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    THE FINE LINE BETWEEN IMMORTALITY AND FRAGILE MORTALITY I turn 50 at 7:41pm on Saturday, January 20th, 2018. I will be half-a-century old. I feel a strange mix of immortality and fragility like I have never experienced for any other decade birthday. I didn't feel much difference at 20, 30, or 40, but 50 is kind of cool. I have always loved getting older, but this is the first time I see and feel myself as being older and not just getting older. It's all fascinating and terrifying. Do I have another 50 years? Or is time now more precious than ever? Walking that fine line between immortality and fragility is an art. Thank you for walking with me as I live this life assuming I have at least another 50 years, but treating every moment as precious as a final moment. It is so weird to me that of my 50 years of life on Earth as "Troy" I have been in trance with Michael for 30 of those! And many of you have been with me for more than half or all of that time! I have a lot of big plans for the next two years for TLE and publishing, and I will post a roadmap for TLE after my birthday! Despite the drama and stress of growing pains in the world, what an amazing time to be alive and have the technology to find each other again so easily. I want to make the most of it. I love you guys. You are everything to me. Just having you in my life, and seeing how you are in each others' lives, are the best birthday present! Troy NOTICE: LIVE STREAM of Gratitude on January 20th at 12pm Eastern via Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/cocteauboy
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    ENERGY REPORT January 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JANUARY begins a new cycle with an introduction to the emphasis on the Role of Warrior, the continued emphasis on the Higher Emotional Centering, and a new Goal of Dominance. In addition to this, the Chief Feature of Greed continues from 2017 and is likely to be a regular and obvious undercurrent throughout the year. The Higher Emotional Center remains intact over 2018 as a means of navigating the year, which will mean a continued and escalated emphasis on issues regarding Love, Compassion, and Empathy from the Positive Pole, and Intuition, Sensitivity, and Sympathy in the Negative Pole. Keep in mind that the Higher Centers are never “negative,” in that even the Negative Poles do not harm. The Negative Poles of every other Overleaf can do harm, but not the Higher Center Poles. The difference between the Positive and Negative Poles for the Higher Emotional Center is the difference between Love and Intuition. Love is an all-inclusive state that allows room for all variables and does not see these variables as threats to Love. Intuition is a practice in synthesizing variables that are in contradiction, opposition, division, and disparate so as to make sense of the whole picture. Intuition makes sense of these details as a path to Love. The variables of a relationship, of life, of an event, and even of the self can be disparate, divided, and opposing, and Intuition is a practice in allowing these to exist as part of the big picture. Intuition is the practice. Love is the result. Over the year you may find some approaching life from the angle of Intuition as they practice synthesizing all of the confusing and chaotic variables and make sense of opposition, conflict, and differences. Intuition will tend to emphasize Sensitivity and Sympathy. Intuition is a highly receptive state that requires dependence upon Sensitivity. Sympathy is when one feels for another without relating to them. Sympathy has not found common ground but finds a way to include the experiences of others as valid. Intuition requires Sympathy because there are too many variables that will always seem to be outside of your range of experience, but they must be included in the bigger picture. They must be included for Love. Eventually, there is navigation based on Love. This is the inclusion of all variables which allows for variation in expression, differences, chaos, confusion, and conflict. Love allows one to address these variables without experiencing them as threats to Love. Love depends upon Compassion and Empathy. Compassion is the capacity to acknowledge the suffering and to do the work of alleviating it. Sensitivity is often mistaken for Compassion. They are related but different. Sensitivity is a precursor to Compassion. Sensitivity means one is receptive but has still not made sense of the chaotic variables. Sensitivity seeks to remedy and remove the symptoms but has not yet considered or looked at a cause. Compassion seeks to directly address the cause and accepts that the symptoms will remain until the cause is addressed. Love depends upon Compassion because there will always remain challenges and issues that can be addressed, improved, corrected, healed, etc, but the symptoms are seen as informative, not as causative. Sympathy is the capacity to feel for another even as you do not relate to them. Empathy is the capacity to feel for another and relate to them. Sympathy and Empathy are very similar, except that Sympathy has not yet made the connection. Sympathy is a precursor to Empathy. Sympathy and Empathy are a part of Love. One does not have to relate to another to share or understand their feelings. Sympathizing is the effort to Love. Empathy is Love. Despite the more dramatic and traumatic patterns of 2017, it was a year of emphasis on Love, Empathy, and Compassion. The more demanding elements of the year may have gained more attention, but there is a quiet and profound movement occurring as an undercurrent to carry humanity forward. This will not only continue in 2018, but likely become more and more obvious in terms of its Persuasion, Power, and Dominance. The Warrior year will reflect the shift in core values to that of action, follow-through, loyalty, alliance, and doing things for the sake of “being the right thing to do.” Warriors are all about taking care of themselves and their loved ones through Action. It is not enough to give lip-service, promise, or wax philosophical. Warriors have to DO something and they expect you to do something, too, at least eventually. They know better than any other Role that things do not “just happen.” You have to participate. Warriors have a Positive Pole of Persuasion and a Negative Pole of Coercion. Warriors can be relentless in their push for you to take care of yourself and your life, to understand why and how. When Warriors push for you to act without your understanding why or how, they are in Coercion. When Warriors push for you to act, but help you or allow you to understand why and how, they are in Persuasion. Coercion pushes people to act without understanding. Persuasion pushes people to act with understanding. It is likely that you will see both of these Poles in effect over the year on personal and global scales. The Goal of Dominance launches the year and will remain an emphasized motivating factor January through March. Dominance is a goal that seeks to create a state of full ownership and responsibility for the actions one takes in a life. The Positive Pole as Leadership comes as one has learned what one can do and what one cannot do, what one is or can be responsible for and what consequences can be caused or remedied by you, all while recognizing that your life is always an example and model for others. The Negative Pole as Dictatorship is when one refuses responsibility for the consequences of one’s choices and actions and is in a constant state of blame or punishment, either of the self or others while dismissing or ignoring the impact of your life on the world around you. As the year launches for our students, we would expect that a combination of all of the above will come through in a furious and powerful way that shakes you up and resets you for the coming year. The year will likely launch with some kind of personal, community, and/or global shakeup that will either land you more in alignment with your Positive Poles or secure you in your Negative Poles. You will likely get a clear picture of where you are in your Higher Emotional Center, where you are in regard to 2018 collective core values and methods regarding Action, and where you are in regard to 2018 collective core motivations. Are you navigating through Intuition and trying to make sense of confusing or conflicting variables while focusing on alleviating symptoms of discomfort? Are you in Love, allowing room for the variables and symptoms while aiming to alleviate suffering? Are you certain of what you have to do, but are not certain as to why or how? Are you aware of the consequences of your actions and how your very existence is an impact on the world? These are the things that our students (and the world) will be exploring over the next few months and into 2018. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): JANUARY 17th - 20th - - ENERGY SHIFT - - BURST OF INSPIRATION - This looks to be a distinct and definitive shift into a “love one another” energy, a collective empowerment, a sudden burst of clarity in common ground, strength, shared passion, alliance, empathy, compassion, and Love. We are not certain how this will show up, as it may show up as a shock or an invitation, an event or a realization, and it may take time. NO NEXUS in January HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JANUARY: TAKE IT EASY and MAKE IT EASY - We do not have the usual set of considerations to ponder over your month of January because you will already be processing a great deal as you begin your new year. For that reason, we are offering a very simple suggestion to “take it easy” and “make it easy.” Take It Easy on yourself as you take on your new year by setting your own pace, step back from pressure and demand, listen and learn, plan and take action, but Take It Easy. More importantly, Make It Easy for others to do the same. Let them have their own pace, let them step back from pressure and demand, let them listen and learn on their own, and let them in on your plans and actions, but let them take on what they can. Make It Easy.
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    Ask Michael - January 7, 2018 MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN*** Crystal: Hi and happy new year Michaels! Can you comment on the possibility/ies for a woman president of the US in 2020? I feel we should choose one! MEntity: It is now 100% possible for a fragment of female identity to be President of the United States. As for the probabilities that this will occur in 2020, it currently stands at around 88%. Crystal: Hooray! MEntity: Keep in mind that being female does not guarantee enlightenment. A female candidate is likely to be pushed and supported by the less inclusive and anti-progressive Party, as well. NEXT Pat: Good evening Michael! Pat: When a human in a Bonding Agreement adopts an adult animal, that body was probably hosting another Entity Mix previously, so all the experiences will not be applicable for the new “inhabitant”. Pat: How is it solved, so that the new Consciousness doesn’t miss out on life-long experience relating to the aspects of their own Stage of Bonding and development of Emotional Centre? Pat: Thank you <3 MEntity: The stages of bonding for the consciousness of animals works a bit differently and is not anchored to the experiences of the body. If an animal shifts in consciousness to accommodate a relationship that comes late in the life, then the new consciousness mines the experiences stored in the body and uses what is interesting and useful, but can discard all of it, as well. MEntity: We rarely see a complete discarding of the data. MEntity: In addition to this, the consciousness may be at a point in its progression that a complete lifetime is not necessary for the animal to gain a missing experience or element that then completes a stage. MEntity: In that case, a few years of bonding at the end of a life can be enough. MEntity: Because animals have a hive consciousness, or hive souls, they are not as compartmentalized. The life of a body that has had a certain set of experiences is considered carefully and integrated (if useful) for any change in consciousness and late-life relationship. MEntity: Does this address your question? We are not certain we received your question clearly. Pat: Oh yes! It is exactly what i was wondering about. Thank you Michael! NEXT Mizle: Hi there Michael, I would like to ask a further question about vaccination safety. I am interested in ways to prevent the potential damage and what a parent can do in preparation, if they choose vaccination. I'm guessing timing can be quite important, so other than obviously choosing a time when the child is not sick, i'm wondering, since vaccination damage and autism, and then again autism and incomplete 2nd IM are connected, if it would be correct to assume, that vaccinating becomes significantly safer after the child has completed their 2nd IM…? MMR is usually given right before or during 2nd IM at 15 months…. Thanks!! MEntity: Timing is important, but it will always be a gamble. The theory and use of vaccinations are valid, but it will always be the case that a single solution does not work for everyone. The higher the population, the higher the number representing even a fraction of a percentage who may be affected adversely. In most cases, you do not need to be concerned with timing or dangers of any significance when it comes to vaccinations. However, there can be "bad batches" or an individual may not respond well, etc. MEntity: If a body will respond adversely, the timing matters because the more developed the individual immune system the more likely it can respond to any negative effects of a vaccination. MEntity: Knowing if a body will respond adversely is currently not explored to any degree that could help prevent the harm done. Mizle: Assuming then a parent can't do anything really, maybe immune boosters or something at best. MEntity: Genetics and Nutrition are far more important to consider than whether to vaccinate or not, at least in terms of developmental challenges. MEntity: At this point there is no known way to guarantee that a vaccine or lack of vaccine is a better or safer choice than the other. The variables in an individual life are so vast that even we would have difficulty calculating an individual probability. This is why it is such a difficult decision for a parent. We can say that when in doubt, look to the patterns of history, not speculation. History has a solid pattern to observe that reveals success and safety more often than not. MEntity: However, the same can be said of those who refuse vaccines. The numbers of successful and safe refusal of vaccines are about equal in consideration. MEntity: As for timing, if vaccination can wait until beyond the 2nd Internal Monad (individual mobility), it can be ideal in terms of allowing the body to gain its full consciousness on its own terms, but this delay is entirely dependent on the quality of current environment, climate, genetics, nutrition, etc. MEntity: In short, we do not have a simple answer beyond directing you to use the tools available to you for making your choice, such as large scale data that reveals patterns of success or patterns of harm, along with your assessment of the quality of your current environment and quality of nutrition, and genetic vulnerabilities. NEXT Uma: Hello Michael, Uma: I would like to know the Soul Age/Level, Role/Casting, Cadre/Entity for Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel investigating trump, and if there are any karmic or other connections between them. If possible I would like the probabilities for impeachment/resignation and also for criminal conviction/prison for trump and his kids. I would appreciate knowing anything that would make this drama more understandable or easy to navigate. Thank you. MEntity: The fragment in question is a 7th Level Young Warrior-Cast Scholar from Cadre 11, Entity 3. There is Major Karma between these fragments involving Betrayal and Abandonment. When fragments address Karma during the 7th Level, especially as part of the transition into Mature Soul, there is an effort to shift away from simple reversal of scenario. For example, rather than killing someone who killed you, he saves your life in another life. It does not always go so well for the Young Souls who are new at the more creative Karmic Balancing. MEntity: The "plan" was for the Scholar to show "sincere and authentic loyalty" to the King as a means to balance Betrayal and Abandonment in another life. This is showing up a bit differently than expected as the Scholar is, indeed, showing sincere and authentic loyalty to the King. It just so happens that this sincere and authentic loyalty are naturally devoted to upholding the King's authenticity and accountability. MEntity: This relationship and Karmic balance would not have looked like this had the King not succumbed to his Imprinting. MEntity: Probabilities for Impeachment are at about 58% at the moment. MEntity: Conviction and Imprisonment stands at about 22% for the King and at about 18% "for the kids." NEXT Luciana: I read on that site that autism would be the result of an incomplete second internal nomad. However autism nowadays has several degrees. So I would like to know if this would be true even in the milder cases of autism such as asperger syndrome. What would lead to an incorrect diagnosis in the case of milder autism? MEntity: A failed 2nd Internal Monad tends to be hooked into any degree of Autism, but is not always causative, but is correlative. They are symptoms of each other. Sometimes the early onset of autism can affect the 2nd Internal Monad, and sometimes the struggles of the 2nd Internal Monad can bring about some degree of autism. A failed 2nd Internal Monad is correlative and causative of many developmental challenges. In the case of Autism it is both because "autism" is not a singular or definitive diagnosis. MEntity: Early onset of autism tends to be the result of a mix of genetics, nutrition, and environment. MEntity: In many cases of "autism, you simply have an Artisan or high Artisan elements in the Personality, particularly in the milder cases. MEntity: Having one term represent such a broad umbrella of symptoms and degrees makes it difficult for us to carefully correlate or suggest causation, so this is a valid and important question that you ask. MEntity: Did we address your question? Luciana: yes MEntity: FINAL QUESTION - NEXT Connor: Hi Michael! Connor: Coming in November of this year (to a theater near you) in the United States are midterm elections, in which all seats in the House of Representatives and ⅓ of the seats in the Senate are up for reelection. There has been a lot of murmuring about an oncoming “Blue Wave” backlash to Trump’s bungling of his presidency which will flip control of Congress to the Democratic Party. What are the probabilities for this occurring? MEntity: The probability of United States Congress shifting into control of Democratic Party in November currently stands at 64%. MEntity: The year ahead has too many variables for a higher percentage, but this is fairly high in light of that. Connor: Both Houses of Congress, you mean? MEntity: We are looking at both, yes. MEntity: Did this answer your question? Connor: Yes it did. Thank you. MEntity: Good evening to each of you. We will conclude here for today. Goodbye, for now.
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    I was going to have the Energy Report ready for publication and a list of exciting things set for the New Year on TLE, but we are reeling from a ridiculously unnecessary and tremendous blow to our community right now so that will have to wait. But I do wish all of us a Happy New Year and hope that all of this fucking bullshit drama is dead by the stroke of midnight. This is the last place I would have guessed could be threatened, but we are now infected and we have to deal with it. BUT Happy New Year. Let's see what we can do to make things better for everyone. Here and in the world.
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    A recent blog post (deleted now, by request) revealed to us just how easily the foundation in our community could be shaken. I don't think anyone knew it could be shaken so easily and by so little and so fast. It revealed that even our beloved community is not immune from the influences of a world dominated by the toxic atmosphere created by Trump. It is exactly what I wanted to keep out of this community, but I failed. We failed. We got infected. It was probably bound to happen because it is an incredibly contagious infection. THE TRUMP EFFECT There is a very real phenomenon sweeping the world that is called "The Trump Effect" in America. It is a very real effect that has been coined by psychologists and explains the rise in division, hate, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc, where it never existed before. It is an effect that is also responsible for the rise in confusion, misunderstanding, false information, people using lies to defend their truths, and the refusal to see anything beyond what serves your defenses and your reality. It emboldens entitlement and prompts people to demand compliance instead of negotiation. It compels people to prioritize protecting their feelings over dealing with the truth. This effect is a very real psychological phenomenon and it came to our community. BEING SICK vs GETTING SICK Normally, I would say that whatever sickness came to the surface was always lurking in us and that people like Trump or that deleted blog post were just catalysts for bringing out this sickness. There is some truth in that, but there is a huge difference between BEING sick and GETTING sick. When you see good people who have had years of harmony, kindness, respect, compassion, gratitude, honesty, and love shared among them suddenly turn on each other to the point of destroying their friendships in a single day over a single conversation, we are looking at people GETTING sick, not BEING sick. It is a psychological infection that spreads. It is toxic. It is an infection that taps into your most vulnerable and defensive fears. It triggers your fight or flight mode. It is truly Instinctual. Some of us can manage to give it a clear and rational voice, and some people get really ugly, but it is all prompted by this effect. It has a compounding effect and it grows exponentially in intensity that goes almost beyond our control. This effect spans continents and It has infected everything and everyone. BLAMING THE DEVIL The truth of this effect is not the same thing as blaming a boogie man or the devil or some external force that overrides your choices. We still have a choice, but this effect falsely emboldens the most vulnerable part of you and triggers your defenses in a way that feels out of your control. Suddenly, how you feel is more important than reality. It taps into your vulnerability and your years of repressed anger over anything in your life and then this spreads to those around you. We all know there are Physical viruses that spread and affect the Physical Body, but there are Intellectual, Emotional, and Instinctive viruses, as well. This particular "virus" hijacks the Emotional Part of our Instinctive Center and we lose all perspective. It spreads throughout our overleaves and we plummet into the Negative Poles. We become a community of False Personalities fighting for our emotional lives. Our community got sick. We weren't sick before this. This wasn't our illness. This isn't who we are. The only way to stop this sickness is to quarantine the point of infection (the blog thread) and then to do the work of reminding everyone and ourselves of THE TRUTH of who we are to each other. It is an infection that can only be healed and stopped by remembering and acting on the truth. It can only be healed if we differentiate between our infected feelings and the actual truth. WE HAVE A CHOICE I wanted to start this thread to help us get back to the truth and help stop this illness from spreading deeper into us or across the community. So the first truth I want to point out is that this illness was never ours. It found its way here, but it isn't ours. We know this by definitive decades of history in our community where people do nothing but welcome and respect and care for each other. Any hiccup along the way has not been a defining factor for this community. WE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. This is an empirical truth that has many many years of evidence to support and prove it. Start there. And help us remember who we are to each other. Let's heal ourselves with the truth. We are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn. Let's return to learning from the truth, the love, and the beauty that actually defines our community. On a personal note, I'm sorry for *anything* (real or imagined) that I contributed from my own place of triggered vulnerability. PS - There are some serious topics raised in that thread that I want to circle back to and officially address as topics for learning, but in a much more inviting and respectful context, eventually.
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    Happy New Year's everyone! I just wanted to say that I love everyone here in this community and all my fellow Michael students.
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    Hello everybody! My name is Lila and I am from Finland. I'm 50 years old and found the Michael Teachings approximately 16 or 17 years ago. I read everything which was printed in Finnish and a lot of other material in English. I'm a combination of a mystic, hardcore scientist (PhD in genetics) and a skeptic and I don't buy channelings just like that (there's a lot of spiritual bling-bling in the Internet), but Michael has endured my critical view. Being a skeptic mystic is an interesting combination, because I have to learn spiritual stuff from experience before I believe it. So, I have a long list of mystical experiences, which started in my early twenties when I moved out from home. After my love affair with Michael Teachings I moved to astrology, mostly because I was already aware of my life task and I needed a tool I could methodologically use in that job. Since I don't channel Michael, I had to try something else. However, I have (or used to have) a close relationship to my own guides who have taught me through synchronicity and dreams. I got a child almost 8 years ago and after that guides have just left me alone. I ordered my overleaf-chart from Karen Murphy about 10 years ago and her estimation was that I am a 1st old Artisan, which probably is not true. My first guess was, after reading Michael Teachings, that I was a Scholar and although I've pondered other options, Scholar it my best guess. I'm just so knowledge-driven to be anything else. My early middle-age was so eventful (I could write a book about my thirties and early forties), that the soul age level is hardly 1. Or maybe it is. Currently it doesn't feel very important. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to everybody.✋ Hopefully we'll have have fruitful conversations in this forum!
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    @Troy Hugging you with every drop of Essence, wishing you a Happy Birthday. Words fall short when trying to express my feelings for you and how happy I am to have met you, to know you, to be your friend. You have become a Life Highlight in this lifetime, as you have been in so many of my lifetimes. Being 'here' is so much more fun when you are in the picture. I love you.
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    Man, another year on TLE!!!!!! (I'm still counting. Still feel like a newbie 😁) Can't wait for all the exploration, learning, bonding, collaboration we'll be doing in 2018 👯👯👯 Thank you for all this @Troy and all you lovely peeps!!! Happy New Year!!! 🍾✨ 🤗
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    Happy New Year, Troy! Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe I am thinking again this year - this year has been very difficult and I am glad it is over. I am ready for a new year. My gift from 2017 is Surrender and I am working on it. I am ready to accept more joy and pleasure. From Michael: Surrender is TRUST. It is the retrieval of experiences from the past that remind you that you will survive that experience... ... it is often a pleasure to surrender.
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    THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!! I cannot believe you guys pulled this off for me for my birthday. I have been so moved by all of the cards I have received and I don't even know where to begin or how to thank all of you for thinking of me. The messages have had me in tears. And the gift of Nintendo Switch was icing on the cake!! I can't believe you guys did this!! I am really at a loss for words, which is really rare for me. I love all of you so much. Thank you for breathing so much life into my next phase of life. Special thanks to @DianeHB for everything, and also to @PPLD who pulled off the whole coordination of mailing me physical birthday cards!! That. WAS. AWESOME!! And thank you to everyone for all of your generosity, patience, kindness, and heart-melting letters in your cards. I wish I could hug every single one of you right now. PS - I got sick on my birthday and then spent the next day completely wrecked and in pain with body aches, nausea, blazing headache, sleeping almost the entire day away. I woke up this morning at 4 am and feel much better, but still wonky. If you missed it, the live feed from my little birthday moment is below. Facebook records in reverse, so excuse the weird mirror effect.
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    Amazing how time has flown by for many of us who have been a part of your community for so long. I hear you on walking that fine line of immortality and fragility. Treat every moment as a gift, from here on out. I need to remember that. I'm sure you remember when there was a time you thought your end time would be at the age of 33. I don't quite remember why you thought that, but here you are going on 50! Congratulations and Joy to you, always. I might go get me a cupcake so I can feel like I am celebrating your half century mark too. You've been a blessing in my life, Troy. I've learned so much through you and the Michaels. But, it's been your way of disseminating the teachings in a way that makes so much sense, to me. You have been a great teacher, in that aspect. So I Wish You the Very Best Birthday Ever! I wish you Health, Joy, Prosperity. Truth, Love and Happiness Always! I Love You Always too. OXOXOX
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    "... Essence touching Essence, and it is through this and this alone that Fragments evolve." Happy Birthday! Love and cheers!
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    A great and happy 2018 for everyone! 🎇
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    A car sticker for the new Warrior year. Bring it on! -Get in. -Sit down. -Shut up. -And hang on. I would add and try to enjoy the ride once the Warrior in the driver's seat is out of traffic and can humour a conversation or two😁
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    Hard to top @Uma's comments, but may I add that you are the best! ❤ you!
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    Bravo @Troy for finding a more self reflective/empathetic stance. Yesterday I was in a state of mania feeling like I had all the answers/power/love... fueled by the idea "I am dying so I can do/say anything". It was both fun and toxic. Getting through the night brought me to a new state. Whew!!! It is a milestone in itself to come back from the brink of destruction, worthy of a quiet celebration.
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    I confirm that it was the last thread in my blog, "A Deer's Life" that got deleted. Troy deleted this thread after my own request. May this community heal fast and grow even stronger.
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    A long time ago -- maybe on Ning? -- there was a link on TLE that would take you to a random article or post. I loved that link, and used it as a tool for synchronicity: I always hoped it would lead me to an article that I just needed to read that day. But I had an idea today: as a TLE admin I have access to the study library via a back door, and all the articles in the library are numbered. I've used a random number generator, and I offer these "mystery links" for those who find them enjoyable, if not useful. If you like this, I'll create a new topic with links for February. Tips: While the linked article itself might not offer a nugget for you, we are in the process of adding links from the articles back to the original sessions. I encourage you to follow those links when they exist to see if there is a 'message' for you there. Use these links in whatever synchronistic manner appeals to you. For example, instead of choosing a link for the current date, try choosing a link randomly. Click on a number to open a library article. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Please let me know if this is something you enjoy!
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    Wow, this is actually quite an optimistic energy report. After last year's grieving and processing and waiting, I'm so ready for an action year and getting shit done!! Thank you Troy!
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    What???? LIES!!! I have NOT noticed this here on TLE! 😂 Just kidding... Thanks for taking the time to channel this detailed report, @Troy! I appreciate it.
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    Happy new year everybody!! This year has been difficult for a lot of us, and I'm going to take advantage of the Warrior energy for all it's worth. Let's do this!!
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    Whew, 2017 was a bumpy ride. What's this up ahead? Awwwww hell no.... buckle up, 2018's looking rough too! Happy 2018 everybody! I'm so glad that I found TLE back in 2013. You lot have been my rock of sanity in a crazy world, and also my wobbly bowl of crazy jelly in a too straight and sensible world. Let's be here again for each other in the days, months and years ahead like we have been in the years and lifetimes before. Big love and essence hugs from me to you all.
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    Happy second 25th birthday, Troy! XOXOXO
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    Happy Birthday!! Of course you do. Perfect centuries for everyone! No one comes to Earth to be 99.
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    Love you, Troy! 😘 Here's to at least 50 more years! 🍾
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    What if it is 1/3? Could be, you know! Everything above + one more I lovelovelove you! 😍😍😍
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    I find these evocative guided meditations very relaxing. Each 20-minute session sees you embark on a different journey. If you can suspend disbelief and wholly immerse yourself in the narrative they're quite enjoyable. If you happen to visit the Serenity Spa, be sure to look out for the "waterfall of cascading water". Great phrase, that. 😄 Serenity Spa Serenity_Spa_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Sky Realm Sky_Realm_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Earth Rise Earthrise_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Lost City Lost_City_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Fantasy Island Fantasy_Island_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Pain Management Pain_Management_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 Desert Oasis Desert_Oasis_Meditation-Meditainment.mp3 https://www.meditainment.com/about https://www.wellmindmedia.com/about-us
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    Since, in this community, I consider us to be sitting at the grownups table and not at the kids table, consider the following from Orin and DaBen: When someone does something you do not like, open your heart before you speak. If you choose to make a statement, state what you feel about the situation, rather than blame for something they did to you. You can say, "I feel hurt," rather than "YOU hurt me." A powerful way to state it is, "I am CHOOSING to feel hurt,” for every feeling you have is one you have chosen. I think it speaks to what Michael says about feelings not being the truth. There are times where we're going to feel slighted, sure. But if you're waiting or demanding an apology then I would have to ask: Are you doing the work that you came here to do? The long awaited day that you're waiting for the apology may never come and then what? Are you going to go around the rest of your life upset? Bringing it back to Michael, how does that fit into the idea of Acceptance? It feels so much better to just let that go and realize that there is so much more you enjoy about the person or about the community than you feel slighted by in the moment. Otherwise, if it were a systemic issue, I doubt you'd be here in the first place. And let's not forget, no one here, NO ONE, is without their imperfections. That can be an eye opener when that realization smacks you upside the head(been there done that) but if you are still wrestling with the idea of expectations of others beyond that which you impose upon yourself then you may be unfairly asking too much. We ALL have bad days, negative poles, Chief Features, Egos, etc. Were you expecting otherwise? And if not, then why are your actions not reflecting the truth of this? Why the inconsistency? The answer always starts with ourselves. We are the only thing/anyone that we have any control over. The bottom line of this teaching is: WE HAVE A CHOICE. What are you choosing? Is it to be right or is it to be whole? All healing begins with ourselves.
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    Happy New Year my friends and aquaintances! I am ready to tackle this Warrior Year. Big changes are to come.
  33. 19 points
    Happy 2018, everyone! Thank you for being in my life. This year will be interesting.
  34. 19 points
    Happy New Years all!!! I wish you all the best in the coming months. I’m so thankful for this community and all its members. I don’t know where my life would be without you all. Thank you!
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    I love you every day... more and more. ♥❣️♥❣️♥
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    I read through the deleted thread yesterday and it was both painful and a learning experience. I didn't get involved because I've not been a participant here much in a while so didn't feel comfortable putting my oar in. As a Sage, my temptation is to inflict my opinion wherever but I abstained :) So now I will. Like Nadine and Troy, I'm fascinated by semantics and how they're construed. The term privilege has become loaded in the US and is often misunderstood. I'll speak for myself: I am a white, cis-gendered, straight, middle-aged woman (heading to elderly) who was raised upper-middle-class in the US. I have been broke, but not poor, because I had family funds to draw upon if I was in dire need. So I have privilege in 4 of six of what are systemic advantages in the US. I am not ashamed of these privileges because I had nothing to do with them, except birth choice. I do need to always recognize that I have had advantages from birth that many others haven't had, so I should effing keep my mouth shut about stuff I don't know about, which would be the experience of those who are LGBTQ, of an ethnic, religious and racial minority, or who live in real financial fear and poverty. In the US we are living in a place where people who aren't white, cis-gendered, and often male are being threatened in a way I haven't seen in my adult life. And it's being condoned and encouraged by the current administration. This is about a system which privileges a certain group or groups to the detriment of others. It's important for those of us who have had privilege in this system to hear and support the voices of those with (I think) justified fear about the current course of events in the US. You don't have to feel privileged to live in a system in which you are privileged. We're all hurt and scarred.
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    Just a note of reminder that politics are, by their very nature divisive, and are intended to be so in fact. I'm not sure they ever really can be discussed "neutrally" because everyone has their own subjective, as well as their own objective perspective and most people feel pretty strongly about those personal perspectives. Politics always creates "sides" because it is the very nature of the game itself to do so.
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    Happy New Year everyone! You're a great bunch of people and I'm very thankful to have you all in my life, have the opportunity to exchange, discuss, laugh, grieve and have fun with you. I wish you all a great 2018! May we all manage to stay in our Positive Poles and work ourselves back to them when we go astray.
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    NOTICE: LIVE STREAM of Gratitude on January 20th at 12pm Eastern via Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/cocteauboy
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    STORY TIME I've put a lot of thought and heart into trying to figure out how and why the infamous deleted thread went so terribly awry among people who are genuinely kind, caring, and compassionate. All of us were calling out for the same things, so it's just a fact that all of us cared deeply on some level about what we were speaking up about. So I offer up this little parable that I wrote that is as no-fault an exploration of why and how things went awry in that thread as I can get. It is exaggerated for the sake of emphasizing a point, so please read it as a parable, not as a parallel event. And read it playfully with insight and consideration, not as an indictment or insult. I'm writing this to help bring compassionate understanding for those who thought that I and a few others were just being crazy and aggressive and hostile and unfair. I'm not writing this for just us on TLE. I'm writing this for all of the people in the world who fight the good fight but have that fight made more difficult by good people in their lives. It's a crappy story and not well-written, but I hope it helps. By the way, this is not for Hjortur. He willingly and beautifully accepted that there may be more around the corner... (and I profoundly thank you for that, @Hjortur) <<and I'm very sorry for dismissing in anger your revelation in the other thread - I am very happy to have another ally)) THE CORNERS OF LIFE - a parable So... one day you walk around the corner just in time to see a woman viciously kick a man in the balls. You have never been around that corner before, but you happened to be walking that way today. And you are shocked by what you see! When you are asked about what you saw, you describe what you saw: A woman attacking a man. It was vicious. You know what you saw and what you describe is entirely accurate and fair. This woman attacked a man! You may even go so far as to feel bad for the man and think the woman was crazy. You might have run over to the man and helped him to his feet and pushed the woman into the wall to protect the man. Or maybe wished that you had. Everything you describe was true to what you saw and you are not wrong for that. But what you missed was the entire struggle that happened before you came around the corner when the man was assaulting the woman and trying to rape her. You never saw any of this and in all of the commotion, it was never brought to your attention. You go about your life thinking this woman was fucking crazy and vicious to an innocent man. That's that. So weeks pass and you see an article describing women as crazy and vicious and he calls for women to behave more civilly and compassionately. He pleas with women to make life easier for men and asks them to not live in such fear and judgment of men. He describes halfway houses and support groups for women as bastions of fear and judgment. He just wants everyone to get along. If only women would stop being so awful to men. If only women would try to see men as their equals. He goes on to describe how women threw his life into turmoil and how he is only barely recovering from it. Women are to blame for this. It is a heartfelt plea for peace and compassion. You read this article and think it is awesome. Someone is innocently calling out for compassion. You are totally on board. You saw with your own two eyes a woman attack a man so it all makes sense to you. And then, out of nowhere, you see someone comment "pull your head out of your ass!" Gasp!! WTF WHAT?? Where did THAT come from!? Others chime in and try to explain that women are often the victims of assault and violence from men and that to condemn or blame them for fighting back reveals that the author does not understand the whole picture. What he said is hurtful and insulting. Wait, what? You have never seen that! You actually saw a woman attack a man! These voices speaking up for women are just another kind of attack. Women are just fine! And all this man is doing is calling for compassion! They try to explain that women are not actually vicious and fearful. Wait, what?? You saw with your own two eyes that women can be vicious and fearful! And you can see it already again in these comments against this compassionate man! They try to explain that halfway houses and support groups for women who survive assault are not bastions of fear and judgment against men. Creating a safe space for women should not be considered an insult to men or to be anti-men. Wait, what? Please... If they aren't bastions of fear and judgment against men, then why aren't all men allowed to join them, too! Give me a break! They try to explain that when a woman defends herself against rape, she is not being fearful or judgmental. She is empowering herself. She is in a fight for her life. Wait, what?! You saw a woman kick a man in the balls. She seemed just fine taking care of herself. Women just need to calm down and learn something from the compassion of this man! They try to explain that the truth is more than what you saw. They try to explain that the truth is more than what you see. Wait, what??? But you saw what you saw!! You already know the whole truth! Well, that does it... this man needs your help. He is clearly innocent and only trying to call out for compassion and being attacked by these troublemakers. You feel compelled to step in and put these women in their place! They need to learn a thing or two from you because you saw what you saw and that is the only truth necessary for them to free themselves from their pitiful and angry lives of fear. And so it goes... The world is full of corners that you may or may not see or go around. Not by any fault of your own, but by virtue of your path in life and what needs your attention in your life. But there are truths that are bigger than what we can or will see. There are many corners in life that you may not go around, or you may come around too late to see the whole picture. The world is divided by people who have never seen the whole picture around the corner by virtue of timing or their path in life, and people who have been or see around the corner. And many live around those corners. So now you have people desperately and constantly (and sometimes aggressively and with frustration) trying to tell others what it is like to live around the corner where many may never have seen, and we have people yelling back that it doesn't matter what happens around the corner, it only matters what they have seen or what they can see. That glorious and infamous deleted thread offered up a choice... just like life does all of the time: A) give yourself a chance to see around the corners of life that you may never ever see and listen carefully and kindly to the desperate and frustrated (and aggressive) voices of those who are constantly told that these corners do not exist... OR B) or pile on and put these people in their place for causing a commotion, for even suggesting that there is more to life than what you can see, school them on how your life is just fine on your side of the street, convince them that there are no corners in life, or that they should just stop going around corners... and demand that if they are going to talk such crazy talk, they should at least do it calmly and rationally so as not to disturb those who are asleep. We may never live or see or be around the many corners of life and by no fault of our own, but we have to accept and understand and listen to the truths that are bigger than the paths of our personal and private lives. This goes both ways, but this is particularly important for those who are not in danger, not targeted, not affected by oppression, hate, violence, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. The less affected you are by these things, the more listening and learning is in order when others speak up about these things (and yes, however "aggressively" they speak up about these things - it only looks like aggression to those who are unaffected). Step back and *really* listen and learn when you would rather be scolding and schooling. Just try that for a while and see if it makes a difference. It can take a while, but there will come a moment when you make the connection and you become an ally for true peace and equality, not just a champion for politeness and courtesy.
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    Thank you for proposing some healing @Troy - is there a specific way you want to go about it? In the last thread my posts to you were completely ignored and I would like to make sure the discussion here is more fruitful. I'll happily partake if there is dialogue. Thank you @Hjortur for still being here. I hope we all find our way back together and manage to be more empathetic in the next debate! We can do it!
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    May this coming year bring peace, prosperity and happiness to you all. Take the opportunities that come your way, look forward, not back, and find one small way to be a better person. Love and best wishes to you all.
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    @Jeroen Love to you too, Jeroen and everyone on TLE!
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    Happy Birthday, Troy! So glad to have you in my life. You and the work you do have made such a difference for me... I can't imagine what it would be like without it. I wish you many more Happy, Healthy, Birthdays to come! 🎂
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    I have recently stumbled upon videos about the life of a half-Lithuanian spiritual artist Akiane Kramarik, who claimed to have painted the face of Jesus from her visions. There are two most famous portraits of such kind made by her. They seem to be of a man of Middle Eastern origins in his 30s. The looks of a person in the portraits, the energy emanating from his eyes and facial composition resembled to me a man that Michael has described as being the historical Jesus - a Magnetic Old King. The man in the portraits has a rather wide and squarish facial composition, low brows and a regal glance. In the way it is depicted is way more realistic than those Italian-like images of him we are used to see in churches. It would be rather curious to hear from Michael someday, how close these images correspond to the actual face of Yeshua.
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    Artisans and autism. This year a man said “ I could not really figure you out socially , Royce. Have you ever tested if you were on the spectrum?. When living with my friends on saltspring a couple asked them when I left the room “ Is he on the autism spectrum?”. I am not. Just....digest things....in....a..,.different waaaay that does not translate socially as clear as I would like a lot of the time. I think that is why it is exciting for me to put myself in situations where I have to speak up/ have a voice....to work out that muscle of interpreting what it is I am experiencing.
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    2018 INTETNTION: COMMITMENT/FOCUS OBSTACLE: Various distractions! STRENGTHS: Clarity and momentum
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    Happy 2018, everyone! May we continue the give and take that we all are so grateful for here on TLE!
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    MY 2018 INTENTION: MOVEMENT OBSTACLES: My natural tendency to be content with things, to just let the world flow around me while I stay still. STRENGTHS: I've spent all of 2017 building a more active mindset and laying the groundwork for the actual changes I intend to make this year, both in my personal life and in the world around me. In many cases, I've already begun the initial steps forward, and 2018 will be about building momentum and seeing things to fruition.
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    Troy you are the chandelier to my hint of lime tortilla chips! May you have many more years of shooting aliens and tasting things you love to taste and hugging things you love to hug.