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  • Questions to prompt learning in a Server year


    [Excerpt from Ask Michael: January 2016]

    Janet: Michael, for the last couple of years at this time you have given us a list of the 7 elements that prompt learning for the year, in the form of questions to ask ourselves. Can you provide the 7 elements that prompt our learning in this Server year?



    1. Will you make the effort to care enough? (Are you willing to do the work that caring invites you to do?)
    2. Are you willing to care only because you care? (caring for the sake and reward of caring)
    3. Can you care about "the world," "others," and yourself at the same time?
    4. Are you willing to step back, rest, and recover when you feel you are no longer effective in caring? (caring for yourself as your primary fuel, and not as your last resort).
    5. Are you willing to respond rather than react?
    6. Are you willing stop being unintentionally or intentionally hurtful (to yourself or others)?
    7. Are you willing to trust your impulses, instincts, and do the work of providing your very basic needs?

    All of the above questions speak to the heightened invitation to care in a Server year.

    In a year when the invitation to care is heightened, the concept is not enough. There is work to do. There is rest required. There are priorities of distribution of fuel for the capacity to continue caring.


    The idea of reward and benefit from caring may keep some from caring if the results are not immediate, but the Server year comes when long-term care is needed for preferred changes to come and for safe development to be secured.

    The above elements of the Server year can help you to check in and determine where you are and what might need to be done at any given moment.

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    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      Ask Michael - Jan 3, 2016
      MEntity: Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin. QUEUE IS NOW OPEN
      Maureen: I'm curious as to the process of intuition, perception, resonance, etc. specifically around the ‘reading’ of, or the resonating with, someone across physical distance, either through photographs, names, etc. (visual), recording (aural) psychometry (touch), or chatting online, etc., vs. being with someone in person. Are there different levels, stages, rings, etc. of resonance, perception or intuition? Have I included too much in a grouping? Do these need to be parsed out differently?
      I'm asking this is as it often surprises me that, no matter how well I know someone, online, by phone, by photograph, etc., or how intuitive I am, it FEELS different in person. Not in a way like I was ‘wrong’ but in the way that people seem to be much more, in ‘the flesh’. They seem to come into focus better. They are often more rounded, warmer, clearer, darker, etc. It’s like we can't dismiss the weight or palpability of what we experience (…or I can't), through the sheer presence of another, while we're on the physical plane.
      What am I seeing/sensing here? I'm also wondering if this isn't a much more common experience, or process, than many realize but because it happens at a mostly subconscious level it may be missed.
      MEntity:  Distance and Time are not factors when there is a valid "reading" by one individual of another individual. Clarity will remain dependent upon the strength of intuition, psychic capacity, resonance, reception, etc.
      However, whether in person or at a distance, the reader will still have his or her art of imagination and degree of projection to navigate and manage.
      Projection can alter the clarity of a reading in person and at a distance.
      Imagination fuels intuition and synthesis of input, so the more raw and unrefined, the more likely the imagination is filling in the gaps rather than finding and acknowledging the gaps.
      The physical presence of a person does not lend greater or lesser accuracy, but the individual who is reading may find some preferences for degrees of proximity.
      Maureen: Can the projection of the person being read, for example, how one wants to be seen "publically" through photos, etc., also affect what the reader perceives?
      MEntity: If one prefers closer proximity, there can tend to be more comfort found in how a person wishes to present or be himself or herself, or how that person wishes to be seen. For those who prefer distance, there may be an awareness that the reader may be too inclined to please rather than offer insight.
      Maureen: Thank you!
      MEntity: In other words, a reader who likes closer proximity may prefer to see the immediate effects of reading so as to adjust information based on subtle or not-so-subtle feedback. Those readers who prefer distance may recognize that they are too inclined to use that feedback to alter insight to please, rather than inform.
      So there is no standard or circles or levels here. There are only degrees of clarity, comfort, art, and preference.
      We will say that your observation about the presence of an individual is valid. The physical presence of an individual while in the Physical Plane carries with it references that are of this dimension that cannot be read without that presence.
      By "physical presence" we mean voice at the very least, and video, or actual in-person interaction.
      Maureen: Thank you.
      MEntity:  Reading photos is one of the means most susceptible to projection and inaccuracy.
      A snapshot in time, a posed image, a behavior caught within a specific context, etc. do not help much with the clarity of intuition, etc.
      A photo can help a reader to connect to an individual, but not always resonate with that individual. There is a difference between Connection and Resonance.
      Connection is separate parts linked by something between, while Resonance removes that "something between."
      Janet: Michael, for the last couple of years at this time you have given us a list of the 7 elements that prompt learning for the year, in the form of questions to ask ourselves. Can you provide the 7 elements that prompt our learning in this Server year?
      ONE - Will you make the effort to care enough?
      (Are you willing to do the work that caring invites you to do?)
      TWO - Are you willing to care only because you care?
      (caring for the sake and reward of caring)
      THREE - Can you care about "the world," "others," and yourself at the same time?
      FOUR - Are you willing to step back, rest, and recover when you feel you are no longer effective in caring?
      (caring for yourself as your primary fuel, and not as your last resort).
      FIVE - Are you willing to respond rather than react?
      SIX - Are you willing stop being unintentionally or intentionally hurtful (to yourself or others)?
      SEVEN - Are you willing to trust your impulses, instincts, and do the work of providing your very basic needs?
      All of the above questions speak to the heightened invitation to care in a Server year.
      Janet: Thank you Michael.
      MEntity: In a year when the invitation to care is heightened, the concept is not enough. There is work to do. There is rest required. There are priorities of distribution of fuel for the capacity to continue caring.
      The idea of reward and benefit from caring may keep some from caring if the results are not immediate, but the Server year comes when long-term care is needed for preferred changes to come and for safe development to be secured.
      The above elements of the Server year can help you to check in and determine where you are and what might need to be done at any given moment.
      PeterK: My understanding is that Astral matter is very malleable and that one may form it into whatever one wishes. What are the properties and characteristics of Astral matter that give it such flexibility?
      MEntity:  Astral matter is, basically, a less-dense form of Physical matter, so it retains a great deal of the same properties that govern the Physical Plane, but while Physical matter is locked/frozen, if you will, in time and space, Astral matter is not.
      Imagine all Planes as having the same matter, but because of the different states of those Planes, that matter behaves differently.
      Water can be ice (solid), liquid, vapor (gas). The Physical Plane is like ice, while the Astral is like liquid. The Ice "floats" in the water, or the Physical Plane emerges from the Astral.
      Another way to understand how the Astral works is that the Physical Plane is based in Matter, while the Astral is based in Energy.
      The Astral, then, could be said to be a vast range of properties more akin to properties of light, but far more than are understood while Physical.
      This is a topic worthy of a full exploration.
      For now, these simplistic responses will have to do.
      PeterK: Thank you very much.
      JanaK: Hello Michael, is the theory of Anima and Animus (as per Jungian psychology) a valid one? Can you expand on the topic (within time limit)?
      MEntity: Yes, there is validity here. In our teaching, we have elaborated upon this as the 7 Female Archetypes and 7 Male Archetypes. Every Personality carries within him or her a combination. These have profound effects upon relationships, effectiveness in the world, and behaviors.
      We can elaborate upon these in a dedicated topic so that the full context can be shared, because the Male/Focused, Female/Creative Energy Ratios, as well as the Physiological and Psychological gender play roles in determining one's Anima/Animus and what the positive and negative traits are.
      But the short answer is that there is validity.
      JanaK: Thank you, can I just ask - am I right that you have not shared this via Troy?
      MEntity: We have, but we did so in his early years with us.
      AnnH: Many John F Kennedy assassination theories out there. In MFM, you said that JFK had a PCF of Martyrdom and he married a woman he did not love. If I recall rightly, the inference was that it was to please family/political wishes. Also in MFM there was a brief interchange in which it was channeled that you agreed his assassination was cosmically influenced. (Can't find the relevant quote). So here is my question: What was behind the JFK assassination? Was Lee Harvey Oswald a "patsy" as he claimed? Is anyone on the right track with this, one of the most controversial subjects in 20th century US history?
      MEntity:  The "cosmic" element referenced is about the patterns that cycle across time and become historically significant, acting as turning points, or as a kind of "corner" on the path of time.
      "Corners" in the path of time can tend to be replications or mirrored events that act in similar ways for Sentience, such as that of "JFK" and Abraham Lincoln.
      These cosmic influences are not from outside forces, but are generated by Sentience and its patterns of choice, action, thoughts, and emotions.
      AnnH: Unlike Garfield or McKinley, but like MLK and Malcolm X
      MEntity: The primary motivation for the assassination was the pending legalization of recreational and medicinal drugs. There were other factors, and this may seem petty at this point in history, but the potential loss of revenue on marijuana generated a fantastic panic.
      Lee Harvey Oswald was, indeed, a "patsy," and was fairly clueless.
      We think there is a subtle, but significant, trail of documented deliberations, discussions, and debates about pressing forward with legalizing recreational drugs in a way that could remove the power from illegal sources and become not only a source of income for the government, but help avoid the rising fears, arrests, and imprisonment around the use of drugs.
      It could have "changed everything."
      AnnH: Wow. Like the prison industrial complex. So who killed him?
      MEntity: In the few parallels where this President was not assassinated and the legalization moved forward, the medical industry shifted drastically toward more balance with holistic and homeopathic treatments/cures alongside emergency allopathic fixes, and the wedge among "races" was diminished greatly as the prison industrial complex could not gain footing.
      International relationships improved, as well, when other countries followed lead and reduced the impact of underground, illegal forces.
      Though there were three individuals involved, a private military sniper was the one who actually killed the man known as John.
      AnnH: From where? The School Book Depository? The grassy knoll?
      JanaK: how could have killing him alone make such a difference?
      MEntity: We are not certain how to describe the location, but it was outside near/through a fence.
      Brian: Hi Michael. This might be similar to Maureen's question, but could you please comment on the nature of "psychic bonds" or "psychic links' between two people and how to strengthen those? How might one "see" or "hear" the other through those links, or is it limited to a "knowing" that the other is present in the form of thinking of the other person?
      MEntity:  The more mutual and acknowledged the bond, the more expanded the effects. Though these kinds of bonds can be "one-sided" to some extent, the clarity is increased with mutuality.
      In addition to the mutuality, actual practice would need to be in place for developing more conscious ranges of effect. The subconscious and unconscious effects are in place "no matter what," but if more conscious control is sought, it requires practice.
      Practice includes literal testing of clarity and communication, such as one person thinking of the other at a certain time of day while the other notes when he or she senses that thought.
      Or requesting a phone call and seeing if the other responds. Or "sending" a color to see if the other receives it.
      These are ways to increase more conscious, practical, and useful uses of that bonding, but we should point out that most benefits of psychic bonding or linking are related to understanding, compassion, intimacy, acceptance, etc.
      That is when the "real tests" can come into play.
      Psychic bonding does not require explanations, excuses, or blame, but builds upon a profound trust.
      The "knowing" expands exponentially from sensing the thoughts of the other person into fully comprehending and trusting the entire range of motivations and intent of the other.
      Diane_HB: This is Tex's question: It seems to me that when the body dies, the personality is in for a rather rude awakening, as all of its beliefs and self-concepts are no longer supported by the physical existence of a body. If the personality thought of the earth life as "real," not just an experience, then its reality had to die too. This extreme loss of emotional investment would have an extreme consequence. If this supposition is correct, how is loss this dealt with after death? Is a lot of our between-life study motivated by overcoming a sense of loss?
      MEntity: What you speak of here is the process of the 6th and 7th Internal Monads. It is true that death can be a "rude awakening," particularly when a Personality has not embraced its mortality.
      Most Personalities for fragments with Soul Ages below 3rd Level Mature have a very difficult time with death. This is why it is considered by so many as something to ignore, avoid, prevent, or fear.
      The "higher" the Level of the Soul Age, the more likely death is embraced, at least within the contexts natural to the particular Soul Age.
      It is not true that the "reality" dies with the life, however.
      Every lifetime has the option of either repeating in a kind of "groundhog day" recycling that plays out variations on the path of that life, or the life can continue beyond death in a replicated state in the Astral.
      Both of these are most likely in the early Levels of a Soul Age and then "wrap up" before moving into the next Soul Age.
      Diane_HB: Tex: and these processes are taking place only by the personality, not the Essence?
      MEntity: Both
      There are rude awakenings, but once the initial shock wears off and Essence is remembered, the experience is quite elating and blissful.
      Especially when loved ones, both alive and dead, are on hand for greeting.
      Reading more on the 6th and 7th Internal Monads can help understand how best to move toward one's exit from the life.
      DianeHB: Thank you
      TyroneTT: If there's enough energy or time, can I have the 7 behaviors for transforming the chief feature of Martyrdom? Like the ones we've gotten for Impatience, Self-Deprecation and Arrogance
      MEntity: We suggest leaving this question posed in your final transcript and we will add for Troy to edit in when we return with greater focus through Troy.
      We must conclude for today. Good evening to each of you. Goodbye, for now.
      UPDATED 2/17/2016: to include the answer to Tyrone's question on the 7 behaviors for transforming the chief feature of Martyrdom:

      ONE - NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS FIXING - it is important for those in Martyrdom to remember that not everything needs to be fixed.
      TWO - YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FIX IT - even when something may need fixing, you are not always the one necessary for fixing it.
      THREE - THE ONLY SPACE YOU OWN IS YOU - for those in Martyrdom it can be a struggle to control the space around the self, but the self is the only boundary that is truly owned by you. You end where your skin ends. It is okay to expand into the space around you, but you cannot always control that space.
      FOUR - YOU ARE A SURVIVOR (not a victim) - If you are alive, you are a survivor. It is undermining to your efforts to navigate life if you presume you are a victim, but it can be empowering to remind yourself that you are a survivor, that you care enough to continue, that your struggle does not define you, but guides you.
      FIVE - YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY SURVIVOR - there are true victims in life, and true survivors. True victims have been harmed in ways that force the choices of life toward survival, but victimhood only exists to the extent that one resigns from making choices. Others are surviving along with you in life, and it can be helpful to reach out so that a network of strength can be built, instead of ignoring this survival bond.
      SIX - YOU CAN SEE FURTHER THAN YOU THINK - you may be dealing with survival and boundaries and control to the point where you seem to only be able to see what is in front of you, but you can see further than this. Look forward, look further, look beyond. There are truths and inspiration there that can help guide you.
      SEVEN - BE NICE - those in Martyrdom can sometimes think it is justified to be difficult, to ignore boundaries, to uphold expectations and entitlement, to fault others for unhappiness, etc. And this often nurtures a license to be insensitive to others until someone is sensitive enough to break through and save you from your Martyrdom.
      No life needs to be perfect before being nice. And being nice brings a great wave of support and more valid control over the life than one might expect, and certainly in more effective ways than being difficult can bring.
    • NicholasV
      By NicholasV
      I find the following chart helpful and I wanted to share it with you all on this site.
      Note: This precise source of this material is unclear and is possibily not from Michael. The source page is http://www.michaelteachings.com/broom.html 
       I find it an interesting reference when trying to understand interactions between the roles. Hopefully someone else can benefit from it as well!
      A SERVER experiences/learns NOURISHMENT from another SERVER.
      A SERVER's exalted task is SERVICE for the SERVER Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns COMFORT from an ARTISAN.
      A SERVER's exalted task is BALANCE for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns SUPPORT from a WARRIOR.
      A SERVER's exalted task is CULTIVATION for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns THOUGHTFULNESS from a SCHOLAR.
      A SERVER's exalted task is ARCHIVIST for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns ENCOURAGEMENT from a SAGE.
      A SERVER's exalted task is CELEBRATION for the SAGE Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns KINDNESS from a PRIEST.
      A SERVER's exalted task is DISABILITY for the PRIEST Layer.
      A SERVER experiences/learns ACKNOWLEDGMENT from a KING.
      A SERVER's exalted task is PATRONAGE for the KING Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns PATIENCE & TOLERANCE from a SERVER.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is HEALTH for the SERVER Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns ACCELERATION from another ARTISAN.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is COMPOSITION/IMAGINATION for the ARTISAN Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns AGILITY & GRACE from a WARRIOR.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is HUSBANDRY for the WARRIOR Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns ADAPTABILITY from a SCHOLAR.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is ANALYSIS for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns CONTRAST from a SAGE.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is CIRCULATION for the SAGE Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns ASPIRATION from a PRIEST.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is PROPHECY for the PRIEST Layer.
      An ARTISAN experiences/learns RELEASE from a KING.
      An ARTISAN's exalted task is MANIFESTATION for the KING Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns STABILITY from a SERVER.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is DOMESTICATION for the SERVER Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns FERTILITY from an ARTISAN.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is LOCATION for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns ENDURANCE from another WARRIOR.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is PROTECTION for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns COMPETENCE from a SCHOLAR.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is PRESERVATION for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns STRENGTH & EMPOWERMENT from a SAGE.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is COOPERATION for the SAGE Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns COURAGE from a PRIEST.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is SACRIFICE for the PRIEST Layer.
      A WARRIOR experiences/learns RESOLVE from a KING.
      A WARRIOR's exalted task is SURVIVAL for the KING Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns RECOGNITION from a SERVER.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is GUIDANCE/MENTOR for the SERVER Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns EXPERIMENTATION from an ARTISAN.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is DISCOVERY for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns REVIEW from a WARRIOR.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is ORGANIZATION for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns ABSORPTION from another SCHOLAR.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is RETENTION for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns STUDY from a SAGE.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is MEDIATION for the SAGE Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns REFLECTION from a PRIEST.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is SIMPLIFICATION for the PRIEST Layer.
      A SCHOLAR experiences/learns OVERVIEW from a KING.
      A SCHOLAR's exalted task is INTEGRATION for the KING Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns SHARING from a SERVER.
      A SAGE's exalted task is PARTNERSHIP for the SERVER Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns GENEROSITY from an ARTISAN.
      A SAGE's exalted task is PRECIPITATION/INITIATION for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns ACCEPTABILITY from a WARRIOR.
      A SAGE's exalted task is ECONOMY/PRACTICALITY for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns CONCENTRATION from a SCHOLAR.
      A SAGE's exalted task is EDUCATION/TEACHING for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns SOCIALIZATION from another SAGE.
      A SAGE's exalted task is HUMOR for the SAGE Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns INTERPRETATION from a PRIEST.
      A SAGE's exalted task is ADDICTION for the PRIEST Layer.
      A SAGE experiences/learns AUTHENTICITY from a KING.
      A SAGE's exalted task is UNION for the KING Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns FORGIVENESS from a SERVER.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is WELCOME for the SERVER Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns INNOCENCE from an ARTISAN.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is TRANSITION/TRANSFORMATION for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns PRUDENCE from a WARRIOR.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is USEFULNESS for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns EQUALITY from a SCHOLAR.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is PHILOSOPHY for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns GRATITUDE from a SAGE.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is INTERCOURSE/DIALOG for the SAGE Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns TRUST & FAITH from another PRIEST.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is SALVAGE for the PRIEST Layer.
      A PRIEST experiences/learns EXPANSION from a KING.
      A PRIEST's exalted task is VISION for the KING Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns SELF-RELIANCE from a SERVER.
      A KING's exalted task is CONSERVATION for the SERVER Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns ELIMINATION from an ARTISAN.
      A KING's exalted task is CHOICE for the ARTISAN Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns CONSEQUENCE from a WARRIOR.
      A KING's exalted task is STRATEGY for the WARRIOR Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns IMPARTIALITY from a SCHOLAR.
      A KING's exalted task is REVELATION for the SCHOLAR Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns WISDOM from a SAGE.
      A KING's exalted task is DIPLOMACY for the SAGE Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns LIBERATION from a PRIEST.
      A KING's exalted task is PRINCIPLES/ETHICS for the PRIEST Layer.
      A KING experiences/learns PROSPERITY from another KING.
      A KING's exalted task is COMPLETION for the KING Layer.
    • KurtisM
      By KurtisM
      [This material was originally posted by NickG as a private session transcript on May 18, 2016. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.]
      Nicholas33: Hello to you too Michael. When we had the session on manifesting essence you stated something along the lines of the role having core values as a foundation to build upon. You gave me some examples for the Sage but I was wondering if I can have the core values of the other roles as well.
      Yes ...
      SAGE - Communication, Expression, Fun, Levity, Innocence, Teaching, Learning, and being a living example of One's Personal Philosophy. ...
      Keep in mind that these Core Values will be upheld in some way, even if they are upheld in desperate and unhealthy ways.
      These can be upheld in ways that serve only the self, serve only others, or serve a balance between the two.
      ### end of transcript ###
      Note: You may comment on the original post. See Core Values of the Roles.
    • DanielaS
      By DanielaS
      April 3, 2005
      Troy Tolley, Channel
      Michael Speaks – Open Floor
      [M Entity] Hello to all of you. We are here. You may begin your queue for questions, though we are aware that “tibtyc” will go first. So you may begin, “tibtyc.”
      [Tibtyc] Greetings. I read in Messages from Michael: “There is only growth, often difficult, mostly painful because so few of you are willing to learn through joy.” How can we better learn through joy? And how can we learn to like joy, prefer it to pain? That is my question.
      [M Entity] To learn to enjoy… JOY does often require a sort of self-brainwashing, or more specifically, an override of the programming from which you currently run. Many of you are raised in cultures that “reward” struggle, ‘hard work’, suffering, victimization, etc. There is a great amount of teaching and imprinting handed down that equates all good things as being frivolous and even, ironically, BAD. Those who struggle through poverty or pain are more likely to be lifted to a kind of honor that has an unquestioned integrity and position. Those who are enjoying life then have the unsavory position of being guilted, or held responsible for taking more than their share from the common. Prosperity, which we define as having a sense of fulfillment throughout your Centers by your own standards, is daunting, particularly for older souls, because of the imprinting and distraction of guilt.
      [Tibtyc] Like, Beethoven suffered more than Mozart, thus was a better composer?
      [M Entity]
      It could be said (and has been said), yes.
      There are also fears within the Older Soul that having a certain amount of Prosperity will segregate you from what you have come to know as comfortable and familiar. In other words, if you find a healthy, loving relationship, then you will be segregated from those around you who do not. If you were to find an easy funnel of material security, it would then segregate you from those who have not.
      [Tibtyc] But it seems that for many of us learning through suffering is more FUN than joy.
      [M Entity]
      It could be described as “fun,” but that would be a misnomer. It is not genuinely “fun” for the Personality; it is painful. It could be said that the value gained on the other side of that pain, though, may be interpreted as “worth it.” There are many ways a fragment can begin to learn through Joy, Prosperity, Pleasure instead of Suffering, Loss, and Pain.
      We will describe two of the more popular ways now:
      The most direct means of overriding the programming from your culture is through using that programming “against itself,” so to speak. Instead of thinking of your Joy as being something to TAKE or GET from life, it is suggested that you RECEIVE or CREATE it. In other words: you may passively invite the joy, and genuinely acknowledge that joy when it is present. You may actively create that joy, as well, with the intentions of sharing it with at least one other person in some way, so as to divert guilt. The key is in the consciousness used to experience those moments of Joy, whether that Joy is passively attracted or actively created.
      [Tibtyc] Sounds like self-remembering.
      [M Entity] If you choose to passively allow it, then it may do you some good to create what has come to be called a Gratitude Journal. Without forcing yourself, write down at least 3 things a day that you have genuinely felt grateful for having experienced. If you were to do this for one week, you may find a great amount of Joy being more easily extracted through your experiences. If you were to do this for one month, it would be easy to transform yourself into having the ability to grasp joy from even the worst of scenarios.
      [Tibtyc] Grasp joy – but is that learning?
      [M Entity]
      If you are creating Joy, you can do so on a small scale, first: invite a friend to the movies, to coffee, for a walk. Take yourself to the movies, for a coffee, for a walk. In those instances, simply acknowledge that you are in some way allowing your Joy to emanate out and about, affecting the world in a positive way, rather than in a defensive way.
      In response to Tibtyc: We would certainly consider the act of grasping joy as having been a great learning experience.
      [faldec] not to mention it feels good
      [M Entity] Do you really believe that you must be pummeled in a classroom in order to learn math? Do you really believe you must be falling from a cliff as your only means to enjoy nature? Do you really believe you must be assaulted as your only means to learn about Love?
      [Tibtyc] A part of me does.
      [M Entity]
      We would easily state with great validity that many have learned to enjoy mathematics without an eraser to the head; that many have learned to enjoy nature without bodily impact; that many have learned to enjoy Love without bruises.
      The other method of learning to enjoy JOY is really only an extension of the first suggestion: CHOOSE IT.
      By this we mean that you ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. You can extract many dimensions from a single experience, and it can always be your choice to find/allow the JOY. This is why it is easier to remain with less Joy, because your design allows you to extract even the minutest elements of Joy from the worst of scenarios. That ability can be seductive.
      [Tibtyc] Like enjoying bad things?
      [M Entity]
      Many of you KNOW you can extract the Joy from the worst, so you settle for a certain level of existence, because you can romanticize it later.
      In response to Tibtyc: It is not that you enjoy “bad things,” but rather that you know you can extract the joy from it, if necessary. Most of the time, that extraction is more a means of healing, than a means of True Joy.
      True Joy is CHOSEN, CREATED, or ALLOWED. If you find you are extracting Joy from a scenario or experience, then you may do so, but CHOOSE AGAIN, CREATE AGAIN, or INVITE SOMETHING DIFFERENT.
      We are not saying, nor are we implying, that you can move through the physical plane without scathing, but we do say that pain, suffering, and loss are not the only forms of learning. They are CHOICES.
      This is not to say that you deliberately CHOOSE Pain, Loss, Suffering, but if you find yourself experiencing these states, each always presents an opportunity to choose again. If you find you are overwhelmed and feel that no choice can alleviate that feeling, then choose something especially loving for yourself, such as waiting, seeking help, calling a friend, watching/listening to something inspirational. Anything that will allow you to step back for a moment, gain some clarity, and then choose again.
      It is not merely poetic that we say, “You are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn.”
      It is the truth.
      [Carrot Wax 1] In David Hawkins’ book, “Power vs. Force”, he described a scale of consciousness and energy manifestation from 1 to 1000. This goes from absolute Shame (20) to Unconditional Love (540) to Enlightenment (600) to Infinite Soul (1000). How accurate is this and how does this relate to manifestation, soul age, and conscious connection to essence?
      [M Entity] This system of measurement is different from our system in the same way that Astrology or Tarot is different from our system. They cannot be accurately correlated, even if there are some parallels. It appears to be a valid system of measurement, though subjective and local (not Universal). It could not be used outside of your species, for instance. It would have difficulty translating into our system as we could easily see a Final Level Old Soul (technically speaking) still experiencing Shame, and we do not subscribe to the general concept of “Enlightenment.”
      [Tibtyc] What's wrong with it?
      [M Entity] Nothing. We did not say there was anything wrong with it. The general concept of Enlightenment is seen as a conclusive state. We have yet to see a conclusion to the experience of growth; therefore, “Enlightenment” is subjective and is more accurately understood contextually and as a transition, perhaps.
      [Carrot Wax 1] I guess I interpret Enlightenment from that scale as “Non-dualism.”
      [M Entity] This is why we do not subscribe to the notion, as it is quite subjective and contextual, though valid in describing a particular transition or realization, yes.
      [faldec] What is the significance, if any, of the bodies excavated at site 117 in Jebel Sahaba in Upper Egypt? It seems an unusual burial site for Egyptians because of the fact the bodies appeared to be buried with wounds and the weapons still in the bodies.
      [M Entity] The significance will be relative and subject to interpretation, but the reality of a prehistoric “holocaust” would be valid. This appears to be the result of a growing division among local communities over the use of foods and the level of responsibility required of each other to provide for all vs. the hoarding for the stronger, more privileged. Surprisingly, it was those who stood for the equality of all who were able to slaughter those who would otherwise leave those less-able without foods.
      [faldec] like the people vs. the aristocracy?
      [M Entity] The social tiers were not as defined as “aristocracy vs. the people,” but more defined as the “Strong and Useful” vs. the “Weak and Useless.” The concept of caring for those weaker than the independent was not looked upon as practical.
      [H2OSprtlvr] Can a fragment, in one given lifetime, gain a soul age level and if a fragment feels they have mastered or accomplished one goal (say like growth) could they work on another goal in one given lifetime? Like change their Overleaves perhaps?
      [M Entity]
      Fragments do change soul ages and levels within a single lifetime, though it is rare. It is not as uncommon among Older Souls, however.
      In many cases those transitional lifetimes are experienced, literally, as two lifetimes in one incarnation.
      When a Soul Age or Soul Level shifts within a lifetime, it is rare that the Overleaves will change, but in the rare instance that one would choose to do so, it would take a minimum of 7 years for the new design to be implemented.
      [H2OSprtlvr] like shifting from a goal of growth to a goal of acceptance?
      [M Entity] For a fragment to change Overleaves in any situation, a great trauma is usually the only way in which to do so.
      [faldec] like a coma?
      M Entity: The body must literally close down and change its structure on levels on and below the levels known as DNA. A coma is a common means of shifting Overleaves and shifting Essences.
      [H2OSprtlvr] you can’t just make a CHOICE to change your goal or Overleaves?
      [Tibtyc] Essences? Like a walk.in?
      [M Entity]
      Overleaves are biological. They can no more easily be replaced by a simple choice than can a limb or eye color.
      A fragment may superimpose or USE a different Overleaf as a means to accommodate a short term agenda, but that is no more a change in Overleaves than the dying of your hair or false contact lenses.
      Yes, tibtyc, in response to your question: as in Walk-ins.
      It could be said that one is then limited if one cannot simply CHOOSE to change his Overleaves, but that is simply not the case. You already chose your Overleaves in the same way that you chose your body and genetic code. You chose your Overleaves in the same way that you chose Earth. Choices exist on many levels, extending between the levels of Essence and Personality.
      [H2OSprtlvr] well…that’s where validation of my Overleaves is tricky… I see myself in one goal for awhile and then it appears I have another goal for awhile and so it leaves me confused.
      [M Entity] We remind you that your GOAL is not something that describes your character, but rather as to where your character is drawn and to where it funnels its experiences, ultimately. In many instances, it is actually describing what your character IS NOT; hence its being a GOAL.
      [H2OSprtlvr] I get that
      [H2OSprtlvr] that makes it clearer for me… thank you
      [M Entity]
      We can help you determine the validity of your Goal. There are definitive factors that would help with this.
      It may also be of interest to you that each individual has 3 facets of Overleaves, many times not matching one another.
      Beyond the True Overleaves, which are on record in the Akashic Plane, there are also those Overleaves of which you EXPECT of yourself, as well as those describing what others expect OF you. This is where many channeling discrepancies come into play if the channel is not using our access to the Akashic Records.
      [slacnj] My question if you can answer it with a short answer is: When what you want involves another person making a choice how can you learn to either manifest that together or allow what you want into your life some other way?
      [M Entity]
      The first choice to make above all choices in this instance is to choose to trust, honor, and allow the choice of another, even if it does not comply with your own.
      If you are in a position, for instance, in which a boss’s choice will or won’t create a path for your career, you still have a choice. You can choose to quit, find another route within the company; requesting specific parameters in which your efforts can be unquestionably worthy of progress, etc.
      If you cannot move beyond a blockage created by another person, you can only make choices around, through, under, beyond that point in the same way that you would navigate any obstacle.
      We CAN say, however, that learning to shift your OWN energy many times resonates out of another person the very thing you wish to have as support for your choices. There are many versions of one person in your space. You are not limited to experiencing only the personality that chooses to block you, or whose choices block you. There are multitudes of versions of any fragment and a shift in your own perspective, energy, and actions can literally shift the energetic identity of another individual to a version more willing to help. They are not replaced, but rather the potential within that person to support your choice then has the option of manifesting.
      Most of your obstacles seen as other people are only obstacles as reflective of obstacles within. Clear the internal philosophies supporting those obstacles and you naturally clear the external reflection of those obstacles.
      [H2OSprtlvr] in other words… changing your attitude would change the outcome sometimes?
      [M Entity]
      Sometimes one of the fastest and easiest ways to create harmony between yourself and another is to seek out what the other fragment NEEDS. Of course, we are speaking only in terms of obstacles, not in terms of hurtful interferences to your own choices.
      You may interpret people around you in terms of how they express their Sub-Personalities. A single fragment can be a “different” person to several different people’s experiences. An internal shift of your own can invite an internal shift in another.
      In other words, the Sub-Personality in you that deals with Obstacles might gently invite the Sub-Personality in who takes care of creating Harmony.
      It could be said beyond all of this that there are at least 12 different approaches to changing a dynamic with another person so that your choices are in harmony. Studying the definitions of the 12 Support Positions would give you the methods in which you could improve your ability to generate harmony as you relate to others who may be obstacles.
      Good Night to all of you. We will conclude here.
    • Kasia
      By Kasia
      [Excerpt from OMW: What I Learned in 2013]

      In a year that was threaded with the energy of Sage, you would want to look at these 7 elements that would tend to be prompted as part of any attempts to learn during the year:
      What efforts did you make to bring into your awareness the recognition of innocence in yourself and others? What efforts did you make to bring levity to your struggles and challenges? What did you do to bring honesty to your communication? What did you do to truly communicate (listen, as well as express)? What efforts did you make to own the responsibility of your influence on others who may be affected by how and what you express? What did you do to play? What truths did you face?  
      In asking these questions of yourself, you will see just how much of your year was about these elements as a thread or undercurrent through nearly everything?
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