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Leela Corman

What It's Like To Meet Cadence Mates

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I've only met one (confirmed) Cadence Mate. My first thought on seeing him was, "he's cute" and the second was, "nah, he's weird." When I finally had a face-to-face conversation with him, every time we looked into each other's eyes, my heart skipped a beat. It could have been because I was romantically interested in him, so don't take me at my word. Anyway, I've found that this is the only person I trust completely to always "have my back". With everyone else, even my closest friends, it's always a "what if they don't" scenario, but with him, I know he'd probably help me bury a body if I needed it. Also, I don't feel the need for him to truly SEE me, as @Leela Corman and @Heidi mentioned. Which is weird because I have that need with literally everybody else (I'm a Priest-Cast Sage, so sue me). It's like we already know each other, and what we're learning now is simply a rediscovery, an exploration of our Personalities rather than getting to know each other on an Essence level. It looks like we have Agreements in this life, and we've gone to great lengths for each other already. He can be annoyingly flippant at times (Sage-Cast Sage 🙄) but he's the best friend that I never had to make friends with. 

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Luciana Flora

I have recently discovered that I have known for about 10 years a cadence Mate. And the experience is very similar to that reported by @Leela Corman. A very intense relationship with many ups and downs.

I made a topic talking about this relationship and some group members found it very similar to essence twin. EMas in my profele my essence rwin is man, then it could not be her. But I got curious and asked Michael what kind of connection we had.

And I discovered that she is my cadence mate. And we are both in the position of love of each other.

We have moments that we think we'll never talk to again and moments that I think> We're best friends.

At the moment we're fine. And it looks like we're getting better at each other. So maybe the relationship becomes a little simpler.


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Felicitas Brenner

The only cadence mate I have 'met' so far, is my mother and we both weren't surprised at all at us being cadence mates (she's the priest cast priest and I'm the scholar cast priest in our cadence). She has always been not only my mother, but my closest friend, entirely different from my other friendships. She really SEES me and being in each others company (which doesn't happen very often nowadays, because we live so far apart geographically) is literally food for my soul! 


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Dear Leela !!!


Essence wise, Cadence Mates are the closest that we have in Reincarnation ( our Travelling Companions are close, different math though).

Cadence Mates share: same Energy Ring, same Cadre, same Entity, same Role, same Row, they only differ in casting, the seat chosen in the Row.

No wonder we sense similarities, familiarities etc., Essence does recognize, even if there are abrasive overleafs or other persona stuff in the way.

In my own experience my Cadence Mate is the person that I trust the most and naturally, even more so than my husband who is my Task C., I know

and have been backed up by my Cadence Mate, where others don't dare to go. I feel deeply loved, even when on a personal level or in the world at

large, I screwed up. Our Cadence Mates are our most intimate and head on players in sooo many lives, to me the best we can get. This goes also

for the whole bunch of 49, that make up our Greater Cadence. We make sure to each other that we evolve and come into Love, no matter what it takes !!!


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