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2 weird dreams with Robbie Williams last night

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I wonder why i dreamt of Robbie Williams twice last night. Unfortunately some of the details have espacep me because i woke and slept several times after both dreams, and also i didn't really want to dwell in the dreams too much after waking because they were kind of unpleasant. The atmosphere in the dreams was neutral, but i felt uncomfortable thinking about them awake in the dark :P.


In the first dream, i was staying in some accommodation, there was some largish wooden buildings with rooms, another building was a little bit further but not too far down on the property, it had some outbuildings too. I unfortunately can't remember what was happening exactly, but there was at least a small investigation of sorts, because Robbie Williams had been murdered in the further main building the previous night. I was staying in the other buildings, and was just kind of glad that there hadn't been dead flesh in my building.


In the second dream i was sort of adventuring somewhere with a group of people. One of them was Robbie. I'm not sure if we wanted to or needed to get to this place, which might have been a sort of a futuristic city on a sandy beach. But there was this narrow canyon we had to get through (it was not the only way, but it was where we would have to go to get there.) I think it was half natural, as in the left side of it was rock or earth, and the land was sloping right towards the ocean, but the right side was manmade, perhaps some metal. I have a slight feeling it was deliberately made to hinder people from getting there. It was maybe 1,5 meters wide and a bit less than 10 meters tall. There was a lot of black plastic webbing, a bit like this 7189edd82afec324a6f3e46352a0bb86.jpg but with larger ~25cm big holes, hanging from the top. A few people started walking through, but almost as soon as they got there, some of the webbing started falling. They quickly got kind of delirious, sort of dumb and numb and happy. It appeared there was some glue on the black material and we thought it was the toxins in the glue that was affecting them. Robbie was a bit closer to it than me, but he didn't  get affected by it, eitehr he wasn't close enough or he could maybe resist it somehow, he had this knowing look on his face. He knew what was going on. The rest of us left, i think Robbie might have stayed there with those affected. We went to get help, and not far at all was this big building with a quiet party or event going. I could even see those in the web from this small glass back door we were at. There was few people wandering about in the hallway in smart gear. I don't know why we didn't ask them for help. I closed the door, i think to stop the toxic glue fumes from getting in, although i hesitated, wondering if i should leave it open so they could call for help. I found out this was the Australian police headquarters, but there didn't seem to be anyone on duty there.

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