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  • Levels of the Astral Plane


    [Excerpt from: Michael Speaks: the 7 Planes of Existence]


    There are 7 Levels of the Astral Plane, as well.


    As every Plane bleeds through, so to speak, to each bordering Plane, the 1st Level of the Astral could be said to be the Level of Imagination. This is from where each fragment accesses Imagination.


    At its best use, it is what you are familiar with in terms of "imagination," but it is also where those who induce altered states through drugs can tend to go, as well as where troubled Personalities can often bleed into, and where suicides are processed, and from where hauntings are sustained.


    It is the Level from which "heaven" and "hell" are generated, and other such nonsense.


    The 2nd Level of the Astral is where most go between lives, and when dreaming.


    The 3rd Level is where one resides when cycled off.


    It is also the level in which one will complete any Karma that did not require Physical incarnation.


    The Mid-Astral or 4th Level is what is accessed between lives by fragments as a means for planning and studying and review.


    Even if one is on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Levels, this 4th is accessed in ever more refined ways for the evolution of the Essence, and creation of a life.


    It is also from which one's guides tend to reside, and where your partially-reunited entity resides. Even if your guide is not cycled off, if acting as a guide, it is functioning through the use of this Level. Or, at least, trying to.


    The 5th Level is one of Comprehension, and it is where your Entity members work through full disclosure.


    Everything that was never known, kept secret, private, personal, for any Personality is now brought forth as the entity prepares for reunion. This is a chaotic and quite emotional process.


    The 6th Level is the Healing, or the actual Reunion process. Though the more chaotic aspects of reunion have been processed, this can actually be even more painful.


    The 7th Level then is the full union of the Entity, in terms of its Emotional intimacy.


    The 5th, 6th, and 7th Levels are the only levels that are free from living counterparts, or incarnating fragments. The first three can be accessed fairly easily by Personalities from the Physical Plane.

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