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  • Mixing up Roles


    [Excerpt from a private session for AnnaD on February 27, 2015]


    AnnaD: [receives information that someone is a Warrior and protests that he appears to be a Sage]


    There are complexities about individuals that go beyond the superficialities that are often attributed to the stereotypes for the Roles. For example, a Warrior is just as likely to be a "showpony, stage-grabbing" individual as any other Role. It is not about the behavior that determines the Role, but the ESSENCE. As Sages grow older, they move away from the obvious stage and life begins to be the stage, if you will. For other Roles, particularly those that have long been shy of exposure and attention, will seek to balance this through various means, including using humor, play, and even obnoxiousness. By this time, the Sage tends to be long done with these as defining features, and have integrated them as expansive tools.


    ... We do not seek to override your own understanding of the Roles. ...


    We do, however, remind you that there are Overleaves at work here, as well, and imprinting from social influences, etc. There are consistencies to the Roles, but they are not through the cloning and replication of behaviors. If only Sages were funny, and Priests preachy, and Servers serving, and Kings leading, the universe would be a rather monotonous experience with little room for evolution, exploration, and experimentation.




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