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  • Impact of casting on role in terms of input


    This material was obtained in a private session on December 21, 2015.


    Janet: For xxxx — I am surprised that he is a Scholar. I had considered Artisan, but he has trouble with multitasking.


    He is often in trouble for lack of attention to detail. I find that strange for a Scholar.


    MEntity: First, he is Sage-Cast, so there may tend to be an "all or nothing" element of focus. Sages can multi-task quite well, but Sage-Cast can often show up as the "SQUIRREL!" or "ohh, shiny object" syndrome. Scholars are not inherently multi-taskers or focused. They have one Input. Mixing one Input with a Casting that has 3 can mean a Personality that shows up as fully present or fully distracted.


    Janet: Just to clarify — the casting does not add inputs does it?


    MEntity: Casting does not add Input, but it does affect Input.


    Janet: That is interesting. Can you expand on that a bit? I have not heard this.


    Imagine the Input of Role as being how far one can turn one's head, and the Input of Casting is how many chairs one has for changing direction.


    So, a Scholar with One Input can only ever "look" straight ahead, but can change seats to see in different directions.


    An Artisan-Cast Artisan can not only turn her head in 5 directions, but she then has 5 different directions in which to seat herself.


    Janet: You beat me to the question. So I can see everywhere! lol


    Being able to "see everywhere" can have its challenges and strengths, as well as the single seat and single input.


    No combination is a limitation over any other. They are merely different. Each will have their pros and cons and challenges and strengths.

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