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  2. Grand Cycle Species

    I wondered if the next update/upgrade in the world of channeling may involve transmitting visuals (picture or video) on a computer screen, via technology and an able channeler. It'll be great to have a visual on what these species look like, although have a bit of a clue on some of 'em. On the list, haven't seen any Greys, Annunaki, Sasquatch, Arcturians, a pure Sirian, or a floating sugery donut that talks and farts a tasty filling :). Then again, aren't Earth variety of humans have a fusion of some of these species? A few stand out favorites: Bipedal lizard-like that emitted colors Electromagnetic globular plasma Etheric/gossamer, related to later Lemurians Immobile plant (Can only imagine that, I'm guessing it's living with the same roommate... until death). Thanks for the list Janet!
  3. Energy Report: AUGUST 2017

    Finally, landed a job interview last Thursday. I was concerned about the graying longhair (a person noted its a mix of black, brown, touches of gray and hints of white, manly tee-hee) and facial hair, since jobs tend to favor the professional look. This included unemployment gaps in the resume. Turns out the interviewer was cool about it. Mentioned that the job market was weak and decided not to overthink it. They were looking for a horticulture assistant for the season. See what happens in a week or so. Thought this quote was cool. Perhaps, it ties in with the Realist Attitude and dealing with the present. Which I need to work on, as usuals. 😁
  4. Yesterday
  5. Bo Burnham - Make Happy

    Timely, tomorrow is his 27th birthday :)
  6. Bo Burnham - Make Happy

    Just found this piece...I don't know if you guys are aware, but Bo Burnham is @Rosario's cadence mate. Another Sage-cast Priest.
  7. JS-30M-0822

    Profile(?) for J?
  8. CN-60M-0822

    CN-60M-0822 Chicago, Illinois, United States
  9. JH-60M-0822

    JH-60M-0822 New York, New York, United States
  10. MD-120B-0824

    5 favorite lives for A.
  11. UB-30B-0822

    UB-30B-0822 West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
  12. RH-60B-0824

    MyE session for RH
  13. Goals & Triad of Movement

    I could've chosen gentler words. It just means we're not great at doing it because we haven't had the necessary experience to develop that goal as a strength for this personality yet. It's more me playing with words than actually turning them into blunt truths. Personally, I do suck at Freedom, but I don't let that be the truth of my efforts at navigating. Saying I "suck" at feeling free means that I feel like my actions aren't up to par with my ideals, and when in my negative poles that's discouraging, while in the +Poles it's actually just informative and even encouraging. Anyways, I agree with your statements.
  14. Goals & Triad of Movement

    @KurtisM, I don't see that our Goals are necessarily about "blatantly sucking" at something I see them as a choice we make for a lifetime to hyper-focus on something that supports our Life Task. I can see that as Personalities our "sucking at" quotient isn't any better or worse for any one of the 7 Goals including our own Goal. It's just where we happen to have chosen to focus our attention this time around.
  15. Love both Ute and Nick. Beautiful 😊
  16. Goals & Triad of Movement

    Luciana, there's a session buried around this site on Goals. A Goal is what you're not good at doing, but you're motivated on some level to do it, and it describes what quality you wish to extract from your life experiences, especially when dealing with the outside world. So people with Acceptance blatantly suck at genuinely accepting or being acceptable- because they must work through issues of the truth, confidence, communication and love quite personally. However Acceptance is still motivated on some level, to do what they find acceptable to or accepting of themselves and others. By extension then, in order to see patterns of acceptance, this must be what they gain from going through experiences. As they have experiences, those with Acceptance are deriving or extracting from those all patterns indicating their level of acceptance+acceptability, and the levels of acceptance+acceptability others seem to have as well. So the Goal is kind of what you carry with you as a mark of your success, navigation and responsibility- or failure, paralysis and defensiveness.
  17. Goals & Triad of Movement

    That makes perfect sense to me. My goal is acceptance. And many times I felt that way. As if my efforts and nothing were the same. I never imagined it had anything to do with Goal. I found very interesting.
  18. Only too well. Discipline has always seemed a bit of a dirty word for me, though at times in my life I seemed incredibly disciplined. I sustained a daily meditation practice for many years, which I loved, and it was inspiring. A few years ago I exercised 5x a week, and sustained that for 1 1/2 years and friends would remark on my discipline which was bizarre to me because of how I see myself as hating discipline. So it's been a love/hate rebellion roller coaster. Just thought too when I was young I particularly loved practicing scales in my music study. I've been feeling lately like I need more support in my life and it would be particularly helpful to learn more about the support circle for this. I think I tend to first reject support, and only when I see I really can't do without it will I seek it out. I realize that not having support is a total fallacy and rejecting it until I'm on my knees is a choice I've made.
  19. ERI(C)

    I was thinking here. The first time I read about the roles I thought I was schollar due to being a curious person and like a lot of studying. I have read recently that Michael Schollar can be mistaken for sage. Then perhaps what I believed to be schollar influence is sage influence. I was a little surprised to see nothing related to scholar in my profile. But I think it makes more sense now. And in essence I know that it has some sage influence at least on the number of the entity
  20. ERI(C)

    Dunno... The King really makes sense to me. You are "just there". Have this presence in all coolness, without needing to shout out about it. And it's clear over the vid-chat! And gal, you always sit like on a "throne" 😋 Luuuuuuuv your energy! 😍
  21. ERI(C)

    You'd never know it observing me, at least I don't think so. I'm a sedentary slug.
  22. ERI(C)

    You're so much Action and Cardinality, Auntie Mame 😜
  23. ERI(C)

    25% Warrior, 35% Priest, 40% King in the Personality one 30% Warrior, 50% Priest but don't know Row and Block #. Raw number is 986. Any help appreciated!
  24. Forrest Gump

    I don't think I ever saw the whole thing.
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