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Diet Is Not a Personal Choice: an invitation

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Over the past month I have become 100% vegan, though I have been diminishing dairy now for one year, in my diet. I can make vegan yoghurt, buy vegan cheese and chocolate, and my partner and I have made an ongoing decision to eat more fruit and Veges in every meal. I crave the tastes of a selection of Veges in a salad. Over the past month spring is arriving and making the garden look like a more hopeful and positive place. I have obtained soy beans which I am waiting to see sprout. I have almost finished my edible backyard landscaping goal. I have on Facebook, found many national and international What Vegans Eat inspiring groups with photos of what vegans have made and are eating. There is a vegan gardening group that I consider myself lucky to find bc it combines my two favourite pastimes outside of tle and ukulele. Vegan gardeners. Wow. I never thought that this would eventuate. So I have spread the vegan gardening group recruitment drive far and wide, to create an army of vegan gardeners and their gardens. I am so revved up about it.


 I still also have the chips from fish n chips. The combination of salt oil batter and spuds is a permissible vegan junk food option which I will continue to moderate my fresh fruit and vege mission with. Vegan Battered fritters are a godsend too. Yum.

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Christina Lily Pedersen

I have also in the past month finally realised my dream of becoming vegan!

And I am so proud and happy about this choice, that I have been wanting to make for years.

I became a vegetarian at 17 years of age, which is also pretty good, I think, but I have been lacking the information to take the next steps. So thank you to @Troy for sharing all the brilliant reasons (and vegan yummy recipes) to finally enable me to go vegan!


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Ahhhhhh so many people making the vegan change! Always astonishes me! In my life now, four people I never would have expected to move in the direction of veganism have been vegan for a month now! I am stoked! But...also...i try not to be too stoked infront of them, it might scare them off !  It is amazing to see many make the choice to help create a future were we are not using animals as resources. Star trek, here we come...everyone in star trek is a vegan, you know. Look it up. 

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