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I'm pretty excited that the Ms are working to change our education system, though a bit impatient. At least I don't have it that bad where I live, I went through school fairly unscathed when it came to learning, and mostly interested in or willing to do the work.
I can see support groups working together to make changes to the education systems worldwide, especially on youtube, and I found one that got fairly popular last year for Britain+America because the person who ignited it made a rap/poetic rhyming song based on his experiences in the system.
He brings up some good points, and has a really good way of communicating in face of insults or contradictions to his social views. He seems like a Sage to me.

I found his reaction to all the comments from his video on the web, which definitely provides a background for his video, and the "controversial" title he chose and I feel it is a lot more insightful over all.
It's on the uselessness of most things we learn in school, which I've heard often from other kids, family members, friends, strangers etc.
If you want, you can see his rap here.
And his reaction to the comments here.
Anyways, I'm hoping these sort of groups continue to come together to make changes to the system.

Oh also, feel free to bring up anything you like or don't like about education and its system here. This is just a boost for the discussion to take off, if any of you want to talk about it.

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I think that youtube in general is having a big effect on how people are learning.  

I use several youtube channels for teaching economics.  Sometimes it is stuff that helps preview what we are talking about, other times it is a deeper look at at a topic to help drive a point a home. 




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Holy crap, I love this video. Watching followups now.


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