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  • Can the recently deceased observe us in our daily lives from the Astral Plane?


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: December 2015]

    ClaireC: Hello, Michael. Can the recently deceased see/observe/follow us in our daily lives here on earth from the Astral Plane? I am curious if they can reassure themselves that we are doing "alright", or whether they cease to care about life on earth after death, or if their only means of doing so is through Essence contact while we dream?


    Claire, those who die have varying degrees of access to the Physical Plane in much the same way that those who are incarnated have access. Most who die have access only through mediators.

    In the same way that you have channels and mediums, so does the Astral Plane have those suited for helping open and connect to the Physical Plane for others in the Astral.

    The younger the soul, the more dependent on these portals.

    The blur between the Astral and the Physical is not the limitation, but the consciousness and maturity of the Personality/Essence.

    In the earliest lifetimes, the panic of being out of a body is so strong that rebirth is nearly immediate. If birthing is not available, the Infant Souls can "crowd" around those who are more naturally tuned to the Astral, and this can become problematic.

    We can speak to that another time, but we say this because in the same way that there are those who act as mediating portals in the Astral, there are those who are channels, psychics, mediums in the Physical. In both Planes these fragments act as beacons.

    For simplistic purposes we will refer to Physical Plane fragments as Beacons and Astral Plane fragments as Portals.

    ClaireC: So, some mediums who speak to the departed are legitimate.


    Yes, there are legitimate mediums, but far fewer than claimed to be.

    Most Astral fragments get much of their information about their loved ones and after-death impact through reports from those who act as Portals. There are entire networks set up for this.

    But as the soul ages and consciousness allows for the blur between the Astral and Physical to be straddled, then the individual is far more capable of continuing presence among those who continue to live.

    This begins to be more steadily possible around the 7th Level of the Young Soul Age.

    If you know a Mature or Old Soul who has died, then his or her sensed presence is probably legitimate.

    Otherwise, it may be felt through a proxy.

    Neither is better or worse.

    But what happens even for the older souls is that it is found to be surprisingly difficult to communicate with or interact with the living.

    This is primarily because the living are quite limited to the processing capacity of the brain, and this machine is more often than not focused on a very finite sliver of reality.

    Those who are dead are no longer confined to the processing capacity of a brain and are using what you might understand as similar to "cloud technology," where fragments pool processing capacity.

    So they can "see" and feel you more easily than you can see them, and while this may not lend comfort to the living, any direct communication you offer to any deceased individual will be heard or relayed to that individual.

    So while the deceased can "hang around," most do not because they have their own processes to tend to, and even when they can hang around, it can get quite lonely quickly, so it rarely makes sense to continue. It helps all involved when all parties grieve and grow and continue forward.

    That is more comforting in the long run than remaining in invisible efforts to comfort.

    Edited by Janet

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