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    [Taken from Yahoo TLE Article: Parallel Realities]


    Decisions lead to Choices and Choices lead to the potential creation of Parallel Realities.

    As Essence has a great interest in all possibilities within a lifetime, ALL Choices are explored in some way, some how. Parallel Realities are simply variations of a lifetime that share the same TIME, but different SPACE. In other words, each Reality is as “real” as any of the Realities, but each exists independently and separated by what might be best understood as a Frequency. Each Reality has its own Frequency and Essence has complete access to ALL Frequencies/Realities of a lifetime.

    When a Reality is created from a Choice, it can be understood as “branching out” from the time and space of another Reality. As a lifetime is created and lived, many choices create “branches” from the original, Root Reality (Trunk Reality). In fact, it is not amiss to think of the process as a branching out from a tree that continues to grow throughout the lifetime. Many “branches” are even created from “branches,” as well, calling forth a grand scale of possibility for Essence.

    While Essence always has an “original plan” for a lifetime, Essence cannot anticipate all of the creativity, resistance, choices, decisions, fears, alterations, accidents, etc. of a created Personality. Personality has complete reign within a lifetime and it is allowed to choose to work with Essence or against it, contribute to the creativity, or to diminish it. There will ALWAYS be at least one version of Personality willing to explore the Trunk Reality, but no matter what the Personality chooses, Essence will gain experiences, many of which would not have been possible without the input of that Personality.

    In the same way that Parallels are created, or branched off, from a Trunk or Parent Reality, they can also merge back into that Trunk or Parent Reality. Parallels are created because the primary experiences of the “new” Reality require different enough components to warrant that branching. In many cases, once that primary experience has been gained, there is no more need for that “branch” and if it is still similar enough to the Parent Reality, it will literally merge back into the Parent Reality.

    A Nexus, then, is a pivotal moment in time that allows for a shift in consciousness toward a new direction based on a deep assessment of all “branches” to-date. A Nexus is a crossroads focused on either an array of new realities being created (DIVERGENCE), or on the integration of many branches no longer requiring their own reality (CONVERGENCE).

    A Nexus can happen on Individual, Community, and Global Levels. In the same way that Parallel Realities are created on an Individual Level, there are also Community Realities that are collectively created and agreed upon, and Global Realities that are based on a Sentient Species’ collective choices and agreements.

    There are several points within a year that can be described as a Nexus. Individual Levels occur most often. Our channels generally speak of Community or Global shifts. Each Nexus is usually an assessment based on a theme that can be described. For instance, a Nexus may be emphasizing MATERIAL SECURITY, so realities are being generated or absorbed based on where you are with that context of life.

    The process of passing through a parallel shift (NEXUS) is in three stages; a Triad:

    Negative/Positive/Neutral. Though some may reverse the Negative and Positive phase, the process always moves to Assimilation/Neutral as the conclusive factor of integration. Incidentally, it is quite rare to begin the process of a Nexus from the Positive stance.

    The triad we describe can be experienced on Individual, Community, and Global Levels.

    The “window” of time referencing a Nexus as indicated through our channels is always the general window of the “positive” phase of a Nexus. The Positive phase is most easily identifiable and marked, while the first (negative) and last thirds (neutral) of the Triad are less defined by time and more subjective.

    In a DIVERGENCE, the Negative phase (Phase One) has the Personality beginning to go through what some may consider a severe drop in energy, a sleep-like phase, sometimes depression or baffling disorientation and even a foreboding feeling.

    This phase is what may easily be considered a sedation of the Personality. This is caused by a more “horizontal” flow of energy and a time in which Personality must sustain itself on a basic instinctual level. In most cases there is a sense of disconnection from Essence, a sense of “just getting through the day”, and/or the dream state takes on a vivid life while the waking state seems gray or less-than. This state is due to the evaluation process occurring by Essence. Essence is “looking in” on all parallels, evaluating where energy has been utilized by all aspects of itself to-date, in all of its manifestations, measuring this against several factors.

    During this first phase many “realities” are being generated in a potential state. Personality is in a state of sedation, so to speak, since this process actually takes much energy that is usually available on a daily basis for creativity by the Personality, and redirecting that energy in a very specific manner.

    The very end of this Negative period is marked by a swift uplift in energy; a shift of sorts internally, marking the end of the exploration by Essence and an inclusion of Personality in the process again. This is usually where Personality now suddenly feels inspired, senses potential on a vague, but motivating, level. This is where Personality will then make its own final decisions in what directions to go through the shift, selecting from the potentials generated by Essence.

    In a CONVERGENCE, the Negative Phase is quite similar, but usually with a longer stretch of sedation, far less of a sense of confusion, and wildly vivid dreams including disasters, death, flying, large bodies of water, strange-but-utterly-familiar people and places, as the Essence absorbs the varying Realities no longer requiring differentiation.

    Shortly after the end of the Negative Phase of either CONVERGENCE or DIVERGENCE, the Positive Phase begins (Phase Two). The window of time for the actual shift in parallels occurs during this phase.

    This phase is interpreted/experienced differently by different Roles and is further affected by Attitudes and Centering.

    In general, the more fluid Roles (Priests, Sages, and Artisans) can feel giddy and inspired, confused, but uplifted and energetic, sometimes behaving sporadically and in bursts. 

    The more solid Roles (Scholars, Kings Warriors, and Servers) can feel slightly agitated, introverted, and “serious,” feeling a need to “focus.” The more solid Roles will usually find “projects” that focus the energy for this period of time or find sexual arousal as a distraction. This is their way of “staying in the body” during the shift. The shift tends to increase the individual’s feeling of being scattered and this is not particularly comfortable for a solid role. These symptoms are highly general, but accurate for the most part.

    The Assimilative Phase (PHASE THREE) begins once the actual Nexus is finalized and stabilized (and an astrological event usually parallels this). Depending on the individual, community, or planet (and relative to the theme of the Nexus) the fragments now begin to settle into their new vein of experiences.

    This third phase can take as long as is individually required, though it is usually within 60 days from the shift. During this phase one begins to experience that which is “next on your agenda” as determined by Personality and Essence.

    Q & A

    Are these shifts “cosmic” events or determined by Essence or groups of Essence (community)?

    [Michael_Entity] They are determined by Essences, individually, and/or collectively. For instance, the Cetaceans have their own parallel shifts, though the Global Level is more likely to include all of sentience on a planet.

    So do the shifts happen mostly during Internal Monad periods? Like the 4th IM?

    [Michael_Entity] No, shifts happen all the time. More individual shifts may occur during personal revelations, but that is individually determined. Each year, there are an average of 4 Individual Shifts, 2 Community Shifts, and one Global Shift. They are all built upon by “decisions” that lead to the major “choices.”

    Can personality’s desires and wishes influence essence choices regarding a shift?

    Personality is entirely influential. In fact, parallel realities would not be a necessity if not for the desires and wishes of a Personality. This is Tao, and an Essence’s way, to accommodate the wishes, creativity, and even rejections from the Personality. Just previous to a shift, however, a momentum has already begun long before by your Personality’s day-to-day reactions to experiences, your decisions, your thoughts, and feelings. All of this is fed to Essence as factors for consideration. Once the Negative phase has begun (Phase One), most of what is considered for your “future” parallels is already “collected.”

    As an Older Soul, one may begin to recognize these oncoming shifts, processing them more consciously. This awareness may begin a tendency for the Personality to want to “be a part” of the shift by trying to influence it through intense focusing during the Nexus. It is actually more empowering and influential to consider your daily reactions, responses, and decisions as what “matter” in terms of creating your future; not the actual window during the Nexus.

    We know of some Personalities being anxiety-riddled during the Nexus points, hoping they pick the “right” parallel. This distraction is completely lacking in validity. Once a Nexus begins, Personality is in a space where Surrender is the most empowering strength. There are some levels of processing Reality that Personality was not designed to do.

    Trusting Essence is a primary challenge for the Personality during a parallel shift.

    For Global shifts, all sentience on our planet experienced the shifts, but what about alien visitors here? Do they participate? I am curious to know if our shifts (parallel universes) have affects on other planets (or vice versa).

    There are actually 7 Levels of shifting that might occur during a Nexus, including the Individual, Community, and Global. We remain dealing with only these basic 3 shifts until more off-planet concerns are a factor. The additional Levels are Interplanetary, Solar, Galactic, and Universal. We will discuss these Levels at a different time.

    In answer to your question: If there would be an alien visitor, it would participate in the shift relative to this planet. Local shifts for your planet affect other planets only to the extent that your off-planet exploration is utilized. This would fall into the Interplanetary Level of a Nexus.

    So far, most of what you’ve told us would apply to the Individual Shift, but I’m unclear as to the dynamics of a Community Shift?

    The primary difference between what we would designate as “individual” versus “community” or “global” is simply that in Community and Global shifts, MORE of you are shifting together in one shared context. ALL shifts among parallels still occur individually, without exception, but there is a factor of agreement throughout a larger circle of fragments when it is Community or Global. This means that a group of fragments have agreed on a shared future that might include experiences of continued interaction, after evaluating Agreements, Karma, contacts, Sequences, Vectors, etc.

    When a shift occurs on the Individual Level, you may view many things differently, feel different motivations, all of which seem detached from the perceptions of those around you. You will notice that in a Community Shift or Global Shift, more interaction and/or media is involved, more gatherings, more impact from others, or more impact from you on others around you.

    The mundane effects of a Community shift are in the loss of people or the gain of people in a significant way to your personal social and support circle. A Global or Community Shift usually holds a longer Nexus time frame (“window”) so as to accommodate all of the Individual shifts involved.

    I had a dream where images were flashing in too fast to recognize. Was this some sort of “processing”? About twenty images in a sequence of flashing.

    We would think so. This is not unusual. The Dream State becomes a meeting ground for Essence and Personality for some considerations of potential futures. This is usually the “uploading” of certain experiences that have not been “updated” for Essence evaluation. You may experience them as if they are being fed to “you,” but in reality “you” are feeding them to Essence since they are moving to a conscious level from your Centers where they were stored previously. It may be assumed that Essence already knows everything about your life and is involved in all activities and experiences and “knows all” while you are incarnated, but this is just not the case.

    Essence, of course, is involved on all levels, but in many cases “allows” the Personality its own terms for much of its life. The Personality will report or check in or make contact with Essence only when Essence is wanted or needed. This contact can easily be sustained so that Essence is purely manifest, but we rarely see a Personality interested in this, except in extreme trauma.

    What does the maxim: You create your reality NOT entail?

    Though this is a rather “large” question, we can assure you that most mistake this as the Personality’s potential, when it is not. The Personality is highly limited in its “creation” of reality. Personality, however, is the highest consideration by Essence in terms of what to create. Essence constantly evaluates the Decisions, Reactions, and Choices of a Personality for a great length of time, taking these factors into definitive consideration as Reality is created.

    The Personality is a sensory unit for the Physical Plane, and though it has the definite potential and goal for pure manifestation of Essence, allowing Personality a co-creative stance, it will always be Essence that literally creates the Realities. This is why we encourage Essence Contact.

    The more consciously involved “you” are (as Personality) with Essence, the more influence on Physical Plane manifestations and abundance.

    A missing link in many endeavors for “creating your reality” is in the lack of actually “asking” for what you want directly to Essence. It is most often “left to the Universe” or “released” to a vague source or left to “God” for its manifestation. The most irresponsible and indifferent mantra we have seen used by Personality while in a lifetime is, “It will happen if it is supposed to happen”, or similar. We say “irresponsible” in its true sense, not in the judgmental manner this word usually entails. Since Essence (and certainly Tao) does not “think” in terms of “supposed to,” this lends little direction to an event and what results is usually another opportunity for ones fear to manifest.

    First, as I understand it, essence can split off and create alternate or parallel realities so it can experience different “what if” scenarios – right?

    [Michael_Entity] This is a valid angle, yes.

    Then can I through some form, say meditation, contact essence with intense desire that it try something else and then when it is finished, it will merge the split off fragment back and at some level I will benefit from the learning of the fragment?

    You already do this; it is inherent in the process of a life. It does not require meditation. Frustrations, reactions, responses, decisions, emotions, thoughts, ideas, etc. all contribute to the diverging/branching of parallels. The merging is based on a quantity of similarities in certain parallels and the lack of need for those individual realities.

    “Benefit” is gained on many levels. For instance, a drive to have children might spawn a reality where that is the choice, thus lessening the drive in “this” reality, so as to focus on other agenda and the drive for children seems suddenly gone.

    Benefit can also be more consciously gained (though if there is benefit, it will come with or without your consciousness) through simple visualization and, if you prefer, meditation. Visualize what “you” are like in a reality that has done or is doing or having what it is you feel you are seeking “here.” We have spoken on this many times, stating that your imagination is all that is needed for this exercise. Though we realize it is highly mistrusted, the imagination is the highest frequency owned by a body and extremely empowering and practical. In your visualization of the reality that “has or is what you wish to have or be,” observe in your visualization long enough to see what simple habit, style change, or activity that “you” do “there” that you do not do “here.” Take this information into the life that you know and replicate the behavior, style, or habit. In the replication of this habit in “your” reality, you will create a link, or bleedthrough, if you will, helping to draw from you that which was drawn from another version of you.

    So that the direction to try a different existence comes from me and not from essence as such? I have trouble distinguishing between “me” and “essence”…

    We have said before, but will here say again, that the dynamics of Parallels is designed to accommodate both the Essence’s AND Personality’s development of a life. The “direction to try a different existence” comes from both Essence and Personality, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in complete discord with each other. Essence will never interfere with the ideas of a Personality however removed they are from the “original plan.” There is plenty of “room” for “all of you.”

    Another reason for parallels is that Essence CANNOT experience all of the Physical Plane without the Personality since the Personality IS of the Physical Plane; therefore, Personality has an “edge” on what is important, needed, or wanted. Personality gives the Essence “feedback” from the Physical Plane (consciously or unconsciously) so as to help Essence make more and more complex, elaborate and meaningful choices, contributing to the Soul Age progression.

    I guess “I” am a creation of essence so if “I” wish essence to try a different scenario, then it is the same as essence doing it. Or am I getting confused here?

    There is really no need to distinguish between “you” as Personality and Essence since as Older Souls you are seeking alignment more and more.

    If there is confusion in your life, it is best to assume you are thinking only from the level of Personality. In that recognition, this will allow a clearer path of communication to Essence when needed. When you have a sense of knowing and trust for the next moment or experience, it is safe to say you are in Essence. Either way, “you” have the same amount of impact available on Reality.

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