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  • Why would essence "spin off" parallels of itself?


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: Parallels]


    [ha] Why would it become desirable to “spin-off” aspects of self, i.e., I’m in process of re-integrating spin-offs, why would it be beneficial to spin off more?



    It would depend on your definitions of “Spin-offs”.


    Assuming [your definition is] the same, it will always be the case in any given lifetime that aspects of your Personality “spin-off” into realities of their own. This is simply because Essence wants to not only experience EVERYTHING it intended (your TRUNK REALITY), but also all of the creative input from Personality. When you speak of integrating these Parallels [“spin-offs”], this may easily mean that other aspects of Personality [are moving] on, [being replaced].


    Let us clarify something:


    Each Personality is composed of what we refer to as SUB-PERSONALITIES, aspects of “you” that make up who you are in various situations.


    Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE, virtual “sub-personalities” of the Essence.


    We realize this can be mind-boggling, but we assure you, you are not required to grasp this. That is what Essence does. You, as Personality, have only the life to contend with, not the creation of the Universal Schemes.


    Many of you will be bringing in aspects/parallels that have been off in their “own” realities for a while, and now are merging with “this one”, but we will discuss that at a later date.


    [ha] So when you mentioned at the beginning that we may be spinning off aspects of self, did this mean sub-personalities of self, or essence’s sub-personalities? Also, if it is sub-personalities of self, where do those spin-offs go and what do they do?



    We were referring to Essence “sub-personalities”.


    Sub-personalities of Self stay with you, present, and are called to the “surface” for your various situations. Multiple Personalities and Schizophrenia are the results of breakdown and non-communication between these sub-personalities, by the way.


    When you ask, “where do they go?,” the same similar event occurs on an Essence level: YOU and ESSENCE exist within the SAME SPACE. ALL the parallels exist within the same space, but “you” are at a different “frequency” for Essence.


    An easy way to visualize this:


    Imagine Parallels as being a conglomeration of colors on a single surface. THIS is how Essence “sees” it all at once, but when this conglomeration of color is [seen] through, for example, a BLUE lens, different colors are highlighted and others diminished. The SAME palette is there, but the FOCUS creates a different “dimension.” Other “lenses” would create similar results. “YOU” are a specific focus within the conglomeration of all the Parallels.


    [fg] M said, “Parallel Selves are aspects of ESSENCE; virtual sub-personalities of the Essence.” What do you mean by virtual?


    [Michael_Entity] That was a convenience of speech. We choose our words carefully in many ways and this, we felt, carried the best impact as these “selves” are not easily verifiable. But it is only from the perspective of one self that these [other selves] would appear “virtual”.

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      Note: This session completes a 3-part topic. See Part 1 and Part 2.
      October 7, 1999
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Dreams and Symbols 3 of 3
      [Michael_Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. One moment. As Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] shared, we will begin by taking questions in reference to our Energy Forecast first. You may begin if there are questions.
      [Luna2ne] It sounds like this month is a clearing process for all of us? Before we begin work on this year's platform, and the platform for the next 1000 years?
      In part, yes. It is not new though. This is no different than any other period of release. The difference now being only that there will appear to be more to release or consider or realize before moving forward.
      In truth, it is simply a heightened projection of meaning placed on otherwise ordinary events.
      You are moving into an Instinctive Centered year, and this month being the “new year” for you Older Souls, it is your first movement toward that. We say “this being the new year” in reference to this month, October, on your calendars.
      What would normally be a simple process, mild depression, or “the blahs”, even spaciness, will now be laced with what we called Grief.
      Not all you of will shed tears as a result of this process, but your bodies will certainly shed truths and import the foundations of new ones. Hence, the connection to the “next thousand years” and platforms.
      [MaryBV] We are all remembering our dreams this week. Is Michael referring to these when they talk about death and endings? In other words, do we need to close our past before we can move ahead to a new level of awareness?
      We would not say ‘close’, instead, we would say embrace.
      Many of you find your pasts to be the only validity of your being. This is a distraction from your potential. We do not pass judgment, we only speak in terms of what is sought by Essence.
      As you, as Personality, become ever more blurred in differentiation from Essence, memories flow in dreams, in thoughts, and in fantasy, all stemming in some way from the foundations of who “you” have been. There will come a lifetime for all of you (as Essence) where full cognitive awareness of most lives, loves, and immortality is accepted, making that life the pivotal life that ties up the culmination of all that Essence seeks in this Grand Cycle. For some of you, this life is that life. For others, this life is being AFFECTED by the life that IS that life, even if in your “future” or “past”. In either case, validation is necessary on multiple levels in order to evolve.
      This validation will come through the sound and personal realization of the “past” and what that has contributed to your being. When we have spoken of this period of time being of Grief, it is the absorption/dispersion of long-held truths that have been generated by various selves in this life and others. This may happen in dreams.
      Rather than being distracted by the memories, or held in the “past” by them, the truths will be released/absorbed as PART of “you” and this could be one of your most freeing experiences then. So we say “embrace”, rather than “close”.
      Though we are not prone to humour as you might perceive it, we do find it humourous in your cultures to be preoccupied with weight gain, while on the Essence Levels you are always seeking to grow “bigger”.
      This is, after all, an expanding universe.
      [Azure362] Can you expand upon how the physical body will shed truths and import the foundations of new truths?
      Yes. We include in the “physical body” also the environment in which the physical body resides. This would include its relationships, its foods, its health, its interactions; it’s sensation of textures, etc.
      If anything is rare in this process, it is the potential for this to be a period where you feel “reset”. This past year has had little substance if examined in retrospect, at least in terms of time. It was passed through quickly due to the Centering of the year. This year has acted as a literal, material filter.
      What will be happening throughout the month is a cleansing of that filter, an examination of what has come to pass, and a sense of freedom as this filter is freed from obstacles.
      We lack a better analogy at this point, but it will do.
      So when we say “shed truths”, it will be that which has remained in your ‘filter”, not working.
      When we say “import foundations for new truths”, we speak of the freedom that cleansing will have and the room gained (the filter cleansed) for new truths to reside, ‘stick with you”, so to speak.
      We would suggest each of you turn inward and/or look outward to find two truths that have changed for you on each level. Personal, Global, and what truths you have come closer to that are Universal. It may be revealing to see where you have become freed.
      On the more specific physical level, our statement literally means that some of you will change certain physical attributes in accommodation of your process. Illness may occur, or healing, whichever is more adequate to explore the new truths. Changes in diet, changes in feelings toward others, changes in how you sleep, etc. All symptoms of your personal realizations, releases, and possible grieving. The most obvious we can see occurring and prevalent is in the complete esteem each of you might have as you experience YOU. With or without external references for value or validation, each seems to have a sense of self that is sturdy and stands strong, even if alone. This is unusual, even for some of our oldest students.
      In short, you all seem to be loving yourselves more.
      We will begin the topic then.
      Astral Levels of dreaming are the territory of Essence.
      Astral Levels of dreaming are entered through one of the three lower centers, the Emotional, the Intellectual, or the Action. This is all entered from the Instinctive Center, where all dreams originate.
      In this state, rather than each event, object, or person being symbolic (as in the Symbolic/Instinctive Level), these become more “real”, at least to Essence. There is still an element of Symbology here, as symbology permeates almost all levels of being.
      Instead of the symbology representing facets of SELF, the symbology represents facets of SOUL.
      Where the psyche of the Personality gets to explore itself in sub-personalities while in the Instinctive/Symbolic Level, the Astral Level allows the Essence to explore itself through the actual Personalities of various lifetimes. It is in this Level that you resolve emotional Karma, strike up Agreements, update plans, engage past lives, etc.
      When entered through the ACTION entrance, this level is marked by great activity of course and environments become prominent. This is where you notice more WHERE you are. This is the facet where past lives are mostly played out. This is with exceptions though, and is not static, just more common. This facet is used for the “past” because Essence is more easily able to manipulate environment to resemble scenarios recalling lives as another self.
      The EMOTIONAL facet is the entrance where most resolution, healing, or comprehension occurs between present self and past self, or self and another fragment. It is marked by impact on you even upon waking.
      The Emotional Entrance of the Astral Level is marked by impact on the waking state more than other entrances. Though you may find it difficult to differentiate which actual Center is being experienced in the dream, we find these marked differences an easy way to identify if you choose. In the Emotional entrance, you scream, you fight, you cry, you laugh, sometimes even waking experiencing the same.
      The INTELLECTUAL facet is where you learn. This is where you, as Essence, gather information, gain insights, process the Cycle to that point, and make plans, agreements, and set up Karmic engagements. This is marked by a sense of being in what you interpret as “school”.
      These then are brief explorations of the three lower center entrances making up the ASTRAL Level of dreaming.
      We remind you that this is an evolving body of information through this channel and others and we suggest reading all transcripts to grasp the continuity.
      We will take questions now.
      [ksh] Does the soul exist on different levels i.e. the Tao level, astral, casual etc?
      [Michael_Entity] Yes. Of Course. Would you like to elaborate on your question?
      [ksh] Can we connect with those souls? Do they have a separate intelligence?
      [Michael_Entity] Intelligence as you know it is no longer a factor on some Higher Levels. We remind you we use “higher and lower” only as a convenience, not a truth.
      [ksh] How do we communicate with them ?
      These “higher” parts of “you” (and by “you” we mean Essence) do not have a sense of separateness, though to “you” as Personality, of course, you would seek contact AS IF it is separate.
      Some of our own channels are working with “you” on this level as even we speak now.
      For instance, our channel known as Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] to you is working with his own collective Energy Ring as a consciousness. This would be likened to your future selves, collective.
      We do not have a “how” at this point to share within this space. We may address this in another context later. But yes, “you” exist on all of those levels and can be accessed.
      [Sandra51] Questions directed to the topic of the Levels of Dreaming.
      [Suzee] Is the feeling of anxiety present in dreams part of the emotional entrance?
      This would depend on certain factors. Anxiety can sometimes be the waking state’s interpretation of any level of dreaming. Upon leaving a dream, the waking personality might infuse its present uncertainty on the memory of the dream, even if not actually felt within the dream. Aside from this possibility, anxiety would be more the result of being in the Emotional entrance, yes.
      More often though, as we spoke of, the waking INTELLECT that cannot reason the Emotional entrance’s experiences creates the anxiety AFTER waking.
      [FloorDog] The Element water is commonly associated with the astral. I’m curious as to the meaning of water in astral dreams, especially large bodies? I find in many dreams I seek them out and take pleasure in immersing myself in them, especially surf. Would you say this is the action entrance? (assuming they are astral in nature)?
      If the element of water is to be interpreted symbolically on its own, it is most likely within the Instinctive Level. If it is part of a landscape of the Astral, which can be differentiated by the thoroughness and detail of the landscape/environment, then it is part of the Emotional elements of the past or present explored. It is safe to assume, if the Level is clearly Astral, that any element (predefined in your culture) that relates to a Center is that Center being explored WITHIN the context of that Level of dreaming. For instance to be submerged in WATER (emotional) in a ACTION environment (with the landscape and scenery being the prominent factor), then it might be safe to assume you are exploring the emotional part of the moving center.
      We will take personal questions now to the best of our ability at this time. It is advised by Otterly [aka Troy Tolley] that you consider the group and time constraints.
      [TCB] You mentioned about the energy ring consciousness, What was my dream about the ‘energy ring’ with Barry, and some others, that I didn’t recognize?
      [Michael_Entity] This was a personal definition, different than ours, speaking of the connections between yourself and presently incarnated connections. It is information about your Configuration. A Septant. This may be validating or not, but we are limited in what is available about this dream at this time.
      [MaryBV] I would like Michael to comment on the memory of my kneeling on a cold, stone floor in a cathedral surrounded by my women. What life am I remembering and is this an example of a past life memory done through the emotional astral entrance? I don’t need a blow by blow account, just a very brief comment.
      [Michael_Entity] This would be the ACTION entrance, Astral Level. This is a valid lifetime memory accounting for that life’s experience of its Overleaves as parallel to this life. The women, as we see it, were all the selves from past incarnations and future sharing the same Goal. That life is the pivotal advisor for the “best” expression of the Goal.
      [Sandra51] Personal Questions… Nemo999
      [nemo999] Thanks, how can I let go of negativity
      You cannot. We would rarely say something that appears so condemning, but it is a truth in your universe that it must be explored as a path to what you might call your “positivity”. What you call “negativity” presently are simply judgments on the process. You are merely EXPERIENCING. If there is resistance to experience, “negativity” results.
      In your case, we suggest you listen carefully to feedback. There is little listening happening in your life, only sensitivity and defense. Remind yourself that you are safe, if you wish to hear your world’s answers to freedom.
      [nemo999] How then can I see that I am safe?
      [Michael_Entity] By choosing to see through your own eyes. Someone else taught you to feel insecure and vulnerable. That was their truth, not yours. This month may be your month to turn that around. It is no longer necessary to pay homage to another’s idea of you. In every instance, stop to determine if you feel ‘safe’. If you do not feel safe, DECIDE to feel safe in your decision, even if not completely convinced. It is a start.
      [Azure362] My back has spasmed out like it used to do over 20 years ago. This seems to be a “repeat” lesson of sorts or is it a truth I am resisting, or shedding, or what?
      It's simply an old truth revisited. It is not a repeat lesson. It is one you never realized you “kept around” for good measure. It has always lurked in your background as a means for “excuse” if needed. You have determined that it is no longer valid through your revisiting.
      It will pass, if we are correct in our perception. Your intake of water will help on the physical level. This is in relation to your material world, security issues and finances. It is time for you to rest assured you are safe on that level.
      [Luna2ne] What is my brother’s family Ikon? What is my family Ikon?
      [Michael_Entity] Brother: “the extravagant” You: “the Satellite” We do not profess that this is accurate as we would need to focus more on you directly. This might be only a facet of the Ikon.
      [TCB] Septant configuration. What are we doing, life task work? Can you elaborate just a bit?
      Yes, only slightly; conscious validation of essence contact seems to be the task, or part of it. Again, we are limited in this context for deeper explorations. Again, this is a start.
      We will now conclude. Goodnight.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Michael Speaks Live
      “How Reincarnation Works, Part II”
      Parallels and Concurrents
      August 23, 2014
      Channel: Troy Tolley
      johnroth: There was material waiting from last time on how looping worked with concurrents and parallels. Could you expand on that.
      Yes. "Looping" (we know there will come a better term for this at some point) works similarly for Concurrents and Parallels as they do for any version of a life. However, there are some distinct differences in how this process functions among the "core" lifetime, parallels, and concurrents. We will elaborate.
      First, all Concurrents would be considered a "core" lifetime.
      There is not a core lifetime from which another concurrent "branches.” Concurrents are their own tree, if you will.
      Internal Monads happen on both the level of Personality and of Essence. For the Personality, these are known as the 7 Internal Monads. For the Essence, these are known as the 7 Levels of a Soul Age. For Essence to evolve from one Level to the next, at least one Personality must have moved through all 7 Internal Monads and completed them in the Positive Pole. This is not some kind of rule in the sense of some imposed structure, but a natural means of progression being described in these terms.
      We review this so that the following can make sense:
      Concurrents contribute to the progression of Soul Age Levels of Essence, while Parallels contribute to the Internal Monads of the core lifetime from which the Parallels branched.
      For example:
      If one is at 3rd Level Old and has 4 Concurrents, each of these will "start from scratch," if you will, as core lifetimes with their own Personalities.
      In no particular order of actual birth, we will just describe these as lifetimes 1, 2, 3, and 4 for convenience, not sequence of birth.
      Lifetime 1 easily progresses to the 4th Internal Monad, but remains "stuck" in that Internal Monad for the rest of that life. Parallels that have been generated will have contributed to this progression across the parallels. Though each Parallel will have its own progression, each benefits to a great degree because consciousness expands, and it expands across those parallels. So if one parallel makes a breakthrough, this can cascade a version of a breakthrough to all other parallels (not all, but many).
      This is why every parallel "counts" and matters, and are not merely disposable adventures.
      So these Parallels contribute/d to move through to the 4th Internal Monad, and each parallel will continue to work through to complete that Internal Monad, but it is often the case that in the same way that consciousness expands across parallels, so does it plateau.
      So that Concurrent, and all of its parallels, will remain "stuck" in the 4th Internal Monad.
      If any one of those parallels makes a breakthrough, it will have effect, and when there are no Concurrents, this is part of the point of the parallels.
      However, when Concurrents are in effect, then, say, lifetime 2 would likely do the work of moving beyond the 4th Internal Monad and into the 5th Internal Monad.
      Lifetime 3 will make it to the 6th, and lifetime 4 might make it through the successful completion of the 7th Internal Monad.
      Because parallels are branching from a core/trunk, there is much more of an immediate circuitry that allows for the cascading effect of a breakthrough, but Concurrents are only linked via Essence so expansion still happens, but is fed to Essence, rather than across the Concurrents.
      Concurrents, despite sharing the same timeline and space, are still separate lifetimes, but Parallels are of a single Personality. In other words, Concurrents are separate Personalities existing in the same time and space, while Parallels are separate timelines and space existing within the same Personality.
      We use the term "within" here, loosely.
      In terms of "looping," then, when the core/trunk Personality concludes, it will loop and generate new parallels, but all parallels associated with that core are "collapsed" before that looping begins.
      The Personality builds on all of those parallels for the new loop.
      However, there comes a point when a branch or parallel becomes so removed from the core that it is not collapsed, but continues on its own trajectory.
      And this is how Concurrents are "born."
      GeraldineB: ooooh

      That is at the heart of how Concurrents are "born," but this goes on to be a bit more complex than just that.
      What we have shared, so far, is fairly local to what you might think of as "you" and your Essence and its timeline and progress of evolution.
      GeraldineB: You've said to Martha that some of her incarnations have concurrents that were generated from “the future.” Is this part of that looping?
      MEntity: (we will return to that in a moment, Geraldine)
      GeraldineB: (thanks)
      On a collective scale, these same effects are in play for the species and its evolution as a whole.
      A Concurrent for an individual is seeded by Essence from what was gained from parallels that did not/could not collapse into the core Personality. That difference is not discarded, but becomes useful for planting a Concurrent alongside other Concurrents back into the "same" timeline and space. This is a way to help keep the chaos of creativity in some order.
      However, on the scale of the species, a Concurrent of the entire species cannot be generated within the same space and time based on cumulative variations in collective parallels. So when enough fragments are interested in a shared parallel that has been generated to the point that collapse does not happen, then rather than merely the masses generating a multitude of individual Concurrents, an entirely separate and "permanent" branch is generated by the species.
      It is a mix of parallel and concurrent.
      In nearly all cases where this has happened, it is a result of a mass collection of Concurrents generating this branching for the whole species.
      Because Concurrents are already seeded from their inherent and drastic differences from the parallels generated before them, each will have its own kind of inclination to move with others with similar seeds to generate a collective branching off.
      For example, one of the more modern examples would be in the 1980's CE. Several versions of World War 2 had come to be generated for individuals/parallels by the 1930s and 40s to the point where collapse was not possible. Concurrents were born then for many who were born in the 40s through 60s. Many of those Concurrents were born of parallels where the war was diverted. No holocaust occurred for those Concurrents even though they were now born into the shared timeline where World War 2 had happened.
      In the 1980's there was a chance for another World War. Those Concurrents who had "missed out" on the previous war branched parallels from themselves into core focus where there came to be complete nuclear war.
      Enough were interested in this that there is now a branch of the entire species working up through the destruction caused by a world war using nuclear weapons. It is a very different planet "there."
      For simplicity's sake, if we can even use that term at this point, these are most often referred to us as "parallels" for the species/sentience as a whole.
      We prefer to call them parallels because while these are generated from Concurrents, Concurrents do not converge and diverge with one another the way parallels do, and these massive, collective variations of the species CAN (though not often) converge again. For example, though there is a World War using nuclear weapons in the 80s and a World War with a holocaust in the 40s, both are wars, and both will have recovery, and there may come a time when there is no need to sustain different variations on the species.
      These could merge again one day because there are core similarities with which to build that magnetizing that would lead to convergence.
      Next week is one of these "major" convergences of the species.
      Martha: Wow
      Bobby: don't leave us hanging! 🙂
      GeraldineB: indeed! some hints would be nice
      To return to Geraldine's question: "Looping" generated from "the future" happens when a Personality falls into a kind of plateau and remains in a kind of limbo. These are the parts of the self that we refer to as, eventually, requiring being collected. To collect those, the awareness of Essence as it has evolved relative to where that Personality is "stuck," then prompts the looping from that future point.
      Does this make sense?
      So it is looping "from the future" to that Personality moving back out of limbo and back into its progression.
      GeraldineB: yes
      Martha: Can we go back to the major species merge that's about to happen?
      The Convergence next week is of a branch of the species/sentience that branched in the mid to late 1700's CE in which the United States was not founded.
      This convergence will likely move the United States out of its seat of power fairly (relatively) quickly over the next 20 to 50 years, or escalate it to a heightened position beyond all comprehension. Neither of these scenarios are "good" or "bad," but has a spectrum of possibility built in across the board.
      Martha: Not as a new country distinct from England, or not settled at all from Europe?
      Martha, these are of the parallels where the settling and establishments failed, at least in terms of what you know as its success since then.
      Anarchy ruled most of the country for a great deal of time until policing forces came into power over all citizens.
      An uprising "recently" overturned all these forces and a Constitution was implemented similar to the one you know for the United States.
      Martha: so are they collapsing now into...us?
      MEntity: At the point where the United States is "born" is next week.
      DianeHB: wow
      Martha: that made me feel a lil swell of tears
      MikeClev: that doesn't sound compatible enough to merge smoothly, how are differences reconciled?
      To explain how these Convergences work will take its own session, but the forces opposing the United States "here" and the forces building the United States "there" have created a magnetic Yin/Yang that is nearly impossible to merge.
      Mike, you are correct and this is why we see the next 20 to 50 years as being a bit precarious, not necessarily in obvious ways, but in trajectory.
      Martha: Can we please somehow lose Ted Cruz in this?
      We must conclude here for today. We can continue this exploration over time. You will not lose us to any parallel or timeline. We are here, now. Goodnight to each of you. Goodbye.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      This is from a Team POF session, Dec 30, 2014.
      It's the beginning to following up on information given during August in both the Energy Report and Michael Speaks session.
      For some reason I feel an extra interest in the Major Convergence that occurred last August. I have a series of related questions. Organize the answers into a coherent whole if possible, maybe start as an explanatory topic.
      Firstly, do Essences fragment in order to be part of timelines?
      You said this was a “parallel” that was generated by Concurrents back in the 1700s and that this type of Parallel converged differently from other Parallel Convergents. Would you please give us some more information on this?
      You said “To explain how these Convergences work will take its own session, but the forces opposing the United States "here" and the forces building the United States "there" have created a magnetic Yin/Yang that is nearly impossible to merge.” Please expand on this answer.
      In response to the first part of the question:
      In truth, Essence no more "fragments" than one might fragment when multitasking, even across parallels, timelines, and incarnations. The entirety of your incarnational cycles uses the equivalent of what might be described as 1% of Essence. A kind of fragmentation does happen, though, when a Personality is attached to a point in time that keeps Essence linked to that point in time. We do refer to this as a fragmentation, but this is more to describe how the Personality acts as an anchor of focus for a part of Essence than to describe Essence actually fragmenting.
      The way Essence "fragments" is a bit different from, say, how an Entity is fragmented. Think of the fragmentation of Essence across its variations as being more like branches and leaves than as sparks that are cast off on their own. The "trunk" is Essence and no twig, branch, or leaf is not NOT Essence.
      And not apart from Essence. Whereas, the fragmentation of an Entity is like bubbles that are self-contained, eventually reforming into a kind of foam that is the Entity.
      There are no perfect analogies, but these help.
      Another way to understand how Essence functions as a whole while maintaining all of its parts is to look at how you are "you" even as you are made of cells that represent vast fragmentation/parts. Different systems in the body might be like different timelines or parallels, all contributing to the whole that is you. Ironically, you are not fragmented in that vast network of cells, but actually made into a whole that is greater than even the sum of those parts. That is how Essence works in relation to lives across time and space. The greatest difference here is that "you" are not aware of yourself as composed of cells, nor do you know what is happening with any given cell, and this makes sense because bodies are designed that way, but Essence is aware of every single cell that makes up its existence. This is not an easy concept to convey.
      In response to your next part of the question:
      Most parallel convergences might be described as more like a musical composition that broke down into separate parts and then returned to merge those parts together again. So one parallel might have become the cello, while another is the percussion, and another the wind instruments, etc., allowing for the focus on those sounds. The convergence returns to a state that is a fuller composition where the parts fall into place.
      For some convergences, it is more like two full compositions coming together to create a new one.
      It requires a "timing" and calibration that is different.
      It usually takes longer and there is a sense of cacophony for a while.
      Even once the merging is complete, that move out of cacophony continues, and sometimes there is a sense that everything must halt and restart.
      GeraldineB: does this take 20 to 50 years?
      It can, yes, but we suspect the one in question will be much sooner.
      Again, we are quite limited in describing such concepts, but these seem to work well.
      In response to the last part of your question:
      Building upon the previous response, imagine that one composition is in the genre of "hair metal" and the other is "classical orchestra." Your imagination can imply the work that would be involved in merging these into something that is not rejected, resisted, or "god awful."
      "Both sides" must learn to use instruments in a different way that allows room for both.
      It is, actually, not *that* complicated, but the analogy is helpful.
      Do these responses help? We know this is not an extensive exploration, but it can be helpful to explore in analogy before delving into more specific details that are more difficult to convey.
      GeraldineB: It gives me new basic info that I can use to formulate later questions. Thank you.
    • Rosario
      By Rosario
      It leaves me feeling seasick baby
      Seems like I am locked deep in the dreamlike reality
      It spins me round and drives me crazy
      Seems that I am like the moon in the midday
      If I was only by myself if I didn’t know you
      Maybe I’d have given up, lost at sea
      But my heart's still on fire
      With a burning desire
      Gonna get you back like it’s destined
      I wish that you would love me
      Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again
      And every time my heart beats
      Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again
      I feel the destiny in you you you you you
      Feel the destiny in me me me me me
      When you hear my heartbeat baby
      You gave me a new life you gave me a new birth
      I feel you’re heartbeat away
      I been losin my mind I been cravin my shine
      I know me before you was a ready-made me
      But you designate me and you did resume me
      Been calling your name in this whole universe
      (Now I need no space) I got youniverse
      Coming across you is like a TV drama created by the universe
      So many wanderings, being lost endlessly
      It was you who led me through the maze
      You’re my light and salvation
      This rain is coming close to an end and now I won’t let go of your hand
      I wish that you would love me
      Like yesterday, don’t let go of this hand ever again
      And every time my heart beats
      Match your steps so you don’t wander around ever again
      I feel the destiny in you you you you you
      My hearts on fire for your love
      Oh my hearts on fire for your love
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