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BE PREPARED: It's almost here!! Official Registration will open in JUNE! I'll post the details when ready.


TLEGG2017 DATES: September 29th through October 3rd 2017



We do not have official rates just yet, but last year the rates were averaged around $400+ for Shares and Doubles and we expect they will be higher this year since the rates for Lifebridge and our Chef have increased.



Amazing Room and Board on an incredible property of tranquility and beauty

4 Nights and 5 Days

3 Vegan Lunches & 4 Dinners plus Desserts

3 wonderful Live Channeling Events with Michael (topics to be announced)

Potential Workshops/Group Discussions (pending)

Plenty of time for socializing, exploring, relaxing, with a no-pressure schedule

And then the famous TLE GREAT GROOVE PARTY!

Camping on site is also available as an option if you are so inclined


TLEGG2017 THEME: SugarHiccup Edition

I have named this year's theme after a song by Cocteau Twins that sings to the deep sweetness of life and its inevitable shock of interruptions. I plan to ask Michael for topics around this theme and how to navigate these shocks while not losing the sweetness of life.



Pre-registration Students who helped us secure our deposit and dates will have first access to Official Registration and rooming priorities. You will be contacted privately and given access to the link for finalizing your Deposit and/or pay in full.



After those who Pre-registered have had time to officially register, we will open to everyone. 


CURRENT ROSTER: 18 Attendees

Troy T, Amy G, Cyprus B, Maureen G, Ardis B, Scott K, Royce E, Claire C, Michael E, Janet E, Cong N, Daniela S, Bobby A, Martha W, Ann H, Bobby K, Diane HB, Tex B


CURRENT AVAILABILITY: 17 beds remaining

Based on Pre-registration, we currently have 17 remaining beds, so plan on coming! 




FOOD AND CLEAN UP: Based on feedback results from TLEGG2016, we will be increasing the amount of food available for each meal AND including staff for cleanup so that students no longer have to coordinate for preparation or for clean up after meals! We tended to have a food shortage at meals last year, so we are increasing the amount of food to help accommodate everyone better. Both of these things were unanimously noted and your feedback made a difference. All of this does mean an increase in fees, but it should help bring peace of mind and contentment of belly. I've also addressed with Chef Cathy the criticisms about lack of flavor for some of you and a need for increase in carbs for those who wished for more, so we will see what we can do.


MORE FREE TIME BETWEEN MEALS/EVENTS: Surprisingly, there were several requests for even more free time, especially between events and meals! We already have a very light schedule, but I know that it is pretty tight between the events and meals, so I plan to adjust the schedule this year so that the experience is more leisurely. Details pending.


BREAKFASTS - Breakfast will no longer be included in the fee. Everyone will be on their own for providing and preparing their own breakfasts. This is to help offset the fee increase that must come for other areas of the event, and because breakfast needs and timing are so different for everyone. I will set up a forum for students, roommates, and housemates to coordinate breakfast plans if they choose to work together, but please be prepared to bring or locally purchase any necessary breakfast items. Coffee will be provided and set up every morning as usual. Please keep in mind that we will have no clean up crew for breakfast, so each of us must be responsible for our own clean up.


NEW FORUMS: Until our new Groups option is available later this Summer, I have set up these forums for us. Please scroll to the top of the page to see the breadcrumb navigation menu so you can get to the top level and see the additional forums. Here is the top-level for you to book mark - TLEGG2017 - SugarHiccup Edition Forums. We currently have forums for News & Announcements, Details & Planning, and a special Q&A Community Support forum where best support responses to questions are voted to the top, and General Discussion forum.




SUGAR HICCUP by Cocteau Twins




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The irony of this year's theme slaps me in the face, @Troy. Sugar Hiccup Indeed, CocteauBoy!

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super exited! One question: can we arrive on Friday the 29th, or we have to arrive on the 30th?

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17 minutes ago, Cong said:

super exited! One question: can we arrive on Friday the 29th, or we have to arrive on the 30th?


I had the wrong dates. Everyone will arrive on Friday the 29th. I fixed the post! Sorry about that.

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