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KurtisM    2,378

I've written descripts on the actual Levels and their polarities before, but I wanted to write about all 35 Levels in a broad sense.
Most of this is my intuition, but some is from certain articles on here elaborating on the levels.
But I'd like it if you guys share with me your perceptions of any of the 35 Levels and how they might appear individually or collectively. :) that way we can see these in a more refined sense.

Infant L1- In this Stage, SENTIENCE emerges from the HIVEMIND Consciousness. Personality is very primitive & chaotic, but curious.
Infant L2- Now you EXPERIMENT within the world, fearfully curious, but drawn to gain a sense of SECURITY.
Infant L3- This is the challenge to simply SURVIVE against all THREATS, and help others to do so as well.
Infant L4- As you COLLECT and accomplish experiences, a focus becomes clear- a simple mindset that says "I/We EITHER live or I/We die."
Infant L5- You feel an urge to stretch the limits of your IMPULSES, drawn to BIZARRE, primal urges & interests that expand your range of experience.
Infant L6- Life becomes intense, and you begin to REFLECT, to DEFINE concepts of "self" and "need". Conscious conflicts with others over DESIRES may arise.
Infant L7- You feel a need to teach about CARE+SANCTUARY; perhaps as an adult, working in malleable tribes/groups as a LEADER or PACIFIER.

Baby L1- A glimpse for the necessity of CIVILITY occurs, but you're still focused on SMOOTHING OUT survival issues.
Baby L2- As your urge for order grows, you feel drawn to experiment with IMPLEMENTING & ADHERING TO rules & society. 
Baby L3- Now you know inside that ORDER must be kept, but feel challenged in implementing your VALUES outside.
Baby L4- At this stage, you are a fully-functioning member of SOCIETY. You know your ROLE and live by it.
Baby L5- Now is a time you STRETCH the limits of your role/place or that of others, to become BETTER at who you are.
Baby L6- You come to understand how you have profoundly AFFECTED, IMPACTED and CONTRIBUTED TO your society- in good/right or bad/wrong ways.
Baby L7- Your focus comes to teaching WISDOM to others as a GUIDE/AUTHORITY for understanding social structures, order & civility.

Young L1- A glimpse that your SELF has power. But you're still fearful of expanding beyond SOCIAL STIGMAS.
Young L2- A greater desire to be INDIVIDUALISTIC grows. You rebel against the safety of order and seek to have POWER & SELF-EXPRESSION- but you still stay secure in civility.
Young L3- You come to own being COMPETITIVE or DRIVEN by status & possession- but feel your IDEAS OF YOU are being challenged.
Young L4- You now come into your own, fully SELF-ORIENTED, and everything is seen in terms of how it SERVES YOU.
Young L5- It's time to PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of power, fortune, accomplishment etc. To get to the top, have the best of the best and be what you envision.
Young L6- This is a messy stage, in which you repay KARMIC DEBTS and create intense conflicts that often force you to experience TRUE COMMUNITY & TRUE POWER IN SELF through sharing experiences of success. 
Young L7- You teach what you've learnt about MATERIAL AMBITION & ACQUISITION as an empowered/empowering authority.

Mature L1- A quiet glimpse into the state of your RELATIONSHIPS as they reflect you. A struggle emerges with new INNER perceptions.
Mature L2- Your LOVE GROWS, and you experiment with relationships, but you're not quite comfortable with MESSY EMPATHY and struggle in RECONCILING the outer with the inner world.
Mature L3- Now you fully embrace EMOTIONAL INTIMACY as a path to love, but are challenged by feeling EFFECTIVE+INCLUSIVE in your values.
Mature L4- Fully RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED, EMPATHETIC, LOVING and identifying yourself in others as a way to grow.
Mature L5- You stretch the limits of empathy and EXPAND yourself into many relationships within+without, finding there are no limits to LOVE.
Mature L6- This is an intense stage wherein you PROCESS past experiences and traumas and come to terms with your IDENTITY, SELF-LOVE and how you wish to move forward.
Mature L7- You now inspire in others a sense of INTERCONNECTIVITY, GUIDANCE and EVOLUTION through empathy.

Old L1- A glimpse into the BIGGER PICTURE. You long for a sense of HOME, exhausted by life, but still tying up emotional dramas.
Old L2- You EXPERIMENT with this new context, living various truths- and grow to see yourself as part of a UNIVERSAL WHOLE greater than the sum of its parts.
Old L3- Internally you become HOLISTIC, SELF-AWARE and affectionate, but struggle with conflicting TRUTHS about life, you, others etc.
Old L4- You are now externally TRUE TO YOURSELF, to affection, and embrace the EXPRESSION of the greater picture and truths you embody.
Old L5- EXPANDING beyond your limits of perceptivity, you stretch your CAPACITY TO EMBRACE new truths as they come in any new experiences.
Old L6- You come to terms with your life and the world as a whole, generating profound intimacy & AFFECTION for self and others. This time is busy and intense, but fulfilling. You COME HOME to YOURSELF.
Old L7- Now you teach this bigger picture, remembering+extending your SELF-LOVE, COMPASSION, TRUTH and AGAPE. This is a time for you to release all ideas of you and just play & enjoy life.

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James D    450
James D

Thanks for posting this, Kurtis. Very clarifying. I feel like I should tack it to my wall and refer to it frequently. 


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Matt    2,718
1 hour ago, KurtisM said:

Old L3- Internally you become HOLISTIC, SELF-AWARE and affectionate, but struggle with conflicting TRUTHS about life, you, others etc.

Sounds about right for my old 3 self.


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NicholasV    258

I think it would be cool to see this done for each of the roles individually. Sounds like it would be a lot of work tho!


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Seraph    1

Nicely done. I find I have a smattering of levels mature 6 and onward due to not aspects of my self not being at Old soul in manefestation. There are souls that have been around the back longer than I have. It's not in the number of life cycles one has but the amount of wisdom gained from these cycles that hold real depth. It's what people do and not what they say. I find most people talk the talk but have no intention of idea on doing the walk. In experience on earth, I could have done better had I not led so many dark lives. So I think bring of lightness or darkness has a great impact on soul maturation. Those that are dark are very underdeveloped as souls, though they may have been around longer than older souls.

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NickF    342

Feeling grateful for information such as this. It helps me to reread a lot of what I find here. Always learning, and as a Scholar, I love that. Good work Kurtis :-) 


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