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    IT'S OFFICIAL: I'm Diabetic As most of you know, I have been in the process of discovering that I may have Diabetes. This week it became official. I am diabetic. Lovely. I had been holding off any concerns or worries until I knew for sure, and making all of the changes necessary to accommodate the worst-case scenario, but the emotional punch of it is only just hitting me. All of this was happening while my Dad was enduring 11 surgeries over a two week period of time to save his legs and his life. The enormity of what diabetes is has hit me for the first time in my life. I really had no idea how serious this disease is. (by the way, Dad is in a nursing home recovering and doing VERY well!) Based on my scary A1C results (a more specific test for diagnosing Diabetes), I was referred to an endocrinologist who is the one who broke the news to me and told me that my results indicated life-threatening conditions. What we don't know yet is whether I have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. While we await the results of those tests, I was to report my home glucose tests. I had been waiting for my home glucose test kit to arrive in the mail, as soon as I received it, I did my home tests and reported my numbers to the doctor. Apparently, they are bad. If any of you know what these numbers mean, I am getting between 250 and 400+. The healthy range is around 75. My doctor called me immediately and talked me through the reality of what I am now going to deal with. I am now required to take insulin. I started today. If I turn out to be Type 2 Diabetes, this will be just a temporary means of returning me to safety. If I have Type 1 Diabetes it means my immune system is turning on my pancreas and I will be required for the rest of my life to inject insulin. I'm waiting to find out where I go from here. PLATFORM PARTY RESCHEDULE I was all set this week for finalizing preparations for the Platform Party and I am so excited for it (I love these!), but as the week and then today wore on, and after getting a shit ton of backlog channeling done on top of the scheduled appointments, the reality of my situation began to really hit me and my fried brain... I just need to chill for a bit and catch up with myself on this. It's not the end of the world at all, but I just need to pause for a second to wrap my head around it. I've moved the Platform Party to next Friday just so I can catch my breath and finish the bulk of the Platforms after a break from channeling for a day or so, then we can have a great time together at the Party! THE GOOD NEWS is that we caught this in time. I should be just fine. I think. I'm already well ahead of the challenges with my vegan diet and some additional changes now, plus my increase in exercise, so if I require insulin then I require insulin. I'll be fine. When you catch Diabetes in time, it mostly becomes an inconvenience, not a death sentence. So there's that. Thank you for your understanding! I will see you next Friday for sure. And no pity for me! Just your patience and love is fine. I'm on top of this and learning from it. Love, Troy UPDATE MAY 7: My doctor messaged me to say that while the final results are still pending, based on initial test results being returned, it is looking more like Type 2. So... crossing fingers. So far, with the medication and my focus on diet and exercise, my numbers are lower and lower based on my home glucose tests. I got my average down below 300 today, which is still in the danger zone, but better than the high 300's and low 400's that I started with. So I'm hanging in there and making progress! UPDATE MAY 18: It's pretty much concluded that I have Type 2, which means I can turn this around and even cure the problem. I also have great news. I have finally begun to get glucose readings in the safe zone! My numbers are going down quickly so that I'm getting readings like 111 and 133. I still need to get it closer to consistent between 80 - 130 and if I can keep it there, I am safe and on track to reversing this.
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    ENERGY REPORT MAY 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY brings a passionate dive into Passion as those who are inclined toward the Positive Pole will begin to focus on how relationships and goals and ideals are paths toward learning more about the self and giving more authentic form to the self, while those inclined toward the Negative Pole will cling more desperately to the “things” they feel are extensions of themselves and defend them with even greater blind passion. Most of our students will find themselves leaning toward the Positive Pole, while facing the disconcerting Negative Pole showing up more “in the world” around them. In other words, the younger souls will likely lean toward the Negative Pole and the late Mature to Old will likely lean toward the Positive Pole. It is not uncommon among populations to see the younger collectively dive into Negative Poles as the older collectively embrace the Positive Poles of collective Overleaves. There is nothing one can do to change this for the younger souls (or anyone) who has yet to know the benefit of the Positive Pole beyond the more immediate use of an Overleaf. The only option for helping those in the Negative Pole is to be the living example of the benefit of any Positive Pole. For those in the Positive Pole of Passion, you simply continue to navigate your world with the embrace of the truth that your world is a reflection of you, not a rejection of you; that your world, relationships, and things are inclusions of you, but are not conclusions of you. When we speak of “your world,” we will clarify here that there are 3 concentric radii around every individual that represents their world: 1 - IMMEDIATE - anyone, anything, or any experience that has regular awareness and engagement with on a daily basis in any way is your IMMEDIATE WORLD. This world, including your own body, represents exactly where and how you are in relation to yourself and others and life. Your deepest fears and your greatest loves about yourself are reflected here. Think of this world as your “home” and everyone who “lives” in it. 2 - INTERMEDIATE - anyone, anything, or any experience that draws inconsistent but repetitive engagement and awareness from you over time, but is not a part of your Immediate World is your INTERMEDIATE WORLD. This is where invitations to new experiences, reflections, and relationships show up. They are not direct reflections of you, but of your potential directions, relationships, healing, challenges, etc. Think of this world as your neighborhood and the life experienced when you leave your home. 3 - EXTENDED - anyone, anything, or any experience that is not a part of your Immediate or Intermediate Worlds and, regardless of distance or time, draws your awareness and engagement in a way that greatly impacts your Immediate and Intermediate World. This is where “world events” and “catastrophes” and “politics” and “climate” etc live. This World represents your position within humanity, and the reflections here are about populations, not individuals. All three worlds are in effect at all times, but it can be easy to assume they are one world to you and that everything that exists within each is something that reflects or rejects you. The only world that truly reflects YOU is your Immediate World, so when you look at how Passion is showing up for you, this Immediate World is where you will see most of what is Actualizing you, or giving form to your improvements and evolution and ideals. Your Intermediate World reflects what you ponder, wonder about, test, explore, and while this is still a reflection of you, it is more about your potential direction than about your exact location. Your Extended World reflects a much wider spectrum that includes the more loving and more fearful of humanity, city, town, neighborhood, community, etc. What affects you from that world is an indication of what you are being drawn to help with for your species, for your Sentience. Your disgust, anger, pain, fear, awe, wonder, elation, bliss that generates as a result of Extended World events tells you where your part in the story of humanity is. It is a long story and so are the processes necessary to heal, help, celebrate, and secure anything to which you find yourself drawn. As you navigate your Passions over the next couple of months, keep in mind the more Immediate World that is yours to shape and heal and celebrate, while keeping in mind that the other Worlds are not so quickly or immediately accessible for shaping and healing and celebrating. It is only a matter of calibration of energy and awareness to help you deal more effectively with the reflections, invitations, and impact from your worlds so that you can Actualize yourself in even more meaningful and authentic and effective ways. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): May 10th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- MORE PASSION - Another wave of intensity among those tapping into Passion, both in the Positive and Negative Poles. Most of our students may find themselves moved to take on directions, relationships, and experiences that needed just one final boost of enthusiasm and excitement. Some students may find this an unsettling and jarring wave of energy that is asking too much of them, drawing them into reflections of themselves that they would rather ignore. May 19th - 21st -- NEXUS - DIVERGENCE - Potentially dramatic shift toward more meaningful and acceptable and inclusive negotiations among world leaders, or toward more turmoil, shock, and extremism. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER May: YOUR WORLD IS YOURS - When you look at your world around you that you live day in and day out, you are everything to this world. Your perceptions, interpretations, choices, actions, inactions, thoughts, feelings, etc. all play a part in what world you experience and create. You cannot control everything, but you can control you. You cannot always control what happens to you, but you can control what you do with what happens to you. Practice owning your position as creator and navigator of your Immediate World. OUR WORLD IS OURS - The Extended World is shared by everyone. There is no division in its reflection of humanity. It reflects the best and the worst. You will see all of it. Practice seeing the whole spectrum of humanity, not just the worst and not just the best. All of it is there. A fraction of humanity is “the worst” and most of humanity is “the best” or at least acceptable. It is easy to fall into the extremes of one end of the spectrum over the other, but all of it exists. Actively expose yourself to the whole spectrum in some way. You will not die, you will not blow your mind, you will not break your heart and you will not lose your footing on the important challenges when you know the truth of the spectrum that is your Extended World. You do not have to know EVERYTHING that is happening in your world, but you must practice seeing a fuller spectrum so that you can have the energy for all of your Worlds.
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    This material was obtained in a private session on April 25, 2017. Janet: My English lifetimes apparently lasted through the time of the legendary King Arthur, and his tomb is a tourist attraction at Glastonbury Abbey, which is on my sightseeing list. Was there a real person behind the legends? MEntity: Yes. The legends are now legends due to the nature of embellishment in legends, but the reference of "King Arthur" is related to a very real incarnation. The tomb is symbolic, but the person was real. Janet: How farfetched are the legends? Was there a roundtable and associated knights, was Arthur really a king or a warrior, etc. And I suppose I should ask about Arthur's connection to ‘Merlin’. lol MEntity: The legends are a mix of extremely far-fetched embellishment, but based in quite extraordinary circumstances where the Astral and Physical Planes were in a fluctuation and overlap that rarely happens. It is the only period of time we have seen this occur on Earth, at least with such sustained and wide-ranging impact and access. Arthur was a King. The roundtable is symbolic, but existed as a meeting space for key individuals. Janet: Oh do tell more about the fluctuation of the planes. I’m rereading The Mists of Avalon at present, and the story suggests connections between the two planes and speaks of them as separating. I know it’s fiction but I feel some resonance. MEntity: No Plane exists without overlapping, but the overlapping tends to retain some separation due to frequencies that can only be accessed in various states of mind or with technologically advanced tools. During the time period in question, an indiscernible shift in magnetic fields and global rotation, for lack of better scientific terms, occurred to draw into form the Lower Astral Plane and to raise the "vibration" of the Higher Physical Plane. This created unique and intriguing "pockets" on the planet where a relative handful of fragments begun to "live" in this straddle between worlds, so to speak. Nearly all who are attributed mythological roles in this period of time were Late Mature to Old Souls. Most fragments would not notice any difference, but at the time, those who were older souls experienced the world very differently and navigated this as best they could, with most harnessing it for the benefit of others. Think of it this way: When the Infinite Soul Manifests, this same effect occurs in a radius around the focal point of that Manifestation. This is how "miracles" are performed, and many other impossible acts. During the Arthurian period, this was in effect independent from any Manifestation. Janet: So an individual such as was described as ‘Merlin’ would have been one who recognized and used the potential available, and thus been remembered in a mythological way. Was Arthur one of those who was able to harness the benefits or did he just benefit from associates who could? MEntity: Yes, the Sage known as Merlin found ways to access timelines and probabilities, along with various other "magical" control. Arthur was somewhat terrified of this straddling of the worlds and chose to delegate rather than harness. Janet: I see. And did ‘I’ have any association with events surrounding Arthur? MEntity: Many of our students are well-acquainted with this period of time and were deeply engaged in some way with the events of that time. Many of you were witnesses to various mythological events and this is why this legend has not been easily moved into pure mythology. Too many remember the truth on some level. In your case, you were one of the providers of produce in the area, giving you access to the grounds and a few crossing of paths with those figures now known mythologically. Janet: Were Arthur and Merlin among your students? MEntity: Of course. Janet: I don't suppose you have cadre and entities? lol MEntity: We "happen" to have those records: Arthur, Cadre 1, Entity 1. Merlin, Cadre 1, Entity 2. It should be understood that much of their relationship is entirely embellished. Janet: Final question: was this fluctuation of the physical and astral planes local to England or widespread throughout the world at the time? MEntity: The fluctuation was widespread, but the capacity to engage with the effects were not widespread. It happened to be that many older souls were involved in the shifts occurring around England at the time, so it made for some interesting history that remains locked between the worlds, so to speak.
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    UPDATE MAY 18: It's pretty much concluded that I have Type 2, which means I can turn this around and even cure the problem. I also have great news. I have finally begun to get glucose readings in the safe zone! My numbers are going down quickly so that I'm getting readings like 111 and 133. I still need to get it closer to consistent between 80 - 130 and if I can keep it there, I am safe and on track to reversing this. PS - my Dad has miraculously survived his 12 Surgeries in 2 weeks and went into recovery at a Nursing Home, and is now not only finally home, but is walking!! Gosh, you never know what curve balls life with throw you, or what surprises may come.
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: May 21, 2017 Session type: POF, 30 min --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pat Les Michels!!! Bonjour! Pat here! (Je vous aime crazy beaucoup!) Michael, today I have 1 question: who is MY OVERSOUL ALARIC? Would you give me some brief info about Alaric within our time-span? E.g.: where and when did he live, Soul Age/Level and why Alaric is the Oversoul? (And did Alaric know “you” in Physical Plane? And do you think Alaric and Pat would like each other? And what could I learn from Alaric? And ANYTHING you think may be of value for this Personality 🙃 ) Merci! <3 (I claim it's one question with some sub-topics... 😜 ) MEntity First, your Oversoul is YOU. The Oversoul is not entirely embodied through any single Personality, even as one Personality may be the primary reference. That primary reference is for convenience more than as an acute representation. Pat Aha. Have to read up on the concept. Check. MEntity As for the Personality we referenced, it is, indeed, the Gothic King who helped bring down the Roman Empire. Pat Oh man! (Alaric I Visigoth, I understand.) MEntity This Personality was 5th Level Old. Why we reference this fragment as representative of the Oversoul is due to the embodiment of Perseverance. This man was relentless in his movements forward, and when obstacles were presented, retreat was not experienced as defeat. It was experienced as necessary and part of the long strategy. Overall, that lifetime, however much one may agree or disagree with the path of that individual, represented the wide range of force and presence that your Essence brings to every lifetime. Pat I like that. And it resonates. Was he the first 5th Level (I'm the 3rd)? MEntity Momentum was not dependent upon opportunities, it was dependent upon calculation, observation, insight, intuition. We did not know Alaric from a position of incarnation. Pat (The Momentum definition is definitely something I can bring into my current Platform) OK. Was this Personality an active Student? (Comment: Stupid question, because Michael have already told me we have been an active Student for c.a. 40 lifetimes in the row counting back from the current.) MEntity We think you would find him as annoying. Pat Hahahaha WHY? He sounds awesome!! MEntity However, it would be difficult to avoid your intrigue and inspiration generated by watching his mind work the process of bringing ideas into action. Pat Yup, that definitely makes sense! MEntity Yes, he was the 1st of the 5th Level, we think. What you could learn from him is how to live as an unapologetic force that follows through with no excuses and brings ideas into form using patience, calculation, observation, and insight. You continue to be driven by inner desires to bring down "Empires" built from the suffering of others. There was no endgame calculated by this fragment, only next steps. Asking WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP is all you need to do to help embody this Oversoul. Pat Oh, this is BEAUTIFUL Michael!!! Yes! The desire is there burning. Wow. No endgame. Like that. This is fabulous info M! Thank you so much!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Observations: 1. Definition of Momentum and the phrase "WHAT IS MY NEXT STEP" are so in line with my current Platform True Fulfillment and what Essence wants to extract there. No coincidence that I, more or less in the last moment, decided to use my 30 minutes to get to know more about Alaric. Check on listening to Essence. 2. I get an indication to why I have the thing for Calabria. Except fascination with the Empire, I am not very interested in Italy. Have never been there and feel no urge to visit, except Florence, Verona and Calabria, the latter not exactly a big tourist attraction. That's where Alaric died soon after the Sack of Rome. Check on resonance. 3. Definition of "retreat as necessary and part of the long strategy", is my melody. One of the stupidest things to believe in is that you lose. There's nothing called losing! I do however believe in winning. The only winning there is, is win-win, although sometimes it takes time for all parts to see the long-term win in their seeming position of loss. Check on working more with these parts of my life philosophy. 4. Alaric being a good representation of "the wide range of force and presence that your Essence brings to every lifetime" is cool to know, because our Theme for this GC is PRESENCE. Presence and force were also important variables in the bitch of a Turning Point themed POWER, that I had last year. More food for thought. 5. Pat is not the third 5th Level lifetime. I must be at least the forth, if Alaric is the first. Between comes Alessandra di Nanoccio and the struggling anonymous artist in Paris. Since I know very little about how Concurrents and Parallels work, I don't know if it is influencing Michael's possibility for an accurate count? Will search a little about it, but low on the priority list. 6. Alaric also gives me an indication to my memories of battlefields, and the empowerment I always have found in such. I plan everything in my life as if I were to lead troops into battle. The details Michael provide here, are of great help in terms of learning and further evolvement but also a nice validation of the "just" and yet "warrior-ish" parts of my personality. "You continue to be driven by inner desires to bring down "Empires" built from the suffering of others" is one of the most beautiful things anyone has ever said about me! Overall - AWESOME session! Just so timely! I am literally in awe. Again. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alaric I "The thicker the hay, the easier mowed."
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    I've been curious about my ET for a while. I almost cancelled, worried that Michael was going to tell me... well, exactly what they ended up telling me. Turns out, I've known my ET my whole life. (Note: I've taken out the names for privacy and replaced them with initials.) From a private session on May 16, 2017: MEntity Hello to you, Sarah. We are here, now. We can begin. SarahH Hello, Michael. I would like some help figuring out who my Essence Twin is. I have come up with a number of candidates, but I need some help in narrowing it down. MEntity We suggest that you list your candidates and we can help to point to and validate if in the list. SarahH Okay. The ones I think are most likely are: BW (a childhood friend), DM (a former boss), PH (my father), LO (a cousin), DG (a former co-worker), and MC (an acquaintance with whom I felt some sort of connection). MEntity Give a few moments to assess. MEntity The intensity of push/pull may be involved in each of these relationships, but we see the fragment you know now as PH as the Warrior from Cadre 3, Entity 1. We think your Essence Twin has been identified. Validation factors might be a quirky and unexpected favorite music, a significant car accident, a fascination with the ocean, sea life, and/or aquariums. We sometimes have a difficult time honing in on validation factors as we know various versions of an individual. These may not resonate. SarahH I was afraid it might be him. That's the most toxic relationship of all. I'm not sure about any of the validation factors, though; none of them seem to have anything to do with him in this life. MEntity At the core of an Essence Twin relationship there is a relentless drive to question oneself in relation to experiences with that Twin. This can feel pleasant when exploring new territories, or it can feel quite painful and overwhelming if exploring old wounds. SarahH Will cutting him out of my life cause karma? I've had quite enough exploring of old wounds, I think. MEntity Regardless of superficial validation, at the core of an Essence Twin relationship is this relentless intensity that charges you even when thinking about it. It would not cause Karma. It may be exactly what you had planned to do. SarahH Oh! That can happen? MEntity Yes. It is not uncommon for Essence Twins to bond in ways that force a separation to be a conscious and healing choice over sustaining a painful and obligatory pattern. SarahH I see. That's interesting. Have we shared many lives? MEntity 258 lives SarahH Whoa! MEntity However much you do not like the personality you know in this life, there is deep and profound love for this Essence. SarahH I know. It's hard to see sometimes, though. MEntity That Love is NOT a means to diminish the pain of this life, but it can help you to return your sense of truth and love and energy to yourself. When Essence Twins are at odds, there is often a sense that you have a vague piece of the self lost in that person. Or lost to that person. SarahH I can see that. MEntity Knowing that there is love beyond the struggles can help you toward the wholeness that is the entire point of Essence Twin relationships. They are not meant to draw you toward another person. They are meant to lead you home to you. SarahH That's a lovely thought. :) MEntity We must conclude here for today, Sarah. It is Good Work that you have identified your Essence Twin, even if it may appear to be less than romantic and magical. It is still important and meaningful. Good day to you. Goodbye for now. SarahH Thank you, Michael. Goodbye! ********* I was just in the process of typing about how those validation factors didn't fit at all when Michael added the bit about them seeing different versions of the Essence. The guy, as I know him, doesn't really have a quirky taste in music or an interest in sea life, and there are no significant car accidents that I know of... which kind of intrigues me. I wonder what version or past life Michael might have been picking up on. Also, the 258 shared lives kind of blew me away. That's well over 80%. I guess I must really like my ET on some level!
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    MEntity Hello to you, Jeroen. We are here, now. We can begin. Jeroen Hello Michael I feel drawn to your teachings. I would like to request an overview of my (Essence and Personalities) history with you and your teachings. Also, have we had past Grand Cycle experiences together? MEntity We are compiling a response. One moment. MEntity Though we shared lives before our cycling off, our first contact with you in terms of being a student would have been approximately 4600 BCE. This was in the Mesopotamia region where our first efforts to teach came in the form of methods for improved agriculture and fertility so that we could work with our students over a sustained period of time. Once these methods were implemented, we could then communicate in more creative ways that could go into cosmology. MEntity Our first "official" element of our teaching that we shared was about creating, nurturing, and sustaining peace and about the nature of Karma. MEntity This led to teachings regarding justice, fairness, consequences, etc, but it was difficult to have conversations that would go beyond issues of fertility, agriculture, procreation and child-rearing. MEntity In your case, "you" had about 5 lives over that approximate 1600 years of our teaching. Jeroen Were you cycled off during that time frame? MEntity Those lives formed a "Cluster," or a theme, that focused on working with our teachings in a way that helped bring emphasis on rising above mundanity, how to infuse routine with meaning, and that there was more to life than simply collecting and protecting land and surviving. Jeroen That does resonate. MEntity In one of those lives you took on the task of speaking for us, which at the time equated the use of mind-altering gases and synchronistic interpretation of symbols, such as casting Runes. Jeroen Very nice. I have worked a bit with Runes in this life as well. I made my own set during childhood. MEntity Runes, or any collection of objects with symbolic markings used as an oracle, are quite deeply resonant to your Essence. Jeroen I can see that. On occasion I have seen a Rune symbol and other symbols appear in my mind after waking in the morning for example. MEntity "You" would do your best to hear us when consulted and give helpful insight into disputes, sexual issues, regional exploratory guidance, and insight into how to see things differently. MEntity Yes, we were cycled off by this time. MEntity After about 1700 BCE we were cut off from most of our students due to widespread violence, but we were able to work with small groups for short periods of time, either in the form of villages or tribes, or larger families. We worked again with you in Africa for about 25 years in a small tribe of students as the Hyksos spread in power and conflict around the region. MEntity We worked with you and some students who could hear us on subjects related to the manipulation of minerals, metals, and stones as a means of expression and practicality. MEntity We were working in other small groups as well, and this helped bring about some craftsmanship with iron. MEntity These skills would be handed down for the next few centuries and come in handy as civilization returned to some stability. When we cannot teach our teaching, we work with our students on subjects that will help allow us to teach our teaching, so if that means working on skills, craftsmanships, and arts, we do so. MEntity This was about 1000 BCE at the time. The next time we worked with you would be around 200 BCE in China during the Han Dynasty. "You" were a caretaker of children in a kind of schooling environment and were responsible for the children in their "down time." MEntity Many of those children were our students, and we were able to communicate through you and several other students who acted as channels so that we could teach. MEntity The teaching at that time was focused on heavy Scholarly concepts with emphasis on observation and extrapolation. MEntity Though the application of observation and extrapolation are practical, it was also a way to teach the powers of intuition, or the synthesis of all senses and input as a means of comprehension. At that time we had students divided across the planet in extremes of "East" and "West" and we had to take very different approaches to accommodate each region. MEntity We next spent time with you in southern Russia around 780 CE with continued emphasis on the basics of our teaching that we were able to get through in earlier centuries of Greece. Southern Russia was the first time outside of the Greek area of philosophers that we were able to teach more clearly what we had intended to teach all along. That was our first lifetime with you in which we were able to cover most of the "basics" related to Roles and Attitudes. MEntity You were quite keen on philosophy at the time and studied all that could be gathered. You developed a relationship with a contingent of Vikings who would provide information or materials gathered in their travels in exchange for your giving them "readings" MEntity Next, we spent time with you in Japan around 1200 CE where you worked in fine pottery making. You and many of our students began tracking your dreams and this is how we could communicate to most of you at the time. Jeroen I have been tracking dreams on and off for many years in this life too. MEntity Discovering a shared networking of dreams at the time was quite inspiring and helped us to teach more about the use of assimilation, inspiration, expression, and action in combinations. MEntity Our students of which you were a part at that time learned to "enter" one another's dreams and share memories and experiences that helped us teach about the world beyond obligation, demand, and servitude. MEntity We returned to Russia and into Germany for several of our students, including you, across the 1700s and 1800s where you incarnated between both regions in concurrent lives. We were once again able to build upon and work with the growing population of philosophers rising at the time. MEntity This was the first set of lifetimes where "you" aimed directly for the mysticism of the time and explore openly the cosmology and questions of philosophy, including attending private "seances" of which we were able to come through. We got to speak to you for the first time about past lives and the details of reincarnation as a means to understand the persistence of consciousness, and not just about justice and Karma. MEntity The afterlife was no longer seen as a static world, but as an evolving concept that was dependent upon your learning "here." MEntity We "last" spent time with "you" in the late 19 Century, early 10th Century of Paris where you resided in Gurdjieff's institute and studied the use of music as mysticism. *early 20th Century One of "your" good friends was known as Thomas Hartmann, and you may find some familiarity in the results of the work of that fragment. MEntity As for other Grand Cycles with you: of course we have. All fragments from our Entity have shared other Grand Cycles with most of our students. We were not always combined as this current Entity, and have shared positions in an Entity with you in previous Grand Cycles. One fragment of our Entity was an Essence Twin of yours in your 2nd Grand Cycle. Jeroen Oh wow. This is a beautiful outline of our history, Michael. I appreciate this. MEntity There is more, but to cover such an arc of time requires a broad outline that can then be filled in over further exchanges with you. We must conclude here for today. We have exhausted our channel. Good day to you, Jeroen. Goodbye, for now.
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    The information below was received in a private session on May 9, 2017. Note: I was in tears by the end of this. You'll note that I indicate the end of session time, but Michael kept going. If you're tired of the struggle with the current political situation, it appears it's time to suck it up and prepare for the long haul. Janet: So many of my dreams seem to reference 2020. I have the impression I’m beginning a training program to prepare for that time. MEntity: Yes, that year is forming into a fairly pivotal point on the planet for many. It is a period when the Mature Soul Paradigm is either fully embraced and the younger souls find their security in it with a move into a kind of Golden Age on the planet for several centuries, or when the Mature Soul Paradigm collapses and a heavy surge of Baby and Young return to full control for another century or so. Janet: As a last question … I strongly feel that I would like to stand in the presence of the Infinite Soul. Are there steps I can take to meet that goal should the Infinite Soul make an appearance? MEntity: If the Infinite Soul Manifests, our students are already negotiating access and/or full awareness of the various Manifestations. It is entirely feasible for you to cross paths. Janet: So if the IS manifests but the mature soul paradigm collapses, there will be a need for some of us to keep the light burning, so to speak. Or lead the way into the golden age. MEntity: The Infinite Soul would likely only Manifest if the collapse is imminent. If that is the case, many will feel the drive to "carry the light," so to speak. If there is collapse and a resurge of Young and Baby paradigm in a world of Mature Souls, the drama and intensity moves toward great suffering and struggle for the species, along with the likely assassination or execution of the Infinite Soul hosts. Janet: We must do the work to prepare the way so that the golden age is accessible. Thank you Michael. I know we are out of time. MEntity: We have had enough experience to know that the most horrific of times for our sentience will always be survived, but there comes a point when the species/sentience tires of merely surviving. There are more Mature and Old Souls on the planet and it is only a matter of their waking up to the responsibility of caretaking for the planet, its creatures, and its people. If this is shunned or seen as an inconvenience, 2020 will begin the point of no return from the consequences. Most souls seek something different from the familiarity of survival, but it is also uncharted territory in many ways. Peaceful evolution has been experienced in pockets of time and pockets of humanity, but not on this grand a scale.
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    [17:01] MEntity: Hello to you, Sam. We are here, now. We can begin. [17:01] gukkor: Good to finally speak with you in person, Michael! Er, relatively speaking. I guess I'll start by asking how long I've been a student of yours. [17:05] MEntity: We have two starting points we consider: One is when we started teaching as a reunited Entity from the Causal Plane and this would make you a student for about 7,000 years. The other starting point is during our crossing of paths while fragmented and sharing in the adventures of the Physical Plane. We began forming our Teaching Agreements along the way. This began around 4.5 million years ago. [17:06] MEntity: We have known "you" a very long time. [17:06] MEntity: You are a Primary Student. [17:06] MEntity: NEXT [17:07] gukkor: Why do I feel such a deep connection to Japan? What is my history with that land? [17:13] MEntity: There are two reasons we can see: One is your history there. You have had no fewer than 32 lifetimes in that geographical region. 12 of these lives were fairly close together across the centuries between 1000 and 1700 as you worked with us and other students to help secure an abundant culture and unification. [17:14] MEntity: The other is that many of our students who are awake are connecting to future lives where many of our students are focused in Japan for their next lives. [17:14] gukkor: Heh, I just can't stay away, I guess... [17:15] MEntity: We have a large contingent of students planning to incarnate in Japan next and connecting to potential future variations of incarnation. [17:16] MEntity: If Japan can survive the next 50 to 100 years of climate change and nuclear power, it is poised for a kind of Golden Age that many of our students are looking forward to. [17:17] MEntity: NEXT [17:17] gukkor: How well am I doing in this incarnation from an Essence perspective? [17:20] MEntity: Essence does not grade a lifetime by any standard or expectation. It has no reason to do so because every experience is meaningful, however mundane the Personality may presume it to be. A smile to a stranger or buying groceries or doodling can be blissful moments of deep meaning for Essence. This is because the Physical Plane is magical. The density does not exist anywhere or any way else. That being said, in terms of how awake [17:20] MEntity: you are to Essence in a way that allows Essence to participate in the life, your Essence is elated. [17:21] MEntity: You have questions and self-doubt and challenges, but you have rarely rejected Essence. [17:22] gukkor: I'm pleased to hear that. I'd go so far as to say that I've never been comfortable mentally divided "myself" and "my Essence." [17:22] gukkor: mentally dividing* [17:22] MEntity: You may have sensed yourself existing well beyond the acute demands of the Physical Plane, but not as disembodied, but more as an optional expansion of awareness. [17:23] MEntity: This lack of division with expansion accessible is a wholeness many struggle to glimpse, but you have embraced this. [17:27] MEntity: This is not better or worse than another person's path, because you will have your own struggles and challenges in other areas. It simply happens to be that this Personality has rarely experienced itself as either untethered or tethered to Essence. You experience yourself as multidimensional, but not segregated. [17:27] MEntity: Correction: Segmented [17:28] MEntity: Our time is coming to a close for this format. Do you have a final question we may address? [17:29] gukkor: Would it be possible to find a lifetime of any historical importance in the time remaining? [17:29] gukkor: No great detail is necessary, just a name. I can do my own digging later. [17:31] MEntity: We cannot access that in the time available. We must address such a question with more time allotted. [17:31] MEntity: We must conclude here for today, Sam. Good day to you. And goodbye, for now. Well, that was interesting! I knew the moment I asked that there wouldn't be enough time for the last question; I had just expected the question about Essence to be the last one and panicked when he asked for one more. XD
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    4/27/17 DianeHB: Can you tell me how you see my Essence and Tex's Essence? MEntity: YOU: We often "see" you as a glowing, golden, and curious toddler with streams of golden light radiating out from your movements, tentacle-like. They are quite beautiful. We see this version of you in Essence as it seems to represent the most-forgotten core of your Being across your lifetimes. This form stays sustained in a way that can find its way back into your life as you wake up. The "inner child" of curiosity, charm, mystery, and glowing presence that does not compromise innocence and creativity and expression. DianeHB: I've felt "her" more and more in recent years as I worked on myself. I didn't know that was Essence since it feels so different from the King energy. MEntity: TEX: We often "see" this Scholar as variations on Aves. "He" likes to change up his Ave form to suit various exchanges and endeavors. Each lifetime has had a "power animal" that is of the Ave family and that is the Crow in this lifetime. DianeHB: Aves? like birds? MEntity: Yes, birds. MEntity: Diane, the golden toddler is exactly for the point of its unexpected representation of what is expected of a King. This unexpected core helps to always contradict the expectations and imprinting that comes in the life of a King. As you grow closer to your core, to Essence, this discovery is one of your favorite surprises. This core reminds you that you are not a hardened and burdened being. DianeHB: That makes me tear up. Thank you. MEntity: For the record, your Power Animal in the current life is the Serpent, or snake. Exploring the symbolism of snake and crow could be enlightening. *** Note: There's a picture of me as a kid (about five or six years old) laughing and squirming as the picture was being taken. When I looked at it about ten years back, it struck me how serious I had become. The more I've opened up to Essence, the more I feel like that kid again, but I always thought that was the personality in this lifetime. (Ok, I wasn't laughing, but definitely being mischievous.)
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: May 3, 2017 Session type: My Chief Features, 60 min Editing: Rearranging for flow --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOME OBSERVATIONS: Since I never have had a session about my CFs, nor have I read very much about CFs before, I studied transcripts from rather various sessions, including a few OMWs that I did with myself. It has been of great value! I prepared in fact a full CF Report à la Pat, and Michael’s input provides naturally essential but still few small adjustments to it. Like a gentle nudge, gentle guidance in how to fine-calibrate my movements. It shows I believe, the irreplaceable value of all knowledge that is shared here on TLE. Both in terms of recurring events and private sessions so freely and generously shared. I will update this post with relevant links and my usual tables (c.o.l.o.u.r.c.o.d.e.d.) for those who find interest in it. Thank you for your generosity all, and for your tireless work Troy! Love you all guys! 🌹 🌞 🌈 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEntity****** Hello to you, Pat. We are here, now. We can begin. Pat Michael HELLOOOOOO <3 Michael, this is about my CFs... But first Michael, before we dive into CFs, I wanted to ask you about our sessions overall; you know how I often have a “prelude”, a rather long introduction to what I’m thinking, my conclusions from preparation and observations etc etc. I wonder – do you find any value in it? My though is, that it can provide a shared frame of reference for us that we can elaborate upon. But maybe it doesn’t provide any value! What do you say? (Ironically, I also detect some Impatience in me doing it, but that's not the only reason…) MEntity Communication is a two-way multi-level "street" and it is always valuable to us to hear or read directly from you the thoughts, insights, and perceptions you have directly from the Physical Plane. We can circumvent this communication when or if necessary, but it is greatly preferred to hear from you, directly. Hearing directly from you (as a body in the Physical Plane) helps us to see and know precisely where you are in your experiences and understanding of experiences, whereas when we circumvent, we often only have approximations. Pat Ah! That's what I was thinking. I mean, you are not reading my mind and whatever is recorded is maybe already "past" for me here, when it comes to details. That's great to know Michael. Thank you. So, today I have made a little attempt to a list of my CFs 1-7. I’d love your input/corrections. MEntity It is true that all 7 Chief Features are accessible, but the heaviest use is in the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. You wish to have them listed through to the Septenary? Pat Yes, I'd like that. Just to know. But then I'd like to look with details on the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and I also have some general questions. GENERAL QUESTIONS: 1. % Manifesting Essence vs False Personality at any given time. 2. Overall Stage of Freeing 3. What would the Symptom be, and how does it translate when I am: a. Embracing Essence/manifesting True Personality b. Rejecting Essence/manifesting False Personality DETAILED QUESTIONS ABOUT CF 1-3, SO I CAN WORK MORE FOCUSED WITH THEM: 1. Stage of freeing (per CF if possible or Overall) 2. At what age developed and in response to what? 3. How shows up in me? 4. How triggered? 5. How affects the relevant Overleave? 6. The key to alleviating it? MY LIST Primary: SELF-DEP (validated) Secondary: IMPATIENCE (validated) Tertiary: SELF-DEP Quaternary: IMPATIENCE Quinary: MARTYRDOM? Senary: IMPATIENCE or ARROGANCE Septenary: SELF-DEP I also think that my overall Stage of freeing is 5-REDIRECTION, with glimpses of 6-COMPREHENSION. What do you think Michael? MEntity We are compiling a response. Pat Merci MEntity Using your list, we will add that which we find different from your assessment: TERTIARY - Greed QUINARY - Arrogance SENARY - Impatience Pat I understand. Tertiary was very, very difficult for me to even sense. Arrogance I was sensing, but didn't know where. MEntity We will elaborate if time permits, but we will respond to the initial set of questions first: Pat Michael, what do you think about the Overall Stage of Freeing? Much has change for me only the last year and I think that I am ready now to work with my CF from a very new perspective. Not so defensive and more holistic. Oh sorry, saw your comment now. MEntity MANIFESTING ESSENCE = 65%, though you often peek around 85%. This average accounts for some rather dark plummets away from Essence that can take days to recover from, even if there is a smile on your face during that time. STAGE OF FREEING - Redirection is "spot on." This is your new, exhausting, and inspiring game with yourself at the moment. You are fairly relentless in your catching any moments of Chief Feature and transforming the moment, even as the Chief Feature continues to push, stomp, convince, justify, and fuel you with addictive adrenaline. You have been working in this Stage for nearly 2 years and you are not stopping. Pat I just cried... And I will not stop... Working that is. MEntity This is why you glimpse Comprehension because you are now at a point where your Chief Features are simply boring distractions that you profoundly know no longer serve you (though they never did). But they cannot simply "go away." You wanted to understand, to grow, to not just fight a part of yourself, but to embrace it and figure out what you need. Pat Yes!!! "Spot on". MEntity When you Redirect, you are able to step into the other side of defensiveness and ask, "now what was that reaction trying to tell me?" The answer is not always clear, but the question is what starts the transformation. EMBRACING ESSENCE/TRUE PERSONALITY - when you are Manifesting True Personality, you could be described as AFFECTIONATE. Affection is not just a term to describe superficial and social acts of hugging and smiling. Affection is Agape. Affection is the willingness to touch and be touched with or without touching. In other words, a vulnerability drops all defences and invites enriching exchanges that mean more than social grace. REJECTING ESSENCE/FALSE PERSONALITY - When you are rejecting of Essence or in False Personality, you could be described as OVERCOMPENSATING. This is when you work so hard to win affection, or when you work so hard to pretend you need no affection. Pat YES! MEntity In response to the next set of questions: The Overall is suitable for understanding where you are in any of the Freeing from Chief Features. Primary: SELF-DEPRECATION formed around 12 around fully believing that you were utterly "different." SELF-DEPRECATION is in your relationship to the world at large and often shows up as questioning the very meaning of your existence, the point of your place in the world, and a cruel insult to your value of importance. It is a constant voice that tells you to ACT better than you are because everyone can see that you are nothing. Your Self-deprecation has been particularly cruel in its constantly brutal self-criticism, and you must now see yourself as your own inspiration because you made it. You made it through the worst of it. You own you and your life now, even if you may still question your sense of importance. Self-deprecation only sought to protect you from "the cruel world" by making you hide within yourself no matter how expressive and commanding you were on the outside. This is no longer fun for you. It stopped working a long time ago. Some Self-deprecation shows up in obvious ways, but yours was a well-kept secret in many ways. Pat (Even from myself…) MEntity Secondary: IMPATIENCE formed around 16, but fully rooted around 21 with cumulative disgust for the inadequacies of conscience in other people and your wish to escape periods of time when enduring that "world." IMPATIENCE is your obstacle to Intimacy and close relationships and shows up as requiring someone else to "get you" before they even get to know you. It was born of your wish for someone to rescue you from yourself. This led to a navigation of relationships where you either "get gotten," or you do not, and fuck everyone who does not get you. It removed you from the responsibility of getting to know others AS A WAY for them to get to know you. You learned to shift the overflow of Self-deprecation's constant self-criticism to as many others as possible as a way to ignore those from within. Pat Got it! 100%! MEntity Tertiary: GREED formed around 16 to 18 and appear to be related to the gap between the power of the body and the power of the mind/heart. It was understood that the body seemed to have all of the power, but the mind/heart wanted more. This started a cycle of battles between indulgence vs restraint GREED is in the realm of health and body and we think this shows up when you finally open to someone and then reveal a depth of need that is nearly impossible to satiate or navigate, especially when mixed with Impatience. Pat Oh. YES! Now I get the Greed! MEntity As we are out of time, we will quickly state that you are already doing a great deal of the Work necessary to transform your Chief Features, and in the past two years you have dismantled their hold in greatly significant ways. To enhance the work you are already doing, consider your Goal and Mode as keys to your continued success. If you can catch yourself when you are in Stagnation, or "running in place," or when your Passion leaves you with a loss or blurring of boundaries between YOU and what represents you, returning Flow back to FREEDOM (or Conscious Choice) and Passion back to Self-Actualization, you are well on your way to freedom from Chief Features. We can elaborate in further exchanges, but we think we covered most of your questions today. We will conclude here today. Good day to you, Pat. Goodbye, for now. Pat Thank you so much Michael! This is lots of SUPER info! Many thanks to you. Bye-bye! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY INITIAL IDEA MT - prep for MY CF SESSION. TABELS & LINKS.docx
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    In a POF session on April 19, 2017 I asked for information on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. I'd been reading about his life and had felt a lot of resonance. Turns out he is a fellow Scholar and Entity Mate. Next I need to find out in which Cadence row he sits within the Greater Cadence of 49 Scholars that I've been trying to map out. Also of interest is that Goethe was a Transcendent (not Transcendental) Soul! That concept is so interesting to me. If you were going to design a life to give yourself one more go on the Physical Plane, the life of Goethe is not a bad deal. MEntity: GOETHE - 7th Level Old Transcendent Scholar-Cast Scholar from Cadre 1, Entity 2. Daniela: How was he able to access your teaching? What is the main way your teaching shows up in his work? MEntity: When one moves into a Transcendent stage of existence, one has formulated one's own teaching. Keep in mind that we are not describing this fragment as a Transcendental Soul, but Transcendent, a fragment whose life is no longer defined by a specific focus of growth in Soul Age. His access to our teaching came long before this life and he would have been blended that with his own. MEntity: We see our influence mostly in terms of his fascination with Justice, or the Karmic elements of existence. He explored or emphasized and even embodied the prices paid in life when one bargains with existence, instead of lives it. He was very much about the facets of self and giving life to each of these over time, rather than presuming that one must define oneself by expectations. Daniela: So has his Essence cycled off? No longer incarnating? MEntity: We do not know. Once one has reached the 7th Level as an Old Soul, "anything goes." More incarnations are optional, and they would work like any other lifetime with its challenges and goals. We do not see that this fragment has technically Cycled off, so we expect there are other adventures ahead. Here is what Michael said about Transcendent Souls in a when Maureen asked about Mother Meera: MEntity: This fragment is not hosting the Infinite Souls, but is a Transcendent Old Server (not Transcendental). The method for healing described is utterly honest in its point: that she is doing absolutely nothing; "you are." This can cause many to attribute the effect of healing to having been sourced from the fragment, but it is only themselves doing what could be done by looking in a mirror, or giving oneself the same authority over the body that is given to her. Maureen: Michael - what do you mean by a Transcendent Old Soul? MEntity: Many fragments learn how to transcend beyond any limitations or combinations of intellect, emotion, and action, but some choose to use this in a way that serves a larger, more public Task. Maureen: Has her Essence "cycled off" and then "come back"? MEntity: Transcendent Souls tend to be those fragments who are not defined or constrained by any limitations of emotion, intellect, or action, having the capacity to sustain a holistic form of Centering so that the spectrum of self is accepted. MEntity: No, this Essence has not cycled off. Maureen: Is this what might be considered Enlightened? MEntity: Not exactly. "Enlightened" is relative. She is enlightened relative to many who seek her, but not enlightened relative to many more. The same can be said of you. MEntity: Enlightenment is a process of integrating a philosophical structure that works for you. Once you are "enlightened," that enlightenment is now foundation for more enlightenment. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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    Channel: Troy Tolley Date: May 16, 2017 Session type: 60 min/5Q ------------------------------------------------------------- MEntity Hello to you, Pat. We are here, now. We can begin. Pat Michael! Good evening! Michael, this is the second session about My Cause, that we initially spoke about at the end of March. This time I’d like to look deeper into what I myself identify as My Cause, a little about my “philosophy” around it, and last but not least – my findings from the You and Your Cause Workshop I did with myself (you had that session in February this year). I’d appreciate your input on how I can better understand, define, and “specialise” the concept of My Cause, not at least considering this year’s Platform – TRUE FULFILMENT. Could this set-up work? (Michael… Do you also have something like Platforms in your Plane???) MEntity Yes, that set up will work well. As you lead the conversation, we can respond accordingly. We do have the equivalent of Platforms in our Plane. In a comfortable language, we refer to these as something that might translate into Landscapes. Pat Oh, that's beautiful! Is it a similar concept? MEntity Yes, except we do not have seasons to generate cycles. We have cycles that are based upon learning cycles. Pat Nice! What is your current Landscape called, if I may ask…? MEntity Currently we are working on what could be termed MATHEMATICAL MEMORY MATRICES. Pat Wow! Probably wouldn't understand anything of what that means... OK. Here goes my Prelude. Please, elaborate however you find suitable. 1). WHAT CAUSE & WHY? As far as I can identify my Cause, it is connected to our fellow Earthlings, what I, for myself, call “Interspecies Communication” and what in fact is the 3rd Tier of Affinity - KINDREDNESS. Training myself in being a facilitator for the STEWARDSHIP that is the responsibility of my species. My take on that Stewardship is very much about being near Animals. I guess it is an expression of my True Spirit: Independently-Mobile Beings. And I am not trying to romantacise this here, mind you. I do know the work I must do on the most basic and practical levels of my life (e.g. choices for consumption, sustainable living, diet etc.). But these are no bloody mystery to me – it’s about discipline, determination and simply doing the shit. What I’m looking for now, is to use my aptitude for building meaningful and authentic connection with non-human Animals, and combine it together with my professional experience of administration, organisation, management and leadership. AND educating. I do need a Big Picture application in my life, for things to “make sense”… 2). 3 LEVELS OF MY CAUSE & 7 CORE VALUES FUELING IT PERSONAL: 1.Love 2.Unity 3.Empowerment GLOBAL: 1.Love 2.Wisdom 3.Unity UNIVERSAL: 1.Love 2.Joy 3. Wisdom I’d say that there’s always support from CREATIVITY, but this can also be a purely logical conclusion – in the current situation Humanity needs to be creative, in order to both solve the mess and create enthusiasm towards doing it. LOVE here means for me the AFFECTION that is the expression of my True Personality, of Embracement of my Essence. (Yes Michael, I am learning – I indeed am much more driven by Inspiration that I ever could see before...) It is also the AFFINITY that drives me to work for my fellow Earthlings. What do you think so far Michael??? And Michael, I wonder… My True Work is: ”TO COMPREHEND, EMBODY, AND ENCOURAGE THE POWER OF EMPATHY”. Should I somehow keep it in mind in the context of My Cause and True Fulfilment Platform??? MEntity Your Assessment is clear and careful. It is an excellent launching pad for your continued exploration. What you map out above are just words, but it is the comprehension of their implication and the application of implementation that will put into form that which you embrace as a Cause. Pat Yes. It is how I see it. I always need to create a "clean system", that I can build upon. I need to start from the very core. MEntity As for your Life Task, keeping it in mind is always helpful for any endeavour, because the Life Task can be fulfilled in nearly every area of the life. The Life Task is passive in that you need not seek to fulfil it directly or specifically, but simply doing what you love and following your impulses, trusting in yourself, tends to lead to the fulfilment. What have you identified as your first steps toward your Cause? Pat Well, my idea is about a Sanctuary and Orphanage for wild animals. I'd like to find a place, where the owners/workers share the attitudes towards our fellow Earthlings. I am not looking for a place that is PERFECT. I'd like to come and establish a long-term cooperation, where I can provide with everything from getting my hands dirty to my vast experience from project management. I need both the physical part, the business part and the animal part. Just the thought of it gives me energy to DO the needed work! Many of these places also work with education for children. I think it is very important, and would like to have that angle. Was it an answer to your question? MEntity You have successfully identified your first step: VISION. We would add that "Perfect" is allowed in a Vision. The flexibility is important, but Perfection is not inherently impossible or bad as a goal. Pat But you know, my "perfect" vision is about providing what I can to improve things. I am not an "inventor" of new things but I am an excellent developer/improver of things. It gives me a kick! And also if something just functions smoothly, I get SO. BORED. MEntity Perfect can be improved upon as necessary, but let your Vision be very clear about what would be perfect to you, and then allow for the flexibility. You just named your second step: STRENGTH INVENTORY Pat YES! Wow! And there Michael, I have some fears ... Could I share them now? MEntity This is vital and must include the associated emotional responses to those strengths. It can be helpful to list several real-world examples of when you felt you were using strengths, describe the associated emotional resonance to that strength, and then name the strength of strengths involved. Pat Go to the core. Got it. MEntity Yes, you can address your fears here. Pat I was actually thinking about a separate session about it, so on second thoughts - I can just exemplify and maybe we can elaborate on it next time? But it would be that I am very, very afraid about putting myself in a situation where I will be powerless. In a situation, an environment where whatever is provided would lead to nothing. And I really, really cannot stand witnessing directly suffering of Animals. MEntity Addressing your fears could be said to be your 4th Step as PERSONAL OBSTACLES. The 3rd Step you would also want to consider before or during your 4th Step is that of FACTS vs FICTION or TRUTH TELLING. Pat I am many times avoiding it, I know that I am escaping it etc. I must find a way to work with this part, so I do not end up in inertia, inability and total distress, where I simply will be useless. It's very complicated for me to find a way to work with it Michael. MEntity What you are offering up to us here is your TRUTH TELLING. Your 3rd Stage. You are telling the truth about the Cause. You know it will have its suffering. As a cause that is directed toward the alleviation of suffering, you will witness suffering. Your honesty about your feeling helpless is the Truth. It is not something that can be avoided, escaped, or ignored, but telling the truth to yourself NOW (and along the way) can help you to funnel your energy right back to a Strength. This TRUTH TELLING you reveal, is similar to the same truths that a firefighter must face, for example. The cause for her is to save lives. That will always be the cause. But lives will be lost. They will simply and without blame be lost. Pat That is SUCH a brilliant example for me because I am actually really good in human emergencies, so I relate. I can both act, rescue and lose without compromising the integrity of my compassion, while acknowledging the fact, the reality. With Animals however, it is so HARD! My problem with Animals is that they are from the start the victims here. They have not chosen the abuse they are experiencing. Is it some type of collective guilt I'm dealing with here??? MEntity That is likely because the older the soul, the more one's fellow Earthlings are suddenly and irrevocably identified as your responsibility, not your resource. The realization is deeply painful, in that it destroys all layers of ancient imprinting stacked against a holistic life on Earth. Every Sentient Species must go through this. It is the only way to nurture the potential for another Grand Cycle. Pat How did you deal with it Michael? MEntity We had to come to the painful but beautiful realization that we could only change ourselves. We recognized that we must become a walking teaching of our highest ideals and philosophies. Not all of our Personalities agreed, but most of our later lives found this to be the most effective means for creating change. The phrase "be the change you wish to see in the world" is a valid aphorism. Pat I understand. I do. I am just still on this level where I am trying to find a way out of the pain... But I do know, that's not how it works... MEntity You need not avoid the pain. It is a fuel. It is not about avoiding the pain, but directing it. Consider that pain is merely resistance. It is felt if you are puncture or punched as well as if you run or lift heavy objects as exercise. Pain in and of itself is simply information, or more accurately it is a truth. What you DO with that truth is more important than avoiding it. Pat Yes. Yes it is. And that's where I think I need to trust more in the ability to create meaningful connections with other Earthlings. MEntity However, we know it is not easy. It never will be. That is the nature of pain. Pat I will work with your insights Michael. I need to grow in this realisation and find my way, that is true and authentic, to deal with it. I think that we don't have so much time left. Michael, could you list the steps? We have 1-4. I guess they are 7 :). What would you call them?? MEntity As for the steps: VISION INVENTORY OF STRENGTHS FACTS vs FICTION (Truth Telling) PERSONAL OBSTACLES SURPRISES PLANNING FEEDBACK They are in no particular order, but they work well in the order listed and then cycled through as necessary. We will elaborate upon this in further exchanges with you. Pat Did you get some inputs to your MATHEMATICAL MEMORY MATRICES from our exchange today Michael? MEntity Continue to research your options and ideas for how this path will be created. It is well within your potential, possibility, and means to fulfil this. Yes, of course we did. Good day to you, Pat. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now. Pat Thank you for all your feedback and insights Michael. Talk to you soon! Bye-bye! ----------------------- In future exchanges I'll ask Michael if they could elaborate a little on how to work with these steps, just as they did here regarding STRENGTH INVENTORY. The steps are no surprise to anyone who has ever planned something, but as usual, Michaels insight goes beyond the "intellectual" layers, so I want to know more.
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: October 23rd, 2015 Session type: Private session, 120 min Comment: This informations was covered in approximately 60 min ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the second part of my session after my coming home from the first TLEGG, autumn 2015. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price Thank you. So now I'd like to ask about my/my Essence's connection to the 5th Old, Sage cast Artisan from C1E2 we today know as James. What is our history? What are the relationship formations between us? MEntity One moment as we look. Sorting through the lifetimes, we found your lifetime in Rome as a Gladiator. This may seem cliché in the context of past lives, but many souls have been Gladiators. It was not that it was popular so much as it was that slavery was rampant, and many of our students were pulled into slavery. Price Oh, I relate to the Gladiator. No cliché there. MEntity As a Gladiator, "you" met the fragment who is now James when "he" was offered from among the many kitchen slaves for sex. Though sex was offered, it was the conversation that drew the two of you together. This was a lifetime where the sharing of stories was profound. There were Healing Agreements formed at that time, and this played into your Support Positions that already exist and continue to exist as Healers. Price And what would be the lifetime that most resonates with our current realities? MEntity That life as the Gladiator. The depths of conversation and philosophical pondering in that life were quite bonding. The resonance is strong. Price Cool! M, I had this dream; Roman Empire, battlefield, no idea if I and the Artisan were enemies or on the same side, but the Artisan was connected to the catapult. VERY clearly a thing with the catapult. Can you see any of this? Can you see if there's some history behind it? MEntity Okay, we found your lives together in the Empire during the late 3rd Century CE. It appears you were not enemies, but fought together. We think the memory may refer to the day he died. Or the day you died. We are not certain here, but there is a mark regarding the separation and the last glances of one another. Price Ok. I get these dreams or many times "visions", so I just wanted to check up on that. Thanks M. MEntity There may be some amount of echo regarding "what could I/we have done differently" here. "What could we/I have done differently" refers to the Review after the death that questioned how life/friendship/relationship could have been extended if other choices had been made. The dreams/visions may refer to that part of the Review. When fragments reunite, sometimes those lives where the pain of separation was strong, there can be replaying of that life in the memory, or symbolically in the relationship. Price Makes lots of sense... Michael, I know that this Artisan is also connected to the 4th Old Warrior cast King from C1E5 we know as Kerrin in "her" live as Siegfried Bing and his as Theo van Gogh. I do understand that there was a lot about Japanese wood block prints involved. I today collect such and have a great interest in them. Was "I" a part of what you'd call the "tapestry" of these lifetimes? MEntity Yes, "you" were involved in those lives as a contemporary, struggling artist who spent the life working on replicating the Japanese block art, but did not gain any footing. Though you were a part of the dynamic here at the time, you were not particularly close to either of the fragments in question at that time, except by proxy. We do not think there are easily-accessible records of that lifetime for you to explore. Price I understand about the Japanese theme. James and I were talking about it, and I couldn't find any recollection. My Essence is great at helping me with this kind of hints, so this is actually a validation. MEntity Yes. You are frequent in your actions of validation. We must conclude here for today. We are fading through Troy now. Good day to you, Price. Goodbye, for now. Price Thank you Michael!!!!! Good day to you too!
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    Don't get me wrong because I'm not disparaging any interest of anyone in the Infinite Soul manifestation but I have personally never had that sort of interest in being around one. I think because there is a part of me that just knows that if it gets to that, shit aint going to be good. I'd much rather miss out on that opportunity and go where the golden age leads that risk having that sort of encounter. JEE-ZUS I hope we figure this out before 2020'ish.
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    During the week of my TMI Lucid Dreaming Intensive, I had one dream that came the closest yet for me to achieve lucidity. The dream contained multiple elements designed to make me aware I was dreaming. Here is a summary of the dream, which occurred the morning of May 3: Casey (my older daughter) walked in the door and across my wide maplewood floor. She had on a ridiculous pink bubble coat and I wondered why she was at my house. Later, I could tell Casey was upset, but she wouldn't tell me what was wrong. I wondered if she had a fight with Greg (her husband). At one point Emma (my younger daughter) said "Yup, Casey's pregnant," but I didn't think so and wondered where Emma got that idea. Had Casey been telling her something that she hadn't told me? Then, I tried to call Casey, but I kept dialing wrong numbers. It was like the phone was interfering. Finally, I went to her house, but they weren't there. The front room was completely empty but I could see they had been constructing something elaborate in the corner of what might have been the kitchen. Then when I turned around, Casey and Greg were sitting on the couch in what had been an empty room. They had their backs to me. Casey was very upset. I don't know if Greg was trying to calm or tease her. He was singing a little song about a baby and Casey tried to shush him because she didn't want me to hear. I just said "I already know." Then I was on the other side of the room, and the room was now filled with furniture. The front door opened and my mom and dad walked in with two kids -- a girl and a boy who looked familiar but I didn't know them. Both my parents looked very young. I knew they had died and were much older. I thought it had to be a dream. I kept saying "Am I dreaming?" and tried to push my finger through my hand [a reality check learned in the class] but my hand was solid. I was very confused because I knew it had to be a dream but I could get no confirmation it was a dream. There were four more dream fragments after that but to me the most significant part of the dream was the appearance of my parents and why my reality check didn't work when I knew I was dreaming: a missed opportunity to interact with them had I indeed become lucid. However, when I have described the dream to friends, they have asked me why I didn't immediately text Casey to ask if she was pregnant, and indeed I started to do that several times. But in the end, I thought I'd just wait because the dream was logged. This morning I opened a Mother's Day card from Casey that I pulled from the mailbox last night. I'm to be a grandmother in December.
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    This is my sons essence report, but before i get to that. I want to say i very much validate the part in here about interdependence. He obviously needs me for extra support since he is special needs, but i need him too. He is the light for me, hes everything that is right about this world for me. If i ever get to meet any of you, it will be easy to see, my son absolutely lights a room up, and has a huge smile always. His joy is infectious. My world is 1,000 times more beautiful because he's in it. Essence Report Dominic Dean A NOTE FROM MICHAEL: In this requested report, we will share with you what we can find in your records about the subjects requested as relevant to your Essence. We must interpret them from what is known as The Akashic Records, or Akashic Plane. We point out that this is our interpretation, and cannot be considered a conclusive version of your records. Another Causal Entity may find your report to read differently, especially if that Entity uses different terminology. There are many factors that go into the process of interpreting records stored in the Akashic, and this learning process of interpretation is one that is key to any Entity’s evolution through the Causal Plane. We must “read” the records in a way that makes sense to us, then translate that data into something that can be transmitted to our channels in a way that will not only be understood by them but able to be conveyed through them to be understood by you. This process is the same process that is required of every channeling exchange with us to some extent, but for this particular report, these Akashic records are the entire focus. We wish to point out that while some of this information may ring true to you, it is on a scale that may or may not be easy to validate or use with any meaning to you in this life. We think this report can, at least, be as interesting to you as any genealogy-type report might be to you as a family member. Understanding the momentum of a family’s dynamic can lend great insight into the current relationships within a family, and to that extent, this report will say a lot about “you” as you relate to all of your incarnations and Essence. To that end, it may help the current Personality to see the life in larger terms, even if experienced as merely a photographic examination that lends little more than a sense of nostalgia. BEYOND YOU: a look at who “you” are beyond this lifetime, including comments about your Essence Twin, your Casting within your Entity, your Frequency, and your Focused/Creative Energy Ratio. FROM MICHAEL: Your Essence chose its Role of Warrior approximately 6 million years ago by standards of current measurement of time on Earth, and it did so at its 10th Grand Cycle. The 9 Cycles previous to the current one went through Artisan, Artisan, Artisan, Scholar, Scholar, Scholar, Sage, Sage, Sage, in that order. This is first Grand Cycle as an ordinal action Role, softened by the Assimilative Casting. The pattern we see is one that seems to cover the Roles with the neutrality of the Scholar Casting, then a Grand Cycle with Exalted Casting, and then another as Ordinal Casting. This seems to be a preferred pattern of your Essence for thoroughly exploring a Role before moving on to new adventures and experiments. Though your Essence may add many many more Grand Cycles, at this point the preference is clearly toward the Expressive and Assimilative, so even in this Grand Cycle as an Ordinal Action Role, we would think that this ancient history in your Essence may often come out in waves of necessity for authentic and raw Expression, and waves of dynamic and unwavering fixation of Assimilation. Your Casting within your Entity often has you in lifetimes where you are a “sponge” for absorbing nearly everything around you, and this can make for some quite challenging lives, but this is part of the point of this journey as a Warrior. It is fascinating and exciting as Essence, though often very challenging as Personality, to find ways to create and sustain structure within a life and Personality that has no built-in censoring or dampening of input. The Scholar Casting craves this constant flow, while the Warrior is utterly “new” at how to make so much information and input useful. But every time you have a breakthrough, your Entity and Entity mates are made more capable of accessing strength, endurance, focus, freedom, etc. because you once again found a way to exist while bombarded with existence. Your Energy Ratio has you leaning more toward the joys of learning through chaos than through order, but you are also likely to find that you cannot enjoy the chaos without embracing the order. Because your Essence is so inclined toward chaos, your Personalities often find themselves bonding with those who are inclined toward order and this helps to keep you from extremes. Your Frequency is mid-range at 45 and can fluctuate up or down 20 points to accommodate cycles where you must process faster than at other times and relate to ranges above or below in other people, though “shifting gears” in terms of processing speed is likely difficult at times. UBER-PATTERNS: a look at how some of the key dynamics of your Essence Design have shown up across lifetimes, including the overall arcing theme that contributes to the experience and knowledge of your Entity. FROM MICHAEL: The arcing theme across all lifetimes that we can see, so far, is one that could be described as WONDER. Threaded through all of your lives is some element in either Personality or in Manifesting of Essence where there is a deep Wonder generated from within and/or from those around you. We define Wonder here in the usual sense of unexpected beauty mixed with admiration. Even in the “worst” of lifetimes in terms of challenges for the Personality, there is very little refusal of Wonder. It is sought. It is allowed. It is one of the ways you know you are alive, even when you are uncertain of your existence. THE CURRENT YOU: a look at current lifetime themes, the status of your Essence Twin, how your positive and negative poles show up, and any obstacles and solutions to fully manifesting Essence through this Personality. FROM MICHAEL: The current lifetime is themed in the exploration of dependence, independence, and interdependence. This comes as an installment to the lives where extremes of dependence or independence were in place and then balanced. Dependence and Independence have been thoroughly explored in other lives, but this is the first life where Interdependence is being explored so thoroughly. Interdependence is a beautiful dance with others where there is recognition of the needs of one another, and a concerted effort to meet those, even if not in obvious ways. When your Personality is embracing Essence and manifesting True Personality, it could be described as AWE. What you experience is utterly new or renewed. This awe taps into your wonder and the world is beautiful to you. When your Personality is rejecting of Essence and manifesting False Personality, it could be described as BORED. Boredom comes when you stop trying and when you refuse to engage or participate in the wonder of life. The key here for bringing Essence back into Personality is to move away from RESIGNATION and into TRANQUILITY, the negative to the positive poles of Stoicism. When you give up, stop trying, and resign, you lose the wonder and awe in your life, your being, and existence. To move from Resignation to Tranquility, you would want to use Verification, the positive pole of Spiritualist. Verification would mean taking the time to ask yourself questions rather than presuming you already know the answers. Ask why you are upset. Ask why you are agitated. Ask yourself what you need, what you want, and if your feelings are accurate to the situation. As soon as you begin his questioning process, the Tranquility and wonder can return. In short, allow yourself to have and express the questions you find important at the moment. Ask them to yourself or someone else, but ask them. You will find yourself again. Your Essence Twin acts as a guide during this life, and helps to point you toward experiences of wonder, curiosity, and awe.
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    It has been two years since I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, IPF. Idiopathic means they don't know the cause of this condition in which the lungs become more fibrous and less able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. I have been told that the average person with this diagnosis dies in two to five years. The only known "cure" through conventional medicine is a lung transplant. Because I have issues with my heart I was told that I didn't qualify for that procedure. Not so sure I would have wanted it anyway. Meanwhile I've worked on some healing approaches from the less conventional medical world. My blood has been tested to see what foods react to the serum and told to avoid such foods. This supposedly left me with a diet that included most beans, almost no spices, no gluten, most meat and most dairy. Most veggies and fruits were out. Sure been missing that pasta, tomatoes, garlic and onions. This was done in association with a "functional medicine" doc, in this case a chiropractor/buddhist monk. Last summer I kind fell out with him. And so I have continued many of the ideas but on my own and in conjunction with a local acupuncturist I have been seeing regularly. I've enjoyed the acupuncture sessions as the process gives me a chance to speak with and be heard by a caring soul. I suspect she is an old priest. I've had regular tests on my lung function. They have, with some up ticks, been graphed in a gradually declining trend. Along with the declining lung function I have had declining stamina. I still get around and do the things humans do while being mindful to not overdo it or I'll feel it the next day or longer. As a mandatory minimum exercise I do about 40 minutes of yoga three or four times a week and likewise about 40 minutes of walking. Sometimes I even do a little work on the trail I have been working on for some time. The trail is there, I just have a certain look and feel I want to create... maybe an artisan thing. Lately I have have been getting my space ready for the arrival of my 3 grandkids aged 8-13 along with my ex-wife for a week's visit in June. This is it, the bunkhouse. By the way, I mentioned before I had designed an arbor. It is for the rose bush here that is currently held up by something that is was not made for that much weight. I decided to hold off on building the arbor for now as I want all the protection from the sun I can get this summer. About 150 yards away is where I spend a lot of time in the library above the main dining room where there is internet access. This is the view behind my back. Unless we get more rain, and there has been lots this year, the green grass in the hills will soon be brown. Or as we say in California, golden. The trail I have been working on sides along the hill behind the barn. This is my son and two of his sons on skype. One is in the back playing piano. About 6 weeks ago I got a computer with a camera and since then I have been reaching out to people I know and especially TLE members I am not likely to meet in person to have video chat. Those I've reached have really made my day. Whether I've contacted you or not (I've only just begun... can hear Karen Carpenter singing that) please feel free to initiate a video chat which can either be with the TLE system (which often works fine) or with skype. The main key is setting up a mutual time that works. My son since I got the IPF diagnosis has mentioned to me "bucket list" and how he could support me. He is usually thinking of travel. My energy stamina being not so high I've not thought much of travel otherwise I didn't have anything on it but enjoy my life as much as I can until it is over. The one thing that did occur to me recently as something to do before kicking the bucket is have my grandsons visit. What is special (I mean unique) about this visit is the parents won't be there. Looking forward to some "grand" bonding. The other thing that popped up on "bucket list" was doing a porno with an 18 year old or two. I'm sure it would be fun but that one may just remain in imagination due to energy issues. Amazing how seriously I have taken the subject of sex over the years...lol All and all I am much in acceptance as I go through my day to day. I've surrendered to the idea that I might not be on this earth too much longer (a year, two years, I don't know.) As I mentioned in another post the book A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie does a good job of describing being in the moment and accepting whatever shows up. Lot of support from family. Lot of old souls in terms of staff (mostly young people in their 20s) though most of the guests who come here in the summer seem like mature soul. Speaking of old souls, my nephew who is head gardener has three assistant gardeners. As far as I can tell gardening is only a side issue to the discussion group he presides over as they work. One of my "jobs" here is photographing special events. Recently a bench made out of an old redwood beam was carried up the hill as part of a new trail project. I'm thinking "climb ev'ry mountain" while my sister is thinking funeral procession...lol. That's all for now.
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    5/11/2017 MEntity: Hello to you, Diane. We are here, now. We can begin. DianeHB: Hello Michael DianeHB: I've been feeling an intense desire for the community/family (during the energy shift, I just realized last night). My previous coworkers were like family to me, but it came with the baggage of intense and stressful work, and the closeness was hard to sustain without physical proximity now that I've left. I still miss it. I wanted the new job to be like that, too, but it takes time to develop. I felt like I was putting too much pressure on my work to fulfill my need for community. I have TLE, too, but it doesn't replace spending time in person. In the long run, I would love to create a co-housing community, but in the mean time I'm not sure how to address this need. I had a similar drive about a year ago, and I tried going to a "cuddle party" and a polyamory meetup, but they weren't quite right (I felt the emotional intimacy was missing). Do you have any suggestions for starting or finding a suitable community? Am I being unrealistic for wanting something like this? MEntity: There is no time that it is unrealistic to want community. It is a Primary Need. It is vital. This desire rises in you when you reach new plateaus of liking yourself. You do not wish to escape yourself in Community, but to experience yourself, to share yourself. This is Good Work. MEntity: This is why the previous experiments cited did not work. That is not community. The contexts you described tend to be gatherings of those who seek to escape themselves. These gatherings can be placeholders and fillers, but for many they are escapes. They do, however, help many to like themselves more, and this can be of great benefit for eventual True Community. DianeHB: I agree, I just haven't found other contexts that intentionally allow for physical and emotional intimacy. DianeHB: But physical intimacy without the emotional was just wrong to me. DianeHB: That was what I came away with from the cuddle party. MEntity: As for what you can do to help nurture community in your immediate life is exactly what you are doing. You must be patient, you must remain open, you must explore, experiment. You may stumble upon a community that is intact where you can merge, or you may find you start with one person and it grows to include more fragments over time. In other words, keep looking, keep open, and keep curious. MEntity: Even when you find your next Community/Communion, it may be populated with thousands, but it will tend to be a single person or few people who help to bring that sense of community to you. If you explore groups that form around your interests, it is wise not to assume first impressions are the truth. MEntity: In terms of your work environment, this will evolve, as well. Keep in mind that you are not the only one looking for this, and they are not the only ones reserved in their vulnerability to intimacy. It takes time for most to find and create common ground. Yes, it can happen instantly, but if it does not happen instantly, it does not mean it will not happen. DianeHB: Yeah, I know it will from the last time I started a new job -- first 2-3 months I hated it because no one talked to me. But eventually it evolved into the community I had hoped for. MEntity: That is what you learned. Now you must trust what you learned. Not as a conclusive pattern, but one that gives you an example of how it works for you. MEntity: In the meantime, allow for the intimacy that distance may seem to challenge in your other instances of Community in your life. Use technology to bridge the difference in space and time. Allow yourself to be fully present in these worlds that are already in place that include and nurture you. You may not feel the touch of skin in every community, but you have more bodies than one. DianeHB: Yeah, that's why I decided to get an Xbox and play with Troy's group. ☺️ MEntity: We almost lost Troy's trance with your previous statement. He is quite delighted. DianeHB: LOL DianeHB: Aww MEntity: For those communities where you seek the contact of skin, you are dealing with denser levels of time and space and these do take time and space to find, create, nurture, sustain, etc. MEntity: In addition to "in the meantime," we can suggest that you continue to care for yourself in ways that assume a community is generating as you live and breathe. MEntity: It is fair to presume that while you are nurturing those communities that may lack physical contact and affection due to distance, that you are nurturing the paths that lead to your needs being met in more local space and time. MEntity: This is the equivalent of the "clean underwear" practice. DianeHB: lol MEntity: You "never know" when you may stumble upon your next community or when it will be clear to you that you are now a part of it, especially if you are not actively hosting. MEntity: Having your sense of self intact helps to not only attract the desired community, but helps you to see it when it is there. The number of fragments who crave the very thing that they often miss is quite astounding. DianeHB: Yeah, I wondered if I might not be seeing what I already have, or if I needed to nurture what I already have. DianeHB: Tex has been doing a lot of purging -- he knows/accepts that our future is going to be more about community than things. So we can get the house cleaned up and have people over. MEntity: Both of those statements are true, but so is your noting that a variation on Community is missing. You must keep in sight that which you already have in terms of community, in all of its variations, and nurture these variations, but this is not to replace or distract from the desire for more intimacy. The awareness and nurturing of what you have only serves the desires for further variations. DianeHB: Anything more, or should I move on? MEntity: We can always add more, but we can continue to your next questions. We think you understand the process toward more intimacy and communion and that you accept the patience required.
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    Internal Monad Report NAME: Matthew Dean DATE: 050417 ESSENCE ARC: The current perspective of your Essence is 3rd Level Old, which means that your Essence has completed an Arc of the 7 Internal Monads of Personality at least 2 times. From what we can see, your Essence has moved through 12 lifetimes to get from Old/1 to Old/2, 7 lifetimes as Old/2, and has been Old/3 for 3 lifetimes. This means that your Essence has had approximately 15 lifetimes as an Old Soul. The 3rd Level of the Soul Age (or the 3rd Stage of the Essence Arc of Internal Monads) will have an emphasis on putting into practice what has begun to make sense and is useful as an Old Soul. It is a Level/Stage where the emphasis is on PRACTICING BEING an Old Soul, rather than your BEING and Old Soul. The 3rd Stage/Level is where one begins to accept the contexts of existence as the current Soul Age. If the 2nd Stage is about “tasting” the new Soul Age, then the 3rd Stage is about testing the new Soul Age. There will remain the lingering drama and intensity of the Mature Soul Age, but in this 3rd Stage you are regularly seeing how application of these new truths about yourself, your soul, the universe, etc. help to improve your understanding and inspiration and actions so that you are no longer controlled by intensity and drama, but can make choices and actions from a higher perspective. This 3rd Stage/Level will continue as an extension of the 2nd Level in that you will be exposed to Old Soul ideas and ideals that appeal to you, but challenge you, and the more you explore these the more familiar and natural they would become to you. PERSONALITY ARC: If we are reading these records correctly, you appear to be in the 4th Stage of the 4th Internal Monad and have been for the past 2 years, which is the MANIFESTATION Stage. The 4th Internal Monad is about creating and accepting your own ideas about yourself and your life, as opposed to complying only to the ideas of yourself as defined by your past, your culture, imprinting, family dynamics, society, spirituality, etc. As you are now working through the 4th Stage of Manifestation, you would find yourself moving between the two poles of Manifestation. On the more restrictive and exclusionary end of Manifestation, there is OTIOSE, and on the freer, more inclusive end of Manifestation, there is PURPOSE. Overall, the Manifestation stage is a one of truly defining what you recognize as a fuel for your life, a deeper meaning and value, defined on your own terms. It is an acceptance or creation of what you define as your sense of direction, cause, devotion, purpose. In the Negative Pole Manifestation can fall into Otios, which is a kind of empty and hollow sense of presence in the life. You may be waiting for someone or something to define your direction or your purpose, or you are struggling with demands in the life and need to embrace these demands as personal choices, not impositions. When you move into Purpose, you move in directions by choice, by importance to you, and by a sense of progress, not obligation or burden. You move with self-defined Purpose. Based on what we can see, the inner conflicts between “who I’ve always been” and “who I am becoming” are still in place and dancing between the Polarities of Manifestation. To continue toward the 5th Stage of Contentment in the 4th Internal Monad, it will require that you openly and willingly and with playful curiosity continue to explore that which challenges your boundaries of who you think you are. ************* INSIGHT: As you move through MANIFESTATION, it will always help for you to lean toward what you feel is evolving you, opening, expanding and warming in and around you. If you find yourself rejecting, resisting, and dismissing what comes to you as an invitation to think, feel, and be more than you expected to be, preferring the comforts of what you have always known, you are probably being Otiose. You can shift yourself away from this sleep by actively engaging your sense of wonder, not only in the broadening of your world but in yourself, as well. As you move closer to CONTENTMENT, you will enter it through the negative pole of Contention. All Stages are entered through the Negative Pole. You are familiar with Contention in your navigating the outer world, but this Contention turns inward so that you begin to have arguments with yourself about your own resistances, rejections, and refusals. You have already glimpsed these moments in yourself when you question your position, your stances, and your potential. You will know you have shifted toward Contentment when you enjoy these inner arguments and debates because they are moving your forward toward Satisfaction, the Positive Pole. Satisfaction is a state that is reached where you feel quite good about what you have shed in imprinting and enjoy a period of time being who you are on your own terms, not on terms that were programmed into you by repetition and routine. MORE on Internal Monads.... 7 INTERNAL MONADS Each Monad is specifically a marker for the Essence to gauge within the life where it is in terms of what was planned versus what has come to pass. Essence and Personality can sometimes have very different experiences of the lifetime and these markers, or rites of passage, allow the Personality to “upload” all experiences that have come to pass, so Essence can help in the overall creation of the life. At that point new plans can be made, alterations set in place, new people and Agreements and Karma brought in, etc. The Positive Poles are the ability to adapt to the lifetime, whereas the Negative Poles are resistance and basic refusal to adapt to the results of these evaluations. Within a given lifetime there are 7 "rites of passages" that each person passes through as they grow as Personality. A person can pass through these easily or with struggle, depending on where he is with himself in terms of perceptions and experiences. There is no wrong or right way to pass through these Internal Monads, but getting "stuck" in a Monad or passing through in the Negative Pole, can affect the life in many ways and is usually not pleasant to the Personality. Some people defensively "enjoy" where they are when they are "stuck", and make the best of it. There is no crime in not completing a Monad. In fact, nearly 80% of all fragments DO NOT get through the fourth Monad within one lifetime. To be specific, a "monad" is used here to refer to anything requiring at least two polarities as a means for progression, and is generating experiences completely within it. During your Internal Monads it will feel as if there are at least "two sides" of you, then. One side will be taking a more Positive stance, while the other side gives you the challenges and takes the more Negative stance. This push/pull can create a lot of internal struggle throughout a Monad. The ultimate resolution and completion of a Monad will be in finding the balance within yourself and coming to peace around that particular Monad's context. SPECIAL NOTE: There is a HUGE misconception in the Michael Community that to pass successfully through an Internal Monad is good, admirable, and better, and somehow lends you more credibility in your expression, while NOT completing or resisting the process of an Internal Monad is undesirable, bad, and the person is dismissed or downplayed as "less than". That's just not true. Interaction and communication among some Michael students has gone as far as dismissing those who are only partially through this particular Monad, regardless of how successfully they are progressing. All of us are dealing with varying levels of success in varying parts of our lives, and the 4th Internal Monad is not a defining factor of an individual's worth. It is rare that a person completes all 7 Internal Monads within one life. Usually only those who are 6th Level to 7th Level within a Soul Age succeed in transiting the 7 Internal Monads within one life. Otherwise, the passages can span several lives. The 7 Internal Monads are the 7 Stages of each Soul Level within the Soul Ages. As a SOUL, we pass through a Soul Age having 7 Levels. On each of those Levels, we may take several lives to pass through that single Level. The 7 Internal Monads are the SUB-levels of each LEVEL within a Soul Age! And, of course, each Internal Monad has its own 7 phases. In order to transit a Soul LEVEL, one must successfully have gone through the 7 Internal Monads during that particular Level, however many lifetimes that takes. In the same way it may take Essence several lives to deal with the experiences during a LEVEL OF SOUL AGE, it can also take a few lifetimes to pass through and process a SINGLE Internal Monad. An Internal Monad is considered "complete" when you have reconciled and resolved the questions of that passage, coming out the other side through the Positive Pole. ALL Internal Monads are entered through the Negative Pole, and are completed if the experience of the Positive Pole can be included. During the process, both Poles will be experienced. If the Internal Monad is incomplete or resting in the Negative Pole, THAT particular Internal Monad will be the bottom-line context for most of your experiences throughout the rest of the life. ALL subsequent Internal Monads are defaulted to the Negative Pole in progression as well, or never even attempted at all. The cool thing is that an incomplete Internal Monad can be completed at ANY point in a life. This means if you are in the middle of your 4th Internal Monad with issues still emanating from the lack of completion of the 2nd Internal Monad, (which, in turn will affect your 3rd Internal Monad), you can address those issues, complete the 2nd and 3rd Internal Monad, thus allowing the successful passage through the present Monad! I am still gathering the details of each Internal Monad and its process. Here is the general path of a lifetime and each Monad. 1. Birth This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Root Chakra, or Instinctive Center (life force). Some people channeling Michael believe that the first and last Internal Monad are always completed because they just happen. This seems logical since you cannot escape death and if you are born, well, you are just born. I disagree. The manner in which you are born, the environment's impact on the body, any abuses imposed, even smacking the body to bring the baby screaming into the world, can damage the adjustment of the body in relation to the Root Chakra. The Instinctive Center is the ONE Chakra/Center that is carried over from lifetime to lifetime. It is taken from one lifetime like a floppy disk and "inserted" into the next life, carrying deep memories, your Karmic Records, your plans for the life, etc. Imagine getting a brand new computer and inserting a disk with a program on it, then taking that computer and dropping it, or kicking it. Regardless of how incredible that computer is, or what the program is on the disk, this kind of disruption can wreak havoc on the whole system! The goal of progression through the First Internal Monad is to basically ensure the Instinctive Center is stably intact, in harmony with the body, or Essence will not be able to "move in" when it is ready. A soul rarely moves into a body right away, but rather cares for and guides the development of the body, gradually moving in over the first 7 years. Since being born happens many times and in many ways, the Essence and Body/Personality really do get very good at this and become extremely adaptable. This is why it appears logical to some that Birth and Death are always completed. Because the physical aspects of this event are an unavoidable part of being Human, the event is quite familiar to an Older Soul. Early in the cycle of lifetimes, this Monad can be extremely challenging. As an adult, tell-tale signs of an incomplete FIRST Internal Monad are mental instability and the inability to function in society in any meaningful way, having to depend on an institution or caretaker for your most basic needs, separating you from the "real world", such as being hospitalized for your mental health conditions. As a child, the incomplete First Monad will show most during when the Second Monad is to be played out, turning into tyrannical tantrums and screaming, brutality and refusal. As an adult, a completed First Monad is indicated by being alive and well, healthy in most respects and able to be a part of life in general. As a child, the completed First Monad will show up most obviously during the Second Monad's playing out, with the child beginning to ask all of the "Why's" of every iota of experience, sheer curiosity and want for knowing. 2. Autonomy (age 3 or so) This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Higher Moving Center, or Sexual Chakra. As an adult, Tell-tale signs of an incomplete SECOND Internal Monad are Intimacy issues, lack of social skills, bowel problems, preoccupation with remaining under parental care, or a strong need for approval far into your adulthood. As a child, the incomplete Second Internal Monad will show up as soon as Adolescence, with violence, complete rebellion against all things, sexual promiscuity (defined here as having sex to just have it, usually for attention or acceptance, without meaning, curiosity, or relevance on any level), rape, dropping out from all forms of organization. As an adult, a completed Second Monad is usually seen by being able to have sexual intimacy, affection, and a healthy seeking or allowance of that. Parents are seen as people, not resources or reasons for who you are. As a child, the completed Second Monad will show most during the Third Monad (adolescence) as a healthy and completed separation from parental or guardian care, even if only psychologically, and the beginnings of seeking "true love", dating, consensual sex. 3. Adolescence (age 12 - 20 or so) This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Moving Center, or Power Chakra. Tell-tale signs of an incomplete THIRD Internal Monad show strongly through the Fourth Monad (and beyond, if not addressed) as "authority issues", rage, constant involvement in confrontation, a preoccupation with "getting attention" and/or acceptance despite destructive behavior, and finding it very important to rally others alongside them for support against something. A completion of the Third Monad usually finds the adult being able to side-step confrontation, usually doesn't even attract it, is peaceful about differences, recognizes "authority" for what it is and leaves it to its context and allowing those who wish to play that game to do so, rather than being preoccupied with fighting it. 4. Stabilization (age 30 - 50 or so) This is the adjustment of the body and personality in relation to the Emotional Center, or Heart Chakra. Tell-tale signs of an incomplete FOURTH Internal Monad are depression, feeling a lack of "purpose", feeling lost, "giving up", anxiety, great fear and/or severe illnesses, apathy. The incompletion begins to show evidence quite currently in that Monad, but even more amplified during the Fifth Internal Monad where the person then displays pure resignation, constant-voiced resentments and preoccupations with the aches and pains of life. Signs of a completed Fourth Monad are seen in the regaining of a sense of innocence, awe, inspiration and purpose, motivation for personal expression and living as one feels compelled, making life personally meaningful. This completion shows strongly when the Fifth Internal Monad begins and there is a sense of want for travel, exploration, an adventurous new move, beginning fun projects and being in groups of like-minded activities. 5. Recreation (age 45 - 65 or so) This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Intellectual Center, or Communication Chakra. Tell-tale signs of an incomplete FIFTH Internal Monad are seen near the beginning of the 6th Monad as early senility, sporadic memory loss, Alzheimer's, the stereotypical eccentric elderly, a complete regression to emotional memories of the experiences most programmed into the body. Signs of a completed Fifth Monad show during the 6th Monad when there are stories to tell, teachings and anecdotes to pass on, memories to share, a general conclusion and peace settling over the life. If memory does begin to fail, "senility" is replaced with wild, philosophical explorations throughout the emotional memories of the lifetime, along with valid psychic journeys through folding time and space. 6. Reviewing (age 60 to 80 or so) This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Higher Emotional Center, or Brow Chakra. An incomplete 6th Internal Monad shows up as great regret, searches for desperate reconciliation and forgiveness, death-bed wishes and confessions, having never known or accepted love or support and realizing this profoundly, fearing dying. A completed 6th Internal Monad is experienced as peaceful within and without, at ease with the inevitability death, knows love has been experienced and recognizes this profoundly. 7. Death This is the adjustment of the body and Personality in relation to the Higher Intellectual Center, or the Spiritual Chakra. An incomplete SEVENTH Monad can show up as a literal "haunting", family members and friends grieving deeply and uncontrollably for great, great lengths of time "holding on" to the fragment, and an immediate or overlapping rebirth in a new body. A completed Monad finds "you" moving on, regardless of your method of death, reviewing the life with/as Essence, comforting and "visiting" those who are still physical for a time, if needed, family and friends experiencing "you" as being safe and at peace, letting you go, and being able to plan the next life with insight from all lives having been experienced.
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    I have received SP for my little, wonderful 4,5 years old nephew Alexander, with whom I have a crazy connection (not big on human kids, so it’s not a given with me)… I guess having an ET from my Entity can be a part of this connection, also both being 5th Level can be resonating. But there’s more to it. I have a very strong “feel” of needing to be of support for him in this world, not so easy to adapt to, not so easy to live in. Here I can see the Neptune in Body Types potentially being a reason for that. He has his Saturn to help him with managing it, but acceptance, love and understanding from another can do much, as well as the knowledge I now can use to support him and eventually share with him. I will be investigating more about my little 5th Level Old Artsy King soon 😊 And just for the fun of it, before looking at the Profile I made my own intuitive guess. Actually not very far from reality!
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    I don't know if anyone else is experiencing the same kind of detachment from the political world events that I am. At some point recently I stopped caring about any of it and just a few days ago I became grateful that Hillary didn't win and that she would not be subjected to the wrath of the morons and we are spared also from that tsunami of hatred. What we have is bad enough, but I can detach from it. If she were President, I would not be able to detach so easily, I would be much more involved in the day to day of getting stuff accomplished. Now I think fuckface will be on his way out as soon as Flynn spills the beans, along with a lot of guilty republiscum, at least by 2018 election, if he doesn't destroy the planet first, which seems highly likely to me, so wtf, I'm living my life and learning and evolving and whatever happens happens. i continue to sign petitions, make calls, even march, but I'm not letting it get me down. This is a new development.
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    HI I was glad to attend my first POF and it was very enlightening. I'll share my share with you. He clarified many doubts I had about my profile. But I'm still going to read it more calmly. But now it seems to make more sense. I will also read more about the 5th stage of the fourth nomada. There goes my part. Luciana: Could you please tell me which Internal Monads have completed, at what ages, and whether they were completed in the positive poles? Which Internal Monad / stage am I in now? Luciana: I was surprised by some information in my profile. Like, for example, my mode. I thought it would be perseverance and many see me that way. But it's actually passion. So I've been watching myself and really excited a lot when I like something that would be passion? Is this how the passion manifests itself in my life? Luciana: According to my profile my role is warrior. But I find it hard to see myself as a person of action. Sometimes I think I takes too long for me to act. In my profile it says that I am a hundred emotion and an intellectual part .. would this explain my difficulty of seeing me as a person of action? Since movement is neither center or part? MEntity: The 1st Internal Monad was completed in the Positive Pole around 1 month after birth. Your 2nd Internal Monad was completed in the Positive Pole around 2. The 3rd Internal Monad was completed in the Positive Pole around 16 years old. You are currently in the 4th Internal Monad ending the 5th Stage of Contentment. MEntity: Passion can often look like Perseverance if the individual is inspired. Passion pushes forward and endures for the sake of gaining more experience and learning more about the self and others. Perseverance wants to get the job done and from point A to B and more concerned with producing results than about being inspired. Luciana: I see MEntity: If you are more about "getting things done" than you are about the necessity for meaning in your actions, then you may be Perseverance Mode. Not that Perseverance is without inspiration and passion, but it is not as concerned with the requirement of meaning. MEntity: It could be said that the differences are between requiring meaning along the way to meaning (passion) vs the necessity of meaning only after getting there (perseverance). MEntity: Yes, excitement can be passionate, but that may or may not be Passion Mode. Passion Mode is all about your seeing yourself in everything around you and learning more about yourself from those reflections. This can sometimes be exciting, but in the older soul it can be fairly quiet and deep. Luciana: yes MEntity: You can be persevering without being in Perseverance Mode in the same way anyone can be passionate without being in Passion Mode. Luciana: got it MEntity: As for Warrior, remember that you are an Old Warrior and an Artisan-Warrior, at that. As an Old Warrior it is far less about external actions and more about internal motivations that lead to action. As an Artisan-Warrior, you are the "Bohemian" Warrior of Warriors. Luciana: I see MEntity: The Bohemian is unexpected, irreverent, has no interest in doing things how others have done them, and has no interest in complying to expectations or obligations, but prefers to prioritize authenticity of action. MEntity: This means that when you DO MOVE, it is authentic and fueled by YOU, not by obligation, demand, expectation, or compliance. Luciana: that's make sense for me MEntity: We share these details with you for validation purposes, but not to convince you of a Role or Overleaf that is not your own. If these validation factors are not meaningful then we encourage you to trust your questioning and continue to consider what resonates more. MEntity: Good day to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
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    POF 5/21/17 Dawn: Hello Michael! Dawn: I would like insight into a dream I had the morning of 5/18. I found myself in a large park-like setting. The surroundings were very green and bright and sunny. I was looking around and saw Troy sitting at a picnic table in the distance. He looked sleepy and thoughtful, like maybe he had just woken up, so I just waved. Dawn: I sat down at a nearby picnic bench across from my sister. She passed me her iPad and I touched the date on the screen. As soon as I did this, the date disappeared and turned into a new date. This left me amused, but confused as to what the date actually was, if any. I questioned my sister about it and she laughed and said, "Oh, I know. That used to freak out my friends and me when we were younger." Dawn: There was a sense of timelessness in the dream at this point. I looked past my sister and spotted a red bird in a bush. It was a small, bright red bird that looked like a cardinal, but I referred to it as a hummingbird when I urged my sister to take notice. The bird grew larger inside the bush and emerged as a spectacular red and white bird, the size of a crane, but with a head like a cockatoo and sparkly feathers on its head. Dawn: I was amazed by this glorious bird and walked over to it to get a closer view. As I kneeled in front of it, the bird morphed into a large dog. I believe it was a labradoodle. The dog and I embraced. It felt like a familiar friend, and I had very warm feelings toward it. I woke from the dream at this point. MEntity: This dream appears to represent the processing of Troy as a presence in your life in both tangible and disorienting ways and as Essence. The mix of concern for his health and his history of "changing dates" unexpectedly invited a moment of Essence Contact. You have grown to see and experience Troy as more than a flawed, sleepy, waking person from "when you were younger" and have aimed for Essence Recognition. This was Troy's Essence, the spectacular and morphing Sage who always makes an entrance, even if from under a bush. Dawn: Aww, how beautiful! :) MEntity: We are often asked how we see your Essences, and this is how Troy is often seen: a morphing animal. Dawn: We were thinking of getting a dog, possibly a labradoodle. Am I getting a Troy instead? ;) Dawn: Can you tell me how you see my Essence, if there's nothing further to add? MEntity: The morphing into a dog was partly due to this being on your mind, especially as both Troy and a dog bring familiarity and warmth and who also requires patience and deep reward. MEntity: As for your Essence: MEntity: A little girl who loves to hug. Dawn: Oh, that is SO resonant!
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    4/27/2017 DianeHB: Hello Michael. Tex thinks that he has a Negative Crystallization around hoarding. When he feels into it, it feels like he’s always preparing for war, keeping things so he can be “ready for anything”. He treats his house as a war camp rather than a home. Could you discuss this negative crystallization and how to shatter it? I think he’s working on it consciously now as opposed to resisting looking at it as he did before. MEntity: This assessment is valid. The difficulty in shattering this is due to its usefulness in so many lifetimes, even if wartime is not manifest. It is always found to be easily justified, even if only one screw is found to be useful. That one screw's usefulness forgives all of the hoarding that may have accumulated. However, more than one screw is found to be useful, or put to use, and this makes it even more difficult to break from the pattern. DianeHB: Yeah, he still finds justification when something comes in handy, even as he knows he doesn't have room for everything (unless he wants to move out to the country). MEntity: The hoarding, itself, is only a symptom of the greater crystallization. The greater Negative Crystallization comes from the cumulative fear of the future. The hoarding acts as both a defense against the future and an anchor in the present. DianeHB: That makes sense. MEntity: We can suggest two ways to shatter this Crystallization. One is to allow room for it, but to designate room for it. The usefulness of things is a valid consideration of any lifetime, but it is helpful to assign space for that usefulness to accumulate. It cannot leave that space. It is allowed full run of that designated space, but only to the extent that it is organized by properties of usefulness. In other words, it must be organized. MEntity: To take on this direction one may require the help of friends and a complete embrace by Tex to be on board for a full sweep of one's space to sort and move all things deemed useful to a designated space. It may be daunting, but it can be done, and far more easily than one might expect, especially if Tex embraces this as a beautiful and inspiring move. DianeHB: He accumulates a lot of "fun" projects as well that he has been struggling to give up, because looking forward to them got him through the hard times. He's keeping his motorcycles though. MEntity: It may shake up the Instinctive Center of Tex as he realizes that all of these items are hooked into periods of time from the past and that removing these material symbols is a literal freeing up of his energy hooked into the past to people and events of that time. DianeHB: I should say he struggles but is slowly reviewing and sorting through them. MEntity: It is not just about a fear of the future, but a fear of losing the past. DianeHB: Yes MEntity: So this first direction is to DESIGNATE SPACE and then ORGANIZE that space. We would suggest letting this be a 3 to 6-month process, but not more than that. Turn this process into a "party," a good time with friends, or even with a hired resource that specializes in this. Let the experience become one of the useful things that can be carried forward. MEntity: The second option that builds upon the first is to continue the practice of BEING HERE NOW. What this Scholar fails to recognize in his computations of existence from the past and future is how much is missed in the present. He also misses how much the present IS the past and IS the future. RIGHT NOW is the future he feared. RIGHT NOW is the past he will cherish. DianeHB: Yes - he just commented the other day that he's missing out on his life with me by being so busy. MEntity: If he can put into practice more mindfulness of the now and its power, the power of NOW, rather than on the power of preservation and preparation, he can find a balance.
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    From 05/15/2017 POF Nadine: Hello, Michael. You recently told Diane and Tex their Spirit Animals. Could you please tell me mine? MEntity: For our students who ask this of us, keep in mind that these Spirit Animals are not static, have various contexts and realms that will have different animals, etc. What we share is that of the greater context that is most persistent across the one or more lifetimes. Nadine: okay Nadine: Are they chosen or representative of a certain theme? MEntity: In your case, Nadine, we would see Hummingbird. MEntity: In response to your question: Nadine: Oh, okay, was not expecting that one - could you tell me a bit as to why? MEntity: There are Dream Animals, Relationship Animals, Life Animals, Goal Animals, Health Animals, etc. In our system one could say there is an Essence Animal, Personality Animal, Goal Animal, Mode Animal, Attitude Animal, etc. The animals are assigned over time using Collective Instinctive Center Symbolism. MEntity: What we share when asked tends to be the Essence Animal. Nadine: interesting MEntity: next Nadine: Oh I'd still like you to answer my question about the hummingbird Nadine: how did that come to happen? MEntity: We missed that one. We will respond. MEntity: The Hummingbird as your Spirit Animal symbolizes the aim for lightness, levity, high spirits, optimism, enthusiasm with which your Essence pursues experiences through Personality. There is a high level of energy that is always available and being used, and requires access to great reserves and energy for exploration to be sustained. When this runs out, there is a dramatic shift into stillness that can either be restful or restless, depending on where you are in your processess.
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    4/27/2017 DianeHB: Tex is being sued for a job he did to repair a sidewalk, by someone who tripped and broke her hip on it. He’s really just a laborer on the job, not the primary responsible party (which are either the City of Seattle or the condo association that hired him), but he’s being dragged in because he has a contractor’s license and insurance. DianeHB: It’s a pain in the ass but I think the insurance should be more than enough to cover it, though it’s stressing him out and keeping him up at night. He’s wondering if there are karmic ribbons involved, agreements to meet people, or if it’s just the random chance of the physical plane. MEntity: This is, indeed, a Minor Karmic Ribbon "stumbled upon" that is being burned now. It was not planned. This is a Ribbon from a very long time ago, around a million years ago. The Scholar had developed a means for trapping animals by tricking/tripping them into a pit. A roaming band of Infant Souls at the time found themselves panicked and scrambling into several of his pits. No one died, but they were trapped for a couple of nights in terror. Those involved are now Young and they are out to collect on their Ribbons. DianeHB: Wow MEntity: Because this Scholar is Old, it will not work that he simply stumbles into a pit for a couple of nights to balance these ribbons, and the Young Souls are not interested in digging pits that would force them into liability. This is the most creative way to balance the Ribbon. DianeHB: Haha DianeHB: So he just has to get through it the best he can. DianeHB: The terror is there alright. MEntity: He can help to reduce any impact by negotiating or fighting for reduction of impact. It should not be assumed to allow it to harm his existence. If there is harm to his life, the Ribbon remains and escalates. If there is acceptable compensation in these modern terms, then once this is over the Ribbon is burned. MEntity: He should be minimally impact. DianeHB: Yeah, they will fight for reduction of impact. He's got an attorney from the insurance company. MEntity: If the Ribbon is to be burned clean, the terror should be enough.
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    STUDENT: Amy Dean LIFE TASK (True Work) PHRASE - “to allow sensitivity as a strength” PERSONAL QUADRATE - Pillars of Vitality True Play: crafts, DIY, puzzles/mysteries True Study: healing/medicine, chemistry, psychology True Rest: swimming, conversation, music COMMUNITY QUADRATE - Pillars of Harmony True Spirit: Arts, Technology, and Communication True Health: Exercising, Socializing, Schooling True Home: "Ocean," "Desert," "Wilderness," "Jungle," "Plains," "Urban," and "Mountain." PLANETARY QUADRATE - Pillars of Transformation True Love: through COMMITMENT True Core: through GRATITUDE True Gift: through KINDNESS MICHAEL REPORT: We have described your Task as “to allow sensitivity as a strength” and we think this is fairly clear. This Task is one that flips the idea of sensitivity as a weakness and uses that sensitivity as a strength. An example of sensitivity as a strength is empathy. We are not speaking of the reactionary defenses that are often described as “being sensitive,” we are talking about giving a damn, caring, and going above and beyond in holding the empathy necessary for the best outcome and care of the self and others. This Task comes after a Cluster of lives themed in Apathy and its effects on your health, well-being, and stability. Those were difficult lives and the solution was often determined to be in simply checking out, stopping caring, and withdrawing. Essence decided to set up a Task as an invitation to care more than you think is possible, to empathize in ways that can feel painful, but only because that pain informs you about what needs healing. This Task is not imposed, of course, but you have taken it on with a fierce passion. The Personal Pillars support the Task by suggesting various ways to engage the positive aspects of the Personality for Play, Rest, and Study. The suggestions offered here are for consideration and not a prescription, but if each were to be explored it may be found that these activities trigger deeper resonance to parts of the self that can rejuvenate, revitalize, and focus the Personality in ways that support the Task. The Community Pillars support the Task in ways that help the Personality to participate within more intimate circles and the more immediate relationship with the world. The suggestions are offered a bit more specifically than those suggested for the Personal Pillars. The three suggestions for each Pillar relate to ways to draw a sense of Spirit, Health, and Home from your world around you. The Planetary Pillars support the Task in ways that would help the Personality to imprint the world with its personal teaching. These are highly specific to you and we choose these suggestions carefully. What we have suggested for True Love is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for loving, and in your case it is through COMMITMENT. This is Love to you and from you. Commitment here means the follow through of intentions. It is not always possible, or easy, or appropriate, but it is how you Love. When you follow through with intentions, that is one of your greatest forms of Love that you share with this world and your fellow souls. What we have suggested for True Core is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Truth with the world. In your case, we see your Truth as being packaged in your GRATITUDE. At the core of who you are, there is a deep love for life and people and the whole of existence, no matter how buried or challenged the life and Personality may be. At the core of you is the Gratitude that is the truth. What we suggested for your True Gift is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Courage in the world. In your case, we see that your courage is shared through KINDNESS. It is not always easy to be kind. It is not always clear how to be kind. But you aim for Kindness when you can and this is due to your courage to take risks and fall short. This Kindness is not just toward others, but for yourself as you assess your progress in your life. You may fall short of your expectations or wonder about “what if’s” and “should have” but no matter where you are in your assessment of your own life, or the lives of others, it is your Kindness that helps all of you to sustain strength. FURTHER READING: The 9 Trues True Home is part of the 9 areas of life one can consciously manipulate through choice, creativity, and intent to help one to feel alive, in harmony, and fearless while Physical. In short, it is a way of helping the Personality to experience a sense of confidence, peace, and transformation. Many of you have heard "True Work (Life Task);" "True Play;" True Rest;" and "True Study." These are known as the 4 "Pillars of Vitality." They create a Quadrate. These were the most immediately applicable for most of our students once there is comprehension of the Overleaves. In fact, none of the "trues" are very practical if the Overleaves are not validated, accurate, and understood. True Work, or the Life Task, is the core of each Quadrate. This is because the Life Task is anchored to the Goal for the life in the Overleaves and its fulfillment pulls from all layers and dimensions of the Personality, Essence, and Life. The initial triad of Play, Rest, and Study is the first ring of support for the Life Task or Goal of the life, creating the most immediate Quadrate. True Work and Life Task can be used interchangeably, though some of our channels and students prefer differentiating the two. True Work is a listing of suggestions for how to fulfill the Life Task through action, but these suggestions often work against the idea of the Life Task because the list is taken literally and is often given as various occupations. All suggestions for any "True" are meant as just that, suggestions, and not as a limited list of assignments. All "Trues" are relative to the current Personality and its relationship with Essence, Others, and Life. "Trues" are not static, even within a lifetime. "Trues" are assessed as a collection of factors that include the history of Essence in other Bodies (past lives), the original intent of the Essence for the lifetime, and the current intent of the Personality. Considering all of these factors helps to generate a self-sustaining matrix through which both Essence and Personality can function and manifest within the Physical Plane. The first Quadrate of "Trues" is the Personal Quadrate, or Pillars of Vitality, and they are True Work, True Play, and True Rest, of course (adding the Life Task creates the Quadrate). If these are addressed, the Personality co-creates with Essence and feels alive, dynamic, and directed. The awareness and benefit is of the immediate well-being of self. While this Quadrate is of use at any point in the process of lifetimes, this Quadrate is usually of primary implementation and development during from Mid-Young Soul cycle through Mid-Mature Soul cycle. The second Quadrate of Trues is the Community Quadrate, or Pillars of Harmony. If these are addressed, the Personality and Essence co-create in a way that includes consideration of consequences, impact, and exchanged effects on the self as it exists within a body, environment, and community. These Trues are known as True Home, True Health, and True Spirit. While this Quadrate is of benefit to know at any point during the incarnational cycles, it is most often implemented and developed from Mid-Mature to Mid-Old Soul. True Home is any variable or element within the immediate environment outside of the Body that tends to create an exchange of harmony. True Home can be described as geographical locations or "zones," or in terms of elements such as general weather, temperature, types of nature, colors, etc. For the most part, True Home may tend to be a combination of two Zones. There are 7 Zones: "Ocean," "Desert," "Wilderness," "Jungle," "Plains," "Urban," and "Mountain." One does not have to relocate in order to implement the benefit of True Home. If one's True Home is in the "Desert Zone," for example, even if one is geographically located in an "Urban Zone," decorative elements can be used in the immediate environment to draw in the energy of the Desert Zone. In fact, the type of nature, colors, weather, and temperatures that can help to describe True Home could be said to all be extensions from one of the 7 Zones. Creating one's True Home can help one to feel in harmony with his immediate environment in a way that brings more of Essence and Personality into the community. True Health is a description using percentages of emphasis that one might consider for optimum physical health in terms of interaction with the environment. These percentages are suggested as divided among 7 categories that describe a physical body's "diet." These 7 categories are described by as Exercising, Feeding, Socializing, Sleeping, Schooling, Entertaining, Meditating. One's True Health may have more of an emphasis of percentage on Feeding, Sleeping, and Socializing as a means to support health, over someone else who might have higher percentages in Schooling, Entertaining, and Meditating. ALL categories are addressed in the daily life of a Personality, but being aware of what most immediately and effectively supports the overall health, one can sustain well-being and balance within the exchanges between the body and community. We can suggest percentages across all 7, but a more practical approach might be to simply be aware that ones True Health could be described as a combination of 2 or 3 categories of emphasis. True Spirit is one's medium within an environment for encouraging expression of Essence more fully. There are 7 media: Independently-Mobile Beings (e.g. animals), Dependently-Immobile Beings (e.g. plants), Ritual, Labor, Arts, Technology, and Communication. One's True Spirit is usually a combination of 2 or 3 media. There are 7 "zones," "diets," and "media" in the above because they are on the level of interaction with environment and community, and this lends itself to a sort of structuring that is unique to this Quadrate. The last Quadrate could be described as the Planetary Quadrate, or the Pillars of Transformation. If these are addressed, the Personality and Essence co-create in a way that contributes to the evolution of the self, the planet, and sentience. These are True Love, True Core, and True Gift. While these can be important at any point during a cycle of lives, it is during the Old Soul Age that these begin to feel vital to comprehend. True Love is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together to generate Agape from Personality and Essence into the world. True Core is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together for embedding one's Truth into the world. True Gift is a way to help one grasp those factors that come together for amplifying one's Courage into the world. When any of our students ask us about these 9 Trues, or 3 Quadrates/Pillar groups, our responses are always our interpretation and suggestion, but we encourage our students to validate and discover their own interpretations and suggestions.
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    I decided to make this post so that you can know me better. Here I will put some things about me and my life .. 1) I live in Brazil 2) When I was a kid my olays were somewhat different, because of this I would rather play alone. Since myolays were not so accepted by classmates. 3) When I was seven my sister was born. After a while she became my playmate. She says she would never have played such different things if it were not for me. 4) one of the games was volleyball only with a gas ball. The room was a big puck. Then he turned the block. The sofa was the hammock and divided the blocks. 5) I liked to play super hero. My sister and I had super powers and we saved people. 6) I also have an older brother but our relationship was not as close as it was to my sister. 7) At school I had no friends then my company was my sister even she being 7 years younger 8) I had difficulties at the beginning of my school life but later I improved and became one of the best students 9) Many of my colleagues reacted poorly to my improvement and began ironies of the sort when I received a high note. This was in the beginning of adolescence and was my most isolated time. Do not have friends at this time. 10) It took me a while to start working and leaving my parents' home because of issues of insecurity and lack of self-confidence 11) Although this is unusual I have never dated. But that does not bother me .. it's simply never been a priority in my life 12) I wrote on a blog for many years. It has been a while since I wrote and it is written in Portuguese, but if someone wants to take a look I will post the link 13) At the age of 30 I got a job where I could support myself and leave my parents' house 14) the job was in another city so I moved 15) I still like today to see series related to super heroes and fantasy like: The flash, supergril, arrow .. 16) Maybe because of my loneliest story I have no difficulty being alone. 17) At times I travel in my mind and create a world that only exists there. 18) the first people outside the familyI met through the internet in groups that are self-aware. Some of them I got to know personally. For now it's just .. Then maybe you remember more things ..
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    I finally got my profile. So I'll share it here and talk about my first impression with him for the little I know. STUDENT: Luciana Flora De Freitas ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Warrior Casting: Artisan Cadre/Entity: 2/5 E-Ratio: 60M/40F Frequency: 65 I've been reading about the roles. And my role surprised me because it did not even cross my mind that I could be a warrior. Maybe because I associate warrior with an aggression that I do not see so much in me. But I'll try to find out more about this role. Since the casting did not surprise me so much .. When I read the description I saw that it really had characters that seemed to me. At that moment, at least, it is easier for me to see myself in the castingo than in my role .. Soul Age/Level: Old/2 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 319 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: King Cadre/Entity: 2/1 Status: male TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Sage/guide Role/Gender: Sage/female This part I did not understand well. Does this mean I have two TASK COMPANION (S) with the same role? PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Acceptance Mode: Passion Attitude: Idealist Center/Part: Emotional/Intellectual Body Types: Venus/Mercury/Saturnine The goal I've already thought was likely to be acceptance. A lot of what I read about that goal I identified. The attitude I've seen other people calling me idealistic .. I've never been so sure. I read that idealists think of changing the world .. and I even think .. but a parent I always found a lot of pretense I, or anyone else, think that can change the world .. The mode was the one that gave a result that I did not expect .. Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation That one did not really surprise me ... An interesting thing The first thing I read about Michael's teachings was a text about self depreciation. And this text caught my attention because I noticed in it some of the attitudes I used to have. So I was curious to know more. Well that was This was my first impression of about profile I hope my English is understandable.
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    The first Michael material i came on was http://michaelteachings.com/ most all of my initial assessment was based on what i could find there. i later found TLE and continued to use the info to refine my ideas of what matched and why. initially i started reading some on soul ages as that is a topic that has attracted my attention for a while, and then went back to start my more detailed look at the roles. As i read over all the material on the roles to try and figure out what was the best fit. i looked at it from the point of energy/light a bit like seeing the colors from a light but need to figure out/map the colors to the terms and contexts. as a result i by simply ranked all the roles them from highest to lowest contribution/resonance. this was the initial order i came up with from highest contribution to lowest Artisan, King, Scholar, Server, Sage, Priest, Warrior. i was a little surprised that Warrior was dead last, i went back and tried to figure out if it was really the lowest but could not find any fault with where it ranked. Server and Sage were fairly close as were King and Scholar. so based on this ranking i started looking to see if i could validate a Role of Artisan with a King Casting. and then onto figure out the rest of the overleaves and their contribution to my initial ranking of the roles. the next overleaf i figured out as was the mode most likely being of observation that once seemed fairly clear and the only likely one. the attitude was the next overleaf i went after. i fairly quickly settled on stoic a the most likely i also could identify some with idealist showing up at times, so i couldn't rule out pragmatist sliding to stoic which would still give easy occasional access to idealist. spiritualist i could see some also occasionally but that would be easily accessible from stoic. next i looked at goal none of them seemed to fit at first so i moved on to the obstacles, thinking that i would probably have planed for/pick an obstacle opposite the goal, as overcoming the obstacle to reach the goal would likely be more satisfying. i tried ranking each obstacle from most prevalent and trying to figure out what experience would have contributed to the formation. some i could see more clearly showing up and possible causes. this was a bit of bouncing back and forth between the goals and obstacles. after a while all i had were some vague ideas for both so i moved on without figuring out a likely for either. i then went on to soul age as i had always associated with being and old soul i tried to compensate for any preference by starting with the assumption of mature instead. i found this chart http://www.michaelteachings.com/mature_old.html, the first day i reviewed it i could identify with both the mature and the old so i figured i would work with the assumption of mature to start with. exactly two days later i went back and looked at it again and my perception had changed. although i could still relate to some of the mature most had shifted rather dramatically to the old column with a few still stronger in the mature, i actually found this shift in perception over a couple days kind of funny with a bit of what was i thinking mature, i was clearly more solidly in the old perspective than the mature. i then went looking to try and figure out level now that i had the basic soul age perspective down. after looking at this chart http://www.michaelteachings.com/soul_age_levels.htm i figured either 3 or 7 the more external focus of the 4 through 6 seemed like they didn't fit for me. i gave 3rd a little more weight purely on intuition and to combat any preference for having made more progress, but i kept questioning between the two. Although 7 seemed more fun I also knew that I was not done yet either. when i was looking at both E-Ratio and Freq both seemed like they were near the center and not at the extreme ends. for freq it seemed likely that i was lower than the center of 50 probably near 45, was what i started working with the assumption of. this came from trying to reflect on my experiences it seemed like i tended to work through things and be done with them and less of a pattern of thinking i was done with something and then being surprised by having it come back around again. i seemed to see more of the work on something for a long time and then move on and not look back. building up from a solid foundation rather than a filling in a hollow shell from some imagery i had worked with in the past. the E-Ratio was a little more difficult as there seems to be may factors to take into account the physical body and its energy. and the influences of the focus of the old soul perspective of being rather than doing, with doing a focused energy drive. so i initially trended to lean to having a higher creative than focused but fairly balanced. i could see some indication that i could have a ratio on either side so i left it fairly undecided. i tried several approaches for looking at body types. i could validate a small amount of martial as i have a slight tint of red in my hair but it was defiantly not primary. i also tried to identify my body types by looking at the types i found physically attractive and the ones less so, from the idea of being attracted to the opposite of my types and less so to my own. i was not able to find any pattern that matched from the attractiveness to my observations of myself. that left me with a few ideas but nothing conclusive enough to really work with. centering and part. it took me a little while to settle down on the most likely centering i was bouncing around with the various combinations of intellectual and emotional, and mostly ignored the moving at first. combining what i have been told by my parents, and how centering appears in young children i likely started out emotionally centered. during this process i wondered if the challenge with identifying a centering would be proportional to how balanced i was in centering, or working on balancing. i eventually settled with intellectual/emotional as the centering i was most likely using most of the time. intellectual/moving ended up coming up as the second most used. number of grand cycles was not something i spent much time on as i had so little to work with to feed into validating it. i guessed i was probably higher than average and mostly left it at that. what was most interesting was the distribution of those with the higher number of grand cycles in the early and late incarnating entity's acting as a guiding force with through the entire cycle for those with fewer cycles, probably with a slower more spread out incarnation pattern. which seemed likely that would put me in one of the early entity's, for some reason it never seemed likely that i was in one of the later to start. at some point i gave looking at goal a second pass. after my first look at the goals and obstacles i was left with acceptance, flow, and growth as the most likely candidates i was finding myself giving the most considerations. after a fair amount of time i concluded that acceptance was the most likely from a pattern of experiences where the only thing i could really do was accept them and extract as much as i could so i would never need to repeat them. this also fit with one of the obstacles that seemed somewhat likely to have developed. i also considered and was not able to rule out the possibility of flow to enable getting to both acceptance and growth ( a bit of going big on acceptance), which would make for some challenging validation if most of the time was spend sliding. this left me with a probable profile like this to start working with Role: Artisan Casting: King E-Ratio: 45M/55F Frequency: 45 Soul Age/Level: Old/3 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Goal: Acceptance Mode: Observation Attitude: Stoic Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Chief Feature 1: Greed Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation which mapped back to my initial list rather conveniently with different contexts Artisan King Scholar Server Sage Priest Warrior Role Casting Mode Attitude Goal i have not yet found much to try and cross reference with other personality systems, one attempt i found for MBTI is about halfway down/lower half of https://www.itstime.com/mar2002.htm, some of the types were missing INTP, and others used multiple times ESTP so it was not as useful as i had hoped to find. i think a more nuanced mapping would be need probably based on the axis pairs for each of the 4 attributes and probably ordinal vs cardinal overleaf count for I vs E. by now i had also found TLE and used the expanded available info to refine what i had for a basic starting point. mostly helped to solidify my initial ideas with more nuanced context. it was time to get a profile done for a different perspective. and this is was i got back. ESSENCE DYNAMICS Role: Scholar Casting: Scholar Cadre/Entity: 2/2 E-Ratio: 55M/45F Frequency: 59 Soul Age/Level: Old/4 Manifested Age: Mature to Old Lifetime#: 279 Grand Cycle#: 10 ESSENCE TWIN INFORMATION Role: Scholar Cadre/Entity: 2/4 Status: male TASK COMPANION(S) INFORMATION Role/Gender: Priest/male Role/Gender: Artisan/female PERSONALITY DYNAMICS Goal: Flow > Growth Mode: Observation Attitude: Pragmatist > Spiritualist Center/Part: Intellectual/Emotional Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Martial/Solar Chief Feature 1: Arrogance Chief Feature 2: Self-deprecation and now my initial reactions to each item. role/casting, what the cadre/entity, perhaps have to go see what i can find E-Ratio, backwards from my assessment Frequency, seems high Soul Age, agree Level, perhaps have to investigate Manifested Age, agree Lifetime, ok seems reasonable Grand Cycle, perhaps Essence Twin, completely wrong coming with a strong emotional level reaction Task Companions, wrong, not as strong as the reaction to the Essence Twin Goal, perhaps but probably wrong Mode, got one right Attitude, perhaps Center/Part, probably does match what i came up with Body Types, perhaps need to read up on them some more Chief Feature, possible Initial overall reaction seems more was wrong the correct, i even double checked that my name was on the report at least twice. And the level of neutral in the report was also interesting. After coming up with my initial thoughts on role and casting I have been reading and reflecting on Artisan, King, and Scholar for consideration for both role and casting and trying to separate the ways each is expressed. concepts like Creatively masterful vs master craftsman, and which is would be more likely artisan cast king vs king cast artisan. So far everything has come up with king cast artisan as being the best description. the number of inputs and the ways they manifest has been one way i have tried to validate this. After looking again at what we have for C2E2 library/sentience/cadre-two/c2-e2/what-is-the-task-of-entity-2-in-cadre-2-r418 and the task of of Chameleonism I could see that as possible but it is hard to tell from the chameleon facet for the artisan role library/essence-dynamics/essence/artisans/the-7-facets-of-artisan-r681 which i could also see being behind what i could see to support this, but I could work with cadre/entry as being possible, although I cant tell which would the more accurate source. For the 3rd level vs 4th with this piece library/soul-ages-levels/levels/3rd-level/3rd-level-vs-4th-level-soul-age-r98 I could see that perhaps 4th may be a better fit, the term extroverted and outgoing nature may have been why I discounted that level on the first comparison chart I was working from. Not sure I am any more convinced of the accurate level. For the body types I am coming to the conclusion that the percentages and the contexts they are expressed in play a large role in why I have a hard time with them due to lacking enough information. Overall how strongly I reacted to the Essence twin lines makes me question the validity of the channeling more than anything else. It was certainly significantly different, and the areas that I can validate so far are the most statistically likely to be correct.
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    Finally, landed a job after not working for almost a year. It was a gardening/landscaping gig and spent the day mulching. It was cool working again and a boost to the self-esteem. The next day, though, I can barely move and the back wasn't feeling it... While I enjoy working outside, there is no way the body can handle full time hours. If anything, prefer part-time hours and go from there. Embracing the positive aspects that was mentioned in the Energy Report. It took a bit of moving around again and a change of scenery to help realize this. Groovy report, as usual. ☺️
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    Those Michaels were feeling me today! I really related to this energy report, more than any other one. I've been feeling all of this lately. I struggle with the reflection of you part A LOT. This actually made me feel better: "For those in the Positive Pole of Passion, you simply continue to navigate your world with the embrace of the truth that your world is a reflection of you, not a rejection of you; that your world, relationships, and things are inclusions of you, but are not conclusions of you." I just really needed to hear this right now as a reminder to continue to advocate for myself if need be, especially as I start a new career this summer. I'm taking this month's energy report overall to mean that, well, shit's going to hit the fan in the world of politics and/or environment (for the shit that has already been thrown) maybe the best way for us to not feel helpless and upset is to focus on the things in our immediate lives that we can help. It's not new advice, but somehow, this time it doesn't feel trite. Thanks Troy!
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: May 23, 2017 Session type: 60 min or 5Q Editing: Two excerpts from session posted as separate posts. Link 1. Link 2. A couple of posted questions removed, since they were not answered, because of other “developments” during the session. Removed surnames. Although semi-official, wouldn’t like them to be searchable in this investigative context. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MEntity: Hello to you, Pat. We are here, now. We can begin. Pat: Dear Michaels, good evening to you! Today I’d like to continue with further exploration of My Cause. I am now adding additional area to my preparations: assessment of the location I have in mind, i.e. where I’d like to go volunteering. I intend to run this assessment parallel to the personal/internal evaluations, and I see it as another facet of these STEPS: Nr. 3 – FACTS VS FICTION Nr. 5 – SURPRISES Nr. 6 – PLANNING I’ll copy in the background info for you Michael, and please elaborate in any way you find suitable. Here it comes: My choice of place to volunteer is CHIPANGALI WILDLIFE ORPHANAGE located near the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. (That is - if the people there do not show to be despicable dicks who enslave and abuse our sibling Earthlings to make money of them…) The Orphanage was established 1973 by fragments then known as Vivian (ex game-ranger) and his wife Paddy (both discarnate). It is run today by their son Kevin and his wife Nicky. Another person that pops up in this connection, is one of their associates Nix. I am naturally investigating the best I can online, but some things simply can’t be “seen” there (or by myself so easily…). I would greatly appreciate your input to things like e.g.: what are the True Motives that drive the people running this place today? are there any Agreements negotiated or under formation in regard to my choice of this place? (E.g. humans I’d work with, Animals I’d care for, children that I’d meet during school education visits. etc) can you see this place as a potential “vehicle” to study, implement and develop the 3 TIERS OF AFFINITY? If time permits, would you provide ROLE/Casting, SOUL AGE/Level, CADRE/Entity for the three active persons I named above (Kevin, Nicky and Nix)? Naturally all your observations/inputs are very welcome Michael, whether in connection to my questions or other. Thank you! MEntity: TRUE MOTIVES: Though there will be Personality conflicts, financial and planning stresses, resource priorities, we think the true motives of those involved are authentic in that they seek to help bridge the gap between species in terms of understanding, empathy, and stewardship. AGREEMENTS: Agreements are currently in negotiation with several fragments involved from the top tier of primary caretakers down to those who are assistants or support, with primary negotiations appearing to involve the King who is "Nicky." AN ASIDE: A rule of thumb is that if you are contemplating anything that involves participation with others, you can be assured that Agreements are at the very least in negotiation. Pat: (check on the ASIDE) MEntity: TIERS OF AFFINITY: These Tiers of Affinity can be fulfilled in any way during a life, so when animals become directly involved, and then those animals are in the system already in place for improving their well-being, it is safe to say that this orphanage would be ideal for as a vehicle. ESSENCE DYNAMICS: KEVIN: 2nd Level Old Sage-Cast Server from Cadre 2, Entity 7. NICKY: 2nd Level Old Server-Cast King from Cadre 2, Entity 7. NIX: 3rd Level Old Scholar-Cast Server from Cadre 1, Entity 7. Pat: WOW! Michael, I just have to interrupt here; So, Nix as Entity Mate - Check! Absolut validation. I saw that, when I saw her picture! BUT the others are from my Essence Twin’s Entity! We have all, I understand, been working closely before? (I'm BTW currently learning to recognise my fellow Sweethearts!) MEntity: Yes, you are from the same Working Group. Pat: I don't know the concept of Working Groups, need to read up on it to follow up. Could you just give me a clue that I could later spin on? MEntity: If you are unfamiliar with Working Groups, we suggest researching this before we elaborate so as not to use your time here. Pat: Aha! Will do and we'll elaborate in future exchange MEntity: We will offer a quick synopsis. Pat: Thank you MEntity: Working Groups are coordinated groups of fragments who form like Greater Cadences, but are from across Cadres and Entities and are not necessarily mathematically bound in any way. Working Groups form around shared banks of knowledge that are agreed upon as their "job" to keep alive and implemented across lifetimes. Each WORKING GROUP then acts as a kind of living library that gains and shares specific to the theme of that Working Group. These Groups are optional and non-binding. They are comprised of no more than 49 members. These Groups formed around the time of the Alexandrian Libraries, as a way to help carry knowledge forward that would be lost to the Physical Plane otherwise. Pat: Wow! Cool! MEntity: As a means for triggering memory and themes in lifetimes with completely new Personalities, each Working Group shares an Animal Symbol. Pat: WOW! And our Animal Symbol is???? MEntity: PANTHER You are of the 7th Configuration of Working Groups Pat: YES YES YES YES LOOOOOVE it! (I'll check up on what that means :) ) MEntity: POD ONE, CONFIGURATION SEVEN, WORKING GROUP THREE Pat: Theme? MEntity: HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY Pat: OH MAN does it make sense!!!!! Miss D, belongs to this Working Group too??? She "recognised" the Orphanage. MEntity: PANTHER was chosen as a trigger because of its solitude and its inclination to socialize only for mating purposes, along with its hiding of patterns beneath its coat and its paradoxical existence as rare only in colour, but not in the fact that it is really only a Jaguar or Leopard. Pat: Wow (again)...! MEntity: This symbolism tends to represent the Personalities that remember the Working Group and find one another again. Yes, she is of this Working Group. Pat: Yes! Michael, do you think that the fragments, Kevin, Nicky and Nix – are they opened in this lifetime to Michael Teachings??? MEntity: We have not had any indication that they have remembered us yet. Pat: Maybe I am the reminder...? (…and by that I do not mean preaching... I hope you know that 😆) MEntity: As for their being open to remembering, we suspect it would require a cautious approach. Cultural imprinting can be strong, along with singularity of purpose. Pat: In regard to cultural imprinting; I was thinking about what you said about Personality conflicts. This is really one of my worries: I come from a culture, and I am by character a little fascist when it comes to working morals. I guess the imprinting there is raaaather different... Do you have any insight to this Michael? Any suggestions to what I could work with, regarding myself and my own evolvement as person, to help with that? MEntity: You would likely want to put your priority of purpose, over your priority of behaviour. Pat: THANK YOU!!! MEntity: If you see issues that require intervention, you will want to RESPOND, not REACT. This is part of the Responsibility factor of the Working Group. Each of you have put into practice how best to respond vs react, and this is not always as immediately satisfying, but is profoundly beneficial in the long run. Pat: Indeed, it is. Simple to comprehend. Not so easy to deliver at all times :) MEntity: Be prepared with a "safe space" for your reactions, because they will come. You need to allow for the reactions because they are the truth of your feelings and surges of energy that need to burn off in order to free you up for True Responsibility. Pat: OMG. And we do know my reactions....... (Major. Mental. Eye Roll...) MEntity: It can be helpful to know that there is no guarantee that any of this will come to any fruition. This may seem contrary to aiming for fulfilling your Agreements once they are made, but what happens when energy is banked in advance on Agreements is that this overwhelms those negotiating and this can create a repulsion. Pat: Oh! Interesting! OK. MEntity: If the approach is one that sustains the freedom and curiosity and creativity then the Personality feels as involved as Essence. Imagine that you know someone will love you in 20 years and that you spend a lifetime with that person enjoying the deepest of intimacy. And you introduce yourself with this expectation. Pat: Hahahahaha. MICHAEL!!! You KNOW that I have done it before!!! MEntity: Introducing yourself with this conclusion removes the freedom, creativity, and curiosity of participation of the other involved. This is true in spoken and unspoken terms. Pat: I know, I really do. In other words: Pat working with awareness, with her Mode and her Goal. Check. MEntity: We will conclude here for now, Pat. Good day to you. Goodbye, for now. Pat: I love talking with you Michael! Thank you and good night! <3 -------------------------- Man... I am EXHAUSTED by overwhelm! My process of selecting a potential place have been rather intricate, in terms of my personal ideas/requirements/strategic plans etc. There are literally hundreds of Animal Sanctuaries in Southern Africa. But very soon I understood it shall be Zimbabwe, which Michael gave an explanation to in our Project Kickoff. AND - when I saw the Orphanage, it clicked. To my surprise, mind you! I planned to work primarily with Big Cats (my shit, the Felines). But my Flatmate just cast a glance and said that THIS is the place. And here we are today 🤗 I had a couple of other questions, but chose to explore the Working Group. Will plan in them into next session. Considering the personnel, I am so happy that the primary peeps are Old Souls!!! I am also a bit proud of myself that I recognised my Entity Mate from photo. This time Essence didn't have to lecture me :). I thought that Nix would be a fellow Scholar, but she is Scholar Cast, so now I am learning the difference in "taste" between Role and Casting. Oh wow. I have to "clear the cache" and then I hope I'll have some nice lucid dreams, even encounters, with the involved peeps this night! Yay! PANTHER!!!!!!!!!
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    ******* Questions Hello Michael, I am happy to be able to communicate with you again. What is the Soul Age and Level, Cadre, Entity, Casting, and Role of my dad _? How many lifetimes have we lived together and can you tell me about another lifetime where we had a significant relationship? Where do you see me at in my 4th Internal Monad process? About a year ago, you shared I was in the process between stage 4 and 5 and would likely transition to Contention in August 2016. How do you perceive my Essence? ******* My dad @MEntity If we have the correct fragment we see this as the 3rd Level Old Sage-Cast Scholar from Cadre 1, Entity 7. 84 lives of significance in meaning and proximity are on record. A lifetime of some significance might be where you worked together as scribes translating texts contributed to Alexandria's bank of knowledge. This relationship was quite meaningful and your shared Task of "Giving Language To Truth" was accomplished. ******* Internal Monad update @MEntity You are in the 7th Stage of your 4th Internal Monad, from what we can see. Jeroen Do you see me in the negative or positive pole of this stage? @MEntity Positive Pole. Jeroen Okay great. Is there any estimated time frame that you can see when I might be able to finish this Internal Monad? @MEntity This would appear to be your final year. ******* How Michael perceives my Essence @MEntity We could describe what we see as a telescoping kaleidoscope. The experience is as if pulled into a mirrored tunnel that can focus into intricate detail or widen to horizons. ******* Notes It is exciting that my dad is in our Entity and that we have lived so many lifetimes together. I love my dad. I thought he might be a Scholar. He is very knowledgeable and has learned much throughout his life. The shared lifetime: During my early life, I recall having a vivid but brief vision of what may have been working with a small group of scribes. From what I can recall, there were these cryptic texts we were working with. I am not sure if this vision is related to this particular lifetime but this is what came to mind. I am grateful to have been around with him to contribute to the knowledge base in Alexandria and to have been able to complete a common Task with him. 4th Internal Monad: I feel that I am more in alignment with Essence today and Essence is often on my mind. Also, feeling more excitement for life and in working on my life task. I do think I am exploring +Alignment currently. While I would like to give some more thought into Essence, this description resonates in that my train of thought and interests tend to be very broad in nature. Perhaps tied into my True Study of “Everything”. Then there are the times where I am able to be highly focused on something of significant interest.
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    MMW - May 20, 2017 - You & Your Goal As a reference for previous background information for this workshop, please refer to the following URL: http://our.truthloveenergy.com/topic/166-nwm-feb-21-2015-7-stages-of-goal/ Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we are asked to discuss with each of you where you are in the fulfillment of your Goal for the lifetime. Though we have covered the mapping of the Goal and the Pathways of Personality, we will use this time for more intimate discussion that goes beyond the logistics and intellect. In this more intimate discussion we may or may not reference the logistics, but will address with you your concerns, confusions, comments, experiences, challenges, successes, more in your own terms of daily navigation of the life. What we will do then is open the floor to your questions about your own or any Goal and any context in which the Goal may be questioned and explored. We will then work from there as to any "workshopping" may be useful. First we will ask each of you to respond to the following questions: DO YOU FEEL YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR GOAL? DO YOU FEEL YOU ARE AWARE OF OR SEE YOUR GOAL IN EFFECT ON A REGULAR BASIS? DO YOU CLEARLY SEE ITS CHALLENGES AND ITS MOMENTS OF FULFILLMENT? Maureen: Do you want us to answer here - or just to ourselves - at this point? Janet: I could understand my goal better. I do see it in effect on a regular basis. I see its challenges and am aware of a few moments of fulfillment. (I have a goal of Dominance.) ClaireC: Michael, I feel that I have "hit a wall" in my current exploration of Growth. Am I simply in Re-Evaluation or is it something else? Bobby: Growth - I understand the negative pole of it better I think because it becomes SO obvious when I slip into Confusion as opposed to experiencing Evolution Johanne: I say Yes to the three. I have the goal of acceptance Maureen: I have the Goal of Acceptance. DianeHB: Flow - I understand it but I'm always learning about its nuances CongN: I think I understand my goal of flow (sliding to growth and acceptance). It's almost like a goal of no goal, I will just keep exploring things that are of interesting to me and my essence. I have scholar cast, so this part is quite natural. I will say I see it in a regular basis more and more often. The challenge comes with my passion mode and my high male energy. I want to “enforce” my vision while my goal wants to be more passive and flow. How can passion mode work well with the goal of flow? I feel there is a part of me really like the idea of “let it be”, but there is another part that always hoping for a clear sense of direction and move forward like a straight arrow. CongN: Also I would like to explore in more depth about my other goals of growth and acceptance. The elements are definitely in my life but I might not be paying as much attention. Janet: The implementation of my goal is changing somewhat. I think that I achieved Dominance in a positive pole in my job, and that made leaving the job more difficult. Now it seems I am to be more focused on 'self-dominance' and that is probably harder. Or you can answer in this more chaotic way, too. Janet: lol Janet: Inner Negative Pole of Dominance = Chaos DianeHB: LOL The questions posed help us to see where you are in your relationship to the Goal. What we will do now is open up a queue for you to ask questions. If you posed a question above, presume to ask it again from the queue. Add yourself to the queue with 3 asterisks as usual *** - your questions can be as personal or as broad as you would like, keeping in mind that this is a shared experience and not a private session. QUEUE IS OPEN Yes, Cong. Cong: How am I progressing through the goal so far? I am in passion mode. I want to “enforce” my vision while my goal wants to be more passive and flow. How can passion mode work well with the goal of flow? I feel there is a part of me really like the idea of “let it be”, but there is another part that always hoping for a clear sense of direction and move forward like a straight arrow. First we will say that while there are ways to map out a Goal, there is no end point to the Goal, so measuring progress is difficult to describe. The spectrum between Positive and Negative will always be there and both Poles will be necessary even as one sustains the Positive Pole (which includes the Negative Pole). Next we can say that the more one sustains the Positive Pole while allowing room for the Negative Pole, the more one is fulfilling the Goal. CongN: understood. I also have high frequency. Meaning sometimes I will be impatient if I learn that a goal is endless and limitless. Next we will say that your drive to enforce a vision is not contrary to your Goal of Flow. It is perfectly viable that one push an agenda and uphold a vision while in the Positive Pole of Flow. Flow is not inaction. Flow is not dispassionate. Passion is not imposition. Passion is not overeagerness. Flow is simply choosing the path of least resistance, or creating a path of least resistance. Passion simply means that your fuel and method for fulfilling the Goal and Relationships is that you learn more about yourself. In the Negative Poles one can become Identified with Stagnation and then you may find that you deem yourself not learning because you are not moving, losing yourself in the lack of progress. But once you recognize that lack of progress is not a defining factor, but a part of the ebb and flow of movement, you can learn from those phases of Stagnation and this immediately puts you back in Self-Actualization and Freedom. CongN: yes I feel that quite strongly sometimes, at work and in my relationships with other people. Impatience is its own thing and not related to the Goal and Mode. NEXT, Claire. ClaireC: Michael, I seem to have hit a wall in exploring Growth. Am I in Re-Evaluation or something else? You are in Confusion, the Negative Pole. This is because you have been working on closure of a very long phase of Growth in your life that was quite specifically defined by contexts that no longer apply. To get you into a new cycle of Growth, you have to truly allow for the closure of the previous cycle. What you have done is try to overlap a launch into a new cycle while working on the closure of the previous. ClaireC: Any advice as to how to close the previous cycle? This has moved you into Confusion, which comes because one has either expanded the range of choice so wide that the necessary choices are overwhelming, or because one has reduced one's choices down to directions that are no longer of interest. ClaireC: Which of these applies to me? To bring closure to the past cycle you would want to do two things: assess with total honesty whether you are done with guilt, regret, resentment, and to assess with total honesty whether you can build a new cycle of growth based on choice and not from an eagerness to escape the past cycle. You have "halted" your Growth (which cannot truly be halted) as a means to catch up with yourself, to catch your breath, and to like being with yourself, to like being you. As you move into a state that feels more like curiosity and comfortable confidence vs overeagerness and pressures of deadlines, you will know that your cycles are shifting forward again. ClaireC: Alright, thank you, Michael. And, yes, when in the Negative Pole of Confusion, you are already moving into the Positive Pole of Re-evaluation that is Simplicity because this is how you return to Evolution. You had to strip your mind and heart of all distractions and return to your center. ClaireC: It feels that way to me, but now I'm asking myself, what next? The whole new world open to you was exciting and daunting and tainted by guilt and resentment and escape from panic, but now that time has passed you can return to your center, take a deep breath, and CREATE what is next rather than wait for what is next. This is new to you. It was always presented to you before. Now you must create it, find it, look for it. NEXT, Bobby. Bobby: For Growth, I know you've said that Inner Positive = STIMULATION/FRICTION. How I imagine Evolution to feel as an indicator, compared to Confusion, is a sort of lack of Friction. So when I feel that, am I experiencing Evolution or is that an indicator of something else? Friction is necessary for Evolution, however, when Recognition is included, it is not experienced as painful because there is no Resistance. Recognition is what keeps the Friction from hurting, and this is Evolution. In other words, when one must struggle or when one is met with a challenge, it is understood as a part of life, not a blow to life. Challenges and struggles are understood as part of the gamble in life, not a personal affront from life. They are experienced as invitations to grow, to Evolve, rather than as traps to escape. Does this make sense to you? Bobby: Oh yes. Thank you! We think we missed Janet. NEXT, Janet. Janet: At one point you said that older souls could add the prefix SELF- to their goal, and that made a lot of sense to me. So, as mentioned above, I think that currently my focus is self-dominance, and it's much harder to see how I'm doing. How can I evaluate my progress? I may just be expecting a target that is as visible as career success and that's not likely if the focus is internal. Think of Self-Dominance as Self-Direction. When one is in Dominance across the Soul Ages, the focus can be on how to direct others in ways that bring about the best results, but as an Old Soul this art of direction is turned inward and it is a new world to pull together. Across your lifetimes you would still have had lifetimes at any Soul Age where Self-Direction was explored, but it is in the Old Soul Age that one begins to truly pull all of that experience together and stand in comfortable solitude to be both the guide and the guided. This means you will see a bigger picture and then you must delegate to yourself in terms of actions across time and space, rather than across people. For example, having an idea about what you would like to experience, then researching, planning, pulling together resources, assessing resources, allotting them, and then pursuing the idea, etc. Janet: It’s much harder. I work better with deadlines and now there are no deadlines except those I can set for myself and make myself believe. It is all on you, for the most part, though if delegation is necessary to outsource, this is still a strength. Yes, this is one of the final lessons of Dominance. How to listen to yourself the way you expect others to listen to you. The more you listen to yourself, honor yourself, follow up with yourself, etc, the more you can see the Leadership in fulfillment. Janet: Thank you! NEXT, Diane. DianeHB: Could you describe for each of us the percentage of time we're in the positive pole vs negative pole of our Goals? BOBBY = 88%; CLAIRE = 79%; CONG = 65%; DIANE = 82%; JANET = 85%; JOHANNE = 90%; MAUREEN = 92% These assessment will not work as a comparison to each other. They are unique to the conditions of each of your lives. Each assessment must be unique to conditions of the life or the assessment would be absurd. The challenges to one in Acceptance vs another in Acceptance can be vastly different. DianeHB: Good to know. I was thinking I spent more time in the negative pole than that. DianeHB: Based on recent experiences Yes, recent experiences cannot be the only factor for determining an accurate assessment. We are looking at your lifetime, not the past few weeks or months or even years. DianeHB: I see When we can see 65% or higher in our assessment, it is usually because the fragment has been working with Essence, True Personality, Manifesting Essence, and even if this has only begun for some within the past few years, it can drastically change the overall assessment. DianeHB: Thank, you NEXT, Johanne. Johanne: My platform is about: True exchange. Is it a mean chosen by my essence to explore agape (acceptance) in deeper depth? EVERYTHING about the life will be about exploring Agape and Acceptance. There is not a moment when this is not true. True Exchange, however, is a means for exploring deeper, yes. By "deeper" we mean that it will not just be about courtesy and grace, but about true and mutual value fulfillment in your interactions. Johanne: thanks, it gives me a new understanding of how/why to do this. Means for looking at what you may be holding back, hiding, conserving, and what you can experiment with revealing, expressing, and offering in ways that bring about greater range of meaningful exchanges. What we said to Johanne is true for all of you. Your Goal is inherently woven into every layer of fabric of the life. There is nothing you DO that does not contribute to your exploration, experimentation, progress or rejection of the Goal. Bobby: [Maureen is also still in the queue] Yes, Troy's eyeballs are clearly compromised today. NEXT, Maureen. Janet: lol Maureen: I want to clarify that I answered Yes to your questions above, that I do understand where I am at with my Goal, etc., because I am aware of "having" to work on Acceptance around issues, relationships, etc. Acceptance is never totally a "done deal". As Janet stated about her Goal I believe mine, as well, comes down, quite acutely, to Self-Acceptance. To get there, to Self-Acceptance, I have to move through accepting some choices of another, or others, and that hasn't been easy. In my experience, acceptance of others, of other's choices, seems to be inextricably tied to acceptance of self. It's often been a struggle to accept all the nuances a person or a situation to arrive at a state of Acceptance or wholeness for myself that also includes others. It's also been hard to "accept" the choices of another when you haven't been included or "accepted" in their choices. I just realized I'm talking about rejection, from an outside source, and that may be one of the hardest things for someone with the Goal of Acceptance to "accept". When it comes to Acceptance, one of the final lessons of this Goal is that Acceptance INCLUDES accepting when you determine what is unacceptable. Acceptance is not a path toward mindless permissions and blank checks of credibility to the choices and actions of others. It is a long and often painful process of learning what is acceptable and what is not. When something or someone is unacceptable it does not mean that you do not accept them. This may sound like a contradiction, but for those in Acceptance, this can be a rather profound "A HA!" In extreme instances this can be clearly understood when something like rape, murder, incest, child abduction, abuse, torture, etc are put up for examination of their acceptability. Acceptance does not ask you to accept these. It asks you to know what Acceptance IS. It does not ask you to break your spirit trying to accept the most harmful of behaviors, experiences, and life. So Self-Acceptance is the final frontier, so to speak, in determining and accepting your bank of Acceptable vs Unacceptable, and knowing how to appropriately navigate the choices involved around that. True Self-Acceptance does not force you to accept the truly unacceptable. Your soul knows what is truly unacceptable. So as you grow in Soul Age and Manifesting of Essence, this becomes clearer and clearer, not from a superficial position of preferences and pickiness and morality and indignation and righteousness, but from a deep truth that grows from eons of Karma. Acceptance is not in opposition to Justice. The Universe is entirely aligned with both Acceptance AND Justice, or Karma would not exist. Maureen: Sounds like one of the last Paradoxes. The point is not to accept the choices of others if they are harmful, but to know what to do (or not to do) when the choices and actions of others are harmful. The point is not to depend upon an eventual world of acceptable choices and actions of others to find peace and acceptance of the self, but to find that peace and acceptance in the self by trusting the truth of differences in acceptable and unacceptable. Maureen: Yes! thank you! The reason this is not an easy path is because you must sort through all of your own superficial and righteous expectations and conditions that misuse the power of Acceptance, Ingratiating yourself or others to fulfill false criteria for Acceptance, and learn to use this power of Acceptance from a place of Agape. Does this make sense to all of you? DianeHB: Yes CongN: Yes Bobby: Yes Johanne: yes thank you ClaireC: Yes Maureen: Yes Janet: Yes Each of you are doing Good Work regarding the fulfillment of your Goals. This is not a grade or praise, but a fact of assessment. It will help you continue forward by knowing that you are smarter than you may think, and you are naturally doing what you need to do to continue to higher and higher spirals of fulfillment. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    UPDATE MAY 7: My doctor messaged me to say that while the final results are still pending, based on initial test results being returned, it is looking more like Type 2. So... crossing fingers. So far, with the medication and my focus on diet and exercise, my numbers are lower and lower based on my home glucose tests. I got my average down below 300 today, which is still in the danger zone, but better than the high 300's and low 400's that I started with. So I'm hanging in there and making progress!
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    Daniela's son, currently Age 4.5 Sage-cast Sage Old 5 Growth/Power/Idealist Life Task: TO ENCOURAGE, UPHOLD, AND REVEAL THE TRUTH
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    Questions: 1.) Can you please describe to me Victor’s life task? 2.) Is my Essence close or connected to the artist known as Jean-Michel Basquiat? I had a dream last summer where I heard his name— said in the sentence, “...Or she’ll end up like Basquiat!”— right before I woke up. Before that dream, I didn’t know anything about him at all! Before his untimely death he seemed to have struggled with a couple of issues that are parallel to the ones I’ve been facing recently. In another dream shortly following the initial one, I remember putting together a colourful jigsaw-mosaic on a yellow wall, while a child-Basquiat watched me as I worked. What’s really going on here?? 3.) What’s the theme of the cluster of lives I’m currently in, and in which position am I in the cluster? Answers: MEntity: If we have the correct fragment, we can describe the Life Task as: "REUNITING DISPARATE ENERGY." We can elaborate in a more appropriate format, but we can say that this refers to such practices as bridging and uniting such energies as Creative/Focused, Male/Female, Acceptance/Discrimination, Evolution/Rest, etc. MEntity: The fragment in question appears to be from your Entity and the "memories" speak to your Concurrent who ran in social circles with this fragment before his death. Your Concurrent died in 2001 and your dreams may be linking you to the processes of that Concurrent Personality residing in the Astral. The blur between your local self in time and space and those that have existed independently in overlapping time frames (concurrents) grows when the soul is older and the concurrent dies. MEntity: The current Cluster is themed in HAPPINESS. This may sound rather "corny," but this is a theme that everyone explores at some point as a means to own the strength and nature of Happiness as a choice, rather than as something earned or bestowed. You are on the more expansive side of this exploration with fairly clear concepts about how Happiness is a choice, but still looking at how it can be elusive even when chosen, and how Happiness is not always appropriate even when one knows it is a choice. This is the 4th Lifetime of that Cluster.
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    This material was received in a private session on May 9, 2017. Note: The info in this session might be helpful for others who are intentionally seeking to experience lucid dreams. See TMI Lucid Dreaming Intensive for a description of the course mentioned in this session. MEntity: Hello to you, Janet. We are here, now. We can begin. Janet: Hello Michael! I’m so very pleased about the lucid dreaming course I just completed. There are all kinds of questions I could ask, but I recognize that some of them I will eventually find the answers to for myself. So I will just ask for your comments and perspectives on a couple of items that I think will fit into the time allotted. First, can you provide your comments and perspective about how useful the class was in terms of the aims of my Essence and in terms of agreements I have active or in development? If you can offer suggestions for further exercises, experiments and training, that would be lovely. Second, in my “Escalator to Death/Birth” dream, there was a young woman about whom you said, “You finally remembered her.” Then you confirmed that she was the shopkeeper in a more recent dream. During the class we had an exercise in which I was attempting to flesh out the details of a brief dream experienced earlier in the week. I thought it was “simply” visualization and not a dream, but I was startled when a character in this visualization told me “Go. Find her.” I was then prompted to end the exercise, so I had no opportunity to follow up. Later in the week we had an exercise in which we were told to retrieve an answer to a question, and then to retrieve an answer to a question for a partner, without knowing who the partner was. I asked for some clarity on how to find this woman, and received images that suggested crowds similar to those found at an arts and crafts fair and the color green. My partner told me that in response to my question he heard the Moody Blues song “I know she’s out there somewhere”, with the feeling that I should continue searching. Later he told me he asked for a name for the woman and got “Francine”. [Note: The actual words in the song are "I know you're out there somewhere", so it's interesting that my partner switched you're to she's.] Who is this woman and what is her connection to me? What agreements do we have that I’m receiving such strong “hints” about her? MEntity: In response to the first question: As you know, the degree of usefulness is dependent upon you, but in terms of our perspective, we see the results as quite useful. You have generated not only a small pool of experiences upon which to build, but have practiced with tools that you can use for building a greater pool of experiences. This pool of experience is what would become your common ground among those with whom you share Agreements. Continued practice and logging of experiences is not only a meaningful inner exploration, but generates the magnetic forces that would draw you to your Agreements and they to you. The only thing we can add as a suggestion to your practice is to take a break from it regularly. It would be helpful to not push the exploration and practice to the point of it being too routine, but also because a break can let you see where you are in your natural inclination for what you normally use tools. For example, one may "train" oneself to eat better, but there will come a time when eating better is natural. When you take breaks from your practicing and training in Lucid Dreaming, you can see how naturally it comes and adjust your practices accordingly. When you take a break, we suggest no more than three days before returning to any practices. If you go three days with no indications of Lucid Dreaming, return to practice as you see fit. However, if you have a Lucid Dream within that three days, extend into another three days from that point. For example, if you have a Lucid Dream the second day, add another three days of break. If you have another, extend again until you go three days with no Lucid dream. If you have 3 Lucid Dreams within this dynamic break, we suggest a full 30 day break. Janet: I do not feel I have yet had a ‘real’ lucid dream, but perhaps my expectation is a little too dogmatic about what a lucid dream is. MEntity: You will know when you have one. It is not a state in which one must decipher or stretch interpretations to know it is Lucid. Janet: Yes. I’ve come close. MEntity: There are 3 states of Lucidity that may be experienced: LUCID FOG, LUCID MEMORY, LUCID PRESENCE. There are better terms for these, but these will do for now. LUCID FOG is where you know something was different, but you cannot quite remember or know what was different. This tends to be a beginning stage of Lucid Dream practice. Often there are no visuals at all in your memory. Only the "feeling." This is Emotional Lucidity. LUCID MEMORY is when you remember more of the experience but more as if you have brought it with you rather than it having been experienced in the Lucid State of dreaming. You feel it in both the emotions and the body. This is Moving Lucidity. LUCID PRESENCE is when you fully wake up in the experience and are present for it entirely. Your memory is not just vivid and clear, but you carry it with you and you remember it within the context of the Lucid State. This is where most "Lucid Dreams" take place when they are an experience of waking up in a dream. This is Intellectual Lucidity. This map helps you to see that you may be on track with your practice. Janet: Yes. I think so. In one dream I knew I was dreaming when my parents walked in the door but the reality checks I had been given failed so I didn’t really get to LUCID PRESENCE. Was that an example of LUCID MEMORY? MEntity: We would put it in that area, yes. "Francine" is the Artisan with whom there are Agreements for collaboration on a project that has an activation around 2020. This is one of the examples of the common ground created from exploration of Lucid Dreams as you are overlapping in dimensions and upon meeting may have some grand validation of your experiences. "Francine" is a valid reference, though it may not be direct. We cannot see her name, but we know the name is relevant. Janet: I see. Is she an entity mate? MEntity: Yes.
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    LIFE TASK and 9 PILLARS w/Report STUDENT: Matthew Dean LIFE TASK (True Work) PHRASE - ”to cultivate and encourage authenticity and integrity in behaviors and communication” PERSONAL QUADRATE - Pillars of Vitality True Play: Exploring, Learning, Games True Study: Self, Devotion, Philosophy True Rest: Family, Camping, Sports COMMUNITY QUADRATE - Pillars of Harmony True Spirit: Ritual, Arts, Communication True Health: Exercising, Feeding, Sleeping True Home: "Ocean," "Wilderness," "Urban" PLANETARY QUADRATE - Pillars of Transformation True Love: through RECOGNITION True Core: through HONESTY True Gift: through RESPONSIBILITY MICHAEL REPORT: We have described your Task as ”to cultivate and encourage authenticity and integrity in behaviors and communication”. In simpler terms, this means “to be honest and to be yourself as a way to bring out the best in others.” This Task comes after many lifetimes where Personalities tended to presume that the best option for security in a lifetime was to “look the other way,” or to “keep the peace” by being silent, or to protect the self and others by not challenging assumptions and imprinting. Your Essence is done with that and this is the life where Personality is working toward fulfilling a lifetime with a degree and ratio of conscious honesty that has not been seen on such a scale in other lives. The Personal Pillars support the Task by suggesting various ways to engage the positive aspects of the Personality for Play, Rest, and Study. The suggestions offered here are for consideration and not a prescription, but if each were to be explored it may be found that these activities trigger deeper resonance to parts of the self that can rejuvenate, revitalize, and focus the Personality in ways that support the Task. The Community Pillars support the Task in ways that help the Personality to participate within more intimate circles and the more immediate relationship with the world. The suggestions are offered a bit more specifically than those suggested for the Personal Pillars. The three suggestions for each Pillar relate to ways to draw a sense of Spirit, Health, and Home from your world around you. The Planetary Pillars support the Task in ways that would help the Personality to imprint the world with its personal teaching. These are highly specific to you and we choose these suggestions carefully. What we have suggested for True Love is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for loving, and in your case it is when you let someone know you see them, truly see them, and recognize them on terms that transcend behaviors and flaws. This can be done passively through patience or through direct communication, but this is how you Love. This is your contribution to the planet and sentience in terms of how Love can work. To truly see another and to truly see yourself is Love. What we have suggested for True Core is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Truth with the world. In your case, we see your Truth as being most exemplified in actual Honesty. That is your Truth. It is an important one and it is one that you are finding is slippery and tricky at times, especially in terms of incorporating the truths of others that you do not realize are not your own. Over time, and with your openness to experiences and feedback, this Honesty has served you in inviting you to see beyond your own blind spots and into a world that is far more beautiful than not. And you help others to do the same. What we suggested for your True Gift is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Courage in the world. In your case, we see that your courage is exemplified in your sense of Responsibility. This is very different from Obligation. Your courage and strength are deeply anchored in a sense of Responsibility, which is the process of learning how to respond, while Obligation is out of habit and expectation. Your strength is in your willingness. And you have seen the rewards of Responsibility that outweigh the challenges.
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    I really appreciate your nimbleness with the use of words in the way you channel Michael, Troy. I particularly appreciated the quote below, especially since I live my entire life in passion mode, and not just a three month period. lol. The whole report was great and much appreciated. "For those in the Positive Pole of Passion, you simply continue to navigate your world with the embrace of the truth that your world is a reflection of you, not a rejection of you; that your world, relationships, and things are inclusions of you, but are not conclusions of you." Thank you! ~ Terri
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    5 PAST LIVES NAME: Matthew Dean Channeled by Troy 04/25/2017 FROM MICHAEL [ general introduction ] : Here are what we can find relevant to your request for a glimpse of 5 past lives. These may or may not resonate to the current life. When we search outside of the parameters of resonance to a life, some past lives can seem as if they are someone else’s. It is important to remember that past lives are “someone else’s” lives, even if they are connected to through your Essence and resonate to the current life. Every life is uniquely independent within the matrix of interdependence. Consider these to be more like a family album of snapshots in time rather than your own, personal memories. It should be noted that past lives are not as linear as one would expect them to be, nor are they as sequential as one might expect them to be. Keep in mind that there are Concurrent Lives, and Parallel histories that we must sort through, as well. In short, as you collect a roster of lives, you may see patterns, but you may also see anomalies due to the lack of linear structure and/or due to mistakes in delivering the information. Validation is not always easy when exploring past lives, so we encourage you to consider past life information as something to consider, not something to consider conclusive. We may find lives in this format that we have not found in other exchanges with you. It is wise to keep track and watch for patterns, overlapping, contradictions and anomalies. It should also be noted that when a community begins exploring patterns in past lives, many will find that there is a deeply shared history. When we refer to you in the passages below, we tend to mean the “you” that was relative to the time period, or your Essence, not you, now. YOUR REQUEST: 5 lives with the most creative, inspiring, or physical contributions to humanity FROM MICHAEL: These are not in order of importance or impact. Every lifetime contributes to humanity within the parameters you describe, but we will point to those we think you may find interesting from this Personality’s viewpoint regarding one from each Soul Age. 1. LATE INFANT - AFRICA - 3,000,000+ years ago - Female - One of the first Humans to figure out how to craft a “man-made” bridge across waters using combined materials for incremental and safe movement across deeper waters. 2. EARLY BABY - AFRICA - 2,000,0000 years ago - Female - created a “singing device” from wood and string, giving the children a toy, but also one of the first local introductions to generating music, even if only in one or two notes. 3. YOUNG - CHINA - 1,000,000 years ago - Male - helped to organize “sanctuaries” where children could be raised together with group care as humanity struggled to return from devastating losses. 4. MATURE - ISRAEL - 300,000 years ago - Male - started first “school” in the region for children that focused on problem-solving over adaptation. 5. OLD - INDIA - 1500’s CE - Male - helped design and implement the first wave of prepackaged, buildable, and mobile homes that helped many without shelter.
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    In the Personal Open Floor with Troy on May 15, 2017 I asked Michael how do they perceive my Essence in color, shape, size or any other criteria. MEntity: It is difficult to describe. We often see you as a kind of etheric wave of feathers made of light that shifts and floats and undulates affectionately. MEntity: It is a form that loves to "touch" others. It moves and wraps around all significant relationships. MEntity: "You" do this as a means to help reset your own and others energy. MEntity: This carries over into your Manifestation of Essence in a lifetime, as well. This is not always something easy for the Personality to manage, but the affectionate energizing is something the Personality tends to learn to enjoy. This went nicely with what Michael told me on June 16, 2016 about how I can recognize when I am Manifesting Essence: MEntity: When you are in alignment with and Manifesting Essence, it could be described as CONTAGIOUS JOY. MEntity: It is not just that you feel good, but that you affect others in ways that lift them into their own joy. MEntity: This is not easy, but it is when Essence is fully present. MEntity: It is not an effort made by you, but simply happens in your presence because your joy is of such authenticity. MEntity: There are many ways one can see the Manifesting of Essence, but this is one of the striking states that can be most easily recognized. If someone mentions that you cheered them up, that you "just make them happy," etc. you are in Essence. It is true that this is not something easy for this Personality to achieve. I am not that physically affectionate or touchy, except with my kids. Someone I once loved told me I gave the best hugs. That is not something I am used to being known for.
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    Decided to post this after reading other people's reports and being reminded of how much some of my Pillars resonate with me. For example, I woke up today after 12 hours of sleep and I just felt like a brand new person LOL. I've been functioning off of 4-6 hours of sleep during the week, but sleeping in on Saturdays is so incredibly rejuvenating. Also, being out of school for 1.5 years has shown me how much I really crave schooling and learning. These are truly things that make me feel my best and healthiest. I may post more of my transcripts, maybe when I feel it is appropriate. I just want to avoid inundating everyone's news feeds, ha. Private Session May 3, 2015 [Rachel_L]: Hello, Michael. This is what I already have about my Life Task: "To unravel tangled patterns (as a way to nurture security and peace). If you are pursuing this Task, it might show up in obvious ways of navigating "messes," but the Task is to unravel these, not necessarily to put them into some new order. If the focus moves beyond the task of unraveling, the task can seem daunting and futile. If the focus is on the unraveling, then the next steps beyond that are more like an allowance, a free-fall, a leap into risk, unknown, and flow." [MEntity]: We will share the terminology and phrases with you, first, and then review them in more detail, along with any of your questions. PERSONAL QUADRATE - Pillars of Vitality TRUE PLAY = crafts; encouraging others; following curiosities. TRUE STUDY = psychology; ancient symbols; neurolinguistics; TRUE REST = puzzles; reading; day dreaming; COMMUNITY QUADRATE - Pillars of Harmony True Spirit: Ritual, Arts, Communication. True Health: Socializing, Sleeping, Schooling. True Home: "Ocean," "Urban," and "Mountain." PLANETARY QUADRATE - Pillars of Transformation True Love through Confidence/Confidentiality; True Core through Transparency/Vulnerability; True Gift through Trust (benefit of the doubt). Most of these are self-explanatory, but we will add the following for help in understanding these suggestions: First, these are suggestions, not prescriptions. You may or may not find any of these appealing, even if they connect you to Essence and your Task. Second, though you can love in many ways, one of the ways your True Love is brought into this world is through your confidence in yourself and in others. Entrusting someone or yourself as having your best interest at heart is True Love for you. Next, your True Core is how you bring your truth into the world, and in this case, it is through your vulnerability, you drop in defenses, and your transparency. When you decide you have nothing to hide, nothing of shame, you bring your truth into the world. This is because one of your truths is that such things as weakness, guilt, shame, etc are not served by hiding them, but by letting them have air, have contact with the world, and to see that there is no reason for them as defenses. Your True Gift is how you bring a strength or courage into the world, how you bring beauty to the world. In your case, this is through TRUST, but more specifically it is in that you are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to someone until he or she is proven guilty or wrong. It is beautiful when you do not condemn yourself or another person for being wrong, mistaken, or misguided. You allow for the second chances. We know we do not have the time in this format to elaborate further, but we think this is a good start in exploring your Pillars further and to see them for yourself in action. All of these suggestions tie into the success of the Task, and into ways that you can help Manifest and anchor Essence, but they are not magical methods. Any of the above will help connect you to Essence and a connection to Essence can help you to fulfill your Task with ease. __________________________________________________________________________________ And here's a music video I'm throwing in, because why not? I find it really grounding. It's my song of the moment.
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    From 05/16/2017 POF Nadine: You told me in my last session I had an agreement of „mutual confidence“ with someone. Could you please explain what that means? How do you define Confidence? MEntity: We will define Confidence as Trust in the Self. This can be present in varying degrees, but Confidence is determined by the trust one has in the self. Mutual Confidence is when a relationship encourages trust in the self, either through challenges that put one back into a position to trust the self, or through trust in the relationship that then amplifies trust in the self. MEntity: Does this make sense? Nadine: Not sure how challenges can put one back into a position to trust the self Nadine: the rest does make sense, yes MEntity: If you have lost confidence in yourself to the point that you depend on another for your confidence, and then there are conflicts this can put you back into a position to trust yourself over depending on others to feed your confidence. Nadine: I see, I understand now.
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    A few days ago, I got my life task and the 9 pillars report back. It's packed with so much information that I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand what they meant. Now I'm posting it with some of my initial thoughts: STUDENT: Cong Nie LIFE TASK (True Work) PHRASE - TO REMEMBER MORE PERSONAL QUADRATE - Pillars of Vitality True Play: Guessing Backstories; Thought Experiments; Exploring Past Lives; (Cong: Calling Troy for the 5-lives session! Can't wait for the results.) True Study: Sciences; History; Psychology; (Cong: That's everything about human existence, no? I noticed @estoy has history as true study and @NickF has science as true study. How do you guys feel about them and how much are you involved? More people share Psychology as a common study.) True Rest: Listening; Watching; Sharing;(Cong: that's quite broad - what should I listen and watch? is there anyone who does not do these?!) COMMUNITY QUADRATE - Pillars of Harmony True Spirit: Arts, Technology, and Communication True Health: Socializing, Schooling, Meditating (Cong: no sleeping and feeding?!) True Home: "Ocean," "Urban," "Mountain" (Cong: no desert and plain?) PLANETARY QUADRATE - Pillars of Transformation True Love: through PERCEPTION True Core: through AFFECTION True Gift: through TRUST MICHAEL REPORT: We have described your Task as "to remember more" which is our way of describing your Essence's intention for this life and Personality to “teach what you most want to learn.” This lifetime is all about this pursuit to remember, to wake up, to collect the familiarity of reunions and history and meaning that has been created over many lifetimes. This Task is not just for yourself to remember more, but in your pursuit to remember more, and in your embracing your Essence memories, you help others remember more. By “teach what you most want to learn” we mean that as you live out your explorations and experiments with remembering more, you are indirectly or directly teaching others to do the same, or if you were to formally or casually teach others a higher perspective, you help yourself to grasp even further what you would be teaching. Life Tasks are quite broad in their range of possibilities, but yours is even broader because it was chosen as a part of a pivotal process of evolution for your Essence in terms of anchoring some memories in the Instinctive Center for future incarnations. Though one does not have to pursue a Life Task, if you choose to pursue the Task, it would likely show up as a persistent curiosity and drive to learn more, share more, and open more to the grander scale of who you are in existence. This may not seem like a Task because many may naturally do this, but this Task was chosen because this is the lifetime where this becomes more natural for your Essence’s incarnations to do so. Every fragment has that lifetime where remembering becomes a priority. This is that lifetime for you. If you reject this Task, it may show up as restlessness, boredom, and a vague sense of emptiness in actions and a drive to constantly make up for lack of meaning rather than creating it. The Personal Pillars support the Task by suggesting various ways to engage the positive aspects of the Personality for Play, Rest, and Study. The suggestions offered here are for consideration and not a prescription, but if each were to be explored it may be found that these activities trigger deeper resonance to parts of the self that can rejuvenate, revitalize, and focus the Personality in ways that support the Task. The Community Pillars support the Task in ways that help the Personality to participate within more intimate circles and the more immediate relationship with the world. The suggestions are offered a bit more specifically than those suggested for the Personal Pillars. The three suggestions for each Pillar relate to ways to draw a sense of Spirit, Health, and Home from your world around you. The Planetary Pillars support the Task in ways that would help the Personality to imprint the world with its personal teaching. These are highly specific to you and we choose these suggestions carefully. What we have suggested for True Love is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for loving, and in your case it is when you use your Perception to see beyond the obvious, to know without knowing, to bypass logic and reason and get to the truth of a person without superficial distractions. This is Perception. It is the use of the Emotional Center to know the truth. When you know the truth of another person, you are adding to the bank of Love in the planet, your Entity, and your Essence. What we have suggested for True Core is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Truth with the world. In your case, we see your Truth as being expressed through Affection. When you are your most authentic and true, Affection comes easily toward those who are either aligned with your truths, or those interested in learning from your truths. Affection is the truth to to your Essence and when you express it, great exchanges occur. What we suggested for your True Gift is based on our perception of where your Personality finds its greatest capacity for sharing its Courage in the world. In your case, we see that your courage is exemplified when you freely Trust. When you do not place obstacles and tests in front of your capacity to Trust, you have tapped into your strength as Essence. You need no proof or guarantees. You simply rest into the natural state of Trust that comes from the comfort of existence. If that Trust is broken or abused, you can respond accordingly, but the willingness to Trust as an initial baseline is your strength and courage and helps other fragments to heal and rekindle their own trust. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's cool to learn that I'm one of those "keeper" personalities and I potentially have the ability to access and influence my past and future lives! My impression is that the tasks and pillars seems quite natural for a Scholar-Cast Sage. Collecting information and teach what I have learned about truth, love, and energy is my destiny, and my choice. I almost feel a sense of exhaustion when I realized my tasks are so vast and aimless. But then I also realized the amount of essence we can bring into life is limitless too: the essence never gets tired or bored. So, I will carry on, march on, flow on.
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    (Excerpt from Wholeness of Soul, Chapter 2, shared with permission) Movement can be said to be built from the triad of Action, Interaction, and Reaction. Life can be created or allowed through any point within that triad, but in any case, the ability to do so Confidently, and Without Attachment to results, will be the key to your more pleasant and pleasurable experience. Keep in mind that non-attachment is not apathy, nor is it a lack of desire. Non-attachment simply means that you acknowledge the inherent nature of change. GOALS & TRIAD OF MOVEMENT In most cases of the Ordinal Goal, the experiences of life will lean toward learning how to “REACT more Responsibly,” while the experiences of the Cardinal Goals will lean toward learning how to “ACT more Successfully.” Those Personalities who have the Goal of Relaxation/Flow will have experiences that lean toward learning how to “INTERACT more Navigationally.” We will define REACTION as your effort to minimize effects on you. We will define ACTION as your effort to maximize effects from you. We will define INTERACTION as the freedom from effort as a means to move with the fluctuations of Energy within the life. Reaction, Interaction, and Action can be done appropriately (positive) or inappropriately (negatively). When Reaction is appropriate, there is a RESPONSE to the Patterns within the life, like the use of an umbrella in an unexpected downpour of rain. Rain is a natural pattern in life, even if it is often unpredictable. However, how you respond to it often determines your experience of it. When Reaction to something as natural as rain is inappropriate, there is Defensiveness, such as anger, helplessness, and agitation at the rain’s effect on you. When Interaction is appropriate, there is NAVIGATION within the Patterns that are unfolding, much like a surfer on a wave, or the use of oars in a boat, but when Interaction is inappropriate, there is a crash into Paralysis, much like a sense of drowning in that wave, or losing one’s oars. When Action is appropriate, there is SUCCESS that is measurable and personally-fulfilling within the Patterns of the life, such as the fruits gathered from a watered crop, but when Action is inappropriate, there is a sense of Failure, as if one’s efforts meant nothing, such as might be the case if one were to find the yield from that crop not as expected. Appropriate Action does not undermine honest effort. POSITIVE > Responsible Navigation Success NEUTRAL > Reaction Interaction Action NEGATIVE > Defensive Paralysis Failure GOING TO EXTREMES Within all Goals there is a spectrum of experience that ranges across Reaction - Interaction - Action. Within that spectrum, there are extremes to which one might be inclined to fulfill his or her Goal that are counterproductive. In all Goals, the eventual point of balance will be in your capacity to REACT, INTERACT, and ACT effectively and appropriately, with confidence, trust, and non-attachment to results. If your Goal is Flow/Relaxation, you may find your “natural” counterproductive extremes lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Interaction within events and relationships, so you may find an emphasis on your constantly learning how to Navigate, not control, the Actions and Reactions that are a part of life around you. Your increasing capacity to Navigate can then become the basis of more flexible and evolving definitions of Success, and improves your ability to Respond. If your Goal is Discrimination, Submission, or Re-evaluation, you may find you “naturally” lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Reaction within events and relationships, so it could be said that there would be an emphasis on your constantly learning Responsibility (ability to respond) as a foundation for your definitions of Success, which then improves your ability to Navigate. If your Goal is Acceptance, Dominance, or Growth, you may find you “naturally” lean toward Patterns of Inappropriate Action over events and relationships, so it could be said that your emphasis is on constantly learning to define what Success even means to you in the first place so that you can build your foundation for understanding your Responsibilities, which then improves your ability to Navigate. Although we described the above as inclinations toward specific, inappropriate extremes relative to certain Goals, there are no rules to these inclinations, and one may experience any of these extremes, regardless of Goal. To help you examine further as to which extreme you may be inclined, regardless of your Goal, you can explore the following statements: When one experiences Inappropriate Actions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF LIFE. When one experiences Inappropriate Reactions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF OTHERS. When one experiences Inappropriate Interactions, one tends to be disappointed in what one is GETTING OUT OF ONESELF. People who are Responsible, Successful Navigators realize and behave in ways that recognize that WHAT YOU GET OUT OF LIFE, OTHERS, and SELF IS BASED ON WHAT YOU GIVE. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LIE Some of you may delude yourselves into thinking that you “give and give and give” or “try and try and try” and you get nothing (or very little) in return, or that you are constantly imposed upon in some way that does not allow for your true nature to shine. This is one of your Great Lies to sustain the momentum of false security in the routine patterns of frustration in your life. The truth is: Your life is exactly as you need it; EXACTLY; without exception; including your defensiveness, your failures, your successes, and your responsibilities. This does not mean you like it or understand it. When you no longer need things the way they are (or think you need them the way they are), they can change. When you no longer want things they way they are, you can change them. There is something of value in your life AS IT IS, even with the effort and intent to change it. To interpret differently is to lie to one’s self. Unless there is another fragment, or group of fragments, who are creating a karmic imbalance by removing your ability to Choose, which would be in the form of some kind of imprisonment, torture, or death, then you have the ability to Act, Interact, or React in a way that can evolve in alignment with your wishes as a Personality and Essence. This means that any person who is undermining you, or any situation that is disempowering you, that you cannot describe as unlawful imprisonment, unsolicited torture, or murder, is a condition sustained ONLY by your participation in it. If you wanted things to change, you would change it. If you have not changed it, then there is some kind of value seeming to be gained from it. While this truth may seem harsh, it is, in fact, quite freeing. There is no fault here. No blame. Only a recognition of the nature of those undesired things in your life that could, can, or would change, but have not. You may not have control over many circumstances and conditions in your life, but you will always have control over your perspective of those circumstances and conditions, which is where the greatest and truest change exists. How you interpret your circumstances and conditions makes a difference. Being honest with yourselves about the investment you have in the supposed “worst,” or most uncomfortable, patterns of your life can be quite freeing, potentially unbinding your energy to move in ways that are far more genuinely alive, and beneficial for all involved. Some of your “worst” situations, conditions, or perspectives of those situations and conditions, may actually have a great deal of “payoff” for you in ways that you have not taken the time to explore because your Reactions are defensive. Or you may have the capacity to change your situation, condition, or perspective, or do things differently, but you have not made the effort because your Actions continue to be interpreted as Failures, instead of as processes of learning.
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    I always find these types of reports/sessions very powerful. I mean, you can't get much more SEEN than this and it can feel very RAW having some of this exposed. Kudos to you for being willing to go there :)
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    Channelled by: Troy Tolley Date: October 23rd, 2015 Session type: Private session, 120 min Comment: This informations was covered in approximately 60 min ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was after my coming home from the first TLEGG, autumn 2015. Although Troy as a channel was a 100% certainty for me as soon as I saw his photo in 2013, the recognition I experienced on other levels when finally meeting him in person was very intense. I am very protective by nature, but there i felt this specific quality that I only could relate to "older sibling" protectiveness. This is Michale's response to my wonderings. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price I understand. So first I'd like to ask about my and my Essence's connection to this 6th old, Server Cast Sage from C1E2 we all know as - the one and only - Troy! I have a great fondness for Troy. A little like for a younger sibling, a little brother. I wonder where it comes from? I identified it as I want to protect his Inner Child from external forces wanting it to grow up. I rather for him to find tools to deal with everything, than to change into a well structured adult :-) MEntity First, Troy plays the Child Position in many fragments' Support Circle. He is in your Support Circle. He is in your Knowledge Position, as well. You are in his Discipline Position, and his Compassion Position. Price I love that! MEntity In addition to this, there are past lives activated in resonance to the current lifetime. We sorted through several lifetimes and find that the one of greatest resonance that is active in the current lifetime is your shared lifetime from the late 14th Century CE and 15th Century as you were the mother of "Troy" in his lifetime as Marsilio Ficino, known then as Alessandra. This was a particularly intimate lifetime that required great care given in both directions. Marsilio struggled with his depths of creativity, expression, and sexuality, and you struggled with your psychic "gifts," visions, and health. The nurturing and acceptance that was generated throughout the greater part of his life from "you" was returned with great meaning when he cared for you and your ailments. One of your Essence's favorite memories from that lifetime was the singing of lullabies and calming music expressed by Marsilio that allowed you to "go places" well beyond your body. One of Troy's Essence's favorite memories from that lifetime was the imprinting that was given to that Personality that never had to be shed. It was entirely in keeping with the essence of that lifetime. In addition to this, the insight and wisdom offered about how to navigate the pains of an isolating sexuality was a resource of courage in adulthood when Marsilio would find his Mates. You were together as Alessandra exited the life, but because of the nature of that life, Review was brief, and "you" immediately became a Guide for Marsilio for the rest of his life so that "you" could be there when he died, as well. Yes, we will let you know when we have completed a response. You are invited to interject at any time, of course. And though we could continue into greater and broader depth about your resonance with the Sage who is now Troy, we can continue to your next subject now. Price It makes so much sense. I thought that it was a sibling-ish type of care I felt for T. But yes, I relate to the unconditional love of a parent. For me Troy (however not exactly at his best sometimes) is always perfect in the moment where he is. This is a beautiful sharing Michael. Thank you! MEntity There are more sibling lives than parental lives, but biological relationship status has little to do with how that relationship is experienced. Price Oh! We do have siblings lives?? MEntity The dynamic between Alessandra and Marsilio was far more similar to brother and sister than mother and child. There was a true friendship there. Oh, yes. 13 lives as siblings from what we can see. Price Hahaha! This Troy better listen to me. Pls tell me I was the older one... (it was kinda' a joke...) (but I still think so!) MEntity In 9 of these, "you" were older, yes. Price Ha! I knew it! Michael, this is fantastic information and the validation is instant! Thank you for that. I will ponder on it and most probably return to you with more questions about it.