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  2. Beautiful! Please do post. Would be great to hear you play :)
  3. I might be able to go this year, too. If Dawn and Daniela also come, that's 8.16% of the Scholars in our Entity! 🎓
  4. I actually might be able to go this year, so I'll keep a look out for the announcement in April. Fingers crossed.
  5. It really sucks @Jana. The thing is that if I could afford it, I would take a chance. But I can't! So until I see a change, I am not planning for it. It is absolutely crazy how it affects us, no matter where in the world we are or how we look... Maybe I'll become a billionaire, buy an island and kidnap the whole Gathering to... hm... to New Zealand!!! So Anna and all the freaking Oldie Sweethearts she has for friends also can come 😋
  6. Oh no, how horrible. I just want to hug you. I am probably not going myself, and the situation there is not the least of the reasons. I know, I am white, but I just don't fancy chancing anything. I am kind of in upset mood right now anyway, and this awful situation does not help, or even just hearing that you don't feel safe going.
  7. I know, I know but honestly - can you see me passing border security? Brown human with French name born i Poland with a Swedish Passport. I'm not sure I'll be able to explain to them that I really am not from Somalia... BUT I'm keeping my eyes opened and if things change - I'll be there!!! Don't want to miss it At. All. !!!
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  9. 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 But I AM very happy that Great Gathering III is happening. Just so wish I could come....
  10. I tried asking my Essence what a Soul-Karmic pattern might be for me. I got something like INFILTRATION, which struck a chord. I think it ranges in terms of being more sneaky, to being more forceful. But I do have issues around "boundaries" and control, or pushiness and forms of manipulation. --- For instance, getting others to believe or join in on things against their will/knowing because I want them to and it would be funner, easier or better for me if they did. Or getting pushed into things against my own will by nagging insistences. I'm trying to think of a better word too. Perhaps PERVASIVE or just plain and simple- MANIPULATION? I'd be willing to go with the last one.
  11. I feel like my Nexus started last week with how overwhelmed I felt about everything. I really had to slow down and simplify in order to not be stressed out all the time. This week seems a little better though.
  12. PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED We are all set and secure for our TLEGG dates and official registration will open in April. YAY!
  13. I guess that scarf thing is a somewhat symbolic representation of cording but it's still funny how we translate it visually in dreams!
  14. I know, right??? :) Actually there was one sort of strange part that I didn't even mentioned that goes along with this. At some point after the scarf throw, I remember having to crawl along the ground to proceed through the line. I even questioned "why am I having to crawl?" LOL
  15. I love how stuff like that makes complete sense while dreaming 😂
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