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  • How Annual Overleaves Work


    This content originated in an Energy Report for mid-March, 2000, and was located in the old Yahoo group. Within the Energy Report, Michael digressed to explain annual Overleaves. 



    We will digress for a moment, but we feel this will help round out the understanding of how a year progresses through the collective Overleaves. First, the Role will remain consistent throughout that year (or block of time asked about). Though we suggest "checking in" around the middle of the year for an update on any shifts in collective Overleaves, it is "safe" to view the year in light of the Overleaves shared at the beginning of that year. The Role then we say remains the same and has to do with the general contexts of all events that year. This includes how your own actions and being contribute to this or gain from others.


    The Centering is the most obvious on a personal scale with its PART being the most fluctuating of all the Overleaves for the year, adjusting to help accommodate the development of collective choices. For instance, this year will find you moving back through the higher parts of the Instinctive as the rest of the year unfolds, with some points being in the lower parts. We remind you that we say "higher" and "lower" only out of convenience, not as a truth.


    If the year is divided into seasons, it can also be said the year is moved through in terms of "seasons" in the Overleaves. Though all Overleaves will have their effects throughout the year, there will times of emphasis.


    The GOAL is tended to for the year to set things in motion, continuing throughout the year, but the emphasis being in the first three months. All questions about where you fit into the collective goal, if you choose to explore your part in that, will be raised in the first three months. Questions about what you will do with your life, what you will commit to for yourself, what is important to you, where you will work, what you will do for money, etc. – these are all questioned in light of the Goal for the year. This is not to say these questions do not rise at other times but that they are most emphasized in terms of where you are in your world in the beginning months. If there are no satisfactory answers found then, of course it will stem throughout the year as the Goal continues. This time frame is where the individual Parallel shifts occur the strongest, emphasizing what YOU are going to do with "your" future.


    The MODE begins in late March through June, wherein your most intimate relationships get an examination through the Mode for the year. Regardless of your Mode, there will be a certain amount of emphasis or questioning based on the collective Mode. Considering this year's Mode, relationships will get a boost of enthusiasm and realization of just what it is that you are gaining and learning about yourself from them, or they will be examined in light of your possibly losing your identity in “other.” If you have lost boundaries, become confused and invested in another without clarity, feeling attached and needy, you will see this glaringly in the next few months. The same will happen in terms of your social circles and family, along with where you place your energy in terms of exchange for security, meaning your job, your career, your support for another who is supporting you financially. All forms of relationship will come under the light of the Mode, Passion. This time frame is also when most Community Nexus occur. This is when larger groups of people who share similar vision and potential based on decisions and choices will merge or diverge in their parallels.


    Though the Mode and Goal will continue in its effects throughout the year, and though the Attitude has played its definite part, when late June comes around you will shift more emphasis on the Attitude, your personal perceptions of the life as you have come to understand it this year. This emphasis lasts from June through September.


    The CHIEF FEATURES, while technically not Overleaves, come under more emphasis and examination as the year closes. From late September through December all that has passed comes under examination in light of your fears, what ended up blocking you from your successes, relationships, and truths. Since this is a collective Chief Feature, your examination will be explored in terms of a larger perspective, one that includes what was happening that year in the world, in your world as a result of other's choices and your reactions to them, etc. This is when the major Global Nexus occurs because this is when you can see more clearly what the world as a whole fears and whether you fit into that or not, moving your consciousness magnetically into alignment with others who are shifting similarly.


    This all being said, this time marks the beginning of your emphasis on community, relationships, who you love and who you have in your world that is important to you. It is also a time to question and discover whether you are passionate about your work, where you are investing your energy. In light of this examination, if you can see you are in the positive pole, +self actualization, you will usually find where you are to be healthy, fulfilling, and contributing to your life path in terms of your own True Personality. If you find your answers being that you have lost boundaries, that you have "lost yourself" in your work, in your relationships, that you have become -Identified (meaning you no longer have a differentiation between what you are gathering about yourself, but that the work or relationship IS yourself), then we suggest taking measures to step back from and release the energetic investment in that person or work that brought you to the point where you can longer feel free. This can be done simply through making a conscious acknowledgement that "I am not my job, it is helping me take care of me, and that is loving, it is not a reflection of my worth," or "I am not my husband/wife/lover, they are free and so am I; I choose to be here." These are generic phrases that we feel you can alter and make your own. They are merely to point to the simplicity that it would take for you to free yourself, if you have weighted yourself down by losing your reasons, intentions, and self in your pursuits.


    Your final questions might be to ask, "What was my original motivation for being here? Have I gathered that, or did I learn something more/different?"


    We want to point out that for those of you who are in relationships or work that is not making you "happy," this does not necessarily mean you are in the "wrong place" or that you are in the negative poles of Passion. This can sometimes simply mean you have lost your point of reference, lost your compass that lead you there in the first place. If, after examination, you cannot see the benefit you originally sought, or are actually gaining but in contempt of, then we suggest you makes some changes. Some of you are simply in contempt of what it is you originally sought, falling into Chief Feature to tell you the 'grass is greener' elsewhere, distracting you from the actual life force you are gaining from the exchanges.


    Chief Feature is subtle. It would do you all well to remind yourselves that when you are in times of questioning, Chief Feature finds its greatest disguises. Question from every angle, if you choose to know your truths. What is sometimes most obvious is only the mask of Chief Feature glittering.

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