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    • Janet
      By Janet
      December 6, 2001
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Centers and Body Types
      Note from Janet: Although the intent for the topic was Centers and Body Types, no discussion of Body Types occurred.
      We are here. Hello to all of you.
      We will begin with the Energy Report as we see it for the weeks of December 9 through the 22nd.
      It is, of course, not a coincidence that many of you have begun discussing the properties and personal experiences of the Centers, as many of you are shifting into next year’s basic Centering at this time. Though a year’s “Overleaves” are not defined entirely and are not static at any given time, there is an overall set that does appear to have influence over varying levels of consciousness, at least symbolically. In the case of Older Souls, that set of influences can begin to take place in the few months before the new year.
      We will also note an unusual phenomenon that is occurring for all of you: currently, in such a short time span between them, another larger Nexus Shift occurs. It is not uncommon for great shifts to occur throughout a year, but another shift is beginning on the 10th, and another in January/February, while this is all following the large shift in November. These shifts with little “breaks” between them are creating a great amount of shifting in levels of Energy among your Overleaves and your ability to participate in the world. There appear to be distinct days when your energy seems quite inspired and above normal, while the next few will find you seeming to be locked in an infinite stream of constricting thoughts and low energy. For some this will feel like “limbo,” while for others this can feel “manic.”
      The Center for the next year, at this time, appears to be Moving, with bursts of Higher Moving. Unless you are Moving Centered, yourself, this is going to begin to feel like a time of shifting into OBVIOUS manifestations of what you are DOING.
      (We remind you that our Energy Reports are not predictions, they are merely comments on patterns and how you might be able to use them or dismiss them.)
      Having a field of Moving Centered Energy as the context for a period of time can mean a great deal of attention would be coming to the body and its relationship to its environment. We are speaking of its Physical environment, which can translate into a range from its sources of stimulation, affection, and activity, to its ability to use the finer energies that make up and create the Physical Plane.
      Some of you may begin to pull out your old copies of teachings which focus on the concepts of “creating your own reality” and take a more active approach to reality than usual. While others may begin to feel overwhelmed by the “responsibility” that the Moving Centers imply while Physical.
      Besides the fact of what you call “the holidays,” a stronger and stronger desire to be with those whom you care for and feel part of will begin to be a priority.
      If these basic trends continues and the next year continues with the Moving Centered theme, we will be able to comment more accurately on how it might manifest. For now, a primary theme appears to be those points we just mentioned, along with a heightened awareness of your food intake and ability to literally move (health).
      We will conclude the report here and take any questions about it before we discuss the Centers.
      [Kathryn] Many of us, myself included, have been feeling very drained and tired or just down lately. Is this the reaction to this energy report influence?
      We don't believe the Energy Report itself has any influence as such, but the Energy, itself, we are reporting about may very well be what you are responding/reacting to.
      For those who have any kind of health deficiencies, however minute, the Moving Center will markedly “force” the body into a position that is more inclined to facilitate recovery. This can be sleep, mental distraction, high activity, anger, etc., but it’s point is to facilitate recovery.
      Another important factor to consider is the inherent nature of any Nexus having a sedating effect on the Human body as realities shift and creativity on another level is affecting the body. You do “create reality,” and that still uses energy. Most of the time, that energy is being held preciously by the Personality for reasons it doesn't even understand. The sedation and “tired phase” allows the “grip” to loosen and your reality can then free up some energy for changes to be made.
      Most of you have your Personalities quite in charge of your lives, even if it doesn't quite “know” what to do. When a shift is needed and the Personality is choosing to work with Essence, the Personality will gladly concede and “take a nap.” At some point, in some lifetime, a shift will happen wherein the Personality and Essence are aligned enough that control is not shifted from one to the other, but is shared.
      If there are no other questions on the Energy Report, we will discuss CENTERING. We feel there is no need to introduce the Centering to you, as many of you are already fairly studied in this area of our teaching. We will, however, respond to all of your questions about this area so as to clarify and help with the application of the information.
      [MaryBV] How does centering affect memory?
      ALL Centers have their form of Memory in storage and retrieval.
      The Intellect stores and retrieves memory in the form of Thoughts, Ideas, and is Visually interpreted.
      The Emotional memories are stored and retrieved in the form what are commonly understood as Feelings, Emotions, and are Aurally interpreted.
      The Moving stores and retrieves its memories in the forms of Health, Activity, and are Sensually interpreted.
      Each Center does affect how events are remembered; especially in the mixture of the Centering with the Part.
      The Intellect affects the memory with its level of beliefs and justifications; the Emotions affect memory with its sentimentality and attachments; the Moving affects the memory through its levels of vitality and productivity at the time.
      For each of these examples above, they are only part of how each Center may affect memory, and those factors always stem from the PRESENT (retrieval), not how or what was stored.
      Each Center is involved in Memory, of course, but the habitual Centering will affect how a fragment's memory is used habitually.
      Each Ordinal Center is referencing memory of the current lifetime and physicality. If more information outside of that realm is required or resonating, it is then drawn through the Higher of that Center. The Instinctive Center is the communication medium between the Cardinal and Ordinal.
      Since the Instinct/Assimilation is usually maintaining the task of protection of the body, most memory filtered there is decidedly fearful or not. This is why most long-standing memories are either decidedly joyful or painful.
      We can continue to extrapolate on this topic, but we will ask if we are answering your question appropriate to your intent.
      [MaryBV] Well, I should have asked also how the role plays into this, but that is probably a topic for a whole discussion.
      [Michael_Entity] The Roles play little part in how memory is used or affected, since each lifetime sets a new design for the body and the Body/Personality is the tool for memory. The Essence's choice of Overleaves is the most direct impact. Since Time is not a factor for Essence, it does not have the need for “memory” as it is experienced on the Physical Plane.
      [MaryBV] I see, so what accounts for smell/taste, etc., in memory?
      [Michael_Entity] Every Cell and Atom in your body has the ability to “remember,” which means it has the ability to re-create. When the Personality or Body calls on a memory to be reconstructed, it will call on these minute parts of self to participate. It is of no mystery that you can recall a scene in a movie, which is Visual, but it is no more a mystery for the other senses to have that ability to reconstruct, as well.
      [WickedBear] Could you discuss the fundamental differences between the two action centers?
      The most fundamental difference is in that the Ordinal pertains to the immediate environment of the Personality and Body, while the Cardinal pertains to all that encompasses that. The Moving Center, then, would govern and process the events of the actual, Physical Body and its health, activity, manipulation of environment, etc. The Higher Moving Center would then govern and process those similar things, but as they pertain to larger patterns that include everything pertaining to the Essence.
      It could be said that the Moving Center is the manifestation/expression of that particular Personality's part in the Higher Moving tapestry of the Essence.
      [Elf] Is the Part of Center chosen about the same time as the Centering? And what is most influential in that choice?
      Centering is chosen by the age of 3 in most cases, while the Part/Trap is a habit by the age of 7 (approximately).
      The most influential aspect of that choice is in the major theme then settled on for the lifetime as to how to process events. The Center/Part becomes the Body's primary strength and challenge, and sets the stage for relationships, health, and beliefs for the majority of the life. Depending on your Centering and Part, you will find that your PART/TRAP becomes the defining obstacle to hurdle in coming to peace with a lifetime.
      If the balance can be called upon for any Center, regardless of habit, then a great freedom is experienced within the lifetime. The first examination of this is in the 4th Internal Monad when the Part is either simply a Part, or continues to be the Trap. Most will find as the life progresses that the Part becomes the Trap, the more they ignore the need for that third Center to be incorporated. As part of the process for finding that balance, the neglected Center will eventually require attention.
      For those lacking in the Moving Center, then health, prosperity, material security, physical need for affection and validation can become stages for its balance.
      For those lacking in the Intellectual Center, then over-questioning, overwhelm, isolation, indecisiveness, and unacknowledged dependence on others for direction are examples of where the imbalance can show up.
      For those lacking in the Emotional Center, then alienation, hypercriticism, unacknowledged issues of rejection, can tend to be some of the arenas for balance.
      [Elf] Thank you. So the Part/Trap of Center is then somewhat a part of the Life Task?
      Yes, the Centering/Part are intrinsically linked to the Tasks of the Life. Centering habits tend to define how the Personality uses its 4 “pillars,” of which the Life Task (True Work), is one of those pillars. Your True Rest is directly linked to the use of your neglected Center. Your True Work is directly relating to the Goal.
      The Centering/Part is not inherently a challenge to your Life Task, but it is a powerful definition of the path.
      And with that, we will conclude. Good Night.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      June 21, 2001
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Open Floor
      Note: This content has been corrected based on Troy’s acknowledgment of errors on June 26. Although the report is for two weeks, Michael included info regarding a shift in August.
      Hello. We are here. We will begin with the Energy Report as it stands for the weeks between June 24 through July 7. We will comment momentarily that the energy over the past couple of weeks has built and will peak this weekend, for most of you. We speak in a wider meaning of “you” at this point.
      This weekend will be a pivotal social experience for some of you. It is suggested that you take part in any events you have been invited to or are considering in any way. We do not wish to infuse any more meaning into this weekend than you, individually, would extract, but the energy is there for this to be a great change in your usual setting.
      If you are in some way involved in a larger gathering or social event than you have been for a while, we suggest it is in an indication that you are, indeed, considering more of your Needs being responsibly fulfilled. If you are not involved in any events of this nature, it may be simply an indication that you are open to examining the more social aspects of yourself, responsibly considering your personal Needs before exposing yourself to a larger circle. Regardless, the themes over the next couple of weeks are, indeed, about exposure and even further reaching out to other fragments in Agreement, Karma, or any other connection.
      Many of you older souls shy away from the more “silly” aspects of being “out there,” resigning from indulging in social activities and playfulness. It is not because you do not crave it, but that you feel as if “there are more important things to do.” Even if you believe you are a fairly playful and social person, as our channel here does, we still suggest that there is an opportunity this weekend, and over the next two weeks, to “let your hair down.” Your Chief Features will be highlighted, but only lightly, in relation to how you feel in groups, and as part of a group.
      August 4 marks your next Parallel Shift; this one focusing on arranging, rearranging, adding, and moving away from people in your life. Any relationships that are not fulfilling to you on at least two levels (out of 4; Instinctive, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical), will more than likely dissolve. Any relationships that have been introduced within this year that are “new” and are fulfilling at least two of your levels (and reciprocated, of course), will more than likely take a serious, permanent turn. We include the next ten days or so as a period of time in “finding” some of the “new” relationships, as well. This does not have any bearing on relationships outside of this context, as anyone met after August will have different contexts and “reasons” of their own.
      We do not mean to imply anything more or less about relationships outside of these parameters in the Energy Report; we are merely commenting on the nature of the energy at this time.
      During this Nexus, you will be DIVERGING Parallels, primarily, meaning you will be in a period of potentially obvious Choice Making. Your choices will determine the nature of any parallels created or sustained.
      We realize choice making occurs at all times, but during a Nexus, there are either MERGINGS or DIVERGENCES, primarily, and with Diverging, there is a heightened sense of needing to consider your choices. While during a MERGING, there is a sense of needing to sleep, wait, exhaustion, etc., as with the previous major Nexus.
      We will begin with your questions, either about the Energy Report, or otherwise.
      [MaryBV] Well, it is interesting that you brought this up, because I have been wondering about the nature of the TrueView list now that the membership has changed. Can you comment a bit on the purpose of the list now?
      The “TrueView” list has several “purposes,” many of them personal to the participants. In and of itself, though, “TrueView” has as its “purpose” to house the elements of your Cadre and Energy Ring who are concerned with this Teaching as it can be applied in the lives of others. We do not mean “apply” in terms of recruiting or teaching it, yourselves, but rather, many of you are serious about how to translate the elements of your lives through the lens of this teaching, and utilize that insight as a means to help others.
      We have seen a common denominator among those of you actively participating with “TrueView,” in that you are “working on yourselves,” not as a means to only “better yourselves,” but as a means to be MORE for others. Each of you appear to be “touchstones” for many in your contact circle, and whether subtly or more openly shared, your perceptions are used as a means to better your relationships, and this extends into helping others with their own.
      If “TrueView” were to have a “Task,” it could be said to be “to comprehend and embody the importance of being Needed and Wanted.”
      [ludmila] This changing of relationships you refer to, as happened with people unsubscribing from this list, and still others recently joining, does this mean the agreements have been filled or just changed, or is it that those people who left resonate more to another channeler?
      Many Agreements were abdicated, while still others simply resonate more to other speakers. Those that have abdicated will find other Agreements to fulfill; those who were left with the abdication will find their second strings of Agreements to fulfill. Agreements are malleable, as you know, and are not Karmic in their fulfillment or abdication, for the most part.
      Abdication though, does tend to bring out any Self-Karma for examination. The shift in the list you refer to certainly created a wave of self-examination and self-karma, mostly around acceptance and, as we said, the nature of being wanted and needed.
      [Dewliet] Hi Michael. Aside from what Troy would call “sucky channeling,” what are some reasons for discrepancies in overleaves channeled by different people?
      There are three facets to a Personality, the Akashic Records (or True Overleaves), the Perceived Overleaves; and the Projected Overleaves. The True Overleaves are just that, the True Overleaves. They are sometimes not understood or agreed with because they do not “match” the behavior the fragment appears to be exuding, but they are the Overleaves, nonetheless.
      Due to Imprinting, a fragment can appear completely in opposition to his/her True Overleaves. No amount of valid channeling will bring awareness or validation to this fragment or those trying to comprehend them.
      Perceived Overleaves are the Overleaves of another fragment as they are filtered through your own or a channel’s; it is how YOU see Other. Channeling the Overleaves of a fragment as they are being perceived by those around them can be very freeing and enlightening. This, then, can bring understanding and acceptance for that aspect of them and/or free the Perceived fragment from the confines of the imprinting and bring about the True Overleaves.
      Projected Overleaves are those being attempted to as a presentation from the fragment in question.
      Regardless of the True Overleaves, this fragment may have decided on a way of being and behaving that is conducive to certain tasks or images. This does not change their True Overleaves, but certainly affects how they are perceived. Channeling for that fragment or about that fragment can bring understanding and acceptance about the nature of their Ego and self-perception.
      It can be said that the Perceived Overleaves can shed light on the nature of the fragment as they are expected to behave, while the Projected Overleaves shed light on how that fragment expects to be accepted. ALL versions of the Overleaves are “valid” in their own contexts. Many channels are not aware of these differences as Facets.
      So, aside from “sucky channeling,” there is this to consider.
      [Annette] Psychic Sylvia Brown has stated that the soul chooses three “exit points” for its lifetime – possible “outs” in case life isn’t working out and fragment chooses to return, or when fragment feels work is done. Can Michael comment on this?
      [Michael_Entity] We have seen the average as being 5 Exit Points. We concur other than that minor point.
      [Liiona24] During last report on Needs, the statement was made that we should watch our reactions and that those indicated where we needed to be doing more for ourselves, if I interpreted correctly. However, some needs appear to be “other” oriented such as Exchange. How is this resolved then, how does one meet a need for “exchange” unilaterally, for example?
      [Michael_Entity] ALL Needs are only “Other-Oriented” in that they do require a certain circuitry for their fulfillment. What we mean in terms of these Needs as being the individual’s responsibility to fulfill, for instance: if you believe there is no fulfilling Exchanges in your life, then you would seek out more appropriate “circuits.” If you are trying to have a meaningful, deep, emotionally/intellectually/physically satisfying Exchange in a relationship that is not creating a circuit, then it may be appropriate to lose the expectations of that being your source. Exchange is not just about giving something to someone else, but that you are having True Communication on some level. Exchange can be satisfied even in the realms of financial investments, so it is not simply about Other. Their is no way to “unilaterally” be concerned with the Needs of Others, except in terms of what you feel you are comfortable in offering. You will all find your sources and matches in some way.
      [JNelson] What emotions are goosebumps and the “chills” a physical manifestation of, not counting responses to temperature? Or intellectual manifestations of, for that matter.
      [Michael_Entity] This could be called “Instinctive Realization.” It is the result of the Lower Centers responding/reacting simultaneously as PARTS of the Instinctive Center. This experience is always linked to “realization” on a level that bypasses all of the Lower Centers, but creates a release in them as Parts in the Instinctive Center. When this occurs, it is safe to say that the very base part of you has resonated to something rooted in fear or desire. Fear may be obvious, but when the realization is in desire, as it is meant here, is in the connection made on a level wherein you had no previous realization that you were “expecting” something of that nature.
      [ClaireN] Would Michael please comment on the function of the pineal gland and any disorders that it may cause?
      The Pineal Gland is related to what might be considered your Higher Emotional Center, 6th Chakra, or “Third Eye.” We have seen its function directly related to dreaming, astral perception, channeling, imagination, and true perception/love. It is highly affected by the amount of sunlight, or any light for that matter, that is taken in through the sense of sight, and as the light permeates the forehead. Those who have a block or “disorder” in this gland can tend to have fertility problems, menstruation problems, and inability to have imagination of an optimistic nature, inability to recall dreams, may have depression and sleep disorders.
      One of the major contributors to the suppression of this gland’s ability to function properly is in the use of what is called “microwaves.” Food prepared in this fashion tends to carry within it “vortexes” of energy that, when integrated over a short period time, can lead to lack of motivation and lack of clarity for a future. The “vortexes” remain in the body, particularly affecting the Pineal, for an average of 7 years. We do not have a term through this channel to more adequately describe that which is transferred through the act of microwaving, but this will do.
      The “vortexes” collect in the center of the food prepared, in a size approximately equal to a golf ball. Larger ovens preparing larger foods can create collections in sizes up to a tennis ball. Those who are overexposed or underexposed to sunlight can develop a disorder of this gland. Those who are overexposed to what is called Fluorescent lights are susceptible to this, as well.
      We will conclude here. Good Night.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Michael Speaks, October 28, 2012
      Open Floor Questions
      12:41 PM 10/28/2012
      [tkmppi] As the votes in municipal elections are just being counted, I'd like to hear a short comment from Michael on the populist party Perussuomalaiset (”The Finns”), with candidates of foreign background as well as those opposed to immigration, which appears to be the only winning party in these elections, although not as many votes as it got in the parliamentary elections last year
      We will offer a short comment: This Party appears to be comprised of early Mature souls who are working to clarify what they deem is an optimal balance between the social and economic contexts.
      If it were put into terms familiar to our teaching, it might be described as the "self-karmic" Party, with those feeling resonance with it working through internal conflicts that go hand in hand with evolving consciousness that also wants to retain familiarities.
      This is just a short comment with no emphasis or direction, so if you would like for us to clarify, or if you do not find this valid or relevant, you may say so, if you choose.
      [tkmppi] It's relevant, and clarifies my own feelings about the party.
      [Ingun] Could you share some of the overleaves or any comments on what Anders Behring Breivik did, the perpetrator of the 2011 attacks here in Norway.
      This appears to be an early Young Priest in the Negative Poles who could not fathom a direction of a world away from his own ideals, which appear to have been imprinted heavily and never questioned.
      It goes beyond this, in that it was not about the world moving in a direction away from his own ideals, but about removing those who represented that move away from the ideals.
      When one has deemed oneself a keeper of an ideal that does not allow for variations or inclusion of differences, it can lead to delusional violence that range between the acts of this Priest to political maneuvers to enact oppressive laws.
      With a Goal of Submission, Mode of Passion, Attitude of Idealism, and Chief Features of Impatience and Martyrdom, all of which were in the Negative Poles, were used to funnel a violent assault that was consciously chosen with conviction and with a sense of justification.
      Michael – you said: “Every Entity 5 is themed in Expansion vs Adventure, and in this case, this Entity is scattered across the planet, constantly moving, with not too many fragments from that entity getting too close together.” Considering we are usually spread out around the world, I know of 7 C1E5s (including me) living in Toronto.
      I feel like we are starting to gather together for some reason as many of us have had first contact or have gotten back in touch in the last 2 years. Is this a high number for one location or is this just a “coincidence”? One thing of note -- we do have different levels of contact with each other (i.e. I've never met one of the other Entity 5 members, in person).
      Maureen, many entity members who can, will manage to cross paths in some way, or be brought to the awareness of, the 7th Level Old who may or may not return. This is not unusual, and it is one of the "fun things" that is attempted for one who is 7th Level Old.
      Especially if that entity has been themed in keeping intimacy across time and space barriers throughout lifetimes.
      [Maureen] Thank you!
      That is not the only reason, of course, because these fragments have lives that are being shaped by their own choices, but it is part of the consideration.
      And though this entity can tend to be scattered, as the entity members age in Soul Age, the gravity of the reunion begins to become priority.
      [Diane_HB] When people are regressed into the Theta state, they remember their time between lives and the procedures that they go through to reincarnate. They talk about taking a certain amount of energy to earth -- between 35% to 75%. Why do people under hypnosis experience themselves as choosing new lives and not Essence making new fragments?
      When the regression is valid, there is little differentiation between the Personality and Essence, much in the same way that one might begin to live when Manifesting Essence. The "I" is Essence. The Essence includes the current Personality. The differentiation is moot.
      In those descriptions of quantifiable "energy," it may be a description of the Instinctive Center being carried forward after Review, or the uploading of the relevant data, so to speak.
      Beyond that, the perception would, naturally, TEND to be from the perspective of the current Personality, regardless of how deep the state.
      [Diane_HB] I thought uploading of data is from personality to essence, whereas the Michael Newton books talk about "bringing down energy" in terms of the "soul" using a percentage of its energy to incarnate.
      Both would be true. Data can be "uploaded" from Personality, especially while still incarnated, but is often still in charge of that work during Review, after a lifetime. This is, basically, a dumping of all data relative to the Chakras used by that Personality. The Instinctive Center, sans those extensions that were the Chakras for that lifetime, is then moved into another life and Personality, which will then extract and build its own relative Chakra system.
      Imagine the Instinctive Center as a kind of Annual Plant that always returns with new growth, but always from the same starting point.
      In terms of incarnation, that plant grows faster and stronger in each successive life, if you will.
      Every incarnation takes a certain amount of energy, and each lifetime comes with a certain amount built in from which to then build from, either with or without Essence.
      That allotted energy tends to be relative to the amount of data extracted from the Instinctive Center from the previous life and Personality, if we are going to describe this in a linear way.
      For example, if 75% of the Instinctive Center was usable data that was completion of Monads, Karma, etc, or as data that must be returned to in much later incarnations, then when the incarnation is set up, it might be said to have been sent with "75%" energy.
      That would be because 25% of the Instinctive Center is being carried forward, with 75% of new Essence energy for new experiences, plans, momentum, etc.
      [Diane_HB] Would somebody with "75%" energy *feel* more energetic than someone with "35%" energy?
      It is not that it is 75% of Essence, but rather a description of that which is refreshed in the Instinctive Center. For instance, those who are in the 6th Level of a Soul Age tend to have carried over a rather full Instinctive Center, whereas those in the 5th Levels tend to have a higher percentage of new space in their Instinctive Center.
      Again, this is a crude and limited description, but it is valid enough for beginning to understand.
      The amount of "new energy" versus carry-over of Instinctive data has no bearing on the feeling of "energy" of a lifetime, because everyone responds to either of these extremes in different ways.
      For example, there are those on the 6th Level with "jammed-packed" Instinctive Centers carried over so that as much Karma (both internally and externally) can be addressed as possible, and some will feel the weight of this and feel the pull below the water, while others keep their heads above water and gain a kind of optimistic strength, even as they tread the exhausting waters of that life.
      The feelings of "energetic" are shaped by choices, health, priorities, diet, geography, projects, etc. not by past lives or energy dynamics of Essence or Instinctive Center.
      [ClaireC] Hello, Michael. We touched on Dementia at last Wednesday's POF. Since this is such a difficult Choice to understand and knowing that a lot depends on the individuals' soul ages, can you elaborate more on this in view of our aging Baby-Boomer population and the dismal statistics facing us? Is there a large physical component too?
      Though we tend to emphasize the more metaphysical components of an ailment, disease, or injury, there are basic physical factors that are involved that matter. We can expound upon the metaphysical matters that are behind a person who is hit by a bus, but the fact that will remain that anyone hit by a bus is probably going to get injured, or die. A bus is a large object that, when hurdling through space toward a softer object, may tend toward devastating results.
      And so it is with the Human body: as it moves through time and space, it does not regenerate and renew in ways that enable it to live "forever," but as the time frame for life expands, so does the body begin to house a brain with diminishing capacities for functioning as it used to function.
      For many fragments, however, this is not as ugly an experience as it would seem to be, anymore than birth is an ugly experience. The developing brain in a "useless" body is no different than a diminishing brain in a "useless" body.
      The return to an infantile state can be greatly liberating to a Personality who may have repressed a great deal over the lifetime.
      The development of some form of Dementia tends to be relative to the level of repression that may have been involved in the life, relative to the denial of dependency, relative to the insistence on control, and so many other factors. It is as diverse in "reason for having" as any other condition.
      But we can say that diet contributes greatly to the eventual condition.
      [ClaireC] I thought so. Thank you.
      [Martha] Yesterday I met Damien Echols and his wife Lorri Davis, and read Damien's very priest-y book about his spiritual journey while on death row for nearly 20 years in brutal conditions. Their story seems full of major karma, monads, and the makings of an epic tale. His focus on staying an awake and growing spiritual person, while surrounded by what sounds like much younger souls and/or those who never progressed through even the earliest internal monads, is very inspiring. He's had some truly amazing support as well from lots of people. I know some of their story may still be private due to ongoing karma, but can you share something about what all is going on here? He and the rest of the West Memphis 3 were recently released but not exonerated. I think Arkansas does not want to admit how badly they fucked up.
      [MEntity] This is an example of a Server and how one lifetime can be the equivalent of 30 for other fragments. This is a cluster of "classic" Monads come to full completion (or near completion) in one lifetime for the fragments involved: Attacker/Victim; Healer/Healed; Rescuer/Rescued; Dependent/Independent; Pivotal Facilitator, Facilitated; Passive/Aggressive; Artist/Patron; Deserter/Abandoned; Defender/Defended; Player/Pawn; Hidden/Disclosed; Slander/Slandered; Jailer/Prisoner; Tandem Monads.
      [AnnH] jesus
      [Martha] holy shit
      [MEntity] The "priest-y" qualities may come from the Sage Casting and imprinting from his culture, and contribute to his efforts to turn this experience into a teaching.
      [Martha] is he a Michael student?
      [Martha] not this life, but in general?
      Yes, he is.
      He is from Cadre 11.
      [Martha] I had a recognition hit with him and his wife
      Your Cadre 11.
      This is not to say that this was planned or imposed upon the Personality, but that once there was a situation that presented itself as being optimal for "making the best of it," these Monads were pulled in over time.
      [Janet] My attitude is Stoic and I have found little documentation -- only generalities -- as to what this attitude entails. (For example: “sees life as if they have seen it all before”.) Most of the references to Stoic that I've found are in association with those who are Spiritualist and need to use the positive pole of Stoic to get out of negative pole of Spiritualist. For the benefit of all of us Stoics, can you perhaps provide little more info about this attitude? Are there identifiable degrees between the positive and negative poles?
      Janet, the Stoic is one who interprets life in terms of behavior and character vs claims and descriptions. Character and behavior must take priority over other facets of interpretation. For instance, it will not matter what one says, but what one does, who one IS.
      The Stoic explores the world of ethics as sustained and nurtured through self-management, self-awareness, self-control. This realm of ethic evolves from being standardized in the younger Soul Ages to being highly individualized by the Old Soul Age, with nuances granted.
      We have described the Stoic as "one who sees the world as if it has been seen before" because the Stoic uses one's "nature" as the defining force against which to measure ethics and authenticity. This nature is a constant, even if individualized. In short, the older Soul Stoic might simply see the world in terms of how true one is to oneself.
      And "oneself" is one's nature, and this is fairly constant, if not completely constant. It can be built upon, evolved, expanded, destroyed, crippled, wounded, but it is a constant that is fairly easy to discern by the Stoic.
      The Stoic interprets life with a spectrum of understanding that one's nature is naturally limiting, that one's environment is naturally constricting, that one's upbringing has its effects, and so on, and that all of these things contribute to the character and behavior of a person in a way that is somewhat deterministic. That a person is the way he is because that is what he has to work with.
      [Janet] I assume the Stoic applies this yardstick both to herself and to others.
      In the Positive Pole, Tranquility, the Stoic is not disappointed, not disoriented, and not reactionary to the ups and downs of life, or the behavior and choices of others. This Stoic does not see these as "good" or "bad" things, but as symptoms of the nature of someone or something. This Stoic works with that.
      As this is an Ordinal, Inspirational Attitude, it can see itself in anyone around, as Inspiration is merely reflection of potential used for benefit.
      The Negative Pole Stoic has moved into Resignation and no longer bothers with the nuances and potential, but determines that everyone is the same, or potentially the same, and that there is no use or hope in seeing anything differently.
      And, yes, this is both internal and external, Janet.
      None of this is to say that a Stoic is not expressive or that she does not wish for more, have opinions, experience expectations, because there are several elements at play in a Personality, but the older Stoic in the Positive Pole WILL tend to aim for that recognition of the nature of a person or situation over the expectations and demands of that person or situation, while the older Stoic in the Negative Pole will tend to dismiss any effort to consider beyond a conclusion drawn.
      Do you relate?
      [Janet] Yes. Very much so.
      [jesuislulu] Hello Michael, I felt the recent divergence quite viscerally. Feeling like I had begun walking away from this city and overall almost all aspects of political polarization. I would like you to elaborate on what the effects were regarding the current crossroads we are finding ourselves with such a polarized political situation. I have been living in a highly republican state feeling a fish out of water and am going tomorrow for a job interview in yet another state with a similar political climate. I was asked the other day what would be any different. Could you speak to the overall energetics of the Wilmington NC area?
      All Old Souls are going to experience the "fish out of water" experience to some degree in a world that currently hosts only a maximum of 10% of an Old Soul perspective (mostly found in science fiction and non-religious metaphysical circles), no matter where one lives.
      This will probably not change in your lifetimes.
      One of the challenges of an Old Soul is how to balance the higher perspective of life that works for the Old Soul, while teaching it, which is inherently a part of every Old Soul to do in some way.
      So the matter is not so much about what the rest of the world, or state, or county, or province, or city or town is doing or believing or practicing, but how you go about teaching what you want to teach.
      [jesuislulu] ok I get this
      [MEntity] Some of the truths learned by Old Souls is that their perspective (teaching) cannot be imposed, cannot be forced, and cannot be immediately understood or accepted.
      [jesuislulu] hence the fish outta water
      And that the teaching must come naturally, not from reaction, urgency, or manipulation.
      By "naturally," we mean that it is born of example, conversation, encouragement, education, etc.
      And most importantly: that not everyone wants to, or can, understand or learn your teaching.
      If an Old Soul is in a body, he or she is teaching. It is not something that is necessary to organize or focus. It is quite difficult for most Old Souls NOT to live their own teachings, and this is their most consistent means of teaching.
      However, some of the Old Souls' most difficult and challenging teachings is to move beyond the focus of how others are failing, and to continue learning, themselves.
      The Old Soul who is distracted with the failings of others has stopped learning.
      Not literally, but figuratively, in many ways.
      All of this is barring the conditions of someone, or a group, somehow interfering with, or removing, your capacity for choice, or your Rights within that shared paradigm. In that case, it is no longer a matter of teaching, then, but a matter of putting into effect everything relevant that you have learned, as best you can.
      You may not change the city, but you do not have to diminish your value as a person for the sake of someone else's imposed beliefs put into action. Beliefs are one thing, but when put into action that may interfere with your choice or Rights, then the choice to counter this, or not, becomes its own teaching.
      We are speaking in broader contexts than your city in question, of course, but this is relevant to all of our students in the world, wherever they are.
      The United States is quite clearly divided in its embodying of the shift from Young to Mature, with the Baby and Young on "one side" and the Mature and Old on the other. This is the most definitive we have seen it in a long time, but tends to be one of the symptoms of a paradigm shift forward, not backward.
      By "forward" we mean more inclusive.
      The more inclusive a paradigm, the more blatantly the exclusive are allowed to be.
      This is true of your own Personalities, as well. You can be in your Positive Poles, and still throw a tantrum, because you know you will, eventually, make the choice that is the best you can make. You can be in your Positive Poles and still worry about a job interview, because it is fair to be uncertain about the future when it is dependent upon the decision of someone else, all the while still knowing you will adapt and evolve with whatever you may encounter.
      The greater the inclusivity, the louder the exclusivity, both in the world, and in yourselves.
      Because it knows it is safe, so to speak.
      You are in the middle of an area that is quite unlike yourself, not for any other reason than that you have evolved to a point where this can be allowed in your world, even as you find great distaste for it.
      We must conclude here for tonight.
    • Janet
      By Janet
      Michael Speaks - Soul Ages and Levels


      Troy Tolley, Channel

      Hello to each of you. We are here now. We will begin with the discussion on the topic of Soul Ages and Levels.

      We realize we have shared a great deal of information and insight into this concept, but every aspect of our teaching has dimensions that may resonate at different points in the life, and to different students and different times, so our returning to "basics" does not have to be a review, or rehash, but a new spiral or layer of that concept.

      One of the reasons we think it is helpful to return to the basics at various points is because our initial sharing of this teaching in the form that you currently understand it was shared in a highly generalized and simplified way, and through the perspective of the average Soul Age of Young at the time.

      Our teaching does not change, but the understanding of it changes depending on the perspective that is interpreting it.

      For instance, there is a very basic way to understand the Role of Sage, in general, and then there are the differentiation of layers or evolution that bring dimension to that Role.

      For example, understanding the Sage as a goofy, obnoxious, self-indulgent, talkative, attention-seeking Role is highly generalized and, though accurate as a single dimension of that Role, only describes the Sage as the average Young Soul might manifest the Role.

      The description, or dimension, of the Role of Sage as an Old Soul will include this Young Soul version, but age affects how a Role is played or manifested, and the Old Soul Sage is often nothing like the general description, or the Young version.

      Whereas the the Young dimension of the Sage can be a clown and an attention-seeker, the Old version is the wise child whose emphasis is more on the integrity of communication and meaningful exchange, than on the attention that it would bring.

      And so it goes that the Soul Ages carry within them dimensions that might be filtered or highlighted by your own Soul Age.

      So, for instance, the Young Soul to an Old Soul looks and feels and is experienced quite differently from how a Young Soul would experience another Young Soul.

      What we will do today is discuss with you the Soul Ages as they may be experienced by our Students, who are more often Mature and Old, and this may help build upon the generalized concept.

      Your questions will help us to shape the information more relevantly.

      First, we will mention the underlying pillars for Soul Age that are relevant regardless of perception:

      Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement for EXPERIENCE. Nothing more.

      Soul Age is an Essence's self-measurement of Experience based upon that individual Essence's agenda only. There is no one, or no thing, monitoring this beyond that single Essence.

      To elaborate: one fragment's movement through a Soul Age may include completely different experiences than another fragment's experiences through that same Soul Age.

      That is because Soul Age is a measurement of evolution/maturity of the Essence, and any experience can be used to propel that evolution/maturity.

      Soul Age is ONE INTERPRETATION of the evolution of experiences of Sentience, but is not a singular map that all find relevant or meaningful. It is a map for older souls, and is useless to most before that level of maturity.

      There are other maps used by younger soul ages.

      In other words, sharing this map "with the world" would not solve the problems of the world, nor would it encourage awareness beyond the capacity that is already present in younger Soul Ages.

      Presuming that this concept is as profound a map for the young or baby soul as it is for the mature or old soul is like presuming that a map of Disney Land is as useful and meaningful for the toddler or teen as it is for the adults.

      We can go further to say that even many adults, or older souls, may not find the map useful or meaningful.

      Continuing - Soul Age is not a map that is imposed upon Sentience, any more than the aging body is imposed upon a Personality. It is simply part of the nature of evolution and maturity.

      In other words, there are no requirements for that maturity and evolution, only markers.

      Soul Age is a map that we generated from learning about how our Essences learn and evolve, though that evolution was already long in place before the map was generated.

      The map of Soul Ages is cyclical, and not linear, despite the apparent progression.

      Regardless of Soul Age, EVERY Personality is born "reset" to an Infant Soul status of consciousness, and must, if the Personality chooses to do so, find its way back into whatever Age and Level of consciousness and maturity the Essence has reached previously.

      To some extent, the same could be said for the Essence at every new LEVEL within a Soul Age, and especially at every new Soul Age.

      For the Personality, this may make sense, since the vehicle is completely new; a new brain and body that must adjust to and share the life with Essence, if it chooses to do so.

      However, for every new Level, Essence also "resets" and cycles back through what it has learned to that point, and must then build upon that, much like the Personality must regain consciousness over the lifetime to a point that can then draw upon Essence's history.

      Before we elaborate further, we will take up to 3 questions relevant to what we have shared so far. ***QUEUE OPEN FOR 3 QUESTIONS***

      [Question] "Cyclical, not linear" - I visualize the "levels" as being in line with each other, e.g. all 6s "above" each other - a spiral

      That is "exactly" how it is. We qualify the word "exactly" because we mean it only in terms of a visual interpretation. That is a fair and accurate visual.

      When one is in the 6th Level of any Soul Age, all other 6th Levels are activated and explored.

      That "activation and exploration" are on an Essence level for the most part, but would also be relevant to which lifetimes tend to be resonant to that lifetime.

      We think some insight might be gained from the recursive sequence of what has come to be called the "Fibonacci Spiral."

      [Question] I would like to ask for an elaboration of Essence resetting when a new level is achieved within the same lifetime, i.e., as XXX did. Is this why she is recycling through earlier levels as Essence resets?

      That "resetting" is relevant to what we have come to describe as the Internal Monads. There are Internal Monads that the Physical Body and Personality build through, and Internal Monads that Essence builds through.

      Every Level of Soul Age is a pass through 7 Internal Monads.

      Every Personality's progress through its own Internal Monads contributes to the progression of Essence through its own Internal Monads.

      Every Personality starts over with the First Internal Monad in every lifetime, no matter how far a previous Personality has progressed in a previous life.

      Every Essence starts over with a First Internal Monad in every new Level, because each Level is a completion, or cycle through, 7 Internal Monads.

      To help clarify: Every Personality goes through a progress of "waking up" within a lifetime because it is a completely new lifetime. Every Essence goes through a progress of "waking up" within a new Level, because it is a completely new Level.

      A simple metaphor might be that Essence entering a new Level from a previous Level is like an evolving Personality might enter a new relationship after having been in a previous relationship, or moving to a new city after having lived in a different city before.

      It is not that all is lost, so much as that all that has been learned must now be applied in a fresh context.

      [Question] How does one explain the soul that remembers a prior life under 5 years of age? Did these essences choose to remember their soul age? 

      It can take UP TO 7 years for a new Personality to embrace and bring through, so to speak, Essence, but for the older souls, that time is often much shorter. The greater the level of maturity or consciousness that Essence brings to a new life, the greater the resource that the new Personality can access, if it chooses to do so.

      Depending upon the culture and imprinting that is the environment for the new Personality, the child may not only bring Essence in more quickly, but that child's filters may also allow for those "memories" to flow freely.

      In some societies, such as some within India, reproductive imagination is encouraged in children and they are "allowed" to voice memories that defy reason. In other societies, such as in the United States, those memories are not encouraged, and creative imagination is encouraged over reproductive imagination.

      Every lifetime, regardless of the fact that it is new, with a new body, and new Personality, will always be built upon the Instinctive Center of the "previous" lifetime, carried forth like a disc from one body to the next by Essence.

      That Instinctive Disc, if you will, is the mini-Akashic Records of that particular Essence, and depending upon the level of consciousness accessible to the new Personality, can be read and accessed by that new Personality.

      [Question] Follow up: how do we create a stage for the child to bring in essence and allow memories to flow freely? 

      There is no real way to create that stage in a way that prompts the memories, but there are ways that one can encourage the exploration of those memories when the child begins to speak of them, if he or she does so.

      A child will either speak of them, or not, depending upon that Personality's personal process of regaining consciousness. If the environment is open to that, and the Personality speaks of these memories, then the validation can occur.

      However, to prompt a child to speak of past life memories, rather than simply allow for that child to speak of them if he or she does so, can often lead to false memories, confusion, and delusions.

      In short, simply paying attention and being open is enough.

      Responding to "Dracula": The impact and extraction of knowledge from experiences is subjective, but the markers are static.

      [Question] Static, not "objective"?

      This might be understood through the metaphor of passing through a city that has specific streets that will crossed on the way through, but different speeds and vehicles may be used to pass. In addition to that, some may rest, some may crash, some may backtrack, some may sight-see, but all of those variations will not change the terrain.

      We chose the word "static" because, though the markers may remain in place, even the interpretation of them will be subjective.

      Much like the fact that a city may have a definitive terrain, but many maps to highlight various ways through it, depending upon the interest of the one choosing the map.

      We will continue with the topic and return to questions in a moment.

      We have already mentioned this in response to questions, but we will elaborate here on the Soul Age process:

      One Internal Monad is a level of maturity, awareness, consciousness gained by a Personality or multiple Personalties over lifetimes; 7 Internal Monads = 1 Level of a Soul Age; there are 7 Levels within a Soul Age; there are 7 Soul Ages for Essence.

      An Internal Monad is a process of resolving a division; a kind of return to wholeness that is greater than the sum of its parts.

      For instance, the 1st Internal Monad is the resolution between Physical and Essence that is "life."

      By the way, just "being born" is not necessarily a completed 1st Internal Monad, but we will elaborate upon the Internal Monads in another discussion.

      Understanding that Soul Ages are built from these processes of resolution can help one to see the vast beauty and magnitude of what it means to evolve, growing from fragmentation, through resolution, and returning to wholeness.

      Every Level then is one layer, or one dimension, of fragmentation "healed" for Essence, or more accurately put, "regained."

      When your Essence chooses a Role, it carries forth its own kind of "disc" into that new Grand Cycle of lives as that new Role and new sentient species, but in every other sense, it fragments itself and loses all "memory" of anything "before."

      Therefore, it could be said that every fragment is in a process of collecting itself back from the universe in which it is exploring.

      In the same way that we exist as fragments of Tao that eventually return, so are each of you fragmented "out" into your Grand Cycle "ahead of you," and then the compulsion toward wholeness propels the cycle.

      In a very simplistic and crude description, every Essence "hides" fragments of itself throughout the universe, and the process of evolution is the recovery of those fragments.

      That process of recovery is different for every Soul Age.

      For the Infant Soul, this process comes from tangible contact with the world, a kind of feeling around in the dark, and relies greatly upon TOUCH as the navigating tool.

      For the Baby Soul, this process of recovery comes from extremes of experiences, a kind of tight-rope walking that can find most of itself in every fall from the rope, relying greatly upon BALANCE as the navigating tool.

      For the Young Soul, this process of recovery comes from opportunities and investments, or indulgences, toward its greatest idea of itself; a kind of constant following of a frequency or tone, making HEARING one of its primary tools for navigation.

      For the Mature Soul, this process of recovery comes from recognition and empathy, finding and recovering extensions of the self that reside in others, making SIGHT a primary navigational tool.

      For the Old Soul, this process of recovery comes from pleasure, reunion, happiness, and play, because it can now recover the parts of self that never stopped to enjoy so many things along the way, making SMELL/TASTE a primary navigational tool.

      When we associate these senses with the Soul Ages as navigational tools, they are not always so direct and literal, but often they are.

      For instance, in a Young Soul society, music tends to blossom and evolve as a primary medium because "hearing" is so pronounced. Other Soul Ages enjoy music, of course, but for other reasons.

      For instance, in the United States, the "music industry" is heavily populated by Young Souls, and Young Souls are attracted to that medium of recovery in droves.

      The phrase "marching to the beat of a different drummer" is a Young Soul phrase because Identity is so important to the Young Soul.

      This is NOT to say that music is synonymous with Young Souls, but that Young Souls tend toward SOUND, both literally and figuratively, as a means of recovering fragments of Essence, or finding themselves, so to speak. Young Souls are often the loudest among you.

      A Mature Soul may use music to explore himself, express, or heal himself, but not necessarily as a way to recover or find himself.

      As your world moved into Mature Soul consciousness, you can see the shift from Radio to TV, for instance, or from music to videos.

      Even the phone is on its way to being replaced by video conferencing because the Mature Soul uses SIGHT as a means of navigating for recovery of itself.

      The Old Soul recovers itself through remembering how to enjoy living and being in a body, so two very primitive senses are called upon: smell and taste, which are fairly dependent upon each other, and help the body and Personality toward that which feels good.

      Smell and Taste affect the entire system that is the Body and the Personality, bringing a synthesis when allowed.

      In other words, the more an Old Soul allows itself to enjoy, love, accept, and live through its body, the more it recovers its fragments of self and returns to a wholeness.

      Briefly, the Transcendental Soul uses Orientation and the Infinite Soul uses Relationality as navigational tools for the recovery of fragments.

      Of course, on the scale of the Infinite Soul, those fragments are all Essences relative to that species of Sentience.

      Another way to understand the Soul Ages from a student's perspective, and not necessarily as a generalized perspective, would be by seeing the polarities of the Soul Ages and how those may manifest through a Personality.

      To accommodate the limitation of time for this chat, we will quickly share those:

      The Infant Soul manifests Positively as INNOCENCE, and Negatively as DISSONANCE.

      The Baby Soul manifests Positively as REFLECTION, and Negatively as REJECTION.

      The Young Soul manifests Positively as ACCOMPLISHED, and Negatively as ENTITLED.

      The Mature Soul manifests Positively as PERCEPTIVE, and Negatively as PROJECTIVE.

      The Old Soul manifests Positively as INCLUSIVE, and Negatively as EXCLUSIVE.

      Though we can elaborate upon all of these, we will quickly say that the Mature Soul, when manifesting Positively, is capable of seeing beyond the obvious, the logical, the superficial, and does not require "reasons" for what is known. It simply Perceives. It can truly SEE.

      The Mature Soul manifesting Negatively loses its capacity to Perceive and simply Projects, turning everyone into props and players for his or her own drama, never truly seeing others because of the preoccupation with seeing (finding) the self.

      The Old Soul manifesting Positively is Inclusive because everything and everyone is experienced as a part of the greater whole, including all of the previous Soul Ages within itself. This leads to an adaptability that allows for finding parts of the self in places and people it never would have thought of on its own, if you will.

      This Old Soul can draw upon its previous tools for navigation at will because it has accepted those tools, and will use them appropriately to navigate or understand those in younger Soul Ages.

      Everything is experienced and interpreted as "food for the soul," so to speak.

      The Old Soul manifesting Negatively become Exclusionary, aligning itself only with the "like-minded," seeking refuge and intimacy only those who feel "safe," and even then keeping a wall of isolation around the self as part of the interaction.

      This dependence upon the condition of safety never allows the Personality and Body to enjoy the life to the fullest, often resorting to the forming of secrets, imaginary relationships, and the equivalent of soul masturbation.

      Keep in mind that the Negative Poles we describe are a part of the spectrum and process for any term we are describing, and do not indicate what not to do or be. They simply describe the more limited end of that spectrum, as well as the end through which all will enter in that context.

      For instance, ALL Old Souls will go through an Exclusionary phase before it will move into an Inclusionary phase.

      That is natural.

      [Question] You mean within a single lifetime?

      ALL Mature Souls will move through a Projective phase before it can Perceive.

      That would depend upon the individual, but for the most part, yes. Every Old Soul within each of its Old Soul lifetimes will still have to regain the consciousness of that Old Soul awareness, and that means the Personality would go back through a phase of Exclusion before Inclusion.

      As every Old Soul in this "room" can attest, if there is an honest assessment, the Exclusionary phase is all too familiar.

      We will open the floor for questions, but will end our responses in 15 minutes to accommodate our channel's and students' time limitations. ***QUEUE IS NOW OPEN***

      [Question] You said in an earlier chat that Religion was the playground of the baby soul and Politics was the playground of the Young soul. What are the equivalent structures for the other ages (especially Mature Soul)?  My guess is "Community"

      We could say that RELATIONSHIPS are the playground of the Mature Soul, and IMAGINATION is the playground for the Old Soul, and THE UNKNOWN is the playground of the Infant Soul.

      By extension, "Community" would be included in Relationships.

      [Question] Hello Michael 😃 Could you elaborate, or give pointers as to (learn) how to access our mini-Akashic disc you mentioned?

      The greatest direct access each of you have to your Instinctive Centers/Akashic Records is IMPULSES.

      Impulses are prompts that stem from the Instinctive Center in a way that each fragment eventually learns to read/interpret, and trust.

      Impulses are not the same as Compulses, as Impulses always include Choice, whereas Compulsions feel as if one has no choice.

      Impulses will always lead the Personality along paths that are a part of the higher pattern of its existence, and of Essence.

      Those Impulses are directly from one's Instinctive Center and directly relevant to the current lifetime in some way.

      Impulses are not indications of a "right" way to do something, or a "right" thing to do, direction to go, choice to make, etc., but simply indicative of possibilities relevant to what is active in those personal records.

      [Question] Would that be what feels like that "little voice inside" - same as intuition?

      Yes,  that is often how Personalities interpret the Impulses, however, there is a difference between Intuition and Impulse.

      Intuition is a synthesis of information gathered from various senses and sources that then must be interpreted, whereas an Impulse is a kind of immediate Knowing.

      For instance, one might use Intuition to help decide which city or part of city to move to, or which home "feels" right, but an Impulse would be the Knowing that it is time to move.

      It could be said that Intuition can be a navigational tool for fulfilling an Impulse.

      [Question] I am 7th Level Old and my husband is 7th Level Mature -- I have been thinking for some time that this is not a coincidence -- from the perspective of our soul levels discussion today and in a way that would be relative to everyone 🙂 -- please comment.

      That would be valid, Maureen. Fragments will often find themselves in association with, relationship with, attracted to, repulsed by, those who share the same LEVEL, but different Soul Age.

      This is part of the process for a fragment to cycle (back) through a Level.

      Though an Essence may be a 5th Level Old Soul, clearly having moved beyond the 5th Levels of the previous Soul Ages, it does not mean the value of revisiting or exploring those levels within is meaningless, concluded, or lost.

      This is part of the spiral we described earlier.

      For those who did not get a question in for us, we can suggest posting your question to the forum where this transcript will eventually be posted, and then it will be there for Troy to offer to us as he can for our response to be added.

      We must conclude here. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye.
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      OMW - Mar 16, 2013 - Personal Probabilities
      Channel: Troy Tolley
      [MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin our exchange with you on the subject of probabilities.
      [MEntity] We cannot and do not predict, not simply for ethical reasons, but for practical reasons, as well.
      [MEntity] The assessment of probabilities, however, is happening all of the time, not simply by Essence, but by Personality, on a regular basis.
      [MEntity] It does not require math, though mathematical equations can help one to see the probabilities as they stand in the most empirical of terms.
      [MEntity] The greatest factor for derailing the math of probabilities is CHOICE.
      [MEntity] It is easy to calculate the probabilities of weather, for example, because it is a momentum of force that has empirical data with which to calculate those probabibilities.
      [MEntity] It is easy to calculate the fall of a die because it has six sides and a set amount of possible outcomes.
      [MEntity] Imagine the calculation that must not only account for the set, possible outcomes of a die, but must factor in the choice of someone changing that with the flick of a finger. A 6 side of the die can be calculated as having 1/6 of a chance to show up, but how to account for someone then turning it to another side?
      [MEntity] There would, in fact, be a way to calculate even this, but then let us add the possibility that someone might take the die altogether, or replace it with a 16-sided die, or smash it, or hit you in the eye with it.
      [MEntity] It will never change the fact that the die would still have only 1/6th of a chance for a 6 to land face-up, but that fact become moot if it is doing so in your eye.
      [MEntity] If using math to calculate probabilities, one must always factor in CHOICE, which often makes the calculations, then, moot.
      [MEntity] Despite this, all of you are calculating/intuiting probabilities on a regular basis for your choices, and calibrating those along the way to outcomes.
      [MEntity] "What is the probability of my having coffee this morning?" may seem nearly 100% if one does so regularly, but if one factor is out of the equation, it can throw off that number, and if you choose NOT to have coffee, then all of the probability for having it then becomes moot.
      [MEntity] For example:
      [MEntity] If all of the factors are in place that would make the probability for having coffee nearly 100% for you, but your choice is NOT to have coffee, then if none of the factors are in place for having coffee, rendering it nearly 10% chance, your choice can override those probabilities and you may still have your coffee.
      [MEntity] We point this out because probabilities can most often, in the case of individual choice, only reveal to you how much work you would have to do in the process of fulfilling your intent, or having a desired outcome.
      [MEntity] If you have no ingredients in the home for having your coffee, then you can go out and get them, or you can go have someone else make your coffee and pay for it, or you can borrow from a neighbor, etc. The only way that you would not get coffee if you wanted coffee is if you choose not to do the work of getting coffee, or if there was no more hot water or coffee on the planet.
      [GeraldineB] OH NOES! NO Coffee?
      [Maureen] I use cold water now. 🙂
      [Janet] Fixing French Roast now...
      [MEntity] We knew the probabilities of this example would be relevant.
      [MEntity] Calculating probabilities for desired outcomes and fulfillment of intentions becomes even more complex as those move into territory that must factor in the choices of others.
      [MEntity] When a single choice of the individual can render calculations moot, then the collective choices of a group can wreak havoc on assessments.
      [MEntity] If one is a bad singer, but wants to become a rock star, one can only go so far in that process without the impact of other choices making or breaking that fulfillment of intention or desired outcome.
      [MEntity] For purposes of assessing your probabilities, then, the first thing must be to remember that you have the most control over only the fulfillment of intentions, but rarely over the desired outcome.
      [MEntity] You can fulfill the intention to have that coffee against all odds, but it may not be a good cup of coffee, because there are other factors involved that contribute to the quality of that coffee, and you have very little control over any of that.
      [MEntity] For purposes of choice, then, it will help all of you to shift your thinking toward FULFILLMENT OF INTENTION, over DESIRED OUTCOME.
      [MEntity] So your next most important consideration then is to ask if you CAN fulfill that intention.
      [MEntity] In most cases, this answer would be YES, even against the greatest of odds.
      [MEntity] Legless people are winning Olympic races. Armless people are painting works of art and driving cars. Paraplegics are genius scientists and inventors.
      [MEntity] Bad singers are rock stars.
      [Maureen] LOL - yes!
      [MEntity] The question of whether one CAN bring fulfillment of intention is almost always a YES.
      [MEntity] When one realizes this, it can shift the capacity for choice to a new level of enthusiasm and possibility.
      [MEntity] Leave the Desired Outcome to be determined, but focus on your Fulfillment of Intention.
      [MEntity] In many cases where the fulfillment of intention is in place, the original desired outcome comes to be fairly moot as a goal over fulfilling the intention.
      [MEntity] The probabilities for Fulfillment of Intention are then met with the next filter: WANT/WILL.
      [MEntity] You CAN Fulfill the Intention, but WILL you?
      [MEntity] It is not enough that one CAN.
      [MEntity] One must do the work of Will.
      [MEntity] Not only must this Will be considered at the outset of Fulfilling an Intention, but it must be recalibrated and revisited all along the way to that fulfillment.
      [MEntity] If your Will is diminished, then your probabilities for Fulfillment diminish.
      [MEntity] If you Want is diminished, then your probabilities for Fulfillment diminish.
      [MEntity] To recap - calculating probabilities begins with: 1) aim for fulfillment of intention over desired outcomes; 2) assess whether you CAN fulfill the intention; 3) assess your Will for fulfilling the intention.
      [MEntity] Before we continue, we invite your questions here, and feedback.
      [Bobby] Will you be covering later how these Nexus points affect these probabilities? You don't have to now.
      [Janet] Are you saying that Desired Outcome becomes less important to us when we Fulfill Intentions? Often I think we have intentions because of the desired outcome.
      [MEntity] If that is of interest; though it would be the other way around: probabilities generate Nexus; Nexus do not generate probabilities.
      [MEntity] By the time a Nexus is generated, the probabilities have been fairly set.
      [MEntity] Janet, Desired Outcome can be considered a guide, whereas Fulfillment of Intention is a process. Focusing on the process is always preferred over the end result, not because the end result is not important, but because the ingredients that go into an end result are far more important than not.
      [Janet] Yes, I see that.
      [MEntity] For example, one might have the intent to write a book, and for the desired outcome to be that it is a best seller.
      [MEntity] One will not have much control over whether it is a best seller, but if the content of that book was cared for in the process of fulfilling the intention, the probabilities for the desired outcome rise exponentially on their own.
      [Janet] LOL. If I had the intent to write a book, the desired outcome would be simply to complete it. But I certainly see how fulfillment of intention is still required.
      [MEntity] "Getting Rich" can be a Desired Outcome, but the process by which someone gets rich is far more important.
      [MEntity] Janet, because you would have control over whether that book was finished, or not, then it would remain well within the realm of Fulfillment of Intention, not Desired Outcome.
      [Janet] Yes. I see. Thank you.
      [MEntity] These can be the same things IF you have control over that end result.
      [MEntity] One can have a great work ethic, but not be recognized for it. Fulfillment of Intention is the ethics, but one may not be able to control the recognition for it.
      [MEntity] The older the soul, the more that the Fulfillment of Intention comes to be the priority. The younger the soul, the more important the Desired Outcome.
      [MEntity] Based on what we have shared so far, can any of you consider a question of probabilities that can now be helped by the factors discussed?
      [MEntity] How much of your assessment can be answered by whether you CAN and WILL?
      [Janet] In some cases I think the issue is setting the intention. But I know a lot of my intentions are affected by WILL rather than CAN.
      [MEntity] Janet, it is true that one's Intentions must be clarified. That is a presupposition of calculating probabilities.
      [MEntity] One's intentions need not be completely fleshed out, because it is more important to have room for adaptability and flexibility, but there would need to be clarity, at least.
      [MEntity] Clarity of Intention can come from answering your questions of WHY, first, then HOW.
      [MEntity] WHY do I want to write a book?
      [MEntity] HOW do I write a book?
      [MEntity] Not only will these help clarify the intention for writing a book, but will help in the questions of CAN and WILL.
      [GeraldineB] WILL can also be affected by a belief in can or can't
      [Bobby] I can see that my WILL sometimes get hijacked by the negative pole of my Attitude
      [MEntity] Bobby, probabilities as affected by WILL are drastically affected by whether one is in the Positive or Negative Poles of one's Overleaves.
      [MEntity] If one is having trouble sustaining Will, it can often be a matter of attention to Overleaves for return to Will.
      [Maureen] This reminds me a lot of how we learn to refine questions that lead us to our "answers" Michael.
      [Maureen] Me too Bobby -- I can easily fall into Supposition or second-guessing
      [GeraldineB] are you sure that's not CFs?
      [Bobby] once the Attitude negative pole kicks in, it will be CF related
      [Bobby] "Oh God... I'm going to fail!"
      [Maureen] Oh my God -- there are too many potential answers!!!
      [Maureen] How can I choose just one?
      [MEntity] To respond to some of these comments and questions:
      [Maureen] Geraldine -- that's when I flip over to Discrimination I think.
      [MEntity] Geraldine, Chief Negative Features are a description of habits used when in the Negative Poles, but are not forces unto themselves. Chief Negative Features are more like the odor caused by a certain combination, rather than a combination caused by an odor.
      [MEntity] Positive and Negative Poles of the Personality are like the difference between Roses and Sulphur.
      [MEntity] It could be said that True Personality describes the strength of aroma of Roses (or other pleasant aroma of choice) while False Personality describes the extent of the odor of Sulphur, but neither True Personality, False Personality, or Chief Feature are forces unto themselves, but the result of other forces.
      [Maureen] That's an interesting choice of smells. I've smelled both around people (intuitively).
      [MEntity] Those scents were chosen with intent as they do continue beyond the Physical. This is part of why these smells come in association with apparitions.
      [MEntity] It is a translation of energy that is different from the physical process of smelling, but because the Instinctive Center is so directly resonant to smell, it is a "sense" that continues well into the Causal Plane.
      [MEntity] It is also behind the depictions of "Hell" and "Demons," as associated with Sulphurs.
      [MEntity] We now invite each of you to bring forth your assessment of probabilities for fulfillment of an intention, if you choose to do so.
      [MEntity] Name your Intention, ask if you CAN, and assess your Will.
      [Bobby] you want us to type it out?
      [MEntity] We invite you to do so, but it is not necessary. Sharing your assessment is helpful for the workshop context, but it is your choice as to whether to contribute to that, or not.
      [MEntity] The point would be for you to practice an assessment and for us to offer insight into your process, whether shared in detail here, or not.
      [GeraldineB] I'm still battling my issue of quitting smoking -- somehow I simply cannot focus very long on intention. Maybe, I feel that I "can't" or maybe I simply don't WANT to -- but it is essential that I do so as the alternative is being forced to move
      [MEntity] The key here for you to to note what it is that is wanted MORE. It is true that you do not WANT to stop smoking. This will undermine your potential for fulfillment to stop smoking. However, you very much WANT to stay in your home, and this is the priority. Therefore, aligning your Fulfillment of Intention to be about staying in your home, instead of stopping smoking, then the Will
      [MEntity] can tend to remain sustained.
      [MEntity] Stopping Smoking is the WHY and HOW.
      [MEntity] I want to stay in my home. Why is that threatened? Because of smoking. How can I stay in my home? Stop Smoking.
      [GeraldineB] thank you -- that makes total sense -- different perspective
      [MEntity] This may not make the addiction any easier to overcome in physical/psychological terms, but it can help to sustain the will to do so.
      [MEntity] And that is half of the battle.
      [GeraldineB] Yes, it is
      [MEntity] Your questions, then, to help sustain your will toward fulfillment of intention is "Do I want to stay in my home?" not "Do I really want just one more smoke?"
      [GeraldineB] put it in the barest of essential terms -- the reality of it
      [ClaireC] I intend to reverse my Chronic Fatigue. I believe I can and I certainly have the Will to do so. I'm having difficulty finding the "key" for me.
      [MEntity] The "key" to your fulfillment of intention is through the consideration that Chronic Fatigue is a Syndrome, not any specific thing. This means that your reversal of it must address all of the parts that create the syndrome. Understanding what those parts are can help you to take on each, assessing as you go, rather than overwhelming yourself with an all or nothing assessment.
      [MEntity] In most cases of Chronic Fatigue, the facets that contribute to the whole are these:
      [MEntity] (1) Unresolved Conflicts within the self between the emotional and intellectual centers, generating worry/anxiety loops, or sadness/depression loops.
      [MEntity] (2) Unexpressed Emotions, or ignoring/rejecting Inspiration.
      [ClaireC] I can't seem to even identify my Unresolved Conflicts and Unexpressed Emotions or recognizing Inspiration anymore.
      [MEntity] (3) Passive Acceptance of Stressors, or forces in the environment that cause stress that you presume must be accepted.
      [MEntity] (4) Ignored or Unmet Needs, which can often have been eclipsed or replaced by Cravings.
      [MEntity] (5) The rejection of one's part in the equation of pleasure, joy, and excitement.
      [MEntity] (6) And a loss of balance between responsibilities vs pleasures.
      [MEntity] If responsibilities have taken the lead, they can become obligations at the expense of pleasures. If pleasures have taken the lead, it can be addictions at the expense of responsibilities.
      [ClaireC] Okay, I'm starting to get this part.
      [MEntity] Claire, that is our point. The reversal of Chronic Fatigue is a Desired Outcome, and that is a lot to manage in terms of constant assessment of probabilities. However, breaking down this syndrome into parts, one can then choose which to address as a Fulfillment of Intention far more precisely and effectively.
      [MEntity] And then move to the next.
      [MEntity] Not only would this bring about a greater sense of accomplishment to feed the Will, but it would begin to break down the syndrome, naturally.
      [ClaireC] Okay, thank you, Michael, I'll break it down into smaller parts.
      [MEntity] If there are areas that are unclear, then the fulfillment of intention would shift away from "resolve these conflicts," to being something more effective, such as "determine what is in conflict."
      [MEntity] And then build on that.
      [ClaireC] Yes, that seems more manageable to me.
      [MEntity] Let the Desired Outcome generate from those parts. Let your aim be something far more accessible to you.
      [ClaireC] Is it not necessary then to resolve all the conflicts?
      [MEntity] In the long run, yes, but knowing what they are can help you tremendously and immediately because then your capacity for choice is reinstilled.
      [MEntity] It is when you have resigned from the use of choice that your conflicts continue to weigh you down and exhaust you.
      [ClaireC] Yes, I can see that's been the case for quite some time.
      [MEntity] You may discover the specifics of an internal conflict, but not be able to resolve that right away. However, you can then make a choice based on how that conflict is playing out, instead of the conflict determining how things play out.
      [ClaireC] You once told me that deciding not to choose is also a choice. How does that apply here?
      [MEntity] For example: you may have an internal conflict regarding "doing what is expected of me" vs "doing something different." Knowing this is an internal conflict will immediately help relieve a great deal of the pressure, but even if you choose to "do what is expected of me," you will know it is your choice, not a default power over you. This begins a healing that can, eventually, bring
      [MEntity] the power to choose otherwise.
      [ClaireC] I like that.
      [MEntity] In the case of "doing what is expected of me," vs "doing something different," then even the choice not to do something is "something different."
      [MEntity] These quick responses in this format cannot help bring the entire syndrome into perspective, but it is a start.
      [Bobby] My intention is to be able to produce an income working from home. I should be able to do this but I experience little setbacks that drive me into a tailspin of sorts which of course affects my will to continue with a project.
      [MEntity] your key is in recognizing that your pursuit of work is not just about having an income, but about earning or deserving respect, power, and value.
      [Bobby] and wanting the challenge...
      [MEntity] This is part of why you go into a "tail spin" because it far more than income on the line, and it is personal.
      [MEntity] Part of what defines a Warrior is that there is ALWAYS a challenge. They are rarely without challenge, so while the source of income may be partially motivated by challenge, it is trumped by the concerns for respect, power, and value. Challenge comes easily, the latter do not seem so readily available.
      [MEntity] This honesty can help you toward the fulfillment of your intention.
      [MEntity] The Desired Outcome is that you are hired, or that people will pay you, and this is not an easy thing to control, which is why it must be considered a Desired Outcome. To bring you into a state that helps alleviate "tail spins," you would want to focus more on the Fulfillment of Intention.
      [MEntity] Respect, Value, and Power, when presumed to be in the hands of others, can fall into Desired Outcome territory. But when these are generated from within as Self-Respect, Meaning, and Confidence, then you are getting somewhere.
      [MEntity] Your pursuit is no longer hinging or dependent upon anyone else, but is a part of your challenges of self-respect, meaning, and confidence. If something comes up as an obstacle, detour, delay, or disappointment, YOU decide what that means, YOU recognize your efforts, YOU know you can continue on.
      [MEntity] This is not a prescription for securing a job, but a consideration for helping you to sustain your will as you pursue this.
      [MEntity] Keeping yourself out of a "tail spin" is key here, and this is one way to help transform those moments.
      [Bobby] parallels WILL be generated as I work to accomplish this 🙂
      [MEntity] Transforming those moments adds up just as effectively as allowing a cumulation of tail spins.
      [Maureen] I'm finding in really hard these days to even HAVE an Intention. This is really strange for me.
      [MEntity] The key here for you is to understand that a part of you is inviting you to be defined outside of constant intention. You always have intentions. You fulfill many, and leave many unfilled. You enjoy them and live by them. It is not a resignation from participation in life, nor is it a sign of something negative when one realizes the eagerness of intention has waned. It is called Rest.
      [MEntity] And in that light, you are finally fulfilling a greater intention.
      [MEntity] To Rest.
      [MEntity] By "rest," we mean that one is standing in the center of the life, the eye of the life, not hanging on and tending to the forces at the edge.
      [MEntity] Those moments can be rare. They can be disconcerting. And they can be profoundly rejuvenating. You are not "done." You are resting. You intended this, and you are fulfilling it.
      [MEntity] This tends to come before one launches back out to the "edge" for a great spin in the life, if you will, and then that calmness and rest will tend to come to be appreciated.
      [MEntity] This is an important part of a life: to recognize when an intention has been fulfilled.
      [Maureen] OK
      [MEntity] Often, one will aim with an intention, only to forget his reasons for doing so once the intention is fulfilled. This can often be interpreted as boredom, disconnection, and disorientation.
      [MEntity] For example: I wish I had more time! So the time shows up, and then you forget what you were going to do with that time.
      [MEntity] If there was ever a point where you asked yourself for a break, for a chance to catch your breath, for a chance to simply BE, then you are not recognizing right now that you are in that fulfillment of intention.
      [Maureen] so that is what this is -- interesting
      [MEntity] Recognizing that can then help you to make your choices far more effectively and be more fulfilling while in that space and time. "Oh, wow. So, I can just rest? Or do anything? Or meditate? Or explore? Or study this? Or not do anything?"
      [MEntity] What is it like to simply choose what to do, rather than to do what is part of a process of intention toward a desired outcome?
      [MEntity] Your intentions will return. We do not predict this. We know it. That is the way.
      [Maureen1] Yes -- I feel bereft of Intentions 🙂
      [MEntity] Enjoy the respite. If you choose. Intentions are never gone, but the more obvious forms of these will return soon enough.
      [Maureen1] Thanks Michael -- this was most insightful
      [Liisa] My intentions would have to do with relationships. Many intentions here, starting from having more stable relationships to finding new ones. I see that I have often just thought I CAN'T.
      [MEntity] The inclusion of others as part of the equation of probabilities will always mean considering it a Desired Outcome. You do not have control over how others will relate to you, or their availablity, or their intentions, so the focus on relationships must shift toward concern for only your part.
      [MEntity] Everything you would wish as a desired outcome in a relationship can be translated into a process of fulfillment within yourself. This does wonders for raising your own magnetism, availability, and presence.
      [MEntity] Let yourself recognize and build a stable relationship within. By this we mean liking being alone. Embracing your own presence as meaningful. Treating yourself in ways you would want to treat others, or be treated by others. Take yourself to the movies (and enjoy it). Cook yourself a meal (and be nice to yourself during the experience). Dance with yourself, and laugh.
      [MEntity] This will not replace the necessity or aim for resonance with others, but it can clarify your relationship between the internal and external selves so that others can find you, be with you, and see you.
      [Liisa] hmm, yes, I often just wish I could do those things with someone else, although I don't mind being alone at times.
      [MEntity] This clarity can also help you to relieve others of proving themselves, of fulfilling demands of expectation that you have the capacity to fulfill on your own.
      [Liisa] I know I hide a lot
      [Liisa] true
      [MEntity] Liisa, you just revealed your key intention.
      [Liisa] what's that?
      [MEntity] While you can hold variations of intention regarding relationships and your pursuit of them, the priority for clarity could be the fulfillment of the intention to be Revelating.
      [MEntity] This is the opposite of Hiding.
      [MEntity] Intend to be vulnerable, to reveal yourself, to speak up when you would rather not, to laugh when you would normally stifle it, to smile when you would otherwise diminish your impulses.
      [Liisa] yes
      [MEntity] Another way to describe your intent is to be Free.
      [Liisa] sounds right
      [MEntity] If you fulfill the intention to be freer, the relationships within would grow, and reflect in your external relationships.
      [Liisa] why do I not consider myself free?
      [MEntity] We do not know.
      [Liisa] Ha!

      [Liisa] Well that's something to ponder.
      [MEntity] You do not think in those terms so much as you do in terms of self-protection.
      [MEntity] It is often considered to be freer in safety than in vulnerability. When your expansion of freedom can include vulnerability, you are freer.
      [MEntity] Freedom is terrifying.
      [Liisa] I see
      [MEntity] It is a vulnerability, not only to the choices of others, but to your own choices.
      [MEntity] Expanding on your capacity to choose is an expansion of your freedoms.
      [MEntity] To help you in your fulfillment of the intention to be freer, bring this question with you: Do I Really Need Protection Right Now?
      [MEntity] If the answer is no, or I do not know, then make the more vulnerable choice, expression, decision, etc.
      [MEntity] This will build those relationships within in ways that will encompass your external relationships and attract more.
      [Janet] I will be eligible for early retirement in 3 years. I have placed the date in an app to gaze at now and then, so I have an intent to retire -- from my current job at least -- at that time. My 'Why' is still muddled. I'm pretty sure I CAN do this. My WILL probably isn't strong enough until I flesh out my WHY and HOW.
      [MEntity] It is true that you can retire, and likely on schedule, but your apparent evasion of the "why" is an apparent evasion of the truth that you "deserve" it, that you earned that right of choice. It is that simple. It is not owed to you. It is not an entitlement. It is simply something you will have earned, and it is okay to own that intention.
      [Janet] I may also be unsure of what comes after. Though I have the habit of allowing what comes after to just fall into place.
      [MEntity] This is by your own right, not because we see that you earned it, or that you deserve it, but that by your own terms, this is true.
      [MEntity] That was said only to point out that we are not invested in your choice one way or the other, not that we have an opinion of your deserving or earning.
      [Janet] I see that
      [MEntity] The uncertainty appears to be exciting to you, a clearing of a canvas, not an obstacle.
      [Janet] You're right, of course.
      [MEntity] Sometimes the clarity of intention is enough that it is simply "because I CAN."
      [Janet] And so I WILL.
      [Janet] Thank you. I think that's all I needed to enforce what I want.
      [GeraldineB] Michael -- I'd like to insert something on behalf of Troy. Out of all of the possible intentions he might have, I will just go with an oft-stated one: "How do I create an intention that will help to keep the various parts of my life operating in a timely fashion?"
      [MEntity] In much the same way that your emphasis would shift from stopping smoking to securing your home, Troy would shift from "stopping/fighting procrastination" to "truly helping people." His self-protection from disappointing people keeps him locked in a loop of idealism and reparations, but when self-protection loses the emphasis for fulfillment, and a return to "truly helping people" is embraced, the productivity is prolific.
      [GeraldineB] ahhhh
      [Maureen1] I love that!! That feels so right. 🙂
      [MEntity] It is often lost on him that any help is gained by any work with us, or it is ignored and diminished for fear of the responsibilities that come along with that recognition. However, replacing that with idealism and reparations then allows for the poor substitute to be received. In other words, he can accept appreciation for finally delivering, but not for the impact of the work, itself.
      [GeraldineB] this really makes sense
      [MEntity] The key here is in "truly helping people," and how that manifests: either by fulfilling delivery, or by owning the responsibility of the work.
      [MEntity] We are working with him on this, along with many of you.
      [GeraldineB] I will accept any suggestions from you on how I might change whatever I'm doing, too
      [GeraldineB] I may be simply rubbing him the wrong way
      [MEntity] A tape remains in place from childhood that tells him none of him matters. It is weak and faint, but there. It is getting harder to ignore that he matters.
      [GeraldineB] ooh ok
      [MEntity] We must conclude here. He is not amused. Good day to each of you. Goodbye.
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