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  • Do Concurrents Assimilate?



    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2009]

    [Question] Good afternoon Michael; Yesterday evening we were discussing the “close but no cigar” meetings between concurrents. I would like you to elaborate on what occurs when one of your concurrents dies…does the Essence’s other concurrents “pick up” where that one interests, queries, lessons etc “leave off” this lifetime, in other words sort of an assimilation?

    [Michael Entity] In most cases, no. The lives of Concurrents are their own, and though Essence will absorb the experiences from all Concurrents, it does not shift the life of one onto the life of another. There would be little point to that. However, in some cases the Personality of one Concurrent becomes aware of the validity of the concept of Concurrents and that can open that Personality to exploring the life of another Concurrent in some way, either through Imagination, or through bleed through.

    [Question] bleed through?

    [Michael Entity] Yes, bleed through; a natural exchange of energy that comes from intimacy. In other words, it is no different than the experience of feeling resonance with a past life when that life resonates to a current life.

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