'll post an excerpt from the transcript here when it's ready to post!
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