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  • Global nexus happens every year


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 1999]


    [Mary936] Could you tell us more about what the Global Nexus means for Earth and for us?



    A Global Nexus occurs every year. It is not unusual in itself.


    This particular Nexus and the next one in 2000 are highly emphasized due to the psychological symbols associated with it.


    This Nexus will affect Baby Souls the most as old ideas about “Christ’s return” comes into question. With the high influx of Mature Soul consciousness, Young and Baby Souls will begin to feel the impact. Those in positions of authority in the church and in politics will be guided by new parameters and concerns. Regardless of Soul Age, all fragments are beginning to feel the intense impact of a new context for your planet.


    The “drama” of this Nexus, especially with the impending “Y2K” impact, will be one more intense cementing of the Mature Soul challenges permeating society and its people. For once, the planet is looking up, attentive, at nearly the “same time”.


    In other words, this will be one Nexus that implies in the most deeply moving of ways, that you all need each other; especially if the “lights go out”. For some of you who scoff at the prospect of Y2K problems, you are still reviewing your “what if’s”. Those who do not work within the parameter of Mature Soul grouping will be glaringly obvious as they lash out in the New Year.


    You can see the beginnings of this anyway, as each person in their life sees the media’s portrayal of life “out there” as scary and unpredictable, lending a sense of appreciation for what is trusted in your closest circles.


    This then is the single most meaningful aspect of this Nexus all across the board. It will bring, if it hasn’t already in its unfolding, a clarity of what is true in terms of the “higher” aspects of your living.


    Everything is being “reset”.


    Because of the psychological symbolism being attributed to this Nexus (and the new year), most are taking this opportunity as a way to start anew on all levels.


    As we stated in the Energy Report, look to your own “symptoms” to see if there are any messages for you.


    We can go on, but we will pause here. Is this offering some insight into the process?


    [Mary936] My “symptoms” were feeling happy and in tune, so I just felt fortunate.

    [Mary936] It may be hardest for Baby Souls.

    [suzee] I am in the midst of resetting my life beginning with my relationships…so absolutely.



    Yes, though we covered the more uncomfortable symptoms, the feelings of synchronicity and joy are too, symptoms and messages.


    Most of you have started SOMETHING “new” that has some major significance in where you are “going”. This is part of your Nexus.

    Edited by Janet

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