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Follow up too space ship dwelling aliens

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Tristan    302

This is from pof 4/20/2017


TristanM: Hi Micheal I wanted to follow up with my last pof session where i had asked about an off earth culture that mostly dwells on space ships. 1.Could you give us a detailed description of the ships? The size, shape, how many people live on board, configurations of the various decks ect. (how many ships are there approx) 2. What transpired on their home planet to cause the evacuation?3. What are their population numbers and are there any other sentient species native to their planet? 4. Are these the guys responsible for the crop circles? Sorry it's a lot......


MEntity: In response to ONE: We cannot give detailed schematics of a ship, but we can say that the it is constructed of a material that is difficult to describe except in terms that it would appear to be very similar to an oceanic bioluminescent being on your planet. They appear to be massive beings and they are, technically, alive since the the materials are a biotechnology.


MEntity: The ships are formed from multiple ships that interlock and can break away, depending on exploratory and resource gathering missions.


MEntity: Ships vary in size but "dock" to a central hub that is the common ground. There are several hubs.


MEntity: Trying to describe a ship and its occupants would be like trying to describe New York City and its population and neighborhoods and its buildings.


MEntity: The collective size of one hub could be compared to the size of Manhattan Island.


MEntity: The shapes are fairly malleable and can change to accommodate most atmospheres and environments, expanding and contracting while retaining a stable space/time structure within.


MEntity: The hubs are more like planets of life than a ship with decks. They are vast and open and may be seen by Earthlings as more like gigantic botanical gardens.


MEntity: We think there are 7 hubs at this point.


MEntity: In response to TWO: The evacuation was primarily caused by catastrophic environmental changes. The changes came in increments that allowed for planning at the time.


MEntity: Their population in terms of Sentience is 1 Harmony, or about 1.8 billion fragments, but the physical population looks to be around 63,000,000.


MEntity: In response to FOUR: We do not think this species is responsible for crop circles. That is a project specific to other species. This species explores your oceans if "visiting."


MEntity: All of this may sound quite "out of this world," but that is because it is.


MEntity: Literally.


TristanM: LOL


MEntity: We are quite certain the Human Species and this species discussed will openly cross paths at some point. They are quite friendly as a whole.


TristanM: thanks Micheal and Troy




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Tristan    302

   From this channeling it looks like only 3.5% of the total sentience is incarnated. I'm wondering if there's anything to that? 


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