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  • Past life vector with cave art


    This excerpt is from a private session held on January 8, 2011. 


    [Martha] Can you tell me about a past life (that you have not already) that has resonance to my current life?


    [Michael_Entity] Although the resonance has not been activated, yet, Vectors do appear to be in place for resonance with a life in approximately 17,000 BCE, in an area now known as France, when great effort was made to document how life was influenced by contact with non-terrestrial, multi-dimensional Beings. Although your Personality at that time was from a different, more advanced tribal grouping, along with others from the same tribal grouping, he lent tools, skills, and structure for this documentation process that has now come to be some of the most “famous” cave drawings from the past. We would think that a series of events involving caves, hand-drawings, or illustrations of some sort might be indications that this past is coming into resonance. The resonance would come from what we see as the direction you are going in this life for documenting extraordinary ideas, experiences, etc in symbolic ways.


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