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Unofficial Symbols of the Essence Roles

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I didn't realize we had no discussion thread about the symbols designed for the Essence Roles, so I will post a new one here for those who want to discuss them, how to use them, what they mean to you, etc. Below is where my mind was when working on the symbols. These symbols were not channeled and I consider them "unofficial" for the teachings, but "official" for TLE. We had a long process of community feedback in getting the designs "right." My best friend and quiet King Johnny finalized and refined the designs. I love them!






First, I wanted symbols easy to draw, and distinct enough so that if you draw a sloppy version, it can still be easy to see which Role it represents. This is so that these symbols can be used to map out one's entire profile using only symbols, the way you can with Astrological symbols. 


Second, I wanted symbols that were not too obvious, too clichè, and have a quick and clear meaning that intuitively sums up a Role without compromising the vast range of what it means to be that Role.


KING: The King being depicted by a crown is too obvious, and not quite capturing the subtle nuances of what it means to be a King. The design is s dance between the mountain and the crown and describes the all-encompassing quality that a King has as potential. The Mountain can be solid, can destroy, can host thousands of life forms in its kingdom, etc. It is alive and moving and teeming with life, but is also solid in time and space. The crown tends to bring this for the wearer, as well.


PRIEST: The Priest is the visionary, and though this is the closest symbol to being too stereotypical, it is actually very appropriate. It implies the 6th Chakra, the Third Eye, perception, vision, etc and the dance between yin and yang, higher and lower perspective, the common ground between the sacred and mundane.


SAGE: The Sage symbol implies the broadcaster, theater in the round, and even the medium of modern wifi. They emanate information, insight, but this symbol also implies the childlike rainbow of joy and play.


SCHOLAR: The Scholar symbol is a play on the multiple dimensions and planes they manage as they archive knowledge, but you can also see the pages of a book or a stack of books.


ARTISAN: Artisans are the beautiful balance between chaos and control, discord and order. Their symbol is controlled chaos, the challenging and precarious walk between form and freedom, motion and solidity, chaos and beauty, being locked in dizzying spirals and creating something solid from that.


SERVER: There is no more fitting symbol for the Server than the simplicity of the Sun. A life-giving force that is always there, free, and can be harnessed by anyone, even if it is completely taken for granted that it will rise again the next day. But the Sun is not just about that nurturing force. The Sun/Server can burn you, blind you, and hide behind the clouds that form in the world between them and you. The radiating lines could also represent the 4 axes connected through healing.


WARRIOR: This is a tough one because Warriors are not just about fighting, going to war, and rarely about being aggressive. Those qualities only come up because they go to battle for a cause, for conquering new territory, protecting what they love and care about. And so I found that there is no better symbol than the Tree for the Warrior, depicted by all that the Leaf implies. Warriors are very much like so many elements of the tree: it can be used for shade, for protection, and all of the leaves can represent the commonality of a cause that feeds the whole. The tree can be used for support, shelter, and even shaped into an offense, defense, and weaponry and grounding. The Warriors that most of us know are far more nuanced, complex, grounded by nature and stand for more than just the sword. 


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Marvin Wilkins

I must say I like the description of the roles as well as the artwork and creative thinking behind it.

Good Job, it resonates with me and I'm sure a lot of others in the community! !!???


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Yay for the symbols~! My initial plan was to sneak around the fringes via FB sign on, but then I saw the Priest icon and had to register for it~! You hooked me with them. ?


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