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  • Concurrents and adjacent lives


    [This content duplicates a post now in the Fringe & Whackadoodle Studies Club and can be discussed there: Parallels, Concurrents and Adjacent Lives]


    The two primary questions asked by Geraldine and Martha were asked as part of the TLE Live Chat with Troy Tolley channeling Michael as “MEntity” on October 6, 2010. The additional information was in response to a private question of Martha’s, answered by MEntity.



    I’ve been asking questions in pursuit of understanding parallel existences, incarnations, concurrents, and then the mentioned but not defined “adjacent” lives. Questions that Martha and I asked dovetailed into each other and all of a sudden there is understanding on “clusters” and adjacent lives.” I’m posting her stuff with her permission.


    I have yet to figure out all of the nuances to concurrent lives. My understanding has been that concurrent lives are similiar to past incarnations, only “current to now,” and that all will merge into the total number of incarnations once all is said and done. However, one thing that shows up in others’ channeling about past lives is other concurrent lives that were experienced at the same time.


    For some, these isn’t a recent phenomenon or being old soul. And the concurrent lives are showing as distinctly separate. You’ve said that I’ve had 179 incarnations in this Grand Cycle. I would like a total count of parallels that will not be merging back in prior to the Causal plane, all concurrents I’ve had, and adjacent lives, as well as all incarnations.



    To respond to this with clarity, we must clarify some of the concepts and terms.


    We know that you have a fair grasp on the concepts as we have shared them, so we share this only to ensure that we have been clear.


    We use the term “Parallels” to describe the lives that share the same time, but different space/frequency.


    We use the term “Concurrent” to describe those lives that share the same time and space/frequency.


    We use the term “adjacent lives” to describe a broader concept that we have not fully elaborated upon, which is based on a kind of grid that takes on a spherical shape.


    This concept is closer to how your Essence experiences your multiple incarnations, and is a complex concept that involves linear and non-linear visualizations that can be difficult for the Personality to conceive.


    For simplicity’s sake, we will say that “adjacent lives” might be easiest to visualize as the intersections of the grid created by processes and themes and how those relate to each other.


    Most fragments start out with a single lifetime that then begins branching over time like a growing bush might be seen, though many of the branches grow back into each other and creates a mass of weaving and intersecting/parting like vines.


    Some of those parallels gain a momentum that begins to act as a distinct “trunk” on its own, but eventually begins a merging back into a parent parallel, so to speak. As part of that process of merging, Essence may generate a “concurrent” that shares the same time and space as the parent parallel as that process of merging, which would come after the death of the child concurrent.


    So the counting of “past lives” is a slippery count that is not static, and is always relative to the current Personality and the time that the count is delivered, depending on many factors.


    Most branching happens from the late Baby through Mature, and the most merging on grander scales comes during late Mature through Old.


    If one were to visualize this “bush of incarnations” it might look like the shape of a soft diamond, or double-teardrop, based on the mapping of the incarnations from Infant to Old, with the greatest branching/bulk of lives in the middle.


    There is no way for us to convey the magnitude of context that is necessary to couch our response to your question at this time, but we will respond with the caveat that more context is necessary.



    thank you — you’ve given me a great deal to think about — enlarged what I knew
    the question was relative to the total and isn’t important as such


    [MEntity] “The total amount of parallels that will not be merging back in prior to the Causal Plane” cannot be determined, as that would be a prediction, and we cannot and will not predict.


    [Geraldine] well, I meant of the known ones — or most likely — far deviated from this parallel



    When we give a count of parallels, the number is only comprehensible when given relative to your position so, for instance, the “Geraldine” that you know currently has approximately 108 parallel versions of herself, but the entire lifetime has over 11,000 variations.


    Currently, the parallel versions of the entire incarnational cycle that have sustained independence and momentum stand at 5, which may or may not merge before the Causal Plane.


    We will add that the number of sustained, independent parallels with their own momentum rarely exceed 12 at a time, hence the limitation of the number of Concurrents at any given time.


    When we give the number of Past Lives, we tend (through this channel) to count Concurrents as part of that number as they are relative to the current Parallel.


    Of your 179, we would say that 19 were Concurrent.


    The count of your Adjacent lives is not something we can quantify.


    Channeling that Martha had received previously concerning “clusters,” her daughter, and herself:


    [Martha] here’s what they said about our cluster together



    What we see as your relevant past lives had both of you in relationships of “us against the world.” This is part of a Cluster of lives (group of 5 lives) being explored, focusing on the theme of Independence. The process of exploring this theme has moved you from the “us vs them” to the “us against the world” to “us embraced by the world” to your current focus of “us as individuals.”


    What we mean by this is that you no longer act in harmony with one another JUST because you are an “us.” Your synchronicity in past lives was a given and taken for granted, almost to the point of losing your individual identities as you looked outwardly to the world.


    Your current lifetime is focusing on the variables that are unique to one another, so there may be great emphasis on your differences. For both of you, on some level, this may feel irritating and shocking since you have shared such a history of nearly being “one.”


    But if this lifetime is explored well, each of you would find a tremendous undercurrent of harmony between you that is not affected in the least by your differences, whether in personality, paths, or perceptions. This is the 4th life in this Cluster.


    The first life was in Egypt of 1320s CE where you were born as sisters with a skin pigmentation that left you as outcasts. The second life was in what is now the Southeastern United States around the 1550s CE as male “Native American” boys whose parents were killed by the Spanish.


    The third life (most recent) appears to have been near Florence, Italy of the 17th Century CE, where the two of you as mated male and female who could not bear children helped to sustain the spirits of children around you by performing small theatrical productions amidst painful changes in government and occupancy.


    Martha’s Question tonight which dovetailed into mine:


    [Martha] You brought up clusters when I asked some questions about my daughter. One was that we were in the 4th life of 5 in a cluster together, and then you told me about her personal cluster around Revelation. So I see they can be between two fragments, or a personal theme. You said they were typical at the 2nd level of each soul age. Can you give us some general info on clusters, and do I have any others this lifetime, whether personal or with another fragment?



    A “Cluster” is our way of describing various themes that work through a progression in 5 Stages. This is related to the concept of “Adjacent lives” we described earlier, in that the intersections that are generated on the “sphere” of lifetimes are actually in 5’s as the shape is basically a dodecahedron.


    Clusters refer to the commonality or theme that relates to each intersection that forms a kind of pentagram facet.


    The 5 lifetimes that make up that Cluster are Adjacent Lives.


    This is a highly simplistic explanation, as it does not include elaboration upon the dimensions and dynamics involved that are not static, but this visual helps.


    [Geraldine] hey — anything that helps me visualize — including all of these various geometric forms



    Every Essence seeks to complete itself on its own terms through various experiences of interest that then form into Clusters that then generate Adjacent Lives, that then grows around Essence much like a crystalline structure that is then added to the Entity.


    The sharing of Clusters, or themes, helps to create the joining facets between Essences, particularly within the same Entity, and then between Entity Twins, and then across the Cadre, Energy Ring, etc.


    In general, every lifetime has the potential to move through a stage in up to 5 Clusters, and always through at least 1 Cluster.


    Clusters always explore a theme from 5 different angles, each relating to a Soul Age, so that a Mature Soul will most likely only ever be at a 4th Stage or Angle in a Cluster, and a Baby Soul only ever at a 2nd Stage, or Angle, for instance.


    The older the soul, the more flexible the stage of where one is in a Cluster.


    The Older the soul, the more capable the Essence for actually “going back” and organizing lives into Clusters that were not intentional, but only seen upon retrospection, so to speak, and are then completed during the Old Soul Age.


    In fact, the entire process of an Entity merging is the “finishing touches” on arranging and rearranging Clusters for the purpose of uniting the Entity as a complete whole, matching facets, angles, if you will, to each other in a multiple of ways for multiple reasons.

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