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  7. Role: King Casting: Server Soul Age: Old, 3rd Level Goal: Flow > Dominance/Growth Mode: Observation > Perseverance Attitude: Pragmatist > Realist/Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Male/Female Energy: 60/40 Frequency: 40 Primary CF: Stubbornness > Self-Deprecation Secondary CF: Arrogance Note: Today I re-read my natal chart reading that @Nick Sweeney (Babylove) did for me in 2012, and was astounded by how it was even more accurate in hindsight than it seemed five years ago. Five years ago I had just started going in a very intellectual direction of working with money, and while I had focused heavily on creativity in the past, it wasn't very relevant to my interests at the time of the reading. Of course, now I'm returning to it from a new perspective, and embracing the part of me that loves creativity, relationships, and pleasure. I still have a love-hate relationship with Flow, or the fact that I'm such a natural planner but I rarely stick to the plans I make for myself! If you guys want a professional, comprehensive interpretation of your natal chart and don't have the time or inclination to learn it yourself, I highly recommend Nick's services!! Natal Chart Reading for Diane By Nicholas Sweeney (Transcribed from a video session) June 22, 2012 You have Pisces rising, and Neptune, which rules Pisces, right on your Mid-Heaven. So Neptune and Pisces tell a very important story about you and the themes in your life. Neptune influence is very vague and foggy/misty and hard to pin down. Neptune represents everything that is not tangible reality, so it represents other realms, other planes. It represents spirit, the imagination. It represents whatever your conception is of the divine, or the cosmic. And it represents being a channel, like a tuning fork. So when you have Pisces as a rising sign and Neptune so strongly placed, it means that you’re like an open channel. You’re open to everything. At times, when you were younger, it was probably a problem because you’ve felt things, you knew things that weren’t necessarily your own. But you pick up on everything around you. You pick up on mass collective consciousness, trends in the collective, which is actually good for what you’re doing with the stocks. It’s a very psychic, very intuitive channeling impulse. Pisces rising is your persona. It’s how you present yourself to the world. When you were younger, you were probably very shy, very timid, and you had your own little world. Because Pisces is such a quiet, dreamy, imaginative sign, your inner world would’ve been rich. If you had any kind of outlet for creativity, you probably loved it – wherever you could channel that imagination and more inspirational aspects into, you probably really enjoyed. Having Pisces rising can also make you deal with Self-Deprecation. That timidness and passiveness can really make you doubt yourself. You bring a soulfulness and a kind of whimsical healing vibration into the room with you, wherever you go. You’re able to intuit, touch people at the level of their soul very easily, in a gentle, quiet, unassuming way. So Pisces is wonderful for healing/counseling work, and it’s wonderful for any kind of creative, artistic work. So when you have a water sign rising, one of your primary motivations as a personality, how you designed yourself at the personality level, has to do with emotional security. That’s one of your main motivations. Plus you have Cancer sun and Cancer moon, so that’s going to be amplified. Emotional security is very important to you. Specifically, where you go to get that emotional security, I look at the rulers of your rising sign. So traditionally, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, so I look to see where Jupiter is in your chart. Jupiter, traditional ruler of Pisces, is in your 7th house, which means you would look for that emotional security in relationships, in partnership. Your Jupiter is in Libra, which also amplifies that sort of relationship/other-orientation. Most of your planets are on the relationship side of your chart, so relationships, others, seeing others’ point of view, and learning about yourself through that reflection in the other is a big theme in your life, and how you gain your emotional security. The other place where you look to gain your emotional security, I look to the modern ruler of Pisces, which is Neptune, which is on your mid-heaven in the 10th House. The 10 th House is all about your highest goals and aspirations, and it’s an area of your house where you express and hold authority and power for everyone to see. So it’s the Capricorn house. It relates to your career, your profession, but really it’s about your vocation, your contribution in the world for all to see. It tends to be what you aspire toward, what you grow into. So there’s a part of you that really needs to be connected and plugged in to the world around you – to the culture, to the public in some sense. You need to have a sense that you are contributing something, and that you are expressing your authority and influence in some sphere of life that’s important to you. So when you put the two together, one of your strong motivations has to do with partnering up with people and doing work in a public way, having some kind of influence that has meaning to you. Neptune, which is in that house, is very spiritual, very compassionate. So it doesn’t mean that you want to be the CEO of a corporation. It’s more like you would want to use those Neptunian gifts in a powerful, meaningful way. So that means your psychic awareness, your intuition, your compassion, your sense of the spiritual and the divine, your creativity. I’ll get back to creativity since it’s the most important focus this time around. Diane: I thought I was going to have some kind of public contribution with my healing work, but it didn’t work out, and now I don’t want to be out in the public. Is that a phase? I have sense that Neptune and Pisces do things in a fluid, meandering way. So having Neptune in that position -- the zenith of your chart, like the sun at the highest point of the day – who you are is going to get out. It is going to get attention and somehow influence others and the world around you, even if it’s just in a small sphere. But it’s going to do it in a subtle, gentle, unassuming way. It’ll have to do more with spiritual realms and intuitive channels, and that sort of thing. It will happen, but you may get there in a kind of roundabout way, because Pisces and Neptune are fluid. When you try to plan things, usually it doesn’t work out so well. Pisces is a mutable sign, which means it is adaptable and flexible. It changes back and forth between cardinal and ordinal. It goes with the flow, and it takes on whatever environment it’s around, whatever people it’s around. That’s why it’s such a good psychic, it’s like a sponge. So when it comes to direction and planning, it can be a little tricky because it is so changeable and ephemeral. So oftentimes people with strong Pisces and Neptune, they sometimes feel like they don’t know who they are and what they’re supposed to do. Because, like you said, it changes. But the cool thing about it is that with Pisces, it’s such a strong spiritual connection that when you move into your heart, and you trust and surrender, then things unfold in a way that’s brilliant for Pisces. There’s a magic that Pisces can use. Pisces can really live intuitively, but you have to trust it, practice it, and use it. So that you can be guided to wherever you need to be, in the right place and right time, doing what you enjoy, once you really start to practice that surrender and trust. Pisces is very impersonal. It’s the last sign of the zodiac. It’s all about completely giving over what you have to give unconditionally as a service to the soul, to the collective. So the reason why Pisces can be a difficult sign is that it’s all about ego transcendence. And that’s really hard, because we have an ego and we need our ego and personalities. So the trick with Pisces is to be that channel and to let the personality manifest Essence and just completely trust and go and do without worrying about the specifics so much. It is a “high calling.” So your foundation, your most natural way of moving through the world is through that Pisces and Neptune. You have a lot of water in your chart, with the Cancer sun and Cancer moon. I get the sense that you really do have a strong connection to your guides. Whenever you are not sure, you can move out of your head and go into your heart, however you like to do it, to speak with your guides and get information however it comes. Whether it be auditory, you sense and you know it, you see things, symbolism, etc. I can even feel it right now – your guides are just all right there. And you have been using them all throughout your life without even knowing it. It’s just so natural to you wouldn’t even think they’re guides. All these little voices in your head or these messages you give, these feelings, these impulses – you have a lot of that. So that’s your persona. It represents your innate talents and skills, your most natural way of being. It’s like your vehicle, the doorway into you. But when you go deeper into you, how your personality is designed and how your Essence wants to manifest, and where you designed yourself to be focused in this lifetime, is all about the 5th House, which is the Leo house or the creativity house. Your North Node is in this house, and it’s in Leo. So if we look at your karmic dynamic – looking at your past lives that relate to this life, and what you’re bringing in from past lives to balance out in this life – you look to the 11th House in Aquarius. The 11th House in Aquarius has to do with being very much a part of a group and not standing out too much. Your creativity is used more for the group. So you tend to associate with groups, be part of a group where you feel like you’re with like-minded individuals. Together, you create something that has to do with high ideals for the world. But your own personal creativity gets sacrificed, because you’re so much part of a group. It’s hard for you to even move around outside of the group. In this lifetime, your North Node is in Leo in the 5th House and your sun and moon are in the 5 th House. Your sun is right at the edge of the 4th House and the 5 th House. In astrology, if it’s within 5 degrees of the next house cusp, we read it in the next house because it means you’re through with the activities of the house before and moving into the next house. So if you ever read any descriptions of sun in Cancer in the 4th House, you probably will relate to some of that. Which means you like being at home, you want to work from home, your home is very important to you, your sense of family and your rootedness, your foundation in life is very important to you. It’s very intuitive, inward, and soulful. You’ll probably relate to all of that, especially since your sun is in Cancer, but the area of life that really gets you jazzed up and makes you feel alive, shining, and radiant is the 5th House, which is Creativity – creative expression. It’s the joy of life. It’s those things you just love to do because you love to do them. It’s where your pleasure is, where your joy is, where you receive love. It’s romances, love affairs. It’s also children. It’s how you like to play. So it’s a very Sagey kind of influence. So for you, your creative expression and allowing yourself to play, have fun, to create, is the direction your essence wanted to go in this lifetime. So you’ve set up a lot of karma for yourself in that regard. So probably you have experienced in this lifetime a very strong need to feel creative. You probably at times felt like you weren’t creative, and that bothered you. Maybe you were upset by family or friends who you felt were somehow stifling you and not allowed you to follow your bliss, follow your joy, enjoy yourself, have fun. So I would imagine since you’re going through your 4th Internal Monad, and the sun, moon, north node are in the 5th house, you are probably rediscovering your sense of joy and passion in life, what you truly love, and giving yourself freedom to play and create and be creative. Let your inner child come out a lot more, to have fun in your life, and to direct and guide you toward those things that are going to be really fulfilling for you. I comment about how come I’ve always gotten tired of “artistic” or “creative” pursuits after a while. If I try to distill it down to its essence, cause it’s easy to talk about the cliché or stereotypical creativity. If we go to the core of Leo and the 5th House, it is about being yourself. Being yourself and being in a place of innocence – that’s what it’s really about. So really, it’ll be really personal to you, because It’s whatever makes you shine and feel whole, and feel like you are being who you want to be. So for you that could mean anything, not necessarily the arts – performing, writing, or something like that. As long as you’re following that path of being yourself, innocence, and whatever brings you joy. “Follow your bliss” is a good term. So bottom line for you is being yourself and how you are able to create in your life, how you use your life force. Are you using it on things that you would enjoy, that you want to do? Or using it on things that you think you should be doing that are not bringing you any joy? Of course, that’s an issue for all of us, but for certain ones of us it’s even more focused and critical. It’s like, if we don’t, then we will start to deteriorate and get sick at a faster pace than other people. So you’re going through your 4th internal monad. I imagine all those “shoulds” have started to fall into the background more and more, and your “coulds” are coming more and more up to the surface. You’re starting to play more, which is definitely what you wanted to do in this lifetime in a big way. Then of course, your sun and moon are in Cancer, so it’s not like you’re going to be bold and rash like Leo. There’s going to be a nurturing, sensitive, quiet, receptive quality to how you do your creativity. It’ll probably come in waves and cycles, because your sun and moon are ruled by the Moon. Your moon is very powerful because it’s in the sign it rules. The Moon is all about timing and intuition and trusting your own organic cycles of flow. So sometimes you’ll be at an ebb, and that just means that you are receiving from deeper parts of yourself and you’re assimilating, reflecting. And then you’ll have this flow, when all of a sudden you’ll create a whole bunch in a really short period of time. Whereas before it seemed like you weren’t creating anything. You might’ve felt like you were stagnating or something. That’s the moon in Cancer, which is all about cycles. It’s just like planting a seed, how it needs time to grow and blossom. Your creativity might work in a similar fashion. It can’t be pushed or forced. That also matches your Pisces and Neptune. So there’s divine timing for your creativity and projects and all of that. That’s where that trust comes in again. The Sun and Moon You know there’s the relationship between the sun and the moon in your chart. The sun is the conscious self, and the moon is the unconscious self. Some people like to think of the sun as your ego and the moon as your soul, though they kind of overlap and represent different aspects of the same thing. You were born right after a new moon, that’s why your sun and moon are in the same sign. This does give you, the way you approach life in general, an impulsiveness, excitement, new beginnings. Because you were born after a new moon. So whatever you do, you will tend to dive into it, be impulsive about it, or have this excitement and child-like enthusiasm. And you like to start new things and have these new beginnings going on in your life. So that’s also a key for you in terms of not getting stuck or letting your enthusiasm wane. You do have this innate ability to start again and create something new. You might find yourself changing a lot as you find these new beginnings, but it helps you to keep your enthusiasm and the energy going. If you think about it, that is the way a child is – they go from one thing to the next and everything is exciting. Everything feels good. They’re just finding new things to explore all the time. So I think you can use that whenever you get bored with something, or you feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, it’s not feeling right. You probably already have the next impulse of which direction to turn and what direction to work on next, what’s going to light you up and make you feel the creative energy flowing again. You probably constantly have things bubbling up into your psyche in terms of new energy, initiating things, new beginnings, paths to explore. Your chart is interesting, too, because you have a lot of planets scattered about. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was you have a lot of competence in a lot of areas. That resonated with me with your King role. You have a lot of focuses and competence in a lot of areas. It’s so funny because that can also make you sometimes feel like, “what the heck am I supposed to do? I can do this, I can do that, I can do this.” You’d be good at just about all of them. It seems to me like, with all of this mutable energy – mutable is the strongest mode in your chart, which means that changeable, flexible, adaptable energy – you will always be shifting and changing. Goal of Flow and My Chart Your goal is Flow, and your chart is set up so you’re gonna have to! It’s like you don’t have a choice. Believe me, I can relate! You just have to allow yourself that trust a permission to relax, to play, to explore, to smell the roses, to change direction when you need to. That’s what it’s about, navigating flow. But otherwise, you really can have a peace and freedom to just enjoy life and play. Things just come to you, that’s Flow too. We end up doing these amazing things and having these amazing times. But when we try to focus it and plan too much, and have these expectations of where it should go, then we stop that flow, that creativity. We get into inertia. Planning works in the short term – there are some things you can plan, especially when you feel that intuitive flow. But it seems like on the whole, you just can’t. It’s like wherever you think you’re gonna end up, you’re probably not gonna end up there. But where you do end up is going to be better than what you thought. You have so much Cancer, and your Mars, Mercury, and Gemini are right on your 4th House cusp. Your 4th house represents your parents, usually one more than the other. Since you have Mars, Mercury, and Gemini, you probably have one parent, mostly likely your father, who is very intellectual, very intelligent, and very forceful with their opinions and what they know. This influenced you a great deal. How Michael talks about the houses – this is your imprinting: strong, deep imprinting from your roots, your family. So I really connect to that imprinting for you and how that influenced you. He’s a very cerebral person, and I’ve always seen you as very cerebral until I looked at your chart! But you do have a very powerful mind. Your Mercury’s in Gemini – it’s in the sign it rules. So it’s very powerful. It’s very interesting – you have a very powerful moon and a very powerful Mercury, and they’re very different. So you may find yourself conflicted at times because you have this strong rational mind. It’s conjunct Mars, too, which means you have a forcefulness to your thoughts, ideas and opinions as well. But you’re very curious and open to learning new things. Especially being an older soul, you’re probably not so rigid with what you know. Gemini is all about perception and new perception. It gathers information. Gemini is the king of trivia. So there may be a lot of trivia that you just know because you pick up information. But specifically, where it would be focused is at the root of your being. So you’re probably very curious in gathering information when it comes to your origins, your roots, your family, exploring your imprinting, learning new things about your imprinting, and letting go what you need to let go of. You’ll always have a fresh perspective regarding your roots and where you came from, and you’ll always be updating yourself based on where you started from – seeing it in new ways, making new connections, learning new things about yourself. Some of it will be good. Some of it you’ll realize is good imprinting. “This helps me understand myself better, this is a part of me, so I’m going to keep it.” So your family, your roots will always be important to you with that Cancer influence and 4th house influence. Your creativity and finding the joy in life, letting the inner child out to play, is a focus and very important for you. Then of course that main theme I first talked about was relating to others. You’re probably very good one-on-one, which is why it made you a good healer and counselor. Anything you do that’s one-on-one, you probably get a lot of energy from that, because who you are, your creativity and your gifts, you can channel very well one-on-one. Being in a large group might be a bit much for you because of all that Pisces and Neptune. You’re like a sponge and it can be overwhelming, unless you learn to have your boundaries and strengthening your aura – learning what’s yours and what’s not yours. 7th House First I want to look at your partnership house where your Jupiter and Saturn are. So your 7th house represents your partner – those people you have commitments with. So not only your romantic partner, like Tex, but also if you’re working with a counselor or a lawyer, anything where it’s one-on-one represents the 7 th house. But most of the time we look here to look at our romantic partners. This tells me maybe a little bit about Tex. So you have Virgo on your 7th House cusp. Tex or anybody you’d be drawn to in a long-term relationship, because they balance the Pisces in you, that first house. So people you’d be drawn to would tend to be Virgo-like. You will also, as an older soul who’d be working on yourself, relate to a lot of Virgo qualities as well. But your partners will probably be that mirror for you. Where Pisces is very imaginative, dreamy, poetic, and fluid, Virgo is all about here and now, planet earth, very precise, exacting, very analytical. But they are very service-oriented like Pisces, and they want to be of service and to be helpful. They want to improve themselves and anything else. So the Virgo influence on your partnership house is all about perfection, perfecting, purifying. So health tends to be an issue, or work and service. But then you have Saturn and Jupiter in that house, which even more powerfully describe your partners. Jupiter and Saturn are opposite principles – Saturn is about contraction, form, crystallization, limitation, and boundaries, whereas Jupiter is about expansiveness, growth, encompassing more territory, faith, and trust. Saturn can be more fearful, on the negative side. So together they can really balance each other out, and you will probably find that your partners have a wonderful sensibility in terms of knowing when to use the opposites: when to stay still or to move, when to be alone or be with others, when to contract and when to expand. Saturn is the stronger planet between the two, because it’s exalted. It’s in Libra. I’ve found that everybody who had a Saturn in Libra can appear cold at times, but they’re not cold. It’s just that Saturn is a very mental planet, and Libra is an airy and objective sign, too. So when Saturn gets exalted, they’re all about discernment, details, analysis, and objectivity. So your partners will tend to have this Saturn quality very strongly, this strong mind. It is also a quality in you to the point that you have owned it and recognized it in yourself, otherwise it would be reflected in your partners. But it is a part of you. Astrology writers don’t usually write for older souls, but as older souls we would tend to recognize our shadow/our opposite a lot more. So you’d probably recognize those traits in yourself, but when you were younger you might not have. Probably the older you get, the more you own it. So that you don’t just pull it in through relationships. The 3rd House and Chiron Chiron is all about the wounded healer – your deepest wound and your deepest healing, and the healing that you have to give to others. Chiron in your chart is in Taurus, at the end of the 2nd House, which is the Taurus house, moving into the 3rd house. I get the sense that it’s more your 3 rd house where the wounding and healing is coming in. Chiron is very important because it has to do with wholeness, our journey from fragmentation to wholeness, and where we can focus so that everything in our chart can be expressed. Usually it means being a teacher, mentor, healer of some kind. In your chart, it’s in the 3rd house. What came to me was, the deepest wound you’re working through in your 4th IM has to do with when you were little, and you were in that stage where you were just soaking up information and learning how to integrate ourselves to our environment around us, to express who we are, to communicate who we are – the third house is all about communication. Something happened when you were younger that really made you doubt yourself around your communication and expressing yourself. So a wound developed there that will always make you very intensely aware of how you’re coming across to others – your expression and communication, and also your intelligence. So you probably felt when you were younger like you were inferior, like you had a learning disability or something to do with your intelligence, your mind. There may have been some challenging experiences or interactions with siblings that also had to do with some kind of wounding. So if we look the symbolism and that wounding, it also means you have the largest healing gift with that same area. So it’s your ability to communicate, express yourself, use your mind, your perceptions and what you know, your ability to learn new things and communicate what you learned. The 3rd house is where we find teachers, just like the opposite 9 th house, but in the 3rd house the teaching is more casual and day-to-day. For instance, you could be in line at the grocery store and all of a sudden a teaching comes to mind and out of your mouth, and they’re like, “wow, thank you. That really helped.” Or something like that. As opposed to a teacher in the 9th house, which would be like a guru or a non-physical teacher like Michael. So it’s almost as if it’s channeling 9th house – higher mind, philosophical awareness, spiritual awareness, those larger-context teachings – down to a form that can be shared with others on a very down-to-earth way. It’s really what your gift is when it comes to healing. As you move around in your environment, you probably enjoy being active and moving around – like public transportation, walking, bicycling. Traveling and moving around stimulates a lot of your awareness – you’re able to make connections better that way. And then you get to just share what’s in your head as your pass people, as you travel to and from different places. So what I find interesting with your concern about stock trading – it’s very detailed oriented. There’s a lot of information that you have to take in and assimilate. So that’s the 3rd house, too. The 3rd house is information exchange. It’s also the media, like broadcasting, anything that has to do with communications. I’m seeing a connection between Chiron and your 3rd house – communication and information. Your Chiron is in Taurus, which means grounding and being down-to-earth. So I can see that influence is what I’ve always got from you, interacting with you on TLE and also when you gave me that reading. It was gentle, right on the money, but it was so calm and down-to-earth. Nothing was fantastical and glamorized, but it was so resonant in a gentle, grounded way. And that’s what I think is Chiron in Taurus in the 3rd house – your ability to give information in a way that can be received. It’s practical in a very simple, quiet way. North Node Your North Node, which is the direction that tends to bring your fulfillment in this lifetime and balances out your karma, and the opposite 11th house, which is that creativity house, you have Venus conjunct your North Node. So whatever planet is conjunct your North Node is a planet that you will use in order to move yourself forward along your evolution. So Venus is a very important planet. I’m surprised that you didn’t stick with the arts in some way or something, because you have Venus in Leo on your North Node, and Venus is all about beauty, harmony, and creativity. She’s also about values, and she’s magnetic. She attracts things to her. Venus in Leo is just a warm, sunny heart that is so generous and so giving – in the positive. In the negative, it wants a lot of attention. It wants to feel loved and recognized. So you’ll probably relate to both of those things. But Venus is like a sun that knows how to love and give and be generous, and it comes from a boundless source. So there’s something there, too, for you, in terms of what can be fulfilling and move you along your evolutionary path. I guess the key words are beauty, harmony, and creativity, whatever that means for you. But the more consciously you can bring in those aspects into whatever you do, even in the smallest ways, then you’ll probably feel those avenues and pathways to manifest essence more, and to experience that happiness, creativity, and that life force flowing through you. Yod Configurations You have two planets that in aspect configuration on your natal chart. I’ve already talked about Neptune and Pluto. They’re part of what we call in astrology “the finger of god” or a Yod aspect. And you have two in your chart. When you have those, they tend to constantly push you and drive you to increase your awareness and to evolve the planet that’s at the focal point. For you, those two planets are Neptune and Chiron. Neptune is the focal planet of one Yod, which means you will feel a constant drive to master Neptune, which is that surrender, that flow, that trust, spirituality/mysticism – being completely conscious of who you are beyond this personality, surrendering to your soul guidance, etc. So you’ll constantly be driven to use your Neptune and master your Neptune. Also, you’ll be constant driven to use and master your Chiron, which is working on healing – yourself, first and foremost, and experiencing more of your wholeness. So that you’re able to allow that gift to come through that has to do with teaching and healing others. I have a feeling you’ll probably come back around to teaching and healing in some kind of way. That’s just my own little intuitive projection there.
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    Let's explore a little further the concept of money as a symbol. In the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harrari, he spent a lot of time exploring the origins of money. One of the main ideas in the book is how the innovation of collective fictions allowed human beings to relate to strangers and thereby cooperate on a much greater scale than small tribes where everyone knows each other. Collective fictions include laws, religions/ideologies, fictional entities (gods, countries, corporations), as well as currency/money. They are things that don't physically exist, but we agree that they do as a society to facilitate certain ways of living. We cooperate with someone we don't know because we work for the same company. We have camaraderie with someone because we root for the same sports team. We sometimes give someone money before getting products because we have a legal system in place that has consequences when they don't deliver. In that sense, I think of money as a human invention that may or may not be innovated by other species (most likely not for species that can't manipulate their environment). Money IS a symbol -- it is a symbol for available resources, and more accurately how much we value those resources. However, because it is an abstraction, it can and has been manipulated in ways that physical resources can't be, sometimes to the extent of being completely distorted beyond the origin of their value (e.g. trading options on debt swaps). Also the concept of money should be separated from the concept of credit -- i.e. giving someone money with the trust that it will be returned to you, plus more, in the future. Sapiens goes into a lot of detail about how the invention of credit allowed for an explosion of growth that has not stopped -- which to me would be more of a Young soul invention, whereas money on its own simply facilitates trading and makes resources more portable.
  10. Michael on Money?

    Thank you everyone! I updated my question with a bit more information, but I appreciate all your answers. They're definitely helping me formulate better questions, so if I do decide to ask Michael about this someday, I'll know exactly how to phrase it. Interesting! I know, somewhere in my notes, I've compared calories to money, so maybe I should explore this analogy a bit more. And the Old Souls and Money post is actually the reason I started wondering about this again (it's been on my mind, on and off, for years). It was in one of the January Links @Janet posted, and after reading it again, I was inspired...again. (Thanks Janet, already the links are proving useful!) I think this is the closest to what I'm looking for, but, yes, I see how those could be personal definitions rather than a Michael definition. In any case, thank you, Diane! This is adding another piece to the puzzle in my head. Also, thanks @Stickyflames and @Eric for your input. I never considered making money as an artform, but as soon as I read that sentence, something clicked. It seems that money representing Energy is a pretty consistent belief, as well. Everyone's point of view is incredibly valuable, and really helping me see this from all sides. If you have anything to add to the Edit above, I'd love to hear it! 🙏
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  13. Michael on Money?

    Monday Tuesday morning synchronicity! This is the first topic I landed on this morning, and it has made me think more seriously about the dream I had just before waking: someone had given me coins in payment for something and I was having trouble counting the coins because they were all unfamiliar sizes and denominations. I think I would have dismissed the dream out of hand had I not landed here first! Edited: Yes, I thought today was Monday. My internal clock is out of whack!
  14. Hello! This is my first community post EVER here, and I'm very excited to begin a cycle of truth and discovery within myself and this community. MY 2018 INTENTION: to behave and love as freely as possible OBSTACLES: my tendencies toward self-deprecation and carelessness. I've been working diligently towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of this year on not letting my negative thoughts get in the way of living fully and happily. I've also been sure to follow my own intuition when it comes to the time and dedication I need when it comes to working on the details of my life. STRENGTHS: the acceptance and support of my friends and family as well as my strengthened ability to focus on the positive results. Thank you for your openness and support!
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    Mine aren't working yet. I tried the following: 1) Went to the pulldown and chose Bookmarks 2) Went to my profile page and clicked the Bookmarks tab 3) Logged out and logged back in and did #1 & #2 again 4) Went to an incognito browser page and did #1 & #2 again 5) Went to a different browser (MSFT Edge) and logged in and tried #1 & #2
  16. Cong's Natal Chart

    On my map all the planets are above the horizon. What I read it means a life not very planned. I intend in alum moment to meet Michael if there is any reason for an unplanned life. It is very interesting that it happens with my brothers too. My sister has only one planet below the horizon. My brother, I do not know if it's one or two. neither must be of the fifth level
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  18. As I don't remember my exact time of birth, the houses that the planets are in might not be 100% accurate, but they should be close. Michael has told me that this is a heavily planned life, and it's related to the Old-5 Soul Age. ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Sage Casting: Scholar Cadre/Entity: 1/2 E-Ratio: 60M/40F Frequency: 88 Soul Age/Level: Old/5 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 219 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Sage Cadre/Entity: 1/3 Status: male TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Artisan/female Role/Gender: Scholar/male PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Flow > Growth/Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Spiritualist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Body Types: Lunar/Venus/Mercury Chief Feature 1: Mild Self-deprecation Chief Feature 2: Mild Arrogance
  19. NickG's Natal Chart

    Hey Nick, I was told that planets in the 12th house are like energies in a backpack you carry and you are not aware of them. For some reason they weren‘t discovered in your earlier years. The work is to unpack them and to integrate them into your life. :)
  20. Wow, it took a while before I found a topic about synchronicity. Nice review from Michael. Personally, I've experienced so much synchronicity in my adult life that it is almost ridiculous. I learnt quite soon to consider it as guidance. Sometimes "coincidences" warned me about somebody and sometimes they put me in bizarre situations or just try to show me signs. I just want to share a series of quite recent synchronicities of my life: Several years ago I had a series of dreams, which made me think of a new therapy for addictions. I won't go to details, but it's actually an invention. I did a lot of homework and research to figure out if my approach could work and if somebody else has already tried this. Nope. Soon I realized that I can't do this alone. At that point, I had no team and my idea didn't go anywhere. Then a colleague of mine called and asked if I know anything about addictions. Her husband was in rehab for compulsive gambling and she got interested in addiction-research. Well, BINGO, she found the right person to her side. She had already called a bunch of people who could help in this area and so we finally had a team. We worked on on several ideas, my original idea among them. Unfortunally, we didn't get funds for our research, so we didn't know what to do next. Then I got an advertisement through email that there is a new society for inventors in our area. It was meant for private persons who do not operate through big companies. Well, I was such a person. I went to a meeting where the guys who had started this society and it turned out that there were two of them and the other one was my first love back from the 1980's. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to join the society, but my ex asked about my invention and wanted me in. It also turned out, after a social gathering, that the society is full of my acquaintances, who had suddenly got some innovative ideas. I even found an other ex from the club - he was the one, who actually got me interest in addictions in the first place. He used to be a compulsive gambler. 😄
  21. Michael on Money?

    Scholar answer alert! :P I would agree with Diane that there's not really anything inherently spiritual/metaphysical about money. My definition would be that money is any metric used to provide a standardized measurement of the value (i.e. usefulness) of an object or labor. Like any other measurement, it's ultimately arbitrary. But it is quite useful for trading, because it provides and communicates a standard that is understood and transferable over a large group, cutting out a lot of the cumbersomeness and irregularity of systems like barter. Currency, as a result, is just any physical representation of a monetary value. It can be made of a resource that presumably has that value (i.e. a metal coin with type and amount of metal corresponding to its value), or it can be something that simply represents that value (i.e. paper fiat money...the paper of a dollar bill may not actually be worth a dollar, but it represents the value of a dollar). Currency is useful in that it allows one to effectively hold a value to then trade for different things or at a later time. Rather than trading a chicken with someone who only has tomatoes to give, you get the value of the chicken in the form of currency, which you can then use trade for something else you might need more from somewhere else, or at a later time. The reason I think money is equated to a form of energy is because it is a measurement of something subjective and intangible: value. As such, currency is then a physical representation of that energy (i.e. value). Unfortunately, because it is a measurement of an intangible, subjective thing, money and currency are vulnerable to forces and manipulations that more physical measurements aren't. That's where it gets abused and gets its bad rep, but it's not inherently bad or useless, just flawed like so many tools and systems.
  22. Michael on Money?

    Ok, my new definition of MONEY : digital numbers on a screen that increase or decrease depending how long i sit my ass on a chair and perform for people. If the numbers stay increased, they can be traded for food, and things I like. If they decrease it translates into odd tasks like maintaining a relationship with a collections agent that wants your numbers and asking friends if they can offer you some of their numbers so you can have a home. collecting these numbers is an artform that many seem to excell at. Many are also greatly confused by this art and wonder why they aren’t as good at it. Many have very real obstacles that impacts their ability to collect these numbers whatsoever. Many Humans call these people BUMS and like to pretend these obstacles do not exist so that they can feel satisfied with their own collection of numbers. Many religions devote their lifespans badmouthing these digital numbers ,as well as sex, while simultaneously begging for vast sums of these numbers and participating in the strangest sex you never heard of.
  23. @Troy Loved your birthday video. Love you!
  24. Michael on Money?

    @Stickyflames I think what you’re talking about is the concept of prosperity, which is not necessarily dependent on money, especially if you expand the concept of resources to relationships, creativity, trust, courage, and other less tangible energies. Older souls tend to value meaning, relationships, and experiences more than hoarding, power, and having “stuff”, which is why pursuit of money isn’t all that interesting to most of us. Otherwise we’d already be naturals at getting it considering how many times we’ve been here. We still live in a world that requires us to make money to survive, but it doesn’t have to be that way if we just learned to share what we already have.
  25. 😂 In the guideline to the card avalanche I wrote "And zip about it! The dude is kinda' intuitive! Careful!" You deserve every loving word that came to you. ...And words are just symbols of symbols.... Woooohoooooooooo....... 🌈
  26. Michael on Money?

    Hmm. I asked this today during my ritual coffee. ” How would life feel like absolutely wealthy?” The only difference is “ Freedom to choose exactly what I WANT to choose” another word for that could be, Energy and how we are directing that. Not having money feels like “ FUCK! I can’t do what I WANT to do...I have to do all this other fucking shit just to sustain myself”. I think money is the tangible form / symbol of that freedom to direct our energy exactly where we want to. Parralel to that, I have noticed I feel the most wealthy and abundant in my life when I make time to do what it is I want to do! Or time to notice that all those tasks like work and chores to sustain myself is also directly in line with choosing more of what I want. I am as rich as I am aware of how I am choosing what I want. I am as rich as I am aware that I can make time for what I want. I am as rich as I am aware that there is always SOME solution to the goal at hand, even if it is just asking for help from someone with actual money! Ha!
  27. Michael on Money?

    I have a handful of sessions where money is mentioned as a tangible resource or tangible form of energy, but nothing too comprehensive. The contexts for the definitions below could be interpreted as personal perspectives on money rather than Michael's perspective. As someone who works in finance and has a cadence theme of "management of energy", I really do see money as a kind of tangible energy, in the sense that it represents the energy you put into doing something in exchange for money. Or you could say that money is the symbolic representation of resources (whether labor or objects), or rather the usefulness of those resources to society. I don't think there's anything "spiritual" about it, or a role it plays in the universe other than the invention of human beings to facilitate trading. "[Money] is a tangible resource that can be mined." http://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/1913-priority-of-purpose/ "an energy that is a kind of life force" http://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/681-my-passion/ "a tangible form of energy" http://our.truthloveenergy.com/blogs/entry/810-investing-update-work-probabilities/
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