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    This is the transcript from the 2017 Michael Speaks at TruthLoveEnergy Great Gathering in the format of "Ask Michael." This was generously transcribed from a live recording by @DanielaS. NOTE: This was a weird weekend of live channeling that revealed some weak moments in holding my full trance. In this transcript, you can see this in the initial transition where I "thought" a funny thought but it came out of my mouth as part of the channeling delivery. Michael always calls these moments out, but it's a really weird experience. I don't realize it's happening. Also, note that vocal channeling comes out more conversational and unrefined than the usual text channeling. Enjoy! TLEGG 2017 Ask Michael 2017-09-30 Channeled by Troy Tolley MEntity: OK. Bear with us for a moment. Hello to each of you. We are here now. MEntity: We will begin with a comment that reminds you of the very premise of our teaching, and that is that while there are many factors involved in your being here for this gathering and many factors that could be designated as synchronistic and magical, we remind you that you are here because you choose to be. MEntity: Everything that got you here for this gathering to be with your fellow Cadre and Entity members and students of our teaching is all because of your choice and your actions to follow up on those choices. MEntity: We remind you of this because it can be very easy to dismiss the power of your choice and the power of your actions that it took to be here, as well as the collaborations among all of you to make this happen. MEntity: So, we just wanted to start off with that reminder that if there is nothing else learned in our exchanges, the one thing that we wish for our students to carry forward is that power of choice because things like this get to happen when you follow up with action. And with that, we can begin with your questions or you can say hello to us. All: Hello! Hello, Michael! Daniela: What is “Good Work?” Is there such a thing as “Not Good Work?” MEntity: Oh, good. An easy one. [Laughter] It takes a little bit of time for the circuit to get stronger through our channel. MEntity: We use the term Good Work, not as a compliment. [A loud sound of a phone dropping on the floor] That is not Good Work. [Laughter] This was an example of Troy still being there. [Laughter] That was not our humor. [Laughter] MEntity: We use the term Good Work to reference anything that you do that in some way supports your Life Task, which is quite a broad spectrum of actions that you can take. But when we tend to lean towards that phrase it is likely a very specific action that you have taken in some way that very directly benefits your Life Task. MEntity: There is really no such thing as Not Good Work, but there is such a thing as No Work. There are many things that an individual fragment can do in the life that do not support the Life Task. It would be unfair to describe that as Not Good Work because you have a choice. And if you were to be reprimanded or in any way scolded with terminology that indicates your needing to correct choices, we would not be very good teachers, in our opinion. MEntity: So, we use the term Good Work when you are doing something to support your Life Task. And we do this because if you see a pattern in our comments referencing what is Good Work then you may see patterns yourself in what more you can do to support your Life Task. BobbyA: I would love for Michael to cover why it is so problematic for Concurrents to meet or come across each other. I would think it would be no different than any two other Personalities since there would have to be something there in common to even generate an interest to begin with. Yeah, having the same Essence “might” be the catalyst but I still don't understand why it’s often treated like “worlds colliding.” MEntity: Concurrents can cross paths and meet, but the difference between Concurrents and individual fragments is the amount of buffering between your Personalities. MEntity: When fragments come across each other, regardless of their ancient bond and their ancient knowledge of each other, there is a built-in buffer that allows the Personalities to gauge and decide and participate in the choice in how close and how fast that bond is revealed or explored. MEntity: When Concurrents cross paths this tends to be lost, it is bypassed. There is a lack of a buffer between Concurrents that can short-circuit the individual Personalities involved because it is an immediate displacement of the Personality and it is terrifying. MEntity: The closest to this is when Essence Twins cross paths. That same experience can come about in a very mild version, but when Concurrents cross paths they simply do not have the built-in buffer that most individual fragments do. MEntity: To explain why that's the case is something that we do not have terminology for in our teaching. But that is why, because there is simply no buffer between the Personalities. We are trying to come up with an analogy. BobbyA: Did that ever happen with any of your own Personalities, that you could use to describe the experience? MEntity: The closest that we can come up with in describing the experience is a kaleidoscoping of our perspectives or a funhouse mirror of sorts that is a reflection within a reflection within a reflection, and the processing that is required to make sense of that overpowers the Personalities in a number of ways. MEntity: We do not know why there is less of a buffer. We think it has to do with simply the nature of your being of the exact same Essence and there is no math to divide you. There is no mathematical divide in the same way that Entity members have their own mathematical address. You and your Concurrents share the exact address. When you come across each other, there is no math being negotiated. That is the closest way we can describe why it does not happen. You are already the same equation. MEntity: This may not have been a fully satisfying answer, but it is close enough for now. BobbyK: All right, our next question comes from Uma. MEntity: We have more to say for a moment. We got something in. MEntity: The other reason is not so much to explain why it is difficult for Concurrents to be in the same space, but there is a reason for it in terms of the Concurrents' existence is solely for the sake of covering different territories in the same space and time. And if Concurrents were to congregate in the same space, that point is lost to the reasons for the Concurrents in the first place. MEntity: And so, this built-in repulsion is in effect to keep Concurrents from being in the same space too closely and in the same time because the point would then be lost for why both were existing. The point of Concurrents is to cover more territory for more experience. Uma: This has been on my mind since I read it: What are all the elements of the teaching and how completely and accurately has each element been accessed? What elements have we not accessed as yet? Looking at the Michael material that is already ‘out there,’ what kind of book or other ‘publication’ does Michael see as being the most productive and fruitful in terms of spreading the Teachings? (This is a selfish question because I am obsessed with how I will find the Teachings in my next lifetime.) [Laughter] MEntity: Now that is a good question. [Laughter] MEntity: The short answer, because we have already delineated these Elements and Waves in other deliveries [see The 7 Waves & Elements of the Michael Teachings], the short answer is that you are currently in the True Application of our teaching in the Application Element phase of our teaching. This is the third phase. MEntity: The 7 Elements of our teaching carry within each of these the 7 Waves that reflect the larger pattern of Elements. And so, when you are in the Application Element and you get to the Application Wave that is what we describe as True Application. MEntity: So, since 2010, our students who have stuck around have taken on the tasks of True Application of our teaching. This means diving deeper into the practical elements of the teaching, living out these elements of the teaching; in particular, in ways that allow you to exist in the world among those who are not our students and still find common ground in vocabulary and exchange and intimacy. MEntity: If you have the experience of being, living our teaching, and it is a divide between yourself and another then you are part of that process of True Application of our teaching. You are trying to find a way to live the teaching in ways that do not divide you from others but in a way of growing closer to them. If you find that that is the case, that you are divided or there is a wall that is built, that is part of your Agreement with us is to try to explore that wall, that divide and find your way through that. MEntity: It is also a process of discovery that Application does not necessarily mean sharing in terminology, sharing in enthusiasm, sharing your passion for this teaching, but finding ways that help other people based on what you are learning, based on how you are growing. It is not about recruitment, it is about Application. MEntity: So, you are in this phase, and it only began in 2010. It will probably last for another 50 years before moving into the Recording phase. MEntity: The actual permanence of our teaching in a form that can be found in its same form in future lifetimes that extend across centuries, probably will not occur for another 100-300 years. So, while you are documenting in books and websites and working to keep alive some reference that the next life can find, the actual True Recording will not occur until we have the technology available to us on your planet and among you to do True Recording. MEntity: So, right now you are in True Application and you will move into a Wave of Recording in about 50 years, at this point. Did this answer your question? Uma: I'll be 125. [Laughter] MEntity: We can say that we have yet to have lost a student. We always find you. You always find us. It is not always without obstacles because of different scenarios and climates that occur during incarnational phases. But we eventually come back around to reunions, such as now. BobbyA: Since we have printed material now and other mediums like that, do you have any idea what that technology might look like in that time period? MEntity: During the True Recording period or during the Recording period of this Element? BobbyA: During the future Recording. The Application Recording. Or, I'm sorry, Recording stage. You know what I'm saying. [Laughter] I'm confused. MEntity: Within this Application Element, you are asking what the Recording phase will be like after the True Application. James: So, the 50-year or the 300-year? Were you asking that? MEntity: The 50-year will be an evolution towards Artificial Intelligence that will allow us to begin a process of communicating through technology. There will be, at this point, a high probability that we can see where the Artificial Intelligence evolves to a place of subtle receptivity that allows for communication from beyond the understanding of the Physical Plane, and we can manipulate that in a way that can communicate. And we will be able to speak to our students in various ways through Artificial Intelligence. That will be the next Recording Wave of this particular Application Element. MEntity: The True Recording, we are not certain how that will go because it is far enough into the future that there are quite a few variables. But there is likely to be some form of immersive experience that will allow you to access each other, access a representative of our communication, in a space that is difficult to describe with the terminology available to us now, but could be closest to being understood as holographic chambers that allow for that exchange to occur on a constant basis, on a regular basis, in a way that affects our teaching in a new way. BobbyK: When all the Elements of the teaching are complete, would you then stop teaching at this point? MEntity: We would probably be done with our students in the sense that they will be cycling off to a proportion that no longer requires our exchanges and the fulfillment of our Agreements will have been completed. MEntity: So, yes, we will still be teachers to some extent because all of you will be, and all of us will continue to be to some version or another of consciousness. But, yes, that would be close to what you could describe as the end of our teaching, in the way you understand it now. Brian: You once mentioned about Waves of your teaching and about future generations. I am curious, what Wave of the teachings are we in right now and what Agreements are being made for the next generation of Michael channels? Is there anyone in particular, either in our existing Michael group or another Michael group, that is learning to “pick up the torch,” as a future Michael channel for the younger generation? MEntity: Yes, we addressed some of that. MEntity: As for the next wave of channels, we cannot point to individuals because that would remove their choice and also put undue pressure and expectation on an individual, and that is treading too close to a karmic territory. But we do have a set of at least 12 individuals who are working with us in a way that will emerge if they follow their inclination and impulses and continue to do the work required for allowing our communication to come through. MEntity: So, yes, we are working with a new set of channels, some of which are already “on the scene” and will be more likely to find their footing in the next 2-5 years in a way that you can say, Oh, I remember when Michael mentioned this. MEntity: Did we cover that question? Brian: That works! DianeHB: You've mentioned in various future life sessions that our future lives have asked about and know about our present lives happening now. [Laughter] I’m wondering if TLE's archive of sessions and writings survive to that time (between 100-300 years from now) and if future students know about us. Do they know which ones of us are their past lives? Brian: My apologies to my future self! [Laughter] MEntity: It is quite beautiful and moving to us to have the capacity to work with our students in their various incarnations at the same time while you are existing within a linear space to see that evolution occur in a way that is not possible to experience while in a physical form or even as an individual fragment in many ways. MEntity: It's fascinating to us because when we are working with the future versions of you in 300 years they are only one probability of you. There are other versions of you that we may or may not have contact with. But when we have referenced your future lives in 100-300 years, those [Troy starts to laugh] future versions of you — we do not know why the channel is laughing — are more aware of you than you are of them. We will say that. We have far more to work within that time that allows us to give greater references that are more capable of being validated in a way that is quite profound to those “you” in the future. MEntity: In other words, they know all about you. [Laughter] Cyprus: I have a question. MEntity: We are — Cyprus: We've talked about time travel where they come back to, like, look at us, or peek at us, or whatever, vacation. Are those, the 100-300 years, are those people able to do that at that point? Or is that much farther in the future? MEntity: Much farther. Cyprus: Martha? Martha: No, I was waving to the people who are watching us from the future. [Laughter] MEntity: We feel as if we lost the second part of the question. There was more. MEntity: The archives. Yes. BobbyK: I'm wondering if TLE's archive of sessions and writings survive to that time. MEnity: Yes. The work that is in process currently and will continue over the next 20 years are vital to the references that are accessible to those future lifetimes, referencing you here. It does survive and there is more to come. AnnH: And this is related to finding out about a future life of mine with Geraldine. Hi, Geraldine! Where we work on the so-called Timeline, Geraldine's Timeline together in a library. Is that one of those archives that is going to continue, I take it? I know that! Fuck, yeah. [Laughter] MEntity: Yes. AnnH: I know it's not just Geraldine and me. I'm sure there are other people as well. MEntity: Yes. MEntity: We are telling your future selves about this gathering as we speak. [Laughter] We can continue with your questions. Kerrin: Are we still on this planet in 300 years in the future? [Laughter] Are we on Mars? Are we still on Earth? MEntity: There is an exploration that has gone beyond your Earth, yes. But you are still here, yes. Brian: You mentioned that you're, from your perspective, currently in contact with our future gathering. And you say you are discussing us. May I ask, what are you telling them? [Laughter] MEntity: We think this is why Troy's body is reacting with the humor because it is a paradox to be experiencing this in his body. It is an unusual feeling. MEntity: We are just mentioning to them the curiosity and fascination of these selves. The conversation was prompted by a session that we are working with several from this group at the moment discussing how a past life has helped to heal their current life. And the work you are doing here is part of what makes life heal there. MEntity: And this is what we were referencing when we said that it is quite beautiful and moving to us because when we can, and you can see this as well when you are dead, [Laughter] that the tapestry of energy that is woven among your Personalities across time and how they work together is something that cannot be replicated in beauty in the Physical Plane. It is quite a mosaic. MEntity: So, what you do and what you choose in this life is not just about you, although it is, because the “you” in the future is also you. But you matter on a larger scale than is easy to remember when you are in such dense, local bodies. So, we can encourage you to remember this and breathe in that sense of expansion when you have a moment. We can take your next question. Maureen: I still wonder about the timing of Obama's presidency and then our “fall from grace” into Trump's greedy little fingers. [Laughter] Is this some form of random, political Russian roulette that will make sense in the future, when we look back at this time? Are these extremes of Obama/Trump now in motion as an energetic “system” of some kind, in our collective consciousness, perhaps like a pendulum, as a springboard to 2020's Infinite Soul manifestations? MEntity: There is nothing orchestrated about this. It is purely the terror, the fear that always precedes a shift in paradigm. And the shift to the Mature Soul Age IS here. You are in it. And it cannot be stopped, but there will be attempts to do so. MEntity: In addition to those attempts to do so, the attempts play directly into the hands of the Mature Soul paradigm because it is defined by drama. What you are experiencing currently, in terms of particularly this year's anxiety, stress, depression, deflation, is ironically a good sign in terms of the progression into the Mature Soul Age. MEntity: That shift, that space between the retaliation and resistance and the full embrace is NOW. The full embrace is imminent. We cannot predict an exact date, but you will feel that relief. But 2020 is likely the shift that will be moving you toward that full embrace. MEntity: However, because of the Mature Soul paradigm being anchored in drama and intensity and emotional turmoil, it may not feel like such a great thing. But it will only start out that way because of the nature of moving into anything from the negative pole and then finding a way toward the positive pole. MEntity: So, it may be difficult to discern that 2020 was a Turning Point that helped to bring relief because it may still be intense and dramatic and emotionally tumultuous, but it is something that our students can practice embracing in a way that is not seen as a de-evolution or a setback or a regression or the end or demise or humanity falling apart. MEntity: Our students as Old Souls have a natural responsibility to see beyond this. This is very important as an Old Soul. And that is one of the reasons why it feels so painful for some of you, because the responsibility is heavy, and you do not necessarily want to do it as Personalities. MEntity: But you have to see the bigger picture. The Old Soul eventually can see the bigger picture and, depending on where you are in that spectrum of practice in seeing the bigger picture, helps determine how stressed out and depressed and overwhelmed you are. It does not mean that you have to ignore the acute picture or the immediate threats or dangers and grief. But keeping that bigger picture involved in your perspective is key to your surviving this in a way that feels as if you have participated in a world that is evolving and not falling apart. MEntity: Do you understand? It is not easy. MEntity: Did we answer the question? Janet: How do we see? The obvious answer is that we see with our eyes, but I think something more than that is going on. I don't use my physical eyes while dreaming, and yet I remember visual scenes. I don't use my eyes when ‘visualizing’ or using my imagination, but I still ‘see’ things. People who have out of body experiences report being able to see as though they have physical eyes, even while their physical eyes are closed. So, what's going on? Is vision really only about the use of physical eyeballs connected to a physical brain, or are there components to vision that are not physical at all? MEntity: What is missing in the equation is consciousness. Consciousness does not require eyes. That is why we can see you without eyeballs. We cannot see you through this channel at the moment because if he opens his eyes he may break a connection with us. He must keep his eyes closed because he likes to be participating and present. Having the eyes closed helps us to come through without his being distracted by shiny objects, so to speak. MEntity: Consciousness is not limited to biological senses. This is why you can see in the Astral Plane, this is why we can see the way we can see. Because consciousness moves much like a cursor on a computer screen, if you will. It moves along a medium that is like an ocean of energy, or an ocean of pixels if you will. And in the same way that a cursor can be on one part of the screen and move to another part of the screen is the way consciousness works in the universe. MEntity: You do not have to be on Mercury to visit it in terms of seeing it. This is why remote viewing is possible. Because it is all interconnected in a way that is not quite understood and is currently being explored in quantum physics. But there is no limitation to consciousness and its capacity to generate sensory data without the body. MEntity: How that happens we do not have terminology through this channel to necessarily explain it, but you are correct in that your sight is not dependent upon your eyes. Did this address the question well enough? Cong: Can Michael comment on what type of knowledge was available in the library of Alexandria that is lost today? Any possibility of retrieving that knowledge in the near future, for example, by some archaeological findings? MEntity: We do know that there are archaeological pockets that are likely to be discovered that reference a time period referring to the Alexandrian libraries. We do not know when this is likely to occur, but it is likely. MEntity: As far as what type of knowledge, the range is too vast to cover in a discussion in this format at this time. But it is mostly knowledge that was relative to the sciences, to the cultures of the time, to philosophical explanations and thought experiments that revealed great insight into the nature of reality. MEntity: So, one of the ways that that knowledge was able to survive and move forward is because of your design as individual Essences with an Instinctive Center. Because those who were involved in the Alexandrian libraries were still able to carry forward the knowledge that was gained and registered in individuals participating at the time in the Instinctive Center, that was much like a disc inserted into the lifetime and then pulled out and moved forward into the next lifetime, so to speak. And as you have awakened in your soul age over time, many have retrieved information that was from that time period and put it in a modern context. MEntity: For example, Jane Roberts was a great example of an individual accessing Instinctive Center information that then was able to, through her contact with her guide, with her teacher, Seth, was able to retrieve a great deal of insight into the nature of reality. So, a lot of what is in the Seth material is quite a fair example of knowledge that was in the Alexandria libraries that our students, at least, were fascinated with and have brought forth into modern times. But they will find more. Kerrin: Will it be through archaeology or through Instinctive Centers? MEntity: Both. NickG: I was wondering, as a personality evolves throughout its life, do the personal descriptions for manifesting True Personality and False Personality stay relatively the same? Like, if someone were to ask you that question at 10 and again at 50 would you describe the two variations the same? For example, you described my True Personality as being ‘enlightened’ and false personality as being ‘loneliness.’ Will I still carry those two into my golden years? MEntity: Personalities are fairly consistent in where their range is between True and False Personalities. So, though it can change, it is quite likely to remain the same. They are helpful references to carry with you as you do go into your “Golden Years,” because they will still help you to gauge where you are in your embrace of Essence as Personality. So, the terms that we may offer to you to understand that spectrum between True and False Personality are fairly persistent enough to use throughout the entire life. Yes. Daniela: You have said that, "Scholars within any Entity or Cadre tend to act as record keepers and act as the responsible party for updating the Akashic Records involving events within and throughout the Entity and/or Cadre." Regarding Priests you have said that, during the disclosure and merging process on Astral Level 5, they are the "fragments who run these meetings, and help to direct the healing." So, if Scholars function as information processing units and Priests as facilitators and counselors, what functions do Servers, Artisans, Warriors, Sages, and Kings perform for their Entity/Cadre? MEntity: We may need a beverage for this. [Laughter] MEntity: Servers are the Roles that come into their own the earliest and in the Physical Plane. They learn very quickly what matters and what does not and serve as the healers and the — we are looking for a phrase — the “canaries in the mine” in terms of how healthy the fragments of an Entity are at any given time. MEntity: If your Servers are suffering, if they are in any way isolated, ailing, they are representing the processes of healing that are happening in their particular Entity. So, they are a gauge for where the collective of an Entity is in terms of its healing. Or a Cadre, for the Entities that do not have Servers in them. They will carry that weight. MEntity: And most Servers will gladly tell you that they feel this weight. [Laughter] And there will be lifetimes where they opt out and let the rest of you grow up [Laughter] on your own in certain ways to gain from what was given to you in other lifetimes by that Server energy throughout the Entity or Cadre. So, they are the barometers of the Entities and Cadre, so to speak. MEntity: Artisans are the innovators, of course, of the Entities and help to bring to the Physical Plane all that is imagined by members of an Entity. So, they are the connection between the formed and the unformed. Whether they are in themselves doing any creating, they will always be a part of the circuitry of an Entity or Cadre that helps to bring into form the ideas and innovations and imaginations of the members of an Entity or Cadre. MEntity: So, they act as conduits for that and many Artisans respond to this in two different ways, and one is that they will try their best to control that persistent surge of creative energy that is coming from everywhere in their Entity or Cadre. They will try to control this and manage it and focus it and may even be more inclined toward strictness and structure and organization and predictable patterns. And the reason for this is because it helps to sort out the mess of creative energy that comes from the chaos of so many contributing to it. MEntity: Or they will short circuit and carry forward a chaotic life and allow a representation of all of the unfinished and unformed and “crazy” ideas that are floating among the Entity and Cadre. MEntity: So, this is important to understand for Servers and Artisans, that some of the behaviors and patterns of the individual life is not just because of the Personality. There is a force of energy that is also being navigated that's coming from not only your Essence but from its connection to its Entity and what it does as a part of the process of that Entity and function of that Entity. MEntity: So, Artisans carry that weight of everybody chiming in with great ideas about what life on Earth could benefit from. And some will respond in a way that wants to organize this and some will respond in a way that says, well, let's see how crazy we can get with this. [Laughter] MEntity: Warriors tend to be the bonding factors for a great many fragments across the Entities and Cadre. Warriors clear or help to clear the bullshit from all of the things that keep you from getting closer to each other, whether this is done in a persuasive way or a coercive way. [Laughter] MEntity: But the work of the Warrior in the Physical Plane amongst its relationships in the life and between lives is part of what helps to allow for the Astral Plane reunion to happen in a way that is less chaotic than it would be otherwise. They are the glue for the Cadre. MEntity: Sages are the teachers, of course, and they are primarily the source that, after the Servers have let you bumble through and grow up on your own, the Artisans have let the craziness occur, and the Warriors have brought the glue, and the Scholars are storing all of this, the Sages say, everybody lighten up. [Laughter] Let's have fun. Remember your innocence. Remember that we are ageless. Remember that this was supposed to be fun. [Laughter] Which can be lost on the other Roles. And can be quite annoying to the other Roles. [Laughter] MEntity: But the Sages will persist and continue to poke at you, and provoke you, in ways that either bring you laughter, which is the representation of resolving paradoxes, resolving conflicts, oneness, or provoke you to find in yourself where you are refusing to allow joy, to allow your happiness, to allow your innocence, to allow your fun. So, you will either allow that in the laughter or you will see very clearly where you are uptight, resistant, or still dealing with pain that needs to be addressed. MEntity: In the same way that children will either remind you to get in touch with that child or remind you how to care more about the joy of life, so will the Sages be that reminder for all the fragments of a Cadre, even into the Astral Plane. And we know this may not come of comfort to some of you, but they will continue to be a source [Troy laughs] of provocation into the Astral and Causal Plane. MEntity: So, we will describe them as the provocative, or the provocateur. The source of provocation. We are not getting the correct term out, but we know you know what we are saying. Catalyst. MEntity: Kings are the Roles that really do not come into full bloom until the Causal Plane. They are the delegators of the Cadres and Entity, they are the Role that eventually reminds everyone where their seats are, [Laughter] where their place is, and allows for a far more efficiently functioning Entity to occur so that the true exploration of existence can occur. Existence on a level that is not capable of being explored while fragmented. MEntity: And Kings, of course, feel this even in their individual lifetimes because it will never, while across the entire spectrum of incarnations while in the Physical Plane, feel as if things are right, things are settled, or working the way they could be. Because of this inherent nature as a functioning part of a Cadre or Entity to bring that order on a scale that is very difficult to see or understand or implement while in a physical body in the Physical Plane. MEntity: So, that is our response at this point. We know that it could have been more succinct, but this is our first movement through Troy in a while. And that is the best we could do tonight. Kerrin: So, Entities that don't have all the Roles, such as yours Michael, it's just Warriors and Kings, how do you compensate for the missing parts, so to speak? MEntity: However each Entity's design is in terms of a proportion of Roles, the Cadre makes up for in its distribution of Roles. So, the entire Cadre will have a persistent and consistent representation of the Roles in some way divided among the seven and will work as a whole. So, while we do not have many of the Roles, the rest of the Cadre helps to carry that processing or Roles or functions, and it's not limited to what is accessible through our own Entity. So, when it is not there, it moves to another Entity that is willing to provide that. MEntity: There tend to be Entities, this is not a rule, but it tends to be that an Entity may have a predominance of a certain Role and will play that for the rest of the Cadre, while another Entity will have a predominance of a Role that will then play that function for the rest of the Cadre, and so forth. So that every Entity is playing some role that participates in the functioning of the entire Cadre. Does this make sense? BobbyK: If our casting is how we manifest in our daily lives, can some of the functionalities of the Roles correlate into our casting? MEntity: Yes, not quite as strongly. But, yes. Cong: So, what you just said, does it imply that some Entities within a Cadre will work more closely together? For example, Cadre 1 Entity 2 does not have a lot of Servers. So, does it mean that this Entity works more with Entity 7 in this Cadre because they have more Servers? MEntity: Yes. All of Cadre 1's Entities work very closely with Entity 7. It is primarily Servers and Priests, so it carries the weight of the processes that Servers and Priests do. Mostly the Servers. Tex: For some reason, Geraldine’s been on my mind. Is she listening in? And how does she reach you now? MEntity: Oh! [Laughter] MEntity: It took a while for her to settle down. [Laughter] There was a lot of demanding questions that her Essence and Guides had to contend with, and we helped in that process, and that continues to this day. There is, in her words, “So much more than I thought to ask while I was alive.” And part of what was considered, for lack of a better term, her “Heaven” is the experience of finally accessing all of the ways that questions can be answered. MEntity: She may forget these upon next incarnation, but the Review and the work are there and will always carry forward. But she is not listening at this point to your conversation. She is fairly busy. [Laughter] MEntity: We will conclude here then and say to each of you, have a good evening and good-bye.
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    Michael Speaks: THE ULTIMATE HICCUP or Truly Accepting Death 2017-10-01 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2017 Note from Janet: Hopefully readers of this transcript will be able to sense the general hilarity that participants experienced within this live session. Once Michael was past the introduction to the session, we were laughing most of the way through, and you'll see [laughter] repeatedly throughout the transcript. Troy kept listening in while in trance, and at times Michael had trouble getting info through his laughter. Please send thanks to @DanielaS for her transcription of this live session. MEntity: Bear with us as we come through, and hello to everybody. Surprisingly, we are not asked very often to discuss the topic of Death. Part of the reason for this is because you are specifically designed to avoid Death. You are in a physical body that wants to live, wants to survive, wants to experience the Physical Plane in its form as a representative and extension of you, as a Consciousness. And so, the topic of Death is avoided by most at all cost, even if this is unconsciously avoided. So, to bring up the topic to discuss can be difficult for some, especially those who may have had close calls with Death or experienced the Death of a loved one or has any sense of empathy or compassion for those who are in events that caused their Deaths, especially on a large scale. So, the sensitivity to Death is an important mechanism in your life, and in your body, that helps you navigate Life. Another reason you tend to avoid questions about Death and the topic of Death, with us at least, is because surprisingly, again, it is one of the least significant events in your life. That is not to say that it is not significant, but it is of the least significant. A part of you, in particular as Old Souls, knows this and is not interested in discussing the end of your life or the end of another life but you are more interested in Life itself. Each of you has died so many times that the Essence of who you are gets it. The body will never get it. Once it dies, it dies, and it does not comprehend that, and it is designed not to comprehend that. So, you will avoid the topic. You will avoid the experience if you can and if you will. This is an example of the dance between what we have described as the Sacred and the Profane. The physical dense body in which you as Essence exist through is a part of you that you must honor on a regular basis in order to continue with your days. While at the same time, having a perspective that is natural to you, especially as Old Souls, that GETS IT, that many of the things you struggle with in your life are temporary and insignificant and irrelevant to the greater arc of your existence. That dance is a very interesting and amazing friction that perpetuates a Life, the dance between the Sacred and the Profane. So, what we will do today with you is have more of a discussion with you about how you feel about Death, your questions about Death, your concerns about Death, your fears about Death, anything that you would like to discuss about this experience. But we suggest you do this while holding both the Sacred and the Profane in the same space. And by this we mean that you honor the truth, the necessity to avoid this topic while honoring the necessity for you to remember the beauty of this topic. One way to approach this is to tap into the more morbid humor that is natural to the Old Soul, and approach Death as a comical event that occurs more than it is a tragic event. Because Death is the ultimate tragedy and comedy, and there is a very fine line between the two. And you as a meeting ground between the Sacred and the Profane have the capacity to shift between these two perspectives, the tragedy side and the comedy side. It would be of interest to us to see where our students can find the comedy in the Deaths that have been experienced in the life, or the Deaths that you have experienced in the past, or the Deaths that you fear may be coming for you. So, our first question to you would be, in particular for those who have experienced the Death of someone in your life: do you or can you find the comedy in this, the levity, the relief, the peace, the paradox, the humor, in this experience? Asking you this question lets us understand where you are in your capacity to shift between perspectives. Because you will always see both of these perspectives, the tragedy and the comedy, but most of you are imprinted to emphasize the tragedy. Because in most cases it would be unnerving if you approached a funeral with a party hat and streamers and offered stand-up. It would be awkward. But that is not because it IS awkward. It is because of the climate that is imprinted within you around Death. There is levity in Death. In fact, we find it quite hilarious in many cases. Not because of the suffering that is involved, but because of our witnessing your reunions after the life is over and the realization that you have not ended. You have not in any way ended. That realization is not only beautiful to us, but hilarious. So, we ask our students here today, have you or can you describe, even if it means stretching yourself, the levity, the humor, the beauty on the other side of tragedy for a Death that you have experienced? We are looking for examples. Martha: So, a dear friend and “ex” of mine committed suicide a few years ago. There was a month delay between the time he died and when his funeral was held. And his family had a lot to deal with so I basically planned a lot of it for them, and they wanted me to speak. And, so, I spent about a week writing. It was going to be a sad eulogy, right, I was writing all the little stories and vignettes, and I was practicing to try to get the right tone. And when it actually came to be the day of the funeral I stood up there and took a completely different tone and picked things and I did stand up, sort of. I told funny stories about him. Like, how he never cleaned his oven. You know, because I cleaned his house before we sold it for him and the oven was pristine. And so, I did stand-up. His brother, who had been sitting next to me before I got to speak after the funeral, said, I just thought that was going to be so rough but when you got up there and started speaking I knew it was all going to be OK. MEntity: That is the kind of beauty that is attached to the yin and yang of Death, so to speak. It is the other side of tragedy, and that is a good example. Ann: I got a few. I got a lot of dead people. I know this sounds terrible. My brother died of pancreatic cancer this last December. Here is somebody, this is going to sound so awful, but here's somebody who did so much for the environment, committed himself to this clean life. And he dies of this fucking pancreatic cancer. I know that sounds mean, but it's like, Oh my god. The irony still amazes me that he took such good care of himself and was such a steward of the planet and he gets laid low by this rampant, nasty disease. And I don't know how he feels about it, but there's a part of me, like, Oh my god, the irony still kills me. You know, it's just.... And also, the way my mother, my mother went out her way. She did it her way. And it was so much a part of who she was. It was sort of a really interesting honor to watch her in Discrimination slowly make her decision to work her way out of here, you know, through her choices. BobbyA: I'm thinking specifically about a man by the name of Jason that I asked you about. He experienced a disruption at a club one night, and he and his female partner went home. And I think the police were called, and in an effort to avoid the police, there was a warrant out for his arrest, he went and sat out by the train tracks. And he was drunk. And instead of getting hit by the law, he got hit by the train. MEntity: That is hilarious. [Laughter] Brian: I'll add one. Geraldine is a great example. She knew that it was coming. We went to Seattle. For most of us to meet her for the first time. But at the same time, when we were doing the planning, one of the jokes was like, hey, let's have a pre-mortem eulogy. And so, it was basically making fun of all the nonsense. And I remember some channeling that Maureen and Bobby had done later on to find out, OK, what kind of happened on the other side. And apparently, she was very pissed that her first sighting of Essence was of her sitting in the wheelchair from Seattle. And she's like, what, that's it? And so, yeah, to me it was very beautiful to be able to see that. Obviously as Old Souls we kind of know, yes, it goes on, but to truly see that in action, and be able to see someone embracing Death, not just accepting it but even embracing it and having fun with it. And then even on the other side, that's it, I'm disappointed! I thought there was going to be more! So, that was a really good example for me. Janet: After my parents' deaths, we didn't have funerals, we had memorial services. They were full of pictures and stories, especially the funny stories that we had on my parents. But I wanted to bring up that those Deaths we knew were coming with some advance notice. They were in a state of health and it was the time. We had some way to make some preparation. In Martha's case, that was totally unexpected. And so, I think there is a difference in how you might approach it and how you might be able to handle it based on whether you have advance warning or not. MEntity: Yes, the tragic will be involved. Regardless of the humor you can find in it. But it is important, the reason why we are discussing it from this angle is because it's important, as you come across those who will die or you approach your own Death, whether suddenly or known, you must remember to access the comedy, the humor, because this is how you allow the individual to continue on without an attachment or an anchor to the life that has been ended, so to speak. The more one grieves, which is a natural process, but the more one grieves in a way that resists the humor, or the levity, or the understanding, the more you have anchored an individual to the life in a way that does have an effect on their Review. And we have discussed this in our delineation of the 7th Internal Monad, which we will not do here, as we have covered that in detail. But the levity is not just for you to feel better about the Death, but about freeing up the energy that is another Essence and its Personality to continue forward. It does have an impact on the Review. Are there other examples? Tex: This is sort of an example and a question. My dad, who was age 96 when he died two years ago, had had multiple strokes at that time. I'd been in the hospital with him. And he's kind of an easy-going guy, never worries about anything. And I think that's why he didn't die until age 96. He would wake up from a stroke or whatever and just look around like it was totally amusing. Finally, he has a heart attack. He's out for several days, and he finally comes to and he looks around the room and goes, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] And then two years later, bang, he dies. [Laughter] I can just see him on the other side going, I'm not dead yet! [Laughter] So the question is, did he actually do that on the other side when he died? I'm not dead yet! MEntity: We do not know. [Laughter] We would have to look. We wish to differentiate between your bringing levity to the experience of Death and the attention that is necessary for processing the suffering of an individual that may lead to a Death, whether this be through sickness or mental illness or the overwhelming circumstances of a life that drives an individual to reduce choices to the point of leaving the life, exiting the life. So, we are in no way implying or saying that one must diminish the appropriate response to the suffering of an individual. But the Death itself and the experience of this can be, at some point when you are ready, brought to a state of wholeness by finding the comedy to go along with the tragedy. And knowing this is part of the process of understanding and bringing peace to your experience of Death, a peace that is often missed or not pointed out in most instructions for how to grieve. Eventually you must find the humor. Do you have questions before we continue? Daniela: I get it. I imagine that when I die I'll have a smile on my face. It will be funny. But my children. I just can't see humor [Laughs] in a child's Death. It just seems, like, different. MEntity: That is because it is not funny, at this point, and it is not something that you need to [Troy laughs] ponder as a hilarious event to occur. [Laughter] The point is if that were to happen, then it is important to find the humor in this. You do not practice that understanding on anticipating the Deaths of those who are close to you. You practice this on those experiences that have already occurred. And that is important to understand so that you are not whimsically laughing at the possibility of a loved one's Death. But if a loved one has died, there will be a point where the humor may be necessary, and will likely be necessary, to bring to the equation. You can practice on yourself, as you say, as you gave as an example, and that if fair game. But you do not have to practice on your children. [Laughter] Daniela: But what's the humor in a child's Death? To me it just seems different than an adult's. MEntity: That would be something that individually you must find. It is not that the Death is humorous in itself. But that you will find the humor that is included in the reality of that Death, and much like Martha gave as an example, it is finding those memories that bring back the humor to the equation, not necessarily in extracting it from the Death itself. Do you understand? Daniela: Yes. MEntity: Those memories that elicit laughter and humor are vital to your peace around the Death of a loved one. One of the reasons for this is because, as you mature emotionally, you move away from Sentimentality, which is an attachment to a rigid way of remembering things or wanting things not to change, and move toward Nostalgia. This is an emotionally intelligent way of looking back at the past. Nostalgia extracts from all of the spectrum of experiences those things that bring the greatest movement forward, that add to your life in ways that are joyful and humorous. So, that is one of the reasons why looking for humor and levity and memories of laughter is a way of moving into a more emotionally intelligent way of moving forward with the past, instead of staying rooted in the past with Sentimentality. Cyprus: I have a question. Is Death kind of an overall statement? I mean, even not just talking about Death. But I love nostalgia and remembering the stuff that we've done in the past. Even things that were crazy and seemed horrible at the time, we now laugh at and joke about and enjoy in a different light. MEntity: Yes. This can be used in a broad way for the life. And it is one of the ways that you grow. Many of the things that you are doing in this life that bring suffering are things you will look back on and laugh about in the future, because you already do that now in your questions about past lives. What you [Troy laughs] have not quite grasped, and we understand why, is that you are already dead. [Laughter] Your future lives are asking about you, and the irony is that [Troy laughs] nothing dies. [Laughter] So, while you are already dead and not yet dead and will never die, the concept of Death must be addressed. In terms of the Personality, or rather the physical body, Death is quite profound. But in terms of the Essence and Personality, it is simply transformation, it is simply evolution. It is not an end. It is not Death in the way that most tend to treat it. There is a persistence and continuation that each of you know is true. You do not have to trust us in telling you this. There is a part of you that knows this. But your body is not designed to remember this. It is not designed to know this. So, you will always have that struggle within you. Nostalgia can help you to understand that if you can do this for your life and for those who have died in your life, it helps you to understand the beauty of your life in retrospect after Death. And we ask you now, if you were to die today, can you find the Beauty and the Nostalgia, would you leave this life today knowing this was a life lived as best you could, and by “best you could” we mean by your standards, with your skills, at your pace, and not measured against some ambition or deadline set by a false premise. Various responses: No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. MEntity: We promise there will not be Kool-Aid. [Laughter] If you would like to, we can offer up the floor to get questions or to respond to questions about your individual Deaths, some of which you may find quite hilarious. If you— [Laughter] Cyprus: The room goes crazy. Martha: Everybody wants that, Michael. MEntity: We will start with five. We will leave it up to those who are moderating to manage this. Cyprus: We'll just take a nice smattering, OK? We'll start with Cong. Cong: Can Michael just give me an example of my funniest Death in the past? MEntity: For each of these responses we may require a moment to find. [After a moment of silence, Troy starts to laugh.] [Laughter] The [Troy laughs]—this is Troy laughing, not us—the lifetime that came up for us is a lifetime in which you were, we think, in the late 1700's. We may not provide all of the details so that we can get to more people, but you were very eager to get married and your dress got, in the frantic effort to get to a location in time to get married, because you thought you would die if you did not, because it was quite important to you and exciting, your dress got hooked into the wheel of the vehicle and you were pulled [Troy laughs] under [Laughter] and broke your neck [Laughter] and did not make it to the wedding. [Laughter] Cong: Just out of curiosity, did you know who I was supposed to marry? And did they find this funny? MEntity: At the time, no. [Laughter] The Mate Agreement at the time is not here, in this room. Cyprus: Martha. You haven't been here in a long time. You deserve to go. Martha: So, you did tell me about the funny Death of Geraldine and I where we were soldiers that laughed and got caught because we were laughing and got killed. So, that one I know already. MEntity: That was quite a good one. [Laughter] We've [Troy laughs] found one in what looks like the late 1500's where you thought you could get by with defecating under a stage by slipping through a trap door, [Laughter] not knowing [Troy laughs]—we are having trouble keeping Troy from listening—the place burned down. [Laughter] We suggest that each of you who receive these notes make a note so that we can elaborate upon these and put them properly in the sequence of lives that you may be exploring in more formal settings. Martha: Did I cause the fire? MEntity: No. Next. Cyprus: Ann. MEntity: We will look. We are looking. This may not be as funny as the others, but we find it funny. The lifetime where you were running a type of apothecary store and thought you could make some good money switching out a remedy for a poison because someone was going to pay you well. And fell ill, feeling guilty, not realizing that you had given them a remedy and took the poison [Laughter] to feel better and killed yourself. [Laughter] Cyprus: Kerrin. MEntity: [Troy laughs] We think this will count. [Laughter] We are losing the capacity to relay details. But we can share the gist. It appears you had puffed up yourself in such a way as to take on the challenge of jousting knowing that you had never done it before. [Laughter] And in your attempts, you beheaded the one you were challenging, but were so freaked out by the impaling that you catapulted yourself off your horse and into some sort of impact that caused you to die. [Laughter] Everyone was quite confused. [Laughter] Kerrin: Was there anyone here whose head I cut off? MEntity: No. Cyprus: Tex. Tex: OK, I invented so many things in this life that nearly killed me, from motorcycles to jumping off a roof with umbrellas, you name it. I have got to make an invention out there that killed me. MEntity: A few. [Laughter] One example that you thought would be helpful for a rough terrain were stilts with springs. [Laughter] That did not go well. [Laughter] Cyprus: Are you OK to do more? MEntity: We can take two more. Cyprus: Brian. MEntity: We are looking. This would have been in what might be described as the “Wild West” of America, and you had decided to take some journey by horse on your own, and someone convinced you to dress in the garb of the Native Americans as a form of disguise, which did not work. [Laughter] You were immediately seen as an offense and murdered. And what was funny was your yelling, “But my headdress.” [Laughter] We know we cannot prove this, but we are not making these up. [Laughter] We will take one more. Cyprus: We haven't had an Artisan. We'll do Janet. I’m trying to get the other Roles. See if they are more entertaining. MEntity: They are all entertaining. [Laughter] The one that comes up right now for us to most easily convey is an expedition of some sort, that took a lot of convincing to pull off for a group to trust in your navigational skills and knowledge to lead to what we can only describe as some sort of Mayan vault that required a large stone to roll out of the way. After so much journey to get there and in your excitement, the door rolled back [Laughter], and you did not survive that. [Laughter] Cyprus: At least she got them there! MEntity: That is exactly what you said. [Laughter] Janet: I said, “I got you there?” MEntity: That is on record. [Laughter] These are examples of how you will look at this life. You will look back and find the humor, even in your greatest struggles, because all of you will remain together. All of you will remain reuniting, one after another in your lifetimes, and finding each other again. It does not end. We have not seen an end. And we have all reunited as an Entity and laugh at our [Troy laughs] past on a regular basis, though we do not have the bodies to do so such as Troy is experiencing now. But there is still laughter in the Causal Plane. As the Old Soul learns rather quickly, some of the most amazing and beautiful and touching moments are in the most tragic. And this is something that you can keep in mind, even if it is an undercurrent in your struggles, is that you will find the beauty in that. You do not have to find it in the moment. Because you must figure out whatever it is that you must figure out. But you can find it in those moments. You can find it in your struggle. You can find it in the suffering. There will be a moment when you understand it differently. And that is all that matters in terms of getting peace around difficult experiences is understanding it differently. It does not mean that you will understand it completely, but you will understand it differently. And it is often more meaningful, useful, touching, than you might have guessed while in it. And that is what we will leave you with in terms of your understanding Death, approaching Death, and looking back at it. Cyprus: Before you go, could you just tell us one of your funniest ones? MEntity: One of our own? Cyprus: Yes. MEntity: We have a few to choose from. [Laughter] One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some ladies join us [Laughter] and we all died from syphilis. [Laughter] But we had a good time. [Laughter] Cyprus: Thank you. MEntity: Good day to each of you and good-bye.
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    Michael Speaks: The Nine Priorities 2017-10-02 Channeled by Troy Tolley in a live session at TLEGG 2017 Note from Janet: Can we all just agree that @DanielaS ROCKS for getting all three TLEGG transcripts done so quickly?!! MEntity: OK. Bear with us as we strengthen our delivery. As we do so, hello to each of you and welcome back. Today we will be talking about what currently we will describe as the Nine Priorities. This is fairly new information, though you may see hints of it throughout the questions and answers among our students over the years. What we are doing as we evolve our body of teaching with our students is expand in two different directions. One is in a larger scale so that we can explore with you those larger contexts that are very difficult to imagine. But also, to focus more acutely within a lifetime so that you can understand more intimately how you work on levels that are “you” as a body and a biology representing a Consciousness that includes choice on that level as well. You are making conscious choices as a meeting ground between your Essence and Personality, and there are choices that your Essence makes, and there are choices that your Consciousness makes in that meeting ground. But there are also choices being made that are driven by a more unconscious, or subconscious, fuel within your individual Personalities. These may or may not be related to past lives. They tend to be unique to who you are in this lifetime and help put a stamp on the current you in a way that is meaningful even if it may not be obvious. So, while you have a Goal for a lifetime and a Mode and Attitude and so forth, you will also find that your path is defined by one or more of these Nine Priorities that have in some way been generated within your lifetime, and that creates a trajectory for great lengths of time if not the entire lifetime. So, while you can understand yourself in terms of the meeting ground where the Goal is describing your Personality, these Priorities can help you to understand what is happening even deeper than that within who you are, that defines who you are. The first one we will cover is the Priority, and we can also interchange the terminology of the Nine Priorities or the Nine Defining Factors of a lifetime. Some of you will find that based on your experiences, and this can occur at any point in your life, but we are speaking of whatever point before this moment, has been defined by DEATH. This is one of the Nine Priorities that can occur within a lifetime that defines the trajectory of your life. A pivotal experience regarding Death, a Death in your life, sends you on a trajectory that is uniquely defined and different from the other Nine Priorities. So, the Priority of the Personality is to resolve whatever has been stamped upon the life in some way from the experience of a Death. We are going to go through these as succinctly as possible, and then we will take your questions and elaborate if we can. This is new information coming through this channel, so it may be a little choppy at moments. Another Defining Factor, or Priority, is GRIEF. This is a life that is stamped with a pattern of constant challenges around loss, disappointments, failed expectations, and while Death may be a part of this, it expands more beyond that into losing a job, losing a girlfriend or boyfriend or husband, or a halt in some way that forces one to face a change that was unexpected. And then there is a period of Grief. Some lives, some Personalities, as an undercurrent are fueled by this persistent pattern of Grief in the life. We wish to point out that none of these are bad or good, but it helps to understand that if a life is defined by this, it is not a curse. It is an experiential pattern from which you must extract as much as you can as a conscious and sentient being and understand that it is not imposed on you or a curse or just your bad luck. There is a part of you that is an undercurrent of your biology, the consciousness of this body, that is interested in some way in that particular trajectory. We share this with you so that you can develop compassion for those paths and transcend them in some way, so that you are not trapped in them but can learn from them. The next is BODY IMAGE and HEALTH. Some lives are completely defined by a pattern of constant struggle with how you appear to other people in terms of Body Image. We are not speaking in terms of Chief Negative Features. We are speaking of the internal struggle about how one is shaped in the world as a representation of themselves. As well as Health, which is tied together with Body Image. This trajectory is defined by persistent struggles that fall under those categories of Health and Body Image. And the reason these are connected is because sometimes the Body Image element is not about something you can change. It is about how you are perceiving yourself in relation to how you assume others see you. And this affects your Health in physical ways as well, and psychological ways. So, Body Image and Health are intertwined together The three that we just covered could be said to be linked to the Truth path of trajectories or Priorities. Those who are dealing with these three particular trajectories or Defining Factors or Priorities are exploring Truth in ways that cannot be explored outside of those trajectories. Because these make you face the Truth quite directly and intimately, or at least carry you in a trajectory in a way that will help you to find a pivotal moment of Truth. Another Defining Factor or Priority is SEX. There are those of you who are driven by Sex. We will not point any fingers. [Laughter] And this may be something that is assumed must be repressed or set aside as something wrong with you. And there may be challenges because of the cultural norms that must be adhered to and the boundaries of social interaction. But if Sex is part of what is the trajectory or the Defining Factor or the Priority that your body is trying to pursue, you must find a way for that to be explored. And part of the process of that trajectory is finding the appropriate ways for this to be explored. But it is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide or to repress. It is something to celebrate and find its way, find its path, create that path for that Priority of Sex. This may sound shallow to some who do not have it as a trajectory but for those who have it as a Priority it is a very serious undercurrent of energy that is very difficult to manage and must be explored in a loving and conscious way. Another path or Priority is ADDICTION. There are some bodies, and all bodies to some degree, but there are some bodies that must deal with the path or the Priority of challenges connected to Addiction. Addiction could be defined as a dependency upon which you are struggling to free yourself. So, Addictions can come in all forms, whether it is a chemical Addiction, an emotional Addiction, an intellectual Addiction. But it tends to have more control over your choices than you do. And therefore, those who are defined by that path, or put Addiction as a Priority, must focus on the dance that occurs when facing those challenges of defining oneself on one's own terms outside of the gravity of dependency. Many who have this trajectory may not even know that they have a trajectory of Addiction, or a Priority of Addiction, because some Addictions are quite culturally acceptable. So, it is up to the individual to know, to discover, that there is a pattern in the life that repeats in terms of dependency on something that either relieves them of the responsibility of choice or that they fight against to try to get their power of choice returned to them. So, Addiction is another Priority. Another path or Priority is RELATIONSHIPS. There are some of you who need to be with others. There are some of you who need to be touched, who need to be heard, to be seen, to communicate, to exchange in ways that are your resource for learning. These are what we refer to as Relationships. There are some who shun relationships and do not understand why they are pressured to pursue Relationships or to be around people. That is because that is not a Priority for them. But for those who have Relationships as a Priority, it is time to embrace that trajectory as something that your body, your biology, your most acute levels of Personality seek as its playground for learning about itself. How you do this is up to you but allowing Relationships to be a Priority and pursuing them and all the challenges that go into this is yours. These three could be said to be on the axis or the line of Love, the paths of Love. The next path or Priority is CAREER. Some of you define yourselves and your lives by what you are doing in terms of a Career. This is a path or a Priority that focuses on an exchange that rewards your contributions. Exploring what skills and talents you have that can be contributed in a way that recreates a circuit of reciprocation and sustainability is a Priority for some of you and not a Priority for many of you. All of these apply to Old Souls as well. None of these are more inclined to be true for younger souls or Mature Souls. All of these can be true for every Soul Age because of imprinting and the randomness of the consciousness that rises from the cells that are your body, and their interests that become a part of your own. Some of you are not so interested in prioritizing Career, but you find that you are prioritizing MONEY. You simply need Money. You simply need to find a way to get it. [Laughter] You find that the struggle and the Priority is a dance between rejecting it and accepting it and understanding it as a currency for the rides that are available on Earth as part of your experiences. Money is a ticket, so to speak, to get to some of the rides that are available. And you must do so, you must participate in that system in some way, in many contexts. In many situations you do not have to. But for some Money becomes a distraction, a priority, a challenge, an obstacle. And while we said that these are not specific or distributed across the Soul Ages, Money does tend to be an Old Soul issue that comes up either as a complete non-Priority or a distracting Priority. How you resolve this is up to you and it is part of the dance of your life, the dynamic of your life. We have no solutions for you, but if you find that this is a Priority, it is one that you can, once again, embrace and see from a different angle of creative challenge rather than a curse or an imposition. The final path or Priority is PURPOSE. Some of you simply want this life to matter. That matters more to you than all of the other Priorities, and you want something to be left behind that matters. Now, we can say that most of you feel this way about your lives. You do want them to matter, you do want them to have left something good behind. But for those who have this as a trajectory, a Defining Factor, a Priority, it is quite different than the general want to simply have a good life that matters. Those who have it as a Priority go out of their way to find how to make a difference, how to matter in some way, how to inject themselves into the matrix of life in a way that helps it. Sometimes that Purpose is not always clear and must be defined and explored and experimented with. And sometimes that Purpose is not always necessary and falls flat, and that is part of the exploration and experimentation for those who have Purpose as a Priority. But these final three are for those whose path is exploring Beauty or Energy and how it works in the Physical Plane. So, what we have given you is the three for Truth, Love, and Energy that your bodies as a collection of cells that have their own Consciousness rise up and merge with who you are as a Consciousness but contribute to the path or trajectory that this particular body is on. We point this out because we speak, and many teachings speak greatly, about your soul and this Essence and this body as if it is something you wear. But it is its own Consciousness that is contributing to the choices and factors and paths of your life. It is not just “you.” It is this package of cells that have their own Consciousness as well. As the Old Soul evolves, there comes a point where it is recognized that the entire planet works this way. And we will get to that in another discussion with you. Do you have question or comments that you would like to offer relative to what we have shared? Cyprus: I have a question. Based on what side you are in the Entity, on the Truth, Love, Energy side, does that play a role in what your body is more likely to use as one of these nine options? MEntity: No. Brian: You delineated them in groups of three, of Truth, Love and Energy. Within those groupings are there sub-groupings in terms of one of them representing the Inspirational Axis, another one the Expressional Axis, and the other the Action Axis from each of those? MEntity: No. Cong: Can you tell us what are the top three popular Priorities within this group today and why those three are the most popular? MEntity: No. [Laughter] Martha: Are these things that are chosen before the life, or do they shift as you mature, and things happen, and you go through your life? MEntity: First, we will elaborate on our previous No. [Laughter] We will not do that at this point because we wish to engage you as students for your sharing your revelations about where you might be, and then you can draw from there what you've determined are the top three. Do you understand? What was your question again? Martha: Are these things that are chosen before the life, or do they change as you mature and have experiences? MEntity: They are not chosen before the life. They are chosen as part of life, growing as “you” in a physical body. They do change and can change. If there is a point in your life where the Defining Factor of Death is resolved for you, it can shift to something else. Cyprus: Is that common? MEntity: It is common enough that there is no rule. No life is set as defined by one of these trajectories in any way because the participation in the life can shift that. And if it were set, there would be a lack of choice involved. So, they can change, but many who have it set for the entire life simply did not do the work of participating in that, understanding that trajectory. So, there are lives that are defined by it from that point forward, but for our students and for those who are awake, there tends to be some staggering of movement through the different Priorities. BobbyK: Is there any correlation or is there a higher tendency based on your Goal to possibly be exploring certain paths? For example, when you mentioned the Priority of Purpose, with my Goal being Growth, I resonated instantly with that. But is that common? Or are there plenty of people with Goals of Growth for whom a path of Purpose will never be a part of their life? MEntity: The latter. This is independent from the Goal. There is no correlation or cause relative to anything else other than the Consciousness of the cells of your body literally waking up with you as a presence of sentience and participating in contributing to an interest in what to experience in this form as a host for “you” as “you.” So, if it were defined by the Personality, or rather the Overleaves, there would be an injection or an influence in some way, but this is a completely raw, open set of choices that evolve from the cells that are growing as you. They are conscious. Michael: Do Priorities tend to run in families? I know for me, I resonated with Addiction. And in my family for a couple of generations, as far as I know, lots of people in the family have struggled with different kinds of Addictions. MEntity: Yes, they do. Those who share in Priorities tend to be drawn together or in a pocket of predominant Priorities. The cells that come from the families tend to gravitate towards the familiar Priority already set. This is still a form of choice, but it is one of the influences that can be considered, and strongly. Again, it is not imposed as one can shift into a different Priority over time and with effort. But yes, if you are born to a family who has emphasized the Priority of Addiction, it is highly likely that you may also carry that, at least for a good portion of the life. Michael: And that happens with all the Priorities? MEntity: Yes. Yes. Try being born to a family who prioritizes Career and your Priority is Purpose or Sex, and it can be quite difficult to break out of the pressure to define yourself by a career when all you want to do is have sex. Kerrin: Can a Priority be deliberately chosen to push your Life Task or life in a certain direction? MEntity: Yes, it can be. But if the other is not resolved, it will not take. It must be put alongside. There will be one Priority that is defined by the body and the cells that we are describing as collectively contributing to the path of your life, or the trajectory. But as a conscious individual, that meeting ground, having this information and this map or even simply knowing that these are options in a life in general, can choose to focus on a different Priority and put that alongside of it, but the original Priority still must be addressed. So, for instance, if a life has been defined by a death but one is working on a career, the trajectory of the career is a manufactured trajectory that has not been integrated into the body, and there will always be this undercurrent Priority to resolve the death that has defined the life, or to find peace with it, or to integrate it in some way. Otherwise, even with a successful career, there will be something missing, so to speak, a sense of distraction or dissatisfaction. Does this make sense? Kerrin: It does. But taking Death for an example. If somebody close to you died, hit by a drunk driver and killed, and the person decides to devote their life to changing drunk driving laws. They use that as a catalyst to save others. I was wondering if that would be a healthy way to — MEntity: Yes. There are many times when a death or even a health crisis has shifted someone towards Purpose as a way to resolve those particular undercurrents. Yes, in that way it works very well together. But there will be no moment in your life that one of these is not a Priority. The terminology that we are using here will change if it is on a different planet or a different period of time with a different set of cultural options in the world. They are not consistent, but there will always be these nine Priorities in some way defined along these axes of Truth, Love, and Energy, regardless of where you are. If you have a body, there will be one of nine Priorities that the body starts to generate as a trajectory in your life. Next. BobbyA: In trying to figure out an order of these, prioritizing the Priorities in my own life, I resonated with several of them. If my top Priority was on the Inspiration Axis would the secondary and tertiary also most likely be on the Inspiration Axis or could they just be scattered? MEntity: It can be scattered. You will rarely find that we present to you information that has less structure than this. But because this is not something that is planned, such as your Overleaves and all of the infrastructure of Sentience, but is rising up from the conglomeration of consciousness of cells in your body, it is a very different set, a different map. And that is about as structured as we can get with it. Michael: Would non-sentient creatures have nine Priorities or does it only apply to sentience? MEntity: Non-sentient creatures will have the Instinctive Center driving the lives. The difference in sentience and non-sentience is that meeting ground that allows for the interpretation of the consciousness that is the body. You get a choice in what to do with what the cells of the body contribute to the life. Whereas, in non-sentience they are confined by the template that is the hive soul and the instinctive drives of the body. So, this leads us to a point to bring to you: the cells that make up your body, everything that is a part of your body, is not there randomly. It is not there as a shifting pool of mush to represent you. These cells that are your body are in a kind of incarnation of their own with you as their universe. This is where we are going with some of our deeper explorations of our teaching during this True Application, and this is something that is important to understand as you grow older in Soul Age. You are not just borrowing material from the planet and discarding it. It is choosing to be a part of you as much as you are choosing to give it form and experience and life. The planet evolves from the materials or the cells and the minerals and energy that is you that you leave behind, and it moves back into the pool of the Physical Plane or Earth. It is contributing to the evolution of consciousness on the planet in general. And this is a scale that we have not explored very deeply, if at all, with many of our students. But the pool of material that you draw from is in itself evolving and is choosing to be your body. You are more than just your head floating around looking out into the world through eyes. Further questions? Janet: If you have spent the majority of your life working under the trajectory of one Priority and you reach essentially resolution, is that a point in time where there could be a crisis for the lifetime, maybe causing someone to look for an Exit Point or need assistance to redirect the focus of the lifetime? I'm thinking particularly of people who have had a trajectory of Career and have reached retirement age. MEntity: We may need your question to be clarified. Janet: So, if someone has spent their life focused on Career, that's been their entire trajectory, and they've reached retirement age, is that a crisis point for them? MEntity: No. We understand now. If they remain with the Priority of Career and now there is no option for this, it can become a crisis point for them. Or they make take great solace in the fact that they have fulfilled a long trajectory of that Priority and it is resolved, and then they move into a different Priority. Or it becomes an extension of the life in a way that is simply different. A career can continue even past “retirement,” as long as the context is understood as shifting. If Career remains a Priority, an individual can continue it. So, our short answer would be that that depends on the individuals, where they are with themselves and that Defining Factor when it comes to a point where there is a challenge to it. Next question? BobbyK: Can the concept of the cells sort of reporting up to the whole body be planned out at a macro level? For example, can we apply this to continents or can we apply this to eras of time? Would it be a superficial application of the Priorities to say the 60's, it was heavily imprinted with the Priority of Sex, or Japan is heavily imprinted with the Priority of Career. Does that apply? MEntity: It does. Yes. There are geographical factors in the same way that Michael asked about family lines, or family units, contributing to Priorities, so can cultural and geographical areas. This is less of an influence than the family unit, but it can be, in retrospect in particular, a Defining Factor for understanding an era or a location. But within that, all of that can be chosen. Some simply rise to the top as a Priority for change and evolution on a larger scale, but all of them were somewhere involved. Martha: Do we focus on just one Priority, or do you have a major one and a minor one? MEntity: There is one Defining Factor, though there can be some that are consciously chosen either as a way to deal with that one Defining Factor or as a way to combat and distract from that Defining Factor. But there is just the one. Before we take any more questions, we will ask you now, for Cong's research, [Laughter] what you have felt, and this is not a question that you may be able to answer definitively, which of these has become a Priority for you? If you choose not to reveal this, it is probably Sex. [Laughter] If someone would like to tally these. [Cyprus calls out each Priority and people raise their hands. It was a little chaotic with some misunderstanding. The tally was: Death: 0 Grief: 4 Health and Body Image: 2 Sex: 0 Addiction: 2 Relationships: 7 Career: 2 Money: 2 Purpose: 4] MEntity: We are an Entity comprised of Warriors and Kings and our prerogative is to delegate for you to come to your own consensus because of what was just displayed that we avoided. [Laughter] As you go through this assessment on your own when you have more time to think it through, keep in mind that these are defining trajectories of your life. Not, “Oh, what do I want to do today?” or “Oh, what is important to me?” These are defining trajectories that are an undercurrent to your life so that no matter what you are focusing on or would like to do today or what sounds like fun or important today, has nothing to do with the undercurrent trajectory that you keep coming back to even if you avoid it, even if you do not want to deal with it. It keeps coming back to your consciousness as a struggle, an undercurrent, a challenge. So, keep that in mind when you reassess your Priority, and as part of that assessment play with the ideas, look at the patterns of your life to see if they have had one part focus on one Priority and when it may have shifted to another, and so forth. We point this out because of the theme that Troy set for this weekend's gathering because these are part of the hiccups of your life that define the life. We use the term hiccup because of Troy not as a terminology that we are offering. [Laughter] [Note: TLEGG was defined for 2017 as the Sugar Hiccup Edition.] These tend to be generated as either pivotal hiccups in the life that interrupt and then send you on a trajectory or they are resolved and a more conscious shift toward a Priority happens when one is resolved, and you open to another. The key here is in your embracing your trajectory in a way that you can participate in its resolution rather than fight it and presume that it is something imposed upon you. And that is what we would like to leave you with, so that as you struggle with some of the undercurrents of your life that feel as if they are not yours, they are. They are yours. And you have an entire collection of cells that have consciousness working with you as well as in Essence. And you are all of that. We do plan to expand in this direction that we explored with you today to look at the more acute dynamics of your existence in the Physical Plane beyond the meeting ground of your body as a soul and Personality. And this could be said to be one of the first introductions to that direction. And with that, we will close tonight and say good-bye and we will see you again. *** Note from Janet: Here is a table that summarizes the priorities:
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    I just wanted to note that during this part of the session, when Michael was apparently simultaneously talking to a gathering of our future selves, the weather outside grew darker and the wind suddenly picked up. The room we are in is lined with windows, and it was striking to see Troy sitting on his chair channeling while behind him through the windows the trees were lashing and bowing in the wind. I turned to look at Dawn with wide eyes, thinking, "What. The. Fuck." To me, the energy in the room suddenly felt more charged during those moments. This only lasted about a minute and the wind died back down and it grew lighter outside. This was the first time I have been in a live session where I felt something "séancey" happening. It was really cool! It was a very powerful moment.
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    Of course, later, after the session, some of us took this to a whole other perverted level and pondered "ooooo, what if you had sex with your concurrent?" OR WORSE "what if you had a child with your concurrent?" 😜
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    ENERGY REPORT - OCTOBER 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) OCTOBER launches directly into the “season” of Chief Features with an immediate emphasis on Greed, the Fear of Not Having Enough. The reality/realism of the previous months begins to settle in and prompt several desperate and extreme scenarios of fixation on that which one does not have. Many geographical locations that have been affected by recent catastrophes begin to see more clearly the profound challenges ahead, while those who already struggle with Greed begin to panic in their desperation to hold onto or to take what they deem is theirs to have. This may be the more chaotic wave of Greed to have been collectively generated in centuries. As with all Chief Features, the fear is generated as a defense against something normal and natural in life. Greed is prompted as a defense against not having enough, and there will always be scenarios where one is lacking. It is not about having enough, but about the fear of not having enough that causes the struggles and challenges. When one does not have enough resources, especially vital resources, then one must find or create solutions, so when panic and desperation arise, it can blind one to solutions and alternatives. When Greed sees no solutions, it becomes a great force of destruction as a way to violently or belligerently take what one wants or needs, or as a way to keep others from having what Greed cannot have. Greed and Self-Destruction are on the same axis. Both are about an extreme emphasis and distraction with who deserves what. Self-Destruction is about destroying the self because one does not “deserve” to have enough, and Greed is about destroying others who do not “deserve” to have more than you. Greed is not the same thing as Need. There are legitimate scenarios of need in the world and in your life, so it is only when the concept of “deserving” and violent solutions comes up that Greed is at play. As October unfolds, we suggest to our students that you observe how Greed is showing up, and do your best to navigate how it shows up in the world, and your best to navigate your own needs without falling into Greed. It may be a rough few months. As this is Higher Emotional Center year, the increased effects of water and weather will likely continue to come. There are likely several more weather and geological shocks in the months to come. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Oct 5th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- AGGRESSION SPIKE - Aggressive energy seems to spike here, and show up as either a boost of dynamic energy that allows several parts to come together in harmony or a burst of destructive energy that forces a scenario. Oct 10th - 14th -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - unknown effects HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER OCTOBER: NURTURE YOUR CALM - This is a month to take more seriously than ever how you remain calm, centered, and clear in your choices, perceptions, and actions. As your personal and collective worlds may come into fluctuation, it is a good time to practice adding a moment before any choice, perception, or action, a kind of pause that allows you to be as clear as possible in aiming for solutions. NOTE: our report may sound ominous, but it is simply the nature of great change. It is difficult to discuss potential obstacles and challenges without an ominous edge. We do not have as much to report for October because we are still looking at variables that have not fully formed. The events of October will help us to look more closely at the patterns that will form 2018.
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    Thanks @PPLD! I think what made this session so funny in live delivery is two things: the calm, deadpan way that Michael speaks through Troy, and the laughter that broke up the channeling and created beats for classic comic timing. For example: "One of our favorites was when a large part of our Entity were incarnated together as a crew on a ship. And we thought it would be a good idea to have some [long pause here as Michael searches for the right word] ladies join us" [beat] "and we all died from syphilis." [beat] "But we had a good time." [beat]
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    All of the Overleaves are in effect all year. The reason they get emphasized in different seasons is related to how modern culture tends to move collectively through those seasons. We start off the year as a fresh start with resolutions and ambition so the Goal is emphasized, and then we end the year looking back and assessing our progress, and now a new year is heading toward us, so this can bring up a lot of our personal fears and concerns about how well we are fulfilling our intentions and living our lives, so the Chief Features are emphasized. It's not that the end of a year is cursed. The Energy Report just reflects how we tend to process experiences within the timeframe of a year.
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    "And the work you are doing here is part of what makes life heal there. " This brought tears.
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    I have a question for the community. Michael has said that, "Scholars within any Entity or Cadre tend to act as record keepers and act as the responsible party for updating the Akashic Records involving events within and throughout the Entity and/or Cadre." Regarding the merging process on the 5th Level of the Astral where "Entity members work through full disclosure," Michael has said that Priests are the "fragments who run these meetings, and help to direct the healing," and that, "Every Role has a part in the processes of the Higher Astral, but it is organized and directed by the Priests." These are pretty specified jobs. What about Servers, Artisans, Warriors, Sages, and Kings? What "Job" do they perform for their Entity/Cadre? Has Michael already given this information any where?
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    I had to make myself very cozy to read this! Chamomile tea and a blanket. Thank you for all the amazing questions. And Troy, your ever-evolving live channeling is something I yearn to witness! I love that we are currently in Application...taking our time to integrate and embody this Teaching, as well as developing our own teachings... We can rest assured that we'll always find each other, in life after life, in age after age, forever ☄️ (quoting Tagore, LOL) 😊
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    OMG! For now, I can only say WOW WOW WOW! So much new information. So many additional insights to 'known' topics. Thank you for asking all these amazing questions! I love all of it and would like to comment on a lot, but to start somewhere - these two quotes below mean a lot to me on a generic Pat-level, simply for living my life; To me it explains the feeling that has been consistent as long as I remember, even when I was a child: that I am 'given' so much, that it is my responsibility to cultivate a readiness in me to see more, accept more, look further, look deeper, to stretch beyond simple dismissal and subjectivity. I do understand that there's naturally influence from Overleaves, but this touched my heart. And I have a loooong way to go in this respect, but I appreciate having this confirmation Yes - it is really there, it is a truth. Yes - it matters. I know that. I mean, of course I do. And yet - I can't hear enough of this from Michael! It is like a rather silly and selfish and irrational desire for reassurance. Somehow like a child obviously seeing that the parent always comes back from the grocery store, and yet asking about it Every. Fucking. Time. I guess for me it is about the love in it. Just when I asked Michael how they know that I love them, and they responded with this tear activator: We know you love us because you tell us. We know you love us because we listen. We know you love us because you always find us. Thank you @Troy and @DanielaS for making it available so soon! (OK. Back to reading and digesting.) 💡
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    They could put he had strictness, structure, and organization on my gravestone, LoL. Now i know why. I am so organized and methodical, i always have my keys in my front right pocket, always have my wallet in back right pocket. At night keys always hanging on same hook, i could go on and on about this. Looks like i can blame my entity for bombarding me with their ideas. Many great questions in this session, i really liked the eyes question. I always wondered about that too.
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    MMW - October 21, 2017 - Your Gift From 2017 Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We will begin. Today we are asked to speak on the gifts that may have come from 2017 for each of you. A gift is something willingly and unconditionally given. A gift does not "cost" you anything. In this context, they are born of your patterns of experience over time. Gifts are repackaging of energy in a way that means something to you, is useful to you, improves you in some way. Your capacity to receive Gifts "from the universe," from within, from relationships, etc. is heavily dependent upon your capacity for choice because you have the final say in how most experiences affect you. Seeking to find or create the Gift in an event, relationship, yourself, a time frame, or the world is not an avoidance of reality or a rejection of an experience. It is a practice is extracting what matters to you. The most traumatic of events can reveal Gifts from within them. Gifts speak to your capacity to emphasize the difference between what happens TO YOU vs what you DO WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. Not all experiences, relationships, or days will have a Gift. If someone walked up to you and smacked you in the face for no reason, it would be difficult to find or create a Gift from that, though it is not impossible. We clarify this because we do not mean to imply that your should look into your most painful experiences and find or create a gift from them. That is not a valid approach. Sometimes the Gifts come AFTER trauma and pain. Not FROM the trauma or pain. If you suffer a terminal illness, this is not a Gift, but there may be Gifts sprouting from all around you in response to the illness. If someone were to slap you in the face for no reason, you may not be able to find the Gift in that slap, but you may find the Gift in the kindness of the witnesses who rushed to your aid. Accepting the Gifts that arise from trauma is not a way to avoid the pain or diminish it, but to uphold your wholeness. You are never ONLY happy or ONLY sad. Never. No matter how extreme one may lean toward one or the other. You cannot sustain one over the other. There will always be, at least, brief shifts and changes. Accepting the Gifts of your life simply means that however far or long you may lean toward pain, suffering, poverty, illness, sadness, etc. you are willing to be whole by making room for a spectrum, not just an extreme. Many of our students passively allow Gifts into their lives, and accept about 10% of these. Many of our students reject the opportunity for actively seeking Gifts because of cultural imprinting that says that you cannot be happy if others are not happy, or says that you cannot be happy unless it is on predefined terms, or you cannot be happy without earning it, etc. In looking at a period of time like a YEAR, one look back at that year and see what comes to mind as the most striking of patterns and influences that shaped the life, and then explore what Gift arose from that to help define the year. A year can be defined by a blissful experience or pattern, as well as a challenging and painful pattern. Our first question to each of you is this: WAS 2017 DEFINED FOR YOU BY CHALLENGES, OR DEFINED BY JOY? Claire: Both. Cong: For me it's both too Uma: Joy mostly, some challenges Bobby: A few challenges but I'd say mostly joy Maureen: Challenges Maureen: sprinkled with joy DianeHB: Both challenges and joy for me NEXT: Do you feel have already accepted or know the Gifts that may have come from the dominant pattern of this year? Claire: Somewhat. Uma: They seem quite obvious to me, which makes me think there are some I am missing Claire: I may have missed some. Cong: Yes, I think I'm quite clear about the gift I received from many joyful and challenging situations DianeHB: I think I have Bobby: This last year was quite a relief, so, I'm pretty sure I do NEXT: Do you feel these were passively received? Have you found yourself in a position to actively seek the Gift? Cong: I think I'm quite actively seeking those Claire: I actively sought the Gifts in my various experiences. Doesn't necessarily mean I "got" all of them. Uma: I don't know if 'passively' describes welcomed with open arms, but that's how I have been receiving them. Not this year, but in the past I have actively sought them Bobby: Once things settled down, I think I was more actively seeking DianeHB: I don't think I've been actively seeking the gift, but I've been seeking to understand my experiences, so maybe I have Maureen: For me the gift (I think) is understanding or comprehension which (for me) is a combination of passive and active. In fact it's been useful for me to see where it's been best to become more "passive". Bobby: For me, I think, it's key to not demand the "gift" right away but allow the processes to unfold and eventually a "gift" can be seen in a scenario We are asking these questions of you to help prompt a look at how you navigate Gifts. These are valid insights and questions. Gifts cannot be demanded or expected. They are accepted. They can be created or found, but it is the acceptance that is key. Claire: I think of insights as Gifts. Maureen: One of the biggest Gifts of all. Maureen: Michael, what do you mean, in this case, by active vs passive? I think I know what you mean but I'm seeing slight variations of this in our responses. When we say that one passively accepts the Gifts, we mean that they are obvious and rather difficult to avoid. When we say that one actively accepts the Gifts, we mean that they are not as obvious, and sometimes rather difficult to accept. It often takes an Active approach to the Gifts that may come from a broken relationship, for instance. The broken relationship was part of your pivot toward self-care that self-acceptance that may never have happened if in a relationship of distraction. Gifts that require an active acceptance tend to feel like a painful trade. Losing one thing to open to another, or getting ill to reach a state of awakening never considered before. Your observation of INSIGHT as a Gift is also valid. There are 9 Gifts: INSIGHT WISDOM ENLIGHTENMENT HEALING ACCEPTANCE TRUST GUIDANCE SYNCHRONICITY SURRENDER Truth = INSIGHT/WISDOM/ENLIGHTENMENT Love = HEALING/ACCEPTANCE/TRUST Energy = GUIDANCE/SYNCHRONICITY/SURRENDER Every experience, relationship, day, year, has packed within them these 9 Gifts that may or may not rise out of them. Maureen: When you put it that way I can see how joy can be sprinkled throughout challenges. The Gifts are always "right under our noses". Insight is a short-term gift of Truth. Wisdom is a lifetime Gift of Truth. Enlightenment is an evolutionary permanence in the infrastructure of Essence. Healing is a short-term Gift of Love. Acceptance is a lifetime Gift of Love. Trust is an inherent resource of Essence. Guidance is a short-term Gift of Beauty. Synchronicity is a life-changing Gift of Beauty. Surrender is a manifestation and embodiment of Essence as a Gift of Beauty. If you look closely, personal awareness tends to bring Gifts of Truth, awareness of others tends to bring Gifts of Love, and paying attention to life tends to bring Gifts of Beauty. This is by no means a complete list of Gifts that one could extract from experience, but it is a shorthand, so to speak, toward helping you to receive the Gifts that may arise, because all Gifts will likely fall under one of these 9. If you were to describe 2017 in terms of the greatest gift you received, which of these terms would you say is your Gift from 2017? Bobby: Definitely Acceptance Claire: Some Wisdom and Trust. Claire: and Healing Cong: Wisdom taking an edge over healing, with a hint of synchronicity Maureen: Acceptance and Surrender. Uma: Surrender DianeHB: Most recently Acceptance, but I also see insight/wisdom from earlier in the year Bobby: I recognize others of course but listed the greatest for the period mentioned Uma: although I have to say 2017 has been packed with Gifts of all of the 9 If you are ever confused about what Gift arises from your experiences, keep in mind that a GIFT is often "what you do with what happens to you." These Gifts are unlimited. They are all around you. They are in everything. Everyone. Every Day. Every year. They can be passively received as a part of your natural growth, or they can be actively embraced as a way to expand and increase in your capacity for BEING THE GIFT THAT YOU ARE. YOU are all of these Gifts, though you tend to bring to the lives of others 1 to 3 of these across your relationship. Including to yourself. It can be quite loving to look at yourself in a way that embraces the Gift that you are to yourself, and to learn of the Gifts you bring to others. This set of Gifts can help you to invite Gifts for a day, for your year, for your relationship. It is important that your intentions are set as invitations, not as expectations or demands. For example, you may recognize that you could really use some Insight. Invite it. Ask around. Look for it. Be open to it. You may not be able to demand that it appear, but it is there. It will arise as a Gift. Keep in mind what works best for short-term, which works well for larger arcs of time in the life, which ones are tapping into greater cosmic themes. Bobby: Is there a particular way that we bring Gifts to Essence or is it pretty much all of the above? Bobby, if we understand the question, Essence is 100% aware of and receiving of everything you are as a gift. The Gifts of which we speak are for the Personality as a path of awakening, wholeness, choice, empowerment. Essence invited you as a Gift. You are created, but every Gift arises from you. We can take a few questions, if there are any. While we await questions, we can say that each year brings a Gift that arises collectively. 2017 is a Year of Enlightenment, with an emphasis on the Gifts of Truth. The range of rejection and receipt of these Gifts may be fairly apparent. Yes, CONG Cong: can Michael comment on the primary theme of gift from 2017 for each of us in attendance today? If you have assessed your Gift, we will comment. We will not assign you the Gift, but we can comment. Uma: I would love to hear your comment, Michael One moment. BOBBY - The Gift of Acceptance has shifted you away from uncertain footing in who you are in relation to others. You are finding your way to be vulnerable and authentic while enduring the differences between yourself and others. The Gift of Acceptance is allowing you to stop defining yourself or others by that difference, but allow them to be separate when they have to be separate, and encourage a bridge if a bridge is possible. CLAIREC - we would look toward the Gift of Trust. This has been life-changing in its exploration as you reduce your overthinking and overfeeling and simply return to the natural state of Trust in yourself and in others. Your anticipation and expectation are finding a way to be allowed without overwhelming your capacity to trust. CONGN - Wisdom is the Gift of 2017 as experiences have brought to light some clear upgrades to your enthusiasm and pursuits and range of possibilities. MAUREEN - Surrender has come to be the Gift of 2017 as experiences have put you in a position where there is rarely any means of control beyond your navigating AS Essence. UMA - Surrender is your Gift of 2017 for the same reasons we describe for Maureen. DIANEHB - Wisdom is your Gift of 2017. Knowledge is gained from experience, but the application of knowledge is Wisdom. You have worked hard to apply your knowledge, and Wisdom is arising as a Gift from this so that your life can change. We will close here for today. When we say to you that each of you is a Gift to us, we are not being romantic or flattering. It is simply true. Embrace your Gifts. Be your Gifts. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    This comes from a facebook post in response to requests from men asking how to better respect women. The “me, too” meme is an example of how social media can be an enlightening, bonding, and powerful platform for collective evolution. Here is a list of insights offered to men from one woman who took the time to state what should already be obvious. I look forward to more more insights from the women of TLE. This community will always stand as an ally. ***** via NICOLE STAMP - https://www.facebook.com/nicole.stamp/posts/10156116595689341 Today my timeline is full of decent men asking, "How can I help?" I'm going to take this question as sincere, and give a few suggestions. In response to those who are asking, yes, you can share this, thanks for being interested in doing so. Please credit me, and if you end up being paid to present my work, I welcome fair contributions via PayPal. stamperoo@gmail.com :) Here are some concrete ways men* can help: (*I wrote this specifically for a small group of my own male friends who were explicitly asking for advice after being stunned by the ubiquity of the #metoo abuse hashtag. I wasn't anticipating this being shared so many times. These tips can be used by people of all genders.) 1. Practice these phrases: "That's not cool" and "That's a shitty thing to say". Say them to other men who are saying disrespectful things to or about women. 2. Follow some feminist writers on social media. Sometimes what they write may seem "exhausting" or "too angry". Put aside that discomfort because that feeling is your male privilege allowing you to disengage from an important conversation that womxn don't get to disengage from. Here are some accounts I like- but there are lots. Follow a few. www.twitter.com/ijeomaoluo www.twitter.com/manwhohasitall www.twitter.com/FeministaJones 3. Boost female voices. When there's an issue and you're going to share an article about it- especially if it's a gender issue- take a minute and try to find one written by a woman (same goes for other marginalized groups- seek articles about race written by IBPOC, seek articles about disability by disabled writers, etc. "Nothing about us, without us"). 4. Boost what women say at work. Listen for men dismissing women's contributions and make a habit of listening and saying things like "Hey Zahra has a point". 5. Be mindful of how you introduce women- particularly at work functions. Role-model extra respect into your introductions. So often you hear men being introduced with job titles and accolades, and women introduced as "the lovely" or "the beautiful". I guarantee that no matter how good she looks, she'd rather be introduced by her job title and accomplishments. Relevant Washington Post article: "At conferences, male doctors are introduced as "Doctor Whoever" 72% of the time; female doctors are introduced using the word "Doctor" only 49% of the time." http://wapo.st/2kSWlba Doing this subtly tells the listener that the women's qualifications are lesser-than. Go out of your way to correct this by introducing women (and others from marginalized groups- racialized, disabled, young-looking, whatever) using their full job titles and accolades. 6. At work or out in the world, don't call women cutesy names like "honey, baby, darling, kiddo, young lady, girl, or dear". This is a subtle way of putting them down, elevating your own status over them as a man who is choosing to vote them as attractive, and reminding them and all present that they're just cute little ladies that nobody should listen to. Make a special effort to speak to women using the kind of person-to-person respectful address you use when speaking with male colleagues. Hint: Use their name. If you slip up and call your colleague "young lady" or some other bullshit like that, it's cool to say something about it, like "I'm sorry I called you that- it's disrespectful." 7. Seek enthusiastic consent in your sexual encounters. If you're having sexy time and the other person stops reciprocating, gets quiet, seems tense or stiff, avoids making eye contact, pauses, or otherwise slows the tempo of the encounter, then you should.... STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Reframe how you think of consent. You're not supposed to just "go for it" until someone yells NO and that's when you stop. That's old-fashioned and gross. And she might not be able to explicitly say no, because she has very likely been assaulted before and she might freeze when stressed- that's a side effect of all this "me too". People shouldn't have to explicitly say no. Instead, slow down. At every step, listen with your ears (or ask with your words) for the word "yes", and then you can escalate the encounter together. Seek explicit and enthusiastic and active consent before you proceed. Proceed together. And constantly observe the other person's body language for the hesitations that mean "no". If this means you have to cut down on alcohol or substances to stay present and have self-control, please do that. 8. Don't use gendered or misogynist insults. Bitch, cunt, slut, pussy, f*g, girly, sissy, cuck, etc. Use insults that work on everyone rather than insults that specifically target the feminine as weak, lesser, and undesirable. "Asshole" is a nice multipurpose choice- we all have one. 9. If there are little boys, teen boys, and young men in your life, role-model that the feminine is not less-than. Challenge them on their dismissive ideas around what counts as "girl stuff". Buy them a doll. Paint your nails together. Show up wearing pink. Do something that's coded as* traditionally "feminine" in a way that embraces the feminine as a valid way of being, not in a way that mocks femininity. Buy them books and watch TV and movies that prominently feature female characters. Verbally challenge their stereotypes about what men do and how women are lesser. Seeing women as people starts in infancy. (*Thanks to a commenter for pointing out that behaviours aren't inherently fem/masc, but rather we code them as such). 10. Be wary of constantly or only telling little girls they're pretty and cute or commenting on their hairstyle & clothing. I know, little girls often wear fun stuff and it's easy to comment on. But it tells her, and the little boys nearby, that girls should be valued first and foremost for their looks. Instead, try things like "What kind of toy is that? That looks fun, what is it? Are you reading any good books? What's your favourite subject in school? What kind of things do you like to do? Do you have a favourite animal? May I ask your advice, should I purchase the apples or the grapes?" There are so many things to talk about. 11. When a woman is walking alone and you end up walking behind her- especially in dark or secluded areas- please slow down to increase the distance between you, or, better yet, cross the street. Literally go out of your way to help her feel that you're not following her. 12. Teach your elders to do better. Pervy Grandpa and Racist Grandma might seem harmless at Xmas dinner but as their health declines, they will largely end up being cared for by women and POC who don't deserve dehumanizing treatment. Call it out. You can teach old dogs* new tricks, and you should definitely try. (*Someone below pointed out that this metaphor, equating the elderly to dogs, is disrespectful. I agree with them. I'm not deleting it because hiding mistakes is creepy. I'm sorry I spoke disrespectfully about elderly people- that's a proverb that I'll quit using.) 13. Don't argue so much in conversations around types of oppression that you don't personally experience. Keep an eye open for our culture's gross habit of putting the onus on the oppressed persons to dredge up their pain for inspection (only for us to then dismiss it as "just one instance which they probably either caused or misinterpreted anyway"). Instead, try this- if you don't believe something is an issue, use the Googles. Find, say, three articles *written by people in that demographic*, and read them. Look for patterns in their analyses. You'll find that these ideas aren't weird militant fringe notions- oppression is a widely-accepted and statistically-supported phenomenon and a lot of insightful people are talking about it. Avoid the hot takes and go to the source- the people who experience the issue firsthand. 14. If you feel uncomfortable during conversations about sexism (or racism, or ableism, or cultural appropriation, or whatever- because all these systems are related, google "kyriarchy" to learn more), the only correct response is to be quiet and listen and try to focus on the topic at hand rather than centre your own feelings. It's hard. It's worthwhile. Thanks for trying to be decent men. We see you.
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    The concurrents crossing paths is such a fantastic question. Huge thanks to @Bobby for asking! The image I had come to mind when reading this was what might happen if you walked into your house, but it's not your house, even though you know it's your house. That kind of disorientation and seeming breakdown of reality is what I imagine, in a small way, crossing paths might feel like. Of course, now I want to try it!! 😛 I'll report back if I ever do. That is, if I make it back in one piece.
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    Burning down the hwy to go pick up our daughter. Don't worry I'm not driving. Just recently found the double heart my mother gave me. Wearing it brings me joy. (Don't look at my face as evidence of that. I'm not really a selfie person)
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    When I was about 21, I was once in the laundry room of a very old apartment building changing a load over and saw what looked like a stout, bushy haired and bearded guy sort of gliding by me out of the corner of my eye. I straightened up and looked around but there was no one there once I did. Belatedly, I realized I hadn't actually heard any footsteps or seen that "he" had any legs. I beat it out of there pretty fast. Speaking of sleep visits: My most recent visitation was from my dad, who passed back in December of 2014. He walked over to me in my dream and hugged me and I could feel the skin of his cheek on mine-he felt cool and slightly damp. I started crying and saying to him, "it cant be, this is impossible!" He looked at me and said, "Why?" I said, "You DIED." And he drew himself up with immense dignity (just like he used to in life) and said with immense gravity, "That's no reason I can't be here. "
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    Here it is! Found it in the Facebook group photos! @James D I hope you don’t mind. If you do I can take it down.
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    Troy, thank you so much for posting this transcript! It helped reconnect me to Michael and it helped me understand so many things that I had been exploring. I especially was relieved to know that Michael students don't get lost as they go into future lifetimes. It seemed like forever this lifetime searching for information that I knew was out there, but couldn't locate. Thanks again Troy, I can't wait for the following two sessions!
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    Wow there's a lot to unpack here. A little too much for me to respond to in one go- but I will definitely update my descriptions for the Roles. This really helped cement my mom is a Server, my dad is a Sage, my sis is a Scholar, I'm undoubtedly an Artisan etc. It also helped cement some roles of my characters- like my pragmatic Warrior-cast King. Btw, for those of you Scholars, I have this as a description I use for Scholars and their storing/retaining process: The Scholar is highly mathematical, and prone to holding experiences like paradoxes, emotions and love in- until they’re processed, controlled, figured out & understood. So you can isolate yourself from others, or isolate anything that triggers this confusion away from you until this is done. This can lead you to over-extend yourself, and feel like there's a haunting, vague problem with you that you either learn to live with or feel you must fix- when in truth it's just a matter of clearing up stagnant energy. Some of the most helpful means to let go of this inclination are to LAUGH more in ways that revitalize you, STEP BACK when you sense you’re taking on too much or need to be clear, and understand+rely upon TRUST.
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    Thank you so much for sharing this treasure! I want to address the question about our current political situation and their answer to it: 1) I feel that sense of responsibility, the need to include the big picture, and the need to sometimes rest from it, as well as the overwhelm, grief, and fear that goes with it sometimes. 2) We have to wait til 2020 for some relief? I WILL DIE. I will not physically survive the stress I am under right now. Neo-Nazis are coming to my town next week. That diseased smeg in the white house is blabbing about nuking people. I AM NOT OK RIGHT NOW. I'm going to go lift weights and then work on my Holocaust/women's wrestling graphic novel now. Love you all.
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    From http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/187-ask-michael-january-2016/ PeterK: My understanding is that Astral matter is very malleable and that one may form it into whatever one wishes. What are the properties and characteristics of Astral matter that give it such flexibility? MEntity: Astral matter is, basically, a less-dense form of Physical matter, so it retains a great deal of the same properties that govern the Physical Plane, but while Physical matter is locked/frozen, if you will, in time and space, Astral matter is not. Imagine all Planes as having the same matter, but because of the different states of those Planes, that matter behaves differently. Water can be ice (solid), liquid, vapor (gas). The Physical Plane is like ice, while the Astral is like liquid. The Ice "floats" in the water, or the Physical Plane emerges from the Astral. Another way to understand how the Astral works is that the Physical Plane is based in Matter, while the Astral is based in Energy. The Astral, then, could be said to be a vast range of properties more akin to properties of light, but far more than are understood while Physical. This is a topic worthy of a full exploration.
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    This sounds like you're suggesting that the priorities are negative and NEED to be resolved. That's not necessarily the case, and probably isn't usually the case. My priority may be Death (see My Priority: Death), but rather than thinking this needs to be resolved so that I can get into something else, figuring this out really explained a lot about my life. It's not the morbid Priority that I initially envisioned when Michael discussed it in the session, but a driving force that has been active or in the background for more than 45 years of my life. I fully expect the ultimate resolution to be my own death, at which point all my questions about death will be answered. Right? In the meantime, the Priority for me is a central organizing component behind my spiritual research and experience, and I'm not at all upset by it being my Priority, nor do I feel another Priority would be 'better'. Even someone with a Priority of Addiction may not need resolution, but may drive toward life experiences that focus on managing/healing/avoiding Addiction, not necessarily being Addicted. To me, knowing about the 9 Priorities helps explain an internal drive that might otherwise be unexplained -- or unnoticed -- had these not been presented to me. And I think that's the reason Michael wanted to present the topic. All the questions raised during the session about how to switch Priorities probably arise from an incomplete understanding of the topic, which still needs to be fleshed out, as well as knee-jerk reaction to the terms given. (Aaaack! I CAN'T have a Priority of Sex!) As far as cells having consciousness, I believe Michael has mentioned this previously, and Seth also discusses this concept quite often. All matter has consciousness; only the degree differs. One of my favorite OMW sessions ever was Tending to Your 7 Basic Rights, which discusses how even a rock has consciousness. The degree to which our body cells collaborate to create and support a human body is just another example of how awesome our universe is.
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    Lovely session... it surprised me because I was expecting more "technical details" of it all. This deserves to be heard in the original recording. I can see how much it unified the gathering. I have been into the humor and paradox of dying for some time. I had a vision once of in the after life having this kind of contest of who had created the the worst experience for themselves for some kind of award, all for the appreciation of the irony. In my case it helped me to balance the humor and the pathos that is real as well. So no need to force the humor on those who are not ready. I can see Tex taking a tumble on his spring loaded stilts. Yep, we sure are!
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    OMG, the examples are just hilarious! I'm lying in bed an LOLing so I'm crying 😂 After reading this transcript, I also better understand what Michael told me when I asked if they had fun at the Gathering: Amazing session on a subject that never in neutral to discuss. Although this is logical, I have never put it so clearly to myself: I am already dead, and not yet dead, at the same time! I just love it! Thank you so much for this amazing session Michael and Troy and @DanielaS - you are a star! Transcribing is a hard and very time-consuming task! It means a lot to be able to take part of the sessions so soon after the Gathering! Million thanks for making it possible! 🤗
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    This part reminded me of a series that is on netflix. once upon a time . Because in this series there is a couple that always when it is separated they say one to another. "I will find you"
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    Me, taking a pic of my hiking group this morning.
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    Because Trump's mode of change is being carried out at the expense of the lives of African-Americans, Muslims, Mexicans, Women, people in the LBGQT community, ironically the working poor, etc. If you are a white, straight, Trump-sympathetic man with a comfortable living and a generic Christian background it's easy for you to applaud this "change." I am not willing to sacrifice the lives of vulnerable populations to bring in the Mature Soul age. There are different ways to go about this and Trump's way is one of the worst I can think of.
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    I'm pretty sure it is MY job to keep the c1e5 Astral Mead Tavern stocked (c1e2 keeps draining our supply.....)
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    The Assimilation element is related to the Centering because that's how we will tend to collectively process experiences of the year. The "season" of Chief Features is a season of assimilation using the Centering, and this defaults to only an emphasis on Centering if we have no big issues to deal with. EXCERPT FROM 2012 [edited with details]: WHAT IS AN ENERGY REPORT and "OVERLEAVES FOR THE YEAR?" Though energies shift, change, and adapt all year, there is a general wave of energy that can be said to affect a calendar year. Our Overleaves system can be used to describe any collection of energies, ranging from the dynamics of the actual Personality to the general “mood” of a room, society, fictional character, theme of groups, or a planet’s general atmosphere of consciousness. In addition to this, when a block of time is selected, that time frame can be translated into a description of energies based on what we perceive as the momentum of events, consciousness, and choices that will potentially contribute to that period of time. The Overleaves for a year is our interpretation of a section of an unending momentum and pattern of events, consciousness, and choices. The more one participates in “the world,” the more likely these energies will be of concern. One’s lack of participation does not exempt one from the world or local energies, any more than staying inside can make a rainstorm go away. The rainstorm outside can have just as meaningful an effect on one inside as on one who is outside, depending on personal interpretations and experiences of that rainstorm, but there is a distinct difference between those experiencing a rainstorm inside or outside. The very basic energy or basic context of a year can be described in two Overleaves: the Role and the Center. These two basic energies are those that may contribute to your year feeling "comfortable" or "challenged" during the year unfolding, depending on your own Overleaves and your method of participation in "the world." These two energies are most obvious in the first three months of a year, but their effects will remain steady throughout the year. It can be said that all of the Overleaves we use to describe the year are in effect all year, but the particular frames of time described below are the "seasonal" emphasis of those particular Overleaf qualities. General “Seasonal” Energy emphasis: The ENTIRE YEAR is based within the energies described by the ROLE and CENTERING (assimilation). January through March implements and emphasizes the GOAL (action - starting off with resolve and commitment to a fresh start and new goals). April through June implements and emphasizes the MODE (inspiration - opening to support and networking related to goals). July through September implements and emphasizes the ATTITUDE (expression - exchanging ideas and dealing with conflict around differing goals). October through December implements and emphasizes the CHIEF FEATURE (assimilation - finally looking back at the year, and looking ahead at the next; dealing with any fears and wounding from the year, and dealing with preparations for a new cycle to come)
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    From the East Coast Gathering, I have Amina as a 2nd Level Old Scholar-cast Artisan from C1E2. Troy talked to Amina about generating a 3D model of entity structure, but I don't know that anything ever came from that. At one of the 7 Oaks gatherings Amina tried to demonstrate how you can understand 4th dimensional structures via use of some models, using the shadows cast by the models and by manipulating bubbles. It was fascinating. As I understand it, Amina has been going through some rough times following the death of her mother.
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    I've already written about one experience and shared it here: The Chimes Something else more recent: Today I had lunch with a woman who is a neighbor, but that I met in Glastonbury England in August. She is an Artisan like me, and an Entity Mate (C2E6). She is also a Druid and worked as an archeologist at Stonehenge many years ago. I first knew about her last December, when I dreamed about her (see Escalator to ... ? ); at that time, Michael said that I would probably meet up with her in 2017. I dreamed about her again in March. In September, before I had met up with her again here in Colorado, Michael said this woman is 'probably' the young woman from the 'Escalator Dream'. Now, having spent some time with her, I really don't need Michael to confirm that she is the 'escalator woman'. The synchronicity in this situation is really something. We met at breakfast in the B&B where we were both lodging in Glastonbury, and spoke for about 15 minutes. She stayed in the United Kingdom for another month after I came home. The woman is apparently well-known in her field, and I don't think I could have met her here in Colorado outside of some event connected to her profession. That might have skewed the initial contact. Without the pressure of connection to her profession, we quickly are getting to know each other and I can see this as a continuing friendship.
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    As the only server in the room at the time and one who has been ailing, it was emotional. It was also liberating in a way to know that ailing might not be a personal thing but may also have elements of processing for the entity involved. Helped me step back a bit from thinking there is something wrong with me and to think more that ailing is par for the course in some ways at this time as this role.
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    @DanielaS, I think you have framed two different questions. There is the job one does "all the time" for and within one's Entity and there is the job that we know Priests do during the 5th Level of the Astral plane once we have cycled off as an Entity. @PPLD, Daniela's comment came from this Michael Speaks session on The 7 Planes of Existence. The comment about Priests running the meetings (which we got a chuckle out of) came about as DavidB had asked: "Also, it has been said that Priests "come into their own" on the Astral. Does this usually occur at this stage, helping themselves and others through the difficult 5th level and then healing in the 6th level?" Michael did go on to say this about Sages: MEntity: The Sages lead discussions and erect elaborate stages for playing our reincarnational dramas.
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    I took the Obama dream I had this morning as a prescient "good sign" of moving into October, and throughout the rest of the year, with a Nurturing Calm. I love how Obama exemplifies Compassion, the positive pole of Priest, especially in a Priest year. ♥♥♥ September 25, 2017: Short Dream. I was on the ground floor of some building, dressed quite casually, and Obama, walking with purpose, approached me and did the "walk with me" thing. He put his arm around me and I just started to walk with him. He walked with me, side by side, into an elevator with his right arm still around my shoulders. We were standing in the elevator with his arm still around me, in a mentor to student or intern kind of way, and his daughter Malia came in, smiled at us, and stood on the other side of her dad for the ride up. It felt really good like I was seen, cared for, and valued. I had no idea where we were going but it felt like we were at work and he was still the president. Note: all of this made me feel safe and loved. This dream made me feel like, no matter what, we are all going to be OK. So, Don't Worry!!!
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    Hmm, that is interesting. There seems to be a lot of fluctuation and uncertainty in events right now; even psychics I consult and my own divinations have been turning up results that could best be described as "¯\_(ツ)_/¯." Given all that, maybe things are just too malleable to say what exact effects the Nexus will have yet. @KurtisM, you've reminded me of a quote from the Matrix trilogy that's always stuck with me for some reason. "...you didn't come here to make the choice. You've already made it. You're here to try to understand why you made it."
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    So basically, by the end of the year, 4th quarter, we have lost our collective minds :D
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    I don't know what you think Michael is, @NicholasV but if you think Michael 'prevails as a influencing force over humanity', then you are communicating with a different Michael than we are here. The Michael here teaches that each of us is responsible for our own choices. The last thing they would ever do is 'influence' humanity, since Choice is the lesson of the Physical Plane. I really wonder what you are talking about.
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    Golly. This is a bit difficult to pinpoint. i resonate with so many! Hmmm...I see in my friends areas that are glaring priorities that make no sense to me. I admit being the guy who raises an eyebrow of confusion when someone wants to leep from one relationship to the next. It is just not a priority of mine. Helps ease my air of superiority. I could be wrong, by my heartgut says mine is MONEY. I have body image issues I have worked on for my entire life....but that is healing and healing and healing and can be worked with. but...that...asshole money...money...it is the only thing I ever heard growing up...the only conversation ever had “ we dont have enough money” ... “ how much will that cost” . To this day I dread family groupings for a main reason being due to the incredibly boring comversations about lack of money. Yet...money seems to be that one thing that if i do not feel Inhave access to, everything else sort of collapses around me. Who knows though, for the first time in a while, i have a comfortable amount of money and therefor I am not thinking about it much at all...maybe it has shifted...well...ramble done...who knows...hmm...hmmm....hmm.....ok...i choose.....BODY IMAGE! Final answer
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    When I was about 3 or 4 years old my mom heard me talking to someone in the middle of the night. She went in my room and I was sitting up in my bed and I kept saying STOP IT really softly. My mom asked me what was wrong and who in the world was I talking to. I said those grandmas won't stop singing to me. She said what do you mean "grandmas". I said one sings really good and the other sings really bad. I also described that one lives in a house that has a lot of stairs to get up to her house. My mom said she had chills...I was describing my great-grandmothers that had died long before I was born. Another time around the same age I was in the car with my grandma and we were just driving along and I said Oh Uncle Gene lives down that street coming up and you turn to the right. He lives upstairs. He was my great-uncle and I was never ever at his house before. My grandma was totally freaked out. My mom loves to tell these stories. She said I must of had some sort of ability to see dead relatives when I was little. I read that small children are more susceptible to seeing ghosts. As an adult I haven't had any of these experiences but from time to time I've had dreams about family members that have passed on.
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    MEntity: Servers are the Roles that come into their own the earliest and in the Physical Plane. They learn very quickly what matters and what does not and serve as the healers and the — we are looking for a phrase — the “canaries in the mine” in terms of how healthy the fragments of an Entity are at any given time. MEntity: If your Servers are suffering, if they are in any way isolated, ailing, they are representing the processes of healing that are happening in their particular Entity. So, they are a gauge for where the collective of an Entity is in terms of its healing. Or a Cadre, for the Entities that do not have Servers in them. They will carry that weight. MEntity: And most Servers will gladly tell you that they feel this weight. [Laughter] And there will be lifetimes where they opt out and let the rest of you grow up [Laughter] on your own in certain ways to gain from what was given to you in other lifetimes by that Server energy throughout the Entity or Cadre. So, they are the barometers of the Entities and Cadre, so to speak. OMG! This was all so very validating! I don't like it, but I admit I am suffering or ailing to a certain degree and I am isolated to a certain degree too. 😒 All I want is to have my joy, pleasure and fun back! And more community 😢 The question about Geraldine was so unexpected at the end, and I seem to cry each time there is some update about her. Also this time. Thank you for all your interesting and wonderful questions, for the work of Troy and Daniela and for all of you going to the gathering and creating this together. 😍
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    Thanks so much for posting this. Wish I could have been there with all of you. I really enjoyed reading this transcript. I've always been totally fascinated by the library at Alexandria and feel kind of sick to my stomach when I think about how it was destroyed. Perhaps I was there at the time. I'll have to ask Michael about that.
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    @Wendy@Janet H Here is the first session! Now, as I read it, I'm not surprised that I could not retain the information, there's so much of it! It just proves to me that I 'get it' much easier when reading than when listening. I really do appreciate this transcription @DanielaS. Thank you!
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    So i am at work, and several of my co-workers told me i am the oldest 37 year old they ever met. HA. I told them im like 6 million years old. They all just stared back like i was crazy, LoL.
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    You know, the last time someone offered "... or death" as an option, they at least appeared to offer tea and cake first. :)
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    @DanielaS, I asked Michael about my specific job within my Entity (C1E5). Here's a link to Entity Jobs –To Each His Own and a short excerpt: MEntity: There is relevance to the terminology assigned by some of our channels to these Positions, at least as crude starting points. In this case, your Position <Prudence> is one through which anything relating to Energy is kept in check as a rather practical resource. MEntity: In other words, in terms relevant to your current life, it might be said that your intentions for healing, which is a means of activating, conveying, or sharing Energy, are for tangible results that can be useful, and not simply to make someone feel good. MEntity: Exercising Prudence, then, is that focus on the more practical, tangible aspects of an element. MEntity: We are using your current life as an example, but keep in mind that many of these factors as relative to the Position within the Entity are not as obvious within the lifetime, but are more for describing the relationships from within the Entity, itself. MEntity: In this case, you would be the fragment who helps everyone within the entity to keep their wits about them when dealing with the shaping of Energy, particularly that energy that comes into form as a result of personal philosophies, or personal truths.
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    This opens a whole new realm of exploration, no doubt. 1. How cellular consciousness comes to constitute and participate in, or as, our bodily/organic/planetary existence. Consider, the physical cells of our body are constantly reproducing, living and dying, minute by minute. There is a constant turn-over of cells, tissues, and molecular substances that make up our bodies. Our cellular make-up is constantly changing. Does every cell have a consciousness that 'continues' after apoptosis, cell death? Does that consciousness inhabit/inform another cellular 'body' akin to reincarnation? Do cells have 'memory' and an instinctual centre that re-boots into another cellular body over and over again? Is that related to the subtle aspects of DNA? How do the cells of the body inter-communicate to maintain the continuity of the body? Can we (the personality and/or essence) communicate with cells that make up the tissues and more importantly perhaps the organ systems of the body? I assume there must be at least an instinctual centre to every cell, hence a subtle energetic 'body"...are there other centres, ie an emotional or cognitive centre, a mind or heart as it were? If cells choose ...they have a kind of will...? I'm sure I could think of many more questions...We need more sessions on this.