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Accessing saved blogs from ningTLE and eTLE

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The old TLE sites are gone, along with all their content. However, I have a Google Drive collection of blogs saved before the sites disappeared.


I cannot guarantee I have everything from every blog. We saved tons of stuff in very short order, and we tried to be organized, but we're still just human. :alien:


Much of the content of these blogs is already here on ourTLE, often embedded in forum and library topics. For the rest: I  hesitated to post blogs from people that are typically active at TLE, since it would be better if they were posted under the owner's ID. 


So, if you are one of those who didn't/couldn't collect your blogs from the old sites before they were shut down, please message me privately with your gmail address, and I will share what I have with you. If you don't have a gmail address, I suggest you set one up at least temporarily because sharing the items from Google Drive is really the fastest way to get them to you.


If you DID retrieve your blogs, you might also contact me to let me share what I have with you. I know I have material that's already posted on ourTLE, but there is too much for me to know which items are duplicates of posts here. It would be very nice if you could review my collection and tell me which ones I no longer need to keep.




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I hope Janet receives the feedback she needs so she can also get done with old-Tle.

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Janet, you are a star! ?

FYI, I have retrieved all my things from both sites. I you have anything in the name of PPLD in the Google Drive Collection, please feel free to delete it and free up some of the space. 



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