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    (from a private session, 2022)


    Q. Can you provide some new, general information please on characteristics, strengths and challenges of king-cast fragments? 


    M.E.: As with the King Role, itself, one of the most important defining factors for this as Role or as Casting is the defining of the self on one's own terms. We can say that more than half of those fragments identified as King were not told they were Kings but DECIDED they are Kings, regardless of what they were told or what they were not told. This process of ownership of Mastery is vital to their aligning with the Role or Casting. It cannot be handed to them.  If it is, it will be questioned until it is owned. When a King Role or Casting is delivered inaccurately to someone, it becomes a term attached to them, but it is not owned. When the King Role or Casting is valid, regardless of what is delivered or speculated, there is a conscious process of owning the responsibility of Mastery.


    King-Cast fragments, regardless of Role, means that their Role is of highest value to be implemented meaningfully in the life and in the best ways possible. King-Cast fragments are quite self-conscious, self-critical, and self-monitoring as they examine what is and is not aligned with who they are, even when they are unsure of who they are.


    This constant awareness, criticism, and monitoring can sometimes bleed into how they relate to others. Casting tends to be how one functions in the world so a King-Cast fragment will have the highest of standards for you to uphold in order to remain in their circle.


    It is not that this untrue of other Roles or Casting because this can be a product of many elements or influences, but for the King-Cast it can be a sea of quiet disappointments with rare islands of oasis.


    It is quite similar to the effects of a Priest or Priest-Casting but without the preaching, so to speak. It is all in the actions, body language, choices, and behaviors that indicate if others are disappointments or upholding standards


    Q. How do they tend to show up to others?


    M.E.: As this is a function of Essence, it will always be colored by the Overleaves in how it presents to others. In general, a King-Cast fragment would often show up to others as someone to be careful around, and this can be experienced as nurturing a state of respect and resonance or as triggering a state of uneasiness and insecurity.

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