OMW - Feb 18, 2012 - Why ME? Or How YOU Came To Be Designed

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OMW - Feb 18, 2012 - Why ME? Or How YOU Came To Be Designed


Channel: Troy Tolley


[MEntity] Before we get into the "design" of "you," we will, first, go over the process through which Essence moves over its lifetimes, and how that works, as it has led to "you."


[MEntity] First, we must clarify that we know of no origins for any of us.


[MEntity] We only know that evolution and creativity are at the heart of existence.


[MEntity] We emphasize that there is creativity, not "creation."


[MEntity] We know that the Role of the Essence is preceded by a triality of "positive, negative, and neutral."


[MEntity] The "spark," if you will.


[MEntity] We know that our "spark," or Essence, sans Role, is that triality.


[MEntity] This then, allows us to understand that our contexts of origin and evolution appear to have "always been," and continue to be, that of this triad of Positive, Negative, Neutral.


[MEntity] We know that we exist within the context of Tao, but this is not the same thing as origins.


[MEntity] Tao is merely a gravity of sorts, not a creator, if you will.


[MEntity] This is why we choose to refer to this source, or context, as "Tao," as this simply means "the way."


[MEntity] All that we know, and all that we do not know, exists within this context, this Tao, moving along patterns of triality that perpetuate creativity and evolution.


[MEntity] We share this with you because it would be a misnomer for "you" to presume that you begin and end with this life, with this body, with these Overleaves, and that "you" are merely the programmed creation of your Essence.


Dictionary: Tri`al´i`ty | n.1. Three united; state of being three.


[MEntity] The "You" that is "you" that now exists will not be able to differentiate its point of origin, nor its anticipated extinguishing of existence, any more than we can, or our Essences, Entities, and Energy Rings can. We only know creativity and evolution, and that while form may change, our absolute existence does not.


[MEntity] We can point out markers that clarify where something changed, and how it came into form, but this would only be an indication of where creativity and evolution took a turn, not where creation begins or ends.


[MEntity] For some, this may seem to be a matter of semantics, or "splitting hairs," but it would still be true that even the tracing of the origins of a piece of furniture can go on "forever."


[MEntity] YOU are the culmination of a multitude of ideas, creativity, and evolution that has come from billions of years of experience, if it could be measured at all, and this is a vital point for anyone pondering his or her existence.


[MEntity] We say this is vital because when one has come to a point to even be able to hear this, it is because you are closer to Agape than ever. You have come to realise that you are not a waste. That you are not a mistake, and that this life is valuable, intended, and meaningful. You may not accept those truths, but you know them. You are awake. Groggy, but awake.


[MEntity] You may wonder why you go through so much; why you experience such pain; why you just cannot get it together, or that it all seems futile and empty at times, but that is simply spiritual myopia.


[MEntity] Your near-sightedness is important for being able to LIVE. It allows you to tend to the details that cannot be tended to when having grand, sweeping, glorious comprehension of your vastness.


[MEntity] The Earth is beautiful, awesome, and inspiring when seen from a distance, when the colors, and movements, and continents, and waters simply ARE. But that is not Living.


[MEntity] It is important to have the capacity to see from such a distance, both literally and figuratively, but one cannot LIVE from that distance.


[MEntity] But YOU can.


[MEntity] You move among the mountains, waters, cities, deserts, trees, animals, and people, etc., which means moving among the avalanches, the floods, the riots, the starvation, the crashes, the attacks, the idiocy, etc.


[MEntity] But sometimes, your near-sightedness, or your ordinal perspective, "forgets" that there is a far-sightedness, or a cardinal perspective, or it is dismissed.


[MEntity] Both are necessary for Existence.


[MEntity] And this is why there tends to be a triality, or triad, involved in every aspect of Existence.


[MEntity] Essence (or the cardinal, positive aspect), Personality (or the ordinal, negative aspect), and YOU (or the neutral, assimilative meeting ground.)


[MEntity] There is validity to "the Trinity" in several teachings, and to the concept that "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."


[MEntity] This was not to refer to a separate God, or to the worshipping of one, but to the wholeness that is YOU as it arises from the ordinal and cardinal perspective.


[MEntity] And this is perpetuated "eternally," in that "you" will always be that triality, that triad, that motion of positive, negative, and neutral.


[MEntity] This is the core of every Internal, External Monad, every Soul Age, Soul Level, Internal and External Karma, and even the system of Overleaves.


[MEntity] Every Axis is a Triad. Each Overleaf is its own Triad. Every category is a Triad of Ordinal, Exalted, and Neutral.


[MEntity] Even those, the Ordinal, Exalted, and Neutral are built from Triads.


[MEntity] In other words, Ordinal has its own Triad, etc.


[MEntity] In short, everything about YOU is a matter of how you use that Triad, how you embrace your triality, and how you resolve that.


[MEntity] It is often thought that the Personality that is you is simply born of Essence as an idea and then tossed into Physical experience to fend for itself, and hopefully it will awaken enough to embrace Essence, which can make the life flow much more smoothly, but otherwise, is fairly [much] a victim of existence.


[MEntity] In the worst-cases, this emphasis of negative, ordinal, near-sightedness is devastating, and in the best cases, it is an emptiness.


[MEntity] In the worst-cases, an emphasis on the positive, cardinal, far-sightedness is insanity, and at best, ignorant.


[MEntity] For you to exist AND live, you must embrace the ordinal and cardinal for wholeness.


[MEntity] When one emphasizes the "positive," there is certainty of one's existence, but at the expense of living. When one emphasizes the "negative," there is preoccupation with living, or an emphasis on survival, at the expense of existence.


[MEntity] They are not mutually exclusive.


[MEntity] We share all of this with you so that as you look at your Overleaves again, you may find them understood in a new light, when exploring the positive and negative poles, and how you resolve those.


[MEntity] We describe the range between True and False Personality, but we do so only as a means for you to understand the spectrum of who YOU are, not as a way to push you toward one end or the other.


[MEntity] You will never NOT have False Personality, nor will you ever NOT have True Personality, as a part of YOU. It is only a matter of emphasis, and that depends upon where you are navigating in the life at the moment. One end of the spectrum is not lost when it is emphasized over the other, even if that fact is often forgotten.


[MEntity] This is the nature of the Triad: evolution and creativity. If you were not living in a constant state of perpetuation, caused by imbalances, you would not evolve, nor would you enlist creativity.


[MEntity] It is your nature to evolve. It is your nature to create.


[MEntity] You will do it whether you realize it, or not; whether you seek to halt it for yourself or for others, or not; whether you feel you are, or not. You ARE evolution and creativity, in the flesh.


[MEntity] As upright, bipedal creatures, this process is well known as walking.


[MEntity] You would never get anywhere if you were to remain balanced.


[MEntity] Balance is only necessary for granting one a moment of pause, rest, and bearings, but to move, you must throw yourself immediately into imbalance.


[MEntity] Stability is quite different from Balance, in that the former is similar to the quality of standing on a surfboard amidsts the waves, while the other is a kind of stance on one end or the other of a teeter-totter.


[MEntity] Stability allows for one to move with the perpetuation of evolution and creativity, while Balance will halt it to one side or the other.


[MEntity] Both are of value.


[MEntity] But differentiating the two can help you when looking at where you are in the use of your Overleaves.


[MEntity] Now that you have some insight into the inner workings of the universe, Tao, your Essence, Personality, and You, this leads us to the You who you are, now.


[MEntity] You were not created. You are creativity. You are not an end result of an evolution of which you were no part. You are evolution.


[MEntity] The Essence is a force of existence, and Personality is a vehicle for living, but YOU arise from both. You cannot exist, nor live, as only one or the other, or incarnations would not be necessary.


[MEntity] YOU existed and lived before, and will continue to do so. Essence and Personality are only part of the triad of You.


[MEntity] Essence is the gravity for your Personalities, in the same way that Tao is the gravity for Essences.


[MEntity] It is no more "You" than any one Personality.


[MEntity] The Overleaves of the Personality are like seeds planted by YOU, which is the culmination of all previous Personalities' experiences and the current state of evolution and creativity of Essence, through which YOU will grow.


[MEntity] The words we use to describe the Overleaves are simply particular seeds, if you will, and the combination, a garden.


[MEntity] And so it is that YOU are not the actual plants, nor the planter, but the harvest, the aroma, the fruits of the combination of both.


[MEntity] We realize this is rather simplistic, but it is fair.


[MEntity] We are taking the long way to "you" by clarifying that "you" transcends both Essence and Personality.


[MEntity] And so now: why YOU. How did this you come to be, and why.

[MEntity] As part of this workshop, and to increase your interactivity, we would suggest that each of you already know an answer to these questions.


[MEntity] We say that you know an answer. Not that you know THE answer.


[MEntity] Because there will never be a single answer.


[MEntity] There will only ever be AN answer, as it reflects who and why YOU are. Now.


[MEntity] If your answer is "to suffer," then it is true. Because that is the "you" that you are allowing, creating, and this is how you are evolving.


[MEntity] If your answer is "to love," then it is true. If it is "I have no idea," then that is true. Because you are a spectrum. You will have one answer today, and another tomorrow. Each to perpetuate the Triad of your evolution and creativity.


[MEntity] Your answers will always fall into positive, negative, or neutral, and one would do well to never presume the answer is final.


[MEntity] So before we discuss the nature of the Overleaves as your "garden" that helped spring forth who You are, now, we will ask each of you to respond, if you choose to do so, to this question, first:


[MEntity] WHY DO YOU EXIST? We suggest allowing the first words that flow from yourself, even if you may have to clarify them a bit, and even if you are unsure of that response.


[MEntity] You may respond in any order.


[GLB] To find neutral through wild oscillations of change

[BA] So that Essence may evolve.

[AH] To experience and to play

[MG] To love -- to learn to love – to accept how others choose to love

[JE] to bring my colors to the world

[BW] To learn how to trust

[DHB] To see what happens


[MEntity] And now, we pose to you a follow up to that question, which may reveal to you some interesting insights:




[GLB] Curiosity

[AH] To see what happens

[JE] I still have more to do 

[MG] cause I'm not "there" yet - LOL

[BW] to avoid hurting others I care about

[BA] To see what happens next.

[DHB] Because I care about me and others


[MEntity] We realize that the whole of your Existence and Living cannot be summed up in a few-words response, but this is a workshop, so we resort to abbreviated paths to great insights.


[MEntity] Looking at your answers, the combination lends insight into the You that currently arises from your Existence and your Living.


[MEntity] Both responses describe much more than you may realize, in terms of what motivates you toward, into, and through your experiences.


[MEntity] You have described YOUR take on your Goal.


[MEntity] Your Goal does not describe you, nor does it impose a path upon you, but merely describes the aim for which YOU aspire.


[MEntity] And as You arise from your Existence and Living, from Essence and Personality, your Goal is the fruit, or harvest, that you seek to "eat" from this life.


[MEntity] This "crop" is planted and grown over and over in the life, and sometimes the results are bitter, fallow, or wormy, and sometimes they are bountiful, nutritious, and capable of being shared.


[MEntity] Your description of your Existence and your Living helps determine the quality of that crop.


[MEntity] Not the other way around.


[MEntity] Your descriptions may lean toward the more negative, challenged, and focused, or toward the more positive, flexible, broader openness, or toward the gamble of neutrality, dealing with whichever may come.


[MEntity] But these descriptions give you clues as to what you are doing with your Goal, how you are using it, and what you are getting out of it.


[MEntity] Looking at your responses, they may lean in one direction or another, but they will include the Triad.


[MEntity] They always will.


[MEntity] As each Goal is also a Triad. For instance, if your Goal is Growth, your words describe Growth, to you, and may describe how you experience Confusion, or how you experience Evolution.


[MEntity] Before we move on: do each of you find you have provided some insight into your Goal?


[JE] Yes

[GLB] yes

[MG] yes

[AH] yes. 

[BW] not entirely

[BA] I think so

[DHB] Somewhat


[MEntity] The negative poles are not a halt on the Goal, they are simply a more challenging, focused, and complicated form of the goal. For a person in Growth, the aim is going to be Growth, whether done through Evolution, or through Confusion. Some may even prefer to Grow through Confusion. It alleviates a great deal of responsibility, and can help resign from the active elements of evolution and creativity.


[MEntity] In fact, there may be a pattern above in the responses, with those in Growth being those who most likely are confused.


[MEntity] This is because there is a pattern of over-thinking, over-feeling, over-doing as a means toward overwhelm, and this often over-shoots or undershoots the aim.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that your experience of the Goal is entirely dependent upon your interpretation (descriptions above) of your Existence and your Living.


[MEntity] Life circumstances, relationships, and events have nothing to do with one's experience or use of the Goal, but those circumstances, relationships, and events have everything to do with one's interpretation of Existence and Living, and by extention then, how one aims the Goal.


[MEntity] In the worst of circumstances, relationships, and events, one can still be in the positive pole of his or her Goal as a means to extract experiences from them.


[MEntity] The positive pole will not necessarily remove the challenges that are inherent in the Goal, but would give context to the experiences.


[MEntity] When one loses context, one has lost awareness of the wholeness that is You.


[MEntity] Remember: Context = Tao = Essence = the gravity that is inherent in your evolution and creativity, which shapes your existence and living.

[MEntity] Our next question for each of you would be: WHY DO YOU CARE AT ALL?


[BA] Because it beats being miserable :D

[JE] it's very hard for me to leave things as they are when something can be improved or enhanced

[GLB] I'm not sure that I do -- I've become pretty neutral

[AH] Because I'm here, why not make it interesting. 

[BW] Michael, in regards to your question, caring in what regard?

[MEntity] We will clarify: you care. Or you would not exist, and you would not live. So: Why do you care at all? And this can be interpreted however you choose to interpret it, as specific to a context, or in general.

[MG] On a good day -- I feel like we are all extensions of one another -- so you can't "get away" from yourself -- and frankly Love feels "better" than the alternative

[BW] alright, I'll bite.


[MEntity] We will help to hone your responses by suggesting you simply complete the sentence: I CARE NOW BECAUSE...


[GLB] I'm fascinated -- like watching an ant farm

[BW] in hopes that one day I may create or do something worthwhile

[AH] I want to.

[GLB] Okok -- I care because I'm part of the world

[DHB] I'm drawing a blank. I don't have an answer.

[BA] I care now because I would like to know that I made a difference

[DHB] Oh, wait, I care because I love.


[MEntity] All of your responses can be updated later, or change, as we said, so allowing what comes to your awareness now is fine, and valuable.


[AH] Ok, I care because it's fun.

[GLB] JE is standing pat

[JE] Yes I am!

[MG] I CARE NOW BECAUSE -- I "happen" to be HERE now -- and that must matter -- it IS love - just to be here


[MEntity] Our next question for each of you then is: HOW DO I CARE NOW? In other words, through what means do you find that you fulfil the caring that you described above?



[MG] seeing clearly

[BA] I care now through doing what I can in my limited situation.

[JE] I juggle the balls tossed to me as well as I can.

[MG] :)

[BW] sustaining myself through those small gestures of kindness towards others that I can offer, but to fullfil the long term vision, I don't. I can't even see what the long-term or short-term vision is

[GLB] I care now through helping Troy, the website, my blog, through volunteering at the food bank, through helping others with their computer problems -- I'm part of the world

[AH] I care through teaching and friends

[AH] through enjoying and experiencing small things

[DHB] I care now through learning investing and helping my partner retire.


[MEntity] Again, these answers may change, be refined, be replaced tomorrow, but they are insights into your MODE, and how you relate to others, as well as with yourself, in your puruit of the Goal.


[MEntity] Your Mode is your fuel.


[MEntity] 10 people may be in Observation, yet reveal 10 different ways that Observation extracts the fuel from existence and living, and funnels it into the Goal.


[BW] I must have refueled with the wrong mix or the tank is empty


[MEntity] BW, your Fuel is simply of Surveillance, a disconnect from your resources, and this is where you go as a means to fulfill your Goal.


[MEntity] Surveillance is experienced as fueling from a high scrutiny and disconnection from the life, or it is a kind of yearning apathy, or both.


[MEntity] Negative Poles are addictive.


[MEntity] Positive Poles are additive.


[MEntity] As each of you look at your Mode, your descriptions of WHY you Care, and HOW you Care, lend insight into how you fuel your life right now for the aim of the Goal.


[MEntity] Do you find validity and insight from this?


[JE] Yes

[MG] yes

[BA] yep

[AH] yes, it helps me focus (which is nice with Growth)

[AH] As does the term "yearning apathy" with observation

[BW] yes, though it makes me wonder if I'm in positive poles of anything, or at least how close I've gotten to them and when

[MEntity] Our next question may be the most difficult to answer, but may reveal the most, and again, may be specific to now, or speak overall, and can change:




[AH] action

[MG] good quality REST

[BW] vision / motivation

[BA] Productiveness

[JE] the ability to easily interact one-on-one with people that I do not know well

[GLB] I'm lacking involvement

[AH] I would add discipline to the action--action/discipline

[DHB] I can't think of anything I'm lacking at the moment.

[BW] I'll add that too AH



[MEntity] The differentiation may be a fine line, but it is still a line that may be clear enough to you.


[GLB] zest

[AH] committment

[BA] Patience in waiting for the changes I desire. I want to speed this train up.

[JE] Hmmm. My last answer fits this better. 

[MG] slowing down -- I have too much "zest"

[BW] I don't see the differentiation

[AH] and focus

[JE] I don't easily let people get close to me. 

[BW] but, based upon the given answers, I'd say focus and patience

[DHB] Patience here too.



[BW] understanding

[JE] Tolerance

[MG] understanding and tolerance

[GLB] I'll go with that, too -- understanding and tolerance

[AH] acceptance

[MEntity] Anyone else?

[DHB] Acceptance

[BA] Most lacking in the world, I'd have to go with good old Acceptance




[BA] yeah, same, Acceptance 

[AH] same

[BW] compassion

[JE] lack of willingness to change/alter the status quo

[MG] no focus -- all over the map

[AH] I would add, right now, calmness

[MG] or mutiple foci (is that a word?)

[MEntity] Any others?


[BW] willingness to see beyond the surface

[DHB] If by others around me you mean my friends and family, I can't think of anything they're really "lacking".


[MEntity] We will now suggest that your responses to the first two questions regarding Lack in your life and in yourself, gives you insight into your ATTITUDE.


[MEntity] The Attitude describes the Search, the color through which you filter your self and your experiences; it is your Map.


[BW] could you define "The Search?"


[MEntity] The Search is that which you have deemed necessary to find, create, or allow, and this colors everything.


[MEntity] The Attitude is your primary philosophy, and it is described by the words in our Overleaf system, but what that means to you, personally, is described by what you find lacking in yourself and your life.


[MEntity] For example: if your Attitude is Pragmatist, the philosophy of Efficiency, or of Cause and Effect.


[MEntity] In the Positive Pole, this is Practical, or the use of what tools are available for the causation of intended results.


[MEntity] In the Negative Pole, this is Dogmatic, or the insistence on the availability of tools and the demand for anticipated results from the familiar causes.


[MEntity] Your responses were that Vision, Motivation, Focus, and Patience are lacking, and this colors your philosophy of Efficiency.


[MEntity] If you are Practical, you will extract from your life and from yourself the tools that you have for building toward an anticipated aim, and continue to adjust from there.


[MEntity] If you are Dogmatic, you will demand that tools you expected to be available be available, and that the results you expected show up as anticipated.


[AH] What is the philosophy of the Realist Attitude? (I think if I get that I will be clearer on the rest)


[MEntity] What one finds lacking in the self and in the life tends to be what is held hostage, or what is most-craved, and so the Attitude is colored by that Search, and the map shapes itself around that.


[MEntity] "Held hostage" from YOU, and "most-craved" by YOU, because of Decisions and Choices, both active and passive.


[MEntity] The Search, or the Attitude, speaks most to what you wish to prove in this life, and lack helps to focus the search, with the proof cycling between the negative or the positive until they are resolved.


[MEntity] In your case, AH, and in the case of the Realist, we will first say that the Realism is the philosophy of "common sense."


[MEntity] In your case, you found that Action, Commitment, and Discipline are lacking, which tends to color your interpretation of common sense.


[MEntity] In other words, there is a search for the proof of DOING and how that makes a difference, and while this is easy for you to see in larger terms of populations, you feel this even more acutely in your personal life when the lack of Doing yields similar lack in results.

[MEntity] Most of you prove the truth of your philosophies quite early in life, but continue to prove them over and over again.


[MEntity] If you found nothing lacking, your Attitude may either be in the Positive Poles right now, or you have moved beyond proving your truth, and now use that understanding as a new platform for understanding your life and yourself.


[MEntity] The responses to your final two questions speak to the core of your Self-Karma, which explains every division within you that seeks to be resolved by this lifetime, and helps to bring insight to the wounds that require healing as a means for your Goal, Mode, and Attitude to function toward wholeness.


[MEntity] Though you may have a multitude of ways to describe your Self-Karma, your responses today help hone that to the core from which various versions may branch.


[MEntity] What you find lacking in others around you, and in the world, describes where you are wounded; what you expect others to heal, what conditions you have placed on this life that keep other things held hostage, or craved.


[MEntity] Out of reach.


[MEntity] We share all of this with you, from the most ancient of your unknown origins to the very personal responses about this life and yourself so that you can explore, understand, and embrace WHY YOU, or How You Came To Be.


[MEntity] The ultimate answer is because YOU always were, and already were, and will always be, and the insights in your responses describe part of that journey.


[MEntity] Yes, there are details, obstacles, and difficulties in this life, and yes, there are moments of joy, bliss, intimacy, and happiness in this life, and yes, YOU are all of that.


[MEntity] As Tao is the gravity for Essence, and Essence is the gravity of Personality, so YOU are the gravity of experiences. They come your way from a multitude of directions, but they come to you because they are yours.


[MEntity] Your Overleaves help describe the tools you have for managing your experiences, and they are brilliantly matched to your experiences.


[MEntity] You do not draw to you any experience that is not matched by the capabilities of your Overleaves, even if those experiences are imposed upon you, or passively allowed.


[MEntity] Looking back over your responses, and your Overleaves, may help you to grasp that you are absolutely safe and whole because that is an ever-changing thing that evolves through creativity.


[MEntity] What is safe and whole today INCLUDES why you exist, why you live, why you care, and how you care, and all of the lack that colors your search and healing, and this may change tomorrow.


[MEntity] But then, so will You.


[MEntity] We have passed a four-hour mark, and must complete our exchange with you today. This exchange today can be helpful in your understanding this life, yourself, and others, and may bring up mo


[MEntity] Remembering that you are a spectrum, a wholeness, that is never one thing or another, and never trapped at one extreme or another. You will evolve and create, with or without remembering why or how, but to do so actively and consciously helps to smooth the edges of existence and living.


[MEntity] Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.

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Shocking and not shocking that this session took more than four hours. So much here. I will be reading and rereading many times. Every sentence has so much packed into it. I just posted a reply to Bobby on the thread where he recommended I read this



but this session is so incredible, I'm surprised there weren't any comments on it. Well, there are now.


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I'm with you @Uma and geez man, thanks for this direction @Bobby.


I think it is first time EVER I finally am getting what Flow means to me. I hardly even understood it in the first place...And the holistic application!


Made the workshop while reading, and now I am structuring the info and This.Is.Awesome!!! Michaels do know how to make you work for the insight. Fabulous teachers.


(Not even commenting on the four hrs, because I still am in chock about Troys diagnosis...)


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1 hour ago, Uma said:

but this session is so incredible, I'm surprised there weren't any comments on it. Well, there are now.



I'm sure there were comments after the original was posted on the old site but those didn't carry over to the new site.  This session is one of my favorites, obviously :)

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All of these sessions (Michael Speaks, OMWs (workshops), personal blogs, etc.), public and private, were once populated on the old TLE site and one newer site as well. Hence no sign of comments. The wind blew them all away.  :wind:

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