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    ENERGY REPORT AUGUST 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) AUGUST continues the shift of emphasis on the Attitude of the year, REALIST. We have covered the range between the polarities of Objectivity and Subjectivity in our previous exchanges and this range is still in play, but Realism is quickly being countered with Surrealism. Surrealism shows up here in its Positive Pole as REVOLUTION and in its Negative Pole as CONVOLUTION. Surrealism is a reaction or response to a system that has become stagnant, shallow, and strict in its use of symbols. Revolution is a responsible process of overthrowing a strict, oppressive, and outdated system and symbolism in favor of a new system and symbolism that is freer and accurate to the necessity for variation and evolution. Those in Revolution aim to build on Realism in a way that creates an improved reality, so to speak. Convolution is a reactionary process of defense by distorting, over-complicating, and twisting a system beyond recognition while maintaining a state of strict, oppressive, and outdated systems and symbolism. Those in Convolution seek to sustain the old reality while creating such confusion and complication that participants are too exhausted and overwhelmed to see beyond that which is defined for them. This Surrealism has been in place alongside Realism since January, but the ratio between Realism and Surrealism is shifting ever more toward Surrealism. It does not replace Realism, but it does mean that the emphasis on the complete distortion of reality is in effect to the point where it will take a great deal of grounded sense and confident perception to endure this. In other words, Realism has a very real challenge that has moved from persistent to relentless. The dance between Realism and Surrealism is fairly apparent in the world, but for our students, it may show up in more personal ways. If Surrealism is hitting you as Convolution, it will likely show up as panic, anxiety, overwhelm, a sense of disorientation and disconnection, a need to escape. If Surrealism is hitting you as Revolution, you are likely feeling the growing sense of call to action and experiencing the blurring of states between waking and dreams as you open to all levels of reality for solutions and probabilities. For most of our students there is likely a mix of Revolution and Convolution, but one will be more dominant. If you are feeling the effects of Convolution, it is likely a result of your having more immediate and pressing issues that are in your life that are already challenging. It can be helpful to give yourself the permission to access your strength, your patience, and trust that are necessary for taking on these challenges and direct those toward your challenges. You can tend to the larger encompassing challenges another day. Take care of what is immediately affecting you, first. There may come a time when world issues press in on your personal life to the point where you must either confront those issues or escape from them, but until you have little choice, you have a lot of choice. Take care of yourself, your family, your children, and as you return to a sense of empowerment, you jump into the Revolution. If you are feeling the effects of Revolution, it can be quite easy to fall into Convolution if you have no outlet for your passion, no direction for your sense of participation in making a difference, no sense of network or support for holding a stable sense of reality. It will be important for anyone who is in Revolution to continue defining their Cause, aim in directions that bring a sense of participation, and nurture your networks of support and stability. August could be said to be all about being involved or being overwhelmed. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): Aug 5th - 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- SURREALISM - Surrealism kicks in, is amplified, and is here to stay through December as result of Realism that is losing all Objectivity. Aug 21st -- NEXUS -- DIVERGENCE - A branching of parallels related to the Total Solar Eclipse as it moves across the United States and prompts unexpected effects that trigger collective panic and shock or collective wonder and awe. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER August: REALITY IS NOT AGAINST YOU, IT IS YOU - There is nothing that you see or know or experience in your world, internally or externally, that is not a part of the story of you. Everything. Without exception. From the most beautiful to the most horrific, it is the spectrum of you as a BEING, not necessarily as a Personality, but as a Soul, as an instance of consciousness that is willing to see the spectrum of existence. It can be helpful to remember that you are not APART from reality, but A PART of it. Working from that point of existence can help you to be more effective in your choices, actions, and trust. EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS THE STORY OF YOU - Your life is not an isolated moment in time. It is not an isolated body in space. You are here. Now. You existed before this life and will continue beyond this life, but you are here, now. This is the story of you. As you consider the challenges in the world, the challenges in your life, consider what story you wish to tell, consider that it is your story and is not entirely defined by others, by events, by illness, struggle, pain, or even joy, love, and bliss. Whether you contribute to your story and participate in the plot, or you opt out in overwhelm and escape, it is your story, the story of you. Consider what you wish to contribute to the story of you today. Even if it is only a “sentence,” an idea, or a whole paragraph, let a part of your day be entirely yours until the entire day is yours.
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    New York City Michael Speaks—Open Forum 2017-06-24 Channeled by Troy Tolley TRANSCRIBED FROM LIVE AUDIO RECORDING by @DanielaS MEntity: Give us a few moments to secure our delivery through Troy. But in the meantime, we can begin. And we understand that the topic will be varied tonight. So, we will begin with opening the floor in general. Cary: I have been wondering how people who endure extremes of crappy stuff, like slaves in the United States—their lives were not great—and I have wondered why didn’t they just commit mass suicide? What made them keep going? And so to extrapolate from that, what can people do to get inspiration when their lives suck that bad, or if they feel their lives suck that bad? What keeps people from suiciding when their lives suck? MEntity: There are two responses that we have to that question to cover two types of scenarios for most who are in situations that you describe: One may seem rather cliché, but it is cliché because it is true... that many continue for Love. There are families, there are bonding processes in place, there are scenarios of hope, and this is stronger than it may seem when faced with such dire and torturous circumstances. It can get you to the next day. A simple, very simple direct line to Love. Not only Love for another individual sharing the life of the person who is suffering but an effort to develop this Love for the self as well. MEntity: In many cases like what you describe, the conclusive end to their life is not something that is focused on. There is an intention to make it better for reasons of Love. And so that will, in many cases, and in most cases, help one to get from one day to the next and these simply add up. MEntity: The coordination for a mass suicide is something that would not be easy to accomplish. It would seem like a simple answer or a simple solution to halt such atrocities on a large scale but that type of coordination is not possible. MEntity: The other answer that we can give is: simple biological survival. It is very difficult for the body to give in to suicidal tendencies unless a person is broken to a level of no return. The body's entire point of existence is to exist. Its entire point is to get to the next day. MEntity: So, whether for Love or for survival, many get to the next day. And these days simply accumulate into being a life, even if the life was never outside of the confines of oppression or torture or suffering. MEntity: What counts at the end of that life is the effort to love even more than the effort to rebel. MEntity: And whether done consciously or subconsciously it is programmed into every fragment to either allow the body to do its work to survive or for the consciousness to do its work to love. And that is how you survive many situations. MEntity: Does this answer your question? Cary: Yes. Thank you. Cyprus: Shanequa? Shanequa: Can you give me a story of creation? MEntity: We know of no beginning. We are still looking for that as well, in terms of consciousness existing and why we exist at all. We are still looking for this in our own studies. MEntity: In terms of your universe, the Big Bang Theory is the closest to being accurate and this is still not quite accurate. So, the short answer is that the Big Bang Theory is the closest that is accurate. The consciousness that exists in your universe that you know, such as us and such as you, existed even before the universe, and this collective consciousness that is all of us (and this is going to be rather grand in scope to comprehend), participated in the manipulation of matter, physics, in creating a universe. MEntity: However, there is a lot more intentional manipulation involved in the process that is not as random as science would describe it. It takes a great deal of work and a great deal of “time” to manipulate an evolution of matter and to bring together a combination of elements to create a trajectory of life, to create a planet, to create a solar system and so forth. But we did it. MEntity: And those who try to explain creation in terms of some higher force doing the work may personify that force and that process and may simplify it, but it is fairly accurate in terms of the fact that all of us contributed to what we have as a platform of existence in this universe. MEntity: To go any deeper into that creation process would require greater focus and we are not certain if we have responded accurately to your question. Shanequa: You’ve definitely given me some good insight on how the beginnings were. Definitely. MEntity: We do not think we were that clear. [Laughter] Cyprus: Well, the fact that we participated in the creation of the Big Bang is interesting information. Shanequa: And it not being like some random thing. In choosing to have this evolution happen is not random then. MEntity: Yes, because there are other versions, other universes, that have a very different set of physics, a very different set of what we would describe as a “platform of existence.” And consciousness exists there as well. Our collective conscious from our ultimate origins has parallels of itself that are far beyond most imagination limits that any individual has and it’s difficult to describe these because we have no real reference from our platform of existence. Cyprus: Bobby, do you have a question? BFBobby: I know this could serve as a whole session onto itself, but can you provide just a general overview or explanation of what Life Plans are and how they work into the overleaves? MEntity: Yes, we use the term or the phrase Life Plan to describe a cyclical process of accessing what you might define as your “purpose” over a period of time. These happen in seven-year cycles, but we describe them in five-year cycles because five years of the seven tend to be the active years. Two years buffer sometimes at the end, sometimes at the beginning, and sometimes as one-year bookends to the five years. However, those 2 additional years are arranged we describe these as “The Void” that is a part of that cyclical process of creating and defining the life or bringing meaning to it, or purpose. MEntity: All of you are at some point in your Life Plan and that Life Plan has a theme. The Life Plan is something that is a co-creative process with Essence. It is not dictated to you. It is not assigned to you. But it tends to be a pattern that unfolds in your life with or without conscious participation. MEntity: We like to share the Life Plan with our students who ask so that they can see the greater patterns of their lives or the patterns that may be in place at the time, or so they understand that The Void is in effect where one is re-evaluating where one is with one’s sense of purpose or one’s sense of meaning in life. MEntity: The most we can go further with that concept is to speak to each of you individually about where you are and what the theme is for your Life Plan. Cyprus: I think that’d be cool, but I have a question. Do they correlate then to the Monads in a certain way, as you’re going through your Internal Monads? MEntity: They are not synced with the Internal Monads. But we can say that the more one is participating in the themes of the Life Plan the more one tends to be in the positive poles of completion for an Internal Monad, and vice versa. Cyprus: Oh interesting! MEntity: However, a Life Plan will continue to be in place, even when between Internal Monads when they are not active. Cyprus: But I like the concept that if you’re more, that if you participate more and you’re more aware and more awake, I guess, and more present in your Life Plan it . . . MEntity: Most of you know what your Life Plan is at the moment. It tends to be something that is distracting. It tends to be something that is quietly nagging at you or speaking to you, hinting to you, bringing various elements of life to your attention as a way to fulfill that Life Plan. It does not even have to have a name or a clear objective. But you know what it is because it tends to come to mind on a regular basis. MEntity: And if we were going to speak to each of you individually about your Life Plan we could ask each of you to sum up in a phrase, as succinctly as possible, what is on your mind on a regular basis that seems to be important to you. And this is likely tied to whatever is active as a Life Plan at the moment. This is an exercise we offer up to you to share in if you choose to. Cyprus: Does anyone know what they think theirs might be? Cary: This is different from the Life Task? Cyprus: Yes. BFBobby: I have my sentence. What’s nagging at me is I want to create, obviously. But I want to create something beautiful and meaningful and evocative, not just for myself but, and I don’t know if that’s a physical thing or an intangible thing, but I want to create something that betters the world or has a positive impact on the world and people around me. MEntity: In your case, we think you are coming out of a two-year period that we could describe as the Void. The Void is where one is figuratively climbing a ladder with the focus on your foot between rungs. And that suspension of your foot is no indication of whether you are halted or not. It will continue to the next rung, but it can feel as if you are in limbo. It can feel as if you are in some sort of space that is contemplative and philosophical in its nature because you are trying to figure out what to do with this new seed that is tied to a new layer of a Life Plan or a new theme of a Life Plan. You are coming out of that in August and this will start your next five years of the Life Plan where it will focus in more tangible ways on what you have described as creating in ways that are fulfilling and make a difference on your terms. MEntity: We are looking for a phrase that may describe this in a more succinct way. The closest that we can come to at the moment is a very simple phrase and that is HELPING OTHERS. The theme is that you want to HELP OTHERS, that there is a focus on HELPING OTHERS. This may be familiar to many of our students but in our response to you right now that is what your Life Plan could be described as being over the next five years: to focus on implementing how you will HELP OTHERS. Cyprus: Anyone else? Cary: Yeah, the thing that’s been nagging at me lately is wanting to move out and live on my own in New York City. I feel like I’ve started, but I have no idea if I’ll do that in a decent time frame. MEntity: What do you mean by decent time frame? Cary: Before I’m old and gray. I guess within the next two years. MEntity: We think that you are in the first year after coming out of a Void. You are already out of The Void and into the tangible Sequences that are in effect to fulfill the Life Plan. And we might describe yours as EMPOWERED INDEPENDENCE. You are only in the first year of that five-year Life Plan cycle. What we would suggest next is to give yourself time, allow yourself that time, because that is the plan. What you are distracted by and find to be the impulse is accurate to what Essence is looking to do with you, as you. The most symbolic tangible evidence of EMPOWERED INDEPENDENCE is your living on your terms in the way that you describe. You are just at the beginning of this and it looks as if it’s in the 80% probability range for manifesting if you continue to participate in its trajectory. Cyprus: That’s pretty high for a Michael probability. Cary: Awesome. MEntity: One of the reasons why there is high probability is not because it is destined, of course, but because you have decided that this is what you want and that it is good for you. And however many obstacles there may be, taking care of yourself is something that you are fairly good at doing, so this will help forge that path toward what you have decided is best for you. And you can do it. Cyprus: Anyone else? Kerrin: For my Life Plan, as things keep moving forward, I keep finding myself falling back into old patterns from my past career where I am always in a support position and I’m making everyone else really successful. And I really want to create my own business and start creating and bring my own vision forward in design. And creating based on my values of sustainability. I have all the ideas, but I keep getting caught up in working for other people, so I can pay my bills. But I’m really, really trying to, you know, move forward. Yeah. I want my crown, damn it. MEntity: Your Void was approximately a year ago and you are also in the end of the first year of this Life Plan that we can see. MEntity: What seems to have been important was a review based on what you are describing. Two things were important: the review, which is to return to some very humble positions in your life that prompted—we’re looking for the correct words—prompted an ownership of your confidence, and ownership of your importance, and ownership of your talents, and an ownership of everything that is important to you. MEntity: Kings tend to do this, especially older Kings who have had to comply to positions in life that do not cater to the positions that used to be available to us as Kings. And when the King decides that it is time to step up or to move oneself into a position of greater control over the life, they tend to do a great step backward as a way to say, “Oh, Yes. That greater control is what I wanted.” And then they go for it. MEntity: You are entering the second year of your Life Plan. And from what we can see it is simply a matter of continuing what you are doing and aiming for clarity in what it is that you want to create as your platform of personal success. You are certainly not condemned to only being of support to others’ success. But, as we said earlier, the other part of what you were doing was simply taking care of yourself along the way. Cyprus: That is exciting. Cyprus: Shanequa? Shanequa: I’ve been focusing on,.... [edited for privacy] Shanequa: You summed up everything. Cyprus: They got that skill. Shanequa: Read him real quick! Cyprus: Umm, . . . MEntity: We are not done. Cyprus: Oh, sorry! [edited for privacy] MEntity: Did the Sage want to speak? [Laughter] Cyprus: That’s almost a ridiculous question! Why yes, I was going to do mine. Contrary, the exact opposite of Bobby’s, mine’s about me. I feel like the one thing that has really been reoccurring for me recently is kinda like twofold: one is being me and the other thing is caring for the body that is me in a way that I’ve never really looked at or appreciated or was concerned about or any of those things at all. And I think the reason I asked about the Monads is because when I turned 50 things felt like they changed for me in a way and I thought it had something to do with Monad shifting and I thought it might tie into the Life Plan. But it’s very important for the integrity of me to be me, but also to care for me in a way I haven’t before. MEntity: And your question? Cyprus: It’s not a question. I’m asking about my Life Plan. [Laughter] Cyprus: Now I think Troy’s just being a smart ass! He’s in there going, really? [Laughter] MEntity: We had to let Troy relax back down. MEntity: This is because you have started your 5th Internal Monad and this is a process of recreating yourself. The 5th Internal Monad is a process of freeing yourself from your own ideas about who you should have been, who you could have been. It is about defining yourself beyond even your own terms. MEntity: And so it is more about that larger cycle happening for you than it is about a Life Plan, though a Life Plan will naturally tie into that. But to understand what is happening to you, we would suggest exploring the mapping of the 5th Internal Monad and what it is for and how to navigate it. That we do not have to elaborate on here for you to find some insight into what it is and why you are shifting in your perspective of yourself. MEntity: In terms of the Life Plan, you are also at the beginning stages of the five-year part of the plan. The term that comes to us for describing your Life Plan is LONGEVITY. This is a Life Plan that is focusing on staying here longer, being here in existence, in the best state that you can possibly participate in making. Whereas in the past, this has always been left up to what you would think of as random factors or that it is something that you simply do not think about. But now you do. And it matters to you to stay here with the ones you love and to gain more from this life than simply riding it out. Cyprus: I always reference the fact that Kerrin used to talk about her body as something that moved her head around. I guess I kinda always felt that way in a certain way, that it was just like there, but I do recently have been thinking so much more strongly about it. MEntity: You do exist beyond your head. Bobby: Questioning your mortality. Cyprus: Yeah, I think that’s part of it, too. I get the concept of wanting to be here. I used to not think about that as a thing. And now I think, I’m achy. And I have this and I have that. I love getting older, but I just don’t love that my body feels it in a different way. And I can’t do things that I did before. Like carrying something. I used to be able to lift heavy boxes. Now I’m like all weak and shit. It’s so weird. So, it has been a real focus for me. MEntity: Keep in mind that that is a state that is natural for the body to move through and toward. It is not something to overcome. It is something to adapt to and to care within the parameters that are shifting. Cyprus: I 100% agree. I really totally get that part. BFBobby: She’s not going to exert more effort than she absolutely has to. Cyprus: But those are the moments when you realize that things change that you didn’t know changed until you tried to do them and now you can’t do them anymore. BFBobby: The old you would be like, Oh yay, someone else will have to do it for me. [Laughter] Cyprus: Anyway. Thank you. BFBobby: Can I ask two questions as needing some clarification. The first one was: Michael said that the Life Plan is co-created with Essence. Does that mean for each fragment, like I’m Bobby, my Life Plan is this: Helping Others. But then if I come back or a previous life that I had, it would have been a totally different Life Plan? That’s question one. And the second question is: These seven-year cycles. Does the Life Plan, maybe if you accomplish what you wanted to accomplish, if Kerrin creates her own design company or whatever, does the Life Plan in the next cycle possibly shift to a new Life Plan? MEntity: The phrase “Life Plan” is a bit of a misnomer in the sense that it is only a temporary plan. It is not an arcing plan that is defining the lifetime. BFBobby: It doesn’t define the whole lifetime? MEntity: No. That is why they move in cycles. Because you change plans. You change interests. You change fascinations. You change motivations. Inspiration can come. Environments can change. The culture can change. Society can change. And the Life Plans will adapt to these. So, there will be other lifetimes as “not-Bobby” who also had for a period of time the Life Plan of HELPING OTHERS and that Personality would have pursued it in a way that was important to her or him. MEntity: Your Life Plan of HELPING OTHERS may also shift if you were to push too far into the realm of helping others to the extent of harming yourself. Then your Life Plan may shift into how do I help myself or, more likely, how do I find a balance between helping others and helping myself. And so, the Life Plans are constantly being recalibrated and assessed. MEntity: If there were only one arcing Life Plan it would be very difficult for Essence to ever get anything done because a Personality is fairly rogue in its choice-making process as it learns and as it remembers. And Essence can never count on a Personality to do as it was expected to do. We remember. MEntity: So, the Life Task is the broadest context that a life may have as a direction. And it can be rejected, or it can be fulfilled. But the Life Plan is more short term and tends to appeal to the Personality in a very immediate way. BFBobby: Got it. So, based on that would it make sense that your Life Plan often fits into your Life Task? MEntity: Everything fits into the Life Task. Yes. Shanequa: What do you choose before you incarnate here? Your Life Plans? Or your Task? Or? MEntity: The Life Task is chosen by Essence before you incarnate. It tends not to activate as a sense of direction until around the 4th Internal Monad, or at the earliest after the 3rd Internal Monad. However, older souls can often be aware of the Life Task even earlier. MEntity: But the Life Plans are something that is developed on the fly, so to speak, as the life progresses. Because the Life Plan must appeal to the Personality. It must be something that is generated by the Personality and then Essence gets behind that. MEntity: To make things clearer, we could say that the Life Task is what the Essence would like to experience, and Personality must get behind that if it is to be fulfilled. The Life Plan is what the Personality would like to experience, and Essence would get behind that. Shanequa: Are there Agreements that you make beforehand about your Life Task? How does that play in? These Agreements you make? MEntity: The Life Tasks are broad enough to accommodate all of the choices that may come from Personality. There are certain pivotal points where there may be a pool of Agreements that would help bring to light the Life Task for an individual. But the Life Task is so broad intentionally, so that wherever the Personality is going it has the capacity to fulfill. MEntity: That is why a Life Task is described in such broad terms, such as, TO OVERCOME INTERNAL OBSTACLES, for instance. This can be done in many different ways, and it will likely be fulfilled by some version of the Personality. But it is rather broad. And Agreements can be tied into that in advance, but more often than not they are also generated as the life progresses. MEntity: There is nothing predestined about a lifetime. Shanequa: I thought there were some things. Cyprus: Choice. That’s the whole point. Learning how to choose and choosing how to learn. Shanequa: But like you choose your parents and stuff, so that’s like, destined. Cyprus: Yeah, but you don’t choose the relationship that you have with them. Those things all evolve through time and choice. BFBobby: No outcome is predetermined. You may set up the chess board, but how you play the game has not been predetermined. Cyprus: And you never know how other people will move their pieces. MEntity: You can choose the vehicle, but you determine what time you arrive. Group Response: Ooooooo. [Laughter] BFBobby: Bringing it back! Cyprus: I like a full circle! I like a full circle. [NOTE FROM TROY: This must have been a playful reference to the very late arrival of an attendee] Cyprus: Kerrin, do you have a question? Kerrin: A general question? You know I have to bring in politics. I can’t control myself. My question is now that we have Donald Trump and we have a Republican administration, and things are getting ugly, what are the probabilities that it’ll implode? That Donald Trump will get impeached? That people in America will start to wake up to what’s going on, and how much longer? MEntity: Of course, we cannot predict, especially with so many involved in the process of what is to come. But we can see the patterns, and there are more patterns moving in the direction of an awakening, or at least a revelation, that is a point of no return. And what we mean by this is that the country, or the consciousness that is participating in the country, are at a point where they will either be set back for another 100 to 1,000 years-- Multiple Responses: Oh my god! Wow! Ugh!! MEntity: And your reaction [Laughter] is fairly accurate to the percentage that is interested in that, which is very small, relatively speaking, but very strong. Or you will accelerate in a way that finds those who are resisting progress to be included. And that is the most difficult, key element at this moment for how to move forward in a way that is a point of no return toward more Mature soul and peaceful paths: how to include those who are terrified of that. MEntity: One of the only ways to do so is to drag them, so to speak, into that paradigm because they will adapt. But that choice to “drag” them into it would have to be made in a way that stopped being concerned about the reactions or the fears or the courtesy, the retaliations, and so forth. MEntity: There are only two years left, that we can see, based on the patterns in place now that can sustain this before a major setback or a major leap occurs. We think this is tied to the greater shift in patterns coming together for 2020, where the Infinite Soul manifestations are becoming more and more likely to occur for an intervention. And so, in the next two years, if this is not tied up in some way that is beneficial to all involved even to those who resisted, then there will likely be intervention. MEntity: So, in short, we can say that in the next two years it is likely that something will change. It will not be something that must be endured much longer. Cyprus: I have a question on her question. People have been talking about the Infinite Soul returning for quite a time now. Is it just, like, hanging out, waiting for us to hit rock bottom or something? ‘Cause that’s what it sort of sounds like. MEntity: Yes, the Infinite Soul manifestations only occur if there is a necessity for vital intervention to help return the species to a viable state. Kerrin: Things aren’t shitty enough yet. Which means we still have a ways to go. MEntity: There is always an Infinite Soul manifestation waiting in the wings, so to speak. The Infinite Soul is not a single Entity. It is not a being. It is a collection of Cadres and Entities and so forth manifesting as a representative of Tao. MEntity: But we are not clear on its algorithms for accessing how “bad” it must get for the intervention. We suspect that from that perspective they have access to greater patterns than we do. And when it is seen that even if it reaches a very painful and difficult part in human history, if the patterns are indicating a recovery from that in a way that allows humanity to mature on its own, the manifestation will be avoided. BFBobby: To use words that you, Michael, said earlier would it be fair to say that the Infinite Soul probably wouldn’t come if we reach a Turning Point but rather only come if we reach a Breaking Point. MEntity: Correct. Yes, the Infinite Soul had manifestations slated for around 1986 and 1999, 2001, 2012 and so far humans have continued to find a way through on their own. And that is what the goal is as a collective consciousness. MEntity: It may be sometimes difficult to see it in tangible terms or in evidential terms at the moment, but the manifestation of the Infinite Soul means that at least from that perspective the patterns that were evolving would have led to some form of terrible demise for the species if it had continued. Cyprus: So when the Infinite Soul comes it represents love or truth or energy. So, is it already predetermined what the next one would be? MEntity: All three for the next manifestation. Cyprus: Oh, it’s triple threat. BFBobby: We’re fucking our world up big time. MEntity: It has manifested in its various facets before, but this manifestation to accommodate the population is aiming for five separate manifestations from demographics that would listen to those individuals. Cyprus: Will they have a connection to each other here? If there are five and they are obviously all connected because of the Infinite Soul connection, are the five bodies somehow connected or will connect in some way? Or would it be just five random things that happened for each one in a different area? Cary: Will their Personalities know each other? Is that what you mean? Cyprus: Well, not necessarily know each other but somehow connected? MEntity: They will all be seventh-level Old. That is one factor that will tie them together, but they will have various positions within various Entities and Cadres. They will likely not know each other. MEntity: Keep in mind that all Infinite Soul manifestations are the Personality of the individual for most of its life and most of its teaching until the actual manifestation happens, which tends to only be 30 to 90 days of the life. Until that manifestation, they are being guided and supported by the Infinite Soul manifestation process, but it is still the individual’s teaching and the individual’s choice fueled, so to speak, by the direct connection to Infinite Soul. Cyprus: So are some of these ones that were waiting around in like 2012 and ’99? MEntity: Some of them have been opted out. One example is the fragment known as Elián González, who was slated to be the next Infinite Soul at that time and has opted out. That was a prime position to be in for great influence that shifted and is no longer viable. MEntity: So those who will be manifesting the Infinite Soul are on the planet at the time and in their lives. They will probably still have their teachings, of course, in some way. But until 2020 it will not be known as to whether there will be a locking on to, an anchoring, to those individuals so the actual manifestation occurs. BFBobby: So, they are regular, everyday Personalities up until the Infinite Soul manifestation for generally 30 to 90 days? MEntity: They tend to be fairly beloved and fairly influential already in some way, and often fairly rebellious in the environments that they are in, in some way bringing to light a change that must be made. BFBobby: But they aren’t for their entire life the Infinite Soul? MEntity: Correct. For instance, one of the candidates is a part of the leadership that is protesting the pipeline in North Dakota. Kerrin: There is someone who is a tribal elder, I thought. MEntity: That is correct. Shanequa: Are they going to come out with the same philosophy in different areas? Because if they come out with different philosophies in different areas it’s going to pit us against each other. MEntity: No, what you are thinking of is religion. Religion comes long after the Infinite Soul teachings. There is the teaching of the individuals and then the manifestation of the Infinite Soul where there is a teaching, but it can NOT be in conflict with the teaching of another Infinite Soul. MEntity: In fact, all religions that are seeded by the Infinite Souls behind them have no conflict at their core. It is only what builds upon them afterward in complexities and complications that cause the conflicts. But at the core LOVE ONE ANOTHER is not in conflict with KNOW THYSELF. Do you understand? And at the core of every Infinite Soul’s teaching is a very simple truth or a very simple teaching. MEntity: Religion will change, as the Mature Soul population grows religion will change and its impact on the planet because what you are seeing is the Baby Soul version of spirituality or a teaching in the hands of Young Souls. The Young Souls learned very quickly that to maintain order and control over the Baby Souls they had to hijack their religions and this has worked for thousands of years and it is falling apart as the Mature Soul paradigm comes into existence. Cyprus: OK, so we went around but we probably don’t have a huge amount of time left. So, do we want to do our-- MEntity: This is not water. [Laughter] Cyprus: No, that is gin. Do you need water? Would you like the coconut water? MEntity: We are fine. [NOTE FROM TROY: I had been drinking a gin and tonic before the session and I usually need a drink of water during every vocal session at some point, so I always have water set up for Michael/Me to drink.] Cyprus: That was like the best part of the whole session so far! [Laughter] Cyprus: So, do we want to do our quick little personal questions? Cary: My question is a general question. The term Masculine/Feminine, M/F ratio, is very confusing to people. Is there some other term that would more accurately describe the type of energy that term is describing? MEntity: Yes, Focused and Creative. Cary: So, is that the term we should be using instead of M/F ratio? MEntity: No. It is important to differentiate and to move away from those terms at the moment because of the outdated and societal shifts that are occurring around gender at the moment. So, it is OK and important to move away from that and move toward the more neutral terms of Focused and Creative. But it is not something that needs to be discarded entirely because once the acceptance of fluidity in gender is accepted then the terms Male and Female will no longer represent polarities. They will represent a spectrum. MEntity: Because not a single person is 100% Female or Creative or 100% Focused or Male. So, our system was already built to include that fluidity. But we like to evolve our terms to match the times in the same way that we moved away from Slave as a term, which would not fly in this period of time where this term is used in a way to represent a period of history and a people in a very different way than what we had used the term originally. So, our teaching does evolve to adapt to the language of the time or it would die. So Focused and Creative is fair to use, even if you return to Male and Female later. Cyprus: Kerrin? Kerrin: How does Michael see my Essence in terms of color and imagery? MEntity: When we interact with your Essence and it shows itself in a form, it is often in geometric shapes that combine in ways that are unexpected and is often clear. We would not say that there was a color (although there is a color) but we cannot describe it. It is mostly clear or transparent, and the parts, the components, that make up your expression of Essence move about almost in mechanical ways, like clockwork that represents whatever it is that you are working on at the time. And they continue to move at all times in the same way that machinery works. And that is how we see you. BFBobby: If you are a geometric pattern that’s clear that makes you like a prism so you bounce back all colors. MEntity: That is one of the reasons why we could not describe a color because of the effects that these various geometric shapes have on the light around it. Cary: Is the movement like gears? MEntity: Clunky gears. [Laughter] They move with great fluidity but in unexpected ways, such as a conical shape moving in spiral patterns around a rectangle. Cyprus: My question is about our little group of four, Troy and Bobby and me and Johnny. We are getting group tattoos in two weeks from today, and Bobby and I both feel very driven about this process, and I love the fact that it’s art that’s created by two of the people in our group. And I wanted to know if the four of us have done this before. Because I feel like we did. MEntity: More than the four of you, of course, and all of you in this gathering have been tattooed in other lives. Cyprus: No, I know, but I meant like as a group of four. MEntity: We are looking. Yes, you have. Mostly as a part of a tribe. And not specific to the four of you, but as a part of a larger tribe. Which is partly what this represents in general. You are not choosing symbols that represent an exclusive grouping but your position within a greater grouping. And that is what is important about it for you at this time. MEntity: This will be the last question. Shanequa: Will I find that BFF that I feel that I have a longing for, that sister-friend. Or that sister-friend in a guy body? MEntity: Yes, because you are looking. But your space has to be more inviting. There are Agreements that all of you make with individuals that fall by the wayside if the environment is restricted in allowing the level of intimacy that would be desired. MEntity: So, you must shift in one of two ways. One would be to leave the environment that is restricting you, as we were discussing with you earlier. Or to simply own more of that environment on your terms before it can make room for that individual. MEntity: But yes, you have an Agreement with, we think it’s a Sage, female. We are looking for some validating factor so you will know when you cross paths. The window for the Agreement looks to be February to March of next year. The only validating factor that we can find at this moment is that she loves floral prints. She seems to be known for wearing floral prints. And we can check in with you again in further exchanges with you. It is a Sage female, in February to March. Cyprus: She’s clearly not someone sitting here now. [Laughter] Various Responses: Thank you very much. Yes, thank you! MEntity: We will conclude here. Good-bye.
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    Michael Speaks - July 23, 2017 - Advanced Body Types MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We understand the topic to be a focus on further exploration of Body Types. We will respond to the request for details of the Polarities for each element or facet of a Body Type as it manifests in Appearance, Nature, and Health. We delivered a large data packet to Troy and will begin delivering to you now: We know that Lunar has been covered, so we will continue from Saturn: SATURN APPEARANCE: -gaunt +rugged NATURE: -perfectionist +just HEALTH: -extremism +durability MERCURIAL APPEARANCE: -nervous +agile NATURE: -slippery +witty HEALTH: -short-circuiting +grounded JOVIAL APPEARANCE: -overwhelming +grandeur NATURE: -indulgent +joyful HEALTH: -asphyxiation +vitality MARTIAL APPEARANCE: -compulsive +alive NATURE: -irrational +dedicated HEALTH: -burning +perpetual VENUSIAN APPEARANCE: -sloppy +voluptuous NATURE: -evasive +sensual HEALTH: -weak +elegant SOLAR APPEARANCE: -ethereal +radiant NATURE: -clueless +innocent HEALTH: -disintegration +spirited LUNAR (Note: Lunar aspects were received earlier via a private session.) APPEARANCE: -Pallid +Luminous NATURE: -Childish +Unattached HEALTH: -Resignation +Sensitivity Some of these terms may seem out of context when describing the Polarity of an element, but we must choose terms that are broader and more symbolic than anything detailed or specific. This is because each element is not merely polarized, but molecularly polarized. In other words, each pole has its polarities, as well. For example, we chose Extremism as the Negative Pole of Health for Saturn because this captures the effects of over- or under-stimulation of the anterior pituitary. In other cases our terms are symbolic in ways that represent how a Body Type LOOKS, not only in literal appearance, but in experiential engagement. For example, the Appearance of Mercury as -Nervous or +Agile captures the range of experiential engagement in and with that Body Type. How a Body Type LOOKS is often how it is remembered. We will open the floor now to questions: QUEUE IS NOW OPEN KURTIS Kurtis: Hi Ms. You've stated that Body Types each have a Primary Shame. That makes me wonder if there are other contexts involved with Body Types too. Like, is there a Primary Play for each? Primary Rest? etc.. Kurtis: Perhaps these categories might be Organized in 7s or 9s or 12s. Is that true? MEntity: In addition to a Primary Shame, each Body Type has a Primary Joy or Primary Delight. This Primary Joy tends to be dynamically tied to the Shame so that if the Joy is blocked or not pursued, the Shame takes over and eventually eclipses all efforts toward Primary Joy. The Body will tend to lock into the Shame as a way to earn or seek Joy, but Shame will always mute Joy. PRIMARY JOY OF BODY TYPES LUNAR - USEFULNESS JOVIAL - SPECIALIZATION MARTIAL - SEX SOLAR - WANDERLUST MERCURIAL - DEBATE SATURN - IMPLEMENTATION VENUS - AFFECTION NEXT, Uma Uma: My Primary Body Type is Lunar, Secondary Venusian, Tertiary Mercurial. How does that affect my perceptions/Overleaves? What affects what? Does Primary=appearance, Secondary=nature, Tertiary=Health in that order? Uma: How does body type affect perceptions MEntity: Body Types are primarily managed through the Moving Center and Higher Moving Center. On a very basic level of existence as Sentience in a Body, it could be said that the Body Type manages CRAVING and DESIRES. Cravings and Desires are not direct effects upon perception, but they do give great range of inner dynamics that reveal your range of perception. Cravings tend to be programmed while Desires are consciously chosen and defined. So while these do not shape your perception, your responses or reactions, your fulfillment or rejection, your moderation or indulgence, your shaming or encouragement for Cravings and Desires, and how you balance these or pit them against each other, all feed into the Overleaves as fuel for your choices. Uma: so if usefulness is the primary joy of the lunar body, my desire to be useful is like a self-fulfilling circuit of joy MEntity: It could be said that Cravings and Desires are a passive buffet and how you navigate and digest this the active element in terms of how the Overleaves are used and how one evolves Perception. Primary TENDS to be related to Appearance, but not always. In your case, Lunar happens to be Primary/Appearance. In response to your comment: yes, once the circuit is made it can be sustained, in terms of both shame and joy. Uma: thank you MEntity: NEXT, VIP VIP: Hi Michael, I'd like to copy a short excerpt from a previous exchange and then ask more about it. VIP: Is there a preference for my Essence to choose the Lunar body type as Nature as a result? Since as I remember, that body type tends to have similar cycles of gravitational-like push and pull as part of its growth MEntity: There is resonance, but not preference. The Body Types are cycled through in ways that "force" many combinations and arcs, but if there is resonance to a Body Type when it is not a part of a sequence, it can be added if Solar is included. MEntity: Resonance comes because there can be some Body Type combinations or parts that are more inclined toward Manifesting Essence, and these are unique to each individual, while other combinations or parts can bring more challenge. This is not the same thing as preference and the choice for Body Types is not affected by the resonance unless there is a specific Life Plan where Essence expects that being Manifest is key to an experience. VIP: Is there more you can add about the types of sequences, combinations and arcs that result from cycling through body types, and how/why a given body type is chosen for a sequence? VIP: Also, can you give examples of the types of combinations and arcs that result from choosing various body types? VIP: (The context was that of which you said you see my Essence as being Moon-like in its reflections and cycles of gravitation, leading to the question regarding possible preference of Lunar body type.) MEntity: The cycles we describe are locked in a sequence from your very first birth and is based on the Primary Body Type. Secondary and Tertiary Body Types allow for the necessary variation across lives, but the Primary progresses sequentially across your lifetimes. There is no set pace for this, but it is based upon the evolution of Essence while IN that Body Type. For example, if your first birth was in a Lunar Body Type, then it would progress toward Venus. This is helped along by Venus being in the mix. Eventually the Lunar would be replaced by Venusian. As a very simple example, lifetime number one would be Lunar, then lifetime number two would be Venusian, then Mercury, Saturn, Martial, Jovial, with Solar mixed in or as a Primary at any point in this Sequence. So if you have a Lunar Body Type, it means you are evolving toward Venus. Depending upon where one is in that percentage of the Body Type describes how much one is "looking" at the next Body Type. Body Types are the "soul ages" of the Body, so to speak. This adds a dimension of challenge to a lifetime, so that an Old Soul in an "Infant" Body Type (Lunar) will have a dynamic dance between the immaturity and infantile needs of the body vs the profound wisdom and wants of the soul. An Old Soul in a Lunar Body is at once in awe of life and great contempt of it. Uma: that does more to explain me to me than years of analysis! ha! MEntity: This cycling through the Body Types is directly tied to ones evolution within a lifetime so that if one "gets a lot" out of a life, then the Body Type shifts more than one where the life was spent in disgust and rejection of the body. However, as the soul ages, this pace is more controlled and precise so that patterns can be created relative to interests of the soul and considerations of social status, mate agreements, body type attraction, etc. Every level of preparing a life gains in precision as the soul grows older, but details and precision can still never usurp the choices of Personality. As your soul gains experiences, it will tend to gain resonance with a Body Type, especially during a particular Soul Age cycle. For example, the Old Soul Age will tend to resonate with the Jovial, Saturn, and Venusian Body Types (particularly the Jovial), and find the Lunar, Mercury, and Mars Body Types more challenging. VIP: Does that apply to the Primary or highest-percentage body type only? MEntity: This is not true across all Essences, but it is valid. The reason it is not true across all Essences is because some Essences will find a meaningful pattern in a particular Body Type regardless of Soul Age. Primary, which tends to be the highest percentage. VIP: Thank you Michael! MEntity: FINAL QUESTION, Janet. Janet: So when your primary body type is not appearance, does that indicate something about the current state of the sequence you're progressing through? For instance, I have equal amounts of lunar (appearance) and venus (nature) and you indicated that venus/nature is my primary body type. (I have mercurial/health and solar across all if that has any impact on the response.) MEntity: Primary Body Type TENDS to be Appearance, but Appearance does not have to be Primary. What is more consistent is the higher percentage as Primary, regardless of its corresponding element. However, there will be anomalies that would have to explored on an individual basis. Janet: Ok. Thank you Michael! MEntity: We know you know there is more that can be said on this topic, and it will be said. For today, we must conclude here. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now. ***** End of Session Note from Janet: The day after this Michael Speaks session I repeated my question to Michael about whether it means something that your primary body type is not appearance, and I expected to get a response that was oriented specifically to me. However, Michael responded with some additional general information that I think should be placed within this session for future reference. MEntity: In most lifetimes the default/Primary progression is anchored in the element of Appearance because it is like the foundation upon which Nature and Health spring. However, there are some lifetimes where the Primary is assigned Nature or Health, because of the emphasis intended for that lifetime to build upon or around that as a foundation. When Nature is Primary, it tends to mean that the lifetime will likely go through a transformation process at some point that relies heavily upon the element of Nature. Of course, when Health is Primary, it tends to mean that the lifetime will likely go through a transformation process at some point that relies heavily upon the element of Health. The differentiation is fairly moot as each Body Type in the mix has all three elements of Appearance, Nature, and Health, so that even when one has Primary as Appearance, if Health begins to dominate the life, then Primary shifts in emphasis to Health. When the Body Type is set with Nature or Health as the starting default, however, it tends to mean that the entire life is navigated by the Instincts related to Nature or Health. -- end of addition Note from Janet: I hope the following chart may be useful. Some information came from Michael Speaks: 12 Body Types
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    SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! I can only comment on what comes to mind in this moment. Lately I have been facing the fact that I grew up in an emotionaly traumatizing environment. This has bled into every area of my life. Manifesting in this internal and external push and tug of " desperation for affection" but trusting absolutely nobody with it. The hardest part is knowing that this is not just a blind spot but that it is true that others are judging you, comparing you, putting you on trial. This is especially true if your own personal truths do not reflect the truths of the majority : veganism, no desperate need to accomplish anything etc. So one of the most empowering sessions I have had was one about my relationship with my mother. My first relationship on this planet as a royce. My relationship to her, my source of nurturing, is sort of a mirror of more of the painful relationships in my life. Caring deeply for someone who only espresses to me that i am bad, selfish, a failure, etc etc. Although I do not put much weight on her truths any longer, the challenge is still in learning how to navigate a relationship where you will not be seen as " good" but at the same time protect yourself from it. How to navigate opening myself up to others while still making room for how rare it is for it to be mutual affection, mutual communication, mutual intimacy . my own mothering of self, my own permission to let myself be good becoming more and more the primary focus of relationships. This one quote " YOU and your mother will be fine, this is not a prediction...it is the truth" was a definitive seed in me allowing myself to own the role of being the mother I always needed.
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    I've been trying to address my wounding, and its transfer to my cancer. I recently had a session with Michael where I just spilled my guts about everything stemming all the way back as far as I could remember, relating to their observation that my wounding revolves around gender roles, and my grief and bitterness about them and how they have been imposed on me. (Very long sentence, I'm sorry) :) i basically let it rip. All the issues with men and their bulldozing and superiority and oppression of women, dating back to severe physical and emotional abuse growing up. And all my issues with women and "weakness", self victimization, and my mothers lack of appreciation for life and overall sense of not wanting to be here, despite her children needing her. michael tried to add some levety to the situation and said this: " For now, focus on understanding these things: ALL MEN DO NOT SUCK SOME MEN DO SUCK LIFE DOES NOT SUCK SOMETIMES LIFE DOES SUCK YOUR LIFE WAS NOT ALL WOUNDING YOUR LIFE SUFFERED SOME WOUNDING YOUR LIFE IS FULL OF BEAUTIFUL YOUR LIFE HAS SOME UGLINESS YOUR PASSION IS NOT YOUR UNDOING YOUR PASSION IS IN YOUR CONTROL YOUR PASSION IS IN YOUR CONTROL YOUR PASSION IS IN YOUR CONTROL YOUR RESILIENCE IS A STRENGTH THERE IS CHOICE IN RESILIENCE YOUR PARENTS WERE HUMAN BEFORE THEY WERE PARENTS THEY WERE ASSHOLES, TOO YOUR FAMILY IS YOURS YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOURS YOU CAN LOVE AND HATE THEM, ALL YOUR ILLNESS WAS NOT CAUSED YOUR ILLNESS HAPPENED YOUR ILLNESS IS YOURS AND SO IS YOUR LIFE AND SO ARE YOU We suggest that you play with all of the above in your days ahead and bring some levity to your challenges, wounding, and healing. Reducing the intensity and pressure to save yourself from yourself by laughing with yourself can do wonders for your healing. We know this does not get to the deepest core of your deepest wounding, but you need not be concerned with this for now. Free yourself from this because it is not an escape hatch. Live as if you have already healed, and do the work of living that truth as kindly and gently as you can. We are here with you. You are not alone."
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    Michael really gave me a sense of peace after one of the most audacious things I have done so far in this life: expressing feelings of Essence Recognition to someone I did not know all too well. I decided to tell my French professor on the last day of class that I felt like I had known her for a long time. The uncomfortably long moment of silence following this statement and the bewildered look on her face made me instantly think that I had made a mistake. I agonized over this for quite some time. I decided to ask Michael about this, and they helped me gain a new perspective on the situation: [MEntity]: You cannot ruin a relationship with honesty, kindness, and expression of affection. If those qualities "ruin" a relationship, there was either no relationship in the first place or would likely be no potential for relationship. [MEntity]: It is not that the expression of affection is "wrong" in any way, but affection must be in the language of the recipient. [MEntity]: Yes. You took a risk and you are learning from it. That is a healthy perspective. It need not conclude with the idea that you "ruined" anything, because even if "she" did not hear your affection, her Essence did, and she will hear it eventually. And she will grow from that. Michael helped me grasp how important it is to take responsibility for what is shared and to not rush Personality relationships, no matter how strong the Essence ties are. What I most value, though, is the sense of comfort that Michael imparted to me. Knowing that at some level my message got through made all the difference to me. I could rest assured that nothing in this universe is ever really lost.
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    Hello all you beautiful souls :-) My name is Amira Sa'Di, and I just joined last night. I came across the Michael Teachings a few years ago, but I was too distracted by the ridiculous mess happening in my life. Well, the student is no longer completely consumed by her subjective reality, so the teacher (once again) appeared in her objective one. I've been doing a lot of energy work lately, and frankly, I'm tired of being crazy. I decided to take a break from the regression therapy for awhile and focus on what's RIGHT with me and my point of view instead. Thus, I've resumed my study of the Michael Teachings because I am interested in being on purpose and happy at the same time! (I'm absolutely convinced that it can be done without a lifetime of life-hacking ;-) Also, I figure it would be a good idea to do something worthwhile with this 33-life path for the benefit of the rest of the world, so here I am!?
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    One of my most personal sessions with Michael was about dealing with and overcoming body image issues. The whole session was phenomenal, but this quote brings tears to my eyes every time I read it: "And that truth is that, regardless of social norms, expectations, and temporary fads, THIS BODY is your idea of what is beautiful, no matter how much you lie about it." And a second one, equally powerful: "Your body looks the way it does because the ones who love you LOVE THAT VERSION OF YOU." Both of these statements opened my eyes to seeing myself in ways I'd never considered before, and I have not been the same since. I can't even put into words the transformation that came about because of this.
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    In a session on my son Luke (9 years old), I asked if there was anything that Luke's Essence needed me to know. Michael said: "As for communication from his Essence, we can see lines inviting patience, persistence, and playfulness, . . . " I use these 3 P's all the time in day-to-day mothering. Those three words have been more practically helpful than any child rearing book I could read. They are easy to remember and I recite them to myself when I need help. I also realized that each correlates to a Center, so I try to pull from whatever Centering I need depending on the situation. Patience-- emotional center Persistence-- moving center Playfulness-- intellectual center
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    Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. We have been asked to speak on the concept of "making peace with your life." First, we might offer a translation of this to be said as "how to like your life." Many of our students have great capacity for loving life, and loving their own life, but fall short in their capacity to actually LIKE their lives. They can be in awe of life and experience the wonder and joy of it, and then go back to work and find it quite unlikable. When one does not like something about life, one can do one of three things: A - ignore it. B - learn to like it. C - learn to love it. To ignore what you do not like is to carry the weight of it. It can even amplify the weight of it because you will forget that you are carrying it, yet it will remain and it will tend to make other challenges in your life seem even more problematic because you will tend to think that the pressures come from those sources instead of from what you are ignoring. Ignoring can be a short-term solution, but does not work for the long-term. To learn to like something means to be willing to understand it. It means enduring the challenges of blows and distractions of what you do not like, but remaining present and making an effort to understand. This is something similar to an "acquired taste." In simplistic terms, an acquired taste can come after the initial rejection and distrust and dislike once one has actually opened to the experience. To understand something that you do not like means to look beyond that which you do not like. For example, you may not like going to work every day, but you do like the stability, security, freedom, and material well-being that it may give you. You may not like visiting your elderly parents or grandparents, but you know how much joy it brings them. You do not like cooking and/or considering inconvenient dietary changes, but you know how much it can improve your health. This effort to like that which you do not like is not appropriate for all things. When you do not like something because of inconvenience, lack of understanding, or challenge to your expectations, then it is worth considering the effort to learn to like it. When you do not like someone or something that is legitimately harming you or harming others or seeking to do such harm, it is unnecessary to learn to like this. This is true in terms of the self, as well, e.g. you do not have to learn to like your addiction. That is how you differentiate between what may simply require more conscious effort and what does not. Because in either case you are bringing understanding. For those things in life that you do not like and have determined unnecessary to like, then you can move on to learning to love it. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is not. Loving someone or something that harms you does not mean you like the harm, but that you acknowledge the greater existence from which that source of harm arises. For example, you may not like your addiction, and you do not have to like that addiction, but you can bring love to the dynamic because it will help you tremendously to love yourself. Love can hold the contradiction without confusion. You may love your abuser and not like the abuse. You may love the world and not like its wars. When you can bring love to the greater existence of a thing or person, it helps you to honor the validity of your dislike while honoring the greater truth of your understanding. Love helps you to bypass the necessity for rationality as your basis for understanding and turns to perception as your basis. Perception does not rely on rationality or logic, but is something deep within you that is ancient and already knows the truth. It does not need to be explained or delineated. It just is. You just Love. This is why you can love your life and still not like it. This is why you can love people and still find you dislike them. This is why you can love yourself, and still struggle every day to like yourself. The ancient part of you already knows how to love and knows the truth of your existence and knows that it is okay not to like that which is harmful. Learning to love what you do not like can also come when you have little or no control over what you do not like. This is why we see so many students call out for love when faced with catastrophic and disturbing world events. Even if they do not understand why they are calling out, it is because that is the only thing they may have control over in that moment: to Love. For many it is not a complacent distraction, but a very real acceptance of the truth that one cannot immediately control world events, and that a reminder to Love is that expression of understanding that which they do not and cannot like. Bringing Peace to your life, or liking your life, tends to be a practice that is up against that which you cannot change and that is why there are only those three options: Ignore it, Learn to Like It, or Learn to Love It. Beyond that is the option to CHANGE IT. But if you can change it, you need not be concerned with making peace or liking your life because when you CAN change what you do not like AND you make the effort to change what you do not like, you are already acting from a state of wholeness that is a statement of peace, like, and love for yourself and life. ***WORKSHOP*** First we will pose to each of you the question: do you recognize this dance within yourself and your own life in terms of how you have been navigating likes, dislikes, and loving? Bobby: Yes. It seems "weird" to love something but not like it but I understand that better now. ClaireC: Yes, past and present. PeterK: Yes, I recognize this dance within myself. What especially resonates is differentiating what I can change from what I cannot as well as dealing with my addictions. DianeHB: Yes Maureen: I recognize this and I'm OK with it. It's just the way life works. Maybe being a Realist helps to see it that way. MichaelE: Yes. I started by first loving, then moved to liking, and recently started understanding change. When you are doing the work of sustaining peace in your life, it can often be undermined by your lack of understanding. So our next question is: Do you sense a relief, and kind of permission to peace, when you look at your life and see that you have been doing the work of loving and liking all along? DianeHB: I think so ClaireC: It seems to be a series of waves that come, I try to understand and then accept what is, being mindful of not resigning but accepting. PeterK: I don't feel like I've been doing a very good job of loving and liking. There are times, however, when I've reached a sense of peace about where my life is right now and to be open to enjoying what I actually have instead of what I think I wanted. Bobby: Same, I think I have Maureen: Yes, I do. Maureen: (sounds like wedding vows) MichaelE: Yes, though the process is not always easy. It is true. It is not easy. NEXT QUESTION: After understanding how to differentiate between what is valid to try to like vs what is unnecessary to like, is there anything in your life that you think you should like, but cannot? DianeHB: Cleaning and doing chores. LOL MichaelE: I can agree with that one. Maureen: Trump ClaireC: Exercise PeterK: What I have been discovering over the last six years is that almost everything in my life that I don't like has some room for me to change and improve. The problem is with me: I have to put in the effort if I want to make changes. Bobby: I would have to say issues around Acceptance or the lack thereof. We will begin our responses to each of these: Cleaning, doing chores, and exercise are practices in loving mundanity. You cannot change the sheer force of mundanity. Mundanity is rooted in routines. If it were not, then mundanity would be very difficult to sustain shared realities of any nature. There has to be a wide base of familiar patterns and ones that can be most easily processed by the common brain. You may never like Mundanity, but you can learn to love it. However, there are countless parts of Mundanity that you can learn to like. You probably do not even realize that you like that the ground does not disappear beneath your feet when you walk outside, or that a chair does not disappear as you sit down, or that you can go back home to the same address as it was when you left. Whether you realize it, or not, you like this and you learned to like it. The same is true of the routines that benefit you in other ways in your life, but that are not upheld by forces beyond you. We are designed in ways that allow us to co-participate in the beautiful forces of Mundanity. We may not have to actively consider how to keep our home address from changing while we are out, or maneuver our bodies in ways that are just right so that a chair does not disappear, but while we are incarnating within this Mundanity, we get to be the force that keeps our bodies as healthy as they can be and we get to be the force that dances with entropy so that it reflects our psychic hygiene. We speak in terms that include ourselves because we remember. So when you learn to like the routines that benefit you, it is an act of alignment with a force that is far more creative than it may appear to be. However, when you learn to like a routine, it does not have to be on terms that are already set by others. DianeHB: That helps to think of it that way. They learned to like routines in ways that they could like them. You may have other ways. For example, rather than the dread of house cleaning after building up, it can be made into a game that is part of every other day, even a playfully competitive game if done with others involved. It can be a task that you set up with rewards that honor your efforts. Or it can simply be made more fun by adding music or dance and a recognition that it is a practice in self-care. Exercise does not have to be routine in terms of place and time and practice, but a decision to simply get out and do more and to do it more often, such as a walk three times a week, or a private dance party twice a week. Or change your mindset from dread to one of meditation and/or treat it as a gift of kindness that you may not understand, but that your body deeply loves. Our point being that even amid the Mundanity and routine, there is creation. There is creativity. They are not mutually exclusive states. As for the fragment known as "Trump," there is nothing to like if you are not within close proximity and significance to this fragment, and even then there are challenges. But this does not matter to Love. It is okay to love this fragment without ever liking him or liking what he does. Keep in mind that to Love this fragment may never include loving or liking the man. There are those who have opted into the positions to Love this man without condition. Everyone has these fragments in life or we could not exist or incarnate for long. So you can give yourself permission to Love this fragment because the truth of his existence as Essence is already known and understood and it will not do you any favors to deny that truth. But you can also give yourself permission to never like this man. In the same way that a screwdriver to the eye is fairly universally unlikable, so are some individuals. Maureen: LOL! As for recognizing the reflection of oneself in what one does not like, this is invaluable. It is Good Work. It is a deeper process of differentiation that helps one to see what is unlikable, what is likable, and what one can actually change. As for the process of acceptance, whether accepting or being accepted, this brings with it an obstacle course like no other. There will be many valid things to dislike and many valid things to learn to like, but you can help the process by learning to like that you are doing it at all. Because when you learn to like AND learn to love at the same time, you are in Agape. You do not have to like everything, and you do not have to love everything, but you can love and like that you are taking on this challenge in life at all. This simple differentiation can help you to keep your wits, your strength, your heart, and your sanity because you know the truth on all levels that this is evolution. This is truer than any other challenge in life: the messy practice in accepting others and the self. Love that you are trying. Like that you are trying. That is where the peace is. Each of you can change every day toward peace when you understand how much you are already doing, and gently remember that it is worth it. It matters. You knew that from your first breath. We will conclude here for today. And for the record, we like you. We love you. And it is easy.
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    Hello Everyone! I have been here for a couple of months now, my never-ending search and curiosity led me here. I found the Seth's teaching years ago which resonated me and opened up new possibilites but I couldn't make sense out of it, only fueled my rather dreamy/intangible existence of mine. After that it leaved me restless as I wanted to understand it but couldn't integrate it in my life, so it felt like a bless when I found the Michael teachings which cleared a lot of things in me, firstly the old materials then TLE and what I saw/read here simply amazed me: the clarity of Troy's channeling which I couldn't found anywhere else, the beatiful people who contributed so much over the years. This Community/Learning center from my perspective is simply as good as it gets but of course always evolving. For that I wanted to express my gratitude towards you for making it possile because right now that's the only thing that I can offer to you as I have so much difficutly going on in my life and I'm sorry that in the near future I won't contribute a lot, but I am working on it so one day it will possible. I couldn't stop until I read almost everything here but it will not be a one night study, more like a lifetime. Last month I got my profile which helped me so much but I am still validating and trying see how it is manifesting in my life. Thank you once again - Martin
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    Oh, gosh, I feel like just about every conversation w/ Michael profoundly impacts me, but the following words and insights stand out due to where I was in my 4th Internal Monad at the time and all the inner connections I was making with essence and all the validation. We covered a great deal of this in the previous section, but we will say that the overall arcing theme that your Essence has contributed across this Grand Cycle so far could be described in the very simple terms of “How To Love Yourself.” ... In every Level of every one of your Soul Ages, at least one Personality has reached true Agape for the self and for the life, to the extent that the particular Soul Age could conceive. This lifetime is one of those lifetimes for the current Level. Of course I cried when I read this. I cried because it had been a long and painful journey up to that point to learn to love myself and to TRUST that I knew what that even meant-that I knew what love was. And from a very early age, I felt I understood at least one thing in this life, and that was LOVE. At the time I was in the 4th stage (-otiose/+purpose) of my 4th Internal Monad, and I was in BLISS much of the time because I had come to love and accept myself in greater contexts of awareness and presence. However, I wondered if I had already touched Agape in this lifetime. I wasn't sure while reading their words. But now, 7 years later (and completed the 4IM in March of 2014), there is no doubt. I can't even describe all the ways their words and the validation I found due to their words has impacted my life. But to put it simply, it has helped me to create, experience and trust the TRUE SANCTUARY (active peace) that is my life-task. Obviously, I'm not in agape all the time. But it is a background tone or hum throughout my days...and whenever I move too far away from the truth that I am loved unconditionally, and I begin to lose my peace and presence, I return to the truth of agape and bring it to the foreground of my awareness. It always brings me home and sets me free.
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    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...
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    Whether it’s Michael, some other teaching, or a tool like tarot, or even another person, the best responses are those that show me some blind spots, something I was not seeing about myself. That can be uncomfortable, but potentially bringing profound relief of understanding. I had one such powerful session with Michael lately. Afterwards I was in this state of “wow” for days, not even per say just *thinking* about it (although that too), but just letting it sink in, letting it sit with me. It was about health issues arising from yeast and fungal infections. I wanted to know what this reflects from my inner state (I came to understanding that pretty much all ailments reflect something internal and bring a message). I have tried to ask Michael about this couple of times before, but never in a dedicated hour long session, so the previous responses were a little cryptic and I did not get much out of them. But this time, wow. The first thing they said was "First, this is an immune system issue and by extension a direct reflection of your self-esteem.” This seemed odd, as I feel pretty confident these days, so I have questioned it. This was followed with: “Self-esteem issues can be quite insidious and elusive, especially if one has evolved and developed coping skills that help to build confidence. You have evolved and developed coping skills and have built upon these, but keep in mind that overconfidence is not the same thing as confidence. Overconfidence can drive one to Savior Complexes that pit them against themselves by seeing others as needing them more than they need others, or need themselves. Confidence values one's needs as well as those of others and allows or asks for the help of others.” Then there was this (talking about how I have been seeing things): “Others are needier, stupider, slower, more wounded, weaker, and you are self-sufficient, smart, paced, healing, and stronger. How could you possibly burden others with your needs and wants when you are the source of the strength around you. And you are right because you do have those around who have legitimately greater needs, and you do gravitate toward relationships with those who have greater needs, and all of this supports your notion that you are the more confident, whole, and strong one.” That made my jaw drop. They have totally hit the nail on the head. I was saving and rescuing people to hide from my own needs and vulnerability and interdependence. There was also this from them: “You have been under the pressure of constant responsibility and there has been little relief, so even as you process your healing of Intimacy, you are carrying the weight of multiple lives around you.” As it’s often the case, at least in my experience, I was not just hearing this message from Michael, in isolation. I have a variety of other teachers, mostly just humans who have reached some level of understanding in some area and are now working as therapists, healers, etc. And around the same time as I had this session, I was listening to a YouTube video from this guy who works, for a lack of a better word, as a sort of coach for people with terminal illnesses. And he also talked about candida and immune system, and about how this reflects the inner world of the afflicted person. He draw a parallel between a healthy immune system and self-love and healthy boundaries. And how a healthy immune system, when some kind of parasite appears in the body, deals with it in such a way that that parasite might never even try to appear there in the future. Things just started clicking big time. I realised that not only was my arrogance making me lonely in times when *I* needed help, but also I was damaging myself physically. This is not through some magical means, mind you, this is simply from exhaustion, frustration, overuse of stimulants like caffeine, and lack of sleep, lack of self-care. This YouTube coach also had guests on the programme, his former clients who recovered from things like cancer. One of these was a woman, who just days before her (potentially life threatening) surgery, was doing all of her husbands outstanding invoices, so that he would have easier time finding a replacement for her (she was his accountant too, and I mean in accountant sense). Lol. She said that part of her healing was that she had to kill all of this “niceness” in her eventually. I never really seen I was one of “those” people (and they strangely irritated me :)), but Michael (and other sources) have opened my eyes to it. I have been already moving away from this pattern for some time in terms of not rescuing so much, but now I am taking it a step further and purposefully making myself rely on people and ask for and accept their help. I also pay more immediate attention to the needs of my body before life and someone else’s needs cause any significant overtaxation.
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    They are all my favorites, so its hard to narrow it down. One time i asked how i was doing in this life from essence perspective, and one quote from their answer was the following. The greatest joy that has come from this life is when you are uncertain that you can continue, yet you do. The joy is not drawn from that moment of choice to continue, but from what is usually found and created as moments beyond that. The choice to be alive, and not just live, matters greatly to both the well-being of your Personality, your loved ones, and your Essence
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    During the session on Our Crystalline Bodies, when Michael asked for our assessment, I assessed myself and Michael said: UMA: your assessment is valid, but we will describe it as FAIRNESS. It has Crystallized into issues that show in terms of entitlement, earning, deserving, etc, but it is all about Fairness. Unfairness is a part of life, like rain. It is not out to get you or harm you, but it does happen and it does hurt. Just like rain can wash away a town. Unfairness happens. It is the underpinning of Karma and Justice.... To shatter this Negative Crystallization you will have to embrace UNFAIRNESS as something that is not directed at you, but is a natural invitation to creativity, to strength, to truth, to networking and nurturing, and using your known resources rather than ignoring them and waiting for better ones. This struck me deeply and made me really think about what known resources I was ignoring, and has stimulated a revisiting of my Reiki practice, but more importantly, inviting Essence to participate with me in all my decisions and choices. Applying the Teachings rather than just contemplating their universal Truth.
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    Live as if you have already healed is the best advice, ever. This is how you heal using your imagination. When I'm doing energy work (of any kind) I hold this thought in my mind. We are so much more than our illnesses and our woundings. We are all healthy, innocent human beings underneath the weight of the physical plane scathing that we endure. The healing, or greater wholeness, comes when you can reconcile these polarities within yourself and choose to let go of what no longer serves you. I'm so proud of how well - how lovingly and consciously - you are fighting for your right(s) to be, @Astra Bianca. You go girl!! So much love is coming your way. If you reach out you can touch it. ?
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    Michael has given me SO much insight insight over the years, it has been hard to pick. Even the stuff I do not have a transcript of has still stuck, somewhere in my subconscious, bubbling up in a whisper when I need it. But Michael has helped me TREMENDOUSLY these past few years, as I have sought their help in moving myself forward after a bit of a "spin." My life changed dramatically a few years ago, after I lost my job (that I hated), found myself aged out of my field (that was boring to me, but paid really well)- and had to start all over again in a new arena, from scratch. I have learned a LOT about Essence through this process, and learned to trust him AND Personality. I couldn't find a tidy quote (I guess I require more than a sentence to get a point across- LOL)- but this particular clip from a Sept 2015 ESession was a game-changer: MEntity> Guilt and Frustration are your old motivation tools. They are no longer valuable. They do not work for those who are awake. There was fuel in your guilt, and fuel in your frustrations while asleep. They gave you the stimulation that you rejected from more pleasurable sources. All bodies and Personalities seek pleasure, but will settle for stimulation. Your new fuel is pleasure. This does not mean you will not meet with frustration, and you will still come across guilt, but they cannot work as fuel any longer. They can only work as information. When you feel frustrated, it is informing you to try something different. If you come across guilt, it is either informing you that you are not doing what you need or want to do, or it is informing you that you are comparing yourself in ways that are hurtful. not helpful. Guilt and frustration are useless, but can be informative. This is one of the key factors for your moving forward. MAKING THE USELESS USEFUL. In addition to your transforming your use of the useless into something useful, you must consider your efforts to be matter. They are cumulative in effect. <kerrin> not sure what you mean by that <MEntity> We are reminded of the man who walked the shoreline to help toss stranded starfish back into the sea. There were thousands stranded. Too many to save. And a man walking by asks, "why are you doing this? You cannot save them all. You can't make a difference." And the man tossed the next starfish back into the sea, saying, "it makes a difference to this one." And so it is with every moment of your effort. It is a moment that adds to other moments. You are not out to save your entire life. You are not out to recoup the past. You are not out to save your entire future. You are giving life to the moment. To this moment. And the next. And the next. And every moment matters. Every moment is a starfish. <kerrin> but I do need to successfully "create" a future, assuming I will be here a good while longer <MEntity> Of course, but we can assure you that your future is better served by your useful moments than your condemning them as useless. <kerrin> understood <MEntity> You are making the useless, useful. You are aiming for participation, not perfection. Your fuel is pleasure, not stimulation. You are alive because you choose to be, not because you have to be. If you are worried about money, your income, your security, then these are valid concerns. We do not in any way imply that those challenges will go away by having blissful new age ideals. Quite the contrary. You know there is work to do, and that there are challenges and uncertainties ahead, but your past, present, and future are BETTER SERVED by how you use, feel, and think about every moment than by any condemnation, guilt, or frustration. You are having this session that is themed in Essence, and it is best understood that your Essence is manifested not AS things, but THROUGH things. In other words, you are getting back to what matters.That which comes through the self, through others, through experiences, through life, through the past, through the future, through your work, your play, etc. The solidity of form and function are well-known to you. Now, you explore the fuel, the force, the soul. The WHY is more important than the WHEN. The HOW is more important than the WHAT. If you seek to Manifest Essence, to understand your arc of themes, then you must consider that your turning point is bring you "home." You are coming home to you. You must get to know you a bit more before feeling terribly comfortable, but we think you are discovering that you are vastly more dynamic, deep, affectionate, and capable than what was in effect while you simply found your form by bumping up against that which was already formed. You may find that old patterns die hard, so you still may try to simply regenerate the forces against which to bump up against so that you can feel stimulation and form, but it will be quite unsatisfying to continue. Your form is coming from within now, not from without. <kerrin> and in turn, will I be able to help others "come home"? <kerrin> this just popped into my head <MEntity> Kerrin, that is valid. The Old King does nothing without considering how it can lead others toward their own empowerment. I get stuck a lot. And when I find myself frustrated, I stop and ask myself if I need to do something differently- AND- does it make me happy? And I have lightened up on myself a LOT, esp when I feel like I haven't accomplished much yet (ESP when I compare this lifetime to more accomplished past lives). Molting is a lengthy process- esp when one has built up really thick skin ;-)
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    For me, one of the biggest moments I had with Michael is when they said this about peace, fighting, and compassion: "MEntity: Many fights are fueled deeply by Compassion. MEntity: When Compassion and healthy Anger are the fuels for a fight, you are fully aware of the boundaries where you will know when the greatest potential for peace is at hand. You do not continue to fight beyond that option of potential. MEntity: When you fight out of hostility and panic and fear, you may simply be stripping yourself or others of their power, but when you must fight for and with Compassion, you are establishing the grounds for peace. MEntity: Peace is often messy. It is unnecessarily messy, but so is life. MEntity: You can help to anchor peace and sustain peace of mind however you wish to do so, but if you feel that your fight is fueled by compassion, it is not counter to your efforts for peace." I was under the impression that fighting and compassion do not go well with each other. They are the opposite ways of solving internal and external conflicts. But apparently I was not connecting the dots. After this session, I see the troubles going on in this world in a much more clear way. And I feel I am empowered in that I know the solutions to all of this is to fight with compassion, and to fight for the greatest potential for peace. Too many people are simply interested in stripping others of their power, and that's probably one of the main reasons why there are so many chaos and despair today. I almost always have tears in my eyes when I read this. It seems like a grand theme, but it's very personal to me. It's a reminder of my responsibility as a citizen of humanity.
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    @Amira Sa'Di Well, the community isn't wrong, but backlog is only the outer symptom and consequence. (by the way, backlog is getting *this* close to being completely cleared up!) The real reason for any delay is that I have a ridiculously high standard for channeling and what I consider acceptable channeling. If I have a headache, I will rarely channel. If I feel worse than that, I won't channel at all. For many jobs, we can feel like shit and push through the day, but for channels, it just can't work like that. I prefer to deliver a delayed session that has a higher potential of accuracy and meaning over a rushed session that would foster unconscious guesswork and depend heavily on my own intuition. I know a lot of channels do rely on good guesswork and intuition, and I know there must be some channels who can sustain accuracy and meaning even if feeling crappy, but I have to work with how I work. Beyond health, the delays are just from procrastination and a really poor skill at time management. Living half of my life in a trance takes its toll on my sense of time and memory. I think I've improved tremendously over the years, but I don't know if I will ever be able to overcome these deficits. Luckily, I have a great community who works hard to understand and endure my shortcomings. I am eternally grateful for that and I do always come through!
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    [EDIT: additional clarification added on August 18] I'd like to clarify (and I am adding this to the original post, too) that I don't mean to condone hate or the use of hate or living perpetually in hate as a motivation. My original intent was to point out that hate is something that is natural and nothing to fear and what we do with it is what matters. We don't have to be scared of hate that rises in us in reaction to awful things. Hate is just information. It points out what we find repulsive and disgusting. Most people think of the hate that is expressed from people who live in hate just because someone is different and they don't understand or like it. That's what we think of when we think of hate. That's an ugly and terrifying kind of hate because it goes unquestioned and unchecked. But when we are subject to the horrors of Nazis, racists, sexists, homophobes, abusers, rapists, murderers, and molesters, etc. it is totally fair, normal, and natural to feel hate for these things. That kind of hate is still just information. We are passionately repulsed and disgusted. But we don't want to live in it any more than we want to live in fear or anger, but we shouldn't try to avoid or shame or fear our hate, and we certainly shouldn't believe that our hatred of people who harm other people is the same thing as the hate that actually harms people. That's like saying that the violence of people fighting for their lives is the same kind of violence that has come to take their lives. Violence, hatred, anger, and fear... they are not the bad guys. What we do with these, how we direct them, how we understand them... that's what matters. That's all I really meant to say. **** [original post below] Below is a combination of posts I wrote in response to two different approaches to questioning hate, anger, and violence. One presented the question as a thoughtful exploration, and one came from a hostile Michael Student from the greater community who wanted to put me in my place for expressing my anger on Facebook toward a fake president who is encouraging violence and white supremacy. Both prompted me to look more carefully at these terms of hate, anger, and violence and try to explain how they work when they are forced on us and how they can be constructive. I decided to create a new post from those responses so we could discuss this and call bullshit on my perspective, or if we can learn to see the constructive side of emotions that are sometimes forced on us and that we have to deal with. *** For those of you uncomfortable with the hate, anger, and violence forced into the equation of protecting ourselves from hateful violent racists and homophobes, rest assured that Love *will* win and save the day. But some of us don't have the protection or privilege of just waiting for that day to come, so please forgive us as we get dirty, hurt, and angry. We are doing the work of clearing a path to that day when you get to say that Love Wins. We don't have to fight dirty for Love, but please understand that we have to fight, and we will get very dirty fighting for it. So save a nice spot us for when we can rest again. *** It's so frustrating to see the effects of inculcation from the new age and religion that keeps us locked in this binary world of "Versus." Love vs Hate, Fear vs Love, Anger vs Peace... That binary world just doesn't exist. It never did. It only looked like it did because it made it easier for us to navigate as we grew up. It made it easier for Baby Souls and Young Souls. Eventually, we grow more mature and that's when we realize there is a spectrum of life, of emotions, of gender, of sexuality, of intelligence, of choice, of everything. Even at the heart of this teaching is the very concept of Polarities that teach us about this spectrum that was never pitted against each other, but a part of each other. Hate and Fear and Anger are near the end of the spectrum of life where choices have become more limited. When this is imposed on yourself or imposed on others as a way to remove choice, it is the familiar destructive force we all know. But when Hate, Fear, and Anger come in response to others taking away our choices and threatening our lives, it is entirely warranted, appropriate, and can be constructive. Hate is just extreme passion. It's no more inherently uglier or villainous than Fear. Things like Fear and Hate and Anger are tools that can protect a house or tear down a house, and Love IS the house. Fear can destroy us or protect us. Hate can destroy us or protect us. Anger can destroy us or protect us. Sometimes protection is necessary in a world where we can be harmed. These emotions are tools that override logic and that's why they can seem so scary. Those who glorify Hate, Fear, and Anger tend to be those who passionately and senselessly seek to destroy the choices of others, and this is what we think of when we see actions motivated by Hate, Fear, or Anger. But these are the same tools that have to be used by many on the front lines of fighting for those who are targeted and oppressed because they know there is no logic that can reach the oppressors or make sense of the chaos. They have to passionately fight back and help clear a path back to logic and reason and it is entirely warranted and healthy and constructive to harness the tools and fuel of Hate, Fear, and Anger and aim it all right back toward protecting and rebuilding the "house" of Love. When people say they can't fight hate with hate, they think of hate as being this singular position opposite of Love. But Love and Hate were never opposites. Love can't be divided, but Hate can be, so Hate can be used against Love or help us clear a path back to Love. Shocking, I know, but anyone who has been directly targeted by violent oppression knows the productive and passionate power of hate, anger, and fear that can help change the world for better. I'm not saying it's ideal, but it helps more than we give credit. When people say they can't fight hate with hate, they also tend to mean that it's an issue that means something different to them and that it makes them uncomfortable to be expected to feel as much extreme passion about that issue. I am totally okay with that and if you can fight using calmer more "loving" methods, then please, by all means, do so. Please don't just turn your back because it's uncomfortable to see the passion from those more directly targeted and hurting.
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    I feel incredibly agitated over the past few days, can definitely validate the energy shift. I called out co-workers who have a lousy attitude and did not get their work done; I stood up against my boss (kind of) when I learned that she's not planning to give two of my junior teammates the necessary training opportunity. I slept with Genghis Khan in my dream at night and felt the need to pick up a real bow and shoot some arrows in daylight. The bow string hit my forearm and left a significant bruise. It did not stop me there, no, I have to fight for more. I pushed hands with guys in my Tai Chi class yesterday and won it all. As I looked over my swallowed arms slowly raised to reach out for the keyboard so I can respond to that never-ending pile of work emails, I asked myself: I've been thinking about Freddie Mercury a lot lately, he seems very familiar to me, I think he is an entity mate - he's got to be, right? @BrianW And yeah, I will make sure I look at lots of Salvador Dali before I go to bed today. I love surrealism.
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    This made me tear up. It's what I've learned from cancer. I never appreciated being alive. Not really. Not until I faced the possibility of never being who I am today, in the exact same way, with those I know as who they are today, the exact same way. This place isn't all bad. It took cancer to help me see this.
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    Ask Michael - August 6, 2017 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** MEntity: Yes, Juni. Juni: You said back in November in the Energy Report that the time had come to balance collective Karma against Complacency, Convenience and Self-preservation. How are we doing with that so far and what actions are proving to be most effective ? Please comment on how it feels/how we'll know when Collective Karma is successfully balanced, if there is time. I think since you mentioned the IS manifestation probability is nearing 100%, we might not be doing too well MEnity: Collective Karma is a long-term pattern that requires collective participation in balancing. It tends to take a minimum of one generation to do so. MEntity: At the moment, there is a fairly strong launching of shift in that pattern from among a relatively small percentage of population, but that is also fairly common. MEntity: It tends to take a dedicated force to hold a pattern long enough for it to be of interest to others. MEntity: That force is holding strong in offering and creating education, patience, alternatives, and direction. MEntity: When collective karma is being balanced, it tends to start as a contentious minority of population who are awake. They refuse to "go back to sleep" and have recognized the fundamental necessity for balancing the karma so that evolution can occur. MEntity: Because there can be various small populations who are contentious, some are generating karma and some are balancing it. Those who are balancing karma do so as a way to help unite and heal the population, while those who are generating karma tend to focus on dividing and harming a population. MEntity: Because there are so many incarnated at this time, and because there are factors involved where the trajectory of human existence is at risk, it would be difficult to balance this collective karma without planting a sequence of perpetual support from your greater sources. MEntity: The Infinite Soul is not going to "save you," but the effects of the Manifestation can tend to prompt greater participation from among those who have found ways to avoid the karma. NEXT, Cong Cong: Hi Michael, I want to ask about chakra links and how they are related to the unification of entities, cadres, and energy rings. You have said once :”It is often exciting and moving to look at forming a new link with one fragment who is Linked to another. The synchronicities begin then.” I wonder if creating the chakra links is one of the first steps towards the unification. Also can we generalize the idea and say that a unified entity is an entity where all members have all of their chakras linked (there are more than 7 chakras of course)? MEntity: Unification of Entities begins with the first contacts among the individuals extant. It begins with those first forms of communication in any way. This means that the first caress of affection can start that process for two fragments, or huddling to avoid threat, or feeding one another, grooming, etc. These are the very first steps because these begin the bank of experiences that, eventually, coalesce into more 3rd and 4th dimensional memories that carry from one lifetime to the next and generate the resonance that become Essence Recognition. MEntity: In terms of Chakras and Linking that comes from shared Monads, these are more long-term in effect than other forms of reunion and bonding. What reunites an entity is the mathematical magnetism, so to speak, that draws fragments to return from fragmentation and back into formation. The bonds that bring this are those developed between Task Companions. MEntity: Linking that happens within an entity can help in the reunion of an Entity, but Linking tends to be more helpful in reunions across and throughout Cadres. MEntity: A reunited entity does not have all chakras aligned and functioning as "one" until the Causal Plane. NEXT, Kurtis. Kurtis: Hi Ms. Today I'd like an elaboration on the Venusian Health. There's not much info on it. MEntity: VENUSIAN HEALTH: MEntity: When Venus is primary to Health, it means that the parathyroid is the primary gland system used for processing experiences that get to the level of the body. This tends to show up as issues involving body temperature regulation on the most common of days, and move into issues involving calcium growths or depletion or deposits, cysts, and some skin conditions. MEntity: When Venus Health has become a factor, it tends to mean that the issues being processed are all about the blow to one's sense of access to others in terms of affection. MEntity: Venusian Health tends to be affected by embarrassment and how others see them. NEXT, Connor: Connor: Hi Michael. Connor: I can’t for the life of me find the specific transcript, but sometime back in late 2016 I remember you describing a high likelihood of Interception by extraterrestrials by 2025. Connor: Has the likelihood of Interception shifted in lieu of all that has happened since 2016? Your recent assessment of the likelihood of Infinite Soul manifestation at nearly 100% implies lots of turbulence in our immediate future. Connor: And if extraterrestrials do show up, how would we communicate? Translation devices? Have extraterrestrials studied Earth languages? Connor: I expect to ride in a spaceship before I die, so those ETs better hurry up. MEntity: Chronic turbulence can be a prompt for the return of the Infinite Soul, but that is not always the case. The Infinite Soul can manifest during ages of abundance and calm, as well. The key is in the patterns that may be in place that threaten the healthy trajectory of the species. Even in "the best of times" there can be danger, especially when complacency can come with bliss. MEntity: Humanity must always participate in its trajectory, especially after the Young Soul Age. It is when a higher number of fragments begin to opt out from responsibilities that the species faces its greatest threats. MEntity: We can say that 75% to 80% of the population has opted out from any true responsibility for the trajectory of humanity. This is because a large portion of the planet struggles in survival mode while a significant, but smaller, population indulges without comprehension of consequence. MEntity: As for off-planet species, we can only say that confirmation on a wide scale is nearing. We do not mean to be elusive about a time frame, but it is not a scheduled event. We do not know if this will be presented as actual contact, or as discovery. MEntity: It is not tied to the Infinite Soul and would not be bumped or affected. Off-planet species confirmation is an inevitable part of the Physical Plane experience, and it comes, eventually, for most sentient species in some way. Connor: Not for the seahorses? MEntity: Regarding communication, it would depend upon which species makes contact or is discovered. If a sentient species were to make widespread contact, communication could come with patience, regardless of language. If a non-sentient species is discovered, language would likely be moot. MEntity: In short, off-planet discovery and/or mainstream contact is still on the table and pending. MEntity: NEXT, Crystal. Crystal: Hi Michaels: I am a huge fan of Jean Auel's Earths Children (Clan of the Cave Bear and sequels) and was wondering if Jean tapped into our actual past or a parallel timeframe. The story is so compelling to so many people. Crystal: And her societies were egalitarian, peaceful and sophisticated - was this something that existed or was this research and wishful thinking? MEntity: There is validity to the recall that is used as inspiration for this series. It is embellished with fictions that help tell universal stories of the emotional body, but the history is fairly valid in many ways. It tells a story of as best it can within the confines of acceptable and practical history, while using creativity and vision to flesh it out. MEntity: Those forms of societies most certainly existed. MEntity: NEXT, Nan. Nan: Yes, Hello. I’ve been reading in Michael Newton’s books that a soul sending a personality into incarnation sends but a portion of the soul’s energy and that the portion can be a varying percentage of that soul’s energy—sometimes small, sometimes larger. So, I have been wondering about a soul that sends Concurrent personalities, living at the same time. It would seem they would have to be getting rather small portions of the whole pie, reducing energy for each personality. Why would an Essence divide itself up this way? MEntity: The existence of "You" in all of your incarnational variations, including concurrents and parallels, uses approximately 1% of the energy that is Essence. MEntity: It is a shared resource that is perpetually regenerated by various higher physics, so to speak, that come from the activities of each lifetime. MEntity: The you that you know at this moment is using a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a single percent to exist. Energy resources for lifetimes are far from being a concern. MEntity: Imagine your computer screen as physical reality and all of the activity occurring on the screen as variations of incarnation. It takes little more for a paragraph to exist on that screen as it does for an image or tab or web page or a single character. MEntity: It is similar for Essence. Tyrone: Hi Michael. My main question is about marijuana/cannabis Tyrone: I'd like to know: What are the actual long-term and short-term effects of consuming the chemicals in marijuana? (THC) Tyrone: (and others, etc) Tyrone: If there is a way to describe it in more metaphysical terms, perhaps in the teaching's terminology, how would you describe it? Tyrone: And are there non-psychological physical effects as well, such as with hormone receptors or production? Tyrone: One reason I ask is that it seems like I've observed alot of heavy marijuana users with some strange traditionally testosterone-related things happening with them, and I'm wondering if these have been just coincidences. Tyrone: The other reason is I've gotten alot of varied anecdotal info about what it does for different people, Tyrone: If it helps: as of an hour and a half ago I requested my essence to make sure an akashic upload's been done on the relevant observations to this question. I get the sense though that this has long been done ;) MEntity: As this would require a greater amount of time for a full response, we will say for now that long-term and short-term effects are mostly beneficial in terms of improved functions on many levels, but that this improvement is based in moderation and technique for ingestion. When it comes to chronic uses in high quantities, even the best of benefits from any resource can be dangerous. Water is life, but you can drown in it. The same could be said of the effects of marijuana in that they can overload the system in ways that "cloud" that system. MEntity: In metaphysical terms it is helpful in many ways that involve creating the mind space for common ground. That common ground can be within the self among those selves, or between the self and others. Its primary effect is that creation of common ground that serves the species so well. MEntity: In negative terms or chronic indulgence it can break that common ground up and bring isolation. MEntity: As for effects on testosterone, we would say that it is indirectly related and not a cause. Tyrone: ah, ok MEntity: We must conclude here for today. We are losing focus through this channel. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    The channeling that really spoke to me was where I asked what my higher self would like me to know: "In this case, we might say that the Essence has had a strong theme of support coming in that might be described as: WE ARE NOT SURVIVING, WE ARE THRIVING." Also, another big one for me was a channeling that Matt asked about our son Dominic and is there something his higher self would like us to know: "I AM HAPPIER THAN I CAN OFTEN EXPRESS." This one really made me cry happy tears.
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    A while ago Michael introduced me to Carl Solomon, my most-recent lifetime, and they described him as being "very much still alive in many ways". In a later session I asked Michael for clarification on what they meant, and they provided two reasons. I correctly guessed one reason in advance, which was that Carl is still physically alive in other parallels where he didn't die in 1993 - today he'd be approaching 90 years old in those parallels, and I suppose you'd be enjoying his company here at TLE instead of mine. What surprised me was the other reason Michael provided: And that was a beautiful thing to know. I was inspired to view my life and my projects in an entirely new light. I didn't know I was contributing to his Review while I researched, but after this session it sure made sense why I never stopped.
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    I wrote this for my FB Wall last November (2016) in an effort to explain why so many of us were angry and why it wasn't just "OK" to be angry it was mandatory if we were to move, elegantly, through the process of recovery from corruption in its' many forms to a healed state. It still stands up a few months later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've been thinking about anger, of late, and the essential role it's always played in making real change happen. Any activist worth their salt has used anger as a springboard – first to get to the truth, then to action, and then to love. Anger always moves us forward towards love, conciliation, and compassion. Anger is that voice that says "We're not there yet, keep going. Don't give up". Hope and naive optimism are the balm that's so often used to quiet the voices of anger in hopes that the voices will just go away and peace will descend upon us all. Anger is a major inconvenience to many. I think people are quick to jump to hope and optimism because they are afraid of their own anger and the anger of others. What happened to the world on November 8th isn’t going to go away because we “nice” it away. The Trump administration has a lot of accounting to do and from what I can see accountability and facts are not one of their strengths. The Trump platform, and by default the Republican party’s platform, was built, solely, on division and exclusion. They got voted in because of that not in spite of that. That can’t be denied. The people have spoken and it’s not pretty. Half of the voters in this election clearly want the U.S. to be a divided nation and the other half, the half that wasn’t voted in, want inclusion. The protests and the ongoing anger will continue because the protesters care enough to speak up. They are speaking up about love, compassion and inclusiveness. They protest and raise their voices because they care. They care deeply. They don’t want anyone to be left behind and they are scared, and rightfully so, because the platform that was voted in said “You, you, you and you over there, you don’t matter”. Well they are wrong. We do all matter. We all deserve a place at the table. We all belong here. We all belong here with all of our rights intact – not just the rights of the few. We all deserve better than this. We all deserve to be free. The anger is a cry against the injustice and the willful voting in of a platform that stood solidly on discrimination, division, exclusion and hatred. We are angry because we care. We are angry because we can’t slip into the convenient sleep of optimism saying “oh they are just boys playing around. They didn’t actually mean what they said”. When people show you who they are – believe them. You believe them until they show you different. You believe them until their actions speak to you of freedom, fairness, and inclusivity. Until I see actions that speak against what they stood for in their platform I and many others cannot and will not trust them. Remember this.... PEACE IS NOT PERFECT OR ALWAYS PRETTY - Peace will never be about agreeing, complying, ensuring like-mindedness, or removal of challenge. Peace is the embrace of evolution. Peace is inviting challenges. Peace is allowing for differences. This is true in global and internal terms. Peace is not fought for or imposed. It is negotiated and realized. It is remembered. It is Deliberate. Remember this as you worry about your life and the world. Peace can be sustained even through the most turbulent of times because that turbulence is embraced as part of the growing pains of evolution. Peace is not fantastical. It is practical. ~MEntity May peace be with us all ॐ
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    I literally had the song "Revolution" in my head a few days ago as a bit of an earworm, as they say. Also when Vic and I got home from our wedding/honeymoon in Norfolk we looked at our house and saw our place with new eyes. We realised what compromises we had accepted and were living with. We realised we needed some kind of major overhaul, to chuck out the old things and ways and to bring in better ones that suit our aims and lifestyle. Can you think of a suitable word for such a process? :)
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    I'll add in this one from my most recent session a few days ago in relation to my own healing: MEntity: You are not missing anything. It is that you are healing a lifetime. It takes time. It takes energy. Deciding what you want and being clear about what you want does not always equate getting what you want when you want it. You know the truth about your behaviors, your past, and about what you want, but you must be kind now. You must be kind. We know this has been a long and enduring process, but you had lost the emotional equivalent of a pair of legs, and you only truly noticed this in the past 5 years. It took you 3 of those 5 years to realize you were emotionally crawling through your life. It has only been in the past 2 years that you are standing again. MEntity: One does not take off running before one remembers how to walk. MEntity: If there is anything you are missing, it is that you must be kind. MEntity: You are on track. You are healing. You are standing. There was a time that you could not even see yourself standing again. MEntity: And yet you are. MEntity: And you will run. BrianW: I can't even imagine what that would look like from where I am in life right now, but I admit, I'm curious enough to see what that would look like someday MEntity: Kindness is a door to Curiosity and Curiosity is a fuel for life. MEntity: You are on the right track. You may forget this from time to time as anyone who is recovering, healing, and remembering, but you are on the right track. We will always remind you of this. It actually helped me to realize that if I'd been suicidal since I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, that the original wounding would have happened during or before preschool age, of which I only have a few flashbacks of memories from that time (and not pleasant ones either). I knew the damage to the emotional body was bad, as I recall about seven years ago being unable to feel anything below my neck (in terms of the emotional body) and I'd spend a few more years purposely numbing myself just to get by. Last year I compared it to being able to feel it again, but visualizing my emotional body as having 3rd degree burns covering most of it. This year has been painful in that, continuing with the metaphor, some of those nerves are starting to regenerate and heal, but the damage being so severe that as the nerve endings heal and ability to "feel" returns, it still has to contend with and continue healing the damaged emotional body. The first thing it's going to feel is pain, and a lot of it, before it can start to feel "good." Unfortunately, that too is part of healing. This one actually allowed me to feel compassion for myself and find new patience with myself through realizing just how severe the original wounding (and all of the wounding over the years piled on top of it) had been, while also giving myself some hope through understanding that this is normal and that this too, shall pass. Even just the admission that I'm curious enough to see what me "running" would look like someday is a huge turnaround, given my long history of actual emotional suicide and attempts (or at least dangerously strong desires) of physical suicide. As the wounding has been with me for at least some 25 out of 31 years, I don't recall a time in my life that I wasn't emotionally wounded in some way. Thus, becoming truly emotionally healthy and able to "walk" and "run" through life is going to be a whole new world for me - one that right now, I can't even imagine what shape or form that will look like, as I simply have no personal experience or basis of comparison.
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    “We think you have approached this Task with full awareness and intent to fulfil. It is safe to say that you continue to increase in your Good Work that fulfils this Task.” This was Michael’s response to my question about how I am progressing in connection to my Life Task, which is TO COMPREHEND, EMBODY AND ENCOURAGE THE POWER OF EMPATHY. Why is it transforming for me? Firstly - empathy as a concept has always been for me one of the most important in terms of underlying motives for any action. It is a necessary piece of a puzzle for me, in private, in work, in projects, in dreams. It just is and always has been. It gladdens me to have confirmation that empathy is a central part in this Personality’s life, also as Essence sees it. Secondly - I really like the “you continue to increase” part. I’m doing a good job in how I aspire in my work with empathy. It is however not in my nature to be satisfied with that. Everything can evolve to a more comprehensive version, to a higher level of itself, there’s always more to learn and more to integrate. I’m happy about a positive progress-check in this bigger project that is my life. It gives me energy to continue working and improve. Finally - it reminds me about actively choosing empathy, when I deal with individuals or situations that I find most trying. That applies first and outmost to distorted definitions of compassion and empathy used in emotional manipulation, drama and moralising; actions that I loathe probably most of everything, except abuse of the weaker and/or innocent.
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    AUGUST 2017 COMMUNITY CHALLENGE WHAT MICHAEL SAID TO ME We all have favorite Michael Quotes, in general, but many of us have had direct contact with Michael where they have said something that truly struck a chord with us, changed us, made all the difference in the world in our understanding and sense of strength or peace. Let's share some of those most personal quotes said directly to us in our private sessions that hit home. RULES: The quote should come from your personal, private session. Please provide context, if necessary. WINNER: All participants will be entered into the monthly drawing for a free 30-minute session!
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    hahaha, I know, right? I don't know how to interpret it though. Even in the dream, I felt like the skeptical part of me is yelling: what the fuck am I doing here? Speaking of dreams, after some excessive Salvador Dali last night, I dreamed of the TLE gatherings. Not to discriminate, but for some reason I only have characters from c1e2 and c1e7 appeared in the dream. I recognized @BrianW first, and said hi to him, but then I looked again, I noticed he is Chinese. A background voice raised and questioned: "wait, I know for sure this is Brian, but why is he Chinese?" The same thing happened to @DanielaS, we talked like besties in a Chinese dialect. I was very confused! In the background, @Heidi was helping with checking in and organization while Daniela and I were not paying attention ?. I vaguely remember I was telling Daniela I was obsessed with someone, possibly @Jeroen (oops, sorry if the dream gets too personal!) Suddenly @Moonfeather appeared in Harry Porter style from the chimney. Everyone was happily surprised. In the next scene, @Troy did a orientation tour with us, and kept mentioning how this place is using green energy and everything is run on sustainable resources. I got bored (sorry, Troy!), so I sneaked out and met with @James D. The last thing I remember, is that we had Vodka in one hand and cigar in the other, and we cannot stop laughing! We for sure had a good time.
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    From a private chat February 9, 2016 Michael: Grief is simply the process of accepting that which is unexpectedly true. In your case, some of this is realizing "I could not save everyone." Or "not everyone will save himself." And most importantly, "saving others or myself means trusting their own stories and living mine."
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    I have to add another one: when i asked about my friend who killed himself, and found out he was not only reborn on a plane in philadelphia, but there is actually video of it with the sound of the first cry after being born. "After he processed his death and accepted his presence in the Astral, he sprouted the capacity for flight and found his way to familiar faces, including a comforting presence of an animal companion. The next 5 years were spent in Review and study and eventually led to plans for the next life, which started off with a rather dramatic entrance aboard a commercial flight from Philadelphia. This fragment was born in December of 2016 and used “his” moving experience of freedom in flight toward support to be a fitting re-entry into life, in flight, right into a crowd of support. The help that was needed by this fragment was given to him during his life and used in his Review and healing. It is an exciting experience to be alive again. You may or may not cross paths again, but the fact that we could find this fragment and point to the birth is either an indication that you may cross paths, or that "he" is working on ways to communicate to others that "he is ok."
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    " If you fail, stumble, or make a mistake, that is not proof that you should have done something else. It is proof that you are learning." Does POF count as a private session? Because all I have is POF. And so far they have been few. But I decided to post that sentence anyway. Is a simple sentence, perhaps obvious to some. But for me it meant a lot. Because my tendency when something goes wrong or not does not as I hope it is to see as proof that either I should have done something else, or proof that I am not good at this or that. This phrase changes my whole perspective so it has meant for me
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    Luckily I have something for this. When I asked about what my greatest strength and greatest blindspot weakness were, I received responses that mattered a lot to me. I even cried several times at a part written about my weakness that struck a heavy chord in me. However, what I've carried with me, especially now that I've finished the 3rd IM- is what they said about my strength: "Kurtis, one of your strengths might be your INQUISITIVENESS. It is a strength that not only benefits yourself in your consuming of experience, information, and knowledge, but it inspires others toward curiosity, risk, and expanding beyond their own comfort zones of familiarity. This Inquisitiveness greatly benefits your life in ways that can only be glimpsed at this point, but is serving as a foundation for what are intended to be some pioneering ideas and pursuits." Backstory time now... Since this session, I've paid a lot more attention to how others see me and my actions in a positive light. Being an Artisan, I have a tendency not to see others as well as most would. As in, I have often felt distant from most and never truly saw anyone's meaning and value in my life on a conscious level. Nor could I see the meaning and value they might show me about myself. If they were my friend, I liked them, but I didn't appreciate or see them. It was more about me and how comforting they felt. If I had made judgements about others, it was often only negative, and in terms of how they were either annoying, inconvenient or misunderstood me. --- I even felt somewhat like I didn't really matter, and was dealing with self-destructive issues over my worth privately and subconsciously. Back when I got this session, I was still feeling defined by my fears and struggles- which iirc is one of the reasons why I asked this question. I didn't feel like I had many strengths, just traits and potential people would see as defining me that I would rarely agree with. So receiving info that I've inspired others lit up some appreciative part of me. Since there was no way I could have known how others viewed me or were affected by me. I remember in school I would always ask people how they viewed me, and I would never get a satisfactory answer. Self-esteem issues. In addition, the info that my interests and ideas in life could be serving as a foundation for the projects I've longed to create left a warm feeling and awesome strength in me that what I was doing did matter and could amount to create something cool. Plus the part about "can only be glimpsed at the moment" gave me this grander picture that there was more to come. So I got excited reading that people may come to see me and benefit from my choices in the future as I continued to learn how to live. Longstory short. I'm more aware of my curiosity, willingness to expose myself to fears and my feelings of appreciation now.
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    G'day from Perth Western Australia. I was introduced to the Michael material in the late 80's. Out of everything I'd been reading to that point it resonated more deeply as a Truth. I used to dowse to work out overleaves and have connected as a channel before but life has become quite physically focused. I feel I am a mid level old Server (though have had reason to think I may actaully be a Priest at times) with a goal of Stagnation, in Perseverance mode, an Idealist in Intellectual part of the Emotional centre with a chief feature of Stubbornness. Hope to one day find out for sure. If anyone knows of a Michael channel in my neck of the woods I'd be appreciative of some info. Cheers all.
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    One of my faves so far... You will not and never will be forgiven... When we say you will never be forgiven, we mean that nothing will ever be enough to address any Friction around "mistakes." Mistakes happen. They must be dealt with and you must learn from them, but they cannot remain an anchor to define the life. You do not prove anything. To anyone. Ever.
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    When you find yourself "stuck" and paralyzed, try anything different from what you would expect yourself to do. This is one of your best solutions and breaks you free from any stubbornness I received this advice after I went through an intense moment of fears and emotions when none of my usual "technic" to manage my stress seemed to work. Since that, when I feel stuck, I remember this advice and just that remembering does half the work to set me free.
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    ... from Germany. I am a totally new Michael student, stumbled across the teachings on the web by chance really, while googling the word "soul"! Have read a couple of books so far, the basics really, and the teachings resonate with me so much. It just all seems to make so much sense! Am looking forward to having my profile channeled here and am looking forward to learning and interacting. Thank you for having me! Stefanie
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    I saw this and it made me think of this season's Realism, and Subjectivity vs Objectivity, see if you can spot why :)
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    Feeling the revolution here. Ever since I had the session about my inability to remember my dreams, the logjam is broken and I'm dreaming like crazy. This morning I wrote page after page about dreams last night, but one in particular will probably be the subject of a future Michael session. I will post it shortly.
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    Have been thinking and thinking... Or actually not really ?. Just going back to my first spontaneous pick that I dismissed, but it just doesn't leave me, so maybe I should remove my previous post or I'll just have two? But this is the one that is the "correct". The absolutely most beautiful, touching and true thing that anyone has ever said to me about me, is what I now have as my signature. “You continue to be driven by inner desires to bring down "Empires" built from the suffering of others.” It is just absolutely true. And this drive has been consistent throughout my life. When Michael said that to me in this session (that in itself explained so much about myself to me) they, in a way, closed the circle of validation that I opened 2015. In that, Michael also confirmed to me how well they know the essence of being me, and the Essence that I am. The looked straight into my soul. It warms my heart immensely, because I do not let many to really know me, and when some know me "wrongly" I don't really give a fuck and let them. Besides that, I am something of a dick and an asshole, so I actually deserve it many times... But yes, most of everything I am a crusader. A tireless one. This desire is where I truly am alive, present and fully involved. It does incorporate the empathy I posted about previously, but yup - THIS quote is the "What Michael Said To Me", that brings tears to my eyes, pride to my soul and humility to my heart.
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    From February 18/14 - Maureen in my private chat with Michael. My Life Task “To make a permanent difference” and my attitude is Idealism. Three years ago I was in the hospital suffering with constrictive heart failure. I have Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease and it caused the lining of my heart to stiffen. The pericardium had to be removed through an open heart surgery. Maureen asked about my illness and how it was playing out with my life task. Michael: However, the illness can be put to use for helping to put things in perspective, to reduce the clutter of concerns, and to focus on what matters. In that regard, there are differences being made that are permanent in terms of loving when it is most difficult to love, accepting when it is most difficult to accept, and staying devoted when it would seem to be so much easier to give up. That would be her Attitude The Idealism has moved away from Naivety and toward Coalescence in such a way that it would be very difficult to have another life in Idealism without it most naturally staying in the Positive Pole. So many expectations, assumptions, and presumptions about herself, relationships, people, even life, itself, have been stripped away in terms of being Naive, and have been replaced with a beautiful sense of pulling together all of the parts that make up the truth of the self, a relationship, people, and life. Maureen: In that way -- she has already made a difference by being a "role model" to so many people. Michael: That is Good Work Yes, this Life Task has been playing out for some time.:
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    [Excerpt from TeamPOF: November 27th, 2012] [Oscar] 3) If someone would ask info about me, how would you describe me? [MEntity] In response to your third question, we have described you as an eager and easy-going student whose awareness is as keen as his obliviousness. Hilarious and spot on!
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    I think I just had a sudden revelation about a dream I had last night and I do believe it relates to this Convergence period that we're now in. This fragment of the dream included me and I do believe 3 "others." We were talking about different things relationship oriented when I asked a question to one of the others. I asked him "but do you nap" and had a sort of smirk on my face as if to be thinking "oh this should be good." He was about to answer when his partner walked in, like a kitchen area, and he hesitated to answer because he didn't want him to hear his answer. Shit, I think all of THEM were ME... the Converging Me's!
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    Hello @Troy and TeamTLE, How is the 5-past-lives backlog going from last year? My understanding is that they were taking more time, energy, and focus than was expected, so they had been moved into a bit of a nebulous backlog zone. My mother order a pair of these sessions, one for herself, and one for myself as an early Christmas gift, in the later part of 2016, along with a basic profile. The profile was very late, but after help from @Bobby and a lot of good-natured prodding, the profile arrived. Yay! The two 5-past-lives sessions are still unfulfilled, starting to head in the direction of a year overdue. @Bobby has helped via messages to get things rolling again a few times, and my mother has sent official support tickets over the months, but to my knowledge today the sessions are still undelivered and she has not received any official response to her tickets, either a timeline for delivering the sessions, a refund, or any official response. Can she please receive an official support response to her ticket(s) moving towards acknowledgment and resolution? I realize that timeliness of sessions has been an ongoing challenge for as long as I've been working with @Troy, as well as official support communication, so I want to help get this resolved. @Troy, I love you to pieces and your work and friendship over the years have changed my life for the better in both subtle and dramatic ways. The community you have nurtured has seen me through some very tough chapters in my life and I am forever a better person because of the friendships and counsel I have received here over the years, in every incarnation the website (and list serve and everything else) has taken over the years. I will always remember being your little homie in California and getting a shoutout on CocteauBoy radio when I was a very sad and lonely teenager probably 20 or so years ago. (Btw, a year or two ago you asked me to submit a ticket on how to give you money going forward re: an old subscription. The ticket is old and moldy. I've been standing by. Give it a poke so I know how you want me to move forward on that.) With all that being said, it is awkward to hold you accountable for undelivered private sessions, especially when you provide so much wonderful free and open content. At the same time, you asked us at one time or another to please help hold you accountable when things fell through the cracks, so I am going to try and do that even if it's really awkward. I haven't seen things move forward via private messages and support tickets, so am making a public posting. Please let me know if I have missed something, or I am mistaken on this matter in any way. Love you! Paul
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    i love looking back through the sessions and seeing how far we have come. It is wonderful to have such a loving presence as part of our lives.
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    So beautifully said. I think most of us have a difficult time with body image, but thankfully this changes as we mature and accept our beautiful bodies.
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    @Nadine, @Dawn, @Troy -- me, four! I ended a 14 years old deep friendship as it got too complicated emotionally with both of us now being married. And man, was it a declaration, and that is NOT like me, at all. Strangely, after crying for 3 weeks about it, I now feel really good about it, like a different person, more myself, even. Pheww... what a crazy month, and year! For the past week or so I couldn't really sleep, constantly felt like I was on at least three espressos. I technically slept, but felt I was dreaming the whole time, couldn't remember the dreams (but wish I had) and still felt like I didn't sleep at all. Also, had a constant headache for that whole week, no matter what I did about it. Again, I had that feeling of a radio who can't quite decide which station to tune into. Feel slightly better as of yesterday, though.