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Troy, I'll add the full Q&A here (that you quoted from) because Michael does expand on what Orbs are or can be. I've also added a photo from Aaron, an ex-Buddhist Monk friend of mine (A Priest from C2E5), that was taken as they were building the funeral pyre of his teacher Ajaan Pannavaddho in a Forest Monastery in Thailand.


Michael on Kirlian Photography


Annette:  I know that there are special cameras that photograph the aura,and I have witnessed and photographed pictures with shapes,shadows/clouds,and orbs in them 11 days after my father passed away. Are these guides or spirit entities and can you comment on why we are able to see them like this? Are they making attempt to communicate?


MEntity:  The Kirlian Photography is a special technique, while flash photography is simply flash photography. Kirlian Photography allows you to see the bioenergetic (etheric) fields of your body in much the same way that iodine allows certain photography to see into the body. In the case of Kirlian Photography, there is a high frequency, electrical charge run through the object to help amplify its energetic emissions.


Any camera that is used to photograph the “aura” that does not include the electricity running through the object is simply an EMULATION or simulation and is invalid. They are the equivalence of a kaleidoscope, to some degree.


In Flash Photography, there is validity to much of what is seen as a paranormal phenomenon. Much of what are seen as “orbs” are actually microscopic dust particles in that moment, amplified by the flash. When the images are valid, they are not necessarily consciousness trying to communicate, but rather energetic emissions in the environment. When mourning is involved, the emissions can be great. Much of what are valid orbs, in the case of mourning, are merely the releasing of energetic “pockets, ”if you will, that allow the fragment passing to “gather themselves.”Letting go of someone is most literal in mourning, even if the fragment being “let go” is still incarnating.


Though some patterns are a form of consciousness, most are not, at least in terms of guides and spirits. If a “guide” or “spirit” is able to be photographed, then it is not of Essence, but of Personality as it is attached to the object of interest. That would mean they are not actually guides or spirits, but more like “echoes” of living aspect of themselves.


Annette:  How do you know the difference then?


MEntity:  Again, another topic that we will not be able to exhaust in this forum. In being able to tell the difference, if there is a consciousness involved in those terms, dreams are more likely their medium of exchange. We dare say that Spirits and Guides (as we know the term) do not hover mid-physical making pretty lights.


Building Ajaan Pannavaddho's Funeral Pyre.jpg



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Thanks for adding that Maureen, I have read it before but it was nice to see it again. Especially with this beautiful and moving photo. 


I volunteer as a docent at a historical home in San Diego that is said to be one of the most haunted houses in America - the family that lived there was prominent in the area and built their house on what had once been the execution grounds for San Diego (on purpose, because the land was cheap), and unfortunately suffered many tragedies. People often get orbs in their photos when touring the house, so this has given me a lot to think about! 


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