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    ENERGY REPORT July 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) JULY shifts the collective emphasis away from Power Mode and brings a collective emphasis to the Attitude of Pragmatist. The Attitudes describe one’s primary perspective, how one interprets the inner and outer world of events and experiences. How one interprets events and experiences in the life directly informs one’s actions, thoughts, feelings, and choices. This is why the Attitude tends to be the “hub” of every Personality. How one sees the inner and outer world matters. When the Attitude falls into the Negative Pole, this cascades through the Personality and takes the entire Overleaf system into the Negative Poles. If the Attitude can be returned to the Positive Pole, the rest of the Overleaves tend to follow. The Pragmatist sees the world in terms of efficiency. Whatever works, works. Whatever is seen as the most direct route between A and B is prioritized. The Pragmatist is at the center of all other Attitudes, so if it makes more sense to “slide” to Idealist, or Realist, the Pragmatist will use her Idealism or Realism as a means of efficiency. This gives the Pragmatist many options for how to navigate effectively. In the Positive Pole, the Pragmatist is PRACTICAL. This Pragmatist sees the world in terms of what will work. This Pragmatist is willing to do things differently if it means being more efficient. This Pragmatist is flexible and always assessing the dynamics of life in a way that improves processes, both internally and externally. This Pragmatist will “slide” to any other Attitude as a way of preventing blind spots and assumptions, looking at the world from different angles to assess the best options. In the Negative Pole, the Pragmatist is DOGMATIC. This Pragmatist sees the world in terms of what once worked. This Pragmatist assumes that what once worked will always work and insists and demands that this method be used in every similar situation. This Pragmatist also “slides” to other Attitudes, but only as a means of justifying their Dogma. This Pragmatist tends to lock onto another Attitude and use its Negative Pole to fortify the Dogma. This Pragmatist sees only what he wants to see and then thinks, feels, acts, and chooses based on the rigidity of perspective. The priority for the Dogmatic Pragmatist is to be right, to make the world comply to his expectations, and to ignore all indications or input to the contrary. July brings with it a dive into Dogma. All of the Overleaves are in effect all year while the “seasons” bring with them an emphasis on certain parts of the Overleaves, so Pragmatism has already been in effect and has been in Dogma from the start. July simply brings this into focus. The world stage will likely become a showcase of Dogmatic Pragmatists colliding with each other and who will stop at nothing as they push forward, refusing input that does not support what they have decided works best, regardless of the outcome. The outcome is not important for the Dogmatic Pragmatist, only the process. For those in Dogma, when the process leads to disaster, the disaster is not considered as relevant. The process is the priority, and success is determined by whether the Pragmatist was able to adhere to what he determined was the best path, rather than whether the path gave the best results. As Dogma comes into focus over July on the world stage and collectively, we see many of our students and non-students quickly aiming for the Positive Pole in PRACTICAL Pragmatism to help address the Dogmatic Pragmatism that is escalating. This is an aim in the personal life as well as in how one participates in the world. Many of our students are evaluating what they can do differently, evaluating alternatives to what they have always felt used to work for them, reconsidering how they see themselves and others, reconsidering the routines, habits, and familiar ways that have been in place for most of the life. This is how the Positive Pole of Pragmatism works. As many of our students know, the Assimilative Overleaf can “slide” to all other Overleaves, so Pragmatist can slide to Skeptic, Cynic, Realist, etc. It is often forgotten that all other Overleaves can also slide to the Assimilative Overleaf, so those who are Skeptic, Cynic, and Realist, for example, can also slide to Pragmatist. Regardless of your own Attitude, you are likely sliding to Pragmatist as a means of evaluating how you see yourself, see the world, see yourself in the world, and assessing what patterns may no longer work for you or for your worlds. You may be assessing how your patterns contribute to or take away from both your inner and outer worlds. To do this, you will also enter Pragmatism through Dogma, first. This means that you will likely see a daunting range of routines, patterns, traditions, and familiarity that you see you have taken for granted, or that have always worked for you, or that you wish could continue to work for you, but may require change. As you enter your exploration of Dogma, it will be important to remember that Dogma is only the case if you refuse to change a pattern that you know you must change. You are assessing yourself in terms of what has the potential to be or become Dogma, and then aim for more Practical solutions. This is not new to any of you this year. This assessment has been in place all year. However, the work of bringing about Practical changes now comes into focus more than at any other point in the year for most of our students. It is a “now or never” shift that is on the horizon for most of our students regarding participation in a shift of collective patterns across Sentience. From the most intimate and private of changes to the most globally relevant of changes, nearly every student we know is considering how to put into action that which will alter patterns that have potential to become Dogmatic. Most of the population beyond our students are considering their perspectives in the same way. However, many Young and Baby Souls are locked in Dogma and will push that Dogma with all of the power they have. July through September look to be quite turbulent, even to the point of major geological events reflecting the inner turmoil of humanity. Economic and Social stabilities around the world are precarious at the moment. The need for change is great, and the need for Practical Pragmatism is becoming clear to many. Ironically, because of the precarious nature of patterns at the moment, we cannot see probabilities clearly enough to assess the likelihood of what is to come. Earlier in the year, we saw probabilities for June or July to begin a Breaking or Turning Point. The first of those key events have come with the resignation of a member of the United States Supreme Court. This may seem to be a local event that would only affect the United States, but this key event is part of a delicate and fragile system that is long overdue for an overhaul. The Breaking or Turning Point for this overhaul will affect the planet. There are more key moments to come across July. As you navigate July, August, and September, the display of Dogma in the world may be quite daunting, but your personal assessment of where you may have fallen into Dogma or could potentially fall into Dogma can help bring changes internally and externally in ways that help move you and your world toward the Positive Poles of every Attitude. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): July 12th - July 27th -- NEXUS -- CONVERGENCE/DIVERGENCE - This window of Nexus is a mix of both Convergences and Divergences that are wholly unpredictable even in terms of probability at the moment. We will assess on the other side of this Nexus in our next Energy Report. We can only suggest to our students that they do their best to focus on personal changes that have been deemed relevant and practical and helpful for both the inner and outer worlds as a way to sustain a sense of footing and grounding over this Nexus. This unusual Nexus may be obvious to some and simply more of the same to others. We cannot offer a definitive standard that will help our students recognize symptoms or validation of this Nexus. We can say that it will likely carry a sense of acceleration, escalation, and intensity. July 12th - 27th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- SHOCK/GROUNDING -- The Nexus brings with it an accompanying and daily Energy Shift that will likely shift between Shock and Grounding. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER JULY: THIS IS ONLY A PART OF THE STORY - Wherever you are in your life, wherever humanity is in its progress, whatever the past, whatever the likely future, and whatever the present, there is never a moment when the story is over. Every moment, decade, era, century, lifetime, and even Grand Cycle is only a part of the story. It can be quite helpful to remember this when you feel you can only see an end or no end for a particularly challenging story. This is only a part of the story, and your part in that story matters.
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    I'm not sure. This sentence comes from a session in 2000: "We will say that the disruption of your leaders in the U.S. is the most important parallel having to be dealt with. The crux of this disruption has not come full circle yet." They also added: "We will also note that this channel is not one of our best historians, therefore we are limited here." RUDE!
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    One of these days we will have 'good news' and maybe then it won't be so difficult to channel. In the meantime, your channeling is really really appreciated.
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    These are getting really difficult to channel. Ugh.
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    Personally, I'm not surprised to read this Energy Report, because much in my life is reflective of just what Michael said. I am breaking out of/altering established patterns, and I'm looking forward to a new inner and outer environment. Who knew 'exciting times' would feel like such shit? But it's not surprising when you look at the big picture.
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    Michael has been talking since the 70's about how America is a version of Rome that is replicating that same timeline. Supposedly, some major events repeat over time, kind of like they reincarnate as collective events for people to experience again from different angles and to try to alter outcomes. America is playing out the rise and fall of Rome.
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    The world will end and you won't even get to see it broadcast
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    We reallly took the suckers for granted didn't we. Pre-2018 Juni: "Oh hey a Nexus. Cool." Post-2018 Juni: "YOU GET A NEXUS! AND YOU GET A NEXUS! EVERYBODY GETS A NEXUS!"
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    I assume they meant the Supreme Court. The manner in which Justices are now appointed, now that the filibuster is removed and only a simple majority required for confirmation, has turned the Supreme Court into just another Legislature which no longer requires bipartisanship for appointment. Until term limits are introduced for the Supreme Court Justices, both parties will only continue to mangle the Constitution in their efforts to fill those seats, and every choice to play fast and loose with the Constitution accumulates over time and results in breakdown. There is even the possibility of packing the Supreme Court. There's nothing in the Constitution which says there need to be a specific number of Justices, it''s up to Congress how many Justices there are. If Democrats retake Congress, and if a Democrat defeats Fuckface in 2020, Congress could theoretically increase the number of Justices to eleven or fifteen, and fill the new seats with liberals, each confirmed by a simple majority courtesy of Mitch McConnell. Democrats would get their revenge, we would not have to live under a Trump-dominated Supreme Court for the next fifty years, and the Supreme Court would lose a lot of credibility. I've been engrossed in studying Roman politics in the final years of the Republic, and the parallels are frightening.
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    Talking of mateys- incidentally, I bought myself two bottles of rum last week for the purpose of infusing fruit and making 'officer's jam' for Christmas presents and other gifts. However, having read the July Energy report, I consider re-purposing them and I fathom they may not last until the end of July On that note: what's a pirate's favourite amino acid? Arrrrrrrginine, indeed. Reading that report I don't know whether I want to laugh or cry..... Two lines from two Queen songs keep chasing each other in circles in my mind: "Get me out of that cheap B-movie" and "I'm going slightly mad.." I have this feeling that everything is falling apart and I am in a place where I don't want to be and I don't see a way out. This is very unusual for me - I have a happy basic attitude!
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    Yaaaaar Me Mateys! It be time to batten down the hatches and make a lot of love, art, and music. So get out thaaaar and be yer awesome selvvvves and be some loverly inspirrrrration for the worlds, yarrrrrrrr! In honor of the coming times of now, some chillout music and RIVERDANCE in 15/16 time! EDIT:! I think we could use the WHOLE show of RIVERDANCE (original 15/16 time clip of Marta's Song down below).
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    Looks like we are in for quite a ride. Thank you, Troy.
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    It's been a very very long time since I've been active on the site. I'm glad to be back and I hope to stay active. Life changes, the tides come and go, the wind will always blow. Syncronicity has been very apparent in my life lately. I've started doing new work. The day I decided to quit my old soul sucking job a new opportunity arises. Turns out I'm now working for my best friend from grade school. We've been out of touch for over a decade. He started an ayurvedic apothecary about 10 months ago and I've been working with him for almost two months now. We make herbal remedies and supplements. And a lot of the products contain CBD. I'm doing wonderful work here and I feel like a child again. I am helping my community and myself. I feel great guys, and it's all because I grabbed that bull by the horns and said... "We're doing it my way now." I've learned we are all artists with the power to create our lives. Once we learn that, the universe will recognize our effort, and that's when the syncronicity becomes the most obvious. I'm glad to be on the site again.
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    Oh lookey! A Nexus. Haven't seen that in a while. Given the supposed wibbly-wobbly, shifty-wifty nature of the probabilities in the next month or two, as well as all the overall build-up over the past year, it's not surprising these would start feeling difficult to channel, like trying to send a huge file over a limited internet connection. Maybe there's some kind of channel "defrag" or maintenance protocol that would be helpful, or at least mitigate potential burnout? Would be sad to be all, "Yeah, we got the session, but then the channel burst into flames." Hmmm, a potential bit of new fodder for the "Weather and Human Consciousness" subject, if that ever gets explored again. Yeah. For me, at least, there has definitely been some amount of reviewing and assessing routines, patterns, and familiarity all year, and most of this report is pretty much in line with that. It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of that in the near future. The mention of the Supreme Court resignation as part of a fragile system was rather cryptic and vague, though I agree with Connor in that I think it could mean the way the Supreme Court functions. That said, it could mean something very different that's only obliquely related to the government. Elaboration would be needed. I have a bit of a hard time seeing it as having a global effect, especially given many of the other situations going on in the word, but who knows. Could be like a volcano eruption; a major event locally, but with aftershocks or clouds that have a minor but notable effect elsewhere. Instability and fall have been in the cards for a very long time, so I can see this being the next lurch on that ragged trajectory (though I don't see it as being the sudden or total end of the world). Despite the drama, this isn't a new situation in history (cycles man, they're effed up sometimes), though it is a tricky one and I can see how pragmatism is/will be needed.
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    Damn. Here I was congratulating myself for making it through June. Fully validating the assessment of myself, though.
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    This is crazy finals week at uni! Today we presented a social responsibilty fair. My group focused on celebrating our diversity. We are One ...and we contain multitudes! Here we are after 3 hours...needing some good food and rest!
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    May you live in interesting times indeed.
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    On June 8th, I attended my first ever protest at the Federal Detention Center about 2 miles from where I live against the way children and mothers seeking asylum are being treated by the Trump administration. It was a smaller demonstration but I was still impressed that as many as they did came out in support. I think there was probably around 500 or so, maybe as many as 1000 but not much more than that for sure. Yesterday, I attended another protest at the same place. It was obvious as I approached the event that many more people showed up this time. People were parked everywhere. Trains were packed with people coming to the event. There were people everywhere! I asked one of the policemen assigned to the event what he thought the crowd size was.. I was thinking 1000. He said they were expecting around 5000. Today, the Seattle Times reports that around 10,000 attended this event. The outpouring support of folks from all walks of life was so reassuring in these stressful times. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/10000-strong-demonstrate-at-seatac-detention-facility-against-president-trumps-zero-tolerance-immigration-policy/
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    Makes sense to me. Current events remind me more of the Fall of the Republic, in the 1st Century BC. The Republic was ultimately brought down by the civil war fought between Caesar and Pompey. The civil war only happened thanks to the breakdown in communication and negotiations between the two men. Caesar illegally waged war in Gaul, and the Senate was powerless to stop him because Caesar was a Proconsul and therefore endowed with legal immunity for the duration of his term (sound familiar?). Once Caesar's term as Proconsul ended, he would become a private citizen, and then the Senate could prosecute him for breaking the law, so Caesar simply ignored his Senate-mandated resignation-deadline and clung to power past the end of his term. And Pompey could not compel Caesar to resign through legislation because every time the Senate tried, they were immediately vetoed by Tribunes of the Plebs who were more loyal to Caesar than to the Republic. It was a total gridlock. Finally, Caesar and Pompey agree to a deal: to avoid war, they will both resign. But then everyone started arguing over who should resign first, and it was back to square one. Every time Pompey supporters pointed out the very real and obvious instances of lawbreaking on Caesar's part, Caesar supporters would simply deflect by pointing out Pompey's lawlessness. Hillary deflection, much? And to be fair, Pompey was illegally serving as as a Consul at the time. You can serve as a Consul of Rome more than once, but ten years must pass between any two of your terms. And Pompey was serving as a Consul after only a three year interval. Very illegal. Yet another instance of the Senate playing fast and loose with established Roman law, which as we can see today had disastrous consequences. No agreement was reached, the gridlock was never broken, the partisan squabbling led to civil war, and then the Republic died.
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    Good, let change come! It is needed, and as has been demonstrated by recent political developments in New York, shocking change does not have to be bad or painful. Even if it is, though, we'll get through it, and the country/world as a whole will be all the better for it.
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    Greetings, fellow hominids. How are you? Why are we? Who am I? Well, for starters, I eat, sleep, and breathe, write and record music, and do all kinds of other, equally human things in a 'burb of Philadelphia. I like underground / "alternative" music, speculative fiction and films (especially horror), ufology, cats, and people whose names begin with Z. Root vegetables abhor me, and I them. I smell like neutrinos and soap. In 1996, a co-worker gave me an old, paperback copy of Messages from Michael. A relative had given it to him, on a birthday, and though he found it interesting, it didn't resonate with him. He thought I'd dig it. He was correct. I found the online Michael community shortly thereafter. All these years later, I'm here to share some music and, maybe, some laughter, too, from time to time, and to make some new friends, possibly. When I was roughly 26, I received a Michael channeling. Since then, as I've grown to learn more about myself, I've ascertained that most of my channeled overleaves are incorrect. Dominance and skepticism aren't my style. I'm a self-destructive cynic, through and through. (And oh, what a sunny, funny honey of a picnic that is, let me tell you.) However, my channeled role (artisan) feels right to me. So does my channeled soul age (old 7). But it doesn't really matter. It's no big deal. In person, I've met Michael students who seemed somewhat skeptical and disappointed that I'm not some noble guru. FYI: I'm instinctively centered. However, since "INSTINCTIVE CENTER" is not an available option in the "Essence Dynamics" section of our profiles---due, perhaps, to the rarity of instinctively centered people (or, maybe, I have stumbled upon some weird, heretofore unknown conspiracy against those with instinctive centering, akin to the government's denial of the existence of extraterrestrials and Santa Claus) ---and since "NONE OF THE ABOVE" is also not an option, I chose "I DON'T KNOW." But I do know. I am, indeed, instinctively centered. And Alien Santa really does exist!
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    Currently, the world economy is barely holding together. The number look good in the surface. But there are many signs that a recession is coming. The tarrifs have the potential to wreck our economy. My understanding is it's similar in many other places around the world. It's like every one in holding their breath. Something is going to break economically. I suspect Trump will be at the head of it.
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    You mean .. there is more? Oh my Gosh.
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    @Luka You took the words right out of my mouth. All I have energy to focus on is self and family. If I can make my little corner of the world better, that's enough for me. Maybe my views will broaden with age. Like you said, it ain't over till it's over. BTW, I'm making a strong guess that our next Nexus window will be in July between the 12th and 27th. There's a partial solar and total lunar eclipse. Michael's mentioned that a Nexus is marked by an astrological/astronomical event. We'll see. I'm eager for July's Energy Report.