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  • What makes Astral matter so malleable?


    [Excerpt from TT: 2016-01-03 Ask Michael]

    PeterK: My understanding is that Astral matter is very malleable and that one may form it into whatever one wishes. What are the properties and characteristics of Astral matter that give it such flexibility?


    Astral matter is, basically, a less-dense form of Physical matter, so it retains a great deal of the same properties that govern the Physical Plane, but while Physical matter is locked/frozen, if you will, in time and space, Astral matter is not.

    Imagine all Planes as having the same matter, but because of the different states of those Planes, that matter behaves differently.

    Water can be ice (solid), liquid, vapor (gas).

    The Physical Plane is like ice, while the Astral is like liquid.

    The Ice "floats" in the water, or the Physical Plane emerges from the Astral.

    Another way to understand how the Astral works is that the Physical Plane is based in Matter, while the Astral is based in Energy.

    The Astral, then, could be said to be a vast range of properties more akin to properties of light, but far more than are understood while Physical.

    This is a topic worthy of a full exploration.

    For now, these simplistic responses will have to do.

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