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  • Gorillas and the Age of the Universe


    This material was obtained by Geraldine in a session on May 6, 2013.


    Because the planet already has two established species of Sentience well into Soul Ages, Gorillas must contend with a vacuum-like effect that prompts acceleration.


    There is little room on the planet for Infant Soul lifetimes, and soon enough for even Baby Soul lifetimes, so they may be experienced within a drastically different context from what a struggling new Sentient species might do its own.


    The Design that is Human Sentience is actually fairly "late in the game," and has evolved extremely rapidly for the same reasons. The average Soul Age of the entire Universe is Mature. It has been moving through Infant, Baby, Young, and now into the very beginning Levels of Mature for nearly 14 billion years.


    This vacuum effect, if you will, could be most easily understood with a simplified scenario: Imagine the differences between a village that is populated entirely by children versus a village where there are adults in place when the children arrive.

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