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From Infant to Old - "full circle" through geography

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PPLD    4,550

Channel: Troy Tolley

Date: March 28th 2017

Session type: Quote from a private session



Being drawn to specific countries or places in resonance with previous lifetimes is not unusual for many of us, maybe even for the majority of us. What I however didn't know, was that there is an observable tendency for Old Souls to want to return to the geography of Infant lifetimes.


I was discussing some other matters with Michael and just mentioned in a context that "Zimbabwe has a meaning to me somehow". There was no question posed, but Michael volunteered the information below:


"It is often a strong impulse to return to grounds that were linked to the earliest lives when one grows Old in Soul Age. It becomes a meaningful 'full circle' to revisit and live a life near or directly where your Infant days were spent."



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Janet    4,634

I got something similar when I asked why I was finding Colorado to be so much to my liking:


As for the geographical location, this location/area is one of the first locations "you" lived when first incarnating on this particular continent. There was an "Eden-like" world in that particular location before the coming Ice Ages would set in making that area uninhabitable and destroying many species over time.


It took thousands of years for "you" to be able to return to that area, and though "you" have been there before this life, any return to the area brings up this resonance to an Eden-esque world of harmony, beauty, and power of nature. Because so much was lost for so long to the area due to climate, it has yet to be lacking in awe that life returned in such force.

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