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  • Mistaking Artisans for Servers


    [This material is an excerpt from a private session transcript, originally posted by Maureen on May 25, 2012. Permission was granted for placement in the Study Library.]


    MEntity: The fragment known as "xxx" appears to be a Scholar-Cast Artisan ...


    Maureen: ... We both thought years ago, from the Yarbro books, that he was a Server. Is it possible that he is either a Server or perhaps his Server Essence Twin is greatly “influencing” him – in this life?


    The fragment in question may be a Server, of course, but we see him as a Scholar-cast Artisan. There are two things to consider here: Artisans can often be mistaken for Servers, because they can be extremely nurturing. Artisans have to grow things, to develop things, and this can carry over into relationships so that they are tended, pruned, cared for, much in the same way as any artistic project; and there is a Server Essence Twin that will easily bleed through the Casting of Scholar because of the Scholar inclination for transparency and conductivity.


    The key here for validation might be in what made this fragment shine, not in how he functioned.


    By "shine," we mean that conditions come together to allow for manifestation of Essence, and in this case, the Artisan would delight in newness, creativity, awe, and how that can funnel into something tangible. When this fragment would be blocking Essence, there would be a tangible rejection of having too much, having anything indulgent, while also leaning toward escapism.


    ### end of transcript ###


    Note: You may comment on the original post. See Artisan ~ mistaken for Server.

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