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  • Does Michael teach parallel versions of their students?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: July 2001]


    [Shannon] You have said there are multiple parallel versions of all of us. Most of the students in this room must be your students in those realities as well. Do you also teach some of our parallel selves as your students, and if so, are they using any different techniques or technologies, or learning material different from ours, that might benefit us if we brought it into this reality?


    There are varying versions of who is or isn't actively pursuing our teaching across the parallels. Those of you here have approximately 72% of your parallels involving us, several of them as students of us as a Transcendental Soul. There are no techniques or technologies that will “benefit” this parallel, as this parallel is its own for its own reasons.


    The only major difference in this parallel as opposed to the most different is in the lack of physical proximity between students. In many parallels, it has become the focus and priority to create group housing and care, similar to a commune, but less restricting. Nothing so organized as a commune, but more like geographical areas and literal “taking over” of apartment complexes and housing developments as a means for unity and community. The Internet stands in for that aspect in this parallel.


    A minor version of this in this parallel is in the “bay area” of California, where we work with a portion of our channels.


    [nemo999] How about the ‘commune’ parallels?


    [Michael_Entity] There are many versions of the “commune” parallels. Most exist within economic and political contexts very similar to what you see “here.” The most “unusual” parallel in this regard, we can offer, is in nearly half of your Cadre One, along with many from Cadre 2 and 3, literally “running” a progressive city in what is known as Colorado.


    [Jan2000] Is there a parallel in which the 70's Michael group formed a commune?


    [Michael_Entity] Yes, some in New Mexico, Texas, and California.

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