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Ask The Channel - Side Effects of Channeling?

Caricai asks: "I'm wondering if working with so much causal plane energy over the years has influenced any psychic ability or made you sensitive to other people's energy even when you aren't channeling. And if electronics go haywire on you on a regular basis. I guess, I'm also asking about how your own energy has been changed if at all from working with Michael. 


"I'm also wondering what you feel when you become fatigued after channeling for a while, how many hours a day you spend channeling, and what you do to recenter yourself?"



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That is too funny. I always assumed that if  the Ms said you were losing focus, it meant you were all wiped out and practically nodding off, not that you had M-induced hyperactivity. It makes perfect sense, though.

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Posted (edited)

Hahaha! Booger-blah, blah, blah-booger...


I have a ten year old laptop that is still functioning even it's a bit slow. I think two years is a bit unusual. Coffee maker beware! 

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