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  2. Writer, public speaker.
  3. Thank you, Janet! This explains to me why I've always been a cat person, if anything, although I'm starting to get along with dogs better, but it's still a stretch for me.
  4. I think the video is about a lady who wishes to fart. Yet a guy worker dude walks over to her and she starts singing. Hoping the guy would buzz off, that way she can fart. :) I don't know what their singing, honestly. My Khmer is horrible.
  5. "Stupid o'clock", oh that's good!
  6. I'll have to let it settle. Lots to say but no words. Sage cast artisan.
  7. Yesterday
  8. I loved this video! :D So funny! I'm sage cast artisan, high male, observation, discrimination, idealist and used to have OCD!! I found most of it funny, not because i could relate (those were just like, mm yeah, that works. Like the paper towel or the tomato cutting), but i think because there was an element of surprise. Towards the end i started trying to predict, which made it even better when it then didn't go that way, like the star cutting, that was so exhilarating! >D With the cake cutting and paper folding, i just enjoyed the patterns created (plus, the piece of cake came off nicely! That was more satisfying than unsatisfying!) Now that i look at my overleaves, observation, discrimination, idealism, damn, maybe no wonder i was a perfectionist (in some fields of life), and had a fairly debilitating OCD at one point. I wonder how i would have found this video back then??? Perhaps it would have still tickled my sense of humour more than sense of obsession, i don't know.
  9. Beautiful Diane. Thank you for sharing this😌
  10. @Bobby About the nocturnal habits of cats. We have four but recently we've had an addition. I don't think he's a stray but he likes to feed up and make himself at home. He's taken to coming in through the cat flap at stupid-o-clock each morning and he has the most irritating call. As soon as I rise from my bed, he scrams down the stairs and out through the cat flap. Cats!!! Ha!
  11. Oh I have a WHOLE multi-year history of them showing up in my dreams. It used to be once a month right on schedule with the Nexus :)
  12. I just read what Michael said about cats and dogs: but I have no clue about the dreams. Nice to know you're friends with Barack and Michelle :)
  13. Another night of dreams and since they seem to mostly pop up around Nexus events, I'll post this here: I'm beginning to wonder if cats act like antennae when it comes to dreams. I woke up very early this morning from being trapped during the night under 2 tomcats and remembering some pretty vivid dreams. The first dream involved Barrack and Michelle Obama. Barrack was doing this thing for people which made me think of how Jesus allegedly washed the woman's feet with his hair. In this dream, Barrack was waxing floors for people but it came across in sort of the same way. In the process of doing so, there must have been some sort of healing resolutions that came about because Michelle and I were talking separately at one point and we were in awe about how it came out that the person Barrack was working with discovered that they had 5 family members that made it through the holocaust. Every person he worked with learned of a revelation that they had not known before. I remember once offering to do the waxing for him so he could just do his thing but the offer was declined. It seemed important that he do the waxing but I could do the buffing at the end though. The next dream had me newly arriving someplace like a dormitory. My timing couldn't have been worse because there was some sort of major inspection to be taking place soon. The guy leading me to where I would be staying was moving quickly and I barely kept up with him. He got to my area just before I did and then took off. I was in the right area but not really familiar enough with it to know exactly where I should go. All I remember was that I was suppose to go to "215." There was a female there getting everyone prepared for the inspection. I hadn't even gotten to my room yet and the inspection had begun. I had to stop and stay where I was knowing it wasn't the right place. I remember facing the wall with our hands up on the wall. There was writing of some sort all over the wall. The guy, different one, doing the inspection got to me. I felt inadequate at this point because I was not prepared and not in the right place. He must have honed in on that and started pointing out discrepancies which really must have pissed me off. I remember something about him disapproving of diet coke at one point and the female I mentioned before writing it down on a clipboard tablet shaking her head in disapproval as if it were going to cost them all something. The inspection finally ended and the guy doing the inspector was then presented in the dream as laying back with everyone gathered around him as if to show their respect. I remember he then put something like a whole tangerine in his mouth and began eating it with juices going everyone. I was appalled but didn't say anything because I was so new. If I had, I would have mocked him for being such a fucking slob while he was so hard on everyone else and raising the question why everyone should owe him any respect when he was such a poor example. Dreams... yeah, they can be weird! :)
  14. From a Private Live Chat - February 28/17, channelled by Troy '...This was meaningful on many levels, not just by synchronicity, but by design. This was what was immediately requested. The Personality who is your Mother "sat" with you as part of her transition and took notice for the first time the awe of your creation and life. It was a chance to listen in a way that was not limited by memory, space, time. It was pure Essence Recognition that the Personalities embraced. It was a new memory that helped "replace" what was felt to have been briefly lost to age. The Personality had built tremendous constructs of defense that began to break down over the life and allow the innocence that was "buried" to have sight and hearing again for the first time in many years. As that innocence was regained, it was of great concern that the cherished memories from the perspective of innocence would be lost, and that the defensive, closed self would regain control. Upon death and realization that consciousness persisted, it was of great importance to "sit" with that which her innocence cherished most in the life, even if it had been lost to defenses and walls during the life...’
  15. I'm Artisan and only found it funny, except when he couldn't spin that thing! I can be pretty sensitive to others mess but my own doesn't bother me, I know where everything is.😇
  16. Warrior-cast Scholar, 58 frequency, 55/45. I found it funny and relaxing. Wabi-sabi comes to mind. In truth, though, most of my attention was on the music; I love Trip-Hop.
  17. Ha! Will definitely check out more with them. Interesting indeed, what relationships they might share! Also, below, what Michael told me about Overleaves and Identical Twins. "Identical Twins can have any set of overleaves for each person, as well as any variation of Role, etc. because the identical elements are only in the biology. The dance of Overleaves tends to be unique to each set of Twins depending on their Karma, Tasks, etc. for the life. In some of the more "mystical" Twins where psychic bonding is high, the Overleaves can tend to be the same, while in Twins who spend the entire life together on projects can often have complementary Overleaves that share an axis, such as Passion/Reserve or Acceptance/Discrimination, etc"
  18. Lol this video is hilarious. The M&M's with the Skittles had me cackling because it's the kind of devilish fun I adore.
  19. I watched The Lucas Brothers On Drugs Netflix stand up comedy special the other night. These guys are twin brothers in real life. I wonder if they are task companions, essence twins, cadence mates or travelling companions, maybe just entity mates. They can read each other's thoughts well and seem to have a deep understanding. I found their sense of humour very funny, laid back, and absurd. Link
  20. Both my parents had Arrogance and Stubbornness, and I also have both. It's all wrapped up with imprinting and conditioning too. I appreciate the transformation advice. Trying to minimize Chief Feature every way I can, or at least recognize it when it pops in.
  21. I just wanted some of that cake- and it distracted me most everything else. EXCEPT the tape and the egg, HATE when that happens.
  22. Last week
  23. @ckaricai they are soothing to watch, realising that some people are just naturally clumsy and need time to master something. The compassion in this video is endless lol.
  24. I've seen this video before and find it hilarious. The skittles mixed with m&ms is my favorite. That's just so mean but like in a fun way. But this video is kind of also on par with the videos of random things being done in a smooth manner "how it's made" style. I could watch those all day. I find them soothing. There's another funny video of things going wrong that did make me cringe like something almost coming out of a vending machine and you want to hit the vending machine even tho it's an animation.
  25. This was just funny! I laughed out loud at the first half. I think I laughed because I saw so much of myself in it, in terms of trying to do things perfectly, neatly and in an organized fashion. I also like symmetry or calculated asymmetry. I can get very annoyed when chaos shows up in the most mundane of activites. My favorite is that whenever I deal with rice, some of it always has to spill on the damn counter or the floor!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! It used to drive me bonkers. Now I just get mildly annoyed. I'm working on it. This video helped me to laugh at myself and maybe even inspires me to create a little chaos of my own on a day-to-day basis with the mundane things of life. The boiled egg peeling disturbed me. lol
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