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    Nonlinear Incarnation


    [Excerpt from a personal session on December 21, 2015. Donated by Connor]


    MEntity: Incarnation for Essence is not so linear when "outside" of the framework of the Physical Plane and time where matter must be organized. For example, one can die in 1990, and the sequentially subsequent lifetime for Essence be born in 1975. However, for the Personalities involved, these would be Concurrent.


    For most incarnations, especially in earlier Soul Ages, the linear organization is fairly sequential and all dimensions reflect one another. For example, if you died in 1800, and Review lasts 3 years, then you are born again sometime after that.


    But as Essence evolves and transcends the necessity for depending upon the Physical Plane for organization, then Essence can be born outside of linear and sequential considerations.


    ### end of excerpt


    You may discuss this content within the original post. See Temporal Mechanics of Reincarnation.

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