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Location of Fringe Material

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Update and Note from June 14, 2017:

I had a Fringe session of my own today and then realized that many of the previously posted fringe sessions went missing when "Groups" were transformed into forums. So I'm updating this topic to bump it to everyone's attention. If you know of other locations on this site with Fringe material of general interest, please contact me (@Janet). 


The variety and consistency of Fringe material has changed my beliefs during the time I've participated in TLE. Still, because the material largely cannot be validated, please do not broadcast it outside of TLE. Troy is suspicious of the material himself and we do not want him to be known as the Whackadoodle Channel. 


"Fringe" = material that is beyond commonly accepted information and beliefs, including but not limited to interaction with non-terrestrials.


There is a Fringe and Whackadoodle section in the Transcripts section of TLE, originally intended for posting transcripts of sessions obtained from FaW events (which are not currently being scheduled). There are multiple topics such as "2017 Fringe & Whackadoodle" that contain transcripts of group events organized by date. 


There is also a new topic under Fringe and Whackadoodle: Our Fringe Sessions. This topic is further subdivided into years, and this is intended to be the section for posting material obtained in private and POF sessions. All the sessions that were originally published within the Study Group "Beyond the Fringe" have now been transferred to this section. 


The former "Grand Cycles Study Group" also contained fringe material, and those topics are now in two separate forums: 


(Note: There is no longer a service specifically intended for obtaining information about a grand cycle, but the information can still be requested. It takes about 30 minutes to get information on a single grand cycle.)


Most of the sessions in Geraldine's The Human Timeline Project also include Fringe material. 


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Bumping this item because some 'lost' fringe material is now 'found'...


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I love the fringe stuff!   Thanks for bumping this Janet!



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Mike Cleverly

I love a good Fringe Binge! :D


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