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  • Questions to prompt learning in a Priest year


    [Excerpt from Michael Speaks: December 2013]

    [GeraldineB] Michael, yesterday we received the seven elements that prompted our learning in the Sage year of 2013. Could we have the 7 elements for the upcoming Year of the Priest, 2014?



    1. How willing were you to share in the enthusiasm that is expressed and exhibited by others?  
    2. What responsibility did you take for how you reflect the best of others back to them?  
    3. What responsibility did you take for what you saw reflected about yourself in others?  
    4. How willing were you to ask for help?  
    5. How willing were you to see that another may need help, even if not asked?  
    6. How much freedom did you allow for others to evolve at their own pace, regardless of your contributions from your own position in your own evolution?  
    7. How much intimacy did you allow in your life, even with your wounds, your shame? How willing were you to allow the wounding and shame of others into your life that is not your own? (counting as one element here)  

    We may elaborate upon these, of course, but these are fair for guiding one through the higher paths of 2014.

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