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  • Annual Overleaves Chart


    Last update: January 8, 2019.


    The table below shows all the annual overleaves found in a search of material posted on TLE: see Energy Reports for access to archives going back to 2009. Prior to 2009, Energy Report content was typically given within Michael Speaks sessions. It appears that annual overleaves were not given in their current form until 2006, but there were earlier sessions that mentioned all or part of the overleaves.


    We know there is significance to an overleaf appearing in consecutive years, so these are in bold italic in the table. Significance of 2 or more consecutive years of an overleaf (as quoted from Michael in Energy Report: December 2017).


    • Role: "tends to mark a shift in positions of leadership and what defines value in a society"
    • Goal: "tends to be a period defined by issues of progress and/or prosperity"
    • Mode: "tends to be a period defined by the challenges and rewards of common ground and problem-solving"
    • Attitude: "tends to define a period where society is marked by striking revelations and awakening"
    • Center: "tends to mark a period of time defined by geological and weather dynamics"
    • Chief Feature: "tends to be defined by issues related to revolution"


    Note: In this chart, the > symbol indicates sliding from a neutral overleaf.


     Year  Role Goal Mode Attitude Center Chief Feature
    2019  Artisan  Flow > Acceptance / Discrimination Observation > Passion / Reserve Realist Moving Self-Destruction
    2018  Warrior  Dominance Power Pragmatist Higher Emotional Greed
    2017  Priest  Submission Passion Realist Higher Emotional Greed
    2016  Server  Discrimination Caution Cynic Moving Self-Destruction
    2015  Scholar  Submission Caution Stoic Higher Moving Stubbornness / Greed
    2014  Priest  Growth Passion Realist Intellectual Impatience
    2013  Sage  Flow > Acceptance / Discrimination Power Idealist Intellectual Self-Destruction
    2012  King  Growth Passion Spiritualist Emotional Stubbornness
    2011  Priest  Flow Caution Pragmatist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom
    2010  Sage  Dominance Power Spiritualist Emotional Arrogance / Self-Deprecation
    2009  Server  Flow Passion Idealist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom
    2008  King  Growth Perseverance Spiritualist Emotional Arrogance
    2007  Warrior  Dominance Observation Realist Higher Intellectual Stubbornness
    2006  Sage  Acceptance Passion Spiritualist Emotional / Intellectual Impatience / Martyrdom
    2005  Server  Acceptance Observation Unknown Higher Emotional Self-Deprecation / Arrogance
    2004  Sage  Re-evaluation Passion / Reserve Pragmatist Emotional Unknown
    2003 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Moving Unknown
    2002  Priest  Discrimination Passion Pragmatist Moving Impatience / Martyrdom
    2001  Scholar  /
    Acceptance / Discrimination Observation Cynic Intellectual* Greed / Impatience
    2000  Priest  /  Sage  Flow > Discrimination Passion Idealist / Skeptic Instinctive Greed / Self-Destruction


    If  you find errors or omissions in this table, please open a topic in the Site Suggestions & Feedback forum and provide sufficient information to allow the correct information to be located. 


    * Originally channeled as Moving but later corrected.


    Edited by Janet

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