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    ENERGY REPORT February 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) February brings a doubling down, so to speak, on the Goal of Submission. The Positive Pole of Devotion among those who commit to a cause is still going strong fueled by Compassion of the Priest energy, while the Negative Pole of unquestioning and obedience through Subservience is continuing to further entrench itself into the year, driven by those who have locked into the Zeal of the Priest energy. One of the primary concerns for our students and those who are contributing to the collective Devotion and Compassion momentum is the concept of Elegance. The year was launched with a fury and flurry of energy that cannot be sustained. Those pushing the patterns of Subservience and Zeal are likely to discover this sooner than later, but even those with the passion fueling Devotion and Compassion soon discover the “burn out.” Elegance helps relieve this concern. Elegance is a process of harnessing fury and stretching this out into calmness. Elegance is ingeniousness, simplicity, and pleasure. In other words, the momentum of Devotion and Compassion must pace itself and begin measures that funnel energy into simplicity, pleasures, and ingenious solutions that make the absolute most of the energy at hand so that energy can replenish to sustain momentum. Many of our students may have felt the fury and flurry in January, but now feel the stutter and stall. This is one of the reasons many efforts to sustain a Cause to full success can fail. The greater the obstacles related to the Cause, the greater the necessity for Elegance. What we can suggest then for our students who are participating in the energy of this year is to look for ways to contribute that fulfill one or both of these criteria: Simplicity - taking part in a march, a protest, donating money, sharing information, etc. are examples of simplicity. Simplicity in this case means being able to show up without losing yourself. If you are participating in larger scale organization tactics then ensure that delegation is clear and concise so that the effort is spread among many. The point of Simplicity is only that your efforts allow for rest. This is vital. Pleasure - this may seem counter to the state of mind and heart one may have when involved in a Cause, but that is exactly what it is: a state of mind and heart. If you approach a Cause with despair and defeat, your energy is cut by half at the very least. If you approach a Cause with a sense of passion for the aim, a confidence in the effectiveness, a trust in your power and presence, this is pleasure. More importantly, pay attention to the effectiveness of the efforts. Every little pillar of support and ramp of progress is worth acknowledging and celebrating. Let yourself and others know that actions are fulfilling the Cause. In short, give and receive the credit freely and openly. This helps keep your spirits up and generates energy to sustain Devotion and Compassion. The above may seem overly simplistic and optimistic, but that is because they are. That is the point. One cannot fulfill a Cause by moving forward in dread and despair. This is not to say that dread and despair can be avoided, but that those are not the fuel for a Cause. Feelings of dread and despair are yours to use as you wish, but allow them to stay unhooked from your Cause. Cry, feel defeated, feel anxious and worried and even hateful, but let that be “on your own time,” so to speak. A Cause that is fueled by Devotion and Compassion tends not to be limited in benefit to a single person, but for the sake of many. Allow your Cause to be fueled by your passion, simply and confidently, while giving yourself the personal space to grieve and recover. February may be exhausting and daunting at times, but if you can return to Elegance through Simplicity and Pleasure, you may find a new way to use the fuel of your life, and/or access new depths of fuel. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): February 6th - 8th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- POTENTIAL SHOCK - Our dates of interest are never predictions, only probabilities, so we do not know if this shift will come to form. However, we see a pattern leading to some sort of disruptive shock, surprise, and a bit of chaos over these dates. If this happens on a global scale, it will be known, but if this is more subtle on an individual scale it may show up more obviously at a later date. We will look at this again later in the month with you. February 26th - March 2nd -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - This looks to be one of the first large-scale Divergent Nexus of the year, and from what we can tell it may bring with it the first signs of what may be experienced as Relief. This Divergence looks to be a kind of “exit ramp” for those more interested in extreme versions of this current reality, and removing that element from “here” can help improve morale for many of our students. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER February: K.I.S.S. - Keep It Super Simple - With all of your angst, anger, fear, terror, frustration, anxiety, dread, and all of your passion, love, intent, consciousness, kindness, compassion, and devotion, you have a lot of energy churning and this can distort your access to the Higher Emotional Center energy of this year that allows you synthesize all of the input from life into some Intuitive sense, and/or sustain a sense of Love with clear heart and vision for your Cause. Remembering to K.I.S.S. can help you to remember that you need affection, rest, and some amount of joy to take back to your Cause, and that it is okay to leave your messier frustrations and fears for your downtime to process. NOTE: when we speak of your Cause in this year’s reports, we know that not all students will have a declarative Cause for which they stand. In cases where there is no obvious external Cause, we speak in terms of your personal Cause that may be your healing, your recovery, your relationship, your creative projects. A Cause is anything that is important to you that you know brings benefit, value, and pleasure to others. So even if your Cause is quiet, personal, and private, it is likely one that others would benefit from because of you.
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    Michael Speaks - January 28, 2017 - When The Infinite Soul Arrives Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand the topic to be that of the pending Infinite Soul arrival. The arrival of the Infinite Soul is fairly lacking in fanfare or announcement. It is rarely obvious and rarely dramatic. However, depending upon the positioning of the fragments to potentially host the Infinite Soul, those in direct opposition to the Logos may begin to react with rage and fear which can then escalate to historic levels of violence and shock. Keep in mind that the Infinite Soul has an ongoing roster of potential candidates for Manifestation. Fragments are not "chosen" with a long-term plan or fate set in place, but are chosen as patterns of consciousness, choice, and Karma coalesce toward breaking points for the species. There are hundreds of candidates at any given time. The dynamic that has been in place for this wave of Infinite Souls has remained unchanged since we first noted it many years ago: 5 Manifestations across the planet to represent/teach from and within various populations. There remains a priority for a strikingly young individual to host, at least one woman, and fragments representing various "minorities" around the world. One of the problems that can arise for any fragment opting into hosting for the Infinite Soul is the very real dangers that can end or derail the life long before the Infinite Soul can be hosted. Elian Gonzalez is a modern example of a higher profile candidate derailed by when the prospects of hosting emerged, reverting the life back to an isolated and distracted life confined by cultural restrictions. Other candidates will not be known to you by name and have died as the hosting triggered reactions from those around the individual. In nearly every instance of potential hosting for this Manifestation, the individual is an "unassuming civilian" and not yet in positions of influence, or not interested in these positions, but find themselves in positions that require a push into sustaining higher center functioning more often than normal. Though we will not point to any individual, we can say that one candidate is among those participating in the resistance where it is known as Standing Rock. This particular candidate is the closest to being locked into fulfilling Agreements with the Infinite Soul than any other candidate. This is not to say that Manifestation is imminent, but the position is primed. Other Manifestations are being negotiated, but may not be obvious in Manifestation until well into the years after Agreements are solidified. There has been a long-standing dynamic for Humans that has been leading away from the necessity for the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul, but in the past 2 years, this shifted dramatically back toward the species requiring intervention. The greater message of this Logos will likely tend to focus on Climate and your biosphere that is diminishing rapidly for Humans and other Earthlings. There are many issues that can be addressed, but even in the worst of challenging and painful scenarios among Humans, the greater threat to your existence is the plundering of the planet. One of the more common ways for a species to shift into a Mature Soul paradigm is to align a majority of the population, regardless of soul age, in conscious awareness of a common threat. The irony is that the greatest threat to your survival is yourselves. This truth is known in the Instinctive Center of every fragment extant. The problem that has arisen for the species is that the younger souls have read this Instinctive "knowing" and altered it into projection. Instead of including themselves in the equation of greatest threat, they have distorted the message of "you are the greatest threat to yourself" to "you are the greatest threat to me." This has compounded the anxiety of many of our students because now the "threat" to existence is known to be the self and a large part of the population, as well. To rephrase the above to read more accurately: This has compounded the anxiety for many of our students because now the "threat" to existence is known to arise from yourselves as a species, but you also know that a large portion of the population has shifted toward targeting others for this sense of threat, including you. So what could have been a unifying factor has been altered to be a great dividing factor. Aside from the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul intervention, our students can help to relieve this anxiety and stress by, at least, sharing the focus of effort on healing your own part in the equation of life as a Being of Earth. The division that is in place between those who target and those who are targeted will require strength and swift responses to dismantle, but this is a temporary fight compared to the impact that has the species at risk for survival. It is expected that the younger will retaliate and must be wrangled into paradigms that they feel threaten them, so intervention is not particularly necessary at those times, even when it would seem profoundly necessary. Intervention comes when the species is making an evolutionary leap, a paradigm shift, or for diversion away from devastation. This wave of Manifestations looks to address all of this. Though we cannot point to individuals as candidates for hosting, we can say that the confirmation of candidacy is likely to begin in 2020. The probability for Manifestation is at 72%. When this confirmation is in place, we will tell you. However, you may begin to see the patterns leaning toward Manifestation if you continue to observe or participate in the Standing Rock events. This can help you to identify other patterns amid other events that might arise from higher potential candidate confirmations. Once confirmation is in place, the life is fully aligned with the intentions of the Infinite Soul. The choices of the individual remain, but all impulses are followed as they rise from Essence. The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul as a voice for the Logos would be brief and choreographed among the various Manifestations. The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul can only be sustained for up to 30 days before the body would "burn up" with the energy. That state of hosting would likely come from among all hosts in a way that corresponds with and references each other. This may not be so obvious in implementation, but we will help watch for this to direct our students' attention for educational purposes. For older souls, the greatest way you can help as representations of consciousness for your Sentience, for your species, and as part of the dynamic that helps generate a path forward for the self and others is to recognize that you are part of this Infinite Soul. In other words, you need not wait to be rescued. You are part your own solution, your own answer, your own path forward, in both personal and greater terms, especially when the challenge is the species, itself. The Logos is all around you. You need not wait for the Infinite Soul arrival to acknowledge it and act upon it Many have snapped into and aligned with this truth. Some may assume this is because of the threat of the King in Tyranny. However, that is not the case, however much he comes to be the focus. This fragment is incidental in terms of coming into a position to symbolize the younger soul retaliation and resistance to evolution. Many students may see the King as having (inadvertently) inspired an awakening and is playing a known part in this greater dynamic, but that is false. In nearly every case among our students, the inspiration is not reflected by the King. It is generated from within, from the divide within you that has too long been ignored. It is part of you that has fallen asleep, regardless of how awake you may be. Students often wake up in a life and continue building upon great awareness, all while leaving a part of the self asleep as it relates to something more painful in the life. For many of our students, the part of the self that is deeply asleep is the part that feels welcome in this world. However awake you are, this remains a contested area at best, and deeply wounded numbness in most cases. With the influx of Infinite Soul energy to the planet over the past year or so, many of our students are waking up in ways that they never knew they were sleeping. This contributes to the sense that world is suddenly surreal, disconnected from you, and you may feel inclined to cringe and retract. But that is just information. That is an unpacking of that part of you that has been asleep. Those are the feelings that were always there, with greater and greater skill mastered for compartmentalizing it so as to function with some potential for happiness and joy in the life. This is not unique to you, of course, and is often profoundly necessary. It is a survival skill for the psyche or it would implode. Suddenly there is a collective strength being generated that invited this part back to the surface among all older souls. In most cases this has "fired up" with great passion a sense of challenge for owning one's place in the world. This compartmentalized wounding and sense of displacement is not limited to our students or older souls, but is the Karmic Wound of this species. Older souls feel this collective strength to own one's place in the world as a call for inclusion and true peace, agape, and affection. Younger souls feel this wounding in the species, but as they unpack that wound they have oversimplified it as a necessity to conquer and impose their place in the world against any threat to their place in it. We think this wave of Manifestation of Infinite Soul, and this collective unpacking of an ancient wound shared by all of Human Sentience is a Turning Point toward the greatest healing the species as a whole has ever known. This may or may not be immediately successful, or done painlessly, and may take the next 100 to 1000 years to implement, but it is happening. We have waited a long time for this. We will now open the floor to your questions: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN Yes, Bobby. Bobby: Would the multiple personalites of this next manifestion be considered concurrents of a single Essence? If so, is there a likely Role that will be utilized by this manifestion that is known at this time based upon the candidates? No. Each would be an individual fragment and likely all different Roles. We know that Sage, King, Priest, Server and Artisan have been the focus for candidates. Next, ANN Ann: Will these multiple manifestations happen over a 30-day period or will it be a kind of rolling manifestation--30 days for 1, another 30 for another, etc. We do not know. We do know they do not look to have gaps in time between the coordinated Manifestations. This may show up as overlapping, sequential, or simultaneously. Ann: Thank you. Next, Rosario. Rosario: Please comment about Lao Tzu's manifestation teachings and what is his Role in Essence. Keep in mind that the Manifestation of Infinite Soul has no Role, or rather, represents all Roles, but the fragment hosting does have a Role. The fragment in question here is a Scholar and focused on transcending limitations by knowing the self, the Truth. We have spoken extensively on the teaching of this Manifestation of the Infinite Soul and we encourage fellow students to direct you to further reading that is accessible so that you are not left with our brief synopsis here. Rosario: Ok...thank you. Next, Cong. Cong: From which plane is this new IS teaching? Mental? Messiah? Buddhaic? What's their connection to Lao Tzu, Buddha and Jesus, both in their teachings and their cadre location? Cadres from each of the High Planes look to be represented, with 3 from the Buddhaic or Higher Moving Plane. To rephrase the above for clarity: Each High Plane looks to be represented, with 3 Manifestations representing the Buddhaic Plane. The collections of Cadres tend to be in large quantities from across Energy Rings. It would be difficult to convey a the relative positions at the moment. As for the teachings, based on the origins of Planes for Manifestation, the dynamic would be that 3 Manifestations emphasize Higher Moving, or Energy, while one is Truth/Higher Intellectual, and Love/Higher Emotional, and these correspond to the Infinite Souls in question as Buddha, Lao Tzu, and Jesus, respectively. Next, Brian. BrianW: Assuming we still have unrestricted access to social media and functioning fact / evidence based journalism in 2020, how might we see the rise and impact of the various IS fragments, to include before, during, and after the IS manifestation in those fragments? Activism and unexpected positions of an individual to commit as high profile representation of a people or cause. This is true even of the child. Many may step into those positions, but we will help to sort out where the Infinite Soul is potentially Manifesting. Next, ckaricai ckaricai: I just want to be sure I'm understanding what y'all are saying about not waiting for the logos: to bring the logos to bear (as a way to push us as a species towards a mature soul paradigm and away from further planetary degradation and destruction) we can do this ourselves by asserting our rights to belong in society? Is there anything else concrete that we can do to push us forward faster? First, we would move away from terms such as "push" and "faster," as this is undue stress upon an already challenging position. Next, in terms of rights, we are not speaking of the more obvious positions of equality for which many must struggle to instill, protect, and expand. What we speak of us a profound psychological shift in presence and confidence in all areas of the life that may or may not have to do with rights. Many of you are quite comfortable taking on the challenge of securing rights, but even as these are secured and expanded, there is still a sense of not belonging. ckaricai: Oh I see the difference. What we wish to convey is that you BELONG HERE. This is your home. This is not just a passing pitstop for your Essence to learn and grow. This is where your body begins and ends. ckaricai: I grok you Michael. Thanks. :) Your body will never leave this Plane, and for most of you, will never leave the planet from which it arose. It is the ownership of Earth as Home and to then act, feel, and know accordingly. Next, Kurtle Kurtle: Hey M. If this IS does happen to manifest, then what kind of realities/parallels are we likely to converge with or converge into most directly? Is there a theme across these you can convey? We must conclude soon as we are losing focus through our channel. The greater themes that are drawing together are related to Resource-based Economy, Prosumerism over Consumerism, A dramatic move away from Combustive Fuels, and Off-Planet Colonization. Kurtle: Thank you M :) Note from Kurtle: "Prosumerism is the blurring of the distinction between the producer and the consumer, a blending of people's hobbies and their jobs, and that is a beautiful thing." Final question: Maureen Maureen: What would we as students hope experience around the time of the Manifestation of the Infinite Soul? I recall reading that just being around the source or sources of pure Truth, Love and Energy would or could quicken a shift in anyone who is physically present. Would it be to our benefit, in any way, to be physically present, if at all possible? All of our students will have some form of access to at least one Manifestation, but proximity is not necessary. Your efforts across this life for nurturing Essence Recognition acts as the proximity. As a teacher, we can help to point to these fragments, though we will encourage individual observation and validation if possible. When there is necessity for breakthrough in consciousness, Physical proximity can be quite powerful, but for those who are consciously recognizing the Infinite Soul, distance is of no consequence. Before we conclude, we will say that none of the above is prediction. We do not know what is to come, but we do convey to you the Sequence that is nearing Vector status. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here. Goodbye, for now.
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    This material was obtained in a POF on February 15, 2017. Janet: Hello Michael! I had an unusual dream last night. In the dream I saw a ‘landscape’ below me that I interpreted while in the dream as a reincarnational landscape. I could see lifetimes at various locations in sequence in this landscape. A river flowed through the landscape, and it was like pins in a map pointing to each life in the sequence, most pins near the water, but not all on the same side of the river. At the top of a curve in the river was the most ‘future’ life in the sequence, and the life ‘preceding’ it was at the bottom of the curve on the other side. Each of the personalities knew nothing about the ones preceding or following. I think I was one of the personalities that had become aware and could see them all, but I had to be careful about letting the others know the full picture. For some reason I had to traverse the landscape to where the most ‘future’ life was, and there was some ‘danger’ about this, although it was not clear what the danger was. As I traveled, I was in a room that seemed French, but I remember nothing about the room other than it felt French. Someone knocked on the door and when I opened it Casey (my daughter) handed me a package. I was upset with her and told her she shouldn’t be there because of the danger. She laughed and ran back down the hallway saying that there were things I didn’t know. I’m curious about your interpretation of the dream. I’m sure Casey was right and there are a lot of things I don’t know. I suspect this dream is connected to the session I had last week in which you told me about a number of my English lives. I’ve been looking at a trip to England or France, and the river in the dream may correspond to the French trips because many of them involve river travel. Perhaps the dream was advising me that I might investigate my French lifetimes as well? MEntity: This dream looks to us as your way of making sense of a vast concept that is reincarnation. Everything we have shared about reincarnation at this point is only the beginning of the Truth. When our students begin the work of preparing for expansions on a Truth, it is often summarized by symbolism, and often in dreams. One of the concepts that our students are opening to at the moment is the non-linear elements of reincarnation and how this works. Some of our students "wake up" in a life that is willing to "rise above the landscape" and move more freely among the terrain of lives. There are two things that are important to understand when doing this, and your dream reflects this understanding: One is that you must be quite careful in your true access to other lives. Many of our students enjoy the novelty of reincarnation, but when actual access links are opened, it is no longer a novelty. One must be careful. We say "careful," not fearful. When an access link is open, influence flows between the two lives and lives are changed. Another thing to understand is that there are other lives doing something similar, both in the past and your future. These become linked in ways we have not explored with our students. The Personalities that opt into this network of Personalities are referred to as Keepers. Janet: Doing something similar in what way? You mean participating in a theme, or ‘rising above the landscape’? MEntity: We suspect that your travels may be part of your active launch into this status as Keeper. Similar in the sense of having moved into a state of awareness of other lives that shifts from novelty and into a living, breathing, organic neural network. In your dream, yes, "rising above the landscape." Many of our students are Keepers and will recognize this as a familiar and meaningful term. Janet: What do Keepers do? It is a new term to me. MEntity: We covered this in Egypt for a while. It is a "new term" because we have rarely spoken of it to students. Some elements of our teaching are actively shared as a premise and structure, but a great deal is dependent upon your questions. Today you asked the "right question" to prompt our exploration of this concept and term. Keepers are born during a lifetime and opt in AS PERSONALITY to the position as Keeper. This opting in is done in a multitude of ways, but a key factor is the utterly profound and resolved question of reincarnation. It is the shift from novelty to knowing. All who KNOW are not Keepers, but all Keepers know. When a Keeper exits a life, she works with/as Essence to create a meeting ground for a large collection of lives from across all incarnations within a certain time proximity. This meeting ground can be a planet, a mansion, a geographical area, a fantasy island, etc. It can be anything that is relevant to the collection that will gather. Your dream may be an indication of what is being considered as you would be the The Keeper of Travelers. If you opt into the position, the common ground would be among all those lifetimes who recovered memories of other lives from geographical locations. We think we have exceeded our time format today and will continue this in further exchanges. Note from Janet: This is new material, but I do recognize my experiences in the concepts Michael speaks of. I did recover memories of lifetimes lived in Greece when I visited Greece in 2015. And I had a rather devastating experience when an 'access link' opened for me and my mother during the final days of her life in 2016. (See my blog Hospital Psychosis for the explanation Michael gave me about my mother's behavior with me.) I'm considering a trip to England because Michael told me I have a heart link with the area around Somerset and Wiltshire (where I had 13 lives between 2800 BCE and 1000 CE), but I'm also drawn to France so I probably have multiple lifetimes there as well.
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    Something amazing happened last Saturday. I went to a workshop on fear of public speaking. I had few expectations and only a curiosity about what I might learn. It turned out to be something like group therapy with energy techniques, and I made a major breakthrough around being able to stand in front of people and allowing myself to be seen. The teacher (who's a certified therapist) had us think about getting up and talking in front of the group and did tapping exercises around any nervousness that came up. We also explored what was behind that nervousness for each person. Only four people showed up for workshop, so each of us got a lot of personal attention. I went in thinking I was a lot better than I used to be and didn't need that much work around fear of speaking, but my fear level went way up when I actually stood in front of the room to talk. The teacher had me just stand there and feel what comes up, using tapping to help bring it up more. I had this deep sense of vulnerability come up for me and had a huge crying release, all the while being supported through it. (I attended many EFT group therapy sessions like this several years ago, so I knew to just let it out when I start crying in a safe space. Any opportunity to heal my wounding, I will take it!) Once I finished releasing and the tapping helped me reach a calm state, the teacher had me try speaking in front of the group. So I did, and I was able to focus on the topic and delivery with almost no self-consciousness. I found a channeling from two years ago that discussed an old idea of mine that "to be strong, have attention, and have focus equates deep exposure." I realized that deep sense of exposure was what came up when I stood in front of the group: After the workshop, I felt so excited about practicing speaking that started looking for acting classes to help me gain skills in Expression, which is something I would NEVER have done until that day. Like not even contemplate the idea. Now I feel words wanting to burst out of me. I feel the urge to play with tone and diction like I never have before. I also had many realizations about Expression that I've never thought about, like how present you have to be in order to give a good speech, or how much of themselves actors put into their roles in order to express emotions authentically. How speaking can be a craft. This breakthrough is taking me to a whole new level, because I want to take on more leadership roles, but being in front of people has always been my weakness (even though it is much better in recent years). This breakthrough is also helping me be more comfortable with new people in general and improved my ability to say no. I am amazed by my own transformation. I think this is breakthrough is still related to my Turning Point (I used the term "breakthrough" before I realized the before and after felt exactly like a turning point). I'm guessing that I'm in the Stability stage, and I went through a Spawn Point that shifted me from Balance to Wholeness. It's so weird. One moment I felt overwhelmed by all the parts and the various directions and choices, and the next I seem to just "know" how to choose and changes in the plan didn't bother me quite so much. I've had such a hard time with all the "free time" and lack of structure over the past two months. I think I've been in Inertia and didn't know how to get to Freedom. I'm not sure how becoming comfortable with being seen has to do with all of this, but it seems to have shifted everything. *** Michael's comments from 2/16/2017 session: MEntity: Being comfortable in your vulnerability has everything to do with your sense of transformation. You were "fine" and capable of navigating quite well around any threats to your vulnerability, carefully deciding when to embrace vulnerability and when to distance yourself. This works well enough because it helps to reduce fear and increases your conscious choice. MEntity: However, this tactic is similar to reducing contact with someone with whom you once loved and have had a falling out. MEntity: Yes, it keeps the peace and keeps you aware, but a piece of you remains "floating out there" with no resolve and no momentum. MEntity: Every fragment fragments. MEntity: The fragmentation process does not end with Essence. Each Personality is a fragment of Essence, and every Personality has fragments. MEntity: Some of these fragments become Parallels, and other "float" in potential, or wounding. MEntity: Those fragments that float in potential collect from you all experience that adds to the potential. If you were ever to reclaim this fragment of potential, it is ready. MEntity: In other words, it is a part of you who continues to evolve elements of the life that the Core Self may have rejected or avoided. What you did was reclaim that part of you. MEntity: This is what is known to various teachings as "Soul Retrieval," or the recovery of "lost" parts of the self/soul. Of course, in more practical terms it is a fragment of you that was never lost and remains in potential. MEntity: However, most soul retrieval focuses on the fragments of wounding, but there are fragments of potential, as well. MEntity: This is a part of who that fragmented from you between 8 and 11 years old. She has been growing and learning for all of these years and you let her come home. DianeHB: That makes me cry. MEntity: We always find these moments quite moving, as well. MEntity: She is home now. She would require deep wounding to be "lost" again, and your efforts to nurture this part of you are serving you in ways you will see for the rest of your life. DianeHB: I can see that - serving the rest of my life part. This is a big deal. DianeHB: Any of this to do with my Turning Point? MEntity: Yes, of course it is related. MEntity: You have harnessed your Turning Point and have launched into bold momentum. MEntity: Do you have specific questions about this? DianeHB: No, I guess I've completed the Turning Point then? MEntity: That is correct.
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    With the chaotic political climate right now, it's easy to feel like one has lost any and all Inspiration. I know I have and from what Troy has shared with me, he has as well. I'm sure there are many others in that same boat. In my session this morning, I wanted to ask Michael about that and what can be done to help alleviate the feeling. Private Session February 17, 2017 Bobby: Since our remaining time is limited, I'll hold off on the final question I had for another time. Instead though, may I ask for any advice or suggestions that you may have as far as how to rediscover that Inspiration that is felt to be lost. I'm thinking mainly for Troy here even though it probably will apply universally. MEntity: Inspiration is "lost" when there is an imbalance of distraction with the outer world. When the outer world has any sense of overwhelming demand, inspiration can be lost. This is because inspiration is generated by what one sees as a reflection of himself or herself in the world around him or her, either in terms of potential or in terms of encouragement. MEntity: This can be an obvious factor when one is in Physical Survival Mode, because the demands of survival are vital and require this intense focus on the outer world. MEntity: One tends to be too busy surviving to notice the lack of inspiration during Physical Survival Mode. MEntity: But when one experiences Emotional or Intellectual Survival Mode, and these are real modes of survival, there is more time for thinking and feeling and this can lead to a very different experience of Survival Mode. MEntity: When one is in Physical Survival Mode, the payoff is immediate when the effort to survive is pursued. You eat, you sleep, you fight, you run, you live another day. However stressful it is, there is immediate indicators for the success of your efforts. MEntity: When one is in Emotional or Intellectual Survival Mode, your mind races, your heart races, you struggle to find anything to hold on to as feedback that what you are doing is working, helping you to survive. MEntity: An ear of corn can be held and eaten as proof that you eat another day, but to know that one's heart or ideals are safe can be quite difficult because they are not tangible things to hold. MEntity: In times of Intellectual and Emotional Survival there are two options for gaining one's footing: MEntity: TOGETHER - if you have the option of joining with others in similar struggle, the power amplifies to near-tangible states so that each of you "bounce" off of one another the constant upholding of desires and ideals, or safety and visions, or freedom and equality, etc. MEntity: ALONE - if you find the option of standing with others to be out of reach or unavailable, or if you wish to complement your standing with others, then you must CHANGE YOUR MEDITATION. By this we mean that what you focus on matters. Focus is Meditation. When one is in survival mode it is vital that one focuses on the threat, but in long-term scenarios that are of the heart and head, one must do the work of injecting some balance of focus. MEntity: One must find and implement focus on "the good," on calm, on exercise, even on escape, such as games and film and books. These must be implemented mindfully in that they are not used to ignore the threat, but to refuel, revitalize, remember. MEntity: Meditation is Focus and Focus is a Meditation, so as long as one's focus can be given an alternative focus or even a range of focus, then balance can return and one can begin to see himself or herself in the world around again. MEntity: Mindful Meditation is the solution. Bobby: Ok, thank you for that. I'll be sharing this with the TLE community because I think it will be helpful to many right now. MEntity: Even in the "together" option it is a matter of a new focus, a new meditation. MEntity: We will conclude here for today, then. Good day to you, Bobby. Goodbye, for now.
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    TLE WELCOMES ALL STUDENTS! That is the official stance in any normal era. But we no longer live in those times. Despite the fact that we have never ever had any issues, I felt it necessary as a responsible, progressive, inclusive community based on a teaching of acceptance to be clear about where we stand in this disturbing new paradigm. I have an obligation as host to ensure this shared space is one with no room for bigotry, racism, homophobia, sexism, or xenophobia. The practice of Acceptance includes clarifying and sustaining boundaries when faced with those who wish you harm. The campaign, Cabinet Members, and Presidency of Trump have been crystal clear in their promise to harm many groups who do not comply with a White Supremacist ideology. Anyone who voted for Trump has voted in favor of that ideology. There are no explanations or excuses for anyone who voted in favor of this madman, let alone one who calls himself or herself a Michael Student or Channel. We are now faced every single day with watching the harm, pain, fear, and anguish of many people who are targeted by this Administration and it is only going to get worse. Many lives are turned upside down and inside out because of those who voted this man into power. I know everyone here already knows this, but I wanted to officially announce that TLE is a sanctuary of inclusion, love, acceptance and progress for all and TLE will never humor, accommodate, or welcome anyone who passively or actively supports any ideology whose aim is to harm you. If you voted for Trump, tread very carefully here. A Trump follower will never be turned away, but the ideology that your vote supported is not welcome here. If your intent is to listen, learn, and understand those you have harmed with your vote, or to understand how your vote is harming so many, then I'm all for your presence here, but don't expect anyone else to do the work that you need to be doing. More than likely this community would embrace a Trump follower as an opportunity to bridge differences, but the official TLE position is that no one in this community will be expected to humor anyone who passively or actively voted for, or directly or indirectly supports the hateful ideology of this madman. So tread very carefully. This announcement is not to impose political positions or personal beliefs because we are well beyond the realm of politics and beliefs now. We are dealing with real world threats and consequences. And no person who supports those threats or helped cause these consequences is welcome here. If you've ever wondered who you'd be or what you'd do if you lived in the Civil Rights Movement or the rise of Hitler, you no longer have to imagine. You are living in that moment right now — where the civil and human rights of people are being trampled on. You are living in a time of heroes and villains. You are living in a time when the world is distinctly divided, not by you, but by those who decided some people do not deserve the same freedom, rights, and peace that they deserve. You are living in a time where you have to make a decision, with every fiber of your being, about what side you are on. This isn't a choice that anyone should have to make, but a part of the population has forced this choice upon us. And it has to be made clearly, unflinchingly, and unapologetically. Either you are for ethical treatment of refugees and immigrants or you aren't. Either you are for police accountability or you aren't. Either you see mass incarceration as a true human rights crisis or you don't. Either Black Lives Matter, or they don't. Either LGBTQ folk deserve equal rights or they don't. Either all people deserve equal pay and equal rights or they don't. Either people should be paid a living wage or not. Either women deserve equality, healthcare, and personal rights to their bodies or they don't. Either Mexicans are people just like everyone else, or they are a faceless mob of rapists and gang members out to steal your job and kill your family. Either religion is a private and personal thing, or it is something one can use to destroy those not like you. And on, and on. If you think you have not chosen a side on any of those issues, then you actually have. If you are not actively pronouncing your position on those things, then your silence is as responsible for where we are as a nation, as humanity, as anything else. TLE & Troy
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    MEntity: Hello to you, Nick. We are here, now. We can begin. NickG: Hello Michael, I was wondering if you could expand of the relationship between my essence and another TLE member Nadine essence. Are there any past lives that we've experienced that would be significant to us both now? Do we have any sort of links? There is this mutual feeling of affection between and I'd like to know why? NickG: I can give more info if it helps narrow down the search MEntity: A past life of some relevance may be the lifetime from late 19th Century Germany when the two of "you" were in love and regularly separated by necessity of travel for work. The distance was bearable as there would always be a date for return, reunion, and each of you continued your individual pursuits for work, creative expression, and spirituality. You were active students of our during this life, and frequently communicated with us through a local medium. Though the distance was bearable, it became quite painful and difficult when "you" died during travels and "she" was left to adapt. She asked us several times for insight into "where and how" you were, and we did our best. MEntity: The significance we see here is the bonding that continues, not just on an Essence Level, but that your Personalities seem to have picked up and adapted into the current life. MEntity: You are not in any Monads at the moment, but the Love Monad is next which means you are working on a Heart Link. That effort is in effect whether in a Monad or not. MEntity: The mutual affection arises from your Cadre bond, your experiences across lives, and from your appreciation for each other even as current Personalities. MEntity: Do you have specific questions from this? NickG: All of this was just beautiful I needed a second lol Are there any plans to meet up? maybe even begin the Love monad since it usually takes a couple lives NickG: ohh and are there any names we could look up for the 19th century German lives? MEntity: The Love Monad may or may not begin. We do not know, but we do think it would be linked to anchoring in Physical proximity to activate it. The Love Monad does not require Physical proximity for all of its stages, but a lot of it does. As for meeting up, that is the plan at this point. Sequences are already in effect. You need only look to form your mutual plans and assess your resources. MEntity: We did find names, but they are likely useless except for personal use for affectionate resonance with them: WALTER and EMMA. We cannot find a last name. We were able to find the last names because these are "burned" into your Records. CORRECTION: We were able to find the first names because these are "burned" into your Records. We will conclude here for today, Nick. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now. NickG: Thank you Michael. Until next time!
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    This material is from a POF session on Feb. 19 2017. CongN: 1. Michael, you have mentioned quite a few times that communication is the key to resolve many relationship issues. I 100% agree. However, I am in a difficult situation with my Essence Twin for quite some time now, that he has constantly “rejected” the contacts initiated from me. Although I understand it’s part of the love monad we are doing and his “ignorance” and “rejection” serve a higher purpose, I still get quite frustrated and confused from lack of interaction/communication between us in the physical sense. I know as essence twins, our non-physical communication or cording is very strong and I can feel it, but I also feel that we are missing the point if we incarnate in the physical world but didn’t utilize the physical ways of interaction enough. What’s my blindspot in understanding our relationship in this life? Can Michael also remind me something beautiful and loving between me and my twins? CongN: 2. I have issues of irregular periods and polycystic ovary syndrome (POS), which is essentially caused by hormone imbalance and currently there is no effective treatments available. It is also a major cause for infertility. What’s the metaphysical reason that I have to bear with it in this life? I suspect some ancient wounding and/or karma. Besides seeking medical attention, can Michael give some advice to help relieve and heal this wound? CongN: Somewhat related to my first question, I suspect this has to do with my essence twin too. Right after I met him for the first time, the situation was abnormal enough that I have to see doctors. I received a series of exams but ended up with no treatments. CongN: I understand this is not a medical diagnosis and it’s my responsibility to seek for medical advices separately. MEntity: It is true that communication is key, but communication comes in many forms, and not always in the obvious form. Both of you are communicating even as you describe the lack of communication. Communication is a circuit that requires not only the element of expression, but the element of reception, or Listening. There are times when the most meaningful communication comes from just one of you choosing to Listen. MEntity: You do not have control over whether he chooses to Listen, or not, but you have full control over your ability to Listen. If he is expressing a need for distance and an alleviation of pressure, it may be that you must simply Listen to this and experiment with honoring this. MEntity: This is not the most satisfying response, but it can be an effective and meaningful one. MEntity: When the circuit is softened so that pressure is released, rather than pushed so that pressure is released, it can help all parties involved. MEntity: If there is danger or threat to the well-being of another, then intervention and pressure are fair, but if it is only a desire for communication and it feels one-sided, it may be a matter of your collecting yourself, owning your openness to communicate, clarify that the invitation stands, and then confidently "do your own thing." CongN: Thanks Michael, this last point resonates very well. Although from time to time, before I decided to even just send a hello text, I became nervous as the fear of not getting any response from him is still obvious MEntity: Your "job" is only to keep the lines of communication open if you choose to do so. You need not fear his reaction because your identity and meaning are not dependent upon the whims of another person. MEntity: Incarnating together and working on various Task or Monads is no guarantee that it will go smoothly, in fact it is more often than not that it does not go smoothly. This is not unique or personal to you. It is simply how intense relationships work. MEntity: What you are feeling and doing are normal and we acknowledge that it is not easy. It is confusing, exhausting, and even painful. MEntity: As for your medical question, this goes back to your wounding around being female and the imprinting of deep dependence on others for your confidence, your value, and your power. You have healed this greatly, but it was a part of your life for a long time and remains with some layers yet to heal. It may not reverse the physical symptoms at this point, but it will help the management and treatment when you free yourself from waiting for others to approve of you. MEntity: If this does not resonate, we will look again in further exchanges with you. If it does resonate, it is an exciting and terrifying position to be in when you unhook from others as a source of confidence and fully embrace the truth of your meaningful existence. CongN: It actually makes great sense to me! CongN: thanks Michael CongN: Although I will say at the point of life, I am much more independent that the imprints would want me to be MEntity: As for your Essence Twin: it can be helpful to remember that no matter what dance is happening between you, this is a dance. It is not conclusive. Your Essences are bonded and you will work this out, even if not exactly on your terms and in your time. But you will. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes from me: Although I asked two seemly unrelated questions, the takeaway for both shared a common theme: that my "identity and meaning are not dependent upon the whims of another person", and that I need to "unhook from others as a source of confidence and fully embrace the truth of your meaningful existence". As someone who has a chief feature of self-depreciation, this wisdom rings the bell. It is not news to me that how I choose to act and response is much more important than the situation I am in and how others act towards me. Still to this day, I find it difficult to fathom the depth of this truth of being your own authority. Also my wounding of being female remind me of my entity mate @BrianW's struggle with masculinity. It's like we are at the opposite end of the same problem. Add to the fun of that, we seem to have exactly the opposite energy ratio and our casting/roles are switched :) I feel that my problem is more about facing the pressure from self-doubt, Brian's has more to do with facing the pressure from peer and from the society. Regardless of the situation, I think the key is to find a way to gain true confidence and embrace the idea of self-love.
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    Ask Michael - February 5, 2017 Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN ckaricai: Hi Michael and Troy. My question is about the energy reports. The overleaves seem random but I'm wondering if there is a pattern and if so what is it? It might be helpful for us to figure out what the overleaves will be ahead of time. ckaricai: Knowing if there is a pattern might help us also just understand the energy reports better as well. There are patterns, but no obvious patterns because the point in time in which we "take a snapshot" and then the amount of time included in that snapshot are arbitrary. For example, if we were asked to give the Overleaves for "The Day," our report may look very different. Or if asked Monthly. A year with a start and end point is a matter of convenience that is based in a context that works because most Humans measure themselves in years. This is also true in terms of the groups we include when assessing these Overleaves. If we were to look at a single country then overleaves may be very different from the global overleaves of a year. The same could be said of cities, etc. ckaricai: Wow, I see how this would be a topic for a separate longer session. However, that being said, the patterns that exist that are more accessible are the patterns of generation, implementation, integration, and review. Because most Humans measure their lives in terms of years, the collective patterns of GENERATING Overleaves, then IMPLEMENTING them, then INTEGRATING them, then REVIEWING the experiences gained from that set of collective Overleaves are cycles that are fairly stable and linked to the yearly cycle. These stages of the cycles of USE of Overleaves is far more stable than the Overleaves, themselves. We describe a set of Overleaves for a year, but because we are describing an "average" based on multiple algorithms that are not static, then the Overleaves for a year can actually change several times. We alert our channel if this happens, but it has not happened in long time. Once the Implementation Stage is active, most prefer to work with what has been Generated. But if a meteor were to strike in the middle of an Acceptance year, it may easily switch to a Growth year. Yes, we can discuss this as its own topic. It is a valuable question. ckaricai: Thank you NEXT ConnorB: Hello again, Michael! ConnorB: In a previous conversation, you described the Holocaust as having ‘traumatized Humanity in ways we have barely begun to explore with our students’. Can you expand on this, please? ConnorB: I imagine this topic probably needs a Michael Speaks or something, but this could help give us something to start with. (end of question) There have been waves of atrocity and genocide across humanity several times in its Grand Cycle. However difficult it is to consider this, we (as Sentience) know this will be part of the growing pains of a species, particularly those with more mobility and tool-making capabilities. When the Holocaust came about, humanity had moved into a rather new and fragile position of collective intelligence and compassion that had only been stable in smaller groups. There was a Turning Point reached where humanity was on the brink of true peace that would, eventually, spread across the globe in ways that can only be fantasized about now. Children are born with deep compassion and sensitivity, and then this is hardened or removed or numbed by the imprinting and teachings of fear instilled by caretakers, society, culture, and experiences, but if the individual is open she can wake up and free herself from that imprinting and fear and define her life on her own terms that transcend the seeming demands of experience and the past, returning herself to a refined state of confidence in her compassion and sensitivity. This is true of humanity on a larger scale. As the consciousness of Humans began to wake up in greater numbers at the same time, a kind of matrix was in place that invited accelerated awareness for all within a time period. War had never been experienced on such a scale as that of World War 1. Humanity was shaken into a state of awake on a collective scale not seen before. Once one is "awake" it is nearly impossible to go back to sleep. It is very difficult to unlearn what one learns. A Turning Point was generated where Humanity was moving toward a collective choice toward collective compassion, or further entrench fragmented disintegration. The Holocaust was the result. ConnorB: I see which direction we chose. It was Humanity's first real chance to grow together and it fell profoundly short of its potential. This is not said as a disappointment or judgment. It simply is what happened. This was not merely a falling short, of course, but a deeply wounding retaliation from those who preferred that humanity remain asleep. Surprisingly, the collective wound did not come from the Holocaust. It came from the realization that "no one" did anything to challenge or stop or collectively challenge the progressive momentum toward what would become known as "the holocaust." ConnorB: "No one" wanted to admit as much, either. It is far more complex than that, but the core wounding comes from that disconnection from putting into action the necessary measures that would anchor peace and compassion. Only since 2015 did the collective consciousness determine to once again aim for that anchoring of peace and compassion. And your Turning Point has come again. And your challenge has come again. And your choices matter again. This may seem chilling or even rather theatrically and conveniently dramatic, but these Turning Points will continue to return every 50 to 75 years now until "we get it right." ConnorB: What can we say? We're committed. This same pattern happens on smaller scales in cities, towns, nations and countries, and these are microcosmic opportunities that feed into the macrocosmic potential. We have more to say, of course. ConnorB: Thank you! Until next time. Maureen: Perhaps in life spans as well. 50 - 75 years is close enough to lifetimes. NEXT Nan: A big change in topic, but I have been considering material on body types that describes as "passive" the Lunar, Jovial, and Venusian types and as "active" the Saturnian, Mercurial, Martial, and Solar types. I am wondering whether a person's particular mix of passive or active body types has an effect on natural abilities for such inner work as meditation or dream study. Yes, Nan, very much so, but not as obstacles, only as differences of terrain. Depending on one's Body Type mix, there may be some necessity for greater stillness while another Body Type mix may need greater movement, while others may need variation. Nan: The greater "active" in the mix the more need for movement? Meditation and Dream Study are accessible by all with a Body, but some may need to groove a bit during meditation while others may need to focus and embrace stillness. The pattern TENDS to be that the more passive the body type, the more necessity for activity, and the more active body types require stillness, but wherever one is in that circle that binds active and passive, you will need both over time. We suggest using whichever feels more inviting because that is the path that is yours, and then as you need to move around the circle, do so. Nan: Thank you NEXT Juni: I was wondering if you could comment on Dorothy Parker's life and if we could have her role, soul age, and casting? specifically did she have some sort of agreement with MLK, with regard to comments? Dorothy Parker was a Personality of the 5th Level Mature Sage-Cast Warrior who had a Life Task of "REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF ABSURDITY." She was attempting to balance a Philanthropic Karma with the Priest known as Martin Luther King. This did not succeed. Juni: Because of his death? However, the Life Task was fulfilled through keen expression of observation. Yes, the death disrupted the effects of the intent. NEXT Uma: What would Michael say are effective ways to diminish the hold of chief feature both individually and collectively? and would this be part of 'getting it right'? part of 'anchoring of peace and compassion.' First, we will say that "getting it right" is a phrase we used for convenience in its familiarity and we do not mean to imply that there is a "wrong." There is only evolution and this is a progress frought with "wrong" because that is part of how consciousness learns and grows. And refines itself. On an individual scale the work of transforming Chief Features is a matter of effort to bring conscious choice to the equation. Chief Features cannot survive conscious choice. Though we can speak more specifically to each Chief Feature and to each individual struggling with a Chief Feature about tactics to transform, we can say that everyone can benefit from practicing conscious choice. However specific we get on any specific person or Chief Feature, it aims for conscious choice. Conscious choice is the result of RESPONSE where as unconscious or subconscious choice is often the result of REACTION. Ask yourselves if you are Responding, or if you are Reacting. One can change that dynamic immediately, as one gains practice in it. We have referred to this as Photography, or the practice of catching yourself in a moment as a kind of snapshot and observing it from a calmer perspective If you are in a moment where you can ask if you are Responding or if you are Reacting, you are already shifting toward Response and Conscious Choice. Sometimes you must acknowledge Reactions long after they have occurred, and then return to heal any impact from those Reactions by implementing new Responses. All of this work on an individual level contributes to the collective level. As long as you are checking yourself, you are contributing to the transformation, healing, and anchoring of peace. It can be tricky, but if you can help others to check themselves and return to Response and Conscious Choice, it is valuable. This can be tricky because there must be deep mutual trust and rapport for this to work. If you point out the flailing of a stranger, it can help further entrench them. However, if you are subject to any harm from an individual or collective whose Chief Features are rampant, then your efforts to resist, raise consciousness and encourage awareness is valuable even in the face of reactionary defenses. We must conclude here for today, though we suggest further exploration of some of these topics as students. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    This might be confusing to read through the first time around. I've been ruminating on my ET for a while and had so many questions surrounding my ET but not necessarily ABOUT my ET so I felt the need to explain in detail and have lots of context in addition to the questions pertinent to the session... which I think lead it to be rather inconvenient for Troy to channel (!) Michael ends up answering all my questions in the order I originally asked, even while I reiterated them after Michael described the most effective means of relaying information. There's also random interjections I make which make things seem out of order but all questions are eventually answered. Thank you, Troy for putting up with that, keeping the connection to Michael all while relaying all of the responses. I really appreciate it. In a nutshell, some things covered in this session are: discerning True Perception from Projection, Warrior-Server relationship dynamic, losing yourself in romantic relationships and the process of creating yourself and, of course, the role of Choice in all of this. - - - MEntity: Hello to you, Catherine. We are here, now. We can begin. Catherine: Hi Michael, I have questions and concerns about the validation of my ET, what our relationship dynamic is like, details on Agreements we share (Healing and Higher Affection), and my self-karma in relation to all of this. Please share comments and perspectives you see as especially relevant, significant and helpful or anything I haven’t asked about but are important - not that I have to tell you but I digress! Here it goes, In combination with my gut instinct and reflecting on the information from the previous session, I’m 80% sure that my ET is someone who [personal information omitted] - can you see if this is the true? Despite the surety of my gut instinct, I’m a little worried that the attraction I felt (am feeling) is skewing my perception. What are some ways to differentiate between clear and true perception vs perception that is clouded by self-karma and personality-based attraction? I read that normally there is an attraction but with no “charge” (note: I was referring to Heartlinks here) which makes things a bit hard for me to discern because obsession and limerence are present most times there are romantic elements involved—either that or the complete opposite where I become very, very closed-off and cold. It’s been a work-in-progress finding the right balance in allowing myself to feel what I feel and interacting with those others in a way that isn’t hurtful or confusing. I’m positive my key self-karmic issues revolve around interpersonal relationships. Which leads me to ask… What is the relationship dynamic between Warriors and Servers, and in particular between myself and my ET? What are some positive and fruitful aspects and what are the pitfalls? I very much relate to the Warrior perceiving Love through loyalty and a Warrior’s tendency to be possessive due to a preoccupation with Space and Territory. I recognize these in myself and they seem to have manifested in a very unhealthy way. It’s hard for me not to feel hurt when I feel like someone I feel “should” be loyal to me isn’t (despite what I do or don’t do for them and in spite of my shitty behavior/actions). I suspect the Warrior-Server dynamic and pitfalls are related to the Agreements with my ET involving Healing and Higher Affection. Hence, I would like some clarification and more detail on those particular Agreements: Is healing (generally) for the purpose of understanding and rectifying karma or self-karma? Is healing necessarily between two fragments always relevant to something that happened between the two in the past? If so, are there significant issues we are still having trouble resolving? What are they? What are we working on healing together or with/for each other? How can I best support my ET? Can you clarify what you meant by “Higher” Affection? Is it affection that is not bound to romantic feelings and attachment? I’m confused and conflicted because while I do want to have some sort of relationship with my ET, (a great part of me wants it to be a romantic one) I’m also terrified of it becoming a reality. I feel like I would lose myself in it and fuck up what I want and then resent everyone involved including myself. I don’t want to want something while knowing/believing it will bring out the worst in myself and self-sabotage. I want to keep it from happening but I can’t help wanting it and reacting to it despite it all. It’s a problem, yearning yet resisting. Is there a particular Soul Age or Level when ET relationships are not so intense or fraught with complicated feelings and circumstances? Is it when we’re both able to resolve issues of self-acceptance, self-karma and Chief Features? End. Thank you. MEntity: One moment as we read and compile a response. Catherine: Yes, okay. Please take your time. MEntity: First, it is always helpful for you to put into your own words what you wish to tell us, focus on, question, and explore because this helps us to see where both the Personality and Essence are on the matters at hand. It also gives the channel a tangible reference point for the brain to function naturally while accessing supernatural dimensions. Catherine: Okay, let me think about it a little. First, I would like to know if my ET [personal information omitted] as a means of validating. I would also like clarification on the Agreements we have: Healing and Higher Affection. What are we healing together or for each other? Are there details you can provide about this? What is Higher Affection? Is it affection without romantic elements or attachment? MEntity: As for your assessment of Essence Twin, you appear to be correct. Catherine: Thank you for confirming! I will continue posting questions as I am able to articulate them. MEntity: You are also correct that it can be difficult to discern between True Perception and projection, but the key tends to be, ironically, in one's willingness to be wrong. When one is projecting, there tends to be a strong investment in the narrative and meaning to the point of defense, whereas True Perception can be just as certain, but is more interested in knowing the truth over "being right." True Perception may be correct or incorrect, but Projection is always incorrect. Catherine: What is the relationship dynamic like between Warriors and Servers--specifically between myself and my ET, in terms of positive and fruitful aspects vs pitfalls? MEntity: As for the attraction, Essence Twins may or may not be attracted to one another, but the defining factor is never attraction. It is Intensity. Catherine: That's even worse!! I'm kind of kidding but not really. MEntity: The concept of Essence Twins can be romanticized and idealized by students, but it is inaccurate to the reality. Catherine: Yeah, it is difficult for me to separate the two. Or WANT to separate the two. Hell, I don't even want to want to be romantically attracted to anyone. It gets too complicated and intense. MEntity: The dynamic between Warriors and Servers is as varied as any relationship because there are uncountable variations involved. When Essences are in the Positive Pole, all can get along with one another. When Warriors and Servers are in the Positive Pole, they can tend to find wide common ground of interests in causes, injustices, and ways that one can contribute to the well-being and safety of others, and each other. Catherine: Noted. MEntity: When the Negative Poles are involved, Warriors and Servers can resort to intense self-defense and stubborn insistence on what each feels is more important than what the other feels is important. It becomes a battle for who is "better." OR one or the other exploits the other. Catherine: I see. Thank you, I'll keep an eye out for that. MEntity: As for the healing agreements, we see these as related to INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. There have been wounds caused by the choices of others that were never meant to harm anyone, but were experienced as harmful, nonetheless. This is being addressed by the Healing Agreements. Catherine: I definitely see that, on both ends. MEntity: As for Higher Affection, we do mean it exactly as you describe it. It is an affection that could be called Appreciation or Gratitude, and is unbound from projection, disappointment, and boredom. Catherine: Good to know. I'll work on that one. I think that's a hard one for me. MEntity: As for your wariness regarding actual romance, this is fair because you must approach any relationship with anyone, let alone an Essence Twin, with some sensibility about where you are with yourself. If you dive into a relationship as a way to escape yourself, then you will "lose" yourself. Relationships always do better as byproducts, not as goals. In other words, just spending time together and sharing experiences naturally develop a relationship, and then what you call that relationship is in shared hands. Catherine: Okay. I needed to hear that. Thanks. MEntity: One of the reasons you lose yourself in a relationship is because you are still working on creating yourself. Catherine: What do you mean by "creating yourself"? Loving and accepting the person you choose to become? MEntity: You will always grow and change and evolve and create, so you do not have to wait for some magical conclusion of growth before pursuing relationships, but it will be important for you to remember that while you are creating the core of yourself, relationships will be like classrooms for you. Catherine: Understood. MEntity: By "creating yourself" we mean that your are confident in what you feel you contribute to the world, to your life, and to relationships. Catherine: Got it. MEntity: As you create yourself, your confidence grows and so do your contributions. In short, creating yourself is a process of knowing yourself. MEntity: As for the intensity of turbulence in relationships, this is entirely unrelated to soul age and overleaf combinations, etc. There are no "safe picks." There is only choice. The more one chooses from the Positive Poles, the more intimacy is available. Catherine: Alright, thank you. That is the most sensible way to approach/act isn't it. Catherine: Ha MEntity: It is sometimes helpful to be sensible, but not always. Catherine: Well, it's definitely both a relief to know and a sense of overwhelm at the personal responsibility Catherine: =) MEntity: This is part of the joy and terror of incarnation. Catherine: You can say that again! Hahaha Catherine: Thanks so much for this session, Michael. It was very helpful. MEntity: We will conclude here for today, Catherine. You are doing Good Work. Continue this line of self-awareness without using it against yourself, and you are well on your way to a solid core of confidence. MEntity: Goodbye, for now.
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    I think it's important to remember to be proactive about grounding yourself especially during times like this as well as balancing all of your centers. For most, that would probably involve the Moving Center in some way. Nature hasn't stopped being beautiful just because things on the political front have turned nasty. Remember to still take time to to enjoy and appreciate that. If you find yourself in a busy place with plenty of people, just sit and observe and use your imagination to ponder all of the stories that are there right in front of you. In other words, remember the Callateral Beauty :) Here's an example recently that caught my attention that I've already posted on facebook. I was out doing my walk at our local marina. The water was perfectly calm. Note the ironic reminder there? :) It was acting as an almost perfect mirror for the cloud patterns above. There were plenty of people walking about as well but I don't remember seeing anyone in awe of the very beautiful and fleeting occurance that was right before their eyes had they just taken time to notice and appreciate it. I did and captured this photo.
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    1/31/2017 DianeHB: My next question is from Tex: Our Essence has a great deal of knowledge from many lifetimes. Is it possible to access that knowledge and experience, or is it just a first chakra thing? We just get vague impressions and try to work with that? Is there a "direct phone line"? MEntity: In response to Tex: MEntity: When one is incarnated, the greatest and most direct line of access to one's ancient knowledge is what one refers to as Imagination. Unfortunately, most fragments are raised to distrust imagination and to render it a source of distrust or creativity, but not a source of information and insight. MEntity: This imprinting does not halt the use of imagination for information and insight, but it tends to be limited to certain situations and scenarios. MEntity: A great obstacle comes when one tries to use the imagination as a source of knowledge and insight sourced from ancient experience because the imagination has only exercised its muscle for creativity and fear. MEntity: So as one tries to access ancient knowledge, it comes buried deep within mythology, symbolism, distortion, and a fun house of mirrors. MEntity: By the time one can undo the imprinting that limits imagination, the life is often at its end. MEntity: For many older souls the overcoming of limitations to imagination come as a passive invitation rather than an active effort. This is because the active effort can bring too much of the limited mind to the equation, whereas the passive invitation allows insight and knowledge to come through unexpectedly. MEntity: This is why asking for insight from dreams can be useful. MEntity: All knowledge that is relevant to your life tends to get through as necessary, particularly more so when Essence is manifesting. MEntity: If you wish to actively access one's ancient knowledge, it must be treated as an art similar to channeling. MEntity: You would begin with your questions and answers only for the sake of practice and documentation until you can begin to see a pattern that allows you to discern between insight/information and creativity/distortion. MEntity: We have more to say on this subject, but must conclude here for today. MEntity: It is a subject worth exploring further as a subject of study. We will arrange with Troy. Good day to both of you. MEntity: Goodbye, for now.
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    For the last 2-3 years I've been posting edited versions of the energy reports on the white board in the employee lounge of one of my job sites. They generally have very positive responses. Anyway, I've been doing these for years, but felt like posting some pics for fun. Hugs!
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    In my last two sessions with Troy, I asked some basic questions about my sons that I hope to pass on to them some day. The channeling was accurate and seemed to capture their personalities very well. Luke is my dark and stormy French revolutionary who questions our authority. Every. Day. And Jake is our bright and shiny graffiti artist, who just wants to bring joy and laughter. In Jake's channeling, I was not expecting the result of some of the parallels where I am not his mother. I am thankful every day that I adopted Jake. Now even more so. LUKE Channeled by Troy January 24, 2017 DanielaS: Good morning, Michael. Today I would like to focus on my older son, Luke, who is almost 9 years old. Troy channeled profiles for both of my sons but I think their names were switched. First, can you confirm that Luke is the Scholar-cast Artisan from C1E3, and not the Sage-cast Sage from C1E2? Then, here are my other questions about Luke and you can answer what you can in the time we have: What is Luke's Life Task and why was it chosen? What is a past life that resonates with his current life? Why did he choose for me to be his mother? Is there anything Luke's Essence needs me to know? MEntity: In response to the first question: It is true that these were labeled incorrectly as Troy has "Jake" as "older son." As the names are irrelevant, we focused on "older son." MEntity: LIFE TASK: TO SOLVE THE MYSTERY MEntity: This describes a broad net that would likely involve growing curiosity and creativity fueling a sense that something must be figured out, uncovered, resolved, solved, etc. MEntity: This Task comes up after a few lifetimes where obvious "signs" and symbols and simple symptoms of the life pointed to deeper, greater meaning and patterns and these were ignored. Upon Review, it was found that if those prompts for pursuing mystery had been taken seriously, the life would have had very different and more dimensional outcomes. MEntity: This lifetime will be looking for the mystery, for the surprises, for the patterns and signs and synchronicities so that curiosity and creativity are not just passive but active strengths. MEntity: If the Task is pursued, it would likely show up as a growing strength in seeing and interpreting patterns that lead to paths of healing, discovery, invention, innovation, etc. This Task is not necessarily on a larger scale, but can be intimate and involve the mysteries of the heart, relationships, the pain in others, etc. MEntity: If the Task is rejected, this may then show up as scattered energy, lack of direction, disconnection and disinterest, moping, boredom, etc. MEntity: A past life of resonance might be from the time and place of the French Revolution when "Luke" was drawn into strong positions of dissent and rebellion, helping to coordinate and recruit for a cause. MEntity: This past life appears to be of resonance because of the interest in developing a strong will and strong passions that are inexhaustible for another cause. MEntity: This cause may be private and personal, or related to larger public events. MEntity: But the resonance is strong here, which indicates to us it is quite deeply important. MEntity: There are many reasons this fragment chose for you to be his mother, but one of the core reasons appears to be related to what may show up as a growing passion for a cause and you may be key to the support necessary for guidance and clarity. MEntity: These reasons are of Essence, of course. The reasons of the Personality can be much more intricate and delicate. As the Personality does not as freely choose factors before the birth, the parameters of choice around bonding are limited to the evolution of the Personality within the lifetime. MEntity: As for communication from his Essence, we can see lines inviting patience, persistence, and playfulness, with even greater invitation to questioning or inviting questions. By this we mean to foster that curiosity in the mysterious as you see opportunities to do so. MEntity: We must conclude here for today, Daniela. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now. JAKE Channeled by Troy February 7, 2017 DanielaS: Good morning, Michael. Today I would like to focus on my younger son, Jake, who is 4 years old and a Sage-cast Sage from C1E2. Here are my questions and you can answer what you can in the time we have: What is Jake's Life Task and why was it chosen? Why did he choose for me to be his mother? I am especially curious about this because I adopted Jake through unexpected, extraordinary circumstances. Would a different Essence have incarnated if his Birth Mother had chosen to raise him? What is a past life that resonates with his current life? Is there anything Jake's Essence needs me to know? MEntity: LIFE TASK: TO ENCOURAGE, UPHOLD, AND REVEAL THE TRUTH MEntity: This Task appears to have been chosen as a way to help focus on the full range between the subtle and the obvious Truth. This fragment lived through three lifetimes where "he" demanded the truth on very specific terms and anything outside of this was rejected, punished, or seen as a threat. MEntity: With the emphasis on the full range of the Truth in this lifetime, we would expect a move between extremes between "playing" with the Truth and being quite literal with the Truth, eventually finding a balance through recognition of the nuance and flexibility where most truths are involved. MEntity: It will be some time before this starts to show as a pattern leading toward fulfillment or rejection of the Task. MEntity: The Agreements between you are many, but from what we can see the primary imprinting that was anticipated by Essence in this Parent/Child Agreement could be summed up as your own navigation of "Integrity." MEntity: Your navigation of Integrity is highly nuanced and subtle and quite internal, and this is a beautiful source of imprinting for this fragment in regard to his own path. The constant negotiation, the hard edges, the soft edges, the defenses, the confidence, the trust, the patience, etc. All of this has likely been felt to be private, but this is a rich resource of imprinting. MEntity: Beyond that practicality, the choice is simply because you love one another. MEntity: There are parallels where the birth did not result in adoption, and this was met with different responses with most being various complications that led to death. There are several variations that continue despite the lack of anticipated imprinting, of course. DanielaS: Wow. MEntity: There are only a few variations where a Walk-In took over the life. MEntity: Though a life can branch out a multitude of parallels, the first seven years tend to be fairly "strict" about the emphasis on the goals and resources for the life, so if circumstances are interfering, death is often chosen. This is not preferred, but it is not uncommon. MEntity: It is one thing to have a momentum in place from which branches can be forms of creative exploration, and quite another to be "derailed" before any momentum has begun. That momentum tends to be required to sustain the branching out. MEntity: Though we cannot find a name, a relevant past life looks to be one from the late 20th Century New York City where this fragment struggled with the deep desire for expression that contributed to a controversial "vandalism vs art" debate that continues to this day. MEntity: We would think that the era and art of Warhol, Basquiat, etc. may come to be quite familiar and inspiring at some point in this current life. MEntity: In terms of messages from Essence: YOUR LAUGHTER IS LIFE. DanielaS: I feel that every day. He is a light. MEntity: We do not presume to interpret this, but it does indicate that something about your sense of joy matters. DanielaS: His silliness saves me some days. MEntity: It is his barometer, so to speak, for navigating his development. If you are still able to laugh, he is "doing alright." MEntity: We will conclude here for today, Daniela. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now. DanielaS: Yes. Thank you so much! As always! Luke (left) and Jake (right)
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    This might apply specifically to my blindspots, but I think the suggestions Michael gives are pretty universal, so I'm sharing in hopes that others may also benefit. From a Private Session on February 2, 2017 (question order edited for clarity): Kasia: Can you give me some advice to help uncover my CF blindspots? For example, a recent conversation with Hani helped highlight a habit of Self-Deprecation I wasn’t really aware of, and you’ve mentioned “false invulnerability”, which I’ve also seen play out in my relationships, in our last session. Kasia: I feel like once I have an idea of what’s wrong, I’m fairly good at working through it, but in this case, I don’t know what I don’t know. One effective method of uncovering this is through relationships that trigger me, but that’s a challenging path with loads of defenses, and I’d really like to find a “better" way. Kasia: I’d prefer to focus more on Self-Dep, but since it and Arrogance are on the same axis, perhaps working with one can help with the other. MEntity: Returning to your current question: MEntity: Two key factors can help you without having to go "too close" to the trigger: MEntity: -- When you think you know better. MEntity: -- When you would rather be doing something else. MEntity: These are precursors to a couple of blind spots that are missed because of cumulative actions. MEntity: You often DO know better, but sometimes that is not the point. MEntity: Sometimes the point is to know DIFFERENTLY, not Better. Kasia: Yes, ok, this helps. MEntity: Knowing "differently" can mean that you can try to know where someone else is coming from, or more often than not, it can mean not just knowing with your intellect, but knowing from your heart, from your spirit, from your gut, from your mind. MEntity: Know Differently. MEntity: When you would rather be doing something else, you stack that energy in a way that is then used to defeat yourself or sabotage yourself when you do have a moment to focus on what you would rather do, by being too tired, too distracted, too scattered, too unsure, too annoyed, etc. Kasia: Oh, god, yes, that's me. Kasia: And I am aware that our time is up, so thank you for finishing this question. MEntity: When you are doing something that you would rather not do, use this as practice for the hard parts of doing what you DO want to do. Instead of using your obligations as a fuel for defeat, use them as fuel for strength. MEntity: There will always be parts of even the most pleasurable and desirable paths where one would rather be doing something else, so if you can embrace those moments as exercise rather than as impositions, you build strength instead of burden. MEntity: Good day to you, then, Kasia. Goodbye, for now. Kasia: That is very helpful. Thank you Michael. Today has been a very inspiring session.
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    From a Private Session on February 2, 2017 (question order edited for clarity): MEntity: Hello to you, Kasia. We are here. We have been "on hold" by Troy, but we are here, now. Kasia: Good morning Michael! To start, I wanted to get a quick update on where I am in my progress through the IMs. Have I finished my 5th IM in Positive Poles? MEntity: Let us ask you this as part of a learning and validation process: do you feel you have reached a point where you have freed yourself from your own demands, regardless of how long you may have identified with them? Do you feel overwhelmed by possibilities or lack of possibilities, or do you feel alive and eager for exploration? Do you feel you have become a burden to yourself, or do you feel affection growing for your uncertainty MEntity: and potential? Do you feel ready to "give up" or do you feel you have "gotten over yourself" and know that you can create yourself in any image you feel you can? Kasia: The latter to each of those questions. Kasia: Since mid-2016 I've noticed a "softening" of my own demands, to the point where now I don't really mind which way things go, so long as I focus on the joy of getting there. MEntity: Then your psyche is aligned with and on board with your progress as you launch out from the Positive Pole of the 5th Internal Monad. We did not simply want to tell you where you are, but wanted to know if your consciousness had caught up to where you are. Kasia: Yeah, I've been feeling it for a while, and felt that openness I've seen described post-5th IM. Kasia: But "softer" is the best term to describe it, I think. I don't feel all the rough edges any more. MEntity: That is valid. Kasia: Great, thank you for validating that. MEntity: That "softness" is not only freedom, but self-love. MEntity: Previous to the "softness" of self-love there is often self-absorption, and this can have rather sharp edges. Kasia: I can definitely validate that from reading journal entries I'd written years ago! Very sharp edges. Kasia: Next, I’d like to explore my Life Task in more detail with you today. In a previous session, you said that my Task is "TO ALLOW FOR EXTREMES - this Task appears to have been chosen after several lifetimes of avoiding extremes, of "playing it safe," and of completing a set of lives that explored the safety of a sheltered life. Kasia: Your Essence now seeks the extremes as a means of understanding that safety and peace are not dependent upon external factors, or false structures of protection. This Task is not imposed on you, but you seem to have embraced if fully, and have grown to live elegantly from a center that is profoundly safe.” Kasia: Can you expand upon that, and tell me more about what Essence wants to understand through this Life Task? What did you mean by "safety and peace”, and what does living “elegantly from a center that is profoundly safe” actually mean/look like? MEntity: Regarding the Life Task: MEntity: "Extremes" will be relative and contextual, so they may not always be noticed as extremes. When one is deeply divided by bouts of defeat vs bouts of enthusiasm, this is an example of extremes. When one is full of ideal vs no action to fulfill them, this is an example of extremes. When one is bursting with enthusiasm and joy vs living a life of obligation and routine, this an extreme. MEntity: Many extremes are dismissed as "responsibilities" or being appropriate. MEntity: In your case, where you think/thought your life would vs where it is/will be going are extremes of which you are not afraid. MEntity: CORRECTION: In your case, where you think/thought your life would be/go vs where it is/will be going and become are extremes of which you are not afraid. MEntity: Anymore. Kasia: Yes, that's very true. Kasia: I always had this optimistic view that things would "work out", but I feel like now I've truly embraced my responsibility in making that happen. MEntity: In other lives you may have struggled to retain whatever was safest, most sensible, sound. And that is a valid path. But in this life it was of interest to see what it would be like after having a sense of safety, sensibility, and soundness, some internal impulse and aching for the unknown, uncertainty, and unexpected launched you into a surprisingly new sense of self. MEntity: In that sense of new self, you would find that safety and peace are not dependent upon securing external parameters and elements, but is actually far more useful and meaningful when safety and peace from from not just "trust in life," but in "trust in self." MEntity: Living elegantly from a center that is profoundly safe means that you are no longer thrown off by extremes, surprises, and even disappointments, but that you gyroscopically sustain a stillness and effectiveness of energy as you continue to navigate. Kasia: Since I have a much greater trust in myself now than ever before, will my further exploring the extremes focus on bringing a greater sense of stability to them? Like in the example of being full of ideals, but no action to fulfil them. Is it now about finding the space where ideals are acted upon? Kasia: It's hard to explain, but I feel like now that I've gotten to know the extremes of certain actions, I want to explore the space between them. To create that space. Kasia: And to create from that space. MEntity: You have a vast landscape ahead of you and inside you now, so you have plenty of "space," but the task now is to sort, prioritize, and experiment. Though your vision may be wide, it must also balance with some focus. This is a new kind of focus that is not pressured or prescribed. It is curious. To better sustain the sense of space you need, understand that space as curiosity. Some directions, paths, projects, relationships, etc MEntity: will have your desire clearly fueling the attraction, and you can start with those. Kasia: That's precisely what "this" feels like. MEntity: Yes. You are doing Good Work. Kasia: Thank you! MEntity: It may not always feel like this, and there will be ups and downs as usual, but "this" is yours now. Kasia: How does my second Task Companion relate to my Life Task, and what role would she play in helping me with it? She’s been channeled as an Artisan who "would appear to be a literal ‘artist' whose work is inspiring to you and strikes you in a personal way. We do not know if you have met yet, but the art emphasizes a different dimension of reality, Kasia: as if extracting beauty from what is otherwise presumed mundane.” MEntity: Though individuals who may cross paths or share in tasks may also contribute to the Life Task, the Life Task is purely the responsibility of the individual. The Task Companion's influence is in terms of experiences you may share, but those can be funneled into or away from the fulfillment of your personal Life Task. MEntity: For example: MEntity: This individual may introduce you to some ideas and people who are well beyond what you expected to "run with" socially or creatively, but here they are. This can contribute to your Life Task, or your fulfillment of the Life Task can contribute to your confidence in the experiences. Kasia: I see. MEntity: So in this case, the Task Companion could be considered as helping your Life Task by introducing new experiences that can further fulfill your Task, or that your fulfilled Task will help you navigate more effectively. Kasia: Have we crossed paths yet (with her, or her art)? If we have, I don't think I'm aware of it. MEntity: This Task Companion has high potential for prompting the feeling that she is a "distraction," and that may be true in many ways, but your work on the Life Task will let you more easily and confidently navigate the relationship without losing yourself. MEntity: We do not see that you have crossed paths, yet. MEntity: We do not think you have found her art. Kasia: She sounds fun! Kasia: As does her art. MEntity: We think we have identified your Task Companion. Kasia: Oh? Do tell! MEntity: Further validation and cross-referencing may be required, but because this fragment entered our view of records so clearly and quickly, we think there is relevance. An artist known as "Rachel Clarke." Kasia: I will certainly look her up. Thank you. NOTES: I found Michael's use of the word "gyroscopically" rather peculiar, so if you're curious, here's what a gyroscope looks like. I think the visual really helps make sense of what they were saying. As for the Task Companion, there's still validation to be done, but I found this artist as a likely contender. Her use of animation and augmented reality speaks to me (both topics have been a passing interest of mine for several years, especially AR), and her work certainly meets the criteria of "well beyond what you expected to 'run with' socially or creatively". I wasn't expecting a name today, so this all came as a surprise that I'll need some time to sort through. ETA: I think this installation really fits the initial description Michael gave, especially that blurb at the end!
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    Additional material on the Infinite Soul from a POF on January 5, 2011 Bobbi: Is the Infinite Soul incarnate at this time and if so will I meet him/her/them in this lifetime? MEntity: There is no incarnation of the Infinite Soul at this time in this timeline. There have been many "close-calls," but it has yet to happen, though several candidates are still alive and well, with a few having opted out, and others added in the past 5 years to replace those. Bobbi: I was told I "turned away" last time around and may have a chance to complete a monad. MEntity: As long as Human Sentience is continuing to mature in a way that is taking responsibility, action, and compassion for each other, the animals, and creatures, and planet, then there is no need for intervention. It is a "bumpy" evolution, but it is happening, nonetheless. Geraldine: so, the IS is when we're failing Maureen: Does that mean when Jesus, Buddha, etc. were alive - "we" needed intervention? Bobbi: yes MEntity: At this point, Bobbi, there is high probability for meeting at least one of the candidates, and even if not manifesting the Infinite Soul, would have that unique line of resonance that would be rather profound. MEntity: We would not describe it as "failing," but it is a kind of intervention. It is a reinstatement of the Logos in some form so that the Universal Truths are brought back into perspective. Most-recently, the fragment who has come to be known as Jesus brought the Love element of the Logos, whereas the Buddha brought the Energy/Beauty element, and Lao Tzu brought Truth. MEntity: The Infinite Soul can manifest through any Role. MEntity: Some restrictions have come through in various channeling due to prejudices of definition and duties of Roles. MEntity: The candidates at this time range across all Roles, and are up to 12 fragments representing options that cover various demographics. MEntity: If the manifestation were to occur, we still see the plan being that 5 variations would manifest simultaneously across a female, a child, a homosexual, an African in Africa, and one that could be described as a "wild card." MEntity: The messages would be consistent, despite completely separate backgrounds, contexts, and languages. Maureen: Are they 'aware' of each other at this time? MEntity: Not that we know of. MEntity: They are living rather "normal" lives and would continue to do so unless the sequences were activated for manifestation. Geraldine: Oh so, we're not going to find potential IS candidates sitting on mountain tops? MEntity: We can say without interference and repercussion that a former child candidate was that of fragment sensationalized in a Cuban custody battle. We think he is known by Elian. MEntity: Geraldine, the candidates for Infinite Souls have rarely sat on mountaintops, though some Transcendental Souls have.
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    MEntity: If we are reading records correctly, we see you as the 4th Level Old Artisan-Cast Warrior manifesting Mature to Old from Cadre 2, Entity 1 with a 25 Male and 75 Female Energy Ratio with a Frequency of 80 in the 315th lifetime in the 10th Grand Cycle, with a Server Essence Twin who is male from Cadre 2, Entity 7. A Priest Female Task Companion and a Sage Task Companion as a Guide. You are a Spiritualist in Observation that slides to Passion with a Goal of Acceptance, Intellectually-Centered, Emotional Part, in a Body Type mix of Venus/Mercury/Solar, and Chief Features of Arrogance and Self-deprecation. - - - Role: Not surprised about Warrior. I knew I was one of the Action roles. I could and did rationalize myself as the other roles but they just didn't sit well with me. Interestingly, more than analyzing, the most effective means of validation for me was in noticing what kind of music resonates with me. When I analyze, I end up confusing myself because I can easily rationalize to myself how I could plausibly be ANY role depending on context. Casting: I knew I was Ordinal cast or Scholar-cast, likely Server or Scholar. I feel like most people would peg me as Server or Scholar. I also identify with Inspirational energy and feel strong resonance to stereotypical Scholar qualities (this is where my Cadre and Entity placements make sense to me). Rather than validating via stereotypes or how others might see me, I found it to be more accurate to validate based on a Role's Overleaves. In this case, Artisan or Ordinal Expression Overleaves include Discrimination, Caution and Skepticism. I can see myself being discriminating/discerning and skeptical on an everyday basis. Caution, I don't identify with so much but I think that might be tempered by my high frequency combined with female/creative energy. I generally trust that things will turn out okay and believe that it's necessary to get a bit hurt in order to find where and what my limits are so I can go at it again in a more effective way the second time around. I am more cautious when it comes to things that directly involve others like learning or doing for others rather than myself. Goal: I originally thought I had the goal of Flow based on how I approached things during a difficult period in my life and later learning that letting go and trusting is the better way to go. I don't have issues with controlling my life so much now, just during that time. I do, however, struggle with acceptance from others even now... so it makes sense that my goal is Acceptance. A goal wouldn't be a goal if it were so easy to overcome and if you only have to overcome it once. Acceptance is truly a constant process for me. From high school up until my mid-20s, I put up a very prickly, standoffish and abrasive front. The reason, in a nutshell, was because while I wanted to be accepted I kept experiecing rejection, or what I perceived and internalized to be rejection, intentional or not. So I made the decision that I was just done with people. I refused to trust anyone or give anyone the benefit of the doubt. It was easier for me to approach the world in an aggressive, cynical and bleak way instead. Fuck everything and everyone else. I put up a facade that I didn't need anybody and that nothing and no one could hurt me. I took pride in being self-sufficient and (seemingly) unaffected by others. In a way, behaving like that ensured two things: 1) I know where I stand with everyone, there's no confusion. I don't have to worry about whether or not motives are clear if I make sure people don't like me. 2) The behavior/demeanor acted like a filter - those who, against all odds, somehow like me despite how unwelcoming I am, I could trust to let in. I expected people who really wanted to be my friend to keep persisting without yielding myself. At that point, it was the proof I required in order to feel I wouldn't be rejected by them in the future. I chose to change when I started to see how much it affected myself and others in detrimental ways. Even though I've let go of that front, the negative pole of Acceptance now manifests when I feel obligated to take care of others' feelings to an extent that is unnecessary and more for my ego's benefit than anything else. Still working on finding a balance. Mode: I thought I was in Passion mode but Observation sliding to Passion made sense when I read about modes in relationships. Attitude: Spiritualist is one of the least I expected to be my Attitude. I thought I was Stoic since I can be very fatalistic in my perspective. I tend to think the worst of things, though I can see how this also applies to Spiritualism in that a Spiritualist can decide to believe the worst in a situation without making the effort to verify why it would be so. It is just decided based on projection. Energy and Ratio: I originally thought I had higher male/focused energy... I think mostly due to a confusion and/or conflation with solid Roles and their tendency to be more focused in combination with Warriors being strategic. In reflecting a bit more, I have always been intuitive and chaotic in approaching and processing things. It's why I make an effort to be very organized, meticulous and slow in terms of translating/articulating my work, experience, thoughts and feelings to others. People often get the impression that I am very strict, logical and planned out when I most certainly am not. Center and Part: I thought the inverse was true, that I am Emotionally centered with an Intellectual part. I think I just mixed up the two. I can definitely validate the Emotional part since it works in conjunction with the female/creative energy and high frequency in making it difficult to articulate my thoughts and feelings on the spot. Chief Features: Yup. Curious, though, that these two are kinda on opposite poles. Will be thinking more about this. Cadre and Entity: Cadre 2, the Knowledge Cadre. This one was satisfying to piece together because when I was trying to validate my Role, the most obvious one at first glance was Scholar but I had trouble accepting it on an intuitive level. Reading the information provided on Cadre 2 was very helpful. Entity 1 and its resonance with the Server Role also makes sense to me. I feel like I approach things and people in a way that is geared towards being mindful and helpful. I don't know how much influence the Cadres and Entities would have but it fits well for me. Essence Twin, Task Companion and Guide: In validating my ET, I ran into the same issues of self-doubt and the balance between rationalizing and trusting my intuition. There were two people that fit the initial description but one person stood out in my mind. After a recent session, turns out my intuition was right. I didn't have much doubt concerning my Priest Task Companion though! She was instantly identifiable =) My closest friend I've known since childhood. She screams Priest. I can most definitely feel the influence of my Sage Guide - there are moments when I feel really giddy, joyful and mischievous on a very internal level. It doesn't come across to others in my demeanor or behavior at all yet it's something I feel. There are also moments when my Chief Features rear up when I'm interacting with others ... for instance when I'm trying to ask a coworker a question that I feel is frivolous or unnecessary and beat myself up over having to ask, I just start laughing uncontrollably before I can finish asking the question because I suddenly feel so absurd and silly. I have no doubt in those moments, my Guide is helping me out. *Hello to the TLE community. I've been around but mostly reading and researching. I don't know how often I will be active in terms of direct and consistent contribution since I am usually more comfortable absorbing from the sidelines before participating but I will always be around and will definitely share any sessions I have that I find to be helpful.
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    Oh Dear God. I would sure hope not. I'd be doomed! :)
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    As you probably already know, I am a big fan of Anthony Bourdain. The reason? Me and him share a sacral link! Here is a Q&A with Michael during a POF session on 2/22/2017: Me: I want to explore my connection with the fragment named Anthony Bourdain. It was mentioned previously that he’s a server-cast old 5 sage from cadre 1 entity 5. I always feel we are too similar. Well, I already know we have the same overleaves, roles, and soul age. Besides that, do we have any other connections? This question gets more interesting, when I read that he is now dating actress Asia Argento - many years ago when I was a teenager, I read about Asia Argento in a movie magazine, and became immediately fascinated by her life, I don’t normally feel that kind of fascination about any actors. It just seems to me that all is connected. MEntity: the fragment in question is simply one with whom you have both a resonance with on an Essence Level and an attraction to on a Personality level. By "attraction" we mean quite literally, like gravity, and not in a superficial way. The attraction in this lifetime is related to how the Personality expresses himself and navigates the world of the senses. On an Essence Level, we think there is the Sacral Link that bonds you, which is like the Heart Link. The Sacral Cord links between both fragments' 2nd and 3rd Chakras rather than the 4th and 6th as the Heart Link. MEntity: The resonance with Asia is similar in that the Sage shares a Heart Link with her. It is often exciting and moving to look at forming a new link with one fragment who is Linked to another. The synchronicities begin then. I want to emphasize the last sentence here. This is new knowledge to me. My understanding is that, Michael is saying because me and Bourdain are sacral link, and because he and Asia are heart link, I start to form a link with Asia? So links can be formed without necessary physical world experience together? Links and external monads have between my new favorite topics lately, I feel that there are a lot more to explore about the nature of essence links and how they can be formed. Thoughts?
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    Priest ET - Primary/Intellectual Guide - April 14, 2010 Ingun: How does my discarnate Essence Twin in C1/E/7 influence my energy and my life? Michael: It appears to us that your Priest Essence Twin lends you a strong sense of wanting to "make something of this life." The Priest never likes to feel as if life is simply being lived; they tend toward wanting to leave a mark of some sort. In that regard, you appear to have some of that influence since the Priest is discarnate. This would mean that you probably struggle between your natural state of simply enjoying life, but wishing for it to mean something to someone. That is not a "bad or good thing," but simply another way of approaching life. In your case, it works because you and your Essence are truly enjoying the ups and downs of trying to figure out what matters to you, or create what matters to you. POF March 19, 2015 Q: Can I have some short information on my cycled off ET in C1/E7 who acts as one of my guides and some information on the two other guides? (My ET is a Priest) [MEntity] The Priest is your imaginary comfort. This Priest is accessible in a way that is like a warm blanket and calm and helps you to endure, to move beyond the processing of anger, resentment, and frustration. The Priest does not do the work for you, but does help you to access a strength in yourself that you are sometimes quite surprised to find. [MEntity] We know your Essence Twin. Some of our communication with you is delivered through the Priest. [MEntity] We think you know when you hear from us. The Priest is one of our channels. Q: Thank you POF February 19, 2017 Q: You’ve said that some of your communication with me Is delivered through my Priest ET, and that the Priest is one of your channels? What did you mean by that? MEntity: We never speak directly to our students in Personality. We must work through the closest Essence, which is usually your own. However, for those who wish to work with us as directly as possible without depending entirely on one of our incarnated channels, an Essence who is familiar with us will act as a kind of anchor point for access to our teaching for those whom they guide. Q: When did my Priest ET die in the last life and could you share something from the Priest’s lifetime? MEntity: We think the most recent past life sequentially would have been the life as a slave on a cotton plantation in the Georgia in the mid to late 18th Century CE. This fragment was freed early in life during a period when slavery was made illegal, but was forced into slavery for the last half of the life. MEntity: Laws returned slavery to legal status and all that had been built as a free individual was lost. MEntity: But this fragment was a force of inspiration that would not be deterred by physical limitations and became one of the only voices of hope for many, not in terms of hope for escape or a better life, but in terms of making the best of whatever the life was at the moment. MEntity: This was not easy.
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    Thank you to everyone for hearing @NicholasV out because we never know what great stuff can come from wild imagination and speculation or other teachings or other angles and ideas. We never know, so we never want to squash that. And after hearing him out, thank you for doing your best to bring some basic, practical considerations to the speculation. Thank you to everyone contributing to this thread with such impressive knowledge of this teaching and for your kindness and patience in dealing with a challenge to our common ground of understanding. I'm always a champion of giving the benefit of the doubt and presuming the best intentions of a person until proven otherwise. I love so much that everyone here has done that in response to NicholasV. I have a few responses I'd like to add: @Christian thanks for the original idea to play with in this thread. I think it goes beyond fun and is worth wondering how someone like Trump would respond to an Infinite Soul Manifestation. I'm assuming it would be similar to how responses were to Jesus. @NicholasV I really appreciate that you are exploring wild possibilities and outrageous concepts the require us to suspend everything we know. That can be a very good thing. But I think you have crossed the line from tossing us a Koan (ko·an - ˈkōän/ - noun - a paradoxical anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning and to provoke enlightenment) to tossing us a sad and depressing story. I think students here are responding to you from two places. One is to help you understand that you are basically trying to convince us that our rapist is our savior, and this will never fly. One is to help you understand the terminology and basics of The Michael Teachings because that's what this community is studying and almost everything you have said across various discussions completely ignores or distorts the very basics of the teaching. They are also responding to you out of concern for your romanticizing and glorifying those who have demonstrated clear intent to harm and even destroy entire groups of people. This idea is already sickening on its own, but to suggest this about Trump *while* he is in the middle of destroying so many lives is just not cool. Imagine if you joined a forum that was for survivors of abuse and assault and you tried to convince them that rapists are sent by a higher power to wake people up. I think you are right that Trump is a catalyst, but that's not something cosmically ordained and orchestrated. Trump is an avalanche, an earthquake, an epidemic, an infection and sickness. We cross paths with these things because they are just part of the gamble of being incarnated, not because they were orchestrated to "teach us a lesson." Sure, they can be reflections, symptoms, and results of cumulative choices, but the key is in how we respond to these things, not in their origins. Even the Infinite Soul does not presume to force enlightenment upon the masses. The Infinite Soul comes as an invitation and reminder. The work is still up to us. Do you think Jesus made the world a better place? Do you think Buddha did? No. They invited people to consider a philosophy of Truth, Love, or Energy that CAN change the world, but it's an invitation. Trump is not an invitation. He is an imposition. He is oppression. He is everything opposite to what the Infinite Soul represents in both itself and its host. So, at least in the context of the Michael Teachings, you are profoundly incorrect to guess that he may host the Infinite Soul. And we don't skip Soul Ages. And the Pleiadians are a nasty bunch, both in their valid history of xenophobia and in the fake channel who represents them. NicholasV, you are welcome here and you can believe and share whatever you want here. You have not said anything offensive or hurtful. You just shared an idea that won't fly very well here, and you have to be okay with that. If you are interested in this teaching, you can learn from everything everyone has said to you because it's not only addressing the terminology but how your concept just doesn't work, even outside of the Michael Teaching. And please make room for the frustration you might read from the words. Like I said, you are essentially trying to convince people that their rapist is their savior, so... And @Nicko, leave Microsoft out of this!! LOL, don't get me started on my raving about this incredibly innovative, inclusive, and humanitarian company. Doooon't get me started. lol @Cong, you rock. That is the kindest ass-kicking I've ever seen. Everyone else... you rock, too. Amazing.
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    MMW - February 18, 2017 - You & Your Cause Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we are asked to speak on the subject of Causes as this is a year of Submission. This means our students may be sorting through a great wave of energy that is looking for a way to funnel action into effect for a Cause. Submission is the process of determining how and where and when one is most effective. Even if you do not have Submission as your Goal, a Submission year will tend to bring up the questions around what you stand for, stand with, and contribute in ways that benefit more than yourself. There are as many Causes as there are individuals, so we will not focus today on the more acute form that one may focus on as a Cause. Today we will look at the underlying core of all Causes. Causes can be found on 3 levels for an individual or group: PERSONAL CAUSES - those Causes that affect your personal circle or sphere of experience. GLOBAL CAUSES - those Causes that affect your current planet and its inhabitants. UNIVERSAL CAUSES - those Causes that carry an impact beyond the current life and Physical Plane to affect collective paths across time and space and dimension. Some may see these as "spiritual" Causes. Nearly every fragment who is in some way interacting with the world will have a Cause. What we will share today are the 7 underlying core values that are behind every Cause. Sometimes the Core Value, itself, is the Cause, but we differentiate between the Core Value and the Cause. This is because one Cause can have all 7 Core Values as part of it from those contributing to the Cause. This why, when a Cause grows and more individuals are participating, you will find different angles from different individuals or groups regarding how to fulfill the Cause. What we will share with you today are the 7 Core Values of a Cause, the Path to fulfilling that Core Value, and the symptoms of a misguided Cause where the Path and Core Values become distorted. For this workshop, we suggest that you have a way to make notes as we deliver the information. As we share with you each Core Value, consider where it would fall as priority to you. It will be important not to emphasize any Core Value that you think you should, or that you think is better, but that you be deeply honest with yourself about what has mattered to you in ways that you know have moved you. You may find that your Personal, Global, and Universal Causes have different priorities, as well. Consider this format for your notes: Organize your responses so that you have a "top three" set of Core Values, a secondary set that may or may not be of such meaning to you, and one Core Value that you know you do not have a passion for in any obvious or meaningful way. AND/OR Organize your responses so that you sort the Core Values among Personal, Global, and Universal. There may be duplicate values, of course, acress the contexts. Remember - Personal Causes affect your personal circle or sphere of fragments and experiences. Global Causes aim to affect all inhabitants of Earth. Universal Causes aim contribute to the long-term course of your Sentient Species. Many students may not have a sense of the Universal Cause. Focus on the Personal and the Global if that is the case. Regardless of what form your Cause takes, here are the 7 Core Values that fuel the actions serving the Cause. We will begin with LOVE as a Core Value for a Cause. We mean this in the highest sense of the word in that the Cause seeks for unconditional affection and recognition of value for that which the Cause is aimed to help. The PATH that this Core Value often takes is LENIENCY. For a Cause fueled by Love, it is understood that many may make mistakes, require guidance, and even require various other Core Values to be involved before effective change is made. When this Core Value or Path are distorted it shifts into ACCOMMODATION. Effective change is halted or even reversed by the idea that Accommodation is meaningful in some way. It can be a fine line between Leniency and Accommodation, but the difference is that Lenience does not lose sight of the Cause, while Accommodation loses sight of the Cause in favor of comfort. Next is the Core Value of CREATIVITY in a Cause. The Cause is fueled by a passion for something new, or used as a way to approach a Cause from a fresh perspective. The Path this Core Value takes is that of ENCOURAGEMENT. Creativity often requires cheering on, feedback, criticism, assessment, and a sense of progress. When the Core Values of Creativity and Encouragement are distorted, there tends to be DESTRUCTION. The next Core Value would be that of EMPOWERMENT. The Cause is fueled by a passion for increasing the capacity for choice and conscious choice. The Path this Core Value takes would be that of POWER. This is a passion for obvious and tangible results in the present that have the most immediate effects on the capacity to choose. When this Path and Core are distorted it shifts into HOARDING. This is a process of accumulating and protecting power in ways that plan to be used in the future. The next Core Value would be that of WISDOM. This is a Cause fueled by the passion for experiential knowing, applied knowledge, exposure, revelations, reveals, etc. The Path that Wisdom takes is INFORMATION. This could be called Education, as well, but it is a path that is about informing, teaching. When Wisdom and Information are distorted in a Cause there is a fall into PROGRAMMING. This is a heavy reliance on pushing an idea without others fully grasping it, or a heavy reliance on hand-me-down concepts that have not been integrated, such as "this is how we've always done it," or "this is tradition," or "this is how I was taught." The next Core Value would be that of JOY. This is a Cause that is fueled for the sake of expanding access to pleasure, adventure, play, fun, and the simple things that make a life memorable. This Core Value tends to use the Path of HUMOR or LAUGHTER. When Joy and Humor are distorted there is a move into RECKLESSNESS. This is when the use of "humor" is hurtful or when it is used intentionally or unintentionally as distraction from the Cause. The next Core Value is one of UNITY. This is the Cause that is fueled with a move toward intimacy, empathy, drawing together, bridging differences, and resolving misunderstanding. The Path that Unity takes is that of SAFETY. Safety is the Path of establishing boundaries, securing protection, and clarifying "rules" so that Unity can begin and grow. When Unity and Safety are distorted there is a fall into COMFORT or ISOLATION. Either the emphasis shifts toward simply feeling comfortable or toward implementing full division. The last Core Value we will describe today is that of PEACE. This Cause is fueled by the passion to resolve conflict, to establish a broad commonality in ground or direction. Peace often follows the Path of NEGOTIATION. When Peace and Negotiation are distorted, there is a fall into OPPRESSION/INHIBITION. These are external or internal forms of establishing false peace. These are the 7 Core Values, their Paths, and their Pitfalls. To discover your actual Cause, look at what you "speak up" the most about, or that you repeatedly return to as an issue in your world or in your relationships. You can use the terms above to describe what you find is a Cause for you, or you may have a more specific name for your Cause, but can see which Core Value fuels your Cause. You do not need to share your assessment here, but we do encourage further discussion among you in your community. We will open the floor to questions now - QUEUE IS NOW OPEN - Yes, Rosario Rosario: Can you elaborate more on Love and how it is different from Unity? LOVE is about the recognition and honor of value in the existence of others, while UNITY is the bridging apparent and real differences that would otherwise divide. The difference between Love and Unity may be slight, but they are very different fuels for a Cause. For instance, LOVE may fuel a Cause for Equality, while UNITY then follows up for helping bridge differences arising from standing on equal ground. Do you see the difference here? Rosario: Yes I do NEXT, Bobby Bobby: You said that we did not need to share our assessments here but would you be open to that so if we can see if we're on the right track? We cannot "correct" your assessment in this case. Only you can determine what you feel passionate about, where you feel that passion, and what triggers or draws you to contribute in ways that benefit others. With that understood, you may share, though we may have little to say. Bobby: lol Bobby: Go ahead with the following 2 questions then and if anyone wants to chime in with their assessments they can We will say that each of you tend to specialize in a Core Value across lifetimes and that can be assessed by the correlation between Casting and Role with the order in which we shared the Core Values. SERVER, ARTISAN, WARRIOR, SCHOLAR, SAGE, PRIEST, KING For example, a Server-Cast Sage would *tend* to specialize in the Core Values of LOVE and JOY. This speaks to larger patterns and should not be used for assessing the current lifetime. NEXT: DianeHB DianeHB: Could you explain the distinction between Unity and Peace? They seem really similar to me as well. UNITY is the emphasis on bridging differences, while PEACE is the emphasis on resolving conflict. Differences are not the same thing as Conflicts, and even those with little difference can be in conflict. DianeHB: Oh I see. Conflict is more action-oriented. Consider what you have seen among our own Students. Unity is quite high among our students, but not Peace. Peace falls into Inhibition. Both Unity and Peace have their challenges among our own students, but with Inhibition, or False Peace upheld over Negotiation and True Peace, most Causes among our students across the larger community are fueled by Unity, ignoring Peace. DianeHB: Thanks Michael, that helps a lot. NEXT, Johanne. Johanne: You said :”a process of accumulating and protecting power in ways that plan to be used in the future”. Do you have an example because I don’t see what is wrong in keeping to use in the future? I was expecting something different Johanne, you have touched on something important here as we wish to point out that a distortion and its correlating method are not always "bad." When the distortion comes from within, the Pitfall can be "bad" in its impact and results. When the distortion comes from without, such as when propaganda or lies or misinformation or even imprinting distorts the intent and aim of a Cause, then the Pitfall is a kind of necessary safety net. Hoarding may be exactly what is necessary for making a bigger difference at a later date when impact of benefit can be received more readily. Maureen: Michael, would you give an example? Hoarding can also be used by those whose Cause is distorted by themselves and then this Pitfall is used as means of gathering forces for overpowering, not for empowering. Think of the difference between the Cause of North Korea and the Cause of Syrian Refugees. Hoarding is used to shore up the distortion in one case, while Hoarding is a necessity against the distortion in the other. Does this help clarify? Maureen: Yes Johanne: yes, very much Final question: Peter PeterK: My current Cause is exposing corruption and I feel strongly driven by the search for truth. I expected Truth as a Core Value, but it is not. So I'm puzzled, why isn't Truth a Core Value? Maureen: Yes, I was wondering the same thing ...related to different Causes though. We have two responses: One is that Causes are always intrinsically entwined with one's Truths. Your Truths entirely inform your passions for why you devote to a Cause. Because Truth is in tiers from Personal to Universal, it is difficult to identify "Truth" as a Cause because you may have a Personal Truth that is contradictory to a Universal Truth. To avoid this complication and relative nature of Truth, we chose WISDOM to reflect Truth in a way that is about exposure and experience. If you feel "truth" is a Core Value, in this delineation it would fall into Wisdom. Every Cause is some variation on Truth, Love, and Energy, but the terms we chose help to bring these into practical sense. Does this make sense? PeterK: Yes. All of you have a Cause that is fueled by a Core Value and uses its corresponding Path, and all of you may have to navigate the inherent Pitfalls that arise from distortions from within or without. But understanding this simple map of energy for fulfilling a Cause can help you to quickly check yourself, and know what may be required so that your Cause can be of benefit to others. Continue your self-assessment and look at this set of Core Values for a while to see how you bring these to your days. It can be quite exciting to see that you may be a meaningful part of a Cause even as you felt you may not be making a difference. This can help you to see and know when and if you are making that difference and why. Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now. NOTE: We'll get this moved over to a 2017 MMW forum as soon as it has been created but for the sake of expediency, it has been posted here for now.
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: February 15th 2017 Session type: Personal Open Floor/30 min -------------------------------------------------------------------- PAT Good evening Michael! (Before I ask my question just have to say this: you make me want to dance! 😊 ) @MEntity We can begin. We still dance. PAT Today I’d like to continue our conversation about Humans and Animal Kingdoms. Previous time you confirmed what I already suspected; that my Essence, together with many fellow Students are working on interspecies relationships. You said that we are: "contributing to a wave of education, inspiration and practical application of what we (MEentity) describe as Affinity and getting to that place (of relating) in this lifetime or the next lifetime." I’d appreciate if you would describe the tiers and the process of this work, as well as elaborate on “this or the next lifetime” since it is very specific. (E.g. why now???) If time permits, would you please provide some examples of such public work, and if possible (and appropriate) maybe relate to some of us here at TLE that are doing this work together? And naturally – how can we do it even better?! @MEntity AFFINITY is a higher function and one that is accessible to nearly everyone, though it is rarely nurtured beyond the first tier. The First Tier is that of immediate recognition of SIMILARITY. There is little thinking involved. There is knowing. Nearly every Personality can see Similarity between himself or herself and nearly any other creature on the planet. The Second Tier is that of CURIOSITY. This is yet another Tier that is quite common among Humans in their Affinity for non-Human animals. Curiosity is the desire to learn more about that which is so similar, but different. The Third Tier is that of KINDREDNESS. This is when the Similarity and Curiosity come together in a way that recognizes Kindredness. This is the Tier when one no longer consciously or subconsciously differentiates value and worth based in species You can see these Tiers of Affinity at work among Humans who are eager to relate to animals and sees the deep similarities that clearly indicate feeling, thought, existence on their own terms, but that recognition is usually locked only to those species deemed socially acceptable to value. PAT Yes! Was exactly thinking about it. (E.g. Pets vs Farm Animals.) @MEntity SIMILARITY is seen everywhere as marketing, children’s books and television, etc. are utilizing animals for teaching, relating, selling, humour, etc. CURIOSITY is seen everywhere as animal documentaries and animal companions, and even in the misguided visits to zoos and films with animal "actors." And KINDREDNESS is when you cross the line from defining oneself as merely a separate species, but as an Earthling with multitudes of animal brothers and sisters. As Affinity is a higher function, it is always available, but relatively few have moved Affinity into Kindredness. Because of fairly definite impending food shortages due to climate change and an inability to sustain farming in the current form, many of you are laying the groundwork and creating the network of support for when familiar foods begin to reduce in availability. This dramatic shift is likely within the next 20 years. That is why we mention that the current life is directly involved and can feel the urgency. If enough people cannot be moved into the more sustainable realm of consuming, then it may take a lifetime or two to recover. This is not a prediction or a doomsday scenario, but is a practical concern based on current patterns that have yet to be diverted toward more sustainable and pleasant paths.
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    @Maxim As I said in my statement, "The practice of Acceptance includes clarifying and sustaining boundaries when faced with those who wish you harm." Love, inclusion, agape, and acceptance have processes like everything else. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from those who wish us harm so we can get our bearings and return with empowerment and resources to endure the suffering so we can get back to loving. Please understand that THIS is love, too. If we don't take care of ourselves, regroup, provide sanctuary, safety, and collective empowerment to take on those who wish harm upon us, then "Love" is just another new agey term we are throwing around with little to no true understanding of its depth and power. Please consider this: you are at the top of the social and cultural food chain. Heterosexual, White, and Male are about as powerful identifiers as it gets with no official campaigns of assault against you, no hate groups plotting to destroy you, and no laws being fought over that involve your body, sex life, and basic freedoms. NOTHING touches you in that way. So If you have the luxury of *not* being from a targeted group, then you inherently have the best position out of all of us to negotiate and educate those who voted for the removal of others Rights and you can walk untouched among those who proudly mock the suffering and pain of those they targeted. Since you are in that position, you have a unique and wonderful position to see and experience things vastly differently from anyone else in the world. If you are using that power to help us, then that is Love. You can help make the world a better place for the rest of us who don't have anywhere near your leverage. Keep loving and educating our attackers while the rest of us are forced to take time to recover, regroup, and heal between assaults on us. Please... never expect those who are abused, hunted, harmed, and oppressed to "love" their abusers, hunters, attackers and oppressors. Expecting that isn't very loving. Love is a spectrum that is benefited from both "ends." Sometimes we Love ourselves enough to discriminate, fight back, and stand together and this helps nurture a most powerful collective Love that we can broaden from our challenges. Sometimes we get to Love in ways that spring from our ultimate safety and we get to be the most selfless and accepting we can be. There is nothing in the Michael Teachings that isn't about a path to Love, to Agape, and Discrimination/Acceptance are GOALS for a reason. We can't get to Love by only Accepting or only Discriminating. It's sometimes necessary for one or the other and both are paths to Love. Please consider that you may be in a more powerful and privileged and safer position than others, and please use that to help. The rest of us will get back to the lovely parts when we catch our breath from the on-going assault against our very existence.
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    [ORIGINAL REPLY DELETED] I decided to delete my original reply explaining my revelation about why other Michael groups tend to prefer to protect the status quo over addressing difficult and inconvenient subjects. They can do whatever the fuck they want. Just know that White Supremacy ideology or those who actively or passively support it will never be acceptable or tolerated at TLE. That's all I can do.
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    POF 2/22/2017 DianeHB:Hello Michael. DianeHB: I've been feeling really uptight and stressed this week, which was strange to me after my big breakthrough a week ago. I can't really pinpoint the source of the stress and have been unable to relax. It's also causing me to get more stressed out about the couple of job interviews I had earlier in the week. Tex has been uptight as well, but I think for a different reason. I suspect I'm pushing myself too hard again. I'm wondering if you have any insights into this. MEntity: This is familiar territory. You have been here with yourself before. It is not that you are pushing too hard, but that the pushing is triggering the familiar patterns of the past and working these out. They are moving through you like echoes. Every cell in you expected the familiarity and it is here. But you need only let them pass with all of the greatest love you can for yourself because you are saying goodbye to this way of processing. DianeHB: Okay, that's good to know. I've decided to give myself a break and it helped me relax this afternoon. MEntity: It is also important to factor in the collective sharing of energy and processing that many have opted into. It is a tangible and real experience that cannot be easily managed because it is "so big." You feel the weight and pressure and even the grief of it, and it will pass, as well. MEntity: Allowing yourself the choice for calm is Good Work, and when it is not so easily accessible, you can choose to breathe. Just breathe. MEntity: Stop, and breathe. Let that be the most important thing at that moment. MEntity: Play with your breathing so that it is slow and deep, or rapid and funny. DianeHB: Thanks, that helps.
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    It's nice to talk about mingling with Trump voters, considering they don't live with you and you interact with them by choice. I totally believe that's the way to build bridges. However, there is a HUGE difference when you aren't the subject of denigration vs when you are. Really try imagining yourself as someone in that category, that the hate rhetoric is directed at YOU for being who you are, and you're afraid to walk by yourself down a dark street, hold hands with your partner in public, or go to your place of worship. I'd never tell someone in that position, who is physically threatened by Trump supporters and their ideology, that they should mingle or invite them into their home, and TLE is Troy's home.
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    Holy cats. I wrote about feeling burned out just a few hours before this was posted. Feeling disconnected, but maybe I'm not so detached at all. I'm going to read this a few more times now. " So even if your Cause is quiet, personal, and private, it is likely one that others would benefit from because of you." I just teared up reading this part.... this so applies to everything I'm feeling and going through.
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    POF 2/22/2017 DianeHB: Tex's 4-year-old grandson, Arthur, has been acting up for months and has been progressively getting worse and out of control. He would make up fake pains and injuries, constantly complain, and has progressed to the point where he would hurt his sister, deliberately break things, splash water when told not to, etc. His mother is at her wits' end. Can you tell me what's causing his behavior and what his parents could do about it? MEtity: If harm is involved then intervention may be necessary with an emphasis on understanding the true nature of the oppositional behavior. There does tend to be a significant disruption to the life at some point that was overwhelming to the neurological stability of the child. MEntity: This creates a high dosing of hormones that generate anxious and disruptive behaviors. It is as if the event "stamps" itself on the brain as a repeating loop of disruption that can only relate to disruption. DianeHB: Hmm, could it be the birth of his sister? That was two years ago though. Tex thought he might still be jealous of having to share attention with her. MEntity: It is exactly this. It is almost always due to a birth of a sibling or a separation from a caretaker. DianeHB: What could be done to intervene? MEntity: It can either be healed with time and patience because many do grow out of this, or with direct intervention that addresses the resentments and focuses on the value and casual importance of the child. We say "casual" because it cannot be an overemphasis. This can be tricky. It is important that the value and comfort are not used as a way to simply prop up the ego, but as a way to know his contribution, creativity, and presence are meaningful and have an impact. MEntity: At this point, it is often the case that the child is reverting to the Instinctive Center as a primary Center and the Moving Part. This can be "a nightmare." DianeHB: Thank you Michael.
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    Here are some bits and pieces that I've collected on Heart/Brow Links, Crown/Throat Links, and Sacral/Plexus Links. I colour-coded the Links but haven't put it into any order so I hope you can follow it into the weeds. ENJOY!! Excerpts from my sessions, my sister Diane's, Martha's, Evelin's and an unknown student. Evelin: Michael, we already know of Heart Links which form after two Essences have completed all "classic" External Monads with each other. And to Maureen you mentioned Sacral Links, which are formed after overcoming Shame. As time allows, can you tell us are there any other Chakra Links, and how are they formed? MEntity: There are 3 types of Links that can be formed across lifetimes, and all of these are tied to the completion of Monads, but with different sets emphasized. These Links are the Heart/Brow Link, the Crown/Throat Link, and the Sacral/Plexus Link. MEntity: The Heart/Brow was never the only Link, but it took some time for the questions to move toward the expansion of the concept that there may be others. MEntity: The Heart/Brow Links are formed from Intimacy and Compassion, while the Crown/Throat are formed from Learning and Teaching, and the Sacral/Plexus are formed from Healing and Empowerment. MEntity: We may sometimes specify what was healed, for instance in the case of overcoming shame, but this may be different for different fragments. MEntity: These Links are not merely from the experiences of intimacy, learning, teaching, healing, etc, but are about long arcs of experience related to these themes that cord the chakras together during lifetimes in a pattern that, eventually, bonds. ~~~~~~ Maureen: Actually Michael -- would one need to be closer to Soul Age Level to be a Heart Link? MEntity: It helps when the Soul Age and Levels are close, but that is not necessary. It is the experiences that contribute to this path toward the Heart Link. ~~~~~~ MEntity: There are three basic "links" that one can develop over lifetimes with other fragments: The Heart/Brow Link, the Crown/Throat Link, and the Sacral/Plexus Link. These are formed based on a predominance of shared experiences that theme in Emotional, Intellectual, or Physical experiences. MEntity: The Link that appears to have formed between your Essence and the Essence of the fragment known now as "Jenny" is Crown Link, while the fragment known now as "Tony" appears to share with you a Sacral Link. MEntity: These are Links generated by shared experiences of the Intellectual/Expressive, and those of Physical/Active, respectively. MEntity: The latter tends to develop over experiences where the bodies are the priority and focus, such as in survival situations, health issues, explorations, etc. MEntity: Because those Links are in place does not mean that those are the areas of emphases in this life, but there may be some indication of comfort in those relative areas. ~~~~~~ Maureen: Is Bobby a Heart Link or another Link? MEntity: A Sacral Link. Maureen: Can you tell me a little more about Sacral Links, so I understand? MEntity: Sacral Links are formed through the work of overcoming shame. MEntity: For the more solid Roles, this shame comes from the inner conflict over taking up space when ineffective, and for the more fluid Roles, it can be about existing at all. MEntity: Solid Roles tend to begin the work on these Links earlier in the cycle, but the more fluid Roles can hold off for a great length of time in dealing with this shame. This makes the Linking between Solid and Fluid Roles particularly appealing. Maureen: Are there specific Monads for Sacral Links, such as we find with Heart Links (i.e. Parent/Child), or is it just worked on until it's "done". MEntity: No, we do not see specific Monads tied to this Linking, though some serve to secure the Link more than others, of course. ~~~~~~ MEntity: When one is an Old Soul, there are a multitude of Links that have come to be formed. They are quantifiable, but they are often many. What we can offer is a general way of determining these for yourself, or at least a way to guess fairly accurately. MEntity: A Heart Link is often marked by an attraction to the person with whom a Link has been formed. This attraction can come in many forms, but at the heart of it is absolute emotional safety. Of course, there are those with whom one can find emotional safety and it not be a Heart Link, but the Heart Link is marked by a kind of conclusivity. MEntity: This conclusivity is a kind of surrender and unquestioning knowing that you are accepted, loved, allowed, and seen. MEntity: And that this is mutual. MEntity: Even if cloaked in the "nastiest" of dramatic exchanges, this will be present. MEntity: Heart Links do not mean that you no longer learn from each other. They simply mean that the question of loving and being loved is concluded between you. MEntity: Even if you question on the surface, the Love is known beneath the fear and distractions. MEntity: It is hard to ignore, unless you remove that person from your life entirely. Then it is out of sight, out of mind, if you will, but that would not change the Love. MEntity: Using that as a reference, you can look at significant people in your life and determine if you have a Heart Link. If you are confused about what to use as a final determinator, we would say that the conclusivity is the most relevant: you know that, no matter what, you will love (accept) this person, and that he or she loves you. Entirely. MEntity: This can be tricky since some will mistake their sexual or bodytype or karmic/self-karmic attraction as being a Heart Link, but when it is a Heart Link, it tends not to be charged. It simply is. MEntity: When one is in the middle of the actual Love Monad, there are glimpses of this, but by the very nature of the Love Monad, which "recaps" all previous Monads, there will be challenges and ups and downs. MEntity: Only when the Love Monad is completed is there a peaceful conclusion that Agape is now in place. MEntity: This is similar for all Links. MEntity: For the Crown/Throat Links, this conclusivity is in terms of UNDERSTANDING. You may not love one another, but you "get" each other. Profoundly. There is no doubt about the other person's intentions or thoughts behind his or her words, expression, and presence. MEntity: Shortcuts and shorthand in communication is all that is necessary for exchanges of ideas and honesty. Integrity is secured and known. There is no static. The line is silent except for the truth between you. MEntity: This Link forms over about 15 of the "Classic Monads." MEntity: The Sacral/Plexus Link is marked by what we might describe as Shamelessness. We have not seen a consistent general number of Monads that lead to this, and it seems to vary among the Roles. The more solid Roles tend to establish several of these earlier than the more fluid Roles, who may not establish these until the final lifetime. MEntity: We do not speak here in terms of the inherent Shame that comes attached to a Bodytype that all fragments must contend with in every lifetime, but to the broader concepts of shame that come with all contexts of existence. MEntity: Some of the oldest of souls will carry a sense of shame into the final minutes of the final life, even if only to a minute degree. Sages and Priests tend to be most prone to this. MEntity: This is because it is very difficult for those Roles NOT to compare themselves. It is their means of navigation. MEntity: Aiming for the Highest Good and the Highest Truth requires a kind of constant comparison, and while this is a natural and powerful tool, it is also riddled with pitfalls that make it difficult for those two Roles, in particular, to rise above those pitfalls. MEntity: The relationships that are Sacral/Plexus Links then would be marked by your absolute lack of defense, explanation, justification, and this is on all levels, from the intellectual and emotional exposure, to the comfort of being seen completely exposed in your nudity. MEntity: We realize that our time is over for that exchange, but we think this will be far more helpful than our simply pointing out a few of each Link. Our students would do well to put their intuition and scrutiny to practice, and then we can validate from there. ~~~~~~ TT:10/11/09 QUESTION: How many essences do most essences choose to do many external monads with? Getting confused with what I've read, can't find much in depth material. I know we do them all at least once, and to get to the love monad you do a certain group of them with the same essence, and some choose to do more than one love monad. That seems like a lot of monads to get through. Also, I can't find any description of the love monad beyond the general experiencing agape, etc, and it's not necessarily a mate thing, could be other relationships, right? Is this something usually done with ET and/or just a few other close essences? Michael Entity: Most fragments tend to work in all of the major (classic) external monads in a way that leads to a Love Monad with at least 12 other fragments. Once the Love Monad is completed, this fragment becomes what we refer to as a Heart Link. Most fragments tend to develop at least 12 Heart Links. This may seem like a lot of external monads to complete, and it is, but keep in mind that many of these can be completed with multiple fragments within the same lifetime; many can be reciprocated within a single lifetime; and as Essence evolves and experiments with Concurrents, this adds more possibility for fulfillment. Over approximately 100 lifetimes or more, this is easily accomplished. Many fragments choose to fulfill external monads with those Essences most available and/or already linked, such as Essence Twins, Traveling Companions, the Primary Task Companion, and then those Task Companions who are added after the cycle begins. The Love Monad is not necessarily a final monad, but simply the Monad that moves two fragments into a final process of Agape. In other words, the commitment to truly Love one another has now been made. In that commitment, the Love Monad would show up as a commitment within the lifetime to "re-visit" literally or symbolically ALL Monads that have come to be fulfilled with one another. The reason for this is because True Love, or Agape, requires comprehension, and the Personalities attempt to truly grasp the magnitude of each other in the Love Monad. Most try to complete the Love Monad within a single lifetime, but we see that up to three lifetimes tend to be the average. QUESTION: Does this imply that the Love Monad occurs between fragments of the same soul age? Michael Entity: Yes, and rarely before the Old Soul cycle. QUESTION: Are the "classic" ones that full set of about 30 I've seen around various places, or a subset? Michael Entity: The "classic" set of monads have been listed elsewhere, yes, but we will also include those in the final transcript. [see end of transcript]* Though the classics are often preferred, the Love Monad is not limited to having only done the classics. Many Love Monads arise from including a few rather rare or original external monads. Once a Love Monad is completed, ALL "charge" between those fragments is neutralized. In other words, those with Heart Links tend to rarely feel more than soft admiration and embrace of one another. *Classic External (relationship) Monads Teacher/Student; Parent/Child; Imprinter/Imprinted; Siblings (brother/brother, brother/sister, sister/sister); Husband/Wife; Leader/Follower; Attacker/Victim; Healer/Healed; Rescuer/Rescued; Integrator/Eccentric; Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved; Passionate/Repressed; Dependent/Independent; Pivotal Facilitator/Facilitated; Slovenly/Meticulous; Passive/Aggressive; Adept/Apprentice; Artist/Patron; Deserter/Abandoned; Profligate/Tempered; Innocent/Sophisticate; Promiscuous/Impotent; Master/Slave; Player/Pawn; Defender/Defended; Hidden/Disclosed; Slander/Slandered; Jailer/Prisoner; Tandem Monad; Love Monad
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    I think this is probably one of the most difficult things to master when learning about relationships from this teaching. We get excited, and rightfully so, because we discover a connection that without this teaching would have remained a mystery. But, we solved the mystery. YAY!!! Or is it? Sure, we have but likely they have not... yet. They may never fully come to realize what the connection means and that means we're stuck knowing something so fucking cool and not being able to do anything about it. When it feels so one sided, what I would recommend is turning it over to a dream. I have gone to bed before with a "Come To Jesus" intention that if a particular scenario, an Agreement for instance, needs to work out then YOU need to fucking do something because I am at my wits end and have no more ideas! LOL I have literally said this :) So work with them from an Astral perspective where there aren't so many, if any, restrictions. Set the intention to "meet" them in a dream as you lay down to go to sleep and keep doing it until you feel like you have some success. When it happens, you will at least find some satisfaction from the relationship from that perspective. And once it happens, I would bet that things start moving behind the scenes as far as guidance to help move things in the right direction in the physical. You can run but you cannot hide! :)
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    Based on the suggestions of Michael and the inspiration of someone, I'm starting this as a place to leave notes to myself, occasionally get feedback, on what it means to be male in today's society. I'll consider these working notes that will likely evolve, be shown wrong, added and expanded, and all the fun thinking processes that go into learning about and applying a new idea. This stems from recent channeling from Michael on what I can do to help support my own healing (2016 Breakthrough and the Search for Understanding Masculinity). Most notably, the struggle of being male, the male identity, the mythologies of maleness, and the overwhelming pressures that come to male identity in a culture shifting towards more balance with the feminine. It was also mentioned for me to locate a group where discussions, sharing, exercises, and bonding is nurtured. I'll consider this my homework assignment to myself before I truly jump in (although I may have already located one group, just need to follow up with the leader of the group). First up, is a few TEDx talks: The Mask of Masculinity - the traditional role of men is evolving | Connor Beaton Examining The Male Identity - Phil Andre (Several more that I have yet to watch) I also found this documentary, "The Mask You Live In," about how boys are shamed into hiding and repressing their emotions in order to "be a man," and how those three words alone are responsible for so much of the violent outbursts done by men, purely because they were shamed at a young age, instead of being taught how to appropriately express and channel their emotions.
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    I saw this as a comment on Facebook and thought how perfectly it applies to this year and even mirrors what Michael had to say for this months report "Instead of getting fatigued, let's remember this lesson from high school chorale: "This morning I have been pondering a nearly forgotten lesson I learned in high school music. Sometimes in band or choir, music requires players or singers to hold a note longer than they actually can hold a note. In those cases, we were taught to mindfully stagger when we took a breath so the sound appeared uninterrupted. Everyone got to breathe, and the music stayed strong and vibrant. Yesterday, I read an article that suggested the administration's litany of bad executive orders is a way of giving us 'protest fatigue'- we will lose our will to continue the fight in the face of the onslaught of negative action. Let's remember MUSIC. Take a breath. The rest of the chorus will sing. The rest of the band will play. Rejoin so others can breathe. Together, we can sustain a very long, beautiful song for a very, very long time. You don’t have to do it all, but you must add your voice to the song. With special love to all the musicians and music teachers in my life."
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    Sounds like the makings of a great "How To" book: How To Take Stalking To A Whole New Level heehee :) But seriously, it's nice seeing how we hone in on those past connections like that
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    This is one of my favourite descriptions of compassion ...other than Michael's of course. "The third near enemy of compassion is idiot compassion. This is when we avoid conflict and protect our good image by being kind when we should say a definite 'no.' Compassion doesn't imply only trying to be good. When we find ourselves in an aggressive relationship, we need to set clear boundaries. The kindest thing we can do for everyone concerned is to say, 'enough.' Many people use Buddhist ideals to justify self-debasement. In the name of not shutting our heart, we let people walk all over us. It is said that in order not to break our vow of compassion we have to learn when to stop aggression and draw the line. There are times when the only way to bring down barriers is to set boundaries." ~ Pema Chodron, The Places that Scare You
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    This reminds me of an abused child being told to hug and kiss relatives, friends of families, or anyone else mommy and daddy tells them to, when the child has been abused, knowingly or otherwise, by one or more of those said people. The child doesn't have a choice but still does it because they are "forced to" by their parents. We as adults, even though we often still have a wounded child within, now have a choice. We don't have to "embrace" the abusers. We get to choose who is allowed into our space. We get to decide where our boundaries are. This is one of my biggest personal conflicts of the philosophy that sits at the center of the new-age movement - the insistence that we all have to "love everybody", no matter what. It just doesn't t work that way. Love itself may be unconditional but all relationships come with conditions. Conditions of relationships come with responsibility, reciprocal respect and agreement and clearly defined and agreed to boundaries. Love and compassion are progressive works of the heart and our heart never stops growing. In the meantime, everyone has a right to include whoever they wish to include, into their circles of love, as they see fit.
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    In good times, yes. In bad times, politics may be an end to all the facets of our physical life. (I'm not the alarmist type, and I'm the biggest optimist there is, but I admit I lately hear my deported grandparents whispering in my DNA.) Maxim, I agree with you that overall, peaceful inclusion is the (best) way. But this place is essentially Troy's creation and it's his right to choose the "dress code". And, everyone is allowed a sanctuary. It's similar to not allowing certain kinds of behaviour in your home. I also think of it as a classroom, say, of French. And while everyone is welcome there if they want to learn French, or even recognise there is such a thing as French and learn a little more about it in general, there comes a moment when a student always showing up, but sitting at the back of the class muttering or yelling "French isn't a real language. It's just bad. Japanese is the only real language. You're all silly to be here. This place should be closed." is going to disturb those actually wanting to learn. (Bad analogy before coffee, but I'm sure you get my point.)
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    I'm for ethical treatment of everyone. No exceptions. Either or doesn't work for me. Some parts of us can be very awake and some still asleep. Just a little while ago I was chatting with my niece, her partner and a friend. Two of the people are very progressive. One voted for you know who. For me the answer is to love and accept them all. If we separate ourselves from the vilified other we are doing no less than any other small minded person. In fact I just read a great book on drug policy and addiction for the past hundred years. Chasing the Scream. One of the points made was that isolating and vilifying was one of the worst ways to handle addicts. Think jails and ghettos. It only fuels the pain that made them addicts in the first place. Mixing it up with Trump supporters is one way of letting them see a different point of view outside of a polarized context ie, their mind. Another point to consider is that politics is just one facet of our lives. Troy, I'm glad you are going to the pride parade in Washington. I have a feeling you'll be among many courageous and wise souls who might broaden your perspective.
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    Michael calls this Wholeness.
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    @Leela Corman, I'm finding it helpful to stay informed. I know there is a lot of information to parse, but I keep thinking or rather trying to figure out the bigger picture here. Who are the players, but like, the core players, what are their motives, who stands to gain, who are pawns, who are casualties, what is the time frame....I'm thinking about it like a game of strategy and what would I do if I were in so and so's position with so and so's beliefs. So I subscribe to news aggregators, follow certain people on twitter, pay attention to my fb feed, watch the news, check the foreign press...I don't feel overwhelmed if I keep the bigger picture in mind. This is why I really do not believe Trump will last the whole four years. Yes, he's making a mess now, but it's possible that if other people who are not so extreme can gain power by the next election maybe a lot of this mess will get fixed. I also remind myself that we can get thru this because that's what humans do. Our ancestors did it and so can we. I also look to history. I've become an ancient history and just general history buff and I try to look to past behavior to try to figure out how much of it would apply to today's world. For instance, chinese and japanese were barred from entering the country around ww2. No one protested, no one took umberage. It's almost a blip in US history. You might not know it unless you knew someone who was in a Japanese internment camp or stuck in customs and had to go back to china. Now the same thing is happening the same narrative too - the country needs to be protected from X people. Only this time it's muslims and people from islamic countries and people are resisting. I see that as a positive step forward. At least this time The People are not just blindly following their corrupt government. There's no world war to put fear into people. At the very least we do have a voice. People are moved to action. That makes me feel better about the future despite all the bleak stuff.
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    100% with you, @Leela Corman This isn't something we can just look the other way and hope it goes away. Not only do we have to talk about it, organize, activate, and stay vigilant, but we have to hold people accountable for what they are supporting in Trump. I refuse to humor any Trump supporter, even in the Michael community. They need to know they are fucking with the wrong people, no matter how nice and loving we would like to be. It sucks to have to step up, be vulnerable, and call out these assholes, but we have to. We HAVE to. Complacency and "tolerance" are our inner enemies right now. Leave no room for exceptions or justifications for anyone supporting Trump, and take part in any way you can that actively and visibly stands in solidarity for progress over regression. I've signed up for monthly donations to ACLU. I am keeping communication alive with my local representatives. I'm lucky NYC is on board with progress, but I know many of you live where you need to really step up and make your representatives know where you stand. I am participating in every march I can. I'm still learning what can and can't be done. A lot of this is out of our hands, but a lot of it is in our hands, too. Every morning I wake up to a new nightmare that this monster has imposed on our world. I've decided I'm not taking any of this lying down.
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    @Cong, I just added a topic called Essence - Chakric Links in the Advanced Teachings Forum. You'll find some bits and pieces that I've collected over time on Heart/Brow Links, Crown/Throat Links, and Sacral/Plexus Links. As a personal observation ...one thing I've noticed, as I've become aware of having Chakric Links with people, is I don't have as strong a desire to explore my history with them in quite the same way as I've wanted/needed to explore my past/history/resonance with people whom I'm still doing "work" with. I think it may have to do with sensing that they are relatively whole relationships or complete, in many ways, and as such they don't need to be "fussed with" or "fretted over", they can be just be savoured or enjoyed ...or built on, as desired. Knowing you have a solid foundation with someone, of Truth, Love or Energy, that can never be lost or broken is a feeling that is hard to describe. I get a feeling of peace and "conclusion" with them ...like I don't have to work so hard with them, or on them, any more ...they just are. That doesn't make them invisible it just makes them more a piece of me, more a part of me, of my own totality ...if that makes sense. I feel like we are part of each other now ...in a truly intimate way. I guess all these Links are part of our path to wholeness. As we become more and more "one" with ourselves, and with each other, we create more and more wholeness ...and it never stops. It just keeps on expanding. It's kind of mind blowing if you stop and think about it. Just some thoughts... I'm still exploring though ...so I'll keep in touch.
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    That's what happened to me when Nick shared this session with me <3
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    I am very happy for you, but your story would be very different if her vote affected you more directly and obviously. You are an extremely protected class so you see and experienced things very differently. Those of us who are targeted and struggling to just catch our breath aren't "pushing people out based on politics" and the official position posted isn't about pushing people out at all. It's about creating the safe space we need from those who are attacking us. Your grandmother may be a wonderful person TO YOU, and I would never want that to change, but try to remember that a lot of smiling grandmothers voted to destroy those not like them. They voted for my rights to be taken away. They voted for my friends of color to be oppressed, tormented and deported. They voted for my female friends to lose access to health care and control over their own bodies. They voted for environmental destruction and climate denial. They voted for the end of the world as we know it and for the world to be a worse and more dangerous place for your child. So please understand when we have to draw a line that sometimes includes smiling grannies who are so removed from the consequences of their actions that they get the luxury of enjoying their time with family while the rest of us scramble just to survive.
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    Oh wow Troy. This is good. Elegance makes so much sense, it is a long term way of sustaining matching the outcomes to the objectives. Thank you for sharing how to show up, over time, and moment by moment. I am afraid that burn out will happen if we don't take the time to balance our causes with rest and recreation. Thank you.
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    Here are some comforting signs... We are making a difference. **** Take this in. These may look like little things, but it all adds up and we keep adding. For everyone who DID something, small or big, your efforts have been successful. Because of you: 1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs). 2. Court order Partial stay of the immigration ban for those with valid visas. 3. Green card holders can get back in the country. 4. Uber pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter. 5. Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) enrollment ads are still going to air. 6. The ACLU raised 24M over the weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year). 7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted. 8. EPA climate data no longer scrubbed from website. 9. More people of different career/religious/economic/race backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before. 10. MOST importantly, since we live in a participatory democracy, the people are engaged. While more is needed, sometimes you have to celebrate your wins. Stay vigilant, but also take self-care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. Marathon, don't sprint. #resist ****
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    Back to the subject of the thread... [ORIGINAL POST DELETED] I decided to delete my original post about the frustrations I have with other Michael groups not openly and freely standing and announcing in solidarity with those who are targeted by this madman in the White House. They can do whatever the fuck they want. Just know that White Supremacy ideology or those who actively or passively support it will never be acceptable or tolerated at TLE. That's all I can do.
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    Well...some of us do leave the planet from which we were born...as in...sometimes I am visited by my alien husband and taken to his home planet to spend time with my hybrid children....but MOST of us don't get that luxury. haha, I think it means that most of us are not going to be traveling to space in our lifetime, this earth IS our home, it is what our bodies are made of...and where OUR PHYSICAL bodies will collapse. The earth very literally IS OUR BODY. Not caring for the earth is not caring for our body, is not caring for our home.
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    From "Is time an illusion?" "A Sequence is an arrangement of Agreements or Events that create a pattern toward an end result. A Vector is that “point of no return” so to speak, that is a mathematical momentum toward that end result." Also, from Geraldine's 2014 Session- "Difficult Times and a Circus Life" "The probability for manifestation in the next 20 years is high at 44%, but higher after 20 years. The difference between the next 20 years and the following is the potential turning point within the next 20 years that will define a clearer direction for humanity. We think that all of the fears currently in place will either come to be fulfilled, or be completely diverted toward creative solutions and directions. The division of direction is getting more and more "black and white." From "Membership Gratitude Event of August 2016" "Currently there are 12 potential hosts and of those 12 there would be 5 who host. The next Manifestation has been unwaveringly set as hosted through 5 individuals. At this point the potential hosts are in the United States, India, China, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Japan. 2020 is a year that is being closely watched and could be said to have the greatest probability for Manifestation at this point. There are potential hosts in Oregon, Georgia, and Michigan." From "November 2016- Chaos and Consciousness Transcript" "We see 3 "wild card" scenarios yet to be "dealt," and these appear to be within the time window between now and the end of March of 2017. One directly involves disruption of the United States' Presidential process; one is a natural or forced disaster that alters trajectories due to its magnitude; one is a complete unknown that is dependent upon whether patterns move toward one extreme or the other by March." I think this is relevant to the path to IS so I included it. Also, for ideas of causes to contribute to, read this from the beginning of last year: "State of the Planet- 2016" Maureen's Question from "Ask Michael September 2016" contains tips on how to increase awareness for, and implement a Resource-based Economy. I could have sworn there was another session on probabilities last year stating a 40-50% chance for IS manifestation.. EDIT: Keep in mind that one of the reasons the IS is in higher likelitude is because since 2014, we've merged into another bundle of parallels that suffered from oppression and even resorted to religious escapism, but the foundation of the US there two years ago(as opposed to our history where it was founded in 1776) has created a yin yang effect where we are the piece of the puzzle they need and vice versa. This is what has brought in a large mass of Baby+Young Souls and Imprinting from the Baby+Young to the world. Which has likely served as fuel for some rising conflicts that were happening here but hadn't taken full effect until the last few years of Obama's Presidency.