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    • PPLD
      PPLD -
      Montag - NEW DESIGN
      I like it so much. I often talk about myself in terms of a design, so the wording just makes so much sense to me :) Thanks for posting!
    • CarolineB
      CarolineB -
      Montag - NEW DESIGN
      Thanks for posting this, Troy. I really like this song. Such a profound message to try and keep in mind.
    • Rosario
      Rosario -
      Anywhere Is
      Current mood:  Wild Child    Ever close your eyes<br> Ever stop and listen<br> Ever feel alive<br> And you've nothing missing<br> You don't need a reason<br> Let the day go on and on   Let the rain fall down<br> Everywhere around you<br> Give into it now<br> Let the day surround you<br> You don't need a reason<br> Let the rain go on and on
    • Cong
      Cong -
      Anywhere Is
      One of my fav songs!
    • AnnaD
      AnnaD -
      CARNAGE - You Will Not Regret Watching
      Sarah,  I can't enlighten you at all on (trying but not quite there as a vegan, but definitely as a vegetarian), being a wannabe vegan who adopted cats. Apparently cats are obligate carnivores. I buy my two cats their food which is mass produced meat and fish entrails, plus dry biscuit stuff. I have also shared with my cat, vegan hotdogs which he likes.... go figure.  I just like cats more than dogs. Though i love dogs too, to the point of wanting to adopt a shelter dog, or an unwanted dog.    i also live on a property with sufficient land around it, I adopted two cats when I bought my house. The two cats hated each other, they hadn't grown up together and kept ambushing and attacking each other. Yvonne and I decided to move into Yvonnes house together, I took one cat, my Norwegian Forest cat Zion, and my Mum and Dad (Mum loves cats and hasn't looked after a cat since her last cat had to be put down due to cancer making the cats life insufferable) look after my black cat Pedro. I pay for both cats medical and food expenses, but they each have their territory and cuddles and company. It thankfully has worked out for the good of the cats, Yvonne and I, and my Mum and Dad.  I cannot imagine living without land to garden on and escape into, or not having animals to care for, so having animals outside and inside is always included in my plans and budget. Luckily both cats get to have inside and outside lives where they can hang out, hunt, fight with the other neighbours cats (yes there has been many a veterinary visit caused by vicious cat fighting injuries) and let loose their energetic running craziness. One of my cats shows off when i turn up to visit my Mum and Dad (it is the black cat that my Mum and Dad look after and care for) by running across the grass at full sprint, and then running the length up a long tall tree trunk! I love it! You can see his happiness and joy that I have turned up to visit him. It is a beautiful thing to witness. Having to sort out cat fights is much less beautiful, but is part of the shit that is real when having outdoors animals is a thing. 
    • Sarah
      Sarah -
      CARNAGE - You Will Not Regret Watching
      Vegans having cats is something I've never understood. I'm not taking a swipe at anyone... it's just that the issue has me confused. Some vegans will go and adopt a whole pack of cats (Do cats come in a pack? Or is it a herd?), saying that they have to or they'll be put down, and therefore it's okay to feed them meat (even though it supports the same industries that they chose not to support by going vegan in the first place). My concern is that the continual adopting of cats from shelters encourages the irresponsible owners. "Hey, I don't have to get my cat spayed or neutered. If we get kittens, there'll always be someone to take them!"   My other point of confusion comes in when I see more cat-caretaker vegans than dog-caretaker vegans. Why do so many vegans opt for cats when they require meat (whereas dogs can technically live on a meat-free diet)? It's just something I've noticed that I really don't understand. Maybe some cat people could enlighten me about this...
    • Troy
      Troy -
      CARNAGE - You Will Not Regret Watching
        Indoor or outdoor is a choice you can make based on your environment. If it's safe for them, by all means, give them that indoor/outdoor freedom. Their health is in more jeopardy by being outdoors, but that's a gamble no matter what. Spay, Neuter, and tag them for their protection.
    • Evelin
      Evelin -
      CARNAGE - You Will Not Regret Watching
      I'm having serious ethical issues with keeping a cat indoors, though. Although I know pet cats who are allowed outside are apparently a problem for birds. And even though a friend of mine said most street cats you find in shelters don't want to go outside because they know too well what's there...
    • Evelin
      Evelin -
      CARNAGE - You Will Not Regret Watching
      Thank you, Troy. That's what I thought, too, was just wondering if I'm missing something when thinking about this. As long as humans are eating meat, there'll be no shortage of pet food, either... I'm considering adopting a shelter cat in the future.<br> I recently talked to a relative who has (bought, for a considerable amount of money she's not exactly swimming in) two pugs and I said I'm puzzled why people thought it was a good idea to breed creatures hardwired to have breathing (and other!) issues. She sincerely replied that she likes having them around so she can feel good about herself as a caring person -- when she witnesses the dogs snoring and generally making sounds like they're dying. It had never occurred to me to consider this aspect, and I don't approve of it, but it's... interesting, in a disturbing way. Watching my parents' Dachshund missing a pair legs in the middle in old age didn't make me feel good about myself, or humanity, at all.
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