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Energy Report: JUNE 2017

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Leela Corman    759
Leela Corman

You guys, am I the only one for whom the reaction symbols below each post are suddenly showing up as gigantic?


I feel a sense of chaos, certainly. Every day, in the news cycle, in current events, in politics, it's terrible. Here in the US, the recent "reveal" of the GOP's disastrous new "healthcare" bill feels like a potential unleashing of a longer-term and more deadly form of chaos that I and most of my fellow citizens are terrified of. I was going to say that it's never been more clear that a small group of wealthy, callous white men are in control of everyone else, but I must remember that for many, that has always been true in this country, since the arrival of Europeans. So I don't want to talk past the experiences of Native people and people of color, for whom this is already familiar territory. When does this ugliness stop, already? Why have things gotten SO stupid in the US?


I don't feel connected to any causes in particular, though I have to say that I have always channeled any concerns or reactions to the world through my art, so I think that's just continuing now. If my cause is to call attention to the dangers of hate and of Fascism in particular, then the graphic novel I'm working on certainly fulfills that. I was also thinking that being in a band was fulfilling some of what I felt to be my expressive calling right now, but that fell apart due to other people's issues. I mostly feel fine, just sort of weird. Like I'm in some kind of period of recovery and waiting. My body keeps getting odd injuries; as soon as I rehabbed my shoulder, my upper hamstrings started hurting. The waiting is creative, like, people I want to collaborate with have fallen away, no one is yet stepping up to take their place, except remotely (I have some remote music projects in the works with people who live in other cities, which is nice and is better than nothing, but isn't the same as being in a band that practices regularly and gets somewhere creatively). The band I was in was with a cadence mate and another entity mate, and I'm feeling the pull of wanting to be around entity family really hard. So it feels like a bit of a loss to not be, right now, though I know it's not ultimately that bad. Everyone is friends and cares for one another, no one had a falling out, we talk. It's just distant and I guess I'm feeling like I want to be around entity mates more than ever lately. More than my birth family, for sure.

On the other hand, every day I get to hang out with my amazing little girl, and I saw Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last week, and am going to Ohio next month to sing on a bill with a good friend. So I'm not going to disparage my life. I just feel goddamn draggy right now.


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Jeroen    653

Before waking up from a dream early morning, I recall seeing a star map of our solar system. It was as if I was observing this map from space and could see the Earth in the background behind the map. On the map, there appeared to be a second star in the outer solar system with the sun towards the center of the map and the planets in between. I then saw the map become active and saw the planets orbiting around the sun in an accelerated manner. I did not see the companion star move very much.


I came across an article yesterday about a possible "Planet 10" being present in the Kuiper Belt. Perhaps this reading triggered the dream. This was the article.






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