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  2. Location of Fringe Material

    I love a good Fringe Binge! :D
  3. Mental "Illness" and Centering

    I had a friend who was highly intelligent many years ago who began to lose the ability to distinguish between reality and the alternate reality in her mind. She was a doctor, who ran her own surgery. After a couple of years of struggling with this she was eventually hospitalised because she became a threat to herself and others. I asked Michael (through Troy) about her and they said the following: So we have: Artisan cast Artisan - negative pole of Artifice Mature Soul - known for drama and intensity 6th Level - The level most associated with the intense payback of karma. Goal of Re-Evaluation - the counterpart and opposite of Growth. We spent hours talking about the increasingly deluded ideas she was coming up with. She was endlessly evaluating, but she would get stuck on small details that wouldn't matter to anybody else. "They said X. Why did they do that? Did it mean Y? Or Z? They are going to harm me, thats what it means!" Again and again, we seemed to go round in circles. Re-evaluation in this situation felt like a destructive spiral into the self, like water circling a drain...
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  5. missing sessions

    Hi Troy! Thanks for the clarification. I had read somewhere that you were working through a backlog - so I was not sure if you were working through it. I know that your job is such that you can not hire some extra staff just o help you catch up! Peace, Love and Joy!
  6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone

    Big-Jesus Trash Can is one of my favourite. It is so anti-pop but yet all of the elements of song structure is there. Pity I never had the chance to see them live when they were called The Boys Next Door. Good article attached. http://thequietus.com/articles/08590-the-birthday-party-junkyard
  7. Instead of thinking of intelligence as something you own more or less of, try thinking of intelligence itself as infinite and as something that you participate in to a varying degree no matter where you are: astral, physical, causal or back in the Tao. In fact, the planes themselves might be thought of as simply ever deepening layers of participation in intelligence. Your Aunt Edna dies and she goes to heaven. She wasn't all that bright when she was here and now, if you channel her, she is perhaps a little brighter but still very limited in her outlook. It's a matter of participation. She is participating more in intelligence than she was when her attention was distracted by her physical senses but still, she isn't much wiser than she was before except that the presence of love is now so much more real for her. When she reunites with her entity at the top of the astral plane, on the other hand, she will be one bright cookie and if you channel her there, it will be like talking to a totally expanded version of that person that you once knew in the flesh. Intelligence is a journey, not a quantity, and the degree to which we participate in it is a matter of choice as much as it is of genetics, opportunity or conditioning.
  8. Gender identity

    Ressurecting this thread, I am 88%F -12 %M , Old Warrior. I think Older souls can get "lazy", uninhibited and silly in bed. I always end up with a strong silent boyfriend. I think strong silent is masculine energy ? Also, all of my serious partners have been not white, if that means anything here. I think Older souls are more into dating outside their groups, and get curious when they meet other cultures, they may have even belonged to in the past Sexually I can't stand people who are too serious, ritualistic or are obviously reenacting how they think lovemaking works, from TV, (Yes, it can be romantic, I guess) or expecting women to follow standards set by alimighty Gwyn paltrow... I mean to each his own, but I will say Nope! I feel a little like an old witch. But it has its appeal. I am really happy about my grey hairs coming in in my 20s. I admire people who keep having sex into old age. Women really do not do much for me sexually, unless hyper-masculine, or very boyish, but I just leave it at conversation. I find women pretty intimidating and stressful to chat with sexually. But I have noticed lately, that if I go to an event where there's lots of gay women of all ages, they go NUTS when they see me. For some reason I am very exciting. Maybe its my choice to don a wifebeater. Maybe high female energy is exciting. most of my good friends are male right now. Gay, straight, bi.
  9. Mental "Illness" and Centering

    I'd love to know what people who are violently bipolar have wrong with them. I am legally disabled.. Everyone has a judgement or a piece of advice it seems. There is no cure for my illness in this life. I suspect its unkempt Old Warrior business. When I have an episode it feels like I am a computer breaking down. Sometimes I lose the ability to speak and forget my name......
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  11. Difficult evolution in certain cultures

    I have to agree with Bobby. I also grew up in an Evangelical Christian household. It is vital to love and trust yourself and what you think before what they think when interacting with that imprinting or any imprinting. @Maureen I can validate at least a part of that theory. I have found because of my imprinting, looking back, the 3rd IM was easier for me, but the 4th IM was extremely difficult, for exactly the reasons you describe. It makes sense that the opposite would be true for those with less comprehensive imprinting.

    Still working on the issue. Support is working on it now. I'll post when done.

    @Troy I see the bookmarks have not returned, either old or new.
  14. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone

    @Sukkha Pan lots of Birthday Party fans still out there :) And they were a huge influence on bands that came later, though no one will ever sound like them, and no one should try. Their lead guitarist, Rowland S. Howard, went on to be in the Berlin version of Crime & The City Solution, then These Immortal Souls, and his own solo work with Nikki Sudden and on his own, until his death in 2009, and he's pretty much one of my two favorite songwriters in the English language (Neko Case being the other). I'm actually more into people who are Nick Cave-adjacent, specifically Rowland and Blixa Bargeld, who is extremely important to me as an artist and only gets moreso as he gets older. But this latest work is so interesting to me, so much more interesting than his stuff that caricatures a kind of very specific outsider's idea of America. The combination of his being older and having experienced the worst loss a person can go through have caused him to make very intense work that reaches intoa much deeper place than, say, "Stagger Lee", as fun as that song is.
  15. missing sessions

    @PamelaLynn Good Lord, no, you shouldn't wait 3 months. No one was ever supposed to wait that long. Circumstances can sometimes go awry for me and then I have a snowball effect of delays that are very difficult for me to recover from, but I do recover! Support Tickets are a mess and I'm sorting through them slowly. I'll make sure you get your profile this week!
  16. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone

    Say, speaking of Nick Cave...
  17. missing sessions

    Glad to hear that Matt's situation has been resolved..... But, I am trying to understand the situation - and how to use the support tickets. I had scheduled for a Standard Profile - it was only in June 7th. I have entered a ticket - How long should I expect to wait? Was I premature in creating the ticket? Should we wait 3 months before entering a ticket or.....? Im just trying to understand what I should expect.... Peace, Love and Joy....
  18. Difficult evolution in certain cultures

    I have thought further on this subject. Couldn't we say that imprinting happens on many levels? When you think of values, beliefs and behaviours, don't we 'tune' each of them to - our parents - our other family members - our friends/social groups - our workplace - our schools/churches and other institutions - our local community (rural versus urban) - our ethnic identities - our national identity? We might learn poor communication/conflict resolution skills from our parents, but have the opportunity to learn more effective/better skills from another individual/group? Does the TV influence us? The internet? In today's 1st world countries - do we not have many choices - and many opportunities to reject/accept certain 'imprints'.... So - it might be more difficult in any situation where you can not easily see the other choices that people make. So - in a 'closed' community - I would say that it is harder to 'evolve' because you just do not see other role models with other choices.....
  19. Question about life

    Have you ever come upon a stream while walking in the woods and, seeking to jump across across it, pushed off the bank only to find yourself slipping as you sought to spring forward? You automatically look to see what you have missed, where the loose rock was, where the slippery ground was. Most of us sense in our insecurities insecure footing and are hesitant to grasp our dreams and push off strongly against an insecure world. We are afraid of slipping and spend much of our time adjusting our footing for the next day rather than trusting our footing and jumping off into the unknown today.
  20. Last week
  21. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Jesus Alone

    Wow, someone who listened to the Birthday Party. Their music got me through exam stress at Uni many times over. Still to this day, their music sounds as fresh and crazy at the same time.
  22. Difficult evolution in certain cultures

    My church was rather liberal, as far as churches go. There were no fire-and-brimstone sermons, everyone was nice...though thinking back on it today, I don't recall ever meeting any who identified somewhere on the rainbow spectrum, and the vast majority of the congregation was white. I hadn't been exposed yet to the wide spectrums of sexuality and gender, not even in my school where being anything other than a binary heterosexual, where openly displaying your intelligence, where being yourself opened one to ridicule and bullying. Better to stay quiet and be a wallflower, I reasoned at a very early age. Now I attract crowds of people when I give tours. The church imprinting was insidious. The prayers were very self-deprecative. Christians are taught to be sorry for being piles of shit who are stinking up God's creation. Every week the prayers were asking God for forgiveness, sorry for sinning God, I'm such a sinner, sin sin sin. It was rather depressing, and as I grew older I started choosing to remain silent when the rest of the congregation would pray. Screw it, I'm not debasing myself like that. It took years before I was able to fully enjoy masturbation without feeling guilty for wasting God's stupid semen. And don't even get me started on Hell. Spending eternity on fire based on choices made within a lifetime which, held up against eternity, is little more than a blink of the eye? Life became less about striving to be a kind soul for its own sake (because, turns out, that's who we are) and more about desperately trying to accrue enough kind moments so that I would escape an eternity of being on fire. Everything belongs to God, everything must be devoted to God. Even your thoughts. Your triumphs are God's triumphs. Your failures are your failures, so keep working on them and soon those failures will be more of God's triumphs. Faith is not to be questioned, it is to be believed. I'm amazed I emerged from the damn place with any critical thinking skills left intact. I have no intention of having kids, but if I do they're not going to church unless they ask. The imprinting was tough, but not impossible. I probably take it for granted that I have a ridiculously experienced Essence. The Essences of those who shared my church, by and large, are not as experienced.
  23. JM-DREAM30-0629

    JM-DREAM30-0629 via TLE CHAT

    Hang in there, though... fixing a bug with the new bookmarks that blocks access to blogs. I'll post an update soon!

    okay! working now! thank you.

    It worked for one bookmark, but now when I refresh I get a message that the page is unavailable.
  27. @JanetI think that noting the typos in the comments of the post is helpful in that others can also contribute corrections. Let me know if this works for you too, or if you would rather another method of reporting.

    I have 6 of the 14 bookmarks open at this moment. The others I have saved, so can re-bookmark them later. So, anytime you want to do that, I'm ready.
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