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    ENERGY REPORT May 2018 2018 OVERLEAVES ROLE: Warrior (emphasized all year) CENTER: Higher Emotional (emphasized all year) GOAL: Dominance (emphasized Jan - Mar) MODE: Power (emphasized Apr - Jun) ATTITUDE: Pragmatist (emphasized Jul - Sep) CHIEF FEATURES: Greed (emphasized Oct - Dec) MAY arrives with a bit more grounding than April appears to have had. Most students and much of the collective consciousness is on board with some relief from insecurity and continuing the effort to be present and empowered and grounded. This will go a long way in the face of any events or people who would rather this not be the case. Though we cannot predict this with any certainty, May may be one of the more “Positive Pole” months that we have seen in a while, with Warrior in +Persuasion, Dominance in +Leadership, Power in +Authority, Pragmatist in +Practicality. This does not mean it will or will not be a “good” month; that is still subjective, but the framework is here to reflect that it may feel better than previous months. Power Mode continues to remain in emphasis with many students feeling a prompt to metaphorically stand up, shake off, and take off. If you feel this prompt to start getting things done, being inspired again and generally interested in improving yourself, your environment, your mood, etc, then you are plugged into the collective shift in that direction. It could be said to be a shift toward a “no more bullshit” theme rising among many. This seed had been planted earlier in the year, but many are starting to feel the first and delicate sprouts of empowerment returning. For those who feel more like “sitting this one out” and are having a difficult time feeling motivated, present, and empowered, it may be helpful to do just that. Putting pressure on you to be more productive, more motivated, etc. while overwhelmed can be counterproductive. What you can do, instead, is included in every day a gentle invitation to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. It does not have to be complicated or deeply meaningful, but do something to break the pattern of that particular day. If it was a busy day, let yourself rest. If it is a day of mental fog and exhaustion, go for a short walk or dance in your chair to good music for 5 minutes. Always consider yourself worth an invitation to be a part of life. This goes a long way in keeping you from spiraling into overwhelm but allows you to honor your various processes happening. They will pass at some point, but while you are in them, you can navigate them with more pleasure. This work of the previous month where you began the work of freeing yourself from any state of self-imposed or externally-imposed Oppression continues. Again, for some, it will take great willpower, and for others, it will be a sudden realization, but each path is a remembering of one’s Basic Rights. [link - http://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/personality-dynamics/centering-and-parts/centering-general/the-7-basic-rights-r278/ ] Power Mode will continue to play out in the world in ways that continue to clarify who is using power for oppression and who is using it for empowerment, who is disconnected and imposing and who is present and patient. DATES OF INTEREST (dates are approximate): NO NEXUS IN MAY May 1st - 7th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- GROUNDING -- for many there may come a return to feeling and being productive, inspired, and with clarity again. It may show up only as a hint, but it can come as a relief after the past few months. May 22nd -- ENERGY SHIFT -- EMPOWERMENT -- This shift appears to be related to another rise of empowerment from among the wounded and hurting who are gathering power to bring change. This could be rather inspiring and related to paths of the Infinite Soul. HELPFUL THOUGHTS OVER MAY: DO IT, OR DON’T - Often it does not help in any way to push, encourage, rise above, snap out of it, get over it, etc. when one is feeling overwhelmed and “in a funk” or down. Sometimes the solution is to let yourself hear and feel yourself and take it seriously that you are hurting. Cry over it, laugh about it, sleep through it, tell someone about it, write about it, sing about it. The key is to keep the energy moving, but not as a way to avoid your hurting or exhaustion. The energy must move so that the energy can change. If you push for a change, it can set up resistances that simply increase the pain or pressure. It is far more empowering to let yourself be seen and heard by you than to quiet and hide from yourself. Do what you can, when you can, and let this process be an honest one. Incremental action can be as powerful as any momentous action. Mountain ranges can attest to this.
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    This is from a session on 10 April 2018 Does the universe run like clockwork or is it governed? FROM MICHAEL: Both. There are forces of momentum at work that we as a Causal Entity still have no concept or conclusion about that origin of energy, but it has mappable and predictable cycles or “clockwork” patterns. However, this is also “governed” by those who participate in and contribute to these forces. If not for that participation and contribution, the cycles would have ended by “now.” Would you please give a mechanistic and energetic overview of the seven planes of existence particularly emphasising the place of humans in the scheme of things? FROM MICHAEL: In mechanistic terms, consider the planes to have been set in motion like the orbiting of planets around a Sun by a force we are still studying and learning to know. These mechanics are stable and timeless, even as they are from a lower infinity. An energetic overview might be that the consciousness that moves through and creates, perpetuates, and sustains these planes are from a set of higher infinity and will exist long after the planes no longer exist.
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    Well, my understanding of the expression "to move mountains" just changed fundamentally! One starfish at a time it is, then. I feel some relief as well. Still don't know the results of my CT scan, but no cancer markers in my blood, so that's good. Seems like some weight has been lifted and I am suddenly free of many self-inflicted burdens and musts, almost don't know what to do with the energy left over from fighting those inner forces.
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    This sounded very naughty to me when I first read it. OK I'll be mature now.
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    hmmm...got super important job interview on 22nd, not for the Infinite Soul job.
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    Power Mode continues to remain in emphasis with many students feeling a prompt to metaphorically stand up, shake off, and take off. If you feel this prompt to start getting things done, being inspired again and generally interested in improving yourself, your environment, your mood, etc, then you are plugged into the collective shift in that direction yep, Yep, and YEP!!! Right on cue, too! It's a very much welcomed relief for the time being
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    I'm gonna remember this!
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    Now THIS I think could qualify for the shock that was mentioned in this month's Energy Report and if true would be some really great news! April 22nd -- ENERGY SHIFT -- SHOCK -- This may or may not show up, but patterns reveal a building toward an event that could be described as rather shocking on a large scale around April 22nd - April 30th. Though there are many shocking things in the current climate, if this shows up as we see it, then it would be fairly obvious. Korean Leaders Call For ‘Complete Denuclearization’ Of The Peninsula, End Of Korean War Especially with the April 29th Rally that was to follow: April 29th -- ENERGY SHIFT -- RALLY -- This appears to be a shift that is dependent upon the coming together of groups for the sake of moving forward, recovering, healing, support, and coordination. This is not dependent upon whether the April 22nd shift occurs, but it is likely related.
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    Yesterday after work I got the extra bed packed to deliver to a friend today. Our living room is just a storage unit right now, so that was a major move. First time in weeks I had the energy and didn’t feel just sick, and it’s been on the to-do list since January. Also found my Hanon book of Accordion exercizes I picked up years ago and started work on it for Summer busking. Then saw Avengers: Infinity Wars again with Joy as morale support to help her process (scholars and their processing. She hasn’t really slept the last two days because of it and her ruminations). Certainly a day of picking up and getting things done. I’m still a bit sick, so taking it easy as needed. Still, I can verify this report so far for myself. Thank you Troy and Michael.
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    I am definitely shaking off. I've been low energy for so long. This past week I have felt more energetic and made a tough decision. I decided to put my elderly and ailing dog to sleep. It's something I haven't been able to face even while watching her struggle and knowing she was in pain, I kept hoping that she would choose it. I went back here and read some of the posts on euthanasia and decided and scheduled it for Thursday. I cried so much before, during and after the procedure but I feel a new burst of energy and optimism and freedom with her gone. Makes me wonder if I was somehow tied into her energy and that was one factor weighing me down. The doctor was so kind and professional and I was able to say my goodbyes properly and it was the right time. She even gave me an unexpected discount. I didn't ask why and she didn't say. I'm here in Syracuse and I've known that this is temporary for me and I've been going back on forth on wanting to move, where to move, oh maybe I'll stay here a bit longer, blah, blah and I decided I am moving to Vermont. How or where I have no idea yet but that's where I'm pointing my ship. It feels good. Life feels good for the first time in a very long time.
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    I did feel more energized last weekend and got more writing done than I did for weeks. But I have also been grieving again for the people I lost when I left my last job. I thought I had gotten used to the new job and accepted it, but this morning I remembered what it was like, and I cried because I still miss them. Even with all the stress and chaos, they were more "my people" than I've ever felt in a workplace. They could truly see me and I could see them. I'm kind of thinking of going back, if I can do it without the stress again.
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    More keeping on keeping on! I don't know if it's better to know there's no relief in sight or not, Nexus-wise. The pressure keeps building. I was hoping for one soon, but it's not happening. It's good to know that mass consciousness MIGHT be in the Positive Poles, at least there will be some support for staying Positive. Michael's advice is right on.
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    Miizle, manifestation is by degree. Michael gave this "map" for old souls (this is from memory of a workshop from a few years ago): 0-20% self-loathing 20-40% self-criticism 40-60% self-interest 60-80% self-expression 80-100% self-healing 100% selflessness Hope this is helpful!
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    Wait, there are levels of infinity? What?
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    I do not know many people in close proximity. I have little in the way of friends outside of work. Some of the people I have felt close to from work have gradually been leaving. Most of my family lives in another country although I am close to the family I do have here with me in this country. I have spent quite a bit of time alone over past years. I have found that being alone has its benefits even though I might experience feeling sad over feeling lonely at times. Being alone is a good opportunity to remember and experience ones true self. The perspective of the self then gradually expands to include more and more up to everything everywhere. There is so much life here on Earth surrounding us which can be experienced. The realization came that I am an extension of everything and that everything is an extension of me. After spending a great deal of time alone, I have become more comfortable and accepting of myself and being a part of the greater whole. Whereas earlier in my life, I often felt separated and isolated. Michael shared this with me in my QRQP that might be beneficial to you. There are several other sessions on aloneness here as well that you might want to read. "KEY THEME: SOLITUDE We see 2017 as having been a year that focused on embracing a nearly meditative state of solitude, of aloneness. Not loneliness, but aloneness. This is a state that taps into one’s existence that is true to the oneness that is the natural state of all consciousness. While in a body of a species that is highly social, this can seem to be an unnatural state and it may often be experienced as loneliness, but finding the balance and beauty between Oneness and Aloneness is something every fragment must pursue at some point. It is a practice in trusting yourself and embracing the dance between familiar mundanity and the exciting extraordinary. Though it may not be obvious, a year that focuses on such states of mind and heart tend to create a base for greater patterns of trust, confidence, and contentment over the next 5 to 10 years."
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    [Reproduction of NWM: Your Center of Gravity, with some participant interaction omitted[ MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. Today we will speak on a topic that is one of our early pieces of the teaching that made it through fairly concisely during the 20th Century CE. Despite this clarity, the details have become simplified in a way that left behind a great deal of the layers and details that help add dimension to this piece of the teaching. This is the information on the Centers or "brains" of the body. We have said this before, but will say it again here for review: though the correlations between Centers and Chakras are virtually inseparable, the concepts are different. In other words, though the Chakras and Centers can be spoken of in interchangeable ways, Chakras describe the stationary locations/portals of energy as they function relative to the body, while Centers expands upon these and are not stationary or are not necessarily local to the body. One of the reasons we use the term "Center" is that it is short for "Center of Gravity." Center of Gravity describes an average location of the "weight" of an object, by which that object can then be understood in terms of its motion through space and time, as well as an even deeper understanding through how that object is bound in rotation around that Center of Gravity. The "object" here is most often understood as the self, but can extend to refer to events, relationships, time periods, etc. There is a "natural" or starting point Center of Gravity for each "Center," but these change over the lifetime. For example, the Emotional Center of Gravity is in the Heart, or rests in the Heart Chakra. Your Moving Center of Gravity is in the Gut, or the Solar Plexus Chakra. Your Intellectual Center of Gravity is in the throat, the Vishuddhi, or the Throat Chakra. Your Instinctive Center rests at the base of the spine and throughout the spine, or the Root Chakra. This is where they begin, their natural resting point, and this is because your Centering DEVELOPS out of these points. You are born with Chakras. You are not born with Centering. Chakras are the electrical currents or connecting points through which the dimensions of Essence animate and live the life. The Personality, then, develops from those points the Centers of Gravity. To understand the depths of Centering, then, you would want to understand that your Centering describes the "brain" with which you use to process life, or the Center of Gravity around which you "rotate" within yourself, and the PART tends to describe that which you then "orbit" around. For example, an Emotionally-CENTERED person tends to rotate/process within the self in terms of how things, people, events, life moves them, inspires them, and bypasses their prejudices and logic to get to a place of direct perception. An Intellectually-CENTERED person tends to rotate/process within the self in terms of how things are expressed, make sense, are logical, formed, and bring them insight. Now, look at these in terms of Center and PART. The Part tends to describe that which one likes to orbit around as input for the primary Center. But it also describes what one reflects back from the surface of one's self, if you will. So the Emotionally-CENTERED navigates and processes in terms of Inspiration, but its Intellectual PART means that this is both given back to the world in Expression and is taken in from the world of Expression. Think of your Primary Center as that which holds you together, and your Part as that which you tend to gravitate toward and around and reflect. Now, what tends to happen over the course of a lifetime is that your Primary Center of Gravity (and all of your Centers of Gravity) move out and away from the natural resting place in you, and you place these in other people, in events, in the past, in the future, in relationships, etc. So, rather than your Emotional Center being within you in a way that allows you to process on your own terms, you may have placed your Center of Gravity in your Mother, in your mate, in your career, etc. This means that you then begin to look to that which you have placed your Center of Gravity for how to process and navigate. So while you may be Emotionally-Centered, your Center of Gravity for the Emotions is in the PAST, and everything is processed in terms of the gravity of the past. It could be said that there are 7 locations beyond the natural resting point, or the SELF, in which one places one's Center of Gravity: HEALTH or the Material World; CARETAKERS or The Past; LIFE, or the forces bigger than oneself; INDIVIDUALS, or intimacy and relationships; THE WORLD, or the faceless OTHERS; THE FUTURE, or Unknown; SPIRIT, or non-specific dispersion. These are broad and overlapping categories, but can help our students to look at these areas where Centering may have a gravitational force. Keep in mind that even though you may be Emotionally-Centered, you may have several locations beyond you where there are Centers of Gravity for the Emotions. While it is not "bad" that one's Center of Gravity may beyond the self, it can be difficult for the older soul for this to be the case, because when one's Center of Gravity is in someone else, or in an event, etc., then SELF-AWARENESS IS LOST. For many, the Center of Gravity is a literal gravitational pull that draws one's attention on a regular basis. Does your Health take up a lot of your attention? Do Others take up a lot of your attention? Does your Relationship take up a lot of your attention? Do you find yourself stuck in The Past and comparing everything to that? Do you find yourself worried about The Future, or thinking that there are solutions found only in the Future? And so on. As you can see, none of these are probably unfamiliar to any of you because, regardless of your Centering, your Center of Gravity can be in many locations. To bring your Centers of Gravity back to the SELF is to bring your attention back to yourself. SELF-OBSERVATION is the only way. Self-Observation is Self-Awareness is the awareness of your part in the equation of all dynamics in your life. Self-Observation brings your attention BACK TO YOU, and therefore brings your Center of Gravity back to a resting place, to its origins. This is not to say that The World or your Health or your Past or The Future will no longer be relevant as factors, but that your emotions, thoughts, and actions will no longer be dictated by these. You will no longer rotate and process from within those external factors, but bring that rotation, that calm, that centering, that process back home to you. ... ClaireC: Michael, I am Emotionally-Centered, Intellectual Part. Although I am concerned about the Future, I feel the gravitational pull towards my heart most of the time. Would that constitute being self-aware according to your description, of bringing the rotation back home? MEntity: Claire, your question brings us to the next area we would have covered. It is important to differentiate between Self-absorbed and Self-aware. Self-aware is a sense of observation of how one is a part of the equation of dynamics in the life, whereas self-absorbed is cutting off of all sense of participation in the dynamics in the life, and a protection or defense of the self against those dynamics and equations. This comes when the Center of Gravity returns to the self, but is then protected or defended. We will leave to each of you to determine how self-aware or self-absorbed you may be, but the difference is usually in the sense of calm vs the sense of defense. To return to your question more specifically, we will say that if you feel that gravitational pull toward your heart, toward that resting place, but there is defense involved around your heart, then you may find that a return to self-awareness means allowing, inviting, and embracing one of those areas outside of the self that may have been the context for your hurt. If you find that the Center of Gravity in your heart brings a sense of calm, healing, and balance, then it is likely a state of Self-awareness. Your question prompts another piece of the puzzle, as well: Keep in mind that while each of you receive an indication for your Primary or habitual Centering, ALL Centers are active and working. So while you may be Emotionally-Centered, it may be that your Center of Gravity for the Emotions has returned to the heart, but your Intellectual Center of Gravity is in The Future. Just keep in mind the difference between that which dictates your processes (Center) vs that which your processes rotate around (Part). Diane_HB: So in the case above, the Future would dictate your thoughts but your feelings would be centered within the self? I'm not sure how this works. MEntity: Diane, it can go one of two ways: If there is Self-awareness, then the Emotions are processed on one's own terms, and this is then funneled into what one aims for in The Future. If there is Self-absorption, then the Emotions are still processed within the self, but in defense against and in reflection of the threat of The Future. To be clearer: reflected in what one THINKS and EXPRESSES into form about The Future. GeraldineB: I'm Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part. I interpret Rotation to be regular and/or constant movement, especially as one ages and expands experiences. While I've had severe Health issues and focus during this past year, in many ways I've avoided making it my sole Center of Gravity. ... MEntity: One's Center of Gravity tends to be drawn to places outside of the self for three reasons: TO ADD to the self (learn, grow, evolve, experience), to DISTRACT from the self (defense, fear, blame, anger, etc) or to BALANCE the self (healing, comfort, acceptance, understanding, etc). It is not a "bad" thing for one's Center of Gravity to be placed beyond the self. The dynamics of living require great fluctuation of location for the various Centers of Gravity. However, as one grows older in Soul Age, it begins to be more and more important to learn how to bring those home to the self in a way that allows one to be a conscious and aware participant in the life, and not just a receptor that will review later.
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    @MoonfeatherO Moon, I know how hard that was, but it is so encouraging to hear that you feel better these days. The sadness of watching your doggie struggling must have been tough, and I'm glad it's behind you and you are looking forward. I just returned from visiting my cousin in Vermont. It's lovely there, so I hope it works out for you. Do you have any idea where? She lives in Norwich, which is near Dartmouth, White River Junction etc. There are lots of artists, artisans and musicians there. Friday night we strolled around and there were at least four different musical groups playing on the same block, in various shops. It was kind of a fair-like atmosphere, but it happens every Friday night she told me. Good music, good food, good air, good water--it's a good place. Very old timey but hip. She doesn't lock her doors! Winters can be a bit rough, however. But it was warmer there than in Florida last week, so who knows, with global warming, what it will be. Spring is just happening there and the trees are just beginning to leaf. It's gorgeous.
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    Me too! I've been having the urge to go through my entire house and reorganize everything, and probably toss a fair bit of it again, too. I wonder, when we finally have a Nexus again, will it be extra intense because it's been so long?
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    If you feel this prompt to start getting things done, being inspired again and generally interested in improving yourself, your environment, your mood, etc, then you are plugged into the collective shift in that direction. It could be said to be a shift toward a “no more bullshit” theme rising among many. Bingo! Exactly how I feel. And what I'm hearing too. The bullshit of my past life, my fears, our complacency, this society's wastefulness, apathy to violence, self-delusion, convolution etc. I'm done with it. Though, throughout March and April I have been struggling exactly with how desperate and overwhelmed I feel, so I also relate to those who need rest and play to recover. My advice: Just do it! Rest or Play, however & through whatever that comes, whenever you can. Lee Harris, another energy intuitive and channel like Troy brought up a theme of "Cultivating Joy" for this Month's Energy Report, and I think that's very apt. We have to create it for ourselves and our loved ones. Btw in Astrology, Uranus enters Taurus this month until November, before retrograding back into Aries (where it's been since 2010) until March 2019. After March 2019, it will officially be in Taurus until 2026. Due to Uranus' orbit taking 84 Years, it transits through each sign of the Zodiac in about 7 years so the last time it was in Taurus was 1934-1941. Uranus rules Shocking Revelations and Revolutions through Powerful Truth. Taurus is about our Values, Resources (ie. fuel, electricity, money, food, farming, needs for help/sex/love etc.), Survival, Sustainability, Sensuality, Stability & how we Establish all of these. Combine those two, and we're going to be seeing in the world, people discovering and aligning with what they truly value in life- as well as sudden and even drastic revolutions in everything we thought was permanent, fixed and rooted in our global society. I already made a topic on this here on TLE, so perhaps I'll continue updating it?
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    Had a bad bout of anxiety that, interestingly, corresponded with the Shock shift from last month and only really started to abate around the shifts on April 29 (Rally) and yesterday. After doing a lot of work in the garden, I discovered that a neighbor's bamboo had been spreading through our mutual neighbor's yard and was now starting to enter my yard from there. Knowing that bamboo is a very invasive and difficult to remove plant, I went into an anxiety tailspin. I did what I could to alleviate the situation, and it's not really a dire problem from a larger-scale perspective, but it was enough to really trigger me. The next week or so was a pretty unpleasant time in my head. I was finally able to pull out of it somewhat over the weekend. Surprisingly, one of the things that helped was a version of a song I stumbled upon (on the "Rally" day in fact) on Youtube called Baba Yetu. It's a Swahili translation of the Lord's Prayer set to epic music, originally written as the theme to the video game Civilization IV (apparently it won a Grammy). I'm not religious by any means, but apparently this happened to be the music I needed for release and a way for me to get out of my head and reconnect with a larger consciousness. Also I'm a sucker for epic chorus music and sweeping camera shots. Anyway, since then I've been slowly regaining my sense of empowerment and clarity again. There's still an edge of fear/gloom, and I may have to visit my Reiki master about that, but overall there is a relief from that and a small return to the enthusiasm and "get things done" from earlier in April.
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    Apart from all them literary pursuits, I've discovered a love for sewing. My grandmother (who raised me) is a seamstress, and I grew up watching her work on her machine day after day. Sewing was a way for her to earn her independence from the patriarchal confines of 20th century India. She wasn't all that educated, but in typical Aries fashion, she started her own business sewing baby clothes so she wouldn't have to rely on her husband for money. I own a small, portable machine too, but I rarely use it, instead preferring to sew by hand. Handsewing requires precision and takes a lot more time than machine sewing, but I do it because the repetitive motions really help with my anxiety. I've started a blog to catalogue my projects. Here's the link, if anybody is interested! This is a teeny tiny pincushion I made from felt. No more getting poked in the butt by runaway needles!
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    @Uma I'm open to anywhere in Vermont. Your post made me want to go there even more! Winters are tough here in Syracuse, we got 153 inches of snow this past winter beating out all the other NY cities! I am looking to be in a colder climate or at least one that is similar to Syracuse. If your cousin hears of any small places to rent, please pass on the info. yes, it was tough with my dog for months. I had to take her out in the snow all winter, at all hours of the day and night so I couldn't really focus on much of anything else. I did it because I love her and she deserved the best care i could give her though some days I was overcome by stress and fell short. She took her job of protecting me seriously and wasn't giving up no matter how much she suffered so the responsibility fell to me. She was a wonderful companion and I miss her. I have been in dire need of power mode and a sense of regaining some control over my life.
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    This is how I understood that statement. Humans are our own system in the sense that when we started trying to improve our lives by changing our environment, we began to move away from being part of the natural ecosystem. The ecosystem is a cycle of creation and destruction that has come to an equilibrium. Plants grow, animals eat them, animals poop, the poop feeds the plants (as do fallen leaves, dead plants, and dead animals), the plants grow again. The cycle stays in equilibrium unless something disrupts it, like climate change or natural disaster. When it gets disrupted, it goes out of balance for a while until it reaches a different equilibrium that sustains a "new normal." Humans are no longer part of this system because we have agriculture, weapons, medicines, etc that have removed us from the natural forces that limit our numbers and what our bodies are naturally capable of doing. We dig materials out of the ground and build things with them or burn them. We chop down trees at a faster rate than they grow. We change the chemical natures of things so that they do not break down as easily. We have our own creative and destructive forces that are chaotic and random, and we somehow expect that "nature" can handle it. We consume resources and produce waste at a rate far faster than nature can break them down and renew them, and we have not taken the responsibility to create a sustainable cycle of production and renewal.
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    I think what you were thinking of is the piece on Conscious Connection To Essence There is as much Essence involved in a fist fight as there is in a charismatic guru, when consciousness and choice are aligned. When sitting next in your session to connect more consciously to Essence, simply want to, and it will be. Within that moment, all any of you have to do to remain connected consciously, is to choose consciously. We will define “consciously” here as “with awareness”, but there are other ways to define. When every decision you make as Personality is done with consciousness, Essence is present. When you find yourself happy, Essence is present. Whether you are indulging in eating a bucket of ice cream, doing horrific acts of violence, or singly sweetly with a friend… if chosen consciously and with intent, Essence is present. The mark for rejection of Essence, or blocking of Essence can be seen in any sense of contraction in your life, or area of your life. We realize we have moved into a tangent, but we feel it is relevant. Essence can be present, for instance, in your art or creativity alone, but is rejected or blocked in a relationship to a spouse. Essence “backs off” from areas of your life where the Personality has chosen to do things its own way. We will ask here, before continuing with questions, if we have answered Arinna's question to a degree acceptable.
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    May Energy Report should be up by Monday and it looks like it might bring some relief. Who knows.