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Choosing Topics for Michael Speaks Sessions

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Below is a table listing all the current submissions for future Michael topics as of July 14. For the purposes of this thread, they should be considered potential topics for future Michael Speaks sessions, although -- as you will see -- some of these options are better handled via a few questions at an Ask Michael session. Some could be topics for a Monthly Michael Workshop as well. 


We propose to generate a poll to allow TLE members to choose upcoming Michael Speaks topics, but a poll that lists 26 (!) different options would be unwieldy. So, here is what we would like you to do now:


  1. Examine the list of topics and find your FIVE favorites for upcoming sessions. (You will have more than five, I guarantee it. But choose only your top five.) Links are provided to the original suggestions so that you can see the full request and any current discussion. 
  2. Reply to this thread and list the numbers of your top 5. (So, for instance, if you want to see topics on Collective Karma, Casting,  Cycles of Life, male/female archetypes and cording, you'd reply with 1, 5, 14, 19, 21.) 
  3. You may also identify by number any session that you think would work well as a Workshop topic. 
  4. Do not discuss the proposed content of the session in your reply within this thread. Instead, follow the link to the original suggestion post and add your support, suggestions, ideas about how the topic could be pursued. (If the current proposal is not completely fleshed out in your opinion, that would be a reason not to include it in your top five at this time.)
  5. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND: Do not add another reply. Instead, open your original reply for edit and alter it. 


Get your responses in by July 31. On August 1, the list of the most popular topics will be developed into a poll for choosing topics to be pursued in the near future. 


Note: You may continue to add topic suggestions within the Topic and Workshop Requests and Suggestions forum. They will be considered for future polls. Please avoid use of the Live Chat Topic Suggestions forum. We will be consolidating the two topics in the near future. 


Note: #15/Body Types is the topic for the July 23 Michael Speaks session. It is included in this table for completeness but should not be selected in your five favorites since it is already in the schedule. 


# Proposed Topic Submitted by Notes
1. Collective Karma and Effects of the Holocaust Leela, Erick

From November 2016 Energy Report:
MEntity: As we said: Collective Karma is a “real thing.” And you are now in it on a scale not seen in long time by us. You are now clear on experience that once led to and allowed the rise of Hitler, both in documented terms and in terms of Essence. That event traumatized humanity in ways that we have not explored much with our students. We did not know when this collective approach to balancing that Karma would come, but it is here. There are many sets of Collective Karma to address within humanity, and this is just one of them.


Leela original post: Effects of the Holocaust

Erick original post: Collective Karma

2. Overleaf and Center resonation Erick

Expansion of resonance between each overleaf and centers/chakras as was done for the mode in Modes: Your Medium of Attraction


Erick original post: Overleaf and Center Resonation

3. Angles of Behavior for Greed and Self-Destruction Janet, KurtisM

7 angles for dealing with all Cfs except Greed and Self-Destruction have been provided. Best bet is to see if someone will ask for the list of 7 for each of the two remaining Cfs in an Ask Michael session rather than dedicating a full session to the two remaining.


Janet original post: Transforming Chief Features

KurtisM original post: 3 Chief Features

4. Roles for Old and Mature Souls (part 2) Janet

The original session had Old/Mature Servers, Old/Mature Artisans, Old Warriors, Old Scholars, and Old Sages. Suggest session to get Old Priests and Kings in same format, as well as remaining Mature as time permits.


The ultimate goal would be to have a complete list of all roles at all soul ages. These would be added to the study library.


Janet original post: Roles for Mature and Old Souls

5. Casting Janet

MEntity: As a quick response, we will say here that the Casting is another context that helps bring about an understanding of how one relates, but from the Essence Level, not the personality level, and we would add that "casting" would include not just the primary position within the cadence, but the cadence numbering, itself, and the entity number. These three numbers can be discussed in terms of how one can bring a conscious awareness to how one exists as Essence in relation to other Essences.


Janet original post: Casting

6. Cycles of Centers Erick

From MSpeaks 1999 Soul Age and Centers: 

[Michael_Entity] There are Cycles which we will have to delve into at another point, but here we will say that it is not a simple circular event. Instead, what you experience, and what we refer to, is the meeting points of several cycles. For example, the Higher Moving Center surge in the next couple of weeks, particularly around the last weekend, is the “overlapping” of a larger Moving Centered Cycle and Intellectual Cycle and Higher Emotional. We will share how this manifests or can be calculated at a different session, if it is of interest. It is predictable to a large extent.


Erick original post: Cycles of Higher Moving/Emotional/Intellectual Energy

7. More on Inputs Erick, PPLD

Original MSpeaks on Inputs was titled Part 1 and Troy commented that he thought there was more to learn.


PPLD original post: MMW - Inputs

Erick original post: Access to Inputs, Inputs

8. Color as Communication and Evolution Janet

During a session about soul colors as mentioned in the Michael Newton books:

Janet: Can you suggest a future topic for more information about color, and maybe its association with Essences, or is there not sufficient info for a topic-length session?

MEntity: We can suggest as a topic descriptions: COLOR AS COMMUNICATION AND EVOLUTION


Janet original post: Color as Communication and Evolution

9. Elements of the Teaching Erick

Possibly the simple question needs to be asked, as given by Erick: What are all the elements of the teaching? Or, is there a list of all the elements of the teaching that MIchael wishes to convey? Otherwise, this may be either too large or too brief a topic.


Erick original post: Elements of the Teaching

10. Regulators Erick

From MSpeaks Nov 2005: “Regulators” are those fragments with whom we have Agreements (which may or may not have been generated before birth) to not only gather tangible records of all works offered by our Primary and Secondary Channels, but to help question, authenticate, and validate (and invalidate) this material.


There may not be sufficient information for a full topic. Possibly ‘more on student agreements with Michael’?


Erick original post: Regulators

11. Music: Role, Centering and Axis Erick

From MSpeaks September 2000 What draws a fragment to a certain type of music is usually linked to their Centering and Role. We will also add that two other factors in determining the draw to certain types of music is the predominance of your Overleaves as they are arranged on the Axis (more Action, or more Expression, etc.). And we add that “timing” and events in a life will create a draw for what is most “needed” appropriately.


Erick original post: Music: Role, Centering and Axis

12. Countries by Soul Age KurtisM

From chats and side conversations: The original Michael material had some sparse material on the association of soul ages and roles with various countries. Are there current patterns and patterns that can be predicted associated certain overleaves with various countries?


KurtisM original post: Countries by Soul Age

13. Knowledge Lost at the Libraries of Alexandria DanielaS

MSpeaks Feb 1999: [s5] When the libraries were burned at Alexandria, I am assuming much knowledge was destroyed. Can you tell us what some of that knowledge was? Have we as a culture rediscovered all, or is there something yet to reemerge?

[Michael_Entity] To elaborate on what was lost would require a different forum, and we can address this in full, more elaborately, when more time is available. We will say, however, that most of that knowledge would be difficult to gather, except through channeling or other psychic endeavors. Even then, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. There are a few elements surfacing after the turn of the century that are material.


DanielaS original post: Knowledge Lost at Libraries of Alexandria

14. More Cycles of Life Janet

In the Workshop on Personal Cycles of Life there was not time to complete all the cycles available. As time permits, can you please expand on any of these that were not covered in the original session: Cycles of Expansion, Cycles of Purpose, and/or Cycles of Discovery


Janet original post: Follow-up on Cycles of Life

15. Body Types KurtisM, Ckaricai

Leaving off specifics until after 7-23-17 session, More on Body Types


Ckaricai original post: Body Type Influences

KurtisM original post: Genders and Body Types

16. 7 Categories of Illnesses Tyrone

For an upcoming Michael Speaks, can we have a Session on the 7 Categories of Illnesses, the emotions they are linked to, etc.


Tyrone original post: 7 Categories of Illnesses

17. 7 stages of compassion AnnaD

I was thinking that having a channelling on compassion and it's seven stages might be helpful. Compassion as a spectrum from barely tolerant/bigoted to unconditional compassion....  


AnnaD original post: 7 stages of compassion

18. Reincarnational Lineage Marvin Wilkins

Marvin Wilkins: What I was wondering is how common is it to reincarnate into the same family lineage over time?


Janet: Possibly this could be a general extension of the sessions on how reincarnation works. In some areas where reincarnation is generally accepted, there are frequently stories of people reincarnating in the same family or among friends and being able to identify their previous families. How common is this? And is there any truth to the notion among Buddhists that their spiritual leaders are reincarnations of earlier leaders?


Marvin Wilkins original post: Reincarnational Lineage

19. Female and Male Archetypes Jana

MEntity: In our teaching, we have elaborated upon this as the 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes. Every Personality carries within him or her a combination. These have profound effects upon relationships, effectiveness in the world, and behaviors. … We can elaborate upon these in a dedicated topic so that the full context can be shared, because the Male/Focused, Female/Creative Energy Ratios, as well as the Physiological and Psychological gender play roles in determining one's Anima/Animus and what the positive and negative traits are.


Jana original post: 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes

20. Accessing Higher Centers Ingun

MEntity: If the interest is there, we would of course be able to comment on the many varying practices and disciplines in terms of how inclined they are toward access and refinement of access to the Higher Centers. We can suggest noting this as a possible subject of discussion in future exchanges."


Ingun original post: Accessing Higher Centers

21. More about Cording Janet

Janet: I’d like to know if cords have color, and if the color or positioning of the cords is significant.

MEntity: The position of a cord has more relevance than the color, but the color can indicate further dimensions of the cording. … The colors and symbols associated with the cording can be useful if the individual understands these, and though there will be a general set of symbols in colors and shape that are "universal," there can be individual sets that matter more. ...The larger the cord, the more exchange.

Janet: It sounds like a session on universal symbols related to cords would be useful....


Janet original post: More About Cording

22. The Choice to Be You Janet

Janet: Can you suggest a topic title or approach to be used in a future Michael Speaks session to discuss the planning and creation of a new personality? Perhaps ‘The Creation of You’?

MEntity: In response to the next question: THE CHOICE TO BE YOU may be a launching point from which we could explore the dynamics and details of the planning of a lifetime from the perspective of Essence, and most importantly as the Personality existing as an extension of Essence, not as an independent creation. We speak in terms of Essence & Personality to accommodate the forgetfulness and the process of remembering, but one is never NOT Essence. We would emphasize this persistence of consciousness that IS Essence and the anticipated process of forgetting and then remembering that defines Personality.


Janet original post: The Choice to Be You

23. 7 Stages of Overleaves Kurtis

Kurtis: There was a 7 Stages of the Goal NWM done a few years prior that hasn't been thoroughly finished in terms of what each term means for each Goal. I think finishing this off with another session would be a nice addition. In addition, learning about the 7 Stages of the Mode and Attitude would also be fine additions, and can further help flesh out and validate each trait.


KurtisM original post: 7 Stages of Overleaves

24. 7 Stages of Fear AnnaD

AnnaD: Would we be able to have a channelling on The Seven Stages of Fear? I keep wondering, though, that if one works through the seventh stage, then is that love? So the seventh stage would be either compassion or love?


AnnaD original post: 7 Stages of Fear

25. Role Frequency and Colors Erick

Colors associated with frequency? with Chakra association? Is personal color preference associated with role?


Erick original post: Role Frequency and Colors

26. Cycles of Annual Overleaves Janet

ckaricai: My question is about the energy reports. The overleaves seem random but I'm wondering if there is a pattern and if so what is it? It might be helpful for us to figure out what the overleaves will be ahead of time. Knowing if there is a pattern might help us also just understand the energy reports better as well.

MEntity: There are patterns, but no obvious patterns because the point in time in which we "take a snapshot" and then the amount of time included in that snapshot are arbitrary. ... However, that being said, the patterns that exist that are more accessible are the patterns of generation, implementation, integration, and review. ... Yes, we can discuss this as its own topic. It is a valuable question.


Janet original post: Cycles of Annual Overleaves


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My personal list: 1, 7, 11, 20, 22


(collective karma, more on inputs, music, accessing higher centers, choice to be you)


It occurred to me that #10, done as a session on student agreements with Michael, might be an interesting workshop. 


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Okay, before I even begin to read the list and the original posts, I want to say a huge THANK YOU @Janet. I think it's going to take me the whole two weeks to go through everything! but this is such a great organizational tool. The Artisans in this Community blow my mind with their skills (as do the Scholars!)


1, 9, 10, 20, 22

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1, 11, 13, 16, and 21. Collective karma would be my number one. Thanks Janet.

Edited by AnnaD

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Thank you ! My choices are: 5,22,9,16,19 (karma, choices, elements, illness, female/male)


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Luciana Flora


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1, 19, 20, 22, 26


Great suggestions to everyone who posted these, and thanks for putting it all together @Janet!

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