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    ENERGY REPORT JUNE 2017 2017 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Priest (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Submission (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Passion (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Realist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JUNE brings with it a process of assessment that asks everyone participating in the world about their standing with a Cause. Though a Cause can be picked up at any point in a lifetime, there does tend to be cycles involved and this is a year in which the questions become more obvious: DID YOU FIND SOMETHING OR SOMEONE TO CARE (even more) ABOUT? DID YOU DECIDE WHERE AND HOW YOUR ENERGY IS IN BEST SERVICE TO SELF AND OTHERS? DID YOU CREATE OR DEFINE A FOCUS FOR EFFECTING CHANGE THAT WILL BENEFIT SELF AND OTHERS? ETC. For those who have answered this question, the “real” work begins now. June will likely mark a shift into more tangible actions that support your Cause and a direction. To help those who seek to clarify their Cause, it can be helpful to know that there are only 3 PRIMARY CAUSES. We have spoken to our students about the 7 Core Values of a Cause, but every Cause will fall into one of three Primary Causes: TRUTH, which is its own Cause, but can be seen as JUSTICE, which includes issues of Equality, Rights, Progression, etc. LOVE, which is its own Cause, but can be seen as FREEDOM, which includes issues such as Relief, Rescue, Recovery, Protection, etc. ENERGY/Beauty, which is its own Cause, but can be seen as EMPOWERMENT, which includes issues such as access to such things as resources, education, choice, improvements, healthcare, healing, etc. If you have not named your Cause, but know you feel the passion for aiming for a Cause, look to the 3 Primary Causes for help in keeping your aim. Knowing that your aim is for one of these 3 Primary Causes can help fuel you toward greater refinement of that aim. For those who have not answered this question, there are two reactions that would likely come over June: One reaction is to turn toward tearing down the Causes of other people. An aside: Remember that a Cause inherently benefits the self and others. It does not harm. Harmful “causes” are not Causes. When one takes on the Cause of stopping oppression, for example, this is not two Causes in conflict. The Cause to relieve oppression is the only Cause here. So for some who do not find or create a Cause, they may simply resort to a false sense of a cause by targeting other Causes. Another reaction from those who have not clarified a Cause is to stop looking, to return to a state of rest, a state of care rather than a state of Cause. These individuals will still care, but that care will not funnel into a Cause. They will return to more personal concerns and tend to these. This is not a failure or a “bad thing,” but likely a realization that one does not have the resources or energy or focus for a Cause. It is better to care and rest at a distance from a Cause than it is to blindly swing and aim for a Cause. So we expect that several students will realize that they must “sit out” this round of passionate aim for a Cause. Regardless of where you find yourself in relation to your Cause, June will bring with it a shift toward greater aim, greater angst, or greater rest. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO NEXUS IN JUNE June 6th - 10th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- CHAOS - This shift appears to bring with it a wave of inner and outer chaos that could show up as wild dreams, nonsensical events, disparate parts that should make sense, but do not (just yet), and a general shake-up of energy. It is not a “bad thing,” just a shake-up that can feel a bit disorienting or disconnected or perplexed. By “chaos” we mean that at the very least a sense of order and pattern is lost or difficult to see. June 16th - 23rd -- ENERGY SHIFT - CHAOS & SENSITIVITY - Another wave like the above, but likely with more effect and distraction. June 23rd -- ENERGY SHIFT - ORDER/BEAUTY - a return to a sense of inner/outer patterns of order, beauty, direction. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER June: CHAOS IS NOT LOSS OF BEAUTY - When the energy of the inner or outer world shakes up, it does not mean you or something is lost. It is exactly what it is: a shake-up. The chaos we speak of here is the result of emotional tectonic plates within your and within the collective masses. They must, eventually, shift and shake and bring about relief from the pressures that have been building. Especially when progress has been held up and is ready to break through. Yes, these shifts can be quite painful or terrifying, but if you are conscious and aware of the chaos, it means you are not lost, you are only disoriented. Nothing and no one can actually ever be lost, but we know that it can feel that way when chaos is all that one can see. It is important to remember that Beauty is never gone when amid Chaos. It may take a refocusing, take time, take energy, take patience, take Love and Truth to see that Beauty again, but it is there. BEAUTY IS OFTEN PERCEIVED, NOT SEEN - Perception is the capacity to see beyond what you are seeing. Sometimes what one can see is not all there is. Sometimes one must see beyond this and bypass logic so that the Truth, Love, and Beauty of a person or event can be included in the dynamic of how you deal with certain people or events. When the world, or a person, or an event seems to be buried in chaos or cause a wave of chaos within you, take a moment to see beyond what you see, to feel beyond what you feel, to know beyond what you know. This is Perception. This is truer than what is obvious. This is often where Beauty lives and you are its path back into the picture.
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    Although I've been on TLE for a while now, I finally had my first session with Troy and Michael. It was a great session and of course has left me looking forward to the next time. One thing I learned that I'd like to share is that I learned by Oversoul name is Aarush. This name comes from a lifetime spent in India during which I was able to offer shelter and refuge for people and animals whose lives had been devastated by a cyclone. I foolishly exited the chat before saving the text, but the exact quote said something like "this lifetime stands out like a ray of light" - and the reason I mention this is that I googled the name "Aarush" and it means "first ray of the sun". Lots to think about from this session and looking forward to the next one! Update: Troy sent me the transcript and I'm really happy to be able to share this part: [16:07] MEntity: LIFE TASK: TO REDEFINE HOME There have been several lives where the question of "home" was not easy to answer, especially when locking the idea of home to one location, one person, one way. In the current life, the Life Task is to expand on who is home, what is home, and the mobility of home as something that stays with you. [16:11] JohnM: That feels like a very powerful idea for me to embrace; home as something that stays with you. Can you tell me how many times I've incarnated? Do I have any lives as far back as Sirius? [16:15] MEntity: Yes, your first lives where in Sirius. You have incarnated approximately 229 times. [16:16] JohnM: Have I been a Michael student in past lives? If so, can you tell me how long? [16:20] MEntity: Yes, you have remembered us several times. You have been a student from around 5,000 BCE. You have been our friend since we were Infant Souls, ourselves. [16:21] JohnM: That feels really nice! Does my essence have a name or nickname? Does essence have a message for me? [16:30] MEntity: OVERSOUL NAME: Aarush - this comes from a lifetime in India when the Personality created a make-shift sanctuary for displaced people and animals after a catastrophic cyclone. The emotional bonding and healing that occurred in this life stood out as a kind of ray of light that need not ever be questioned or considered. The love was real, available, and unconditional. [16:33] JohnM: That is amazing; I just googled the name Aarush and found a site that says the name means: "first ray of sun" [16:34] MEntity: MESSAGE: A BUCKET WITH A HOLE CAN STILL BE USED FOR WATERING [16:35] JohnM: Oh, I love that message! That is very inspiring! [16:36] MEntity: We must conclude here for today, John. We will continue our reunion with you in further exchanges. Good day to you.
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    Ask Michael - June 4, 2017 MEntity: **QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. NickV: I am interested to know if there is an overall theme or idea that is unique to humanity as opposed to the other sentient species of this universe. Could you please provide a short description of the idea or theme which the sentience of the human race is currently exploring? MEntity: We will respond to Nick's question. MEntity: Unique to Human existence is Diversity, not only in terms of sharing a planet with "countless" Earthlings, but also in terms of evolutionary branching, diversification, and experimentation that has spanned across classifications of species for this single set of sentience. MEntity: Most sentient species across the universe have contact with an average of three other species. Ever. MEntity: And while the evolutionary path of any species does alter over time, it is extremely rare for it to branch into subsets of species and have Sentience continue to exist across those variations. MEntity: Having to exist alongside an abundance of diversity within and around your species poses its own profoundly blissful experiences as well as its own profoundly tragic challenges. MEntity: Life is not unique to Earth, but the abundance and diversity is quite unique. MEntity: Some fragments have handled this quite well, but most have not. MEntity: NEXT Uma: This question seems so petty compared to Nick's. Can Michael tell us how they see the probability of impeachment vs other outcomes? Also probability of conflict with North Korea. MEntity: It is not a petty question. It ties directly to the challenges of Diversity that never had to be challenges. We lost our home planet due to such unnecessary challenges and this launched our sentience into a path seeking never to do that to another species. We quickly forgot the pain of displacement and suffering at the hands of another species, while continuing to carry that deepest wound we would ever carry as a species. We became that which we feared. And while this behavior has become quite sanitized for many, when it is displayed in such brazen ways as is being seen on the world stage at the moment, it touches that collective memory. MEntity: We include ourselves in the story of our sentience, as we were there, as well. MEntity: There is a reflection on the world stage at the moment that is inspiring many to ask of themselves, "how can I sleep through this?" MEntity: This is not a tangent, but an important note of relevance to your question as it relates to the previous question. MEntity: As for probabilities of Impeachment, they are around 58% within 18 months. MEntity: Probability of conflict with North Korea is around 70% within the next 18 months. MEntity: NEXT Luciana: My question is very basic. I would like to know what it means to be a person of action within the michael teachings .. Can a person be more introverted and at the same time be a person of action? MEntity: Of course. Any Role can be introverted. Introversion is not related to Role. MEntity: Introversion and Extroversion are related more to a combination of habitual Centering/Traps and Frequency. Introversion and Extroversion in themselves are valid methods for processing a life, but for those who become painfully introverted or obnoxiously extroverted, there does tend to be Chief Features involved. MEntity: It is true that Roles can *tend* toward extroversion and introversion due to Cardinal vs Ordinal, but Overleaves, imprinting, and life conditions easily override the tendencies. MEntity: The Intellectual Center is key to whether one is Introverted or Extroverted. MEntity: If one tends to keep the Intellect as the Center of Gravity, there tends to be more introversion. When the Intellect is a Part of another Center of Gravity, there tends to be more extroversion. The older soul who is no longer locked in habitual uses of Centers can find both to be valuable. MEntity: Actions can be a part of an individual whether introverted or extroverted. MEntity: To "be a person of action" means that one tends to seek results, to have something to show for their efforts, and tend to be frustrated when this is not the case. This can be done quietly or loudly. MEntity: Did we address your question? Luciana: yes MEntity: NEXT Crystal4Cats: Hi Michaels, can you comment on the possibility of the United States breaking up in the next few years? There is talk of California seceding for instance, and our Gov. Brown has spearheaded a separate climate pact with other states. Cali seems a different country sometimes. It's like the US is held together with duct tape and bailing wire. Crystal4Cats: California's Gov. Jerry Brown has spearheaded a separate climate pact together with Washington, NY and other states. Comment on the possibliity of the US breaking up in the next few years? It seems so rickety and divided! Crystal4Cats; Can the M's comment on the US breaking up? MEntity: The probability for a breaking up among the States of the United States is fairly low at 18% the moment when looking at the next 5 years, despite the long-term concerns and consideration for its possibility and viability. Much will depend upon how this current Presidency is navigated and ended. MEntity: There is a strong drive for greater union that does not depend upon Federal action and support, and though some States will be slow to understand and join this wave, it is happening. MEntity: There are enough Mature Souls in positions of power to make a difference that will help shift away from the fracturing and division that younger souls think they prefer. MEntity: NEXT Daniela: Hi Michael. I see Pope Francis as one of those world leaders who is trying to guide the planet peacefully into the Mature Soul Age. When he speaks I hear a refreshing and inspiring message that I feel is meant to expand beyond the boundaries of Catholicism. Could you please provide his Role/Casting, Soul Age/Level, and Cadre/Entity? Could he be one of your Students? Or is he simply relaying the message of the Infinite Soul Jesus with a truthfulness and intention that we haven't typically seen in the Catholic Church? MEntity: The current Pope Francis is a 5th Level Mature Server-Cast Sage from Cadre 11, Entity 6 and is included in our range of students. This fragment has heavy Baby and Young Soul imprinting that remains a struggle and does not allow for the full Manifestation of Essence, but it is often present within the broader contexts. MEntity: This fragment does relay the greater ideals of the teachings of the Infinite Soul in a way that challenges the momentum of sleep that has been in place for centuries around this teaching. MEntity: It is a meaningful step away from the "religiosity" that kills a teaching. MEntity: NEXT CongN: Hi Ms. Could you elaborate on the Saturnian Shame of TALENTS like you did with Brian for the Jovial Shame last session? MEntity: The Shame of Talents is the preoccupation with one's not being important or unique enough, not being recognized as "special" in some way, or conversely being recognized as "too special," different, and odd due to specializations and uniqueness. It is a struggle around identification with what or who or how one is that is on clear display in some way. MEntity: Saturnian Body Types can often become driven to matter more in some way and this forces a deep exploration of what sets one apart as authentically Unique vs superficially Special. MEntity: Saturnian Body Types often come with a built in impulse to stand out and above from others, in both literal and figurative ways. That impulse can turn to Shame when it gets distorted into compulsion or when what one wishes to be recognized for is eclipsed by other ways that Saturn stands out. MEntity: This is not exclusive to the Saturn Body Type, but it is where their Shame tends to go first. MEntity: NEXT Maureen: Michael, since Jacque Fresco’s death on May 18, 2017, I’ve been wondering what his legacy will be. I’d like to tie what you may have to say on that to a (short) dream I had last year about Jacque Fresco and Troy both being Magnetic 6th Level Old Souls and their connection (if any) through the Michael Teachings. Maureen: Dream on February 17 2016: I had a really interesting dream where I met Jacque Fresco in what seemed like a mall hallway. I stopped and talked with him. I had just come out of a room Troy was in with some people, his "posse" (there was at least 6 or 7 people squeezed in doing work, enjoying it but doing different things for Troy), and I asked Jacque if he would mind having his picture taken with Troy ... and then I went through a description of what a Magnetic King and a Magnetic Sage is. He was so lovely. He said yes and so we went back in where Troy had earbuds in his ears and his eyes closed (he was listening to music I think). Troy was surprised but he did the photo with Fresco. Then Jacque Fresco and I continued to walk and talk intimately, arm in arm, and we ended up walking and talking outside. We talked about more of his ideas and there seemed to be someone else there at that point who hadn't heard of Jacque Fresco or of a Resource-based Economy so we filled them in on what a RBE was and some... I then continued to talk more about the Michael Teachings especially as it related to being a Magnetic 6th Level Old Soul. I told Jacque Fresco also about Nelson Mandela being a 6th Level Magnetic Server. All this time he had a really lovely sunny smile and he seemed quite interested in the teachings. I had the sense that he was a Michael Student even if he hadn't actually studied the teachings in this life. MEntity: The Legacy that we have found is that he is credited for the seeds that become the next iteration of economy for most on the planet. In most probabilities the Work continues and it does not stop. MEntity: There are certain philosophies that become important to the basis of this economy and our teaching is one of these. As your dream suggested, they are happening along separate paths, but cannot be separated, as indicated by the snapshot. The work of Troy and other channels for us, as well as that of Jacque Fresco, have nearly zero chance of not becoming intertwined over the course of the momentum toward fulfillment of ideals. Maureen: That makes me happy. :) MEntity: We experience pleasure for this, as well. MEntity: We must conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
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    MMW - June 17, 2017 - Your Recipe For Happiness Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we are discussing the concept of Happiness. Before we launch into any technical and intellectual elements for understanding, nurturing, and sustaining Happiness, we will ask each of you to answer a set of questions. INSTRUCTION - each of you would answer a question as it is posed. If you choose not to answer, indicate that you are opting out from answering. FIRST QUESTION - though there may be plenty of terms, phrases, and words to define Happiness, what is a single word that you would use to describe your idea of Happiness. Only a single word. ClaireC: Joy BrianW: serenity Maureen: Peace DianeHB: Peace :) DianeC: contentment PeterK: Peace Bobby: Security SECOND QUESTION - though there may be many terms, phrases, and words that could support your definition of Happiness, use 3 words that describe what you feel are vital to supporting your definition above. The 3 words can reference anything, but be as specific as you can. BrianW: Could you provide an example? EXAMPLE - FREEDOM - money, health, travel Take your time. We await responses. ClaireC: Essence manifesting as joy. DianeHB: Peace - meaning, security, community PeterK: PEACE: Fulfillment, Intimacy, Security. BrianW: Serenity: Stability, Clarity, and Satisfaction ClaireC: Joy - sharing, caring, loving Maureen: Peace: Non-Attachment, Rest, Clarity (of seeing Love) Bobby: Security: Physical safety, Needs fulfilled, Intimacy DianeC: stable health, intimacy with family and friends, time with few obligations Keep these notes available as we explore the concept of Happiness to see how your definition and requirements may correlate to what we have to say. This exercise explores the first area of the concept of Happiness, which is that Happiness must be DEFINED and this definition is nurtured by the fulfillment of your REQUIREMENTS. On the broadest of levels that include all personal definitions of Happiness, we define Happiness as Emotional Pleasure. There is more than one type of Happiness, but at the center of each type is this Emotional Pleasure. We will describe what we see as the 7 Types of Happiness. You may find that your Happiness is in only one Type or it may be in multiple Types. PRIMARY HAPPINESS - This is the happiness that comes from just being alive at all. It is a kind of primal awe that is underneath all of your accumulated challenges to happiness. It has no reason, no logic, no question. It is that moment when you know that nothing matters and that everything matters. It is that moment when you take in that moment or person or experience and connect with the ancient part of you that is immortal and epic. This Primary Happiness is always present and the most accessible of all Happiness. It is also the most avoided and dismissed. CREATIVE HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from being creative in any way, from giving birth to being artistic to having a project to problem solving. It is the Type of Happiness that comes from the core of you that enjoys the new, enjoys change, encourages progress and solutions. PHYSICAL HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from the sheer delight of sensation, from eating, drinking, indulging, dancing, improving health, nurturing health, having sex, masturbation, roller coasters, etc. SOCIAL HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from being with others, from sharing, from helping, from caring, from reaching out, from reaching back, from conversations, from connecting and resonating and empathizing. INTELLECTUAL HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from "being yourself," from expressing yourself, from communication and clarity, from teaching, learning, meditating, and contemplating, and from philosophies. PURPOSEFUL HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from the meaning you draw from and infuse into your life, your existence, and relationships and motivations and directions. This is the Happiness that many tend to "seek" or think must be found, but that is not how it works. SPIRITUAL HAPPINESS - This is the Happiness that comes from your sense of active or passive participation in existence beyond the obvious, beyond this life, beyond the tangible. This can tend to be Happiness that comes from any intangible concept such as the past, the future, or "God" or Love. This is another Happiness that is always present and quite accessible, but is most distorted or exploited. Before we move to the next area of exploration, we will ask of you a self-assessment: WHICH TYPE/S OF HAPPINESS DO YOU TEND TO MOST EASILY FULFILL? ClaireC: Intellectual and Social. DianeHB: Creative, social, intellectual Creative, Social, and Intellectual (sounds familiar to my top 3 of the nine needs) Bobby: Physical, Social, Intellectual DianeC: Physical, Social and Intellectual PeterK: Creative and Physical. Maureen: Social, Intellectual, Spiritual BrianW: Although I could make an argument too for Spiritual with my dream state WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOUR ORIGINAL DEFINITION OF HAPPINESS, do you see where it may fit into a Type, or a combination of Types? DianeC: Yes ClaireC: Yes Bobby: I think it fits BrianW: I think so PeterK: I do for two of my keywords, but not the third. DianeHB: Yes Maureen: Yes Peter, we were referring to the single word that you chose to define your Happiness. PeterK: Ok, sorry. I'll take a look again. PeterK: I see a vague connection, but not anything that pops out at me. You chose PEACE. This could fall into any of the Types of Happiness. The key here is that this initial definition of Peace is likely already at play in one or more Types of Happiness. PeterK: Thanks, that helps me see the connection. There is likely PEACE in at least one Type of Happiness. WHICH TYPE OF HAPPINESS SEEMS MOST OUT OF REACH FOR YOU? Note: As you consider this, you may be surprised to find that you realize none of the Types are truly out of reach. This may or may not be the case, but it is possible. ClaireC: Purposeful PeterK: Social. BrianW: Physical and Primary DianeC: I believe I am aware of and able to access all types of Happiness. Bobby: Purposeful although not truly 100% Maureen: None are out of reach, and oddly most are fulfilled, but the one these days that's hard to "grab" is Primary Happiness. I associate that with Non-Attachment. I used to access that more. I miss it. DianeHB: I would say Purposeful Primary and Philosophical/Spiritual Happiness are most accessible and most dismissed or distorted. Primary Happiness is easy to dismiss for two reasons: One is that it is "too easy." For some, the ease of access to a basic Happiness is simply rejected. There is comfort in misery. There is a fear that if happy then one's sense of motivation would halt or that it is a kind of giving up. In other words, Happiness is "not supposed to be easy," it must be earned. It must be deserved. And there is no one to constantly remind and prove that it is deserved. So any moments of Happiness are met with suspicion and distrust and immediately squashed. The other reason is that the suffering of others makes it difficult to enjoy the random moments of joy in one's own life. It is a guilty pleasure, something to put off until everyone can share in it or have their own. When others are not happy, it is difficult to allow oneself to be happy. Maureen: That second reason sounds "right"...for me. Bobby: Is Happiness really as simple as choosing it? Yes, Bobby, it is that simple, but not in the sense of choosing an object. It is not a thing that is found or bought or picked up. It is a state that must first be allowed and then nurtured. It is simple in the sense choosing how to see, how to think, how to feel, and owning the self as a holistic organism that has a right to a moment of Emotional Pleasure, even amid the most challenging moments of life. Genetics and Environment contribute to the challenges of Emotional Pleasure and Happiness, but they can never destroy access to Happiness. We are speaking of Happiness as an accessible state, not as a conclusive state. One can never live only in Happiness. It is visited. This is what is most important in terms of our discussion today: Happiness is ACCESSIBLE. It can be a moment to moment dance or long arc of months of Happiness. But it will always fall out of reach and it will always return. We asked each of you for your Definition of Happiness and then asked where your Definition might fall into one or more Types of Happiness. Now we will describe the 9 Requirements for Happiness for you to compare your own Requirements for Happiness. Brian was already noting the relationship to the 9 Needs, and this is from where we draw the 9 Requirements for Happiness. Using the Positive Pole of each Need, the 9 Requirements are: TRUST, PRESENCE, INDEPENDENCE, PROSPERITY, AUTHORITY CREATIVITY, OPENNESS, SHARING, and WISDOM [The 9 Needs: Security, Adventure, Freedom, Expansion, Power, Expression, Acceptance, Community] For any Type of Happiness to be fulfilled, there are up to 3 NEEDS hooked into that Type. This will be different for each person. For example, for CREATIVE HAPPINESS, one may require CREATIVITY, SHARING, and AUTHORITY, while someone else may require TRUST, INDEPENDENCE, and OPENNESS. The 3 Needs you naturally tend to fulfill or prioritize are the ones that keep your access to Primary and Philosophical Happiness alive. The 3 Needs you most neglect or find difficult to fulfill are the ingredients necessary for the Type/s of Happiness you feel most difficult to obtain. The more you fulfill all of your 9 Needs, the more accessible the range of all Types of Happiness, but when you know there is a Type of Happiness you desire, but it seems to be out of reach, it is the focus on your most neglected Needs that will help you to access that Type of Happiness. Does this make sense to our students? DianeC: Yes Bobby: Yes PeterK: Yes ClaireC: Yes Maureen: Yes DianeHB: BrianW: Yes In addition to understanding all of the above, we add that there is FALSE HAPPINESS. FALSE HAPPINESS can be of any Type when the ingredients used are the negative poles of the Needs. FEAR, DRAMA, ANXIETY (commitmentphobia), APPROPRIATION (cancer), BLIND OBEDIENCE (authoritarian), LIES, MANIPULATION, INDISCRIMINATION, GOSSIP If you are using any of these methods for fulfilling any Type of Happiness, it will be a False Happiness. Sometimes what we share with you will be all too familiar and already well known, even without our ever having shared a word. It can be as if you are standing at a cliff and we point out where it is on a map. You already know there is a cliff in front of you, but the map may help you to find a way down or around. We know you know what Happiness is and have experienced it in both True and False ways, but "here is a map" for future reference so that you can be proactive rather than reactive. We cannot do the work of sustaining Happiness for you, as you know, but the tools are there for you, for free, as an unlimited resource and availability. There will be inherent challenges and there will be constructed challenges to Happiness, but it is there, even if hidden in fleeting moments. The goal is not to aim for a resting place of Happiness, but to get to the end of your life and have a stack of moments that are yours. It is these stacks of moments, however fleeting, that define in great part what a life means to you. To avoid, ignore, squash, or wait for deserving any of those moments is cruel. We encourage each of you to do the work of collecting those moments for yourselves, but also to be that moment for others. If you choose to do so. Be that moment for yourself and for others. They do add up. They are worth it. And your existence is already your permission. Look over your notes and consider the map we shared. Explore for the next week or so a favorite Type of Happiness you wish to nurture and consider what ingredients may be necessary for you to generate that Happiness. Experiment. Play. Help each other. Encourage one another. That is, as usual, only if you choose to do so. We will conclude here for today. Good day to each of you. We share in your Happiness. Goodbye, for now.
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    Another reaction from those who have not clarified a Cause is to stop looking, to return to a state of rest, a state of care rather than a state of Cause. These individuals will still care, but that care will not funnel into a Cause. They will return to more personal concerns and tend to these. This is not a failure or a “bad thing,” but likely a realization that one does not have the resources or energy or focus for a Cause. It is better to care and rest at a distance from a Cause than it is to blindly swing and aim for a Cause. So we expect that several students will realize that they must “sit out” this round of passionate aim for a Cause. That was helpful because that is exactly where I feel like I am. I haven't felt "guilty" for not having a Cause per se but I have wondered why I've found it so difficult to identify one.
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    This material was received in a private session on June 14, 2017. Note from Janet: This session is a follow-on session to History of Non-Terrestrial Contact, Part 1. This is part of a project to compile some of the lives of my Essence that had contact with non-terrestrial species. I had a vague idea of trying to anticipate how future contact might happen because Michael told me: "Your Essence has had on-going relationships with Essences/non-Human Sentience for millions of years. This shows up in some incarnations, as well. ... And yes, there are standing Agreements for you to be contacted in person if contact on any significant and public scale were to be revealed." (See Essence Contact with Off-Planet Sentience.) This information was somewhat unnerving, so I thought maybe I could learn from 'past experience.' This second session was really slow going and raised more questions than it provided information about my own past lives. Michael mentioned three interventions that were not in Geraldine's list: Overview of Interventions and 6 Million Years of Human Development. I was unable to let Michael just motor forward without asking questions, so I probably impeded the flow of information. MEntity: Hello to you, Janet. We are here, now. We can begin. Janet: Hello Michael. After a hiatus of many months, spaceships and space themes have returned to my dreams, which prompt the subject for this session. Back in January 2015, I started a project to get information about my Essence’s history of non-terrestrial contact. You told me about a number of lifetimes from my very first with the caretakers, through cooking lessons after the food pandemic, through interaction with several species via the Lemurians about 700,000 years ago, and ending with this: MEntity: The next contact came at about 75,000 years ago as part of a network of fragments who helped the caretakers figure out how to "check in" on humans. A massive disruption to the "energy fields" of Earth caused for difficulty in travel to Earth. Will you please continue that discussion of my lifetimes in which ‘I’ interacted with non-terrestrials? You were using a historical timeline approach, which fits well with Geraldine’s Human Timeline Project, so the next lifetime would would be one more recent than 75,000 years ago. I’m interested in the timing of each lifetime, what my status was that allowed the interaction, the circumstances in which the interaction was necessary or possible, and which species were involved. MEntity: Let us clarify: you are asking for any entries more recent than 75,000 years ago, not about that particular lifetime at that time? Janet: Yes. Lifetimes more recent than that. Your closing comment in that last session was this: We must conclude here for today, Janet. We can continue along these lines in further exchanges, describing the generalities of the more integrated lives of contact and those that are not, and then flesh these out by passing through each again. So I just want to get lifetimes up to the current one and then may have questions about specifics. MEntity: Yes. Approximately 30,000 years ago was the lifetime where Intervention came with a teaching about companionship with non-human animals. It was the first time this was considered on such a scale. Suddenly the interest in animals as fellow creatures escalated and the pursuit of friendships began, particularly with the Canine. Contact acted as a kind of "safe space" for exploring potential relationships with fellow creatures. This was happening in many areas of the planet at the time. Many cultures suddenly turned to animals as symbolism, as totems, as spirit guides, as worshipped and revered, moving into art and study. Janet: Geraldine’s material indicated that this intervention was related to increase of cranial capacity. What’s the connection that made companionship with non-human animals part of the teaching? No wait — that was 300,000 years ago. I don’t think Geraldine had one listed for 30,000 years ago. MEntity: As with many teachings that focus on inclusion, a wave of retaliation will tend to rise from distortions of the teaching and this launched a massive wave of assault from one species of human on another. Neanderthals were targeted. Janet: It appears this intervention will require future questioning, but for now I will let you continue with info on my associated lifetime during this period. MEntity: That lifetime was female in Siberia and worked with the "aliens" in using food as a bridge of trust between Canines and Humans. She died from an infection from a dog bite. Janet: I presume the “aliens” were the caretakers if this was part of an intervention. Were they generally present and their presence accepted at the time? MEntity: No, they were discreet, using mind technologies that can affect visual interpretations, much like augmented reality. They appeared as advanced Humans. But, yes, they were Caretakers and support. Janet: So was the targeting of Neanderthals the major reason for that intervention? MEntity: No. That was later. The Intervention was set up for multiple reasons, but the core reasons were because Humans were heading toward emotional atrophy and companionship beyond the species on a larger scale was warranted, and because Canines were heading toward potential extinction if cooperation was not secured. Janet: Oh that makes sense. Thank you. MEntity: The next lifetime we can find was about 12,000 years ago when there was contact in the form of Intervention that focused on animals again, but as forces, not just companions or resources. To help bring understanding to the more dangerous and distanced creatures a teaching was shared about the power of creatures as spirits, as ideas, as forces that work in harmony with intent. At the time there was a wave of phobia that was anchoring itself in cultures and brains that was escalating to a level of panic and paralysis regarding "monsters" on the planet. It was a minor intervention, but it was important to transform this fear into a more intimate relationship with that which was generating panic on such a wide and unwarranted scale. The effects of this intervention can be easily seen in Turkey where the educational centers were escalated to great reverence and accessibility. The lifetime related here was near the end of this intervention and "you" were part of the design teams generating the plans for these educational centers. Janet: You say the effects can be easily seen in Turkey — you mean easily seen today via archeological means? I’m also curious as to what monsters there were or thought to be and how the teaching resolved the fears. MEntity: Yes, in Turkey there are archeological ruins where these centers existed. The "monsters" were exaggerated versions of all creatures that were considered overpowered and difficult to avoid or navigate. By this time there had been many infestations of snake, scorpion, spider, etc. and it was seen as a harbinger of greater threat. Janet: Gobekli Tepe? MEntity: That is correct. That is one. We could not get the name delivered. About 7000 years ago, around the time we chose to begin our teaching agreements, we see you were involved in the Intervention that helped to secure a new wave of consciousness that could depend upon writing as a means of capturing knowledge, time, events, information, teachings, etc. The Intervention was part of a wave that would begin the move away from the amnesia of history and change the pace of evolution. Writing was not new at this point, but coordination on a larger scale would begin. Though not particularly your own, many of the original practice sessions remain accessible today from the lifetime in southern Europe around Serbia. Populations were rising exponentially and at least one common language was the point of this intervention. It ended up creating more languages over time, but did help, eventually. Janet: I know this is tough info to retrieve so I’m grateful for Troy’s patience in the attempt! MEntity: It is relatively easy to retrieve, but more difficult to package and deliver. We cannot do the unpacking of the delivery, so we are dependent upon how well our channel manages this. Note from Janet: Geraldine had a session about Gobekli Tepe: Gobekli Tepe - Pre-neolithic site too advanced? See The Tepe Telegrams for up-to-date information and pictures about the Gobekli Tepe site. I think it's very interesting how many of the carvings were of animals given the info from Michael.
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    @MattWhen we have a busy personal life, that is our cause. My cause this year I am sure is focusing on someone in my family. Where, if not here, can we make such a difference? Who will look after our dear ones, if we aren't able to?
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    Can definitely verify the chaos part. Even my internet suddenly went out yesterday and multiple calls to the provider wouldn't solve the issue. Typing on my cell phone now lol. What's funny was that yesterday was the only day I decided to work from home - while I was on a call with Comcast, I was also dealing with two other work meetings, all on my small cell phone. Complete chaos! also I started to pick up dreams, which I don't typically do. So far they featured my ET, my mom, my old boss and a heartlink - I think there were people from TLE in the dreams too, but I didn't remember who. I feel so exhausted in the morning, like my head is exploding due to so much random and chaotic information.
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    I've been thinking about this issue a lot since the UK voted for Brexit and the US voted for Trump (yes I know neither was a true majority. A minority are forcing their will on the majority.) I wondered why both are taking the path that leads to fragmentation, division, competition instead of cooperation, togetherness and unity. The story from Michael about human sentience's beginnings is hard to square with logic and accepted scientific knowledge of our history. But I know I had a physical, emotional and spiritual/essence reaction when I first truly read and grasped what Michael has conveyed: That human sentience was forcibly removed from and exterminated on its original home because the dominant species there felt its place was threatened by us, and we were only saved when another species took it upon themselves to save the remains of our species and take them to be rehomed on Earth. When I first read that and understood it, I felt as though my soul was suspended in space over a giant yawning chasm. As though the ground had disappeared beneath me. It was my essence grieving, I'm sure of it. It was me as personality truly connecting with the grief of my essence and all of humanity's grief for the first time in this life. Its now accessible whenever I turn to it. This surely wouldn't happen with a story that somebody invented? This was a solid, tangible feeling of grief. This is the wound that Michael talks about. Every one of us carries a jagged piece of it. Those sharp edges haven't dulled in 6 million years, and they can themselves inflict new wounds to this day. Without knowing it, people are playing out their own versions of this interplanetary drama in miniature in order to process it. As Michael has said in a recent Energy Report, people feel scared and threatened by changes that are happening in the world today, and don't know what their place and role will be in this new Mature Soul paradigm. Maybe there is no place for them? No worth, no role, no reason to be around? People are reacting to this by pointing to other people who they can blame. "Those people are a threat to me. Those people are out to destroy me/my family/the country/my religion/my culture etc. Its me or them. Only one of us can survive. We can never coexist." But as Michael went on to say, the great lesson we are faced with is that we have to learn that its not about the great external "them". Its *US*. WE are the greatest threat to US. We cannot pretend that the right hand can slay the left hand and walk away unscathed. Neither one of us is going away. Neither one of us is fleeing this planet for a third planet. This is our last stand. We stand or fall together, just as it always has been and always will be.
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    Michael mentioned somewhere that your cause can be personal and private. Perhaps for you, it could be related to the betterment of your family/family's future. I don't think it necessarily has to be political or environmental. Edit: I skipped ahead and didn't see @Diane's comment! I agree, as I've identified my cause and it involves a better future for my family. :)
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    From a session this morning: Janet: I have had several sessions with you that touched on the subject of the birth process. You said: “The birth process, or the planning of a life, is as fascinating and as varied as the death process when exiting a life.” Can you suggest a topic title or approach to be used in a future Michael Speaks session to discuss the planning and creation of a new personality? Perhaps ‘The Creation of You’? I think the topic if fully developed would require more time than I have today, so I’m just looking for your input into how such a session might be approached. MEntity: In response to the next question: THE CHOICE TO BE YOU may be a launching point from which we could explore the dynamics and details of the planning of a lifetime from the perspective of Essence, and most importantly as the Personality existing as an extension of Essence, not as an independent creation. We speak in terms of Essence & Personality to accommodate the forgetfulness and the process of remembering, but one is never NOT Essence. We would emphasize this persistence of consciousness that IS Essence and the anticipated process of forgetting and then remembering that defines Personality. Janet: That would be a fascinating session.
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    I've been meaning to write about the situation in the UK and how it relates to the Energy Report, but every time I think I've got a handle on it, something even more crazy happens. Lets recap- March 22nd - Terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge. Six, including the perpetrator and a Police Officer, were killed in the incident, and 49 people were injured. April 18th - Prime Minister announces she will seek a snap General Election for June 8th. Polls seem to indicate she will win a landslide of 50% of the vote versus 25% for the opposition. She aims to increase her majority in parliament from 17 MPs to give her a proper mandate for hard Brexit and a right wing manifesto of austerity, regulation scrapping and privatisation. She campaigns on a promise of being "Strong and Stable", a steady hand on the tiller navigating Britain through a difficult time, especially with the Brexit negotiations due to start in mid June. May 22nd - A Suicide bombing kills 22 and injures 119 leaving an Ariana Grande concert. The response sees the Army deployed in London for the first time since a terror threat in 2003. June 3rd - Terrorist attack at London Bridge - Eight people were killed and 48 were injured when attackers used a van and knives. (June 6th to 10th - Energy Shift - Chaos) June 8th - Election takes place. The expected landslide does not materialise. The left wing Labour Party make surprising gains in some formerly safe seats at the expense of the ruling Conservative party. Labour see the biggest jump in vote share since 1945 - 9.6%. Conservatives end up with 317 MPs versus the 330 they had before. This is not enough to form a majority government on their own - they need to make a deal with another party to guarantee enough votes to pass their laws, ward off votes of no confidence and get anything done. The party the Conservatives can most rely on to vote with them are the DUP - a Northern Ireland party known for its right wing, fundamentalist Christian views and policies. It would seem a fairly natural fit, but the DUP have been trying to extract concessions and perks from the Prime Minister, and as of the 22nd June, no deal has been reached. The last constituency to announce its results was Kensington, after 3 recounts. The former Conservative safe seat elected a Labour MP for the first time ever, by just 20 votes. June 14th - A major fire breaks out in the 24 storey tall "Grenfell Tower" block of public housing flats in North Kensington, west London. A minor fire was first extinguished in a single flat and the Fire Brigade left the premises, but unknown to them the fire had set alight to flammable exterior cladding and insulation. The fire rapidly spread up and across the sides of the building, entering apartments through the windows one after another. Five fatalities have been formally identified and a further 74 people are missing and presumed dead, bringing the presumed total number of fatalities to 79 – the deadliest fire in mainland Britain in more than 100 years. A catalogue of failings by local conservative government appear to be responsible, in a Borough full of great wealth living streets away from poor neighbourhoods like Grenfell Tower. Many opponents of the Conservatives see Grenfell as symbolic of the way they neglect the needs and safety of the poor and unfortunate while focussing resources on the wealthy. (June 16th to 23rd - Energy Shift - Chaos & Sensitivity) June 19th - Brexit negotiations begin. The UK's negotiator backtracks on a key pledge on the first day. June 19th - A van was rammed into people walking near Finsbury Park Mosque in London after tarawih prayers. Local authorities have said that there are eleven injuries. One person died near the time of the attack, although whether this victim died of unrelated causes is unclear. The attacker was heard shouting that he wanted to kill Muslims. The police declared the incident a terrorist attack. June 20th - 22nd - Still no deal between Conservatives and DUP. Parliament due to open on 21st. Queen's Speech to set out aims of government is delivered by the Queen with many Conservative manifesto pledges cut out, a sign of the government's clipped wings and weakness. Without the guaranteed votes in Parliament, the government's Queen's Speech risks being voted down, which would trigger another election. The feeling is that the government is living on borrowed time, and collapse is a case of not "if" but "when". So now you are up to speed with the chaos embodied in the United Kingdom right now. Its bloody exhausting. That Priest, Higher Emotional and Passion Mode energy is palpable. The raw emotion and empathic pain is zapping through everyone. Some clearly want to inflict pain on others as a way to deal with the anger about their own or other people's suffering. There is a lot of hurting going on out there. The Realist attitude might be showing signs of appearing though, and it might be just what we need to make a full and frank assessment of the situation and what needs to be done. The positive side, in my (left wing) view, is that the calling of a general election seemed to galvanise into action a great number of younger voters who have been hit by the results of the Election in 2015 (delivering a Conservative government) and 2016's Brexit referendum, which delivered a close "Leave" result that younger voters were strongly against. As soon as the June 2017 election was announced, the Labour Party's poll numbers started climbing, and their socialist, left wing manifesto was hugely popular among Labour's supporters and the younger voters, to the point that polls now say that if an election were called today, Labour would win the most seats and would be in government. A young, progressive, Pro EU, left wing surge truly is coming up through the ranks, and as a result my optimism for the future has returned. I'm off to go and do some recharging....
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    Speaking of synchronicity, I was at the library yesterday and picked up a movie called "Hector and the Search for Happiness", totally on a whim. As I was about to start watching today, I thought I'd first check out what's new on TLE and found this perfectly themed (and timed) MMW posted. 😍 I think this, from TLEGG 2015, will help answer that: [Kasia]: This may have been answered before. I hate to use the word “purpose,” but is this sort of the reason, direction, purpose for why we are continuously striving for Agape: is to have these moments to then put them all together at the end of our entire journey? [MEntity]: Yes. They are breadcrumbs home. I will never forget this session or their answer. Undoubtedly a moment of True Happiness that hits quite a few of the types.
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    The big kicker for me was this: "The goal is not to aim for a resting place of Happiness, but to get to the end of your life and have a stack of moments that are yours. It is these stacks of moments, however fleeting, that define in great part what a life means to you. To avoid, ignore, squash, or wait for deserving any of those moments is cruel. We encourage each of you to do the work of collecting those moments for yourselves, but also to be that moment for others. If you choose to do so. Be that moment for yourself and for others. They do add up. They are worth it. And your existence is already your permission."
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    No matter how inviting and beautiful a home may be it is still a state of being that is wanted to be evoked. The oversoul story is a touchstone I am sure you will find to be an abiding inspiration. As for the bucket with a hole, that hits close to home for me. No matter how leaky, I can still carry and offer something Thanks for adding to the conversation with Michael.
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    @Matt, I don't know whether this will help or not. I asked Michael about sex in general, and having a lack of interest in sex, as an Old Soul. My sense is that, as @Evelinnoted, it's a complex and at times complicated subject. For Old Souls it can be difficult to "find your way" through the sexual haze/maze with all the Young and Mature Soul Imprinting. MEntity: The lack of interest in sex not only comes with physical age, but soul age, and the presumption that one must insist on enjoying sex is more a product of the Chief Features than the move away from sex. MEntity: To reduce the charge around the experience of sex, it would do all old souls well to consider it a sharing of PLEASURE, rather than as an act of stimulation. Stimulation is rather uninteresting to older souls, but unaffected, directionless pleasure is incredibly appealing. MEntity: Older souls tend toward sensuality and includes all of the bodies, rather than a drive to procreate or "get off." MEntity: The disinterest would morph into experimentation if the mood were moved to one of pleasure, and not pressure. MEntity: Foreplay could start with "being nice" to each other, and move into "being appreciative" of each other, and then see what you can do with that. MEntity: Both of you do not have to be "on the same page," or even the same soul age, to enjoy your mutual intimacy, but both of you need to acknowledge the needs of the other to be able to have that intimacy. MEntity: If he is uninterested or incapable of addressing your needs, and you’re uninterested or incapable of addressing his, then the gap will remain. MEntity: And that gap would not be a "bad thing," it would be an honesty. MEntity: Honesty is a powerful transformer so that intimacy is then embraced, or the lack thereof is clarified and defined. MEntity: If those three keys: "be nice, be appreciative, be honest" do not do the work of helping move you into experimentation, then you would want to decide what to do from there. MEntity: That would fall into the "be nice, be appreciative, be honest" categories, if you choose to suggest those ideas to him; experimentation and pleasure would not be far behind for both of you, if those three factors were taken seriously.
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    Yes! I thought of you when this answer came through because I had just reviewed that thread this morning! Congrats! ;) I'm just so relieved whenever I hear that people in charge are not Young or Baby.
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    Oh, so close! Me in the "Current World Leaders" Topic: :D
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    Wait, WHAAAAAAT? OK, I say that Kings are the most typecast due to some REALLY bad old channeling. We really just want to be left the hell alone ;-P I find it really hard to pigeon-hole the roles. I know some sort of "profile" had to be created for each, to help students try to figure out their personal overleaves. But those very overleaves really flavor each person (and their role) differently. I might add my 5 cents though: Servers: Enough with the "doormat" stereotype- Servers are the toughest cookies of all. Hands down. No contest. And you can make your own damn coffee. Artisans: I seem to notice that the Focused vs Fluid ratio has a noticeable effect on Artisans. Higher "masculine" energy seems to ground an Artisan in a way that makes the role not immediately obvious- at least to me (esp based on a stereotype). Higher fluid energy Artisans literally leave a trail of glitter (esp if they have some Sage mixed in <snap!>). But overall, I do not find Artisans flaky at all- I actually think all those inputs allow them to juggle things better than most of us (esp us 1-input-ers). Warriors: I don't understand what anyone would find "scary" about a Warrior- they all seem very solid and grounded to me, no matter what the casting. ESP Old Warriors -who finally stop wearing belts made out of the body parts of conquered enemies. Scholars: By the time they reach Old, Scholars know waaaay too much about waaaay too many subjects- and they want to tell you ALL about "something". I always learn something new from a Scholar though....esp if trapped in a corner by one for an hour (or three). Sages: I find the stereotype of the "ham" or attention-seeker to be completely false. Sages have charisma and will attract everyone's attention- IF they want to. Sage- casts are louder than Sages- and some Sages (esp Warrior-cast) can be quite subdued. Priests: By the time they reach Old, they are SO OVER everybody's crap. And they will tell you that. No more f*cks to give- unless you really deserve it. Kings: Leave.Us.Alone. I cannot understand how anyone could say they "don't get along" with any particular role when everyone is configured so uniquely ;-)
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    Ever since earlier in the year, when causes keep coming up, i realize i dont have any causes outside my personal life. Im just lost on what my cause is. Due to my job, i cant fight for certain political things right off the bat, i do care about animals, but not enough to make it my cause. this is definitely part of my life i havent done much with.
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    I'm now on the 17th book of this series and last night reached a plot twist that just left me breathless and SO in admiration of this author. CJ Cherryh is a woman who has been writing science fiction and fantasy for more than 40 years. She's amazingly prolific and I find her to be thoughtful and original. The universe of her books is probably all connected, and I suspect she is somehow remembering other Grand Cycles. Or maybe a potential future of our own Grand Cycle. Some of her books have not yet been published in Kindle format, so I'm waiting for that, but I have not yet been disappointed in anything she has written. The basic story of the Foreigner series is that humans set out toward a star system with the intent of finding a planet to colonize. Their plotted course somehow went awry and they were completely lost. They found a planet that could be inhabited, but it was already occupied by a sentient humanoid species, the Atevi. Circumstances caused some humans to land on the planet, and from that point on the series delves into what might happen when two humanoid species meet and get to know each other. The central figure of the series is a man who holds the position agreed to by treaty to be the single human interface with the Atevi -- the 'paidhi'. The humans are the 'foreigners'. Cherryh has obviously given much thought to how humanoid species might be similar as well as how there is the potential for unseen biological and innate differences, and she explores how the connections might play out. There are in-depth descriptions -- mostly via the paidhi's thoughts -- of how the thoughts and behaviors intersect or conflict. (Warning: Some people might see these sections as excessive and boring, but in general I enjoy them.) During the course of the series, the Atevi reach space with the help of the humans, and together they meet up with still another humanoid species. The actions and thought processes associated with establishing communications after first contact are fascinating to me. (Possibly this is because I have a long-time interest in linguistics and a degree in Slavic languages.) There is correlation to the recent movie 'Arrival'. The series is set up in plot lines that are fleshed out and completed in 3-book sets. In general each book can stand alone, but there are situations left hanging that make it best to wait for each 3-book set to complete publication. I found the series last year and rapidly completed through book 15, and then I felt had to stop and wait on the 18th book to come out early this year before continuing. I know there is at least one more 3-book set to come. I re-read from the start of the series before starting book 16. When I am in the midst of these books, I am completely absorbed into that universe: my thoughts and dreams are filled with Atevi characters and situations, and I have to resist the urge to speak to others with Atevi phrases! Perhaps the books appeal to me because I'm also remembering something? I can't wait to see what happens next and waiting for the next set to appear will be agonizing. If you like science fiction in general and have a particular interest in human contact with non-terrestrials, you might also enjoy this series.
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    It's so fascinating to see the range of prejudices and stereotypes that we can so easily use to define a Role, but mostly we don't use them. We acknowledge them, but stop with that. What I'm happy to see here is that while we can own and air our prejudices, everyone seems to be on board with the idea that these stereotypes can never define a Role, no matter how true they are. But every single one of us has to own our inner stereotype because it means owning our Negative Pole and helping bring it to light and into the inclusive nature of our Positive Pole. Our inner stereotypes are just ways that our Negative Poles MIGHT show up in the world, even if we don't like it. It may never show up this way for some of you, but for many of us, we *know* we have played into the stereotypes and negative perceptions of our Role. Think of all of these stereotypes and prejudices as a great way to look at how close or far you are from the sleep of our Negative Pole, both in how we experience other people and how we experience ourselves. I think my list below captures the extremes of each Role based on my experiences as a channel for the past 25+ years. Prejudices and stereotypes come from our repetitive experiences or from repetitive rhetoric from our cultural imprinting. It's easy to perpetuate a prejudice or stereotype precisely because there is truth to them. Accepting that our prejudices are "just true" because that's how we have experienced or have been taught how another person or people might behave can really help us to get past any over-analysis and defenses and back on track toward inclusion and agape. Accepting that prejudices are more informative and less definitive can help us expand our hearts and welcome new experiences and free us from our imprinting. Sure, a stereotype may be true, but it's not the only truth. For example: SERVERS can be manipulative and even cruel in exploiting others for their constant victimhood. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. PRIESTS can be relentlessly badgering and tunnel-visioned in their righteousness. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. ARTISANS can be totally reckless escapists who make everyone around them do the work of mundane existence for them, or they can become such perfectionists that they fly into control freak mode if everything (and everyone) isn't exactly running as they expect it to run. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. SAGES can be emotionally immature and irresponsible in the consequences of their behaviors. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. WARRIORS can be distanced, flippant, and uninterested in anything that challenges their internal structure. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. KINGS can be cynical, apathetic, and profoundly lost, with their only goal being to figure out who (other than themselves) to blame. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. SCHOLARS can be so caught up in watching the world around them that they grow disconnected from the world around them to the point of either awkward invisibility or overeager compensations and/or affectations. It's just true. But it's not the only truth. If you don't relate to these "negative" descriptions above for your Role, then consider yourself very lucky or very evolved. LOL I see all of the above in affectionate light nowadays. Never as a bad thing. That's where we want to get in our understanding of the worst of a Role. Love all the way across the Roles from the easiest and lightest to the most challenging and darkest.
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    Even though I'm not Jewish, I did grow up in a heavily Evangelical Christian household. The imprinting was and still is attempted to be very controlling. In the end, you have to care more about yourself and what you think versus what they think. Your happiness cannot be tied to theirs. If you're happy then they should be happy for you. I think with strong imprinting, about the only way to survive it a lot of times is to completely move away from the area so that you are exposed to other things and other people. It's the only way that you can really compare and see what works best for you.
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    I loved the quote from this session so much, i made it into a meme for my cover photo on facebook
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    I started working on the homework that Michael offered and started with piecing together the 7 Types of Happiness to the 9 Needs and the 9 Strengths and Weaknesses. I started first with the Top 3 Needs that I naturally tend to fulfill or prioritize: I might be making a few assumptions here, as I'd understand that the 9 Needs do not map directly 1:1 to the 7 types of Happiness, but I figured there would be some overlap. From the session, I had identified the four types of Happiness that I tend to find most easiest, namely Creative, Social, Intellectual, and Spiritual. I also knew that from the Nine Needs transcript and workshop, Michael had helped me to identify my Top 3 Needs, which were: Active Truth: INNOVATION Inspirational Love: RESONANCE Expressive Energy: INTIMACY From the Nine Strengths / Weaknesses workshop, Michael gave a great explanation of how the positive and negative poles of each of these show up: The ACTION Strength of the Truth Tier is INNOVATION Its positive manifestation is EXPRESSION, and its negative manifestation is IMPOSITION This is the Strength to come up with solutions, ideas, resolutions, etc because of the capacity to see patterns, and to implement those solutions, etc. effectively. The positive manifestation is that implementation, or EXPRESSION of Innovation. The negative manifestation is that same Expression, but without agreement, communication, clarification, etc. The Strength may still be that a solution is affected, but if this is pushed upon others, no matter how great a solution, it can be an Imposition. This is an example of what we meant by all of these Strengths still always having a rather "positive" effect, but the degree of consciousness and awareness can determine its effect on others, or yourself. The INSPIRATIONAL Strength of LOVE is RESONANCE. This shows up positively as EXCHANGE, but can also show up negatively as SENSITIVITY, or Prejudice. This is the fragment who tends to naturally bring out the best in himself or herself, or others, even in the worst of situations. When it shows up as Exchange, it is a reciprocating experience that is inspiring to both or all parties, and something is shared. When it shows up negatively, it can be experienced as a heightened sensitivity, because no real exchange is happening, or there is resistance to the Resonance. It would be something like plucking a string on a guitar to affect a certain note, but having it usurped by a pressing thumb that changes the note. When that original note is heard, there is Exchange. When it is resisted, ignored, or altered, it generates a Sensitivity. We use the word "sensitive" here in the sense of painful, not just being acutely aware. We also use the word 'prejudice' because, (using the guitar analogy) the intended note is expected of the string. Resonance as a positive manifestation would adapt and find the common denominator that brings true resonance, but prejudice would just keep plucking for the same note. The EXPRESSION Strength of ENERGY is INTIMACY. When this shows up positively, it is ACCEPTANCE, but when it shows up negatively, it might look like VIOLATION. People with this Strength tend to make you feel very good, even though they make no effort to do so. It simply feels "good" to be around them, and a sense of acceptance and intimacy is generated, whether invited, or not. In this case of Strengths, Intimacy is different from Resonance in that Resonance is like playing the same notes on different instruments, and Intimacy is to play different notes on the same instrument, if you will. When this shows up positively, it is such a harmony that Acceptance is experienced, but when it shows up negatively, it can be much like having your own song drowned out, so to speak, leaving you feeling Violated. Now, taking these positive poles, I mapped them over to the 7 Degrees that were offered in the Nine Needs workshop: The ACTION Strength of the Truth Tier is INNOVATION Its positive manifestation is EXPRESSION, and its negative manifestation is IMPOSITION EXPRESSION: +Creativity/-Lies 7 Levels of Expression: "Expression through" Total Destruction, Meltdown, Breakdown Acting Destructively (publicizing one's destruction, meltdown, or breakdown in hopes of being seen or heard) Infamy (being defined by destructive behaviors) Work Projects (crafts, collaborations, career, etc.) Entertaining (bringing laughter and levity) Art (authentic originality, honesty and innocence in expression) Renaissance (expansion or transformation of standards and assumptions) The INSPIRATIONAL Strength of LOVE is RESONANCE. This shows up positively as EXCHANGE, but can also show up negatively as SENSITIVITY, or Prejudice. EXCHANGE: +Wisdom/-Gossip 7 Degrees of Exchange: "exchange satisfied through" Slander/Provocation Venting (sharing of anger or frustration) Idle Chatter (small talk) Trade/Barter Mutual Profit (benefit exceeds what was exchanged) Understanding (grasping different or opposing perspectives) Teaching/Learning (living as example, or allowing others to inspire) The EXPRESSION Strength of ENERGY is INTIMACY. When this shows up positively, it is ACCEPTANCE, but when it shows up negatively, it might look like VIOLATION. ACCEPTANCE: +Openness/-Manipulation 7 Degrees of Acceptance: "Acceptance found in" Ingratiation (groveling, apologizing, losing oneself to the expectations of another) Pleasing Others (programmed by presumed or obvious expectations of others) Tolerance (feigned acceptance while hiding prejudices) Conditional Love (upholding Acceptance based in mutual benefit) Causal Love (recognition of the impact of another or the self in ways that understand the greater benefits that override any pain) Unconditional Love (allowing one to be as one is) True Agape (fully empathizing with another; true affection) By looking at it this way, it helped me to understand what behaviors I am doing at any given moment that support my own happiness and how that happiness might manifest. I do need to start looking at the 3 Needs I most neglect or find difficult to fulfill are the ingredients necessary for the Type/s of Happiness you feel most difficult to obtain, which I had identified as Physical and Primary. Going this same route, I'd look at the negative poles of my behaviors and see where they might manifest in my life. For example, FREEDOM: +Independence/-Noncommittal 7 Degrees of Freedom: "freedom found in"; Destructive Irresponsibility Aimlessness Physical Liberation (material stability) Mental Liberation (thinking for oneself) Emotional Liberation (emotions are had, but the emotions do not have you; not being controlled by emotions) (reaction vs response, I'm working on this) Choosing freely (recognizing the power of choice in every instance) (power of choice is one of my True Studies) Realization of True Unlimited Potential (True Peace with one's choices) POWER: +Authority/-Authoritarian 7 Degrees of Power: "power manifested in" Crushing Opposition (destroying your designated enemy) (usually myself) Oppressing self/Others (restricting choices and actions) (usually of myself) Controlling Self/Others (using guilt, manipulation, regret, shame, rules, etc.) (usually of myself, though sometimes others) Guiding Self/Others (seeing and sharing solutions) (at my best) Consciously Choosing (owning the results of choice) (not quite there yet, but it is on my True Study of the impact and power of choice) Building Spirit/Morale (choosing encouragement) (I absolutely suck at this) Personal Spiritual Power (full permission to choose without fear of a "wrong" choice) (omg, anxiety and over-thinking, no, this is not me) COMMUNITY: +Sharing/-Indiscrimination 7 Degrees of Community: "Community experienced through" Desperate Contact (longing, aching, pining, lonliness) Intense Neediness (pushing oneself on others, ignoring all social cues, forcing others to tend to you, narcissim) Fraternizing (bonding only with those who share in familiar experiences or history) Socializing (expanding beyond the comforts of familiarity) (at my best) Mutual Closeness (kindness) (at my best, though thankfully kindness seems to come a bit easier for me) Intimacy/Communion (inclusion) (working on this) Unity (full embrace of differences as facets of a whole) ADVENTURE: +Presence/-Drama 7 Degrees of Adventure: "adventure found in" Destructive, Exaggerated, Reactionary, Manipulative Drama (I used to do this a lot until recently, and when I was very young I'd do it just for attention) Glamour/Addictions (losing the self in stimulation) Sensory excitement (defining the self by experiences of a rush) Stimulation of Mind/Learning Inner Revelations Essence Contact (finding pleasure in seeing beyond superficial differences) Enlightenment/Total Presence (never losing the sense of self, even among those who cannot see or experience your truth of being) So taking these negative poles of Drama (Adventure), Indescrimination (Community), Authoritarian (Power), and Noncommittal (Freedom), let me pull out the Nine Strengths and Weakness, being mindful of how those work and try to link them to the 7 Types of Happiness. The Inspiration Truth Strength of REVELATION, showing up as Freedom, but as Provocation when a Weakness. The Action Love Strength of CURIOSITY, showing up as Adventurous, but as Destructive when a Weakness The Expression Love Strength of AUTHENTICITY showing up as Power, but as Self-Righteousness when a Weakness The Action Energy Strength of INCLUSION showing up as Communing, but as Policing when a Weakness Now as the 9 Strengths and Weaknesses are grouped in threes along the axes, thus I would aim for a Truth, a Love, and an Energy, and an Action, an Inspiration, and an Expression. I'm debating between whether most neglected needs are Curiosity, Authenticity, or Inclusion. I've probably become better at the mid-level areas of Adventure than Authenticity, thus that drops out The Action Love Strength of Curiosity (not to say that it isn't a weakness, as I can get very self-destructive, but nowhere near as much of a weakness as Authenticity in terms of my own personal power (hello Boundaries and my Life Task). Thus that leaves me with my Top 3 Weaknesses and my most neglected needs to be: Inspiration Truth: FREEDOM Expression Love: POWER Action Energy: COMMUNITY Given these neglected Needs / Weaknesses of FREEDOM / Noncommittal, showing up as Provocation, POWER / Authenticity, showing up as Self-Righteousness, and COMMUNITY / Inclusion, showing up as Policing, I can backtrack and pull out the areas of Happiness that I need to work on, as well as use the 7 Degrees of each of these Weaknesses to be able to identify behaviors that may be holding me back from that Happiness and offer suggestions on how to turn those Weaknesses into Strengths and thus help fulfill those Needs. Now the tricky part would seem to be mapping the Nine Needs onto the Seven Types of Happiness, since it's not one to one. I'll use a little deduction and say that since I've identified that Creative, Social, Intellectual, and at times, Spiritual Happiness seem to come naturally, the remaining three of Primary, Physical, and Purposeful Happiness are probably the ones that I struggle with the most. I do struggle at times with Social Happiness, and this shows up when I impose myself on others, attempt to police them, and ignore social cues (such as others saying No, but that is part of my Life Task of understanding, accepting, and working within the Boundaries of myself and others). I also know that Resonance is such a strength of mine (sometimes to the point of Physical and Emotional Pain), that it can help to subdue some of this. It's a hard balancing act for me that I don't always get right, but it does bring me happiness when I do. Physical Happiness would seem to most easily map to the Need of ADVENTURE, as the more negative degrees of Adventure seem to be geared more towards stimulation, ranging from gaining attention to sensory stimulation. The way through this seems to be stimulation of the mind through learning and inner revelations. I can also see how Purposeful Happiness might go along with the Need of POWER and COMMUNITY, as Michael describes Purposeful Happiness as "the meaning you draw from and infuse into your life, your existence, and relationships and motivations and directions. This is the Happiness that many tend to "seek" or think must be found, but that is not how it works." I recall Michael telling me in my Essence report a very long time ago that I often seek out to try to be meaningful: Looking at that last part, we can see that Purposeful Happiness is something we must find, create, and share. Thus I need to work on developing my own personal Power through guiding myself and others, consciously choosing and owning the results of those choices, and encourage others in my Community by means of socializing, kindness, and inclusion (by invitation, rather than by manipulation or guilt or shame). This seems to make sense. That leaves me with the Need of FREEDOM and Primary Happiness. Michael did mention that this is the happiness that "has no reason, no logic, no question. It is that moment when you know that nothing matters and that everything matters. It is that moment when you take in that moment or person or experience and connect with the ancient part of you that is immortal and epic. This Primary Happiness is always present and the most accessible of all Happiness. It is also the most avoided and dismissed." So if it is always present, perhaps I need to give myself the FREEDOM to allow that Primary Happiness to exist by thinking for myself, controlling my emotions (learning to walk on water, as Michael once told me), and recognizing the power of choice in every instance in order to achieve True Peace. As Michael mentioned to Bobby in this workshop, Happiness is "a state that must first be allowed and then nurtured. It is simple in the sense choosing how to see, how to think, how to feel, and owning the self as a holistic organism that has a right to a moment of Emotional Pleasure, even amid the most challenging moments of life." So along these lines, my interpretation of this is that I need to give myself permission and the FREEDOM to simply allow myself to be Happy.* * Easier said than done, but at least it is Good Work to be able to see how it all fits together and be able to see a path forward for myself, one that integrates my Trues, aids in my Life Task, and helps me to find Clarity, Stability, and Satisfaction / Fulfillment to come to a state of Serenity amidst the chaos that is my over-thinking, guilt-tripping, fearful, anxious and depression-riddled self.
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    I have a session coming up at the end of this month. I was contemplating what questions to ask, and the following came to mind. Should i ask Michael if there is anything humans in general could be doing more of ,or trying, to maximize physical pleasure in regards to sexual relationships from their spiritual perspective. At first it sounds like a dumb question to even me, since, what else could there be, we probably already know all the tricks, right. I was just wondering if consciously bringing in essence during that time can make a difference, or if there are other mental or emotional techniques that we are ignoring too much. Sex is a topic most people don't bring up, so there isn't much channeling on it, so i though about asking this. I can change the question though if most of you think this is a dumb question, or not worthwhile to ask. Or if any suggestions on how to word the question better also. I am all about maximizing the pleasures of the Physical plane, LoL, so why not find out if Michael knows something i don't.
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    RESULTS (original post updated, as well) Those who got one or two symbols correct: Cong - Heart Evelin - Circle Uma - Heart Nick - Heart, Smile Marvin - Circle Kerrin - Star Natalie - Circle Ashley - Heart Royce - Heart AnnH - Circle Sarah - Circle, Heart Nadine - Heart John - Star KurtisM - Star Tincha - Star SamK - Star, Heart Connor - Star SunSand - Circle Moonfeather - Heart Mr.Po - Circle Kasia - Circle PaulyBoy - Star, Heart Tyrone - Star THOSE WHO GOT ALL THREE CORRECT: Heidi - Star, Heart, Circle Rosario - Star , Circle/Smile, Heart PPLD - Star, Heart, Smiley WINNER OF RANDOM DRAWING: @Rosario
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    I just found this. I wrote it years ago for @Moonfeather (C1E7) when she was feeling frustrated in her work (at the time) and was wondering how her Role as Server fit into the "bigger picture". This is how I see Servers ...with a little about Priests for differentiation. I see Servers as doing their best work when they are able to cut through the bullshit and help others return to their own sense of humanity, dignity, and true sense of self, in a way that allows them to fit more readily and ably "into the world". A Priest's calling is to help raise people "out of themselves" to become "more" of who they are, innately. A Server's calling is to help people to "stay in their world", more successfully, in whatever way is appropriate or helpful for each person. That's why so many Servers are social workers. What better place is there for a Server to help so many people to find their way back to themselves, back to their families, back to their communities. Servers offer healing to mankind in so many ways that can go unnoticed -- but that doesn't mean that it isn't needed or valued. Servers at their best help make the world a better place -- just by being themselves. They do this by mirroring the best of who we are, back to ourselves, so we can see who we truly are -- and be healed in the process. Love is a powerful healer. When I "see" Servers I see love, humility and grace.
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    I know life is a spectrum of good and bad, but why does it seem like its so much easier to default to suffering and pain, and it seems like it takes work to stay positive. maybee its just me has trouble staying positive sometimes. I have always had trouble with worry and control, and maybee that is my issue, but i always feel like there is an un-necessary amount of pain and suffering in this world. i guess i just wish life was easier sometimes, LoL. Ive been feeling burned out because ive been feeling crappy physically and health wise, and it just sometimes sucks that we have to go through so many negatives.
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    @Eric Thanks, for some reason I was unable to read the whole transcript. I wonder what in the world we do with these stacks of moments. I thought the idea was to let it all go and freshly experience a new moment. Anyway, your appearance gave me one.
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    Love this The goal is not to aim for a resting place of Happiness, but to get to the end of your life and have a stack of moments that are yours. It is these stacks of moments, however fleeting, that define in great part what a life means to you. To avoid, ignore, squash, or wait for deserving any of those moments is cruel.
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    I can definitely say my cause is my family and my health. I've been dealing with panic attacks since March and still can't figure out what the root cause is. But I'm still working at it. Raising my son and spending time with my family is my cause too. I know that there are SO many crazy things going on in this world...almost too many to name. But for me I need to start with myself. Taking care of my health, how I treat others by just being kind no matter what. I can't worry about or control what everyone else in this world is doing. It would drive me insane and I would lose all inner peace. I need to focus on what's in front of me and that's my family and working on feeling better. Too much stressing is what broke me and now I gotta figure better ways to deal with stress.
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    Um... did I happen to put you there? 😱
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    Well I can validate this well and true. Life has been feeling chaotic in the sense that it feels like everything around me is shaking and turning and tumbling, and I'm kind of having to weave through the mess with a state of calm, but a large sense of disorientation because I can't see where I'm going & what I'm doing. My dreams have been very active, with people from all over my life showing up in them, and lots of interactions/talking. I do have a few causes: PERSONAL: I'm using the primary Core Values of Love, Empowerment and Creativity to expand my access to hobbies of mine that were lost to me as I focused on other elements of my life like my Turning Point & Personality Site. This involves drawing, reading, writing, video-gaming, exercising, diet etc. I use Leniency, Encouragement and Power to transform how I live my days now. Though this does come with a sieve through what's Accommodation, Destruction and Information/Energy-Hoarding. GLOBAL: Here my primary cause is that of Veganism, which is supported by the Core Values of Peace, Love and Wisdom. This makes sense, after all an effort to increase awareness of a detrimental and highly-ingrained practice is going to involve a fine line about what's Negotiation, Leniency and Information vs Oppression/Inhibition, Accommodation and Programming. This Cause involves the most conflict, hence there's emphasis upon Peace. UNIVERSAL: This would seem to be my background cause to move into a more Resource-Based Economy. This is supported by the Core Values of Intimacy, Love and Wisdom. It's interesting here that the feeling for this cause is lighter but more expectant+"get your hands dirty"- which I suspect is because of my stronger desire for this global shift to bring greater waves of love, technology and peace+harmony. Here I straddle between Leniency vs Accommodation in terms of what I do to bring this cause to attention; while sharing Information when I can while understanding when I'm simply talking through Programming; and helping to implement changes that are Safe rather than only Comforting or Isolating. --- All 3 of these Causes (Personal Lifestyle Changes, Veganism/Plant-based Whole Foods Diet and Resource-Based Economy) are definitely leaning toward the Energy/Beauty Cause of Empowerment. Though on a whole, I'm not entirely active, I do enjoy informing others when I can about these causes. I know I have a global+universal cause each- but I suspect I'm with those of you who are focusing on caring rather than causation- because I know I don't have the resources available just yet. All 3 of my Causes are supported by Love so Accommodation vs Leniency are always being explored in each because I know progress doesn't happen "just like that".
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    Thanks @Diane and @Heidi ,people i care for is my cause too. I never really looked at it that way, i always just assumed it was my responsibility, but it is a cause too, and an important one too.
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    Thank you, @Troy for this Report. It really clarifies a lot of what I have been perceiving and thinking about, and especially this wondering when we would see some kind of resolution of the chaos. With Comey's testimony and a sense that the wheels of justice are turning behind the scenes with Mueller and even with the Senate taking a more active look at how fuckface got elected, and with Michael's probability of impeachment at 58% in the next 18 months, I'm feeling a slight relief in the pressure. I am also relieved to know that @Bobby is also feeling what I am feeling. EM validation resonates. I guess I am in the 'rest' group while encouraging others in their causes but not throwing myself into one. Although I do get a sense that refining my understanding of my cause is going on and things are liable to shift towards greater aim, maybe with the energy shift June 23. Staying tuned is so much easier here.
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    I think for old souls sex is more about pleasure and intimacy, like Maureen posted. I actually enjoy sex the most when it is meandering and "nothing has to happen". But that's not to discourage you from asking this question, because Michael might have something different to say. It happens quite often that I think I know the answer, and Michael comes up with a totally different angle.
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    @Luciana Flora This to me is one of the best parts of the whole Michael Teaching--when you ask a question about yourself and they give you a reply that not only answers your questions but also validates your perceptions.
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    MEntity: To "be a person of action" means that one tends to seek results, to have something to show for their efforts, and tend to be frustrated when this is not the case. This can be done quietly or loudly. Now I really believe I'm a warrior. I have always sought results and have always measured my success and failure for them. But I did not think this was anything to do with roles. For me this is so natural that I thought it was like that with everyone . When I began my efforts at self-knowledge. I just believed that it was actually improving when external results appeared and those results took time. Whenever someone told me that I was better at something I thought. But how? I still have not got a job .. I'm still dependent on my parents .. I still have the same difficulties in making friends .. I wanted something palpable to believe in my improvement ..
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    All the stereotypical descriptions of Artisans here have made me think that I must have dated a disproportionate number of Artisans in my 20's/early 30's. I was a sucker for the distant, brooding, artsy boy who was hard to get. I finally got tired of the chase and disappointment and changed course for the "opposite" and married a Warrior. Practice on an Artisan; Marry a Warrior.
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    I have a theory that I talked to Geraldine about that I'll share here. I think that the cultures with the deepest imprintings, or imprintablility, are set up to help younger people move through their 3rd IMs as a matter of course, fairly easily, but they do nothing to help, in fact they obstruct, people from moving through their 4th IMs. In a more "easy" culture with less imprinting you are kind of "left on your own" to work out the 3rd IM, which can be daunting, but you are freer to "become yourself" as you move through your 4th IM. I see them as being different, not harder or easier. Just some thoughts... Geraldine and I never closed this out as being accurate, or not.
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    Hello TruthLoveEnergy. Here is my introduction. I was turned on to Michaelteachings maybe 10 yrs ago because in Google search, I believe it was in the top group of sites when you Googled Soul Age. Pretty prime real estate for a new age website. But then me and some curious friends really read it and we though it was really bad ass explanations for why people of all ages are all on their own level of development. We agreed that Michaelteachings nailed it. So I was left with more questions after a brief channeling session told me I was a Mature 5th (maybe god forbid 6th) As a mature potential 5th, I confirm I am an oddball. I am diagnosed ADHD if that means anything to you. I can relate to Peewee Herman 100%. (This level had been referred to as the Peewee Herman level) I also love fish and birds, like they say. On the off chance that I am actually cathartic 6th level, I will be open here and share that I undergo periodic psychotic episodes that explore human trauma, and anger towards a faceless human violence. I am a lucky lucky human because I am currently an artist, and healing or ill person in this lifetime. I use Michaelteachings as one outlet for therapeutic perspectives on me and others. So, for those who like types: Sun sign: Libra-Scorpio cusp Rising: Scorpio MBTI: INFJ Education Art History and Art I play instruments and write, perform music for fun. I am a diva. I suspect I am Warrior or and King role. I was told I have been a housewife, a butcher, a mercenary, a baron who united german kingdoms, and a wayfarer & lastly, being born in the 90s, I wonder if I had any connection to the AIDS epidemic. Thank you for staying with me. Its hard to know how to introduce yourself into a community that pertains to something you spend your time meditating on and reading about. I look forwards to meeting you all!
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    My biggest takeaway from this session was how often I resist happiness because one thing or another in my life isn't going my way. It makes a big difference in allowing pleasure in other parts of my life just to be aware of that.
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    Comey quoting Becket, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ Anyone know Comey's overleaves. Is he a priest? This whole thing is so surreal. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. We even have a character named REALITY WINNER leaking information that could take down the REALITY LOSER in the White House.
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    I also like to add here that my diet, health and exercising also has a renewed focus and change these days. And I'm so happy to be here where I am now, after 4 demanding years.
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    Serving a Corrupt Master... yup!
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    That "not having a Cause" resonated. There are things I care deeply about, but I simply don't have the energy right now to make the changes that would let me get out and participate. What surprised me is that there was nothing in the Energy Report about the just concluded British election. Granted that it's past, but it really smelled like a major Nexus to me, although the effects will probably not ripple out from Britain for a while.
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    Yes! I'd say the most important Cause is with ourselves...the rest flows from that. "Though a Cause can be picked up at any point in a lifetime, there does tend to be cycles involved and this is a year in which the questions become more obvious" Perhaps now is your time for bringing light to those issues :-)
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    We think we will have a poll, similar to what we do for TLEGG, to allow TLE folks to choose 3-4 topics for upcoming Michael Speaks sessions. If you have an idea for a session that does not already appear within this forum, create a new topic in this forum, and describe the potential content for your idea. Try to be as explicit as possible in how you would request information from Michael on the topic. If the topic you would like has already been introduced in this forum, add a comment to the forum entry for that topic, indicating your support. If the topic introduced isn't fleshed out enough to provide a clear request to Michael, your input on how the topic might be approached would be useful. For Michael Speaks, the topic should be one in which Michael can provide comprehensive material, potentially with little or no time for follow-up questions, depending on how much information Michael can pass on in a single session. Sometime soon we will collect the list of supported topics into a poll. You should also add ideas for Monthly Michael Workshops to this forum -- these would be sessions in which Michael provides content that is most beneficial when there is interaction with attendees. If the poll approach works for Michael Speaks, we might introduce a poll for the workshops as well.