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  • Artisans' Attachment/Relationships as Point of Reference


    From a private session, 6-28-22.


    Q.     Why do Artisans tend to become so deeply attached (committed) to a single person, so that they will not separate from them or give them up?


    ME: Artisans are in a constant cycle of creativity and this can lead many Artisans to feeling untethered, ungrounded, with no source of orientation. For some Artisans, this works to their advantage if they seek certain types of adventure or freedom, but for many Artisans, it is almost vital to find that one reference point, that one source of orientation. For many Artisans, this point of reference is a project and no individual is necessary as a point of reference or grounding, but for many more Artisans, their sense of orientation and grounding comes from that single relationship that is their connection to the world in ways that help them "stay" in the world and feel present and effective.


    Question inspired by: https://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/essence-dynamics/essence/artisans/artisans-and-attachments-r768/

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