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Aquí (Here) - La ley

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Rosario    1,760

I mostly listen to instrumental music, and I'm more a 'melody over lyrics' person. But Beto Cuevas' voice is like molten gold.  I get a Priest vibe from him... ? Aquí is a powerful song.





The man is approaching
Towards the encounter with the frontier
A change, a decision
The open door of a new era

A world spinning backwards
Pretends me to sail on it
Drowning my ideas


Ambient, noise and loneliness
of the city, they isolate us from all
That's why I started digging
To find the thousand and one treasures

The world spins backwards
Intends to immerse myself in it
Drowning my ideas


I have the presentiment
that here
Nothing I'm going to drag
from here
I'm just going to live
my today now


Sorrow is in my heart
It's not my imagination, it's true.
As time announces that,
for a second, I was almost a decoy
And the world that spins backwards 
pretends to ignite me
burning my ideas

When even a blind man can see
that we shut up without knowing,
losing our return



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