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Michael Speaks Topic Selection (August 2017)

Michael Speaks Topic Selection (August 2017)  

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Please respond to this poll to choose the Michael Speaks topics you are most interested in. Do not choose more than 3 and do not vote more than once. Below is a table showing the detail for each of the 10 sessions listed; they are listed in the order of popularity from the last round of voting. That is, #1 received the most votes and #10 received the least among those that ended up in the top 10.


If you thought choosing 5 topics from a list of 26 was hard, this selection will be even more difficult! Never fear: topics not selected will probably appear in future polls. 


# Topic Setup for Michael
1 The Choice to Be You

In a recent private session the following exchange occurred:


Question: Can you suggest a topic title or approach to be used in a future Michael Speaks session to discuss the planning and creation of a new personality? Perhaps ‘The Creation of You’?


MEntity: THE CHOICE TO BE YOU may be a launching point from which we could explore the dynamics and details of the planning of a lifetime from the perspective of Essence, and most importantly as the Personality existing as an extension of Essence, not as an independent creation. We speak in terms of Essence & Personality to accommodate the forgetfulness and the process of remembering, but one is never NOT Essence. We would emphasize this persistence of consciousness that IS Essence and the anticipated process of forgetting and then remembering that defines Personality.


Please provide a topic-length session on THE CHOICE TO BE YOU.

2 Accessing Higher Centers

In a 2002 session you said:


MEntity: There are many “spiritual” practices that promote accessing of the Higher Centers. Some are more refined than others, and some are more inclined toward meaningless access, but the impact of the access can be profound, in any case. … If the interest is there, we would of course be able to comment on the many varying practices and disciplines in terms of how inclined they are toward access and refinement of access to the Higher Centers.


Please devote today’s session to the topic of accessing Higher Centers.

3 Female and Male Archetypes

In a recent Ask Michael session, you said:


MEntity: In our teaching, we have elaborated upon this as the 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes. Every Personality carries within him or her a combination. These have profound effects upon relationships, effectiveness in the world, and behaviors. … We can elaborate upon these in a dedicated topic so that the full context can be shared, because the Male/Focused, Female/Creative Energy Ratios, as well as the Physiological and Psychological gender play roles in determining one's Anima/Animus and what the positive and negative traits are.


Please devote today’s session to this topic.

4 Casting

In response to a question about casting in a 2008 session that discussed expanding on and providing a ‘context for the practical use of Overleaves’,  you said:


MEntity: We would not consider "casting" to be an Overleaf…. We will say that we do have much to say about how Casting can be more tangibly explored within your days, and we will get to that in future discussions, if it chosen for pursuit. … Casting is another context that helps bring about an understanding of how one relates, but from the Essence Level, not the personality level, and we would add that "casting" would include not just the primary position within the cadence, but the cadence numbering, itself, and the entity number. These three numbers can be discussed in terms of how one can bring a conscious awareness to how one exists as Essence in relation to other Essences.


Please provide a topic-length discussion of casting to expand on this earlier material.

5 7 Categories of Illnesses

In a recent Ask Michael session this exchange occurred:


[Question] Do each of the emotion types when blocked or repressed (or stuck in negative poles) have certain types of illness/ailments to them that manifest?


[MEntity] Yes, there can be. However, by the time most ailments are showing Physical symptoms, it is often a mix of two or more Emotions that have remained restricted. We can delineate these in another exchange. We would, first, want to share how illnesses/ailments can be broken down into 7, before correlating.


Please provide a topic-length discussion of the 7 types of illnesses/ailments and resulting physical symptoms.

6 Collective Karma

In the November 2016 Energy Report, you said:


MEntity: As we said, Collective Karma is a “real thing.” And you are now in it on a scale not seen in long time by us. You are now clear on experience that once led to and allowed the rise of Hitler, both in documented terms and in terms of Essence. That event traumatized humanity in ways that we have not explored much with our students. We did not know when this collective approach to balancing that Karma would come, but it is here. There are many sets of Collective Karma to address within humanity, and this is just one of them.


Please provide a topic-length session on collective karma, including a description of the major sets of collective karma to address within humanity and an emphasis on the collective karma TLE students are facing/working on currently.

7 Knowledge Lost at the Libraries of Alexandria

The following question and response were included in a 1999 session:


[s5] When the libraries were burned at Alexandria, I am assuming much knowledge was destroyed. Can you tell us what some of that knowledge was? Have we as a culture rediscovered all, or is there something yet to reemerge?


[Michael_Entity] To elaborate on what was lost would require a different forum, and we can address this in full, more elaborately, when more time is available. We will say, however, that most of that knowledge would be difficult to gather, except through channeling or other psychic endeavors. Even then, it is not guaranteed to be accurate. There are a few elements surfacing after the turn of the century that are material.


Please discuss the types of knowledge lost with the burning of the libraries and any specific knowledge that has been rediscovered or for which there are vectors for rediscovery in the near future.

8 More on Inputs

In 2002 there was a session on Inputs but we think there was more to say and there could have been a part 2.


Will you please provide a topic-length session on ‘Advanced Inputs’  or similar. This could include such things as the connection between inputs and frequency or energy ratios or centering, some examples of inputs in action (perhaps between those of different roles), health concepts that may be associated with inputs and/or any other extension of the basic information you initially provided.

9 Elements of the Teaching

In 2005 you responded to a question with an introduction of the “tri-bond” concept, and concluded with the statement, “It should be noted that an entire element of our teaching has not been accessed, though it is from your questions that it will come forth.”


When asked for elaboration on that statement in 2011, you described the seven waves and elements of a teaching, indicated that we had moved into the Application Wave of the Application Element in 2010, and said our “questions will continue to help unfold that Element of Application so that even the relationships that exist beyond the Physical Plane, such as those with Cadre, Entity, Cadence, and even Tri-Bond Mates, would be useful and not merely interesting.”


Will you please use this session to speak to the current status of the Application element and expand on the relationships mentioned. How can we extend and enhance our application of your teaching and what comes next?

10 Music: Ties to Overleaves

In response to a question in September 2000, you said:


MEntity: What draws a fragment to a certain type of music is usually linked to their Centering and Role. We will also add that two other factors in determining the draw to certain types of music is the predominance of your Overleaves as they are arranged on the Axis (more Action, or more Expression, etc.). And we add that “timing” and events in a life will create a draw for what is most “needed” appropriately.


Please provide a topic-length discussion of how affinity for types of music is tied to centering, role, overleaf axes, etc.


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P.S. The poll closes at the end of the day on August 11. 


The goal of this poll is to select up to three topics that may be added to the schedule between now and the end of the year. 


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This is really cool, @Janet. I don't know why we can't just line up the topics for the next 10 Michael Speaks sessions. They are all so interesting. It's really hard to choose, but that's what we're here to learn, right?

  • LOL 1

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1 hour ago, Heidi said:

My picks are 1, 2, and 3.


Heads up... you have to click on the poll options to vote. 


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2 hours ago, Uma said:

I don't know why we can't just line up the topics for the next 10 Michael Speaks sessions.


We are only selecting 3 because interests change based on who is studying what, and topics come up out of nowhere that may suddenly be a priority. In addition, we may receive information in other sessions that makes a topic moot or that changes the parameters for what we might ask. 


I would urge that people continue to propose new topics for the future. 


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All true @JanetI see your points. There is just so much--like a firehose through a straw as someone recently said. It's enormous.


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Thank you for making all of this and for the opportunity to vote in this way! It's so great :-)

Edited by Ingun

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being an information magnet, I like all of them! Thanks for doing this. :)




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Amazing participation!  I'm sure you can see the results for yourself. A tie for 3rd place results in selection of four topics that will be pursued over the next 6 months. 


1. The Choice to be you

2. Accessing higher centers

3. More about casting

3. Collective karma


Troy will arrange the timing and sequence and announce these topics as they are lined up. 


We'll take the unselected topics and add new ones for another round of voting in the future. Keep adding new ideas!


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I am really looking forward to hearing the Michaels expand upon the chosen topics. There is so much to this teaching - "like a firehose through a straw" indeed! - and I get the feeling so far we've seen the little toe on its left foot, so to speak. :)


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