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I have began to notice the cooperation between the different entities of my cadre 2. The first clue was from the different profiles I had gotten through Troy from Michael during the years.. It was like fitting together the few pieces I had managed to find of a much larger Puzzel. I knew when I met my partner Tarja, that she was not from my Entity. When I got her profile it turned out to be from C2E3. I have two other profiles of members from C2E3. One is a good friend of my 2nd wife Emelia. The other a coworker of hers that Emelia had a close knit friendship with. I and Emelia were going through difficult times then and when she began going out with him it triggered my insecurities and was central in ending our relationship. I later met two of Tarja's ex boyfriends that she had, after her 26 years relation with her first partner ended. They felt like C2E3. I am sure that her her former husband is C2E5 same as my essence twin. He has the same intensity, this realization comes now as I write this. 

It is fascinating to see these agreements at work. Me working through my insecurities aided by a member of C3. Setting me free to meet Tarja of C3. Both me and Tarja being put through the phases of discovering our own self worth by members of C5 that we have essence twin ties to. 

What fascinates me, is how at home it feels with my entity members (C4). They are my closest family. We have a distinct smell or feel and I can recognize them easily. There is a feel of a group there; We are warm, caring, curious and full of fantasy; We bring life to dead objects. Difficult to explain the last one...

E3 has an out of this world feeling. They seem fascinated by birds and buildings. They have a focused, masculine and intense energy. Deeply knowledgable. I suspect a lot of scholars. 

E5 has a deeply intense and probing like quality. Much colored by a warrior mentality. They like to get to the bottom of things, like extracting peeling away till they reach the innermost layer. 

My son is of E2. He is 6 going on 7. He has found a girl that is his best friend. I can see that she is also from E2. Maybe his TC. He is Sage with King casting. King energy is strong in them both. The intensity in them fascinates me.

There is some beginning feeling of a familiarity with all C2ish. I cannot place it into words yet. The feeling of how to recognize the different entities within C2 is growing now.

How do you other Mstudents experience the feeling of your own and other entities?

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To help add to this, I'm part of C2E6.

I don't know if you've had any experience with E6 but I've noticed our members are all very sensitive and interested in the multi-dimensional aspects of life.

We seem to act as touchstones to other people that help to facilitate new agreements and relationships, and open up new perspectives of life.


I would comment on your own C2E3, 4, 5 here, but I don't know if I know any from them. I imagine my dad is C2E7 though, and my mom C3E2, but really, no clue..

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